Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 34: Finally Saved

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Hot Spring Garden (Zheng Hall)

“Xi Yan.”

Lou Xi Yan lost in thought and was looking at one direction, complexion was a little heavy, hand tilted the tea cup that was almost spilled out. Qi Tian Yu called out, he unexpectedly was completely lacked of awareness, Qi Tian Yu knitted his eyebrows, shouted once again: “Xi Yan?”

Lou Xi Yan recovered, looked towards Qi Tian Yu, asked: “Is there any news?”

When did he ever see Xi Yan felt uneasy like this? He was nervous about Qing Feng?! Unable to guess Lou Xi Yan’s thought, Qi Tian Yu did not say anything, only shook his head, answered: “There is no news, your tea is cold.”

Lou Xi Yan slowly lifted his hand, he put the tea cup that was on his hand on the teapoy (see below explanation), calmly with not even a little embarrassment, it seemed that his absent mindedness a moment ago was simply Qi Tian Yu’s vague and unclear vision, nothing more.

“Master.” Jing Sa entered Zheng hall, with heavy sound, he made a report and said: “Bei Qi Country’s diplomatic envoys are already outside Huan Yang city about 10 li (unit measurement about 1/2 km). They are camping to rest there tonight, wushi (between 11 am-1 pm) tomorrow, the Emperor will receive them at Qian Yang palace hall. A banquet is set up to entertain Bei Qi’s diplomatic envoys tomorrow evening, the palace’s Gao gonggong (a calling for a eunuch) has come over to inquire whether or not Master’s health has improved, is it possible to participate?”

Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment, asked: “Who is the Ambassador?”

“Bei Qi Country’s third Prince Xu Xun Si, seventh Princess Xu Yan Yun, General Hu Zhang Yu’s eldest son Hu Xi Ang.”

Third Prince, Seventh Princess, General’s eldest son? Lou Xi Yan softly raised his eyebrows, this time’s Bei Qi group envoy, was really a complete good faith. If he did not guess mistakenly, Seventh Princess should be this time’s tribute, rumor said that Bei Qi’s Seventh Princess was not only pretty but also an outstanding beauty (the original words were idiom 国色倩香-guo se tian xiang, the literal translation was national grace, divine fragrance). Her dancing skill was above average to watch, too wonderful for words, extremely skillful level. Bei Qi sent her to come, the goal was already obvious. It was just that, Hong Tian, could it be that easy to confuse the great monarch? Lou Xi Yan lowly laughed and answered: “You go and answer Gao Jin, just say that I will clearly attend the evening party.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa bowed to leave.

Qi Tian Yu looked at the color of sky (to see what the time was), said: “Almost midnight (the actual words were δΈ‰ζ›΄-san geng, the third of the five night watch periods between 11 pm-1 am), how about you go and rest for a moment, then return to the manor at early dawn, you have to prepare for the feast at the palace in the evening. I will continue to help you look for Qing Feng.”

Softly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan indifferently answered: “Wait a little longer.”

Lou Xi Yan reached for the new brewed tea, holding the lid, lightly and leisurely stroking the tea leaves, complexion was normal. Qi Tian Yu secretly pondered, he was nervous a moment ago, could it be that it was him who really misjudged just now?

“Master.” Mo Bai’s footsteps were steady, stepping across to enter Zheng hall and walk to the front of Lou Xi Yan. On the one hand, he presented something to his Master, on the other hand, he said: “The great mountain was practically rummaged through, still had not found Qing Feng, but we found a trace of fighting in the forest at the back of the mountain, we were searching behind the mountain now.”

Lou Xi Yan laid down the tea cup, took the stuff that was on Mo Bai’s hand, examined it carefully, it was one throwing knife. Lou Xi Yan’s narrowed his thin pupils: “This is… Qian Jing’s weapon.” At that time, Qian Jing was playing with this on his hand, the knife blade looked like a half moon shape, the cutting edge was sharp, the thin throwing knife was extremely rare, it could be used by even fewer people, right! If the person behind the mountain was Qian Jing, he would be fighting with whom? Qing Feng was missing no more than 3-4 shichen (6-8 hours), she was not within the great mountain, extremely possible that she would be behind the mountain……… Lou Xi Yan suddenly got up, Qi Tian Yu urgently said: “Xi Yan, where are you going?”

Draping over a robe on his shoulder, Lou Xi Yan was walking out while also answering: “Going to the back of the mountain to take a look.”

Qi Tian Yu was stunned, anxious and said: “But it is already very late now, moreover your health…..” He could be certained now, Xi Yan really cared about that woman, extremely care about her, this Qing Feng had what magic power after all, made Xi Yan care this much towards her?!

“I am all right, if I can not find her behind the mountain, I will return to the manor immediately.”

Lou Xi Yan’s footsteps were as usual, did not have the least stagnation. Xi Yan already decided about the matter, he would absolutely not change, Qi Tian Yu could only helplessly answered: “Very well, we go together.”

The delegation of people went out of the hot spring garden, walking over to the back of the mountain.


The sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer, Zhuo Qing also heard a slight different sounds, the nerves braced again, Zhuo Qing rapidly observed all around, she practically could not find any place to hide. Even if there was, also could not be less than to contain three people! If they went out now, they could only walk right into the trap, Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, she could only pray at the moment, that they were not evil people who came!

Zhuo Qing was nervously watching, her wrist was suddenly tight, bowing to look, laying down on the ground, Qian Jing was half propping up his body, pulling her hand, saying: “Help me up… to sit.”

Zhuo Qing retreated to Qian Jing’s back, both hands were pushing his shoulder lightly, let him to sit down. Qian Jing picked up two throwing knives and fastened them in between his fingers, whispered behind Zhuo Qing’s back: “When possible… If you have the opportunity, you just run, do you get it?!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, restrained her eyebrows to ponder for a moment, nodded and said: “En.” As long as there was someone who could run to go out, there was a hope!

After listening her answer, Qian Jing was somewhat felt relieved. Ru-er’s lower lip, hands were shivering, yet still firmly held the wood stick on her hand, the three people were all holding their breaths, their two eyes rigidly watching.

Almost did not hear the sound of the footsteps, but the lightly shadows were moving to appear at the location, Qian Jing’s complexion was strict. The martial arts of the arriving people were not weak, if there was really evil intention, none of them could escape. Clasping the thin edge of blades on his hand, he could see clearly the shadow of the reflection of the double edged sword from the head of the people who were coming. Qian Jing used all of his strength, advanced toward the dark shadow, the thin edge of blades flew and shot out, the arriving person leaned on one side to brandish the soft double edge sword, two weapons were fighting together (the original characters were ηŸ­ε…΅η›ΈζŽ₯-duan Bing xiang jie, another idiom that can be translated literally as short weapons soldiery fight one another), could only hear a ‘ding!’ sound. The throwing knives flew, straightforwardly embedded in between the stone wall, next to the exposed portion of the lowly humming of the crying insects. He could only use the thin throwing knives to enter the stone wall like this so they could clearly see his big strength!

Zhuo Qing and Qian Jing were all frightened, at the same time, the arriving people also came into the cave. Looking clearly at the direction of the big tall silhouette, Zhuo Qing was pleasantly surprised and shouted: “Blue eyes?!”

Woo hoo, woo hoo, heavens really opened one’s eyes! Zhuo Qing almost burst into tears…. Sweeping a glance at the circumstances inside the cave afterwards, Mo Bai slightly moved sideways, Lou Xi Yan’s meager silhouette appeared at the entrance of the cave.

Flame shined upon, facing each other, that pair of eyes that were always gentle but they appeared to be deep and hard to fathom at this moment. Zhuo Qing’s heart jumped, he…. why did he come?

Chapter 33: So Bad Luck (Part 3)

Chapter 35: Really Was An Expert

Sian’s notes:
It’s very surprising to find out that LXY really knows about Mo Bai’s tendency. Remember in the previous chapter when he was going to tell LXY that ZQ was missing, LXY knew it that there was something wrong even before Mo Bai said anything. Then, in this chapter, LXY heard Mo Bai’s steady steps that were approaching him and he somehow knew or had a feeling that Mo Bai had some good news. It’s very cool the way Qian Lu put these “between the lines” relationship among her characters. I love it!!!

According to Wikipedia, “a teapoy is an item of furniture. The word is of Indian origin, and was originally used to describe a three-legged table. By erroneous association with the word “tea”, it is also used to describe a table with a container for tea, or a table for holding a tea service.”
I was going to use just coffee table but Din2 insisted of using teapoy as there was no coffee table in the ancient period. Hehehe…


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    • Don’t feel bad… I usually have a problem remembering the names too especially Chinese names that have 3 characters. I’m ok with 2 characters’ names. I did make a character list so it might help a little. This book has a ton of supporting characters.


  3. I want to read about the imperial banquet and all the misleadings goes to light.
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    • The banquet stories were divided into a lot of chapters but we will get there eventually. It’s actually pretty exciting as we will see another ‘eating vinegar’ moments during the banquet. 😜
      Technically this book is separate than the other two books. Yes, the events are overlapping but what we see in this book is based on what ZQ’s point of view while book 3 will based on QF’s point of view. I don’t like imperial harem story either but I’m reading QF’s story because I really feel bad for her tough life compare to her sisters so I want to cry with her. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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