A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-8

Sorry for the delay… This is the eighth part~~~


He had seen countless beautiful women, but even the most beautiful ones could not interest him. However, this woman had triggered his curiosity. Mu Yi approached her, smilingly clicked his tongue, “It is unthinkable we can see a beautiful woman in the military army. Ling, you are really fortunate!”

This pale man clothed with a red robe was a son of the devil. Gu Yun rolled her eyes. She was not interested in putting up with this person’s dry humour. She quickly raised up, moving to the inner chamber and randomly sat on a chair, not realising… the chair is meant for the camp leader.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Su Ling just realised that Gu Yun was in the tent. He frowned, coldly asked, “How come you’re here?”

Gu Yun felt there was no need to answer such a question. Facing Lou Mu Hai, Gu Yun asked, “Old General Lou, what kind of place is Crow’s Valley?” That man said to collect the corpse at the valley, meaning most likely he would like to meet there.

Lou Mu Hai quickly re-focused and went towards her, “It is a canyon, located near the forest’s right periphery. Every rainy season, there will be rainwater overflowing there, transforming the gorge into a river. When the dry season comes and reduces the water, it will return to its canyon form. Because the terrain is very steep, only birds can fly out from there. The thick forest surrounds the area. It’s gloomy and damp, and therefore, named Crow’s valley.”

Gu Yun pondered for a bit before said, “They chose the Crow’s valley. In my opinion, there are two reasons to do so. First, their lair is located near the place. The second reason, which I think is more probable, the valley’s terrain has some benefits for them. My guess is when the time comes, they will take advantage of the terrain’s topography, cut us off on the both sides of the canyon, leaving Su Ling to come forward alone.”

Hearing her analysis, Su Ren and Yu Shi Jun approached her. The four people sat down together. Yu Shi Jun proposed, “This subject remembers mistress had trained and recruited the newbie soldiers with the superb climbing skills. Can our army climb up from the bottom of the gorge, giving a surprise attack?” (攻其不备, Chinese idiom. It means to strike when/where the enemy is unprepared)

Gu Yun shook her head, “Now is the summer season when the rainfall is mostly abundant. We cannot pass through there”

Lou Mu Hai agreed, “What mistress said is not wrong. Currently, there has been water building up there, flooding into the Crow’s Valley. It is impossible to pass through the valley.” This woman has never been inside the forest, yet she is familiar with the forest’s rainy season. She really is the wife of General Su. Sure enough, she cannot be compared with the ordinary women.


16 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-8

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  2. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – countless of beautiful women -> countless beautiful women
    – It’s is gloomy and damp -> It is gloomy and damp
    – on the both side of the canyon -> on both sides of the canyon
    – flooding in the Crow’s Valley -> flooding into the Crow’s Valley
    – she is familiar the forest’s rainy season -> she is familiar with the forest’s rainy season


  3. Hahaha! Well, Su Ling, you go drink for months and it’s okay since GY onlu really needs your title since everybody accepts her already.
    I love this main character!
    Ignore the AWOL General brother. He deserves it!
    At this point im more rooting for the youngest Su brother than SL since he’s always ABSENT.


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