Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 112: Wedding Night (Big Ending – Part 2)

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Not too long after, Lou Xi Wu’s lovable and charming figure came into the room at the moment, after she saluted one after another, Lou Xi Wu sat down beside Qi Tian Yu, sticking out her mouth, she humphed: “Qi dage (elder brother), you have not come and seen us for quite a while.”

Qi Tian Yu always considered her like his own sister whom he loved dearly, seeing that she was pouting, he immediately took out a slender box from his sleeve, and stuffed it on her hand softly, then smilingly said: “Am I not here now?! I give you Yancheng’s (the city) most well-known jade hairpin.”

“Really?” Lou Xi Wu opened the box that she got surprisingly, there was a spotless white gem with a glossy white jade that was quietly placed in there. Lou Xi Wu extremely liked it, then she happily smiled and said: “Thank you, Qi dage.”

The two people were talking and smiling, and did not pay any attention to Jing Sa who was on the side, whose original face was already dark and it was even darker now that he could scare people. At this moment, Zhuo Qing’s party delegation came in also, Qi Tian Yu looked one glance, immediately met with Gu Yun’s petite figure who was adorable and sweet in appearance, then he put his whole gaze on to her. The three people had not sat down yet, but he already asked fearlessly: “Sister in law (the actual words are saozi, older brother’s wife), who is the young beautiful woman beside you?”

“Qi Tian Yu, long time no see, you are still the same, but I advise you that it is best that you do not provoke her.” Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, this person was really a rough and coarse rascal, so long as he was able to look at a woman and he wanted to take liberties with her!

Qi Tian Yu did not understand and asked: “Why?”

Zhuo Qing was somewhat pointing her finger and looked one glance at Su Ling who was behind him (QTY) and whose face was like a black cloud. Qi Tian Yu turned around to be in contact with Su Ling’s cold eagle eyes, watching it with a smile, it turned out that the beautiful woman already had an owner.

Lightly coughing, Qi Tian Yu tactfully smiled and said: “It seems that I am one step too late.” Picking up his wine cup, Qi Tian Yu drank to toast Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing and smilingly said: “I did not drink the wedding feast last time, I want to drink one cup this time!”

Lou Xi Yan also lifted up his wine cup, smilingly said: “Everyone does it together, ok.”

Everyone drank a toast, Yan Hong Tian picked up a cup of tea that was next to him and passed it on to Qing Feng’s hand, and he said softly: “You drink this.”

This act did not escape from Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun’s eyes, both of them looked at each other and smiled, not bad, there was also feeling between Yan Hong Tian and Qing Feng.

A group of people were drinking while they were also chatting, when they were done eating the meal, the moon was already at the tip of the branch, and it was close to zishi (11 pm-1 am). As a new groom, Lou Xi Yan naturally drank a lot of wine, so he was intoxicated and could not walk. Finally, Mo Bai and Zhuo Qing were lending their arms to support him, but he was still staggering all the way back to Lan Yue building.

Outside of Lan Yue building, Qi Tian Yu stubbornly wanted to go in to disturb the privacy of the bridal room, but he was blocked by the cold and strong Jing Sa’s face who was standing outside the courtyard: “Master is already intoxicated, Qi Gongzi, please return, ok.”

Comparing to Lou Xi Yan who was completely drunk, Qi Tian Yu’s was still clear headed obviously except for his face that was somewhat flushed, his expression was sober and calm. Putting his hand on Jing Sa’s shoulder, Qi Tian Yu smilingly said: “This can not do, we are still not disturbing the privacy of the bridal room yet!”

Yan Hong Tian’s delegation originally wanted to leave, but looking at Qi Tian Yu who persisted to want to disturb the privacy of the bridal room, they simply decided not to leave too hurriedly, all of them were encircling the outside of Lan Yue building.

Jing Sa remained unmoved as before, and he answered coldly: “The time is already late, Qi Gongzi, please return, ok!”

Qi Tian Yu turned around to give a supercilious look, how did Xi Yan find this blockhead to be a housekeeper, he was not fun at all. Patting Jing Sa’s shoulder strongly, Qi Tian Yu was unwilling to give up and he continued to say: “Jing Sa, do not be this serious! Disturbing the privacy of the bridal room is part of the festive ah! Xi Yan will not mind it.”

Jing Sa retreated back for one step, he ignored his words immediately this time, his tall figure stood up at the gate of the courtyard and stayed to make sure that they did not go in.

Lou Xi Wu who was standing beside Qi Tian Yu and because she also drank several cups of wine, her complexion was captivatingly red, her footsteps were somewhat weak and unstable, but her mouth still joined in the fun, she laughed heartily and said: “Right ah, right ah! We want to disturb the privacy of the bridal room!! Disturb the privacy of the bridal room!!”

Looking that she was standing unsteadily and still shouting noisily, Jing Sa helplessly stepped forward to support her unsteady body, then he said in a gentle voice: “Stop making trouble!”

Qi Tian Yu was looking interestingly at Jing Sa who was seldom gentle and soft, he could not help to smile and say: “Ck ck ck, truly favoring one and discriminating against the other ah! It seems that I am not here for three months, the Prime Minister’s manor is filled with love affairs ah!” (The actual words are actually peach blossom – ๆกƒ่Šฑ which can mean love affair). This block of stone finally got it straight la! It seemed that he chose a wrong time to be away from home, and then missed many good shows!

This obvious tease made Lou Xi Wu was ashamed so she lightly struggled to get free from Jing Sa’s hand, and she called out in a low voice: “Qi dage! What nonsense are you talking about?!”

“Nonsense talk?” Qi Tian Yu put both of his hands on his chest, casted a sidelong glance at Jing Sa, he lowly smiled and said: “I am thinking that you are going to get married soon, but as it turns out, I misinterpret it wrongly?!”

Even though it was clearly a teasing, Jing Sa’s face was still as before and did not look red due to anger or panting, his face was still looking coldly.

Mo Bai just happened to come out from the inside courtyard at this moment, looking at a group of people outside of the door who clearly wished to continue to do something, he just understood what they wanted to do. Not saying anything, Mo Bai and Jing Sa stood side by side, the two people, one on the left and the other on the right, were standing in front of the gate to seal tightly the courtyard door that was not big.

Lou Xi Wu was sensitive, being teased by Qi Tian Yu like this, her original face that was red because of the wine, became annoyed quickly so she was glaring at him, then Lou Xi Wu called out: “You always tease people! If you really have the ability, just think of a way to cross over these two gate deities so we can go in ah!”

Qi Tian Yu lightly raised his eyebrows, crossing over them would be impossible! Speaking of martial art, if there was only Jing Sa, he could still try it, but Mo Bai was also here now, he was surely not his opponent. Turning around to look one glance at this group of people who were behind him and who were waiting to watch a good show. They would not help so Qi Tian Yu sighed grievingly, and he still had to lean on himself, right.

Thinking deeply for a moment, Qi Tian Yu suddenly showed a crafty smile: “I have a way!”

Once Qi Tian Yu finished talking, he turned around to run to the rear court, everyone was looking at each other in dismay, all of them did not know what he wanted to do. But looking at his confident appearance a moment ago, they were somewhat curious and looking forward to his plan.

Inside the courtyard, Zhuo Qing’s heart was cursing at Mo Bai from head to toes, he knew perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan was intoxicated, he (MB) unexpectedly only helped him (LXY) until the door and then left, in any case he should help his master get on the bed, right!!

Zhuo Qing’s one hand was supporting Lou Xi Yan while her other hand pushed the door, who would have thought that the wooden door was really heavy. When she pushed the door, it unexpectedly did not push open, Lou Xi Yan continuously leaned on her shoulder. Zhuo Qing clenched her teeth, both of her hands were holding Lou Xi Yan’s waist. Lifting up her right leg, she kicked the door strongly, the door made a loud sound and was finally able to be opened so she breathed relaxingly. Zhuo Qing took Lou Xi Yan’s arms to assist him, the two people were stepping inside the room swayingly, but the doorway was somewhat tall and Zhuo Qing was wearing a long cheong sam skirt today so her foot tripped on it and both of them went down together.

Zhuo Qing’s heart was cold, oh no, howling in grief and waiting for the pain to come and meet her, just when she was about to fall on the ground, Zhuo Qing only felt that her waist was tight. She was already held by two pair of big hands and fell on his bosom, and Lou Xi Yan’s nervous inquiry echoed in her ear: “Be careful! Did you break anything?”

Zhuo Qing raised her head, only to see that Lou Xi Yan’s worry face that was looking at her, his expression was clear and pure, his footsteps were firm, she could not see any drunkenness on him. Zhuo Qing coldly humphed: “You are not intoxicated?”

Darn it, he was not intoxicated but he made her to support him to walk like that for a long time, and made her dripping with sweat now!

Taking her to his bosom, Lou Xi Yan’s elegant phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, he gently smiled and said: “This kind of day today, I can not be intoxicated drinking a good wine.”

The hallow of his palm was scorching, and with his ambiguous intonation, it made Zhuo Qing’s heart was overflowed slightly. But looking at his clear and bright appearances at the moment, and remembering that she was so tired to death a moment ago, he was still pretending to be intoxicated, Zhuo Qing could not help to be angry, and coldly humphed: “You are really a fox.”

Lou Xi Yan’s double sword looking eyebrows knitted gently, distressingly answered: “Husband is not able to hold alcohol, I do not pretend to be intoxicated so I can really be carried back!” Su Ling was always able to hold a huge volume (of alcohol), Hong Tian could not be intoxicated even if he drank a thousand cups, no need to talk more about Tian Yu. Even if the bubble in the wine jar was long and big (this is a saying that even if he was soaking in the wine as he grew up), how could he fight them?! Dan Yu Lan already left at an earlier time, if he did not pretend to be intoxicated, it was estimated that they could drink until dawn!

Through the material of her clothing, Zhuo Qing could still feel the scorching palm of his hand, lightly patting his hand, Zhuo Qing gave him a cup of hot tea, then she sighed and said: “Drink a little tea, ok, you also drink a lot of wine tonight.” The wine that Yan Hong Tian brought were strong, Yun was the only one who could drink it without changing any color, she and Xi Wu selected a relatively milder wine.

Taking the hot tea from Zhuo Qing’s hand and putting it aside, Lou Xi Yan’s hand embraced her graceful waist again, lightly carrying and putting her on his embrace to sit on his legs. Lou Xi Yan picked up the wine cups that were already prepared earlier, and poured a couple of cups of wine. He put one cup in Zhuo Qing’s hand, and he was holding another cup on his hand, then smilingly said: “I think that we should drink a formal exchange of cups between the bride and groom now.” (If you’re familiar with this tradition, the new couple usually drink a cup from each other’s hand before their wedding night. They’re criss crossing their hands so ZQ will drink from LXY’s cup & vice versa).

Still wanting to drink? He already drank enough tonight, putting down the wine cup from her hand, Zhuo Qing advised: “We have already drunk that ritual wedding ceremony by the bride and groom on that day, we do not need to drink again tonight.”

Thinking that day, after they drank the formal exchange of cups of wine ceremony, she said that promise, Lou Xi Yan’s heart felt warmth and happy. Bowing his head to look one glance at the cup of wine, Lou Xi Yan craftily smiled and answered: “Fine, no need to drink the formal exchange of cups of wine ceremony again, I will just feed you this cup of wine.”

Zhuo Qing had not reacted yet, Lou Xi Yan already drank up a mouthful of wine, his warm lips rapidly captured her lips, and the good wine was fed slowly into her mouth. Xi Yan’s distinct and clear breath, the wine sweet and spicy tastes, Zhuo Qing was somewhat tipsy and she humphed lowly: “Oh……”

After a very long time, then Lou Xi Yan only wished to release her, Zhuo Qing’s face was captivatingly red, staring at his complacent and smiling face, she scolded lowly: “Do not think of continuing to pretend that you are intoxicated, you simply look like a rascal at the moment!”

Lou Xi Yan did not mind it, using her shoulder to rest his chin, he slightly narrowed his eyes, smiling comfortably and gently, he said: “En, I am really intoxicated, being intoxicated…… by a beauty.”

“How have I not find out before that your mouth is so inadequate.” His shallow breaths were blowing on her shoulder and tickling her, it was tingling. Zhuo Qing disliked being tickled so she gently pushed Lou Xi Yan’s handsome face away leisurely. Thinking that she had not seen Lou Mu Hai tonight, Zhuo Qing asked: “Oh right, where is your dad?”

“Already returned.”

“Oh.” She responded lowly, and did not say anything more, but Zhuo Qing’s heart had some regrets, that she still ultimately could not obtain the elder generation’s approval.

Feeling that the person who was in his embrace and whose mood was suddenly changed into a downcast mood, Lou Xi Yan lifted up his head, and he deliberately smiled by the side of her ear and said lowly: “He said before he left……”

What did he say? Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan curiously, but only to see that he suddenly kept his lips close to Zhuo Qing’s ear, then he whispered ambiguously: “To make you to quickly give him a grandson. So……”

Lightly pushing his handsome face away, Zhuo Qing pretended to be foolish deliberately and said: “So what?”

“So we can not make him, the old person, to be disappointed ah!”

“Ah!” Lou Xi Yan suddenly carried her up unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing was scared so she shouted lowly.

Entering the bedroom in large strides, and softly putting Zhuo Qing on the captivating big red bed, Lou Xi Yan leaned forward slowly. The two people’s eyes were looking at each other like this, the tip of their noses were sticking, they could breathe each other’s breaths, both of their breathings began to be unsteady gradually. His slender hands were caressing her graceful and thin shoulder, Lou Xi Yan’s phoenix eyes raised gently, his serene gaze was lingering on Zhuo Qing’s chest, pointing his finger, he softly smiled and said: “I heard that the technique of mother in law’s tattoo was matchless in the whole world, I had not seen it by the side of the hot spring last time, I want to appreciate it properly this time.”

“Xi Yan!” This person’s spoken words were more and more indecent!! The two of them were thinking of the scene when they were at the hot spring at the same time. Lou Xi Yan wished to continue to say more, but Zhuo Qing’s face was already red.

Lou Xi Yan pulled the curtain covering veil softly, the thin muslin slid down leisurely and covered the room with charming and gentle atmosphere.

Outside the courtyard of the Lan Yue building, a group of people were doing nothing and could not enter either, they also were not willing to leave. Pestling in front of Lan Yue building to wait for what Qi Tian Yu’s so called ‘a way’ was.

Soon, Qi Tian Yu was holding two wooden basins, and his hand was also dragging several branches that were a little bit thinner than a woman’s wrist. His whole face had a smiling expression when he walked to come over, everyone was confused, what kind of way was this?!

Taking the wooden basin and putting them on the ground, Qi Tian Yu gripped the branches and stuffed them at Su Ling and Yan Hong Tian’s hands who still had indescribable faces, then he smiled proudly on himself and said: “We can not go in, we will just let them come out, it will be fine!”

Gu Yun was casting a sidelong glance at Qi Tian Yu, and she looked at him with a foolish and blank expressions: “Come out? How do they come out?” A spring night was worth a thousand gold (the word “spring” can be associated with love so the meaning of this sentence is that a wedding night is priceless), if Lou Xi Yan was willing to come out at this time, then he would be a terrible person!!

Qi Tian Yu laughed mischievously, looking at everyone’s expressions who was doubting him, lifting the branch, he was beating the wooden basin to make a strange and odd sound, while he was shouting with a big voice: “Fire la! Quickly put out the fire ah.”

“Quickly, people come ah! Put out the fire!” The quiet night was suddenly pierced by the yelling immediately, the sound penetrated powerfully!

Being stunned looking at Qi Tian Yu who was beating the wooden basin and yelling really loud, Gu Yun stroke her forehead lightly, then she sighed grievingly and said: “Heaven……” How did Lou Xi Yan can make friends with this silly and bad friend?!

Lou Xi Wu was also looking foolishly, this was what Qi dage so called a way?

Even though this so called a way was really silly and boring, but towards the two men who were already drinking the wine for the whole night and without their usual concentrated attentions, this crazy action appeared to be reckless and attractive. After seeing Su Ling and Yan Hong Tian who were looking one glance at each other, they unexpectedly were waving the branches on their hands, they were beating the wooden basin while hollering. Gu Yun and Qing Feng, these two people, retreated to the side in silence, they did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Hearing the shouting and yelling, the Prime Minister’s family servants and Imperial bodyguards were hurrying to come over continuously, they were carrying some buckets and wooden basins. But looking at the scene before their eyes, all of them could not help but to be flabbergasted.

Head housekeeper Jing’s and Imperial bodyguard Mo’s complexions were black, staring at the few people who were shouting and screaming in front of the courtyard, but they also could not step forward to stop them. Because the people ‘who created the disturbance’ were precisely the Emperor, General Su and Master’s close friend, Qi Gongzi, how could this be good for them?!

As a result, these several males were crazy in front of Lan Yue building because of the wine, this group of people did not know what to say. In the middle of the night, the Prime Minister’s manor was completely noisy.

The shouting outside the courtyard was daunting and vigorous, there was a spring scenery without boundary inside the room, Zhuo Qing’s whole clothing were thrown on the ground by Lou Xi Yan for a long time. Grabbing a thin quilt to cover her body, she separated and raised her head to dodge Lou Xi Yan’s gentle kisses on her neck. Zhuo Qing was slightly gasping and she asked: “Fire? Do you or do you not want….. to go out to see?”

The deeply engrossed, warm, fragrant, soft jade was closed tightly with the man for the first time and he said: “Not going.” He must make her become his woman completely, nothing could prevent him. Moreover, if there was really anything that could threaten their safeties, Mo Bai would naturally come in to say it. This kind of disturbance was absolutely caused by that group of idle and noisy people!

“But……” Zhuo Qing still wanted to say something, Lou Xi Yan’s two hands slowly tightened, the bodies of the two of them were sticking closely together, the scorching of the body’s temperature made Zhuo Qing’s breathing was more and more unstable.

“Let it burn, ok.” Nibbling Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, Lou Xi Yan’s hoarse and low voice as if there was a mellow and strong alcohol drink, made someone tipsy.

The night scene was dense gradually, the autumn wind was attacking the people, the water outside the courtyard was rippling, and boiling a cauldron of voices! Inside the room, the candle night was swaying gently, with charming and gentle moans!

The End….

Chapter 112: Wedding Night (Big Ending โ€“ Part 1)
Sian’s notes:

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    thank you X10000000000000…..

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    Loved their way of disrupting their wedding night lol XY is too smart to fall for it haha I also thought she would tell him the truth about her identity but guess not. I can live with it though.

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    Cheers from Holland

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    My little heart is crushed that you decided not to pick up “General Only Fears the Maiden’s Escape” next after all (just kidding!… kinda ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but really, you should only pick translation projects that look fun to *you*. Your readers will always be grateful regardless, for all that you’ve selflessly given to the C-novel reader community.
    Enjoy your break eating lots of delicious food, and reading and watching lots of good stories, and come back recharged. We’ll be waiting for you patiently. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I actually did start translating a few pages of the general only fears maiden’s escape while I was back home visiting my family. I might still pick it up because it’s a short novel after all even though each part of the cbapter is quite long. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜œ


      • Oh my goodness, really?! You’re an angel, and I worship before your translator’s throne. ๐Ÿ˜€
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    I started with the first chapter (still in the rough draft) and it made me realize how much more Chinese I have yet to learn!

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    • That’s cool if you want to pickup happy days. Actually while we’re looking at the novel, we find that the translation for the title should go something along “the destined match” as this is another 3 book series that Qian lu wrote. The so called happy days (translated from another translator who did the first two chapters) is the first book of the series. If you’re going to pick up this book, then I will concentrate on doing the other book, in search for love. My original intention is to translate about 5 chapters of each book to see which one I like the best. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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    I hope somebody will finish GY’s story. And maybe i will start on the 2nd sister. I feel pain for her, she lost her sisters but she doesnt know it yet.

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    • This chapter is the end of the novel. Yes, I noticed that novelupdates stated that there were 115 chapters total, however, based on the raw that I used, there were 112 chapters.


    • Novelupdates might confuse this book with the third book as the third book had 115 chapters in total. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I don’t know how to contact novelupdates to correct the total chapters on their website.


      • Hey : ). I didn’t realize that the end of this series was at 112 lol. I haven’t had the time to catch up on all of my readings. I was wondering if you were still interested in picking up Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances? I’ve been a bit busy, and the chapters for DF, PD are a little long for me since my Chinese is terrible, so I haven’t been translating as much. And seeing that you’ve completed this series, were you still going to pick up Dragon? Someone else commented on our page asking to pick it up. I wanted to make sure that everyone was on the same page so no one ends up double translating. Not that I don’t mind if certain people want their own versions but lol. Anyways, thanks for all the wonderful work you’ve done.

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      • Hi, I won’t be picking up DF, PD so you can tell the other person if they want to pick it up. I’m working on another new novel to translate, but I’m finding out that I don’t really like the style of the author, which is the same author as DF, PD. So translating this new novel seems to be more like a chore as I don’t enjoy it at all. Thus, I haven’t posted anything yet. Hehehe… But thanks for checking with me on this.

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      • Thanks for letting me know Sian!! โค And aww, lol I know how you feel. At times it was a little difficult going through DF, PD. I'll let the other person know, but I am really looking forward to your new series! Love your translations. I hope it gets better lol :).

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    I love Gy the most and this story is progressing very well. SL is really sweet ๐Ÿ˜

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    • I think LXY is always suspicious that ZQ isn’t QL, but I don’t think he knows that for sure. I think that’s my issue (sort of). I’d like the author to make ZQ tell him that she’s not QL in this book.


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  23. loved this book, both the leads were so amazing together. LXY and ZQ are perfect together, i just loved their bond… And it is truly a breath of fresh air to see such a headstrong female doing so well in this era.
    The cases were very intriguing and definitely led me to have some sleepless nights.

    But i do have certian queries. I felt that there were some loose ends in the plot like:
    >did we ever get to know who killed that Nia Jiu village’s benefactor?? (i can’t recall if if was revealed or not)
    >also regarding the gold case who all were finally convicted and did they recover all the missing gold from the river?
    >YHT abandoning his feelings for ZQ was also very abrupt and i was like what? how? when did this happen?
    the issue was not addressed and the transition was just too sudden.

    I was also a little bit disappointed with the ending part where not enought time was given to LXY and ZQ’s lovey dovey moments…the author could have shown a little glimpse of their after-marriage romance too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some of those loose ends that you mentioned will be shown in the other books. There are some of after Marriage in those other books too. So go ahead, start reading book 2 & then book 3. You’ll have the answers for most of your questions. This LXY & ZQ’s couple combination ranks high in my most favorite couples. I want to say the highest rank in my list. I just love this duo so much.

      Liked by 1 person

      • thanks for your reply..
        i have started with the book 2, and i’m so glad i’m reading the series in correct order because many things which were explained in detail in book 1, are being just skipped quickly in book 2 , for example GY and ZQ’s meeting, GY investigating the cases in the beginnning rather than just training the soldiers.

        LXY and ZQ are also my favorite couple, they are just so perfect together.. .needless to say the romance in book 2 is utterly doomed in comparison ๐Ÿ˜›
        i am also not liking Su Ling so far, wonder why he has been made the male lead. My first preference is :
        1. Ao Tian (because he is intriguing and also a bit of a romantic with that moon viewing date from a tree-top) , then
        2. Su Ren (he is like LXY in supporting our heroines, he is intelligent, cunning and also not biased against women . Very well matched with GY and ), lastly
        3. Su Yu (because he is just so cute with his puppy love)

        Su Ling has not impressed me yet, except for the time he jumped to save GY from the impact at Crow’s valley.

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      • Don’t worry, this author didn’t have too many of the same lapses in her 3 books. Even though the plots might be connected to the other two sisters, however, since the point of view was from another person so you would get totally different feeeling when you read those two books. That was one of the reason I was complimenting the way this author wrote up her novels were so brilliant. She wrote 3 different yet the plots were intertwining in those 3 books but yet you will be able to read the novel individually. She’s very good in lining up her plots (although she also liked to drag & reuse the same plots more than once but… her novel was still within a reasonable length, compare to some of transmigrated novels that have over 1,000 or 2,000 chapters. Seriously???

        Anyway, I’m not keen with Gu Yun & Su Ling either. Hehehehe… To tell you the truth, I haven’t finished reading her book yet as I was still waiting until Nutty finished her translation. And at that time, I will start reading those series from book 1 again. I have read the first 50 some chapters in book 3 & also decided to skip some of the chapters as they were getting harder to read. I just feel so sorry for Qing Feng & also complaint if the author had anything against this second sister as QF just made my heart break. But all three books are happy ending, it’s just that Zhuo Qing’s book is so easy to read & full of sweet things, Gu Yun’s book is also pretty easy to read even though both of them (GY & SL) act like dummy & jerks to each other most of the time, but it’s nothing compare to what QF has to go through in that horrible harem. And as much as I love ZQ, but I think QF is the strongest sister out of the 3 of them.

        I think you and I might be soulmates in term of the type of characters or novels that we both like. Hehehehe… I’m not fond of GY & SL either. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ That’s why I’m dragging my feet to finish her book. It’s hard to like GY’s overly stubborn character & SL’s overly bearing (borderline a jerk) personality.

        Liked by 1 person

      • To be honest, GY and SL behave like ten year old knuckleheads whenever they are together. I have already read at least a thousand times about Su Ling’s face going dark. It will turn to charcoal pretty soon if this keeps repeating. He is like a ticking time bomb that can go off any moment.

        and yayy! high-five to my book soulmate! I saw that your display pic is YangYang as Xiao Naihe. Love O2O got me into reading c-novels and I’m really glad i discovered this wonderful world of translations.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I love Yang Yang… But his acting needs to be polished by one notch. He’s a descent actor & portayed Xiao Nai ok, but he’ll be an even better actor if he can get a really good role, like Hu Ge found Lin Shu/Mei Chang Su’s character in Nirvana in Fire.

        Yes, GY & SL are always acting like kids, that’s why it was so frustrating reading their book. The thing that got me, was that GY is supposed to be so intelligent but she could be so stubborn & annoying. I know some people said that she’s densed but I think she’s more than just a dense person.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, but it’s not finished yet. It’s called destined Marriage With Fragrance, the female lead is actually a lot cooler than ZQ but I find out that this novel is very lacking in the romance area. However, the female lead is a very intelligent, calm & succesful business woman. She also transmigrated from a modern world. I love the female lead so much. She’s such a perfect woman but there’s no arrogance in her personality what so ever.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh. Less romance hmmm โ€ฆi do love novels dipped in romance โ€ฆ..but since we are book soulmate, will give it a try. ๐Ÿ˜Š Independent & strong female leads are pretty cool when in action.

        Also, if you ever need any help in proofreading or basic editing, i would be happy to help. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, the same author. Even though the romance is lacking but it’s really not boring at all as there’s a plot & a mystery about a few families so it’s pretty interesting, but don’t expect a lovey dovey like ZG & LXY. Hehehehe… although I’m still hoping that there will be some later on… ๐Ÿ˜ƒ The male lead (if I guess it correctly that he’s really the male lead as there are supposed to be 3 male leads), is a little similar to Su Ling (but I don’t think he’s as bad as SL). He has that typical overbearing personality that comes with being a general. But he’s not as annoying as SL (in my opinion), just a little awkward.


      • as long as he is not as obstinate as Su ling , i should be able to like him… i will try and wait till it’s done halfway before picking the novel up.. the cliffhangers are just so hard to bear. ๐Ÿ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

  24. Oh. Less romance hmmm …i do love novels dipped in romance …..but since we are book soulmate, will give it a try. ๐Ÿ˜Š Independent & strong female leads are pretty cool when in action.

    Also, if you ever need any help in proofreading or basic editing, i would be happy to help. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป


    • When I decided to translate this novel, I didn’t know as I hadn’t read the book. I was just fascinated with the female character when I read the first 4 chapters that were translated by a few other people. So when those people didn’t continue with the translation, I took over (but I translated it from the beginning as I found out the raw that I’m using is different than the raw that the other people were using.) As I moved along about 1/3 of the novel, I just realized that this novel isn’t even closed in comparison with ZQ & LXY’s book. The lack of the romance is pretty obvious but I still like the book as this MSQ’s character is seriously a perfect woman in away without that typical outer beauty. So she’s really an awesome person inside of her even though she looks average on the outside. With that said, I’m still hoping that there’s some romance within the next 2/3 of the book. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
      Oh… I might take you up on the proofreading… I’ll keep it in mind and thanks in advance!

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Thank you for translating! I love this novel. But I felt that I wanted more of it in the end. I wanted to know more of whatever happened to Mo Bai’s love life and also LXW and Jing Sa. ๐Ÿ˜…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I want to know more about Mo Bai & Jing Sa’s love lives also. Unfortunately, there’s nothing for Jing Sa. As far as Mo Bai, if you read book 2 (the youngest sister, Gu Yun), there may be references about him & Ye Mei (I think).


    • I read Qing Feng’s story also. While her story was very heartbreaking & the male lead was “different” than LXY or SL, I still read her story. I think she’s the strongest “sister” out of the three so I was reading book 3 for her. It has a good epilogue & interaction with the other two “sisters” so I think you should read it. But be prepared to hate YHT even more until towards the end. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  26. Hello, i am the reader of your translation of the mistaken marriage match by Qian Lu. so, i wonder if you had any information about the author? i was planning to do a research paper about the novel but couldn’t find the exact information about the author. so, could you help me find the information about the author?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any information about the author or if the name Qian Lu is her real name. Most of the times these authors use pen names and unless she/he’s a really famous one, such as Jin Yong, we can find his information online.


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