Hi everyone,

It’s Nutty. You will probably want to kill me right now (Kya….) I am really busy with my study at the moment because every week I have assignments to submit or presentation to present or poster to make (Complain… complain… Ah.. kill me right now >O<). Coupled with my lab work, it is an equation of hell. I haven’t been able to translate new chapter for a month! There are about 18 pages of word doc per chapter and I am hardly finishing one page now (sorry). Anyhow, that is my excuse for not releasing a chapter this month (and probably next month at least until 15th June). I am so sorry for disappointing you and also so grateful that at least Sian is still keeping up with the RWG translation. Please be patient. I will come back soon (if I am not dead by then πŸ˜› ).

Just an update: L3D had posted Β aΒ chapter

Love you all,



19 thoughts on “Notice

  1. Concentrate on your study, Nutty… Don’t worry, I’ll hold off the fort here. Maybe, by the time you’re back in June, book one’s translation will catch up with book two’s translation. Hehehe… Jia you!! I’m glad that I’m not a student anymore… πŸ˜ƒ


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  3. Nutty, thx for informing us of your circumstances!
    Please be at ease, we understand your situation and will definitely be patiently waiting!
    Take your time in updating and best of luck in your studies!!


  4. All the best with your schedule.
    Please stay alive for our sake and the novel’s.
    We can keep waiting as long as you live to update.
    Your studies are more important that anything else.

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  5. Thanks Nutty for the info. And Thank YOU for keeping this novel going! Your studies are more important so please don’t say sorry, telling us that you are keeping this ongoing IS FANTASTIC! Thank You Sian and Nutty for everything!


  6. No worries nutty. Study no 1. We will be waiting patiently here. We all understand your circumstances and thank you for letting us know. All the best for your study !


  7. Thanks for the update and wish you the best. I don’t know how you can manage your school work and translating novels. You are totally awesome. We still have Sian and the editors here. Looking forward to your comeback.


    • ROW will never catch up to MIM, unfortunately… MIM’s translator, Zazajunie, needs to be on hiatus for a while also in order for me to catch up on her translation. Hehehe… ROW will definitely moving along… πŸ˜ƒ


  8. School work should be your 1st priority 😊 so don’t feel bad about not translating in time. So grateful that you’re translating at all. Thank You for your notice and we’ll see you back whenever you’re ready 😊😊 In the meantime, we’ve got Sian & Co to keep us entertained πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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