A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-3

After Han Shu was escorted, the boy continued, “Right and Left Shi*, the leader has summoned you.”

Yan Ge and Wu Ji looked at each other and then followed the boy. Passing through a thick bush in front of the cave, they went into the other cave. In the darkness of the night, one shadow was standing at the mouth of the cave. He stood in the darkness, wearing a big robe with his facial features obscured. The two people greeted the man, “Leader.”

The man lifted his hand. Yan Ge hurriedly answered, “The person I have captured has high military rank. If it is not the case, why would Su Ling’s wife enter the forest to rescue him.  If Su Ling does not want to lose his reputation, by refusing to save his subordinate, he will come within three days.”

In the darkness, a husky low voice was heard, “The most taboo thing for a military man is impatience. Su Ling has been in the battlefield for years. He must’ve learned to be patient, and  furthermore, he does not seek commendations. Three days would be more than enough to give him a time to come up with a strategy.”

Yan Ge’s eyebrow knitted together, and he asked, “I don’t understand. Leader, why do you want to force Su Ling to come forward. If you really want to capture him, why give him three days?”

That husky voice did not answer. In return, Wu Ji indifferent voice answered, “Leader wants to test Su Ling’s capability.”

Yan Ge snorted his nose and laughed, “I reckon his capability is not that great. Or else this time he wouldn’t have been attacked by us!” In addition, letting a girl give chase into the forest while he hid outside. This kind of man had limited power!

The dark shadow turned his back, entered the cave and only left a warning, “Su Ling has been feared in six countries for years. You cannot underestimate him.”

Both men did not dare to disobey. They lowered their heads and answered, “Yes, sir.”

*左右使 {zuoyoushi}. In this context, Shi, I think, represents a position. However, the literal meaning of Shi is messenger or ambassador, which does not really fall into context.


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-3

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  2. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – with his facial features were obscured -> with his facial features obscured
    – why would Su Ling’s wife will enter the forest to rescue him -> why would Su Ling’s wife enter the forest to rescue him
    – come up with strategy -> come up with a strategy


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