A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-11

Okay, guys. This is the last part of chapter nine. Yes, I knew that you are as eager as I to read the continuation of the story, but I have other matters to attend this week. I will be posting chapter 10 on the weekend. Once again, thanks for all of your supports :), especially Remy who was probably staring blank at her computer trying to decipher out what my writing means. This speedy updates won’t be happening without you, Remy. 🙂

This part contains sweet interaction between Gu Yun and her trainees.


From the main tent, a lion roar was heard. The soldiers who were standing outside were so startled that it numbed their shoulders. Gu Yun rolled her eyes again, pretending as she did not hear anything and went into Ge Jing Yun’s tent.

Opening the curtain, there were more than 20 soldiers inside the tent. Upon recognising the person who was coming, everyone quickly rose from their beds and lined up nicely. Their faces showed happy smiles and shouted in unison, “Boss!” Finally, they could see her again. Truthfully, during her devilish boot camp, they hated her so much. However, after the camp was over, they often remembered and missed her.

Gu Yun softly smiled, nodding her head, “It’s okay, just rest!”

Once she arrived at the last bed, Ge Jing Yun had been supported by Leng Xiao, struggling to sit down, “Boss.”

Gu Yun frowned, gently spoke, “It’s okay, just lay on your bed.”

Leng Xiao’s eyes stumbled upon the bandage on her left arm, his indifferent face changed, urgently asking, “You’ve been hurt?”

Gu Yun indifferently shook her head and smiled, “Just a small injury. There won’t be a problem, don’t worry.” Leng Xiao no longer pressed, only his cold face became colder.

After Ge Jing Yun’s wound was treated, a thick bandage was wrapped tightly around his wound. Excluding his pale complexion, he looked okay.

A small silvery thing was placed beside his pillow. Gu Yun squinted her eyes to focus. Leng Xiao quickly took it and gave it to her.

That was the 5-inches-length arrow, which was quite different from the normal ordinary arrow; as not only the head was made of iron, even its tail was made out of the same material. What made most people tremble with fear was the hook that was embedded on the arrow’s tail. No wonder Ge Jing Yun’s bleeding was really hard to stop. This kind of wounding made it hard to pull the arrow out.

What a malicious weapon. Gu Yun asked softly, “Did you meet the person who shot the arrow?”

Leng Xiao looked at Ge Jing Yun, shaking his head and replied “That person was about as tall as Ge Jing Yun and was skinnier than me. However, it was too dark. The appearance couldn’t clearly be seen. He was also very skilful. We could not get closer to him. Furthermore, in such dim light, he still accurately shot an arrow at us, while running!”

It was really true, this kind of skill could not be performed by most people. Not only it required good vision, it also required a good set of other senses. She was once also trained to shoot blindfolded. She needed three years to achieve a 98% accuracy!

The arrow was placed beside Ge Jing Yun’s pillow. When Gu Yun rose up, all the soldiers once again stood up straight. Gu Yun laughed and said: “Now it isn’t training time. I am not your boss, so after this, do not be so afraid and alarmed. Don’t worry! Just get an early rest. ”

Gu Yun walked to the door’s side. All the soldiers still neatly stood at their position, glancing at her. She suspiciously asked, “What happened?”

“Boss…” Leng Xiao opened his mouth, but suddenly paused.

All the soldiers were squinting at him, Gu Yun felt weird and laughing said, “What is the problem? Just get to the point!”

Taking a deep breath, Leng Xiao faced Gu Yun and loudly answered, “Can we fight with you in the battle?”

Gu Yun was dazed a bit. Before her, she saw desire and eagerness, reflecting on their eyes. Unexpectedly, her heart ached. She looked down to stabilise her emotions. After a while, she then looked up, coldly smiling, “Exercise your bodies well before we talk again. My subordinate cannot have weak bodies.“


Once Gu Yun exited the tent, immediately, chaotic happy shouts originated from the tent’s inside were heard. Gu Yun shook her head, as expected from a bunch of boys under 20.

Carrying a warm smile on her face, she left the tent, not paying attention to another pair of cold eyes deeply staring at her back.

Qing Mo, what kind of charm do you possess?

What has she done during the time he was not around?!


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  2. LOL He’s been gone for so long, he needs to play catch-up! XD GY vs SL. If push comes to shove, I wonder who those subordinates will follow – the Lord of the House, or his “wife,” their trainer lol

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  3. thank you—!
    ahaha, well, su ling missed all the fun of seeing her training those guys! gu yun as exemplary leader! so incredible! and her interactions with the rest of them is awesome! really glad that they appreciate her, ahaha!


  4. Thanks for the translations. I have just started to read and fallen for this story, Gu Yun just so cool ^^, i love the way she cares for the soldiers, wish Su Ling stop to be so sigle-mided and see her good sides.


  5. Thanks for the update! I didn’t think I’d get to read more chapters of this c-novel. I’m glad it got picked up again. I wonder how Su Ling and Gu Yun’s interaction will be like in Chapter 10. Haha her trainees got attached to her, especially Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun. I wonder if this trainer-trainee bond would be something Su Ling would get jealous of later in the story.


  6. Thanks for the update! :))

    Anyway.. Is there a chance to have a follow blog by email option here? So it’d makr it easier to read new updates. Ermm. Just a suggestion though. 🙂


    • To be honest, I am not sure, but I’ve googled it and added the widget. So on your upper left corner there should be a long vertical orange bar clicked on that and scroll to the bottom option. Please tell me if you have some difficulties


  7. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – urgently asked -> urgently asking
    – Did you met the person -> Did you meet the person
    – could not clearly seen -> could not clearly be seen
    – Now it is not a training time -> Now it is not training time
    – stabilise her emotion -> stabilise her emotions
    – he is not around -> he was not around


  8. Awww. Those subordinates of hers are like puppies that follow their Boss. No matter how much she kicked them (trained them harshly) they are loyal to her as ever and wag their tails whenever she’s near.
    Awww my heart melts.
    That is hard earned loyalty right there. A characteristic of a true LEADER!
    Meanwhile, rot in jealousy, Su Li!
    I hope this is a yaoi and maybe he can just pair up with the Enchantress and GY just needs his title and be the General.

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