A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-6

Lou Mu Hai nodded, “Yes! I had once led a troop, entering the forest. We did not dare to proceed after less than 10 li’s walking. It was really humid inside. Big trees blocked the sunlight, making it hard to see anything even in the morning. We often encountered poisonous snakes and it was really easy to get lost.”

He did not really understand, why those two were pettily fighting like enemies.  After getting along with her for a while, he thought Qing Mo was not a bad girl. She was worthy of being considered like a general in the Su army. In addition, people in the army had called her Madam. It shouldn’t be that bad, right?!

The romance between a young couple was really hard to understand. Lou Mu Hai shook his head, determining not to think about it again. He was still better off assisting General Su in exterminating the rebels. Pointing out the rock in front of him, Lou Mu Hai worriedly said, “The rebels are around here. I am afraid when the time comes, they will use Vanguard Han to threaten the general to come forward.  It would be hard for our soldiers to cross the river to the other side of the bank. As a result, the general will have to face the rebels alone, which is very dangerous. If they bring the general forcefully into the rainforest, the outcome will be disastrous.”

Mu Yi had finished appraising the scenery and ridiculed, “Ling, it looks like in these people’s hearts, you are only that useful?”

Mu Yi felt it was very funny. If several bandits could put down Su Ling, then he did not need to be a general.

Lou Mu Hai was shocked, quickly trying to clarify, “This old subject did not have that thought. General Su, please don’t misunderstand my meaning. It’s just that the opposite surroundings are really ruthless. In addition, those bandits are ferocious and ruthless. General’s shoulder carries so many responsibilities, the truth is…”

Su Ling strongly patted Lou Mu Hai’s shoulder and smiled, “Old general, just ignore him, I understand your worries.” He lost his mind at the time when he agreed to take that troublesome man with him in this expedition.

Lou Mu Hai’s complexion finally got better. Su Ling once again continued, “How long is this valley? Can we detour around the valley? Lay in wait to ambush at the opposite side?”

Gu Yun stood up at the side of the valley. Both of her eyes examined the surroundings. At this time, Leng Xiao and Liu Xing climbed down from the trees, presenting the papers in their hands, “Boss, it’s done.”

Gu Yun happily accepted it and smiled, “You’ve done a good job.”

After finishing her sentence, she concentrated on the papers in her hand. She did not look at the two people in front of her, who seemed to be hesitating to retreat. This sight didn’t escape idle Mu Yi’s eyes, making him smirk. This woman knew how to buy public support.


16 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-6

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  2. Your awesome thanks for the trans and keep up the good work. I’ve been inlove with this novel and you know how much it means to me, thank u so much


  3. Are all these people retarded or something?
    I know Gu Yun doesnt care, but the general knowledge is still “they killed her family, drugged her and gave her as a gift to Su Ling”
    Why are people acting like they are romantically involved
    She is at best his rape hostage or something


    • They didn’t know. They only know Qing is country bestowed the sisters as a gift. They might be know later. But not now. Can be see in bok 3 that even emperor didn’t know that the country Qing sister from killing their parents and force them like that


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