A Generation of Military Counselor Part 9-7

Dear all, I am happily announced (happy dance) I have finished the translation of the entire chapter 9. Yeah! It has been quite a long journey, translating 10k Chinese words into about 6000 English words. I cannot say it easy, but I really hope it will get easier. Please bear with me. I will immediately release the new chapter part once Remy and I finished editing it.

P.S. I just discuss it with one of my Chinese friends. I have misinterpreted 乱贼 as bandits, on reality, it is actually rebels. I also deciphered the meaning of 短箭 which means arrow (not dagger, dart, or streamer I previously posted). I have adjusted the previous post accordingly.

Have a nice day~~~


Hearing her words, Lou Mu Hai said anxiously, “This won’t do! General Su Ling has not yet arrived, even if he has arrived, we cannot let him take the risk. They know that particular forest very well, hence, it is beneficial for them. It will be a disaster to the general if he enters the forest.”

Su Ren’s palm tightened. It looked like he had been underestimating those bandits. Before he managed to enter the city’s territory, the other party had already taken an action. The enemy at this time was truly not an ordinary thief.


Yu Shi Jun still did not dare to turn, and so with his back facing Gu Yun and Su Ren, he said, “Commander, in this subject’s opinion, even though they shot an arrow at you, they do not know who is the real General Su (referring to Su Ling). According to this logic, I can just wear general’s clothes, lead 5000 elite forces to enter the forest and observe the situation.”


Su Ren was still considering the idea when Gu Yun coldly said, “I advise you to not make any hasty actions. Today, when I went to chase Han Shu, I encountered a highly skilled martial artist who uses a long whip. Judging from Ge Jing Yun’s injury, it is definitely an arrow. If I guess it correctly, they are most likely Wu Ji and Yan Ge who were previously mentioned by Old General Lou. Those two people possess inarguably high martial arts skills. They also are familiar with jungle topology, as well as night operations. If they are only the subordinates, we will have a big problem.”


The inside of the room was really quiet when a white fingered hand separated the tent drapery (since it is a tent, it is not really a door). A male voice with a hint of amusement was heard, “Who has a big problem?”


The person who came in was a handsome man, wearing a long red robe. Gu Yun was secretly amused, what was happening this night? She originally thought the man in the forest who wore a blue attire was flirtatious enough, but did not think there was still a sky above the sky. The male in front of her was really enchanting. Fortunately, even though he wore a red robe, it did not make him appear feminine. In contrast, it gave him a rebellious effect.


What an interesting man. Gu Yun raised her lips slightly when she saw the man come in with such a cold arrogant aura, decreasing the temperature down to a freezing point.


“General Su!”


“Big Brother!”


The man who just came in was really Su Ling.


Lou Mu Hai quickly greeted him, smilingly said, “General Su has arrived, what a wonderful news!”

After leading the troops to many battlegrounds for years, Su Ling was very knowledgeable about battlefields. He was also an expert in predicting schemes. Just his presence could at least scare those bandits.


Su Ling greeted back, “Old General Lou.”


Mu Yi quickly glanced over them who were paying respect to each other. Mu Yi was not interested in watching them, quickly changed his eye direction. He stumbled upon a female in the tent. Although he could only see one side of her face, he knew that she was a beautiful woman.


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  2. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – taken an action -> taken action
    – as well as the night operation -> as well as night operation
    – After leading the troop -> After leading the troops
    – scar -> scare


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