Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 25: Cottons

I think the title kind of gives away the reason on why LXY has asthma every spring…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


The morning ray of spring was charming and warm, really comfortable when it was lightly sprinkling on the people’s bodies, she did not have any chance to take a look at this small courtyard last night, it seemed delicate. Zhuo Qing could not help to say that Lou Xi Yan’s taste was very good, the small storied building was located at the rear of the courtyard, the front of the small storied building had a small open space, where a row of stone tables and stone benches were placed. Standing here to look at the scenery, felt refreshing, looking up to look was just a wide expanse of the unlimited lake, and the merging of the azure horizon, vast and tranquil. Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, truly extravagant ah, the 21st century’s land was extremely expensive, who could dig that big of lake at the home, but couldn’t help to say, Lou Xi Yan could really enjoy it, woke up to see this kind of clear, vast waters, bad mood would be very difficult.

Stretching her waist, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, amazed to find, under the wall next to the lake, there were 3-4 full grown cotton trees, very beautiful, tall branches with powerful extensions, fiery and huge red flowers were splendid. Looking far away, it looked like a nest flame, and the dark green water in the lake was shining, nothing was more beautiful that one could imagine, however, how could Lou Xi Yan’s courtyard grow cottons?!

Zhuo Qing lifted her feet to walk, gently picked up the falling flowers and lost in thought.

Catching up with Lou Xi Wu’s sight first thing in the morning, she unexpectedly was still at Lou Xi Yan’s courtyard, shouted: “Qing Feng, why are you still here?! I will tell you this, do not think that just because my brother allows you to stay at Zhai Xing pavilion, you are really the Lou Family’s mistress, you are only just a small concubine, remember that?!”

Zhuo Qing lowered her head, only to watch attentively at one spoiled blossoming flower, Lou Xi Wu was puzzled, what was so good looking about one spoiled flower? Walking behind her, Lou Xi Yan was not patient and shouted: “Hey, did you or did you not hear me speak?!”

Zhuo Qing refused to acknowledge the shout, she touched the thick and solid tree trunk, asked: “Were these few cottons planted at the courtyard?”

“You knew these were called cottons?” Lou Xi Wu stared blankly, but rapidly felt proud of herself, smily answered: “I would tell you a little insight, we Qiong Yue did not have any cotton tree, a small country in the border of Nan Jiang offered a tribute of cotton seeds many years ago. In the entire Qiong Yue, only West Empress Dowager’s palace had cotton trees, these few trees were bestowed by the West Empress Dowager for elder brother’s official salute as a Prime Minister.”

“West Empress Dowager? There is also East Empress Dowager?” Zhuo Qing voluntarily asked.

“There is ah.” Mentioning this, Lou Xi Wu’s head unconsciously raised higher: “The East Empress Dowager is my aunt.”

“Lou Xi Yan and the Emperor are cousins?” No wonder, Lou Xi Yan and the Emperor did not resemble a common ruler and minister’s relation last night.

Seeing Zhuo Qing’s attitude that was not very aggressive today, after last night, she did not dislike her anymore. Lou Xi Wu’s mood was pretty good, nodded and replied: “You can consider it that way, my aunt is always the owner of the East palace. But for many years, the West palace’s Imperial Concubine De that is the West Empress Dowager at present time was very doted by the former Emperor. She had two sons and one daughter, the former Emperor wanted aunt to adopt and foster the eldest son, to become the crown prince. When we were young, I and elder brother frequently entered the palace, so elder brother and Huangdi gege (LXW called the Emperor huangdi gege-皇帝哥哥 & can be translated as elder brother emperor. I’m keeping the pinyin) grew up together, as brothers.

Zhuo Qing pretended to understand clearly and nodded her head, she smiled and said: “That much rare tree species are bestowed to Lou Xi Yan, West Empress Dowager surely likes your elder brother lo.”

Lou Xi Wu answered: “Indeed without a doubt, she still wishes that her daughter, Princess Chao Yun is betrothed to be given to my elder brother.”

Lightly rubbing her hands, Zhuo Qing’s brows easily wrinkled, how to say it, they were not enemies, why did she deliver him cottons? Was it accidental or…. Zhuo Qing’s complexion sunk coldly, once again, stared at her hands that had the spoiled flower. Lou Xi Wu misunderstood that she was worry for her own status, stepped forward one pace, said in whisper: “But you can be at ease, we, Lou’s family does not like the new and then hate the old, and climb up or admire the power from other people, as long as you attend my elder brother nicely, no one will make life difficult for you.”

Zhuo Qing recovered, could not help but forced a smile, whom Lou Xi Yan would marry with, it should not have any relation with her, all right! She was merely curious, nothing more.

Under the cotton trees, two women’s thoughts were different, a frivolous and mocking male voice suddenly echoed: “Ck, ck, ck, where did the small beauty come from?”

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Wu turned around to see at the same time, saw Jing Sa’s side, there was a man with white clothing. Zhuo Qing’s complexion immediately sank, he was the man who ‘wished for the whole world to be in chaos’ at Niu Jia Village! Completely ignoring him, Zhuo Qing turned towards the side of the lake where the bridge was.

Who would have thought that Qi Tian Yu was unwilling to give up unexpectedly. He came up to meet her, Zhuo Qing raised her head, coldly looked back at him, approached Qi Tian Yu and he discovered, this woman’s right cheek had two deep scars, ruined her smooth as jade stunning look. Looking from a distant a moment ago, her body was wearing raw silk clothing and hand was holding a spoiled flower. She was standing proud and aloof, with threatening temperament, and entering to discover now, that her face was unexpectedly this shattered.

The woman with a ruined face would usually use hair to cover it, or bow her head to hide from other people’s line of sight, she certainly was different, her knee length hair was agile and knotted into a braid, she did not have any hair accessory. Her face also clearly showed the lovely front, especially her eyes, sharp and arrogant, along with her face, his heart actually jumped, this woman was indeed interesting. Facing her, feeling more interested and stopping Zhuo Qing’s path, Qi Tian Yu raised his head and believed himself to give the most handsome smile, asked: “As it turns out, young lady is an ice beauty, I like it and dare to ask young lady’s name?”

Lightly raising her hand, the spoiled flower on her hand fell to the ground, Zhuo Qing coldly answered: “I dislike frivolous man, not pure.”

Qi Tian Yu’s smile was stiffed, Lou Xi Wu’s lips smiled, when did she ever see Qi gege was beaten. Looking at his embarrassed face, Lou Xi Wu’s kindly answered: “Qi gege, she is called Qing Feng.”

Qing Feng, she was Qing Feng, how could her face change like this?! Qi Tian Yu secretly doubted, his hands still clasped to give greetings, smiley said: “Miss Qing, this small life gives courtesy.” She did not like the frivolous type, she would like the scholar type, right!

“I even dislike a pretentious man more, nauseating.”

Qi Tian Yu’s smile was stiffed on his face, uglier than crying, Lou Xi Wu could not help to laugh heartily anymore. Qi gege’s facial expression was extremely laughable.

The cool face who was standing to the side, the expressionless Jing Sa’s corner of mouth floated a suspicious smiling expression. Qi Tian Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry, he did not offend her!!

“What was the matter that made you smile and this happy ah!” A hearty laugh sounded at the time, Xue Xian Xin who was taking along a few servant girls came.

Qi Tian Yu slightly gave courtesy, smilingly said: “Long time no see, Madam has not changed one bit.”

With an exaggerated smile, Xue Xian Xin cynically smiled and said: “Yo, it is Qi Da Gongzi (大公子-an honorary title for a noble) who comes, it is no wonder that our family Xi Wu smiles this happy, indeed when a girl is of age, she must be married off ah!”

This one family was best to get lost early, she had this type of crafty temperament, only suited to manage the street type of family!

Lou Xi Wu’s gaze was nervous and swept along to Jing Sa, immediately shouted: “Second mother, you should not speak nonsense!”

Zhuo Qing gently raised her eyebrows, this young woman was unlikely to be committed in a puppy love, right?

Looking at her gnashing her teeth, Xue Xian Xin’s mood felt better, deliberately said: “You still feel ashamed!”

Looking at Lou Xi Wu anxiously clenching her fist, Qi Tian Yu set out to mediate, smilingly said: “Madam is cracking a joke at me, right, Xi Wu’s age is still young, I think of her as my little sister.”

“Good, elder brother and little sister, just enough!” Xue Xian Xin was also afraid that Lou Xi Wu would be violent like last night, crossed them over, Xue Xian Xin walked to one side towards Jing Sa and asked: “Have Xi Yan already woken up?”

Behind her back, a servant girl was carrying medicine drug concoction that was similar to the one from last night. Zhuo Qing thought, stepped forward and said: “Give me the medicine.”

“Give you the medicine?” Xue Xian Xin changed direction to walk to Zhou Qing in a circle, with a stern voice said: “You really think yourselves as this family’s mistress? What a joke! I looked at Xi Yan as a sick person last night, did not want to bicker with you. You would better give me a little peace.”

As it turned out, she was after this mistress’ title! Zhuo Qing indifferently answered: “I am not interested in this mistress position, but his medicine is my responsibility.”

Not interested! She is definitely not interested in this! Xue Xian Xin sarcastically smiled: “Very brave, who gives you the courage to behave atrociously at the Prime Minister’s manor? Jing Sa, throw her out of the house for me!”

Jing Sa was motionless, Xue Xian Xin was about to flip out, when the door of the small storied building was slowly opened, Lou Xi Yan’s muffled and gentle voice echoed: “It is me who gives her the courage.”

Chapter 24: The Emperor Arrived

Chapter 26: Hot Spring Garden (Part 1)

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      • Well… I thought more like: she wanted to poison him, so that her daughter gets a chance to “help” him and gain favour

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      • Let me clear it up. The West Empress Dowager is not the Empress. The Empress is Yan Hong Tian’s wife. However, the West Empress Dowager is Yan Hong Tian’s mother. I don’t know whether the West Empress Dowager is indeed trying to poison LXY as I haven’t read too far. It may be just a pure coincidental that she bestowed the cotton seeds for LXY and he’s allergic to them (the pollen). But it can be that she is also as evil as the Empress. We’ll find out…


    • I thinks so too ! she gave them these continue trees , so he gets astma and that way the princess CHY has enough reason to Come over and deliver the medicine.
      That way there will be enough contact , so that they can get him and her married

      something like that !
      please update more !

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  1. Ahh I truly love all three of the ‘a mistaken marriage’ series! Every morning I check the novelupdates and whenever I see the first line a mistaken marriage it makes me very happy! 😊 thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Love the way ZQ tells the peacock off. Love the way LXY comes tp ZQ’s aid when XXX wanted to throw her out of the house.

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    • I think it’s the abundant pollen from the blooming cotton trees that’s the problem. I feel his pain, the maple trees on my street are in full bloom all week here and so has been my sinus headache. The pollen’s so thick my car is coated with green-yellow dust that I can write my name in it with my finger. I’m lucky I don’t have a severe allergy or asthma it just feels like a mid-grade cold I can’t shake.

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      • I feel for you… I had a very bad allergy a few years ago after living in the Midwest area for almost 20 years. It was horrendous. Fortunately, I’ve been ok this spring. Knock on wood!!!

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  3. Thanks for the chapter. If you do have a chance, can you do a character list. I got super confuse with all the characters and who they are. LXY really backs her up. Ahahah, totally loving the couple. He’s more adorable than the Emperor and the General.

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  4. About time these haughty females were put in place. I was getting frustrated with everyone trying to put her in a place lower than themselves. Hopefully they remove all the cotton so LXY won’t have anymore asthma attacks.

    Thank you for the update! Of all the stories, this one is a bit behind in terms of the other two so I have to bridge the timelines and make the events match mentally. XD

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    • Yes, this book is a bit behind compare to the other two books. Unfortunately, I can’t post more than two chapters a week to catch up with the other books. 😂😂😂

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      • Which is totally fine 🙂
        As long as it’s moving, i’ll take that over no releases. Though some outcomes are unpredictable in this story, it kinda sucks to know the outcome of the whole ordeal because of the other two stories sometimes.

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      • It’ll be moving definitely… I know… But at least we won’t know the details on some of the events even if they are mentioned in the other two books.


  5. thanks for the update !
    that empress dowager is really scheeming ! she planten all those cotton trees so that her daughter can help him and gain favour , from him or everyone else and she hope to get married to him . since he does’nt want to , she hope they can forse him to get married !

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  6. She must have known he was allergic because he visited her son a lot. She sent the daughter with the medicine even before he knew he was ill. I don’t know if she was thinking that far ahead back when the trees were planted–maybe she just wanted him to be sick every year, maybe she thought knowing something like this could come in useful one day. There might be more ways than one that she could take advantage of this kind of knowledge i. e. knowing when he would be ill, knowing the kind of illness, perhaps also knowing how to make it worse if need be.

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