A Generation of Military Counsellor Chapter 24 : A Fair Hearing

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Yu Han Dan was fearfully clutching her chest, she didn’t even dare to breathe too loud. Su Ren secretly swallowed his saliva, he was so nervous that his back was covered with sweat. On battlefields, he had seen the mightiness of Chi Xue, but today he finally saw that usually hanged on the wall Bing Lian had this much power. Su Ren’s heart was at his throat. The last time Bing Lian and Chi Xue fought, Ling Yun Pavilion had to be repaired for more than a month. If these three people fought… This Yi Tian court might have to be rebuild again.

Ao Tian and Su Ling paused at each side, didn’t move but still unwilling to retreat the swords. The swords on their hand were held so tightly that they started to make a creaking sound. It was estimated they wouldn’t give up until one of them died.

Gu Yun was so pissed off and pierced the sword on her hand into the ground. Her arms were folded in front of her chest. She coldly said, “If you really like to fight, you could fight with me. After you win against me, you two can fight all the way you like till one of you die and no one will care!” The icy cold voice didn’t have the furious angry like before, but it actually made those two big men simultaneously stunned.

“Who wants to go first?” Gu Yun looked at Ao Tian, then Su Ling. Both of them didn’t open their eyes. After a while, Ao Tian finally took down his sword. Gu Yun secretly relieved and walked to his direction, “What are you doing here?”

Ao Tian turned his back, ignoring her. However, when he turned his back, he confronted Yu Han Dan, making Yu Han Dan petrified and her legs felt like jelly. Leaning on the door, her hands trembled non-stop. Su Ren stood forward and asked, “Miss Yu, are you okay?”

Yu Han Dan forced herself to calm and make a smile, “I… am alright.”

Gu Yun thought again and walked to Yu Han Dan while pointing Ao Tian, “Was he the man you saw that night?”

Perhaps, because of Su Ren’s present by her side, so she felt safer. Or, perhaps, she also didn’t want to lose her attitude in front Su Ren. Anyway, she once again looked Ao Tian. that thin face… that silver hair and slender figure… Yu Han Dan nodded and replied, “It was him.”

After she finished speaking, Ao Tian suddenly looked up, looking at Yu Han Dan. That pair of cold eyes made Yu Han Dan’s heart stopped beating for a moment and she stepped back.

Gu Yun frowned, “Are you sure?” This was impossible. That night after she separated with Ao Tian, she immediately heard the scream. It was impossible for Ao Tian to be the assailant unless he could do teleport! This was simply impossible!

Yu Han Dan’s heart was disordered. She was too afraid to look at Ao Tian again, but hearing Gu Yun’s question, she thought of a little difference. The assailant’s eyes were cruel and violent, while this man, although he was scary, his were just cold and lacking that sickening bloodthirsty feeling.

“I, I….” She had been saying “I” for a while. Yu Han Dan didn’t dare to say yes or no. She was afraid that she would speak wrong things, so she couldn’t speak it out.

Su Ling arrogant face had a thick layer of frost. How could she still believe that Ao Tian is not the murderer? He had actually come to General Manor to kill, how could she still believe him?!

Yu Han Dan didn’t dare to give an answer, making Gu Yun believe that Ao Tian was not the killer, but that assailant had some connection with Ao Tian. Or else, how could they look similar and Ao Tian voluntarily surrender himself? Gu Yun wanted to speak alone with Ao Tian. At this time, a sound was coming from the outside, “General, Minister Dan is requesting an audience.”

“Let him in.” Su Ling was no longer looking at Gu Yun and walked towards the lobby. Su Ling hadn’t left the small court when Dan Yu Lan and three Yayis came in. His calm face showed a repressed anger.

Dan Yu Lan nodded at Su Ling and his eyes swept through the messy yard. At last, it stopped at Ao Tian. His eyes flashed and he raised his hand. Three Yayis pointed the sword towards Ao Tian, surrounding him. Ao Tian didn’t have expression and just stood there. His bendable sword had returned to his waist. When dealing with these people, he didn’t need a weapon.

Gu Yun slightly frowned and puzzledly asked, “Dan Yu Lan, what happened?” They didn’t have evidence that pointed out Ao Tian was the killer and he had voluntarily go to the jail. Even if he came out today, it didn’t mean that Dan Yu Lan could let the Yayis to point a sword to Ao Tian, right?

Dan Yu Lan replied, “Xiao Yu was dead.”

Dead? Gu Yun was surprised. Ao Tian escaped the jail and Xiao Yu suddenly died! Gu Yun had a bad feeling. Indeed, Dan Yu Lan coldly said, “Within one hour Ao Tian left Xing Bu, she was dead. The assailant…” Seeing a cold arrogant Ao Tian, Dan Yu Lan continued, “was a silver-haired man. I am afraid Miss Yu’s safety, so I came here to have a look. I didn’t expect Ao Tian to be here.”

Ao Tian was not the murderer. He didn’t need to kill Xiao Yu. How could this be so coincidental? It happened as soon as Ao Tian escaped. Gu Yun looked at Ao Tian, hoping to see something in his face. Unfortunately, Ao Tian face remained expressionless. Nothing could be read from his face.

Cheng Hang rushed towards Ao Tian and coldly asked, “Ao Tian, you pretended to voluntarily surrender yourself to let down the suspicion. Now, Xiao Yu and Miss Yu were the only two who clearly seen your look. You wanted to kill the witness, didn’t you?

After a while, Ao Tian said, “I kill no one.”

His words seemed to anger Cheng Hang. Cheng Hang glared at him and loudly snapped, “Can you say that last night patrolling Yayis weren’t killed by you? If you didn’t kill them, how could you go out? And what are you doing in the middle of the night in General Manor?”

Ao Tian killed Yayis? Gu Yun now understood why Dan Yu Lan could be this angry and why Cheng Hang was so irritable. Gu Yun didn’t really believe that Ao Tian could do such a thing. With his martial arts, did he need to kill people to escape the jail? If they weren’t killed by Ao Tian, who killed them? Why did Ao Tian come to General Manor? The series of questions made Gu Yun closed her mouth and waited for his answer. However, Ao Tian just stood lofty there and spoke nothing.

Ao Tian didn’t speak a single word. Cheng Hang treated this as tacitly agreeing to the accusation and angrily roared, “You couldn’t answer this right?! First, you killed Xiao Yu, then entered General Manor to kill Miss Yu, right?”

“I didn’t kill anyone.” Ao Tian repeatedly said the word. He could only say that word. From the beginning, he had guessed that they were intentionally luring him out. Although he knew it was a trap, he couldn’t not come. If something happened to Qing Mo, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

“You still dare to quibble!” Once Ao Tian came out of the jail, several of his brothers died. Who could bear it? Cheng Hang wanted to ruthlessly beat him.

“First, escort the person back into the jail.” Dan Yu Lan voice stopped Cheng Hang’s fists.

Unwillingly putting down his hand, Cheng Hang escorted Ao Tian out of the small courtyard. Ao Tian didn’t resist at all. Just before he went out, he looked at Gu Yun. Gu Yun didn’t know what he was thinking and she just felt that Ao Tian was acting weird tonight.

A group of people left Yi Tian Court. Dan Yu Lan paid respect to Su Ling and said, “General Su, sorry to disturb.”

Su Ling lightly nodded and said nothing. All things that happened tonight seemed to point to Ao Tian as a murderer. However, when fighting with Ao Tian before, he felt that Ao Tian was not like a murderer. People who used sword knew, he had a flexible sword that could deal with Chi Xue and that strange movement… There was no apparent reason to involve in rape and captivity case.

The two went out of the courtyard together. A young soldier rushed towards Su Ling, his forehead was covered with sweat. Upon seeing Su Ling, he reported, “General! Something bad happened!”

At the same time, a Yayi also rushed towards Dan Yu Lan and whispered, “Minister! There was an accident!”

Su Ling coldly asked, “What had happened? Why you looked so scared?”

“There was an explosion in the  Hao Yue’s embassy an incense time ago.”

Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling almost simultaneous shouted, “What?” The two had guessed that something massive happened, but didn’t expect that an explosion in relay station!

Dan Yu Lan urged, “What is the situation right now?” The soldier looked at Su Ling. Seeing Su Ling nodded, he continued, “A Hao Yue’s ambassador officer was killed, three were heavily injured and five had minor injuries.”

Before the celebration, Hao Yue’s embassy was exploded. In addition, one officer was killed. To Qiong Yue, this was simply an insult. Tomorrow morning, the emperor must be really furious. The two looked each other and said nothing, just left the General Manor.

In the courtyard, Gu Yun had been listening to their conversation but didn’t chase them. The day Qing got married, she had passed the embassy, so she knew where it was. Sitting down on the small steps in the court, Gu Yun closed her eyes, arranging everything that happened tonight in her memory. She suddenly opened her eyes and urgently said to Su Ren, “Su Ren, immediately send people to other countries’ embassies, see whether there was also explosive material there. Also, asked them not to allow anyone get closer to the embassies for the next 24 hours!”  The bombing, this time, came too sudden. In addition, it happened before the ceremony. This kind of attack, she was afraid wouldn’t happen just once!

“Okay.” Su Ren was surprised. Seeing Gu Yun’s serious face, he knew what her concern was. If it was really as she thought it was going to be, it would be really disastrous!

Su Ren quickly exited the small courtyard. Gu Yun suddenly stood up and talked to terrified Yu Han Dan, “Stay at Yi Tian Court! Don’t go anywhere.” After finished speaking, she went out. Yu Han Dan regained her alertness and anxiously asked, “Where are you going?”

“Crime scene.” Throwing that word, the petite slender figure disappeared from the inner court.

Seeing her back view, Yu Han Dan suddenly envied her. With similar build, she could come and go freely. If she (Yu Han Dan) could be half as similar as her (Gu Yun), could she not need to be arranged by her father?

Bitterly smiling, Yu Han Dan picked up the jade qin and sat on the grass. She plucked the strings and a music started to flow, bringing a calmness to this turmoil night.


Hao Yue’s embassy

This was the second time Gu Yun went to Hao Yue’s embassy. The last time, it was during Qing ceremony, when Lou Xi Yan picked her up here. At that time, it was decorated with gorgeous decorations. However, it looked different now. Su soldiers had closed this place. The inner court still had traces of powder and a heavy ash smell could be felt coming from the inside. The guards were Su Army’s people so seeing Gu Yun coming, they didn’t stop her. Instead, they welcomed her. Xing Bu’s Yayis had seen Gu Yun working on a case with Minister Dan before, so seeing the Su Army didn’t stop her, they also didn’t dare to stop her.

Gu Yun smoothly entered the embassy. The garden was a mess and the flowers on the ground were basically three patches charcoal black on the ground. Looking up, the front lobby was very neat and there were many people were treated inside. Gu Yun guessed the explosion point was in the courtyard.

Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling were standing in the front door, hearing the Yayi’s report. Cheng Hang was squatting in front of a big patch, seriously recording Yayi’s report.

Gu Yun went towards Cheng Hang. When Su Ling looked at Gu Yun’s slender figure, he pulled her sleeve and asked, “What are you doing here?” Then, recalling that the accident happened in Hao Yue’s embassy, it was normal that she was worried.

Gu Yun slightly looked down to observed the explosion points and didn’t really listen to what Su Ling said. She just replied, “You just do your business. You don’t need to care about me.”

Su Ling frowned. How could he not care about her?! Although he was unhappy, he didn’t send her back home.

Gu Yun walked to the first point of explosion and was about to squat down to see when a male voice hesitatingly asked, “Miss Qing Mo? Was that really you?”

Gu Yun looked up and saw a man in his early thirties. He looked really surprised to see her. Seeing his uniform, Gu Yun guessed he must be a Hao Yue’s officer. She stood up and nodded. The man paid a respect to her, “The emperor had been worried about you and your sister. He specially ordered this subject to ask about your new.” Qing Ling had married Lou Xi Yan and Qing Feng had become a Qiong Yue’s imperial concubine. Although Qing Mo hadn’t been given  an official title, he needed to ‘fan’ her earlier (basically treat/praise her well to get something in return).

Gu Yun was not Qing Mo, so naturally she didn’t have feelings towards Hao Yue. However, she didn’t want him to suspect, so she muttered a polite but distant thanks and looked at the soldier beside her, saying, “Escort him to rest.”

After a night raid and putting down the rebels, Qing Mo’s reputation and status in Su family soared high. Listening to Gu Yun’s order, the young soldier quickly replied, “Yes, mam.”

Being led away by the young soldier to the inner chamber, the man from time to time looked back at Qing Mo, who was squatting on the ground. In his memory, Qing’s third miss was a pleasant kid. How could she turn into an ice queen after arriving in Qiong Yue? Looking at the attitude of the young soldier towards her, he knew that her position inside Su Family wasn’t low. Qing’s three sisters indeed had their own strategies!

“What had actually happened?” A calm Dan Yu Lan looked at the messy scene. In addition, there was a dead Hao Yue’s officer, it was definitely a bad thing.

In the late autumn night, Yayis’ heads were covered in sweat, but they quickly replied, “According to Hao Yue’s officer, they were discussing things in the lobby. At 9.30, they heard a movement in the inner courtyard so they went out to have a look. However, when they came into the yard, there was an explosion, so the frontest person which was Hao Yue’s  Department of Rite’s assistant minister… died.”

Dan Yu Lan gritted his teeth and continued to ask, “Did they see someone suspicious?”

“No, when they arrived at the courtyard, the explosion took a place. During the day, they also didn’t notice anything special happened. Hao Yue’s officers just came yesterday morning to the embassy. Before that, no one had come.”

During the celebration period, someone would patrol near the embassy. If anyone suspicious sneaked in, they should be able to discover it. How did the assailant bury the explosive in the inner court without people’s notice it?

“The assailant didn’t put the explosive in the courtyard in advance. Instead, they brought the explosives from outside.” Qing Mo’s female voice was heard. Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling were surprised and quickly looked at half knelt Gu Yun. Her back was facing her.

Cheng Hang who was squatting beside Gu Yun urgently asked, “How do you know?”

“From the traces left behind the scene, we could see there were three explosion points.” Gu Yun stood up and walked towards the centre of the three points. She continued, “To the southwest of the three points, there were shallow pits. Amongst them, the furthest to the southwest was slightly deeper than the other. In the surrounding of every pit, there had many traces of gunpowders. It was estimated that the explosives were dropped from above. After bouncing several times, the explosion occurred.” Cheng Hang carefully observed. It was indeed like what she said. In every pit to the southwest direction, there were two-three shallow pits. If you didn’t look at it carefully, you wouldn’t be able to notice it. Cheng Hang had that kind of worshipping look when he looked at Gu Yun. Seeing her eyes suddenly squinted, Cheng Hang looked at the front lobby for a while. Her gaze suddenly fixed at a certain point and confidently opened her mouth, “Looking at the explosion points and the bounced points, the assailant should throw the explosive from there!”

Looking at the direction of Gu Yun’s finger, Cheng Hang quickly jumped onto the roof and looked for evidence. He excitedly said, “Reporting to the Minister, there were indeed traces of black powder and being stamped at the scene.” Although the footprint was really light, but it could still be vaguely seen.

“Draw the footprint with the original scale.” Gu Yun grabbed the white paper that was on Yayi’s hand beside her, dipped a generous amount of the ink onto her brush and threw both of them to Cheng Hang.

Cheng Hang quickly caught it. If his martial arts wasn’t good enough, he would either die because of falling down or getting a free black face painting! Catching the brush and the paper with difficulty, Cheng Hang glared at Gu Yun who had turned her back. The other people didn’t even give him a glance! Cheng Hang pouted, he could only accept his fate and seriously drew the footprint.

Su Ling walked to Gu Yun’s side. Just as she said, he saw a light trace that most people wouldn’t notice. On the battlefield, he could devise a battle plan and win many battles. However, it seemed like she had a more detailed observation and analysing skill than him.

Dan Yu Lan had always known that Qing Mo had good observation and analysing skill. Seeing her lost in her thought again, he hesitated for a moment then continued to ask, “Are there any other discoveries?”

Gu Yun’s face was solemn. With a serious tone, she replied, “The explosion power was not large and the assailant actually chose to throw the explosive into the courtyard instead of burying it in the most important place, it was probably because his motive was not to kill people, but to provoke or to give a warning. However, we couldn’t find any negotiating or warning letters on the scene. This could only mean that it is just a beginning.”

A beginning? Su Ling’s and Dan Yu Lan’s faces stiffened, “What you meant was… the assailant would attack somewhere else?”

Gu Yun nodded. Looking at the way they looked, Gu Yun smiled and comforted, “Su Ren had deployed additional people to protect the embassies, so it should be…”

Boom. Gu Yun’s words hadn’t finished but a muffled thunder-like sound was piercing the silence of the night. Everyone who heard it skipped a heartbeat. In this part of the city, it was full of embassies. The muffled voice had inexplicable said it.

“Go and check what was happening? Where did the sound come from?” Dan Yu Lan face could be described as white as paper.


“Someone come. Order Han Shu to bring 8,000 elites and block all the city gates and official roads.” Su Ling’s eagle eyes look at the flaming light. It was indeed like what she said, the assailant wanted to provoke!


Gu Yun’s organised brows bundled together. She had expected that the assailant would continue to engage in terrorist attack, but she didn’t think it would be this quick!

“Reporting…” The one who reported wasn’t the Yayi that just left, but a red-clothed small soldier. He straightly went towards Su Ling and anxiously said, “Northern Qi’s embassy got attacked. The Commander Su who was there at that time also got injured.”

Su Ren got hurt?! The group of people rushed towards Northern Qi’s embassy. Outside the embassy, there were 3-4 groups. The door was widely opened. The door was directly facing the centre of the courtyard. A deeper and bigger pit was found, this meant the attacks were using more and more explosives!

Gu Yun took a lead into the inner courtyard. Seeing a young soldier holding a towel to bandaged Su Ren’s arm, Gu Yun asked, “Su Ren, how are you feeling?”

Su Ren’s disapprovingly smiled, “It was just a minor injury.” Seeing Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan behind Gu Yun, Su Ren waved his hand to the soldier and got up to greet, “Big Brother, Minister Dan.”

Inside the courtyard, the Su Army was picking up pieces but none of the Nothern Qi officers was found. Dan Yu Lan concernedly asked, “Commander Su, how is your injury? Did any of Nothern Qi’s people got injured?”

Su Ren shook his head and replied, “Thanks for your concern, I was the only one who got injured. Thanks to Big sister-in-law’s order to bring soldiers here, we encountered the assailant. The explosive explode in the front courtyard so the Nothern Qi’s officials were injured. I had let them rest in the back chambers.”

So, she actually had ordered Su Ren to stand a guard! Su Ren and Dan Yu Lan were slightly surprised, simultaneously looking at Gu Yun who was half kneeling on the ground. She used her finger to touch the big pit’s black sand inside. Her face was solemn. They didn’t know what she was thinking, but no one dared to disturb her.

Gu Yun’s back was facing Su Ren and faintly asking, “Did you see the assailant?”

With Gu Yun’s question, Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan recovered, looking at Su Ren. Su Ren annoyedly replied, “I could only see a red shadow. The assailant was wearing a mask.”

“Did he leave any word or anything?” If they didn’t, this could only mean that the game wasn’t over and the attack would continue! Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan understood the meaning behind Gu Yun’s question. Northern Qi was the second embassy that got attacked. If there was the third one… The two felt a headache again.

Su Ren nodded and replied, “There is. When he dropped the explosives from the walls, he straightly ran away. His martial arts was high so he disappeared without a trace. He left this on the wall.”

Dan Yu Lan sighed. Su Ling took the note and look at it. His facial expression changed and his eyes were full of murderous aura.

Gu Yun had also noticed Su Ling’s change. Together with Dan Yu Lan, they looked at the note. On the white silk, there were only simple bloody words, “Release Ao Tian, otherwise, blood will bathe the celebration… Ye Mei.”

“Ye Mei?” Gu Yun mumbled. The assailant was that always silent and righteous girl? Gu Yun didn’t really believe it. She faced Su Ren and asked again, “Have you seen Ye Mei before? Was she really the assailant?”

Su Ren was a little bit frustrated and replied, “I’ve only seen Ye Mei once, but the assailant was wearing a golden mask and a bright red cloak. He/she didn’t say a word, so I couldn’t see clearly and also couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t determine whether the assailant is a female or a male.”

Red cloak and gold mask! Obvious features again and no one was able to clearly seen the face of the assailant, it was similar to Ao Tian’s silver hair cases. Gu Yun had a premonition that everything that happened tonight was a part of a carefully woven conspiracy. From the day Ao Tian escaped, these things had been developed to certain direction step-by-step. This left note had forced Ao Tian more and more towards an abyss!

Ti Xing Office.

In the huge office, several cold-looking people were sitting on chairs. It looked like every one of them was into their own deep thoughts. No one was speaking. The only warmness in the room came from several cups of tea that were placed on the table.


Rapid footsteps sound came from the courtyard outside of the office. A young man urgently reported, “Reporting General! Eight thousand soldiers have been dispatched into the capital and its peripheries to search the assailants, but we couldn’t track Ye Mei’s whereabout.” The General had ordered them to report the situation to him every hour. After two consecutive reports of no result, the general’s face had turned scarily dark. The young soldier swallowed his saliva. Fortunately, Su Ling didn’t get angry and just coldly ordered, “Deploy another 10,000 soldiers and expand the periphery of the search!”


Cheng Hang was slightly annoyed and he thumped the small table (矮几 it is a short table, like a coffee table). He puzzledly hummed, “When the assailant attacked the Northern Qi embassy, General Su had despatched some soldiers to block the capital’s official roads. It is impossible for the assailant to escape within that narrow time point. She must still be in the city. How could we not find her?”

Just as everyone became silent again, a yayi came in a rush and said, “Minister, Guard Mo from prime minister’s house asks to see Minister.”

Mo Bai paid a visit in the middle of the night. Could that be that Prime Minister Lou had heard this news this quickly? Sighing, Dan Yu Lan replied, “Let him come.”

Mo Bai’s tall figure appeared in the office. A slight shortness of breaths revealed his anxious and impatient state. Dan Yu Lan’s deep voice asked, “Guard Mo, you came this late at night. Did Prime Minister Lou have sent some message?”

“Did you suspect Ye Mei as tonight bomber?” Mo Bai irrelevantly answered. Dan Yu Lan slightly frowned, secretly questioning how he knew that they suspected Ye Mei as the assailant. However, knowing that Lou Xi Yan was ‘behind’ Mo Bai’s back, Dan Yu Lan wisely kept silent.

Seeing Dan Yu Lan remained silent, Mo Bai cold voice determinedly said, “She is not.”

Everyone was stupefied. Dan Yu Lan curiously asked, “How do you know that she wasn’t the assailant?” Did Prime Minister Lou had evidence to prove Ye Mei is not the assailant?

Mo Bai coldly replied, “When did the first attack occur?”


“At 21.00, she was with me. I had an appointment to meet her at the place 2.5 km outside the city at the southern suburb. At 21.30, she just left, so she couldn’t be the assailant.”

Were the twos together? Gu Yun’s lips slightly raised. It was no wonder the usually cold/calm Mo Bai came here in such a hurry.

Cheng Hang obviously didn’t really believe it and asked, “Were there any other people with you at that time?”

“No.” Mo Bai’s blue eyes darkened. He asked, “You didn’t believe my words?”

Dan Yu Lan deeply sighed, “Guard Mo. It was not like I didn’t believe you, but the assailant left a note, claiming to be Ye Mei. In addition, coincidentally, Ye Mei disappeared. Whether she is the assailant or not, we still need to find her first.”

Mo Bai’s cold aura scared people and Dan Yu Lan didn’t speak again, making the atmosphere in the office really tense.

At this time, a man who dressed like a eunuch was escorted by a yayi into the office. Seeing Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan, he urgently said, “The emperor had decreed. General Su and Minister Dan are to immediately enter the palace.”

Immediately enter the palace? It was 01.00 am right now. Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan looked at each other, clearly understood that they would need to face Yan Hong Tian’s rage. They tacitly stood up and followed the eunuch, exiting the office.

Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan left. Mo Bai also left, leaving Cheng Hang and Gu Yun in the office.

Gu Yun gently tapped the table, producing rhythmic pounding sounds. Cheng Hang who heard these was slightly annoyed. He was about to ask her to stop when Gu Yun stopped and asked, “Did you believe his words?”

Cheng Hang shook his head. Gu Yun laughed, “Why?”

“Seeing the way he looked just before, I knew that he and that Ye Mei had a ‘thing’. To protect the woman he loves, he lied. This is common sense.” Sighing, Cheng Hang anxiously said, “This kind of thing happened just before the celebration. The Emperor must have been angry. This time entering the palace, I am afraid the minister will have to suffer!”

Cheng Hang didn’t believe Mo Bai, but Gu Yun believed. Although Mo Bai was anxious, his face didn’t show any trace of guilty conscience. She could see that he didn’t lie. If what he said was true, then, someone was planning to trap Ye Mei and Ao Tian? At this time, Ye Mei was missing. She was afraid…

Damn! Gu Yun quickly stood up and ran towards the courtyard. Cheng Hang didn’t understand what was going on so he shouted, “Where are you going?”

There was only empty room to answer his question.



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