A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-9

Hi good evening everyone! I will be posting the rest of chapter 9 tonight, but I could not promise I will post anything again before the weekend (As I have other matters to tend). I would like to thank Remy for the speedy editing. (Applause). Also, I will post the edited version of previous parts. Remy had made them a better work. Without further ado, please enjoy 🙂


Su Ren quietly spoke, “Then, in your opinion, how should we strike?”

Gu Yun did not reply immediately. After a while, she finally cautiously replied, “From what I see, we should go and survey the actual terrain’s topography. After that, we can discuss the method on how to engage the enemy. After all, there are still three more days to go!”

In the main tent, Gu Yun rose from the seat, the three people surrounding her, appeared to be at Gu Yun’s every beck and call. In contrast, Su Ling and Mu Yi both were neglected on the side. Mu Yi smiled, “I say, Ling, even if you are not here, there won’t be a problem. Did I go to the wrong place? Is this the Su army’s camp? Who is actually this family’s leader?”

Those rhetorical questions sounded like Mu Yi wanted to help Su Ling set the record straight. However, when it was examined more carefully, Mu Yi was definitely happy to see Su Ling suffering.

Turning around and facing Su Ling’s deep eyes, Su Ren just realised his almighty big brother was still standing behind him. He embarrassingly grinned and hurriedly explained, “Uh… Big Brother. Tonight those rebels raided the food ration. After discovering this, Han Shu chased them into the forest. He somehow got ambushed inside the forest and is now held as a hostage. They want Big Brother to go to the Crow’s Valley within three days, or else, they will kill Han Shu. Big sister-in-law also entered the woods, confronted and fought with the rebels. We are now discussing the best way to rescue Han Shu.”

Han Shu fell into those rebels’ hand?! Hearing this news, Su Ling’s eyes were becoming colder. What a good rebel, actually dared to capture his subordinate to get him.

Mu Yi did not concern about who got captured, but that “big sister-in-law”… His eyes looked like he was about to ridicule Su Ling. Facing Su Ling, Mu Yi grinned, “I was not aware that you were married. Ckckck (the sound of one’s clicking one’s tongue)… You are really great at keeping secrets.” Su Ling’s face instantly got colder to the point he could freeze people to death, but Mu Yi ignored him. Gracefully, Mu Yi turned to face Gu Yun and smilingly said, “Big Sister-in-law (in a very polite way, he used 夫人 as a suffix, which means mistress), you were being rude before!”

Mu Yi’s acting made both parties simultaneously enraged, “Shut up!”

Mu Yi raised his eyebrows. His face was full of surprise and said, “Whoa, you two definitely are a pair of husband and wife. Both of you are one-hundred percent villains.”

Gu Yun stared coldly at Mu Yi and without holding back, she said, “Enchantress*, if you really want to look for drama, just honestly stand aside and see. Manage your mouth, do not mess around with me.”

Mu Yi narrowed his eyes, “What did you call me?”

Gu Yun’s icy eyes scanned him several times, from head to toe and back again, then met his eyes. She did not consider it as a taboo, so she reprised, “For such a man who is wearing such a flashy style; if I do not call you enchantress*, I won’t do your outfit a justice!”

Su Ling who had constantly maintained his icy face secretly twitched his mouth. Enchantress*! This title really suited Mu Yi. However, this woman was looking for trouble. The last person who called Mu Yi enchantress had buried in a grave. The grass on his tomb was even taller than her.


*I changed this from the original text. In the original text, it is written as 妖孽 (yaonie) which means evildoers/ villains, but Mu Yi will not be that angry if he is called villain as he called Su Ling and Gu Yun the same. Furthermore, it does not associate with Mu Yi’s flashy style. Therefore, I changed it to the enchantress. Not only that, later when Su Ling explained that no man survives after calling Mu Yi such, the author described it as 妖娆 (yaorao), which means alluring or enchanting and mainly associated with women.

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  2. thanks a lot!
    lol—-only gu yun, she’s so cool! well, she has the skills to back it up! ahaha, they’re like her own men already! her leadership skills are too high—!


  3. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – Did I go to a wrong place? -> Did I go to the wrong place?
    – to go the Crow’s Valley within three days -> to go to the Crow’s Valley within three days
    – full of surprised -> full of surprise
    – it is taboo -> it as taboo
    – such a flashy styles -> such a flashy style
    – I won’t do your outfit a justice! -> I won’t do your outfit justice!
    – This title was really suited Mu Yi -> This title was really suited for Mu Yi | This title really suited Mu Yi
    – had buried on the grave -> had been buried in a grave
    – was even higher than her -> was even taller than her


  4. I thought the instruction was for Su Ling to enter the forest alone and if he did not do so within 3 days then Han Shu’s body would be in Crow Valley. so why are they going to Crow Valley in 3 days? Won’t Han Shu already be a corpse? It seems they should tell Su Ling exactly what was said so he can make a decision although why he would go alone into an ambush I don’t know. Maybe they want to make a deal with him but probably they intend to kill him. Maybe that is why the man in the forest said Gu Yan would be the leader of the opposition in the future.


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