A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-1

Under the cold moonlight, a petite woman leaned against the cold stone wall.  A big tree shadow fell on her body, making people unable to see her, or her facial expression. However, a large wine jar near her feet suggested her mood was bad. A faint aroma of wine could make people drunk, but it could not untie the woman knitted brows.

She and Qing knew that for a serious mental illness patients like Su Mu Feng, he should be given treatment and helped, not killed. However, in this era, in the society that they were living, the families of deceased and ordinary people would not accept if ‘a killer did not get killed’ result.

As a police officer, seeing Su Mu Feng sentenced to death, she felt extremely uncomfortable. She knew that she couldn’t save him. She also knew that every place/country had its own laws. It won’t be changed because of her. Her conflicting values between right and wrong made her feel suffocated tonight.

She couldn’t continue staying here. She wanted to go home. This idea has never been as obvious as it was now. Gu Yun decided, tomorrow she would find Su Ling to ask about the golden bagua. She grabbed the jar and mercilessly gulped the wine. A familiar sensation of being watched appeared again.

“Who is it?” It was that feeling again. The last she felt it was when they trained in the forest! Last time, she almost caught him. This time, she was not interested in chasing, so she just said, “Come out now.”

She thought that the person would not appear. She didn’t expect that he would come out after she finished speaking, a tall figure slowly walked towards her. His clothes were as dark as the night. His silver eyes looked so dazzling at night, letting people know who was coming.

“Was that you?” Gu Yun squinted her eyes. At this time, Ao Tian was already in front of her. Seeing the pale cold face, Gu Yun laughed, “I didn’t expect that we had met before.” It turned out that the one who was watching her was Ao Tian.

Gu Yun turned around again and raised the jar on her hand, drinking a couple big gulps again. She asked, “You have two options: First, is to sit down with me and accompany me drinking. Second, get out of here. I’m not interested in being a circus monkey tonight (Staring object).”

It was not hard to detect in the husky voice, which usually was cold and sharp, that there was a sense of irritability. Under the night sky, she casually sat on the ground, leaning on a cold stone wall. The high bun was blown by the night breeze from time to time. On her hand, there was a big jar of wine. It was really disproportionate to her petite body, giving a different kind of impression. However, the knitted brows couldn’t be concealed. Ao Tian’s usually expressionless face looked puzzled. What made her, a very strong and calm person, irritated?


23 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-1

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  2. This was worth the longer wait period! 🙂
    I’m still waiting on SL and QM to become a official couple but it seems I’ll have to wait on that since AT seems like the other man coming into play.

    Thank you for all the parts, take your time on the rest and don’t stress over the comments telling you to hussle.


  3. Thank you very much….Really enjoyed reading this. Pls do not be too affected with all those persistent questions. Just post whenever you have the time….be happy always.


  4. Thankies for these updates, nutty~
    But don’t be too pressured to rush this. I remembered your post about you getting lectured on your last committee meeting. (^_^’)>

    I thought it’d be Su Ling who will show up to accompany the depressed Gu Yun. Again, he’s late. Geez! Ao Tian is getting the spotlight. Hahahahaha


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