Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 33: So Bad Luck (Part 3)

This chapter is way longer than Chapter 28. Over 2,750 English words. Wow! Sorry another cliffhanger…

After discussing with Din2, we will try to post 3 chapters a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 😃

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Looking at the throwing knives that fell to the ground completely, the big person laughed willfully, a very ear piercing like sound, then withdrew the iron chain, the big person pushed Zhuo Qing to one side, pointed at Qian Jing and laughingly said: “Young brats, Laozi will send you to meet your Maker (die)!”

The big person was waving the ball, hitting towards Qian Jing. Qian Jing half squatted to dodge the ball, a move that swept across the dead leaves, the foot kicked the side of the edge of blades to stand up.

Wanting to get the weapon, but it was not that easy, the big person regained the ball, the iron swept, the majority of the throwing knives were swept outside of the cave, only a few fell at Qian Jing’s hand. Knowing in his heart that this was an inauspicious time, Qian Jing was shouting at Zhuo Qing: “Hurry go!”

Zhuo Qing covered her neck and stumbled to get up all the way, then turned around to see, in order to withstand the ball, Qian Jing already used up all the throwing knives that were on his hand. Beckoning that he was in more and more difficult situation, he was almost hit by the ball several times, outside the cave, the thin edge of the blades that flew outside were faintly shining in white light.

In a flash, Zhuo Qing picked up ten throwing knives from the ground, once again ran back to the cave to face Qian Jing’s direction to throw them over, and shouted loudly: “Qian Jing, catch.”

The big person absolutely did not think that Zhuo Qing would come back with this trick, turning around, as if it was sort of like rain of the thin edge of blades were advancing towards them. The big person waved the iron chain to try to cut off once again, unfortunately Qian Jing already took advantage of the situation by catching many throwing knives.

With more weapons, inside the cave, the big person’s long chain clearly could not compare to Qian Jing’s flexible throwing knives. Haggling for several times, his body was already hit by several knives.

“Stinking woman!” (I think these words 臭娘们 technically can be translated into stinking b****, but I’ll make it softer and use woman instead). If it was not because of her to throw and give the throwing knives to Qian Jing, how could he sustain injuries! The big person casted an angry look at Zhuo Qing, changed direction, the hand that had the ball turned towards Zhuo Qing’s direction to attack.

Qian Jing was shocked, the wrist moved strongly, the hand with the throwing knife aimed at the big person’s wrist and threw it, the throwing knife’s power penetrated crushingly (the original words are 千 (thousand) 钧 (30 catties) – it’s an equivalent to a 30,000 thousand catties. According to Wikipedia, one catty equals to 1 1/3 lbs so you can figure out how much strength that QJ is using), immediately pierced through the wrist, did not enter into the big person’s abdomen. The big person suffered a great pain (the original words are 吃 (eat) 疼 (pain), the hand’s strength was already loosen, but the ball was still flying towards Zhuo Qing’s face.

Zhup Qing retreated one step, knocked against the stone wall, unable to retreat anymore. Zhuo Qing subconsciously lifted her arms to protect her face, the ball hit somebody and a sound echoed. Zhuo Qing, however, did not feel any pain, put down her hands, just saw Qian Jing’s tall body stood in front of her.

“Qian Jing!” Zhuo Qing ran in front of his body, but one long iron chain dragged on the ground, the ball impartially hang at the position of his heart. Looking at the sharp barbs on the ball, Zhuo Qing’s heart tightened, hurriedly supported him, Qian Jing stumbled one step, two people stumbled to sit on the ground, the atmosphere, the strong reeking of blood smell made Zhuo Qing’s heart to jump frantically.

Zhuo Qing only thought that her brain exploded with heat, she did not know what to say: “Why did you…” She really did not understand, this man whom she only met three times, why did he want to get hit because of her?!

Why did he save her? Qian Jing also did not know why, he had said once that even if she looked for him, he would not look for her again, was not so?! But he simply did not think too much just a moment ago, his body was quicker than his reaction to throw himself quickly, he did not know for what reason, maybe simply did not want an innocent person to sustain injury, nothing more.

Looking at Zhuo Qing’s appearance who was perplexed and with guilty conscience, Qian Jing was gasping lowly and mockingly said: “You are already…. ugly enough, if you are even uglier, you will scare a dead person….”

Why was this man forever not being serious, had he not seen that the blood in his chest was pouring out?! Zhuo Qing really wanted to scold back, but the voice was stuck in her throat.

Looking a glance at the big person who struggled on the ground, Qian Jing pushed away Zhuo Qing, said: “You go…. Help Ru-er up, we leave quickly….”

This push made Zhuo Qing recovered eventually, pushing Qian Jing’s body to make him half laying down on the ground to ease the gravity of the ball downward, carefully examined the depth of the wound. There were three barbs that pierced the left side, luckily the injury was not deep, there was no injury to the thoracic cavity organs (rib cage and associated skin, muscle, fascia). However, pulling the barbs by force, not only the wound surface would be big, the muscle would also be torn excessively, the injury could reach the internal organs.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look at the outside of the cave, the sound of dripping rain was echoing again, lightly pressing, did not let him to get up, Zhuo Qing heavily said: “Out of the question, it is raining outside, your wound can not handle it, not even half a shichen time (one hour), you will die because of losing too much blood!”

Touching a few acupuncture points, Qian Jing shook his head, persisted to stand up: “I have already sealed the acupuncture points, I will not die, we have to go, he is very dangerous, I am now… not able to protect you again.”

Sealing the acupuncture points would not make him die? Then she could immediately lose her job! Zhuo Qing did not believe his arguments, but looking towards the ground, covering the wound on his abdomen, the incessantly shouting from the big person, Zhuo Qing was also somewhat anxious. The way he was now should not have any threat, but could not rule out that he would wait to strike and go all out to risk his life!

Lowering her eyebrows to ponder for a moment, Zhuo Qing suddenly got up to pick up the most thick tree stick on the ground, walking to the big person’s side, the big person started to open his eyes big. Zhuo Qing without demur, grabbed the tree stick, aimed it at behind his neck about three centimeters and ferociously stroke it down! This was quick, accurate and fierce, the big person could only groan, and it was over.

Zhuo Qing crouched, inspected one time, confirmed that the big person indeed fainted and threw away the tree stick on her hand, lightly patted her hands of the sawdust, Zhuo Qing turned around to see towards the half laid down person on the ground, Qian Jing who had this strange facial expression, unhurriedly asked: “Will this be ok?”

Qian Jing was stupefied, this woman…. Recalling their first meeting, she also caught him off guard when she threw out a big person who was double in strength than herself at that time, it seemed that he underestimated her. Qian Jing shook his head, forced a bitter laugh and said: “I have never met…. a woman like you who was this violent and barbarous.”

Violent and barbarous? Fine, Zhuo Qing indifferently answered: “You have seen it now.” He was indeed ignorant and narrow minded, if he had the opportunity to meet Gu Yun, he would know what the real violence and barbarous was.

Walking to support Ru-er to arrive at the side of the bonfire, and then sit down, Zhuo Qing softly said: “Ru-er, you help me set the fire up a little.”

Ru-er nodded firmly, this young woman’s courage and insight made people admire endlessly.

Walking for a couple steps, Zhuo Qing picked up the tree stick from the ground once again, handed it over to Ru-er, said: “Hold this, if he wakes up, you just give him another hit.” Her main fear was, if at that time she was halfway treating his wound, the big person woke up, it would be troublesome.

Ru-er took a bigger than her arm stick, then looked at the big person on the side who remained unconscious. Looking at Zhuo Qing’s cold and firm face, secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, with challenge, she answered: “Oh…. I…. got it.”

In her heart, this was somewhat difficult for her, but she had no choice under the current circumstances. Zhuo Qing walked back to Qian Jing’s side, supported him to lie down, said: “I will help you to treat the wound now.”

Qian Jing grabbed Zhuo Qing’s hand who was just about to undo the front part of his jacket, with a suspicious face: “Can you do it….?”

Zhuo Qing softly raised her eyebrows, she indeed possessed a surgeon qualification. Moreover the way she moved the knife was absolutely better than any other young surgeon, and towards the flesh of the body, bones, internal organs’ research, an average surgeon was by far inferior! This small operation for her was as easy as turning her hand, so to speak.

Zhuo Qing stretched her hand again, Qian Jing shouted again: “Hold on. Help me take…. out the medicine bottle from my waist.”

Rummaging through his waist to try to find it for a moment, Zhuo Qing found one small porcelain bottle, opened the wooden cork, a faintly smell of the medicine dissipated out, emptied out the bottle, but there was nothing inside. Handing over the medicine bottle to him, Zhuo Qing indifferently said: “There is no more.”

No more? Qian Jing cried piteously, why there was no more medicine at this time, could it be that the heaven wanted to extinct him!!

The smell of this medicine, was very familiar…. Zhuo Qing bowed her head to try to find a hidden pocket inside the belt for a moment, took out one small pouch, carefully opened it, poured it out and looked. Zhuo Qing secretly rejoiced, she handed over the small pill from her hand to Qian Jing, Zhuo Qing laughed and said: “Lucky for you, fortunately it does not get soaked, eat it, ok.” At that time, he said that this medicine was something to staunch a bleeding, frightened repose, detoxify fever/cold, a good elixir medicine! Hoping it was really that good…

“This is…..” Qian Jing received and looked, this was the medicine that he gave her last time, as it turned out she did not throw it away…. Picking up two thin knife blades, Zhuo Qing examined carefully, the cutting edge was very sharp, the thickness was also appropriate, finally she chose one knife. Her back was facing towards Qian Jing, she held the knife and placed it on the fire to sterilize it. Zhuo Qing whispered: “You let me preserve this life properly, you owe 100 liang now.”

Looking at the beautiful reflection of her back that was facing him, Qian Jing’s heart secretly filled up with strange feeling, lowly sighed, Qian Jing said: “Ok, let us begin.”

Holding the intended temporary surgical knife properly, Zhuo Qing walked to Qian Jing’s side, comfortingly said: “You have to tolerate, very quickly.”

“Let us do it!” Qian Jing unafraid of dying’s appearance made Zhuo Qing dumbfounded, he would still feel relaxed and play a joke at this moment!!

The blood already stuck on the clothing and skin together, Zhuo Qing carefully torn open the front jacket. Using the flame, Zhuo Qing carefully researched the position of the blade afterwards, then she started without the slightest hesitation: ” En, ah…” Without anesthetic, forcibly cutting the wound, one could imagine the pain. Although Qian Jing’s endurance could already be regarded as astonishing, but the pain caused by muscle contraction and unconsciously violent resistance caused her difficulty to continue with the knife, Zhuo Qing tightly knitted her brows. Sure enough, she did not suit to do a surgery! By comparison, she still liked dead bodies more, because they absolutely would obediently allow her to do whatever she pleased.

Accurately cutting open the adhesion to the muscle tissue, it only took 10 minutes, the whole barbs were taken out, the lethal weapon was thrown to the side. Zhuo Qing looked towards Qian Jing, he was holding firm both of his fists continuously, the flame shined down, his complexion was dark red, beads of sweat fell on his cheeks and to the ground, he was gasping a big mouthful of air disorderly, lightly patting his cheeks, Zhuo Qing heavily narrated: “Qian Jing, already done, you relax.”

Although the lethal weapon was taken out, but there was no disinfectant, even more, no suture tool, fortunately, comparing with the same surgery, Qian Jing wound’s measurement was surprisingly small. Could it be that in martial arts’ novels, sealing some acupuncture points, the blood could temporarily stop, this thing was real!? This was extremely magical, she could actually research it properly!

The current problem was what she could use to wrap his wound in order to prevent infection, she could not tear her clothing again, otherwise, she would be naked!

“Hiss….” Zhuo Qing was still worried, the sound of a clothing that was being ripped up echoed. Zhuo Qing went back just to see Ru-er was snatching a big chunk of clothing, handed it over to her, and said: “For you.”

The sides of her legs were exposed, Ru-er was really not used to, she pulled back her legs desperately, but the hand with the strips of the skirt still firmly handed them over to Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing took the clothing, thankfully smiled and said: “Thank you.”

Ru-er felt embarrassing and shook her head, she did not help them with anything, if they did not save her, she would already…. Zhuo Qing took the clothing and tore it into strips, connected them together, gently helped up Qian Jing, rapidly wrapped up the wound, after the sharp pain, Qian Jing’s brain was more clear headed. Looking at the busy and skillful Zhuo Qing who was wrapping his wound, Qian Jing narrowed his tiny phoenix eyes, lowly gasping to ask: “You… are a doctor….”

Qian Jing secretly pondered her identify, facing blood and fierce wound, she was cool and calm, with a knife was steady and without hesitation, an agile skill as people had no choice but to admire. She would be unquestionably a medical expertise, but she was quite familiar with treating the wound like she had already treated numerous times of similar injuries like this. An ordinary doctor would just feel the pulse at most, then boil medicine. The opportunity to access this kind of knife injury was not many, especially she was still a rich young lady…. Doctor? “You can consider it like that.” Forensic investigator was also a doctor, right~~ wrapping up the wound properly, Zhuo Qing released a long breath, she was tired and slumped on the ground, and said: “You rest for a moment, at dawn we will….”

Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes suddenly trembled with fear, complexion was gloomy, grasped her wrist firmly, softly said: “There is someone!”

There was someone!? Zhuo Qing relaxed her neves just a moment ago and had to brace once again, impossible, ok! Looking at a disabled person, then she looked at herself whose clothing was not even covering her body, battered and exhausted, Zhuo Qing cried piteously, this night still did not have enough frustration, how many bad lucks could one person have after all?!

Chapter 32: So Bad Luck (Part 2)

Chapter 34: Finally Saved

Sian’s notes:
I just realized when I was reading the latest update of book 2 of the series, that Qian Jing was called Gan Jing. This is the characters for his name, 乾荆. The first character ä¹¾ can be written down in pinyin as either Qian or Gan. Based on my dictionary, a surname with this character should be written as Qian, however google translate actually used Gan. Throughout the novel in the previous chapters though, we know that ZQ is mistakenly called him with a wrong character ‘money’ which is written in pinyin as ‘qian’ also. ‘Gan’ usually means dry, clean, foster, to ignore, adoptive. So I’m pretty sure that his name is Qian Jing. But I just want you to be aware that Qian Jing in book 1 and Gan Jing in book 2 are the same person.



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