A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-1

It’s Sunday night in Melbourne now. I really don’t want tomorrow to come. I still want to rest 0O0. Yet, life must go on. I’m releasing two parts tonight and will release 3 more before next week is over. Enjoy and have a wonderful week. This batch (like always) is edited by Remy 🙂 Thanks, girl!



A low moan from the inside the tent made Su Ren’s heart sink. Big brother always didn’t let the doctor to use general anesthetic every time he got injured. Every time, he always stubbornly endured the pain. People in the battlefield got injured very frequently. However, he had never seen his brother hurt like this before. Su Ren’s heart was worried. Finally, he couldn’t help himself and went into the tent.

Inside, two soldiers were tightly pressing on Su Ling’s shoulders. His army uniform and face were splattered with blood. Su Ling was half-lying on the bed. There were traces of plum-red blood on his back and a deep dent on his right shoulder. Su Ling rapidly panted, his hands tightly clutched the edges of the bed. His complexion was very pale, alarming people, and his forehead was covered in sweat. Meanwhile, his face became twisted because of the pain. Su Ren asked, “Doctor, how could this have happened?”

One doctor was helping to tend Su Ling’s wound while another doctor was holding the bloodied short arrow. Putting it on a towel, the doctor gave a long sigh before replying, “It’s almost done; the short arrow has been pulled out. Please be assured, Commander. After this, the handling of the wound won’t be a problem.”

Walking closer to see, Su Ren’s eyes flashed slightly. This arrow was really tricky. It had a five-inch length and was covered in blood. On the arrow, there were many fine hooks. Looking at it made him tremble. This kind of arrow didn’t penetrate out of the body. Every movement would have made the hook penetrate deeper into the muscle. No wonder the doctors were tending the wound for so long!

After much hard work, the wound stopped bleeding. The doctors carefully applied the dressing onto the wound. Su Ling finally loosened his fist. Facing Su Ren, Su Ling asked, “How is that woman?”

He didn’t think that the first sentence his big brother asked would be about Qing Mo. He hesitated for a moment and then replied, “She… She went to see Han Shu.” If he let big brother know she went to the rainforest, Su Ling would be really annoyed.

With two eyebrows pressed together, Su Ling asked icily, “Ask her to come to my tent.” When did she become so close to Han Shu? This would be the first time she met him! He didn’t know what was the source of his anger, but the final result was that he wasn’t happy.

Su Ren was slightly surprised and faked a smile, “Big Brother, you have been injured so heavily. Please have a good rest. Meeting sister-in-law tomorrow won’t be too late!”

Sensing something fishy, Su Ling squinted, “Where did she go?”

Su Ren didn’t know how to reply. Su Ling lost his patience and growled, “Speak.”

Deliberately concealing some facts, Su Ren evasively said, “She went into the rainforest. She said that she wanted to train the soldiers on how to stay in the rainforest at nighttime.”


12 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-1

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  2. thanks a lot!
    i know—! i don’t want tomorrow to come either, ah—! -sobs- oh well…
    wahaha, the firs tthings he asks is about qing mo? lol, he got jealous about her seeing han shu! ahaha!

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    • I would sincerely wait for that. Although I do think this is where this novel is different from the other. It didn’t really have a lovey-dovey scene. I couldn’t imagine if both of them doing that. 🙂 Btw, this is my personal opinion, not a spoiler, as I, myself still don’t know the complete story.


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