Record of Washed Grievances Characters List

Updated to characters up to chapter 91… I will add any new character as we move along… Hopefully this list will help the readers.


Lou Xi Yan – Prime Minister of Qiong Yue.

Zhuo Qing aka mistakenly known as Qing Feng but is actually Qing Ling, the Qing’s eldest sister. She’s a forensic investigator. Her nick name is Nancy (only Gu Yun knows this name).

Mo Bai – LXY’s personal bodyguard (aka Blue Eyes, ZQ’s nick name). He likes Ye Mei. That blue eyes of his turned out to be more than just blue eyes as Mo Bai has powers to control wind and water with his eyes.

Qi Tian Yu – LXY’s good friend. His family owns a casino.

Qian Jing – Qiong Yue’s bounty hunter & seems to be LXY’s love rival (he calls himself “Shao Ye” in a few situations). He was blamed for Yang Liu’s murder, the Liutenant General at the general’s manor.

Jing Sa – Prime Minister manor’s head housekeeper & seems to be the object of affection of LXW.

Lou Xi Wu – LXY’s younger sister & seems to like Jing Sa.

Xue Xian Xin – LXY father’s concubine. She is called second mother by LXY & LXW.

Yan Hong Tian – Qiong Yue’s Emperor. LXY & YHT grew up together so they’re like brothers.

Yan Ru Xuan aka Princess Chao Yun – Yan Hong Tian’s sister & loves LXY. She calls LXY “Yan Gege”

West Empress Dowager  aka Yang Zhi Lan – Yan Hong Tian & Yan Ru Xuan’s mother & the former Emperor’s dotted concubine.

East Empress Dowager – aka Lou Su Xin, the former Emperor’s Empress & Yan Hong Tian’s adopted mother & LXY’s paternal aunt.

Gu Yun aka Qing Mo (the Qing’s youngest sister) – ZQ’s best friend. She’s a great investigator. Her nick name is Icey (according to book 1, however some reader said that her nick name is actually Lucy in book 2. So not sure which one is right).

Su Ling – Qiong Yue’s General. Qing Mo aka Gu Yun was bestowed to this general.

Xiao Lian – Yan Ru Xuan’s personal maid.

Qing Feng – the Qing’s second sister. YHT’s Imperial concubine.

The Queen Empress – YHT’s official wife. Her name wasn’t mentioned but I think her surname is Xin as she’s from the Xin’s clan.

Su Yu – the youngest Su’s brother. Su Ling’s youngest brother. GY’s punch bag as she bullies him a lot.

Ao Tian – first rank bounty hunter in Qiong Yue and Qian Jing’s shi xiong (elder brother in the same martial art school).

Ye Mei – second rank bounty hunter in Qiong Yue and Qian Jing’s shi jie (elder sister in the same martial art school). She likes Mo Bai.

Lou Mu Hai – LXY’s father and the West border General. Xue Xian Xin’s husband. She calls him “Laoye”.

Liu momo – the West Empress Dowager’s trusted palace maid/wet nurse.

Su Mu Feng – the fourth son of the Su’s family. He’s called Su Gongzi (title) through out the chapters. He’s a very good zither player at a very young age. He’s Qiong Yue’s first rank musician. He has a blood phobia disease and also doesn’t like to be touched by women.


Niu Jia Family Village

Wu Si – the head of villager.

Lin Bo Kang – the dead “criminal” that was forced to plead guilty for something he didn’t do and the crime he was being convicted of was a part of a bigger scheme.

Madam Lin – Lin Bo Kang’s wife.

Li Ming – Lin Bo Kang’s housekeeper and seemed to be his murderer.


Ying Tian Town Hall/Government Office

Wu Zhi Gang – Assistant Minister from the Ministry of Justice.

Wang Bing Sheng – Coroner at Ying Tian Hall.

Two Bailiffs that were mentioned in the previous chapters.

Dan Yu Lan – the Head of the Criminal Prison Division (under Ministry of Justice).

Lu Jin – Dan Yu Lan’s student. He knows how to perform autopsy.

Cheng Hang – DYL’s student. He’s an investigator.


Other supporting characters:

The Bearded Male – the bad guy whom Qian Jing caught.

Yang Mu – imperial physician who treated LXY’s illness.

The Big Man – the guy who gambled and lost thousands of liang at the Qi Family’s casino and kidnapped Ru-er, Qi Tian Yu brother’s personal maid. He called himself Yeye or Laozi sometimes.

Fei Ru – aka Ru-er who is Qi Tian Yu brother’s maid.

Gao Jin – aka Gao gonggong (Yan Hong Tian’s trusted eunuch).

Xiao Liu Zi – the young eunuch who was supposed to help ZQ to go and meet Qing Feng during the palace banquet.

Wu Rong – The Empress’ head housekeeper who was in the palace banquet. He brought in Qing Feng to be “trialed” when 7th Princess died of poisoning.

Li Liu – another guard at the east gate city wall. A friend of Li Zhi.

Huang Yi & Wang Wei – the guards at the General’s manor who were helping Yang Liu  during the confrontation between Qian Jing and Yang Liu.

Fei-er – ZQ’s personal maid.

Su-er – LXW’s personal maid.

Second Prince – YHT’s twin younger brother. Only mentioned once and there was no explanation but based on book 3, he tried to steal the throne from YHT so he was killed when the plan failed.

Princess An Ning – the third victim of the serial killer, where the murderer removed the women’s hearts.

Liu Hong – Ministry of Justice’s Official. He was in charge in investigating the attempted murder in Zhuo Qing.

Four Palace Eunuchs who tried to kill Zhuo Qing by drowning her in the lotus pond. They were Lu Zhi Hai’s subordinates (from Domestic Affair Ministry).

The Boss from Leng Yue Lou’s wine shop or restaurant where LXY ordered foods for the wedding. Qiong Yue’s first rank shop.

The Boss from Ning Cui Ge (jade store) where ZQ bought her wedding jewelries. This place had a connection with a fourth victim of the “serial killer” cases.


Bei Qi Diplomatic Envoys

Xu Xun Si – 3rd Prince of Bei Qi’s country.

Xu Yan Yun – 7th Princess of Bei Qi’s country.

Hu Xi Ang – General from Bei Qi’s country and eldest son of the Old General Hu Zhang Yu.


The Yang Family/missing gold case

Yang Liu – the Liutenant General at the General’s manor who was killed. He was one of the 5 Generals who was involved in the missing gold case.

Li Zhi – Yang Liu’s best friend and also one of the 5 Generals who was involved in the missing gold case. He’s a guard for the east gate city wall. He was poisoned inside the prison.

Madam Yang aka Yang Shi aka Qu Xin. She was actually Qu Ze’s younger sister and she married & killed Yang Liu to revenge her older’s brother’s death. She also set up Qian Jing for Yang Liu’a murder as he was the one who captured her older brother the second time around.

Qu Ze – one of the 5 Generals who was involved in the missing gold case. He was charged with stealing the gold and in collusion with the rioter. He was beheaded but insisted that he didn’t do all the things he were charged for. Qu Ze was caught by Qian Jing.


The Ministers who were involved in trying to recover the stolen gold:

Fang You An – Ministry of Justice’s Minister. He was reassigned to be Governor of Tong Zhuo’s province. He died due to old age.

Ping Ran – Ministry of Justice’s Assistant Minister. He was demoted to a middle rank minister. And was promoted back to assistant minister after 3 years of good performance.

Tai Xin – Ministry of Appointment’s Assistant Minister

Huang Zhong Qu – Ministry of Appointment’s Middle Rank Minister

Wu Guo Cheng – Ministry of War’s Assistant Minister. Qu Ze, Yang Liu & Li Zhi were his subordinates. He was also demoted because of this case.