A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 28: The Elders of Su Family

If looks could kill, Zhuo Qing’s body would have been torn apart by the eyes behind her. With her lips raised slightly, she nodded towards Su Ling. She smiled, “General Su, you came just in time. Her body does not have any serious issues now. You can take her home.” Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing waved her hands and walked out of the room. She was ‘kind enough’ to close the door for them.

Gu Yun took a deep breath and then another. That high IQ woman had had her intelligence swept away by love. She thought that since she was married that everyone else should be crazy. Gu Yun wouldn’t lower herself to Qing’s level!

Su Ling entered the room and saw Gu Yun sitting on the bed. The colour of her face varied from green to white from time to time. Luckily, she still looked high-spirited. Su Ling silently sighed. He never thought that he would have missed someone this much. This was the first time he thought that a three day period could be so long. It was as though every time he had a spare moment, his brain would actually project her image, would think about how was she and what she was doing. These completely foreign feelings bewildered him, but he couldn’t fight it.

“You ……”


The two people opened their mouths at the same time. Finding out that they had interrupted the other, they shut their mouths at the same time. Gu Yun didn’t know what Su Ling was thinking but in short, she felt that the atmosphere was very awkward! After a long silence, Gu Yun decided to speak, “Let me talk first.”

Su Ling’s beautiful eyebrows formed a knot. Seeing her look particularly serious, he was curious as to what she had to say. With a little cough, Gu Yun looked straight up into his eyes and asked, “Do you like me?”

Su Ling momentarily blanked. With a raised hope, his heart felt a bit unrestful. Did she finally feel it? Looking back at her eyes which seemed like they could peer into one’s thoughts, Su Ling asked, “What do you think?”

Gu Yun frowned. After thinking for awhile, she said, “I think you should be, right?”

After regaining consciousness, she felt Su Ling had treated her a bit differently from the past. Those hot and deep gazes made her more and more uncomfortable. She basically could determine, Su Ling loved her.

Should be? Right? Su Ling at this moment suddenly felt mixed feelings. He rarely dealt with women. Within his limited knowledge, weren’t women supposed to feel a bit embarrassed to ask such a question? Or at least, feel a bit uneasy? However, she straightforwardly asked whether he loved her or not. Even when she came to the conclusion, she was so calm and logical.

Was his understanding about women so little? Or was she just a ‘rare’ type (of woman)? Or perhaps, she wasn’t really attracted to him. Su Ling’s facial expression was very complicated. He seemed helpless but bitterly angry at the same time. Gu Yun hesitated for a moment before asking, “Or did I misunderstand all of this and you don’t really like me at all?”

Su Ling was disappointed. Could it be that he didn’t express it obviously enough? In Gu Yun’s clear eyes, he saw doubt and uncertainty. Su Ling bitterly sighed, what kind of woman did he actually fall in love with? Hoping that she would be somehow ‘enlightened’ was clearly impossible. Su Ling resigned himself to fate and said, “You didn’t misunderstand it: I like you.”

It could have been a beautiful confession. However, Su Ling had been both mentally and physically exhausted, to say the least.

The place in the heart that was usually untouched shook. Knowing was one thing, but to listen to him saying it out loud was a completely different matter. Gu Yun looked down. After a long time, she finally said, “I, I don’t know whether I love you or not. I need some time.”

Truthfully, she was not completely uninterested in a relationship, however her attention and energy would usually be on a case or other matters. Therefore, she just never really thought about it. What if the person was Su Ling? Gu Yun shook her head. Her gaze quickly landed on those pair of unwavering eyes. She felt inexplicably nervous. Would he shake his sleeves and go out? (Chinese idiom? I think it means he will leave the room angrily) Or would he react calmly and silently to her response?

“Don’t let me wait for too long.” The deep voice was full of helplessness and subtle love. Gu Yun silently exhaled. Maybe, she should leave this to fate. There were a couple more months before the Su family’s ancestral rite. She could use this time to think carefully about whether she really loved him or not.

Gu Yun was silently considering the options when her body felt light. A pair of strong hands were placed on her waist, carrying her body up.

Gu Yun was surprised, “What are you doing?” The wound on her chest made her unable to move freely. However, it felt strange to be carried like that.

Su Ling acted calm and replied, “Going home.” He knew that although this woman was sharp and decisive in regards to other things, she was helplessly muddleheaded in romantic relationship matters. However, being ‘slow’ was also good. Since she was this slow, she basically didn’t notice the vigorous approaches of those ‘wild bees and butterflies’ (Chinese idioms: pursuers?) like Ao Tian and (Su) Yu!

“I am not handicapped!” Gu Yun said in frustration. She wanted to slap that smile off his face.

Standing outside of the gate, Su Ling stopped and looked at the irritated lady. Smilingly he said, “Currently, are you able to get out of your bed and walk? Or do you just like being carried away?”

Carried away?! Clenching her teeth, Gu Yun spat out two words, “Let’s hurry up…”

Gu Yun looked away, ignoring him. Meanwhile, Su Ling’s mood was exceptionally good. It was fortunate that there were not many servants in the villa and Zhuo Qing was also ‘kind enough’ to stop ridiculing her. Gu Yun’s expression revealed mild relief.

Exiting the villa, Gu Yun saw a navy blue carriage parked outside the villa. She finally thought of something and looked at Su Ling while saying, “Oh, I just remembered, when you go home, tell Su Ren to prepare the army. In ten days, I will hold a selection for the Special Forces.”

Su Ling glared at her and said, “You are still sick. You are not allowed to do anything!” She, herself, was currently half-alive yet she still want to train the army!

Gu Yun helplessly answered, “I will only pick people and not fight with them. The celebration has finished so the training should be scheduled immediately.”

“But it is not that urgent.” He only suggested for her to train the army because he was afraid that she would have nothing to do and run outside of the manor. Although he also was looking forward to her so-called Special Forces, currently, the most important thing was her body.

“Even if you think it is not urgent, I feel it is urgent!”

A servant opened the drapes and Su Ling gently placed her inside the carriage while asking, “What are you anxious about?”

“I remember I still owe you several liangs.” Gu Yun answered.

Su Ling’s face stiffened. His hands formed a fist and he said, “Qing Mo.”

Gu Yun only minded her business and sat on the carriage, ignoring the thundering roar outside of the horse carriage. It was only right to return money owed.


General House, Yi Tian Court.

At the last battle, the entire court was nearly destroyed by Su Ling and Ao Tian. After renovations, the courtyard changed into a more habitable place. For example, there were finally chairs and tables so people wouldn’t have to sit on the ground anymore. Many trees in the courtyard had been burned, so Su Ren instructed for some old trees from the mountain behind the manor to be moved to the court. They provided comfortable shade for the entire courtyard. However, the centrepiece of the garden, a big lush and verdant tree, was not very artistic. She realised now that Su Ren had a somewhat peculiar sense of aesthetics!

There was a bowl of herbal medicine, which had turned cold on the brand new jade table. A man and a woman sat face to face.

“Have you been busy lately?” Gu Yun asked.

“Not really busy.”

Gu Yun sighed, “Don’t you have any other things to do?”

“If you can obediently drink the herbal medicine, I will have more time to do other things.” He didn’t know that it could be this hard to feed medicine to her mouth thrice a day. However, his patience was getting better.

“I have recovered.”

With a ‘no room for discussion’ tone, Su Ling replied, “The doctor said that you still need to drink the medication for the next half month.”

“If I drink it, would you let me go?”

Sighing, Su Ling compromised, “You can only oversee it on the lookout.”

“Deal!” Finished speaking, Gu Yun grabbed the bowl. Without flinching, she finished it till the last drop. Placing down the empty bowl, Gu Yun looked at Su Ren, who had been bored to death watching them for so long, and then asked, “Are the things that I requested ready?”

Slowly sitting down and stretching his body, Su Ren replied with a smile, “They are ready.” For the past ten days, these two people had been on edge for four hours every single day. All of was over of a bowl of medicine. Every time it happened, the medicine still ‘entered’ Qing Mo’s mouth in the end. However, it was not until Big Brother promised certain things. He was curious, to what extent would Big Brother spoil her?

Gu Yun nodded with satisfaction but still didn’t stand up. She just sat on the stone chair and tapped her index fingers from time to time. No one knew what she was thinking.

Su Yu entered the yard. Seeing Gu Yun looking very relaxed, he couldn’t help but get angry, “It is almost monkey hour now (Shen hour: 3-5 pm). The soldiers have been standing under the sun for 4 hours. Do you actually want to do the selection or not?” Although it was autumn, with the sun not being very hot (compared to the summer), he and the soldiers have been standing there for the entire afternoon. How could she still be sitting here under the shade and chit-chatting!

Gu Yun looked up at the sky. Through the foliage, she could see the blinding sunlight. Gu Yun replied, “It is not yet time.”

“If we wait any longer, the sun will set soon!”

Smiling, Gu Yun confidently replied, “I am actually waiting until the sun sets.”

“Then, why did you ask the soldiers to line up at noon?!” Su Yu was furious. While he also didn’t approve of her standing under the sun for the choosing of soldiers, if she wanted to hold the selection at the night time, why did she ask the soldiers to gather at noon? How could the soldiers perform at best capacity if they had been ‘sunbathed’ the entire afternoon!

With a meaningful smile, Gu Yun replied, “The test has begun. If they can’t even stand the sun, they are not the type of person that I want.”

Su Yu was slightly surprised. He looked at his always-calm elder brothers. Did they know from the beginning that this was one of Gu Yun’s test? Su Yu was angry at himself for acting impulsively and dejectedly exited Yi Tian Court.

Su Ren gently shook his head. Su Yu was actually several years older than Qing, but he was still much more immature compare to her. He had seen two of the Qing sisters. What kind of parents were they to have such talented daughters!

Su Ren carefully observed her while Gu Yun ‘generously’ allowed him to observe her. Looking bored, she asked, “Su Ren, has Miss Yu returned home?”

Su Ren came back to attention and replied, “After performing on the celebration, she went home. Since the case and the celebration have come to a close, there was no reason for her to stay here.”

“How was her performance?”

Recalling Yu Han Dan’s performance on the high stage that day, her clothes swayed against the wind, Su Ren’s mouth unconsciously raised a bit, “Very good.”

Gee… It seemed like this word ‘very good’ contained a deeper meaning. Glancing at Su Ren, Gu Yun asked with a grin, “How unfortunate that I could not see it. Let’s invite her here some time. What do you think?”

Ah. Su Ren paused for a second. Why would she ask his permission to invite someone? Vaguely feeling that something was wrong, Su Ren stood up and went towards the exit while saying, “I will go to the drill grounds and oversee the preparation.”

Su Ling felt funny; what kind of unique character was this woman. She was so sharp in facing other people’s feelings, but very slow about her own!

Su Ren had not reached the outside when Su Yu shouted, “Big Brother!”

Su Ling stood up and exchanged a glance with Su Ren. He felt a bad premonition. Although Su Yu’s character was quite fiery, he usually didn’t forgo his manners.

“Big Brother! Big Brother!” Su Yu anxiously shouted and once again rushed to enter the Yi Tian Court.

Su Ren was by the gate. Seeing Su Yu’s panicked voice, Su Ren asked, “What’s happening?”

Swallowing his own saliva, Su Yu looked at Su Ling and said, “The elder is arriving!”

Su Ling’s face suddenly stiffened, “What is he doing here?”

With a mourning face, Su Yu announced even worse news, “Not only has the elder came, Uncle Quan and Uncle Yan have also came.”

Su Ren gently massaged his forehead and said, “It will be really busy.” After he finished speaking, he glanced at the ‘unrivaled’ Gu Yun.


Three big men stood outside of the court, looking fearful. Gu Yun propped her elbow on the table, half leaning and looking quite interested, “Can I ask, who is coming?” Who were these people that could make the three Great Generals of Su family look so scared?

Gu Yun just finished her question when a full blown roar accompanied by a bulky mountain-like figure appeared on the courtyard, “This rascal, why did you run so fast?! Want to tip them off?!” Grabbing Su Yu, the man ‘generously’ slapped Su Yu’s shoulder. Su Yu who got slapped did not dare to cough but muffed it up. His face went purple. Compared to the man, Su Yu’s well-built body was much shorter. It was no wonder that he could only resent the treatment in silence!

Gu Yun sat straight, carefully observing the incoming person. His face was covered with beard, making Gu Yun unable to see his face clearly. His pair of tiger eyes were bright and full of expression. His body was big and his voice was deep. If it wasn’t because his hair was white, Gu Yun would think that he was still in his forties. 

“How lively, ah. Why are you guys gathering in Yi Tian Court?” An old voice left the people there absent-minded. Gu Yun looked towards the source of the voice. Emitting an ‘immortal’ aura with an indescribable elegance, a white haired elder dressed in a white robe appeared in the courtyard. However, he was so slim that it looked as if the wind could blow him away, especially when he stood beside the bulky bearded man. The strong contrast made people could not help but worry about him.

That thing that followed the white-haired man… was it human?

Gu Yun blankly stared. That man looked like he was fifties, but his body was round, just like a ball. With his brilliant smiling face, he looked like the laughing god from a temple. Gu Yun was puzzled. These three men each had their own characteristics. However, with the exception of the bearded man, the other two did not look like a member of Su Family.

“Aren’t you happy to see us?” The laughing god ‘uncle’ had a similar voice as the laughing god, kind and rich. However, none of the trio (the brothers) seemed relax, instead their entire bodies shuddered.

Su Ren was the first one to respond. He quickly smiled, “Uncle Quan, why are saying that. You must be tired from the journey. Let’s go to the anteroom to drink a cup of tea and rest for awhile. I will order someone to clean up the guest rooms.”

“It is still Ren who is the most thoughtful one!” The bulky bearded man said while glaring at Su Ling who did not look very well. “Unlike a certain person who always gives attitude to us, the elderly!”

Su Ling pretended not to see his annoyed face and lightly greeted, “Chief (Head of the family/clan), Uncle Quan and Uncle Yan.”

“En.” The white-haired man smiled and nodded. It seemed like he didn’t mind Su Ling’s cold attitude.

“What made the three uncles travel so far, if I may ask?” Su Yu felt their arrival this time was a bit strange. In addition, the three of them were coming together. It could not be as simple as just visiting!

“Why? Are we not allowed to come if there are no problems?” The bearded man roared.

Su Yu quickly became a ‘chick’, “Of course not, I am just randomly asking, randomly asking.” What a joke, how could he dare say ‘yes’. It was not like he wasn’t afraid of death. His shoulder was currently in pain, it must be bruising!

Gu Yun was still eagerly observing when the bearded man glared at Gu Yun. With thunder-like voice, he asked, “Who is this ugly lass?”

Ugly lass. Gu Yun slightly raised an eyebrow. She didn’t feel mad. However, if she answered, wouldn’t she admit that she was ugly?! Gu Yun just silently smiled, making the bearded man impatient as he walked towards Gu Yun.

Fearing that Uncle Yan would do something to Gu Yun that would make Big Brother angry, Su Ren quickly tried to ‘smooth’ things out, “She is…” Su Ren could only say two words. He didn’t know how to introduce her. Should he say she was the gift from the emperor? Gu Yun would be mad at him. If he said she was Big Brother’s woman, he was afraid he would die even faster!

Su Yan stood in front of Gu Yun and asked, “Girl, what is your name?”

Gu Yun politely replied, “Qing Mo.”

“You are Qing Mo?” Looking at the girl whose chest was even smaller than his, (I am putting the literal translation here. It just mean she has a flat chest) her entire thin body was like a fragile doll, Su Yan’s eyes looked absolutely surprised.

Gu Yun didn’t know why he give such an expression upon hearing the name. However, a second later, a pair of big hands mercilessly grabbed her shoulders.

Gu Yun was taken aback and quickly stepped back, dodging it. His attack was not light, if she was caught, her barely healed wound would reopen. At that time, Qing would be absolutely mad at her!

Su Yan once again attacked but a black shadow quickly came to his side. Su Ling’s well-built body stood in front of the young girl. The hand quickly landed on his shoulder.

Su Ling muffled a groan, accepting the attack. Su Yan was slightly stunned and quickly took his hand back. Su Ling quickly turned around. He saw Gu Yun’s hand on her chest, her brows were tangled together and her face went pale. Su Ling’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He anxiously asked, “Mo Er, what’s wrong? Is your chest in pain?”

Mo Er? Gu Yun’s chest burned like crazy. Su Ling’s ‘Mo Er’ increased her urge to curse. To dodge this old man attack, she had moved too fast. As a result, she probably stretched the wound site. No one in Su Family had manners! Attacking without even a word. He looked quite old, yet his temper was still this big!

Seeing her breath slightly disordered and not answering his question, Su Ling became anxious. He quickly roared, “Su Ren, ask someone to fetch a doctor!” Su Ren quickly nodded.

Su Ren was just about to depart when Gu Yun weakly said, “Wait.” She took a deep breath and straightened her body up. The wave of pain slowly diminished. She shook her hand and said, “I am fine!” Nothing serious, Su Ling was just overreacting.

“Are sure you’re okay?” Su Ling was still not convinced. To make him feel at ease, Gu Yun gave a faint smile like a gentle night breeze, making one’s heart inexplicably falter. She had never smiled like this before. Su Ling who saw it was a bit mesmerised.

Su Yan couldn’t stand Su Ling’s dazed expression. As if afraid that no one would hear him, he spoke loudly, “Where did you find this sickly ugly lass? Su Ling, you have very bad tastes!”

He had not hit her yet she almost fainted. On the table was a bowl of medicine. He could see that this young girl’s body was very weak.

Gu Yun made no comment about Su Yan’s words, but Su Ling was not as indifferent as her. He held Gu Yun’s icy cold hand. His chilled gaze made Gu Yun feel uneasy, but she didn’t say anything. These people were elders in the Su family, Su Ling must have a sense of propriety.

Assisting Gu Yun to sit on the stone chair, Su Ling didn’t glance at Su Yan. With an icy tone reflecting his mood, he said, “If you want to come, just come. If you want to stay, just stay. However, if you trouble her, please leave.”

The other two elders, Su Quan and Su Qing exchanged a glance. They quickly gazed at the girl protected behind Su Ling’s back. Since she could dodge Su Yan first attack, she couldn’t be a weak person. Still however, she was not the right match for Su Ling! Even worse, Ling’s feeling towards her had turned too deep!

Today, he actually wanted to shoo them. Su Yan angrily shouted, “Now that you’ve become stronger, you actually dare to speak to Uncle Yan like that!”

Su Ling ignored him and softly spoke to Gu Yun, “Do you want to lie down?”

Gu Yun looked up at the sky. The sun had gradually set and the sky began to dim. She shook her head and answered, “I am really okay. The time is almost up. Let’s go to the grounds now.”

Su Ling didn’t say anything and just held her hand tightly. Gu Yun quickly said, “I will only observe on the stage. I swear!” Facing Su Ling, she had become more and more experienced. He was like a proud lion. Just pat his hair and he would be easy to deal with.

As expected, Su Ling’s facial expression was not too good. He left the rest of the people behind and took her out of Yi Tian Court. He was actually ignoring them! Su Yan glared at the remaining two Su Brothers and asked, “Where are they going?”

“Oh.” Su Yu hesitated. Should he respond they were going to select soldiers?

His shoulder suddenly felt heavy. Uncle Quan’s smiling face was very close to him, “Yu ah, You are the most obedient one. There is something fun going on, why don’t you tell us?” The kind of voice gave Su Yu goosebumps.

“Nothing.” Su Yu immediately decided to not tell them. Or else, he didn’t know what trouble would they cause.

“En?” Su Quan’s eyes quickly narrowed. His entire face looked unconvinced.

Su Yu smilingly said, “I swear, nothing. It is just some training for the soldiers. You also know it’s common for a military family to train soldiers.”

Su Quan quickly looked at Su Ren and smiled, “Ren, do you have anything to say?”

Su Ren readily responded, “None.”

These three bastards now banded together to deceive them! Su Yan was about to explode when Su Ren quickly recalled something, “Oh, Bing Liang had chosen its owner.”

Su Yan looked at him in disdain, “We know. Why do you think we, these old people, would come here?!” Did they really think that they were that free?!

Su Quan’s smile stiffened. He asked, “Was it that young girl?”

Su Ren shrugged in response.

“Impossible!” Su Yan quickly thundered. “What is wrong with Bing Liang? Why does its ability to choose worsen every time! This time, why would it choose that sickly person?” Su Ling’s mother couldn’t be said to be an expert in martial arts, but at least her body was healthy. If this girl became Ling’s wife, wouldn’t it be difficult for her to give birth?

“Not true. Recently, the family emblem frequently moves. Bing Liang hasn’t been this excited for hundreds of years. That girl called Qing Mo doesn’t seem to be able to handle it (Bing Liang).” Su Qing shook his head. He looked at Su Ren’s eyes carefully, wanting to read his expression. However, Su Ren only gently smiled back at him.

The purpose of their visit this time was Bing Liang. It had always been guarding the Mistress of Su Family. It had always been a guardian. However, this time, it seemed very excited, making them couldn’t help but come to see. Hearing the emperor had sent a woman called Qing Mo to Ling, they thought it would be her (the mistress of Su family). However, looking at the thin body, they couldn’t believe that she was the one who had excited Bing Liang. Su Yan grabbed Su Ren’s collar and coldly asked, “Ren, don’t try to deceive your Uncle Yan. She is that tiny, how could she be worthy of Bing Liang?” It should be that even its cold aura was enough to defeat her!

Su Ren smiled slightly and dodged Su Yan’s hand, saying, “Three Uncles, please come with me. Whether she is worthy or not, you will see it shortly.” Recalling the situation on the drill grounds, Su Ren’s lips raised slightly.

“What do you mean?” The trio looked at each other.

Su Yan and the other uncles quickly followed behind Su Ling to the practice drill grounds. By the time they arrived there, they could only see a spacious land. On the practice grounds stood thousands of soldiers, all in silence. The sun had completely set. There was no fire on the ground for a light source, making it hard to see the expressions on the soldiers. Even while thousands of elite soldiers stood indifferently, their aura was still enough to scare most people. More strange, a slight resentment and anger could be felt in the air.

Su Quan’s eyes which were naturally small squinted hard. Finally he could see the well-built figure of Su Ling on the high stage. Su Quan looked at the Su Ren beside him and smiled, “Ling wants to train the soldiers? Little Ren, why did you ask us to come?” They didn’t have too much interest on soldier training.

Su Ren had not opened his mouth when Su Yan discovered the petite shadow beside Su Ling. His face quickly darkened, “When will it start? Since when was it okay for a woman to stand and see a general manor training?!” What Su Ling was doing? Why would he pamper that woman to this extent? No wonder the soldiers were so angry!

“Uh, Uncle Yan. It is okay for you to say here now, but it is better not to say ‘this woman, that woman’ in front of her, or else…” Su Yu quickly said something but didn’t continue. Now when he heard ‘that woman,’ those words gave him goosebumps. In the past, he also said it to her. As the result, not only did he lose his face, even his ??? li zi was lost!

Su Yan disapproved, “What can she do to me?” Or else you would be miserable, Su Yu and Su Ren looked at each other. They only said it in their minds and did not dare to speak it out loud.

Somehow it looked slightly strange over there. On that side, Han Shu had waited the entire afternoon. His temper was not good. To Gu Yun who still sat there nicely, he said, “When are you going to start? The sky has darkened.”

She stood there with her blue gown. Her hair gently swayed in the wind. Facing that angry face, she was still very calm.

Gu Yun lightly laughed, “Okay then, ignite the fire.”

Han Shu did not understand what she was thinking. Although he was angry, he still obeyed Gu Yun’s words, “Ignite!”

Per Han Shu’s order, the torches surrounding the practice drill grounds were immediately ignited, providing light for the ground, revealing the resolute faces.

Gu Yun gently raised her eyebrow. Everything was looking good. After a blazing afternoon sun, they still had high spirits. Their postures were still upright, looking energetic. There were no traces of disappointment. It looked like Han Shu had put much thought when selecting these three thousand soldiers, no wonder he felt upset for them.

Gu Yun slowly stood up, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed. Su Ling’s jet-black eyes coldly stared at her. Gu Yun silently sighed. This man was really hard to deal with!

Helplessly raising her lips, Gu Yun explained, “I will only talk with them. I won’t go out of this lookout.” She was not crazy! She still cherished this little life!

Su Ling released her hand. His heart was full of regret, why did he suggest for her to train the soldiers? Seeing her exceptionally serious face, Su Ling let her do it. He had already had no choice.

Gu Yun walked to the front of the lookout. The sparkling eyes slowly paid attention to the determined cold faces. After experiencing so many trainings, each of them emitted a murderous aura. Even when none of them did anything, it was still frightening. Gu Yun’s lips raised. There was a sense of excitement there. They were not those weak fellows half a year ago. She was really looking forward for their performance.

She, who wore a blue dress with her long hair, was standing on the lookout. Her face looked determined and her eyes calm. 

Su Yan pointed at Gu Yun while saying, “What is she doing?”

Su Yan silently observed Su Qing who was beside him. Su Yan saw him gently stroking his long beard and carefully observing Gu Yun. Su Ren silently laughed and did not answer Su Yan’s question and just said, “Three Uncles, please come to the stage and observe there.”

Su Qing looked very interested and nodded. Su Quan was smiling. Only Su Yan looked unhappy.

Su Ren brought the three to the stage. Su Ling looked at them and immediately his face darkened. Su Ren’s eyes were somewhere else as he didn’t exchange a look with Su Ling, pretending to not see a thing. At the back, the elders were busy with themselves. Meanwhile, Gu Yun’s entire focus was at the drill.

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