A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-4

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Another hour had passed, and all ten groups had returned. More or less, there were people who had gotten injured. Everything was between Gu Yun’s prediction. From the beginning she didn’t have much expectation, but Yu Shi Jun frowned a lot. This was the Su Army’s elite force. One full day hasn’t even passed, yet they’d become like this. How could they fight the enemy later? What should the other (non-elite) force do?

After letting them rest for an incense time, Gu Yun loudly shouted, “Everybody, line up! Luo Yan, start counting the people.”


Both their bodies and souls were extremely exhausted. However, being soldiers, they should follow superior’s order. Even though they didn’t feel like moving, they still had to move. At last, they started to crawl up from the ground and lined up.

After finishing his count, Luo Yan  reported back. In the middle, he encounter a small soldier who kept on scratching his back. Luo Yan quickly asked, “Fang Qing Hong, how can you keep moving when you are lining up?!” The small soldier was frightened and didn’t dare to move. However, his face looked so pitiful and in pain, it attracted Gu Yun’s attention.

Luo Yan was satisfied with his performance and strode to Gu Yun’s side, “Reporting to Madam, the troop…”

He was still speaking, but Gu Yun had shook her hand, signaling him to stop.

Walking to the small soldier, Gu Yun asked, “Your body is really unbearable, isn’t it?”

Fang Qing Hong strongly nodded his head but still didn’t dare to move.

The lad’s face was pale and his eyes look uncertain. Coming across one possible scenario, Gu Yun’s heart quivered and asked, “Turn your back.”

“Aye.” The lad quickly turned his back.

“Take off your upper clothes.”

The small soldier was hesitating. Madam was still a woman, in addition…

Not letting him hesitate for too long, Gu Yun commanded, “Take off! This is a military order.”

The small soldier was taken aback and quickly took off his upper clothes.

His back was exposed. Beside Gu Yun whose brows creased, Leng Xiao, Luo Yan and Yu Shi Jun simultaneously took in a long breath. Fang Qing Hong was facing the soldiers, making everyone else curious about the thing on his back that could make their superiors surprised to such an extent?

The long breaths he heard behind him made Fang Qing Hong nervous. He quickly turned and asked, “Madam, what’s wrong with me?”

Once he turned his back to face Gu Yun, his entire back was exposed to his fellow soldiers. This time the gasps behind him were even louder. In addition, many of them looked shocked, because…


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  2. YSJ has such a high expectation to the Su Army’s elite force when he, himself, also struggled in the rainforest…must have forgotten his own experience

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