Sad news

Sad news everyone! I just received news today. My colleague’s friend has committed suicide. This means, in these past three months, three of my colleagues’ friends and family committed suicide. What happened people? Is it really that this world is becoming so unbearable? Or is it our mentality has weakened.

As the technologies develop and competition gets tougher, we are required to give a better thing to survive the competition. Yes, you have a lot of burden and sometimes it becomes unbearable, so do most of the people in this world. Why, rather than stay and fight, some people chose to give up?

Have people ever thought about the families and friends they left behind? I have seen my easy-going and friendly colleagues cried and suffered because of this problem. They have to go and see psychologists to help them ease away the pain.

Have they completely lost faith in themselves? Or in other people? I always believe no matter how hard it is we need to stay and fight. There are countless of times that I thought it will be better if I gave up. However, when things are becoming unbearable, suddenly there is always a solution. People help me by listening to my trouble, offering some helps, or just some translation chapter came and made up my day J. No matter how difficult it is, if we change our perception, if we try to appreciate and be grateful about everything around us, the problem seems smaller (it will not solve by itself, but still it feels like we can manage it).

For people who are fighting with depression right now, please, stay and fight for your family, for your friends and for yourselves. Do not give up! Seek for help if you are needed to, talk to someone.

For haters: There are too many depressing things happening in this world: war, hunger, and genocide. However, as long as we still have faith in humanity and do our own ‘responsibilities’, we can make a world a better place for someone else.

That’s the end of my rage. Sorry for bothering you guys. Please comment if you like what do you think about this matter?




21 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. so sorry to hear that,
    but which country you came from, if I may ask?
    cuz maybe economic, social or something happen in your country and effect your colleague life or families’


  2. condences to you and your friend.

    5 years ago one my childhood friend committed suicide, because she felt her world was falling apart and felt unbearable to continue living, she didn’t realise how much people love and adored her. I guess it’s societies pressure? It’s also their own mental wellbeing that affects their thinking, even when there’s plenty of help around, they feel alone. Actually those who end up doing this have thought about it countless times, I can only hope one seeks out help and feel like there is help and things will pass.

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    • Thanks, so true. I think they need to realise it themselves. Many of the support will not take effect if they cannot realise it themselves. I really hope no one will commit suicide. This world is still worth-living 🙂


    • yea, people whose chose to end it in tragically ways often doesnt know that there’s people who care and adore ’em. really, rather than run away from life, better off run away to another town, state, island, or country and start over again with all past put aside for forever. cuz it was I’d do if it’s me. 😉


  3. Thanks for sharing. I think it’s a coward’s way by committing suicide. The people around are the ones who suffer for the rest of their lives. God has given us life and it’s our duty to take care of this previous life. We are answerable to God.
    When I was a teenager , I went through depression due to my parent’s divorce. Luckily for me, it was religion that gave me hope.
    My heart goes out to all your friends who are affected by the recent suicides. Pray that the healing will take place and that they will find hope again. Amen.


    • I will not point fingers and start blaming people, but overall, I agree with your point of view, people need to start thinking about the ones who are left behind :). Amen. Thanks for the prayer.


  4. To present another point of view:
    I, myself, have thought for many years about suicide. I think it started when I was six years old, and through the years the wish for death didn’t occur as often as before but more realistic each time. now after 12 years I also think suicide is sth cowardly, death was for me an escape.
    the reasons for my wish for suicide were many, but to sum it up, I have quite a torn family, parents to pressures one so much that I developed a lot of complexes, like they want me to be a mere dog who does what they want. Because of my situation I had to abandon my childhood and take responsibility for my whole family since I was 12 years old (not the money, but bureaucratic things and my baby brother). So I had a lot of pressure and was and still am quite isolated from my peers, I lived every day like a doll. every year my mood dropped and dropped til I developed a depression last year for about 3,4 months. Back then I don’t know how often I would think about killing myself, but was too afraid of the “what-still-could-be”, I still had hope about a better future.

    now after realizing that I still haven’t live my life and that though I didn’t wish to have been born, I just survived those years and that I can be independent enough to LIVE, and didn’t thought about suicide in the last. half year.

    sorry for the long post and telling sth this private, but I feel to let others know that not everyone who wishes for suicide actually does it


    • Yes, I think at some point in their lives (So do I), everyone will think about giving up. My purpose of writing this post is to ask people to rethink again before doing something stupid thing. Although this world is not perfectly beautiful, I still think it is still worth it to live on this planet 🙂 As long we do not lose hope in humanity, as long as we are trying to be sensitive and grateful about our surrounding, the problem that we are facing is not that ‘big’. We really need to change our perspective when facing some problem. Instead of thinking ‘it is impossible to solve this problem’, try to think “what is the best strategy to decrease the problem”. Slowly, we can actually solving this problem and learn more about strategy and life. I believe none of our experience, pain and suffer is useless. Each of them taught us to fight, to appreciate every good moment, because it also will pass. Please stay strong. I believe even at the suckest day, there is something that we can be thankful for. Something simple like food, health, family, friend or even just the weather. I read a book (cannot remember the title now) about writing down 10 things that you are grateful for today. It really helps me to think I am not that unfortunate even in my bad day. Talk also help.

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  5. The issue is not being a coward or being brave. And now that they’re dead it’s too late to try to understand why they made the decision they made. The important thing is that you are alive. And I encourage you to continue living because if you are alive then there is potential that things will get better. Like you said, have faith in humanity but even more than that, have faith in yourself that YOU have the potential to make a difference. Please continue to spread your empathy.


    • Oh sorry for the misunderstanding, I am not blaming them for their actions. I only wish through my post, I could prevent some people who think of suicide to rethink again before doing it. This world is still worth living for 🙂 I also wish to create a better world for some people.


  6. A young woman recently jumped off the bridge that I drive every morning to work. She was very young, still in high school, and many of her class mates have tied ribbons on the bridge to remember her so I think about her every day as I drive. Often times, I have my son with me and we have talked about her. Two things I’ve heard/read about this situation always come to mind. One is that often suicide is a split second decision – someone is just overcome and sees a way out “right this minute” and takes it. But there is no back. The newspaper article I read about it said that many young people commit suicide this way because they are not thinking ahead very much as young people often do. This girl was on her volleyball team, had made plans with friends for the next day, had been texting with friends but she didn’t think about all the ways things change when she stopped on that bridge. A radio commentator, speaking about youth suicide, mentioned that when someone is drowning, you don’t say, “Hey you, stop that drowning!” You help them if you can. He compared being depressed to drowning and said that you help a person recover if you can but just telling them to stop it won’t work. This also doesn’t mean that once a depressed person is treated, they won’t become depressed again just as a person who is saved from drowning might possibly drown again in the future. It is the thinking ahead to the future that I wished this person (and all people suffering like she was) could remember but – I can’t change that “could” to “would” because I am not her. Sorry to make this so long but – my first job out of school was as a newspaper reporter. I totally lucked into it (journalism is not my area of study) and found it very hard and complained a lot to my friends. About six weeks into working, I found out that one of my high school classmates – a brilliant, funny guy – had committed suicide because he couldn’t find a job as a journalist. He’d studied this in college and his dad owned a newspaper but he wanted to make a go of it on his own. He didn’t (and probably couldn’t) think ahead to when he would be able to find a job. Heck, I would have given him MY job which I did not treasure or really work towards. So, this is all that I know. I so agree with you and hope that everyone has someone eventually to help them see a tiny bit into the future when things won’t be so bad. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  7. Nutty, the cowardice part wasn’t directed at you. And I think it’s part of the recovery process for you to go through blame, anger, denial etc. Sorry if I’m looking at this too objectively for your taste, it’s part of how I cope.

    I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. Afterall, like humbledaisy said, suicide might be an impulsive decision. I don’t know if you are seeing potential pools of water to drown in and I can’t physically stop you. But if enough people shout “Stop drowning” I think the suicide rate will go down.


  8. So sorry to hear that.

    Eventually all of us will be dead, no one is coming out of this experience alive

    Why not try to make the best of what we have and have been given and keep trying / fighting? I know there are people who experience unimaginable horrors in their life that makes me loose my faith in humanity, and I wish I could reach out to hug them and tell them that they matter.

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    • Completely agreed. Many people want to have a second chance in life, many people pay ridiculously amount of money to stay alive. I wish others could think about that. As long as we are still breathing , there will be chances for the situation to change.


  9. Sorry to hear about this.

    I’m no expert in suicide for sure, but i must disagree with only trying to ask yourself “why did he/she did that?” Or “he/she could do this and that or ask for help…” If that person was someone close or in our surrounding, we should have question ourself on “Did we notice something was wrong?” “Did we really notice or we just think everything is alright?”
    Truthfully, suicide feels quite sudden, but there are always preconditions that will make someone acts in the end and it takes some time before a plan hatch and then the act could be here and there or in a few days or month. I believe that suicide people are so centered around their own pain that they miss out on others things that are positives or could help them. I believe there are things that could be done to help people before they act. It’s just not easy abd goddamn sucking your energy dry, because you feel like you’re doing all the work and people don’t get over it as fast as you. The fact is you have arm yourself with patience and follow a rollercoaster path of mood. Sometimes you have to kick that person out of depressed mood and other times you have to let them wallow in depression.


  10. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. It’s a terrible thing to quickly end your life when there are so many things that can be done and people left behind at the loss.


  11. every night when I go to bed, I give thanks for another day being alive. Each morning I count my blessings before I get out of bed. Trials and Challenges are part of life. So sorry for your news. Life is too important to just throw it away. Sad when people can not see that there will be a light at the end of their tunnel. Never give up hope. Prayers for your loss.


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