A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-4

Hi, Everyone! It is almost twelve  o’clock in Melbourne. I have said before that I won’t post anymore update this week, but I cannot help myself. I finished my retreat (yesterday) and my duty (today) a little bit earlier, so I can post more stuff :). I spent so much money this weekend and I am feeling really guilty right now :P. As most of the people say it is up to me, I decided to post daily to force myself to write (I feel like I am much productive this way)

Question for everyone: it is better to write the translation in past- or present- tense? I knew for scientific reports we need to use past-tense and usually passive voice. Please comment below to let me know which is more comfortable for you. I am fine with both :).

I hope you have a good Sunday ~~~


Gu Yun secretly sighed, as the lash around her left arm tightened, the pressure penetrated deep into her muscle. Gu Yun quietly snorted. Bing Lian on her hand could feel her pain and slightly tremored. A cold light radiated from the sword’s edge, Gu Yun could feel Bing Lian on her hand emitting enormous power; she almost could not control it.

No longer able to hold the pain, Gu Yun’s left hand grabbed the whip and forcefully pulled it while her right hand thrust Bing Lian into the man’s chest.

The sword attacks that brought coldness to the bone bewildered the man. He could only retreat the lash that wrapped around Gu Yun’s left hand. Just as the lash met the edge of the sword, the gold coloured whip, made of a mysterious iron, fractured. Fortunately, the whip blocked the attack, reducing the speed of the cold sword and gave the man an opportunity to escape the fighting ground.

He was startled, it could not be imagined that this small woman who appeared so weak could be this formidable. The sword on her hand was not just your usual weapon, it was extremely sharp and able to freeze people.

Although he was able to escape, he knew himself that he was not Gu Yun’s opponent, or should it be said he was not the sword’s opponent. He quickly took his whip back and fled to the deeper areas of the forest.

“You want to escape?! It’s not that easy!” Gu Yun rapidly chased from behind.

It was a pity. The man’s qing gong (轻功 is the practice of martial arts, whereby the practitioners can move swiftly in a superhuman speed. In the movie, usually, it appears as the defying gravity skill, source: Wikipedia) was superb. Although Gu Yun’s strength was very good and her movement was also fast, she was not a practitioner of qing gong. As a result, the distance between the two gradually widened. The man set his foot on the mountain slope and jumped down. Gu Yun also chased him down. Not realizing that the slope which appeared to be slightly inclined when it was actually quite steep, she almost sprained her ankle. It was also because of this matter that the man’s figure had already disappeared. From far away, he arrogantly said, “If you really want to save Han Shu, let Su Ling enter the forest by himself. If he is afraid, please go to Crow’s Valley to collect the corpse three days from now.”

She still wanted to pursue him, when a constrained and pained voice from the south was heard… that was Ge Jing Yun’s voice.

“Damn!” Yu Gun quietly cursed. The purpose of these bandits was to use Han Shu as a bait to lure Su Ling. His life should not have been endangered. Gu Yun turned around and ran towards the direction of the sound.


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    • Yes I will try to post about 500 words a day (on weekday only, so 2500 words a week, how does it sound?). or if I cannot make it, I will post double the next time 🙂 I think I get a little bit of a grip on how to translate. The task does not feel gigantic anymore. Each chapter approximately will be composed of 5000-8000 words. 34 chapters to go.


        THAT SOUNDS FABULOUS !!! but dont strain yourself or you might burnout 😦 !!!!!!!
        Im glad you have found a hang in translating coz ive heard how difficult it is from other translators !!!!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I see translators generally have a preference for past tense. I don’t mind much either way.

    “If you really want to save Han Shu, let Su Ling enter the forest by himself.”
    The purpose of these bandits is to use Han Shu as a bait to lure Su Ren.
    So I’m confused. The bandit called out Su Ling, but she thinks of Su Ren. Not sure if its a mix up or because Su Ling is the leader of the family.


  3. What an early Adventscalender present. I totally love this story, and through you, my wish to continue reading the book. Gu Yun and Bing Lian are the best partners ever!


  4. thanks a lot!
    ah—so awesome! i’m fine with either past or present tense. though past is usually used for narration, and present for dialogue, in most cases!
    well, that was an awesome chapter! maybe gu yun should start learning qi gong, lol! more powerful—!


  5. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – Can no longer holding the pain -> No longer able to hold the pain
    – forcefully pull it -> forcefully pulling it
    – The sword attacks that bring coldness to the bone bewilder the man -> The sword attack that brings coldness to the bone bewilders the man
    – be imagined this small woman -> be imagined that this small woman
    – she does not do qing gong -> she does not practice qing gong
    – the distance between those two is gradually wider -> the distance between those two gradually widens
    – the man’s figure is already disappeared -> the man’s figure has already disappeared


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