A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-8

Her every word towards him was really stinging. Su Ling’s eagle eyes were staring at Gu Yun. Gu Yun’s lips formed a smile and looked around, ignoring him. The scenery in here… was really not bad.

Staying together any longer with this woman, he could not promise he wouldn’t strangle her to death.

“Deputy General Yu!” Su Ling coldly called.

Yu Shi Jun greeted, “Yes.”

“Lead 100 elite forces from Old General Lou to inspect the opposite topography. Then, go back to camp for a report.” Although they could not ambush there, at least they could clarify (reconnoitre, make a military observation)  of its topography.

“Yes.” Yu Shi Jun obeyed, leading the troops to leave.

Gu Yun went to his side and whispered, “Yu Shi Jun, after arriving at the opposite bank, do not walk too far. Nights come earlier in the forest. At you hour (, 5-7pm), it will be really dark there. At a time when you cannot find direction, do not randomly walk around. Use your ear to find the sound of water flowing and go towards that direction. It will lead you back to the Crow’s Valley.”

She hoped these 100 men would return.

Yu Shi Jun strongly nodded and gratefully paid his respects, “Thank you for Ma… Miss Qing’s suggestion.”

Yu Shi Jun left with the soldiers. Gu Yun stretched her arms. She was tying up palm leaves to her feet while saying, “Leng Xiao, Liu Xing, let’s go!”

Those two didn’t hesitate to follow behind her. Feeling curious, Liu Xing asked, “Where do you want to go, Boss?”

“Back to the camp to think of a strategy to fight in the Crow’s Valley.”

Gu Yun suddenly remembered something. She turned around and looked at Su Ling. He was exhibiting a thin smile again. Gu Yun intentionally provoked, “General Su, if you have any interesting ideas, please say it forwardly. Of course, if you have a better strategy, would you let me hear it, please?”

After finishing her address, Gu Yun quickly turned around, leaving Su Ling a natural unrestrained view of her back.

Mu Yi, who was standing beside Su Ling, obviously heard the sound of his gritting teeth. Mu Yi cheekily smiled, “Ling, your mistress is much more interesting than you.”

“Mu! Yi!” The two words were produced from a tight lip, making the people who had heard it have goosebumps.

This time, Mu Yi did not ridicule anymore. However, truthfully speaking, that woman was quite arrogant. How long could Ling endure it?

This really made people look forward to things to come.


18 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-8

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  2. Thanks. Can’t wait for GY’s strategy to work and defeat the rebels abd rescue HS. Poor General. He has to grit his teeth. Ha ha. Looking forward to the next chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Nutty for another update. I wonder when is SL going to bite…or jump…haahahah…it is so funny and GY is having fun provoking the Almighty General SL…hahahha


  4. thank you very much!
    this is so exciting, and so hilarious! i hope those 100 people will return! haha,su ling being taunted by gu yun, lol!


  5. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – Gu Yun’s lip formed -> Gu Yun’s lips formed
    – they could be clarified of its topography -> they could reconnoitre its topography (in the sense of military reconnaissance) | they could clarify its topography
    – forward of things to come -> forward to things to come (to look forward to something)


  6. Well, i want to know what our heroine comes up with! I love that she got two loyal unofficial subordinates. Those who look up to her would betray the Sus in a heartbeat if needed be.


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