Dear readers,

Thank you for your supports for these past months and wonderful patience. I am really grateful. Without it, I would probably stop very early. However, I am really tired of getting the comments like “when will the chapter be released?”,”why did you part the chapters?”, etc. I started to do this project as a way to improve my communication skill and I enjoyed it. Now, it felt like it became a compulsory thing to do before ‘deadline’ and I start to hate this. Please bear in mind that most of translators and editors are translating and editing voluntarily. We do have other top priorities so stop treating us like a google translator or a machine editor. Sorry for ranting but I really need to make this clear.




24 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Sorry to hear about the persistent questions. I think all translators suffer from them when they sporadically release. Best to ignore them as much as you can since you have your own lives to deal with.

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  2. thanks for translating—!

    um, for those who ask when the next chapter will be released, you can just ignore them. i think, since some translators follow a schedule, that might be the reason for them asking. of course, most of us woud know by now that you release when you can, and don’t follow a schedule, so it’s fine—! don’t worry about those other people!hmph hmph!

    with regards to parting the chapters, those people are also probably just curious? most of us know that that’s just the way you release the chapters, which is fine, too, really.

    anyway—-! i’m grateful for you translating, and hope you’ll just ignore those people who are being annoying. i suppose some don’t have any bad intentions….anyway, it’s perfectly fine to release chapters whenever you can, since real lifeis really busy, after all…-gives ice-crea cakes- take care of yourself! and sugar is excellent to lift up moods, if you like sweet things,that is…

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  3. So sorry to hear that’s happening. I’m so grateful to be able to read the translations whenever they are posted. Real life is far more important especially since this is not your full-time job! Thanks so much again!


  4. Thanks. No worries. At least we know how you feel with the constant questions. Love the characters especially the working relationships between GY and ZQ. Appreciate your commitment.


  5. Just ignore those questions. I’m really grateful that u share this novel with us. Just follow according to your own peace. Enjoy what u like. Thank you so much!! 😘😘😘.


  6. Pls accept my sincere apologies in behaof those ” tacky ” comments or posts by those demanding and ill mannered people 😞😣😒

    My other uber fave blogger, trungtnguyen locked her site… Maybe coz of those ill mannered tacky post….I strongly believe, you are what you wrote. my heart and head bleeds so much… We’re affected too.

    Please keep an open mind and heart to us, your conaiderate readers.

    Sincerely and Thank you for your Understanding 😘

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  7. Thanks for taking your time to make your releases of translated chapters what YOU want of them. After all, it’s really for your fun that you are doing this. I view blogs as if I’m visiting a favorite store. You stick your head in and look around. If it’s your lucky day – there is some thing great waiting to be read! If not – you just poke around, read a few comments and plan on coming back another day. The store is still one of your favorites – it just wasn’t your day to shop (or read, if I’m explaining this analogy correctly!) Good luck and keep your head up!


  8. So sorry to hear that. I’m thankful you took your precious time to do translations for us. Dont be bothered by the negative comments and just do what you like. Real life is certainly the priority. Thanks again.


  9. Please accept my sincere apologizes for those insensitive lechers i believe that most of us are really grateful to you for the translations, just ignore them and again thanks for the translations


  10. Meh! *hugs Nutty* Don’t worry some people just don’t know how much work translating is and are spouting nonsense like that. You shouldn’t feel pressure by them since they don’t make up the majority of those reading your blog. I really appreciate your efforts translating this series from where Inno left. I can relate on how lots of time translating is more than frustrating since I translate chinese novels on my wordpress blog too, especially when it comes too romance one which are set in ancient times like this series. All the specific terms that don’t have an equivalent in english that you’re wondering how you’re going to translate or keep in pinyin; The reasearch that needs to be done to make sure what you translate is really that because sometimes the words in dictionary don’t included the ancient terms, only the modern terms, etc…
    So, yeah, don’t feel bum about insensitives people. Translate at your pace for fun and know that there are a lot of people that can patiently wait for your translations and appreciate what you do.

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  11. don’t let those insensitive people get to you.
    really grateful for all the efforts and times you have spent and the editors too!!!


  12. Sorry to hear about these insensitive people bothering you >.< But please ignore them and continue to translate at your own pace!!! I used google translate to read the novel ^^ So I can appreciate all your hard work in translating it to something that makes more sense. Thank you again~!


  13. ^^; most likely, they are new or shameless in this kind of thing…
    you can just ignore them…
    thanks for your hard work so far…


  14. sorry to hear that…
    and i do agree with you that it is so annoying if someone keeps on bugging you…
    i do hope you will continue this novel…
    i will patiently wait for your next update…
    have a great day and thank you for translating this awesome novel…❀


  15. Hang on,don’t mind them.they should be very thankful for there is someone willing to do this kind of thing that everybody don’t want to..we’ll,it’s time to me to thanked you for all this time..more power..


  16. I’m so sorry that you feel that way! I hope it doesn’t discourage you from continuing to translate this series, because I’m so addicted to it already πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all the work that you’ve put into this. If people don’t understand that, its their fault, not yours, so don’t feel like you have to pay attention to those annoying comments. Thank you again, and good luck!


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