A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-3

Hi everyone, thanks for the very heart-warming welcomes and supports. I have a bit of spare time today to write this chapter part. I was writing it while reading it and did not bother to look for appropriate English expression (being really lazy, my mind just does not really work today). Please comment if you cannot understand what is going on, I will try to edit it over the weekend. Also, I would like to know whether you want a longer chapter part (a slower update) or a shorter version (faster update). Hope you enjoy it!

P.s.: This is the last update for this week. I will not post any new chapter part over the weekend. Have a nice weekend, guys.




After seeing two of the assailants motioning to leave along with the bag, Gu Yun roared, “Stop!”

The culprits were surprised. After looking around, they discovered there were three silhouettes in the forest, bolting towards them. They were not surprised that there were pursuers, but how come there was a woman in the Su army? That roaring sound before was definitely a female’s voice.

“Take him and go first, I will handle them.” Gu Yun heard the sound of a man in the darkness. The accent was a little bit weird. It did not sound like the accent of people who live in the mountains. With the surrounding darkness, it was hard to observe the opponent’s appearance. However, it sounded like the voice belonged to a young man.

Three people at his flank quickly lifted the bag and left. In this kind of surrounding, letting them go meant it would be impossible to find Han Shu again. This lad should be these people’s leader and his martial arts very skilful. Gu Yun secretly assessed the situation, and then ordered Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun, “Both of you, chase after them!”


Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun chased them from the right and left sides.

The man’s eyes were coldly staring, a long whip was produced on his hand, even in the darkness of this forest, a strange golden strand on the whip could be seen.

Before he had time to whip, Gu Yun had already taken out the sword, a chilled fizz and swift cold air were sensed as Bing Lian appeared from its sheath.

Observing the white jade colour of the sword, the man was a little bit shocked. Bing Lian that could move by itself left his heart trembling. What a beautiful sword it was!

Just as the man was dazed, Leng Xiao and Ge Jing Yun passed him, pursuing the three people.

The man did not really care, as he was more interested in the sword before him and its owner.

As the woman came towards him, a kind of frostbite feeling neared. The man was amazed, what kind of woman was yielding this wonderful sword.

In a split second, a small-stature woman was in front of him. She was wearing a black clothes as dark as the night. Her features could not be seen clearly. He could only see her handgrip posture on the sword, indicating her expertise.

Holding his whip, the man was not reserved in using his full power to whip towards her. Gu Yun’s body quickly deflected the attack. The whip severely flogged the ground, leaving a 3-inch depth groove.

Gu Yun’s wrist reversed, using Bing Lian on her hand, charged towards the man. As the cold light flashed, the man leapt above the Gu Yun’s head level and then sprung back. The whip on his hand also seemed to have a spirit, rapidly wrapping around Gu Yun’s unarmed wrist from behind.

Gu Yun turned around only to find the distance between both of them was really close. Gu Yun took this opportunity to observe the man in front of her. He dressed in a blue long gown. His black hair was not knotted as the army leaders but braided to his back. His temple was covered by fine hair reaching his eyes, making people unable to see through to his eyes and reading his intentions. This was the first time she met a man who wore such a vibrant colour. In the darkness, he seemed so unique.


19 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-3

  1. thanks a lot!
    ah—-! that was so cool, seeing gu yun’s leadership and skill! awesome, awesome! also, he certainly does not strike me as an ordinary bandit…! or maybe he’s just a charismatic bandit leader, lol


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  3. Thank you very much for picking this. This is fantastic. I’m one of those people who don’t really care about the length of the chapter, as long as it fits your schedule and you’ll finish translating the story eventually! 🙂

    Also, I don’t know if someone already asked but are you planning to pick “A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances” once you are done with AGMC?


    • Alright, thank you for what you are already doing anyway, to be able to follow this story to the end is already something great. Hang in there! 🙂


  4. I guess I’m becoming your personal editor. ~

    Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – They did not surprise that -> They weren’t surprised that
    – in the mountain -> in the mountains
    – lift the back and go -> lift the bag and go
    – chase them from right and left sides -> chase them from the right and left sides
    – it can be seen a strange golden strand on the whip -> a strange golden strand on the whip can be seen
    – a chill fizz -> ?? maybe: a chilled fizz?
    – are sensed as the Bing Lian -> are sensed as Bing Lian
    – let his heart trembles -> makes his heart tremble
    – As the woman coming towards him -> As the woman is coming towards him
    – wearing a black clothes, as dark as the night -> wearing black clothes as dark as the night
    – 3-inches-depth groove -> 3-inches-deep groove
    – as the cold light flashes, the man leaps above the Gu Yun’s head level and then, springs back -> As the cold light flashes, the man leaps above Gu Yun’s head level and then springs back
    – rapidly wraps around -> rapidly wrapping around
    – only to find the distance between both of them are really close -> only to find that the distance between both of them is really close
    – opportunity to observed -> opportunity to observe
    – making people cannot see through his eyes -> making people unable to see through his eyes

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