A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-10

This is my fave scene. There was comical interaction between Su Ling, Qing Mo, and Mu Yi.


Mu Yi squinted his eyes, making him look like a sly and treacherous fox. All the spectators shuddered. Only Gu Yun remained unaffected and kept looking into his eyes. Want to refute? Angry? Don’t joke around?! If he dares to wear that kind of clothes, he has to be prepared to let people talk!

She unexpectedly did not get intimidated by him. Interesting! The coldness of his eyes was replaced by interest. This actually made Gu Yun’s hair stand up. This man was really troublesome. Gu Yun was too lazy to look at him anymore and quickly said to Su Ren, “Su Ren, tomorrow, once the sun comes out, go to the Crow’s Valley to explore the terrain.”

Gu Yun was just about to leave, when Su Ling’s arrogant voice which contained cold fury was heard, “In here, it’s not your place to give an order. Now, return to the General house!” She was seriously undisciplined and out of control. She went as far as following the army to the city of Pei, what exactly did she want to do?

Gu Yun’s footsteps stopped, slowly turning around. Her face carried a saccharine sweet fake smile, she answered, “General Su, I think you’ve misunderstood this problem. I did not have the interest to order your army. Also, you do not need to look after my problems.”

After saying this, Gu Yun took Bing Lian and strode away.

“Bing Lian?” With surprised eyes, Mu Yi faced Su Ling. He unexpectedly gave Bing Lian to this girl, don’t tell me…

“Who permitted you to touch that sword!” Su Ling roared, as Mu Yi expected. With both of his arms crossed in front of his chest, Mu Yi observed the situation; he was now seriously interested with this woman.

With her hand clutching the curtain and without turning her head, she was waving Bing Lian when she arrogantly replied, “Now, it is mine, if you have the capabilities, take it from me! I will wait for you.” From the moment she decided to take Bing Lian, she had decided to not let it go easily.

As the dark shadow disappeared before the tent, the remaining people were left with the man who was about to explode. Luo Mu Hai quietly said, “The night is not young anymore, this old subject will retire first.”

He did not understand the act in front of him, but being an honest official was also a hard task. He was better off not dipping his feet into this muddy water.

Lou Mu Hai had successfully escaped, Su Ren also hurriedly smiled, “True, true, true, it is really late. Big Brother, I won’t disturb your resting time anymore!”

Dear heaven. He knew that Qing Mo was strong. However, he never noticed her ability to speak could drive people crazy?! Or, was it she was only exceptionally prickly when she was confronted by big brother?

During this time, he was also better off quickly disappearing.

“This subject… This subject will also retreat!”

Just as Su Ren dashed out of the tent, Yu Shi Jun recovered his mind, also quickly asking to retreat.

Inside the big tent, just after Qing Mo left, everyone slipped off, leaving the room completely cleared. Mu Yi took out a jade flute, playing it with his fingers. At this time, only he would dare to poke an angry tiger. Unafraid of death, he smiled and ridiculed, “Why do I feel like someone is jealous?” The former power and prestige of the general no longer existed.

“Get the hell out of here!”


13 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-10

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  2. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – All the spectator shuddered -> All the spectators shuddered
    – kept look into his eyes -> kept looking into his eyes
    – Gu Yun’s footstep stopped, slowly turned around -> Gu Yun’s footsteps stopped, slowly turning around
    – both of his arm -> both of his arms
    – seriously interested with this woman -> seriously interested in this woman
    – if you have capabilities -> if you have the capabilities
    – when she confronted by big brother -> when she is confronted by big brother
    – quickly asked to retreat -> quickly asking to retreat
    – was no longer existed -> no longer existed | was no longer existent

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  3. HAh! That’s what you get Su Ling!
    Everyone in the tent bailed out on him and retreated.
    Haha! 😂😂
    I need serious backstory or more appearance time for Su Ling for me to like him. Just a nice face and matching sword with the heroine will not do.

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