A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-1

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A summer night in the rainforest was not very quiet. The sounds of raindrops, insects, and the nocturnal animals’ howling wove into a strange night ballad. Being in this kind of surrounding made you feel like there were countless pairs of eyes staring at you. It was also like a sombre snake, hanging on your head and could fall at any time. Every subtle voice was a physiological torture to people.

Inside a huge cave, there were torches emitting and filling the cave with light. In the centre of the cave, sat a man whose body was bound with rope. His eyes were tightly closed, indicating he was unconscious.

One bucket filled with icy water was poured all over his head. Han Shu shivered and gradually opened his heavy eyes. Drowsily, he saw a young man whose fine hair covered his eyes, while his mouth formed a smile, which looked more like a sinister smirk. He wore a flashy blue robe.

Han Shu widely opened his eyes, glaring at the smiling man who was kneeling before him. He regained his memory from before he fell unconscious. Han Shu swore in rage, “You are a shameless worthless man! Actually using such an underhanded method. If you are capable, release me right now, and then, we will fight one to one!”

The man was not angry and smilingly questioned, “We are neither shameless nor worthless. Nature was ruthless and cunning. I think I should first remove one of your hands and one of your legs. What do you think?”

It was a calm and bright voice with the hint of a laugh. The whip in the man’s hand flogged Han Shu’s thigh mercilessly.

Gritting his teeth and forcing himself to endure the pain, Han Shu did not concede. He swore, “Heavens, please don’t think that this old one is afraid of you. If you have the capability, do it!”

Standing up fiercely, the man pulled out the tribe’s dagger from his waist. He came in front of Han Shu again. Playing with the sharp blade on his hand, he answered, “Good, I will concede to your will. I’ll need to remove the right arm and right leg!”

The icy cold weapon went across the skin. Han Shu held his head high, exposing no timidness at all. The man’s eyes flashed under his fringe, and he thrust the dagger in his hand straight into Han Shu’s arm.

“En!” Han Shu stuffed back his voice, glaring at the man and refusing to beg for mercy.

The man unhappily pulled out the dagger, wanting to thrust again. However, a faint male voice from behind him said, “Yan Ge, enough! The leader has his own arrangements.”
Besides the bonfire, a plain-clothed man was playing with the arrow in his hand. In his eyes, there was only the plaything in his hand, and anything else was not of importance. In comparison to the blue-clothed man, he was low-key and did not attract attentions.


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  1. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – underlying method -> underhanded method (underlying makes no sense here)
    – attracting attention -> attract attention


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