A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-2

Thank you for your patient. This chapter is brought to you by Remy and I. 🙂 Btw, I am starting small projects for my family as Christmas is on the way. Therefore, my translation update will be more irregular. I will still be posting, but I won’t do it daily until next year. Sorry, but I promised I will still translate this novel. Have a good weekend~~~

Warning! This part contains a foul language, I am trying to use more polite substitutes as I am not comfortable with a lot of swear words.


Yan Ge pouted, handing the dagger to a tribesman. He walked towards the plain-clothed man and sat beside him, unhappily flinging his whip onto the ground


Wu Ji’s indifferent eyes showed a hint of surprise, “Your whip?” That whip was a gift from Yan Ge’s teacher. He really cherished it, how come it broke into two?

Yan Ge subduedly replied, “It was broken by a fierce woman.” It would be better if he did not see her again, or else he would carefully repay the deed to that foul woman.


“Who?” Wu Ji put down his arrow. The whip was comprised of gold and steel. It was really strong. What kind of weapon could be so sharp (that it could break the whip)?


Han Shu who was sitting on the ground laughed really hard. The whip was definitely severed by the mistress’ Bing Lian. It was a refreshing news!

The ear-piercing laugh made Yan Ge increasingly unable to restrain his anger. He rapidly stood up and wanted to dash over there. He would teach Han Shu a “good lesson.” However, after meeting a pair of indifferent eyes, Yan Ge stopped in his steps, restraining himself. With his arms crossed in front of his chest, he smirked, “I think that woman was one of the prostitutes in the Su army. You guys are leading such good lives. The Su army is definitely the Su army; it cannot be compared with other armies, even its prostitutes know martial arts. Ah… That appearance, that figure, that skin, that chest…”


Yan Ge’s words were becoming lewder. With his feet still bound by rope, Han Shu angrily kicked towards Yan Ge while swearing, “Shut up! You do not have right to insult the mistress!”


“Mistress? Whose mistress?”

Yan Ge, of course, knew that woman couldn’t be a prostitute, but a mistress? Don’t say…

Yan Ge softly spoke, “You said that woman is Su Ling’s wife?!”

This time Han Shu ignored Yan Ge, but the pride displayed on his face betrayed him, giving Yan Ge a clear answer.


Yan Ge’s complexion darkened instantly, “This is troublesome!” According to the circulating news, Su Ling was already difficult to deal with. Turns out, his wife was also a difficult person to handle.

A ten-year-old boy came to the cave and reported to Yan Ge, “The leader has decreed to lock up this person.”

Yan Ge signalled to two men behind him. They quickly came forward, pulling Han Shu to stand up. Yan Ge smiled coldly, “Lock him up. Just let him be like that. Starve him for three days and three nights! I’ll see whether he’ll be still this arrogant!”


“Yes, sir!” Two men took him to the inner cave. Han Shu secretly paid attention to the surroundings. Inside the tunnel, there was one man standing in every unit post. In addition, a group of people were patrolling. Seeing him escorted, those men just looked straight, looking arrogant and proud. This was truly not an ordinary rebel group (I think it is because they have kind of military system, so it is structured).


The opponent this time was really tough; they had been underestimating the enemy.


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  1. thanks a lot!
    lol, han shu being proud that gu yun is the mistress! oh yes—-! also, i like that shocked reaction when it was revealed that gu yun was the mistress, haha!


  2. Thanks for the update. Understand as Christmas is near. Do not pressure yourself. I am happy to receive any update. Merry Christmas in advance and good luck with all the projects.


  3. Su Ling is a tough master and general of course, the mistress aka Su Ling’s wife Gu Yun aka Qin Mo has to be equally tough mistress as well…otherwise, they will not be a matched pair, right?

    Thanks for the translation and update. I hope all goes well with your side project.

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    First time commenting here. I just want to say thank you for translating and the new chapter update.
    The novel is getting more and more interesting.
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  5. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – such a good lives -> such good lives
    – even its prostitute knows martial arts -> even its prostitutes know martial arts
    – Yan Ge’s word -> Yan Ge’s words


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