A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-3

Today will be a single part update. So tired ¬o¬. I went to a Boxing circuit class in Emporium Melbourne, innocently thought that I was going to be okay after the workout and could directly go to work afterward. Now, abs muscles are aching. Hiks hiks… Have any of you went to a boxing class before? Did you experience the same thing? Okay, back to the post. Enjoy~~~

“Leng Xiao.” His voice sounded patently tired. As they gradually came closer, Leng Xiao called, “Boss, it’s me.”

Gu Yun secretly sighed. “At last, someone came back.”

The soldiers walked extremely slow. Gu Yun had a bad feeling, so she went and greeted them. She found sluggish faces in front of her, gradually relaxing after a long period of tension. Behind Leng Xiao, there were several soldiers carrying three to four people whose feet had got injured. Gu Yun squinted her eyes to look further. It looked like they stepped on a trap. Gu Yun shouted, “Doctors, tend their wound.”

“Yes.” The two doctors carried the medicine box away towards their direction.

The first group had come back, and they were now sitting in front of the bonfire, looking extremely tired. They didn’t speak a word. Gu Yun also didn’t tell them to line up. After today, they would start to understand what the rainforest was.

Arriving at Leng Xiao’s side, Gu Yun asked, “Did you encounter the rebels?”

Leng Xiao eyes were full of surprise and admiration. He didn’t say anything, yet she knew. “En, we encountered a group of cavalries. However, they looked like they went to get some water, so they didn’t bring any weapons. When we found them, they had gone back. It happened by a deep pond. Behind the pond, the vegetation grew vastly, but we didn’t pursue.”

Gu Yun satisfyingly looked at him, “En, you did well. Is the drawing okay?”

Nodding his head, Leng Xiao took out the drawing paper from the bag full of plant ashes. Leng Xiao’s drawing was quite detailed, even the small tributaries were drawn. Gu Yun asked, “Where did they disappear?”

Pointing at a specially marked place, Leng Xiao replied, “Here.”

Yu Shi Jun also came by and looked at the drawing. He happily replied, “If the rebels took the water from there, it means their lair is nearby. It seems like they didn’t hide very deep in the forest!” The madam was really smart. Putting the drawing in the middle of ashes would keep it dry. Unlike him, drawing them for a whole day for nothing!

Gu Yun’s eyes slightly widened. Shaking her head, she smilingly replied, “It is not necessarily true. They are very sly, they must have a backup plan. After all the drawings are complete, we can then carefully analyse and judge.”

In the middle of the discussion, there was a fire light again for afar. This group walked very fast, within minutes they arrived in front of Gu Yun and quickly replied, “Madam, quickly look at him.”

After speaking, a soldier was carried to her. His foot was swollen double its original size. Gu Yun frowned and quietly asked, “Did he get bitten by a snake?”

Luo Yan shook his head and replied, “Not a snake, but a small red-coloured worm!”

“How long ago was it?”

“About four hours ago.”

Although the foot was very swollen, he was still conscious after several hours and could still say ‘hurt’. Gu Yun was relieved and replied, “Fortunately, it wasn’t a life-threatening poison. Doctor, quickly tend his wound.”


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  1. Thanks Nutty for the chapter. I tried out Muay Thai but I didn’t enjoy it. I was concentrating so much that I hurt my neck. That was the end of Muay Thai for me. Some like boxing and some don’t.

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  2. Boxing eh? I know absolutely nothing about It. I did take taekwondo for 2 years though. Let’s spar someday nutty! I’ll go easy on you for the wonderful translation u r doing for us. :p thanks for the chapter.


  3. I used to go for martial art classes . It will hurt a lot for a few days but if u keep working out regularly the pain will go away eventually. I recommend u stretch your body properly before you do the warm ups. It’s helps alot. Thanks for the update

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