Exciting news!!

Dear readers,

I recently had been contacted by someone who is interested to continue the first book from where inno left us onwards. I am sorting it out with the person right now. Stay tuned! This person might introduce him/herself soon (once we sort it out now) as a guest Blogger.




13 thoughts on “Exciting news!!

    • Yes Sian (who contacted me) had said this before but she/he had actually translated couple chapters before she/he became aware of this problem. She/he (at least for now) said that she/he will still continue to translate the book just for fun and asked my permission to use my blog as the place to write. So I thought why not? Since it had been translated for couple chapters, it seemed a little bit of waste if they couldn’t be shown up. She/he had spent so much hour to translate them. However, as far as my understanding, she/he hasn’t whether she/he would continue after those chapters.


  1. Nutty, do you have their contacts. I need to contact them and see if they want to work together with me since I already translate chapter 9 of first Book and chapter 10 is in editing phase.


    • There is another project who is doing the translation ruibelle.wordpress.com I think. See my reply in the other comment for the full story of what is going on.


      • Hahahaha! Oh my god! We’re like three translators that had pick up the First book around the same time. I post chapter 9 at the end of february, Ruibelle post his/her at start of March and that other person end march going to post it?


      • I think so. The problem is the one that contacted me had translated the book for seven chapters! Before realizing there is another translator translating it.


  2. Personally, I don’t plan on monopolizing the translations of the First book. I’m just translating it as a side-project to improve my chinese skills. I think it could just be nice if we work together for the translations which would be more efficient, but then again, we can all keep translating on our own at our own pace too. Then, I could go and compare notes with my own translations to see how I can improve it which is also not bad too. XD

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  3. Hello… As Nutty has said, I actually started continuing the translation a while back before I knew ruibelle started the translation again from the begining… I love Qing Ling/Zhuo Qing & Lou Xi Yan’s story so much that I’m willing to read the novel with a help of an online dictionary. I have basic Chinese but don’t know a lot of written vocabulary. I’m actually done translating up to ch 15. I’m working on ch 16 now. I wasn’t going to do anything with my translation as I knew somebody else’s doing it too but a good friend of mine (who also reads the story through my translation) suggested to share it. I’m willing to work together but again some may not like my translation as I’m using a dictionary for most of them.


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    • Hi Sian,
      My translations is not that far yet, so I won’t do a joint with you yet, until I can actually catch up to your translations. I also already contact Rui through her blog (ruibelle.wordress) and that person said she will translate at her own pace too. You can confirm with her via her contact form. So, there, everything clarify, everyone is going to translate individually at their own pace.
      By the way Sian, you can contact me through rottentranslations.wordpress.com for a joint when I actually catch up to your translations. Have a good day.


      • its very kind of you to translate cnovel, God knows how we who cannot read or speak chinese really need you. since the situation are like this, just post whatever you guys have translate, or maybe someone change to their daughters stories?like book 4 or 5 (my wishful thinking xD)


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