Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 35: Really Was An Expert

Since I’m waiting for the hotel to fix the hot water so I can take a shower, I’ll post this chapter a few hours earlier.

Some of you who were predicting another ‘eating vinegar’ moment for LXY would enjoy this chapter. 😜

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.Β So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Lou Xi Yan straightforwardly moved towards her, Zhuo Qing stood to get up, asked: “Why did you come?” His health was not suitable for any strenuous exercise, and the weather was this bad now.

Lou Xi Yan had not answered her, was only looking at a pair of long legs that were exposed, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, Zhuo Qing only felt that her body was warm. Lou Xi Yan’s large cloak was already covering her completely, the chin was softly lifted up by him, she felt that his slightly cold fingertips were caressing the scar on her neck softly. Zhuo Qing was somewhat embarrassed and pulled her neck back, awkwardly answered: “I am fine, they injured more than me.” Lou Xi Yan’s not laughing appearance, she still could not get used to, her heart would always beat wildly and restlessly….

Qi Tian Yu also entered the cave, seeing clearly the circumstances inside the cave, stared blankly and said: “Ru-er, how come you are also here?” Looking at her almost naked appearance, Qi Tian Yu’s complexion was cloudy, promptly took off the long gown (cheongsam) and draped it on Ru-er’s body.

“Young Master!” Several days of nervousness, severe crisis one after another, looking at Qi Tian Yu, Ru-er could not help to choke with emotions in the end.

Qi Tian Yu was supporting her shoulder, wanting to help her up, unexpectedly exerted herself to stand up physically, Ru-er was immediately trembling in pain. Zhuo Qing urgently said: “Be careful, her leg suffered a fracture, it is best not to walk around.”

She was saying this, Qi Tian Yu just discovered that Ru-er’s leg was wrapped by a long strip of clothing, even more carefully held her to stand up. Ru-er was still unwilling to get up, facing Zhuo Qing and asked: “Miss, I have not asked for your name yet?”

“I am…. Qing Feng.”

“I am Fei Ru, many thanks to Miss for saving me.” Finished speaking, Fei Ru borrowed Qi Tian Yu’s arm to support her, then half kneeling on the ground. Not used that the other person kowtowed herself with this big etiquette towards her, Zhuo Qing retreated back one step, pointing at Qian Jing’s back and said: “Do not be like this, if you want to thank just thank him, ok.”

Ru-er was still stubbornly facing Zhuo Qing to do one kowtow etiquette afterwards, only then also facing towards Qian Jing to salute. Qian Jing waved his hand, while the other hand clutched his wound, with whimpering mouth, answered: “Ok, ok, I know…. I am very powerful, you do not need to thank me, a very slight effort, a very slight effort, nothing more!”

Perhaps because of breaking away from the crisis, Qian Jing’s spirit was a lot better, not allowing his joyful satisfaction, Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, she caste a sidelong glance at him and coldly groaned to say: “A very slight effort? Yeah right, apart from the throwing knives, you are a nobody! Still call yourself a bounty hunter, you are able to live until now is indeed the heaven’s blessing!”

The corner of Qian Jing’s mouth was stiffed, lowly breathed and said: “What do you understand, ugly woman, apart from the throwing knives, my qing gong (轻功, I can’t really translate these words as I’m not sure what the English words are. If you read Wu xia or kungfu novel, you are familiar with the movements of those martial arts people who can jump so high with this move or fly so easily. This type of light movement is called qing gong) is indeed unrivaled. Even my senior brother and senior sister (QJ is talking about his senior brother and sister from the same martial arts school) are not my match at this type of expertise, so I am a better bounty hunter than them!”

Lou Xi Yan’s pupils shimmered, but he still remained calm and collected. How could Zhuo Qing have this good self cultivation, immediately laughed heartily and said: “Talking for a long time, just to say that running away is your greatest skill!”

Qian Jing indifferently curled his lips, groaning, he said: “So what? Naturally, if you are unable to defeat, you want to run away, so running away successfully is the expert of expert! Do you know why I choose the throwing knives as my weapon? First, it is because playing with it is very handsome. Second, if I am unable to defeat the person, I can run easily! Hiss—-” While talking, Qian Jing could not help to want to gesture, so he pulled the wound and grimaced in pain.

Zhuo Qing hurriedly crouched, anxiously said: “How are you feeling?! Do not get carried away!” This person was indeed an eccentric person, the so called martial arts people would be shy and embarrassed to speak about leaving behind and running away on their own? He was actually good, said justly and forcefully, but also because he did not have an undeserved reputation, frankly, it really made Zhuo Qing admire him.

Covering the wound that was unbearably painful with his hand, Qian Jing stared at Zhuo Qing, shouted: “If it were not because of you who were in the way, how could I be this much miserable!?”

Looking at his raging appearance, Zhuo Qing could not get angry, instead she laughed lowly, the more she laughed, the more Qian Jing stared at her fiercely. Zhuo Qing laughed even louder, two people were staring and competing at each other, ignoring the other people who were on the side. Qi Tian Yu secretly looked at Lou Xi Yan, only saw that his face did not have any expression, unconsciously narrowed his eyes slightly, also slightly flicked his index finger to show that his mood was not good now.

Lightly coughing, Qi Tian Yu hurriedly handed over Ru-er to the side of the bodyguard, went to walk to Qian Jing’s side, and said: “Brother Qian, I see that your injury is not light, it will be better that you follow me to return to the hot spring garden now, I will ask the doctor to diagnose and treat you.”

Qian Jing withdrew his line of sight, refreshingly nodded and answered: “Fine, fine!” Saving him money to see the doctor ~~~

“Someone comes!” Qi Tian Yu called out, then the two bodyguards came to support Qian Jing.

Zhuo Qing stretched her waist, she was about to follow after them to return to the hot spring garden together, her wrist was met by a slightly ice cold’s hand, Zhuo Qing did not understand and looked at the side towards Lou Xi Yan. Lou Xi Yan carefully pulled her cloak, faintly and quietly said: “I want to rush to return to the Prime Minister’s manor now, Bei Qi’s diplomatic envoys arrived earlier in Qiong Yue, I have to attend the banquet at the palace tomorrow evening. I want to take advantage of the situation to take you along, and arrange the meeting between you and your elder sister, you can come back here after the end of the banquet. You want to return with me now, or want to stay at the hot spring garden to rest properly, and meet your elder sister next time?” (Very smooth, LXY or should I call him “fox” 😜)

Zhuo Qing thought about it, and answered: “I… will return with you.” This opportunity might have disappeared, did not know when it could be arranged again.

Lou Xi Yan lightly supported Zhuo Qing with his hand to walk outside the cave. Looking at the two people’s backs who were walking hand in hand, Qi Tian Yu broke into laughter and shook his head, Xi Yan, this trick was indeed clever to use, in order to capture, one must let loose, with his knowledge of Xi Yan, regardless of whether or not Qing Feng was willing, Xi Yan was sure to take her away. And not only that she was delighted to go with him now, she must still thank him. A fox was exactly a fox…….

Walking to the entrance of the cave, Lou Xi Yan returned directly to the Prime Minister’s manor from the back of the mountain. Qi Tian Yu went directly to the hot spring garden from the back door. Two groups of people must also take different roads.

Zhuo Qing looked at Qian Jing, laughed and said: “Qian Jing, thank you, take care of yourselves.”

Qian Jing nodded his head, loudly answered: “I owe you this one favor this time, I will remember it, if there is an opportunity, I will return it back to you.”

Who owed who in the end? If it were not because of her, he would not sustain an injury, ok. Zhuo Qing’s heart was grateful at him, but her mouth purposely laughed and said: “You do not need to return the favor to me, but you still owe me 100 liang, make sure you keep your body healthy, pay me back as soon as possible!”

Qian Jing stared blankly afterwards, hatefully shouted: “You want money but I do not have it, only have one life!”

Zhuo Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry: “You are indeed Qian (money) Jing (extremely)!!” Unbearably shaking her head, Zhuo Qing faced Lou Xi Yan, lightly laughed and said: “Let us go.” He still had strength to roar back at her, she did not need to worry because of him.

Lou Xi Yan nodded, recalling Lou Xi Wu made him get a headache endlessly. Lou Xi Yan thought a little, spoke towards Qi Tian Yu: “Tian Yu, I hand over Xi Wu to you to look after for several days, wait until she reflects upon herself, it will be enough, I will send people to take her back.”

“Ok.” Qi Tian Yu straightforwardly promised.

Two people walked down the mountain side by side, Zhuo Qing asked: “Did you find Xi Wu?”

The road to go down the mountain was somewhat rugged, Lou Xi Yan supported Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, indifferently answered: “Found her.”

The mountain road was indeed difficult to travel, Zhuo Qing did not mind Lou Xi Yan’s lending arm to support her, only curiously asked: “Who found her?”

“Jing Sa.”

“How coincidental?” Zhuo Qing lowly laughed: “Was it possible that girl did it on purpose!”

Lou Xi Yan softly raised his eyebrows, faintly smiled and asked: “Then, did you do it on purpose?”

“I…?” Zhuo Qing wished to cry but there was no tear, and said: “Injustice ah! The matter is like this…..”

The voice was getting smaller and smaller, nearly could not hear what they were talking, but two people’s backs were holding hands and going down the mountain, this anybody could see them clearly. Withdrawing his line of sight, Qian Jing’s twitchy eyebrows were knitted tightly, what was he seeing…. That ugly woman was originally Lou Xi Yan’s woman! He should be concerned how much Qi Tian Yu would give him the reward ah, right, right, right, money was still more lovely! He should have 300 liang, right, maybe 400 liang?

Chapter 34: Finally Saved

Chapter 36: Attended The Banquet

Sian’s note:
Hahaha… ZQ was busted for indirectly causing LXW to run away. LXY seemed to know everything.
Love, love, love the bantering between ZQ & QJ. I also love it when LXY was eating vinegar watching the back & forth arguments between ZQ & QJ. Hehehe…
FYI, I don’t know if you all realize that this author really likes using idioms. My goodness, the amount of idioms that I have to translate so I have decided to skip the literal explanations for those idiom translations going forward. I hope it’s alright doing it this way.


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  3. Yay conclusion to lwy finding zq! i thought when she asked did “she do it on purpose?” And lwy replied “did you do it on purpose” that he thought her intentions were running away.

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    • my interpretation of what ZQ said “did she do it on purpose?” is did LXW run away on purpose so that Jing Sa can get worried and then go find her. Then when LWY said “well did you do it on purpose” he is indicating, did you run away on purpose to I, LWY can get worried and then go find you.

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      • I don’t think LXY ever suspected that ZQ ran away as he thought it would be stupid of her to run away in the mountain area that she wasn’t familiar to begin with. Based on his understanding of her so far, she was not a stupid lady. Secondly, he already promised to take her to see her older sister at the palace. Just that promise alone wouldn’t make ZQ ran away. So when he asked if she did it on purpose, it had to be related to LXW’s running away because of ZQ’s provocation. That’s why ZQ was trying to say “injustice” when she was busted. But that’s my opinion.

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  4. Isnt.. Qing Gong = internal power, or “Ki” , or something like internal energy… im fom indonesia and we call it “tenaga dalam” litteraly means “internal energy” . Yep i have watched too many wuxia series (condor heros, white snake etc .. damb im old ) to not understand what Qing Gong is…. lolXD

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      • But I do understand what you meant in the previous comment. Maybe because I watched way too many kungfu dramas in the past. ☺️


    • I supposed that you can say it internal power so you’re able to do things that normal people can’t do. πŸ˜ƒ Which part of Indonesia are you from? Coz I’m originally from Jakarta. Same here, I watched all the 80s TVB dramas. Am I’m showing my age here? Hahahaha…


  5. Yay, cute moments between ZQ and LXY! They are really adorable together, especially as LXY always has a poker face, but with ZQ. By the look of it, both starts to really care about each other, even ZQ does not seem indifferent anymore. I hope that the banquet will bring them even closer!

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    • Hold off on that thought… I think ZQ is still a bit indifferent, as you can see in the next chapters. She started feeling something but I’m not quite sure that I want to say that she likes him yet. But I definitely think that they do care about each other. There are more cute moments between them…


      • He used YHT as a shield to force approval for one event that he really wanted to do so his paternal aunt which was also YHT’s adopted mother (the east Empress dowager) was mad at YHT & refused to meet with him. She gave him the cold treatment. Hahahaha… You’ll see also how LXY outwits YHT in ch 50-ish.


  6. LXY is truly a fox.
    On a brighter note though, this means mush more time for both the MC’s to enjoy and we approach the banquet where QF sees her πŸ˜€

    Thank you for the chapter! I’m so happy to see all three novels so close in event now.

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    • Yes. Is leng Xiao the same as Ao Tian, qian Jing’s martial art brother? I only scan book 2 so I’m not familiar with the names.


      • I think I accidentally deleted your last comment. πŸ˜‚ Oh, I think I remember the guy. So technically Mo-er is liked by a lot more guys than Ling-er? Hehehe… Su Ling, Su Yu, Ao Tian & Leng Xiao. While Ling-er is only liked by LXY, Qian Jing & YHT. πŸ˜ƒ


  7. It’s okay to skip the idioms. I think we won’t get them anyway. But oh why, oh why does she not get them both!!! I have yet to see a novel set in ancient Chinese that allow the female to have polygamy relationship.

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    • Well, because in ancient time, the men were the dominant ones while the women were pretty much their “accessories”. It would be rare to have a female with a few men. 😜


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