Hello all! I’m Sian, a fellow Chinese novel addict. 😜 I’ve been translating book one of the mistaken marriage series awhile back. I continued on what Inno left off on her blog so my translation started from chapter 9. Originaly, my translation was only being read by me and a good friend of mine. As I moved along translating until chapter 15, my good friend suggested to share it. But since I didn’t have a blog, I asked Nutty if I could use her blog to share my translation. So here we are!!

Just a little bit about me. I’m a mom and also work full time but thankfully I have a great husband who allows me to cater to my addiction reading Chinese novels. 😍 I have basic Chinese so most of my translations are being done with the help of an online dictionary so some of you may not like it. I’m open to correction or other suggestion from you all since you’re also going to be reading the translation!

Thank you, Nutty for sharing her blog with me!


15 thoughts on “Introduction…

  1. Hi SIAN!!! Nice to meet you. Thank you for your time and your grace for sharing this wonderful novel with us. Keep up the great work. Nutty is also a fabulous person here who’s a very dedicated person. You are also very awesome.

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  2. Many thanks! Are you going to put up the other two chapters you have finshed? I am reading all three of these marriage matches at once and the first one is the one that has the least translation although it has two translators. go figure! Hope you will continue this project–I really love this series. It is fun to read together since they are happening sort of simultaneously.

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    • Are you sure that you’re asking the question to the right translator? There are two in this blog. Nutty is translating book 2 while I am translating book 1. I don’t quite understand which two chapters that you were referring to. This book, which is a book 1 of the series is actually has 115 or 113 chapters. Book 2 has the least chapters (about 44) but each chapter is twice or thrice longer than the other two books. Book 3 also has about 113-115 chapters in total.
      If you meant to ask Nutty, she’ll post the chapters that she has already translated on her own time (when she has a free time). Please be patience… You can always sign up to follow this blog so you know when we post the chapter and don’t have to keep checking for any update.


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