A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-7

Lou Mu Hai understood Su Ling’s thought process, but he did not really agree with it. He answered, “The water of the Crow’s Valley originates from the west end of the forest. If we want to bypass the stream, there is one place 10 miles upstream, which is the narrowest part of the stream, that can be used. However, if the army is there early, the rebels will probably not appear. Then, Vanguard Han will be in danger.” Dealing with these rebels for several years, he was familiar with their tricks and strategies.

Yu Shi Jun guessed, “Old general, do you mean it is best to appear when they are unprepared?”

“That is correct.” Lou Mu Hai nodded his head. However, he quickly shook his head, ”This valley has a width of 10 wens. General Su who knows martial arts can easily cross this valley. However, it will be hard for the ordinary soldiers.”

The current downstream was strong. No matter how strong your aquatic skill, it would be hard to swim across the valley. In addition, the width of the stream was huge, making it also hard to row across. How fast should the men row? They still needed to surprise the enemy. It was a difficult situation.

Those people pondered when Gu Yun tilted up her head. Her eyes were full of confidence, smilingly, “Actually, it is not impossible to cross this valley!”

Liu Xing shuddered with excitement and urgently asked, “Boss, how can we cross then?”

Everyone was focusing on her, including Mu Yi and Su Ling, wanting to know what kind of idea she had.

Who knows, Gu Yun leisurely tucked in the drawing and smilingly said, “There are too many bugs around here, let’s go home and discuss.”

Worms? There were worms here? Liu Xing was doubtful and asked, “Boss, what do you mean?”


Gu Yun did not answer him but quickly went to a soldier that was lining up. In a situation no one expected, she grabbed the longbow on his shoulder and an arrow from his quiver, aiming the arrow toward a nearby tree.

“Ah!” A man whose body was covered in leaves fell down from the tree. On his shoulder, there was an arrow embedded in his shoulder.

After the man fell off the tree, he rapidly entered the thick bushes. Leng Xiao wanted to chase him, but Gu Yun shook her hand, “Leng Xiao, chasing is unnecessary!”

Yu Shi Jun’s and Lou Mu Hai’s complexion were not good. They did not even sense the presence of the man. It had been because the water sounds were too loud, making them unable to hear the rebel’s movements.

Comparing to their surprise, Su Ling looked much calmer. Meanwhile, Mu Yi praised, “I say, Big sister-in-law, why didn’t you shoot him to death? Mistress’s mercy is a soldier’s weakness!”

Mistress’s mercy? Gu Yun slightly frowned and replied bluntly, “Enchantress, it seems like your martial skills are not bad. You should have sensed there was more than one person lurking around here. There were more than ten people. How many do you want to kill? Besides, the other party only wants to observe General Su. If we don’t let them report, who will profess his power?”

Seeing Su Ling’s easy-going and calm appearance, he had definitely discovered the spy. No wonder, he did not say many words. Since the other person was too low-key, she was just merely helping him.


19 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-7

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  2. Lets go home and discuss… I wish I could enter inside the book and go with them. Only the SWAT and martial arts wrelm would be a problem le? Thanks for keeping me hooked up .


  3. I say, this is a bewitching novel.
    I have a toothache (wisdom tooth problem) and this novel is not helping me at all. I just started and have been reading continuously and it’s making me laugh openly when even smiling is painful.

    Darn! What a novel! ^_^ thanks for the chapter…

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