Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 108: Xi Yan’s Serious Illness

Over 3,770 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Lan Yue’s Building

The beginning of the autumn wind raised up, several thread of golden white clouds reflected out faintly, as if the white clouds were plated with a layer of golden boundary. The light wind was blowing across from the lake side, and appeared to burst in a ripple. The lotus flower already withered, leaving behind a lot of lotus seed heads, the black color of the lotus leafs were swaying gently.

A trace of beautiful white clothing’s shadow was sitting on the stone bench by the side of the lotus pond, her hand was holding a booklet, and looking at it concentratedly, Mo Bai’s tall figure was behind her.

For a very long time, Zhuo Qing finally lifted her head and asked: “Has Qing Mo come to look for me?”

“She has not.”

It was reasonable to say that no matter if she found anything or not, Yun should come to look for her this early morning, but it was almost noon now, and she still had not seen her shadow! Was it because she already made a progress for the case, or did she happen to have something?! Her brows were pursing unconsciously, so she continued to ask: “Has Jing Sa returned yet?”

Mo Bai’s cold face was somewhat irritable now, and with a heavy voice, he answered: “Also has not.” Jing Sa went to the Ministry of justice’s prison early this morning to scout out about Master’s circumstances. It was already two shichen (4 hrs), but he still had not seen him returning yet, if scouting out was insufficient, he would be the one who could scout the Ministry of Justice’s prison tonight!

Zhuo Qing was holding a booklet on her hand and staring blankly, was she too anxious?! She had always felt this ill sense.

Bowing her head again to look towards Mo Bai who was managing to stand up for one whole night, she had no choice but to say that she could only look about the relationship between the Lou’s family and the whole Qiong Yue dynasty’s complication. Feeling somewhat dizzy, it was really a tough job for Xi Yan, he still had to weigh the pros and cons when he was mixing with the others!!

“Beautiful elder sister.”

A clear and bright sound of a man came through from the courtyard’s gate, Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes to see, a meager figure was holding a tray on his hand, and he walked to her with a sunshine like face.

It was Bai Yi.

Taking the booklet that was on her hand and put it in between her sleeve slowly, Zhuo Qing said to Mo Bai who was behind her: “You withdraw first, ok.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai nodded and departed, and when he brushed past Bai Yi leisurely, he swept one glance at the foods that were on the tray. His blue eyes flashed through a slight ray serenely, putting on display with this lack of solicitous attitude, what was this young fellow thinking of doing?!

Sitting next to Zhuo Qing, taking the tray on his hand and pushing it in front of Zhuo Qing, Bai Yi smiled leisurely and said: “I am afraid that you have not eaten any breakfast, so I come and we can eat together.”

Zhuo Qing bowed her head to look one glance at the pile of foods, then she answered faintly: “You eat by yourselves, ok, I am not hungry.”

“Even if you are not hungry, you still have to eat a little. If your own health is ruined, how can you still save Prime Minister Lou ah!”

While he was speaking, Bai Yi held up one rice bowl leisurely and mixed some vegetables, and placed it on Zhuo Qing’s hand: “Eat quickly, eat quickly!”

Zhuo Qing was holding the bowl, and shaking her head helplessly, but she did not evade any longer, then she bowed her head to eat the food. Bai Yi satisfyingly smiled and said:”This food is ok, right!”

The two people were eating for several mouthfuls, a family servant was standing outside the courtyard’s door, and he said with a clear voice: “Madam, Miss Qing is here.”

Gu Yun! Zhuo Qing put down the bowl that was on her hand, and said promptly: “Hurry invite her to come in.”

The family servant bowed and departed, soon, an energetic figure entered hurriedly to Lan Yue building.

Bai Yi could sense that Zhuo Qing anticipated this person who just came in, it seemed that this person could give her strength and hope. As if he was still holding the rice bowl and eating it, but his eyes had swept secretly at the figure who was proceeding gradually.

It was her younger sister, Qing Mo, he had seen her several times, this woman’s eyes were very sharp, he must be very careful!

Gu Yun walked to the side of Zhuo Qing’s stone bench, and sat down, Zhuo Qing originally planned to ask her about the matter. But when she saw that there were soil and dried leafs on her clothing, and her long hair was in a terrible mess, she asked hesitatingly: “You, this is……”

Not waiting until Zhuo Qing finished talking, Gu Yun already got so mad and scolded: “I was looking at the information at the General’s manor last night, but was discovered by Su Ling, he unexpectedly wanted to house arrest me!!”

Zhuo Qing swallowed her saliva, did she just escape from the General’s manor? No wonder….. Bai Yi’s complexion slightly changed, Su Ling wanted to house arrest her, she unexpectedly could still escape from the General’s manor!! Covering his mouth that was laughing heartily and with insincerity, Bai Yi mockingly said: “Did you dig a tunnel to come out?”

Gu Yun looked one glance at him, looked towards Zhuo Qing with her knitted eyebrows, and asked: “How come he is still here?” Was this kid not Liao Yue’s Prince? During this time, he should avoid to arouse any suspicion?!

Zhuo Qing had not talked yet, Bai Yi was already staring at Gu Yun, and he lowly roared: “Why can I not be here?!”

Zhuo Qing lightly patted Bai Yi’s shoulder and said: “Bai Yi, you go to Hua Ting pavilion to eat breakfast on your own, ok, I have to discuss something with Qing Mo.”

“Fine, ok, I have almost eaten enough anyway.” The childish person was still glaring one glance at Gu Yun, then Bai Yi got up to leave. Looking at his back view, he looked like a child who was peeved, but those pair of bright eyes flashed through a shady color now that were enough to make people to tremble with fear.

Gu Yun’s sorry figure made Zhuo Qing felt very uncomfortable, pulling the sleeve of her garment, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Follow me, I will give you a clothing to change.”

“En.” She did not want to walk on the street like this either.

The two people were crossing over the zig zagging bridge and entering Zhai Xing pavilion. Zhuo Qing looked for one skirt in the wardrobe that was relatively short and gave it to Gu Yun.

Withdrawing to the bedroom, standing behind the screen, and closing her tired eyes slowly, Zhuo Qing lowly asked: “Have you found any clue?”

The sound of the removal of clothing came through from the inside room, Gu Yun’s clear words also came through subsequently: “I have not currently, I am afraid that you are anxious, so I come to find you first. Wait until I go and trample at the Ministry of Justice, I want to find a way to see those two traitor’s leaders, I should be able to ask and produce something.”

“En.” With her current status now, she was afraid that she would not be able to see the two traitor’s leaders, If Gu Yun could see them, she would surely discover something.

While Gu Yun was tying her hair in a ponytail, she left the bedroom, and looked at Zhuo Qing who was leaning against the screen, her eyes were closed slightly, and she looked very tired. The shadow by the screen was casted down, thick dark circles under her eyes, the pale color of her lips, these made her to appear haggard.

Lightly embracing her thin shoulder, Gu Yun anxiously said: “Qing, your complexion is very ugly.”

Zhuo Qing was leaning lightly against Gu Yun’s shoulder that was also thin but they were very warm, faintly smiled and said: “I…… am fine.”

It would be a wonder if she was fine! Patting her shoulder strongly, Gu Yun pretended to smile lightly and say: “Very well, do not be too anxious, be careful when Lou Xi Yan return and see you like this, he will break his promise of marriage!”

Zhuo Qing was smiling, Yun’s trick to console people was still clumsy! But her hesitating heart for the whole night appeared to be somewhat better. Suddenly thinking of something, Zhuo Qing suddenly asked: “Oh right, there is one more thing.”

“What is it?”

Thinking, Zhuo Qing slightly leaned over and said something at the side of Gu Yun’s ear with a low voice, Gu Yun’s complexion also changed from tranquil to more and more imposing.

“Madam!” From outside the door, Jing Sa’s clear and anxious voice came out, and made the two women who were discussing with a low voice to stare blankly.

The two of them looked one glance at each other, their minds had this bad premonition, Zhuo Qing deeply breathed, and asked: “What has happened?”

“Master’s old illness suddenly relapsed at the Ministry of Justice’s prison this morning, the Imperial doctor had looked after him, but the current circumstances are unknown at the moment!” Jing Sa’s muffled voice urgently echoed, Zhuo Qing’s complexion had a huge change, arriving at the side of the door rushingly, she opened the door and immediately shouted: “Hurry, prepare the chariot to go to the Ministry of Justice’s prison!”

Jing Sa immediately answered: “It was already prepared.”

“Good! Leave now.” Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were following Jing Sa’s back, they scurried to go to the outside of the Prime Minister’s manor.

At the front door of the Prime Minister’s manor, there was already a simple black chariot that was tied up with a pair of fine horses. Zhuo Qing already got into the chariot, Gu Yun hesitated for a moment, nevertheless, she walked towards the horse, and straddled to sit on the horse.

Riding the horse to the front of the chariot window, Gu Yun said in a low voice: “You go and look after Lou Xi Yan, I go and look for Dan Yu Lan.”

“Fine.” Zhuo Qing nodded her head, Gu Yun was about to ride her horse to leave, Zhuo Qing suddenly pulled the sleeve of her garment again, and said quietly: “The matter that I had just spoken to you……”

Gu Yun used her expression to prevent her from speaking the words, and she only hastily said: “I already understand, we will get in touch again!”

“En!” Zhuo Qing finally let go of the sleeve of her garment, put down the curtain, and said to Jing Sa who was outside: “Let us go, ok.”


The chariot went straight to the Ministry of Justice’s prison, and stopped on the road in front of the door of the prison.

Zhuo Qing got down from the chariot, and walked with Jing Sa to the bailiffs who were guarding it, Zhuo Qing nodded towards Jing Sa.

Jing Sa stepped forward, taking a couple of gold ingots and lightly put them on the hands of the two bailiffs, he lowly said: “My family’s Madam only wants to go in and take a look at Prime Minister Lou, I ask that the officials to be flexible.”

The heavy gold ingots that were on their hands, they were a lot more than their yearly official’s salaries ah! The two people were looking one glance at each other, and taking a look at the plain clothing woman who was standing at the side. They did not dare to accept the golds in the end, and returned the gold ingots that were on their hands at the same time, embarrassingly said: “Prime Minister Lou is a criminal now, without the plate from the Ministry of Justice or order from the General’s manor, this lowly person does not dare to let anybody to go in, I hope Madam will forgive us!”

Zhuo Qing’s heart was anxious, as expected, was it really difficult to meet with him like this now?!

“Daren, there is an order to let her to go in.” A clear and bright voice came through from behind them, Zhuo Qing turned her head around to see Lu Jin who was standing behind her, one block of Ministry of Justice’s plate was on his hand.

“Lu Jin Daren.” The bailiffs could see clearly the person who came and the plate that was on his hand, and they respectfully withdrew to the side at once.

Lu Jin slightly stooped down, and said with a low voice at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “Go in, ok, but come out quickly.”

Zhuo Qing’s back was stiff, could it be that Dan Yu Lan did not give this plate?! Lifting her head to look, the always steady and strict’s Lu Jin, unexpectedly winked towards her.

Understanding it immediately, Zhuo Qing slightly nodded, and expressed her gratitude: “Thank you, Lu Jin.”

Zhuo Qing finally went into the Ministry of Justice’s prison, but this was different than when she went into the prison for that last two times. The bailiffs would lead her to arrive at the prison cell, the guards were clearly more strict here. There was a guard post within three steps, the personnels who were responsible for vigilance were more intensive, their guards and preparedness were higher. But the prison cell was somewhat spacious and bright, the environment was also only a little bit better, the bed was still a half slab of stone, just like before.

Walking to the most inner room, the bailiffs finally stopped his footsteps, and said: “Madam, Prime Minister Lou is inside.”

Her anxious feeling for the whole night made Zhuo Qing’s heartbeat suddenly became somewhat rapid, deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing stepped across to enter the prison’s door.

The prison cell was a bit bigger than the one she visited before, but there was only a small window with a little ventilation, thus the lightning was also not good, the inside of the prison cell was somewhat stuffy.

There was a few thick of rice straws on the stone bed, a trace of meager figure was in front of her, he was lying down, and there was a thin quilt that covered his body.

Was it Xi Yan? Did they not say that his old illness had relapsed? Why did they still make him sleep on the rice straw, why did they not give him a room that had a somewhat better ventilation? Where was the Imperial doctor?! Where was the Imperial doctor?!

Zhuo Qing wanted to walk by his side quickly, her feet unexpectedly could not help to tremble, with great difficulty, she walked to the side of the bed and sat down. Zhuo Qing did not dare to touch him, and could only urgently say: “Xi Yan…… Xi Yan, how are you doing?”

Calling for several times, the person who was on the bed did not have any reaction, Zhuo Qing’s mind was anxious, and she stretched out her hand immediately to grab his wrist and check for his pulse.

Breathing a long breath leisurely, fortunately, even though she did not learn traditional Chinese medicine, but she could feel that the condition of his pulse could be regarded as steady and strong.

Turning Lou Xi Yan’s body that was laying down, Zhuo Qing was holding his hand tightly, and she lowly said: “Xi Yan, you can hear my words, is that right?”

Lou Xi Yan was still wearing the same wedding ceremonial robe from yesterday, the absolute splendid red color set off his pale appearance even more, his hand was even colder than usual.

That festive, joyous and captivating red color was stinging Zhuo Qing’s eyes deeply, her tears were unexpectedly and involuntarily flowing down on her cheeks, every tear drop was falling on his cold fingers.

Lou Xi Yan’s hand suddenly moved, his eyelids were also trembling and they opened slowly, Zhuo Qing excitingly grabbed his hand tightly, and lowly called out: “Xi Yan! You…… You woke up!”

“Qing-er……” For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan appeared to see the person who was in front of him clearly. His hand slowly stretched towards Zhuo Qing’s cheeks, his slightly cold thumb was wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes softly. His gloomy and hoarse voice that was as gentle and soft as before, echoed: “Who is bullying you?”

His hoarse and low voice made people unable to hear what he was saying clearly, Zhuo Qing’s tears were flowing again, his first sentence after he woke up, made her want to cry?! Wiping the tears off her face strongly, Zhuo Qing was choking with emotion but she answered stubbornly: “I…… I am fine!”

Holding her hand that was used to wipe the tears on her face carelessly, Lou Xi Yan was smiling and shaking his head lightly, and with a soft voice, he sighed and said: “Your eye sockets are completely black like this, and you still say that you are fine, when I am not by your side, you are not able to take care of yourself?” It was only one night, how did she turn herself upside down like this!

“I……” Zhuo Qing opened her mouth but could not say anything, she understood clearly what kind of appearance she had at the moment, so she could not refute it.

Their hands were knotted together tightly, she knew that Xi Yan was anxious for her, she was anxious for him, Zhuo Qing urgently said: “Where are you feeling uncomfortable, is it the recurrence of the asthma attack again?”

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan lowly answered: “I am alright, they were the ones who made a fuss about nothing.”

His speaking voice had not left yet, Lou Xi Yan suddenly coughed, a moment afterwards, his complexion that was pale became flush, his breathing was clearly being obstructed.

“Xi Yan!” Zhuo Qing was supporting him to sit down hurriedly, while helping him breathe, she made him to follow along her own even breathing. Xi Yan’s hand was grabbing her arm tightly, his fingers snared the inside of her flesh, along with the heavy and coarse panting sounds. Zhuo Qing’s hand was hurting, but it could not compare to her distressed.

After regulating his breathing for a long time, Lou Xi Yan’s strength came back slowly, the sunshine shined through from the small window, with a light beam, the thick dust was spreading. The wind could not pass through the prison cell, it felt oppressed since she came in, what was more, Xi Yan was sick like this, and they still made him sleep on the rice straw!!

Xi Yan hurried and brief’s breathing was still echoing continuously, the dust that filled the room was crazily fluttering now, Zhuo Qing’s heart that felt tight suddenly collapsed and snapped! Clenching Lou Xi Yan’s cold hand, Zhuo Qing suddenly said excitingly: “Xi Yan, I will not let you stay in this kind of place anymore!! I will definitely assist you out of this place! Definitely will!”

“Qing-er?” Lou Xi Yan’s slightly stared blankly, what was up with Qing?! She was always calm, why would she be so unusual today, his mind was somewhat not daring to guess, Lou Xi Yan quietly consoled and said: “What do you want to do? Do not…… do any foolish thing!”

“As long as I can assist you out of the prison, it is worth doing anything!”

This moment, her firm eyes were radiating the most dedication and perseverance feelings, that would make him admire her the most at normal times, but at this moment, her perseverance made him to have a flustered feeling. Holding her thin and weak shoulder, Lou Xi Yan was somewhat anxious: “Qing-er, what is wrong with you? This matter has many implications, there is no final conclusion before, by all means, you should not act blindly without thinking, otherwise, you will only implicate more innocent people.”

Allowing him to grab her shoulder, and looking from the strength of his hand, she could feel his anxiousness, but, she was very clear on what she wanted to do on her own!!

“Xi Yan, I am your wife, I will not look on you suffering a hardship helplessly!! In this world, there is no one who can save all of the people’s situations. I am also only one woman, so can only be concerned and care about you, it is already so fortunate! I do not have any ability to take a pity on those innocent people long time ago!”

“Qing-er?” Zhuo Qing’s clear and cold eyes were not hysterical and perplexed, she was very clear headed at the moment, but Lou Xi Yan was suspicious, what was going on with his Qing-er after all, why did she suddenly speak with this determined and ruthless words?

Zhuo Qing did not explain, but she was only holding his big hand tightly once again, and she slightly smiled, tranquilly said: “You rest properly, I am leaving first.”

Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing slowly got up and left the prison.

Lou Xi Yan did not call to stop her at all, he was only following her back when she left, Lou Xi Yan slowly laid down and closed his eyes to sleep, just like before Zhuo Qing came.

His thin hand that hid a small piece of paper inside slowly opened up, Zhuo Qing left that when she was holding his hand firmly before she left…… Zhuo Qing got out of the prison,

Jing Sa immediately went up to her, there were tear stains on her face, but the expression in her eyes was very calm.

“What time is it now?”

Jing Sa looked at the sky, and answered: “Just passed shenshi (3-5 pm).”

Zhuo Qing stepped across the chariot with large strides, soon, her clear and cold voice echoed solemnly: “Go to the northern gate of the Imperial palace, I want to enter the palace.”


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Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 107: Taking Advantage On Her Opportunity

Over 4,070 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


At Night

The moon was bright but the star was sparse, the plants on the mountain rock could be seen clearly from the inside courtyard, tomorrow was approaching but they still did not have time to remove the red silk lanterns that could be seen clearly everywhere. It was a pity that the quiet and desolate courtyard, and the glaring and captivating of the red reflection, they appeared to have a trace of indescribable sadness. The low crying sounds of some animals echoed just like in the past, the gentle night’s wind was brushing away the face slowly. The scenery was never able to change and the change would be the one who saw the scenery and appreciated it in one’s heart.

Inside the main hall, the family servants did not dare to disturb this new Madam and only lit up two lanterns on the porch. The soft lightning shone into the middle of the hall, Zhuo Qing was still sitting on the same seat since noon. She understood that she had been sitting for a long time, but she did not want to move at all.

The sound of a gentle footsteps sounded, a meager shadow of a person flashed through, a low sound of a male voice came through in her ear slightly: “Go eat stuff first, ok.”

His one speaking’s voice just left, a warm bowl of meat congee was already handed over slowly into her hand, Zhuo Qing raised her head and the reflection that entered into her eyes was that innocent and pure face that was like an angel. What was different was this face was laughing and playing in the past days, his bright eyes were looking at her worryingly.

Seeing clearly the person who came, Zhuo Qing reacted afterwards, then she asked quietly: “Why are you not leaving?” He should leave a long time ago and that would be right.

“Leave?” Bai Yi’s brows wrinkled tightly and leisurely: “Where am I going?”

Using her hand to put the congee by the side of the tea table, Zhuo Qing answered with a somewhat tired voice: “The nobleman can not stand under any danger wall, you as a country’s apparent heir to the throne should know this principle. The current Prime Minister’s manor is not suitable for you to continue to stay now.”

“I definitely do not care about this being under any danger wall?!” Bai Yi was somewhat excited when he called out lowly, and did not care about this male and female’s separation etiquette, he was pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, and said with a clear voice: “How can Prime Minister Lou plot a rebellion, there is surely someone who sets him up! I will not leave you and the Prime Minister’s manor just because of the crisis!! You can be at ease, in any case, I am also a country’s apparent heir to the throne. Prime Minister Lou is not here, I will protect you!”

Bai Yi’s hand and his own person were the same, very thin, but they were warms, his young face was filled with anger. Zhuo Qing was smiling, this was the first time that she was smiling since noon, right. Slowly pulling out of her hand, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Fine, I receive your kind intention, leave quickly, ok.” He was a foreign Prince, it was somewhat funny when he was talking about wanting to protect her, but he was only a ten years old child after all, and due to his good intention, Zhuo Qing was still thankful to him.

“I am not leaving!” Speaking that he was a child, he unexpectedly and really displayed his temper, he moved his footsteps and sat down next to Zhuo Qing. Bai Yi groaned and said persistently: “Not only will I not leave, I will also think of a way to help Prime Minister Lou to wash away his guilt!”

“You?!” His childish behavior made Zhuo Qing showed a look of distraction, in any case, he was also a Prince, how could he put on this kind of naughty and hoodlum’s attitudes. She would really receive his kind intention, but she did not need this one person who would cause her trouble!

Zhuo Qing was glaring at him, he was also staring at Zhuo Qing, these two people, her big eyes were staring at his small eyes like this for a good while. Bai Yi finally softened up a little, and moving closer a little bit, and he said with a pretentious mystery: “Do not look down on me, I have already assigned some people to go and investigate, can you guess what I have found out?”

Zhuo Qing answered unhappily: “What did you find out?” She did not believe what he could find out anything within half a day (the actual words are one afternoon and 1/2 the evening)!

Bai Yi proudly handed over a piece of paper that he took out from his bosom and gave it to Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing opened it suspiciously. There was unexpectedly a transcript of inquiry stuff on it, it should be a record of the interrogation from the traitors. Looking at the date, this inquiry must have been conducted just before they returned to the capital.

Zhuo Qing looked at it while she was lost in thought, Bai Yi’s hands were on his bosom, and he analyzed and said voluminously: “When the Su’s family army caught the traitors, they had already interrogated it once. They were saying at that time that they were colluding with the Ministry of Treasury and Revenue during that year, and they already signed the confession. For the whole journey during the escorting of the traitors, there should not be any other person who could approach the criminals except for the General manor’s people, right. Who would have thought that when they returned to the Ministry of Justice, they would assert arbitrarily that Prime Minister Lou, father and son were the masters behind the plot, was this not strange? Why would they want to set Prime Minister Lou up, there would surely be some people who had incited them to do this!”

Staring fixedly at Bai Yi’s young and elegant face with her sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing asked: “Where did you find this stuff from?”

This kind of stuff, if it was not at the Ministry of Justice, it would be kept at the General’s manor. He was a foreign Prince, how he could take a hold of this in such a short period of time, or she really looked down on him, or everything was simply related to him?!

Facing Zhuo Qing’s inquiry, someone with discerning eyes could see that she was on guard with the meaning of her question. Bai Yi’s eyes were actually flickering and shining, and he had an appearance like someone who just took credit for his own achievement, he smiled complacently and said: “I naturally have my own way lo! You know that I am very good, right!! I have just said that I can protect you, you still do not believe me!”

Zhuo Qing’s hand was still holding that thing that an average person would hard to find, this reminded her not to look down on the boy who was in front of her, he did not look as simple as what he was showing! But looking at that bright and pure pair of eyes, and with a simple face that was taking credit on his own achievement. Zhuo Qing felt that she, herself, was somewhat unable to tell good from bad and too nervous, perhaps, he really thought of helping her. And being able to get a hold of this information, it could be proven that Liao Yue already hid someone in the Imperial court.

Thinking at this point, Zhuo Qing appeared to have more trust in this boy who was next to her, he did not hesitate to expose his own country’s Intelligence gathering. He also wanted to show the inquiry record for her to look at, he should be sincere in treating her, right!

Thinking about the words that Bai Yi just said a moment ago, Zhuo Qing frowned again: “Your meaning was that Su Ling set Xi Yan up on purpose? Impossible!” Su Ling was not this type of person!!

Bai Yi curled his lips, and answered: “I did not say that it was surely General Su! But I can also say that he has the biggest suspicions!”

She did not have any evidence at the moment, so Zhuo Qing could not refute his words, Su Ling should really be suspected.

Zhuo Qing did not refute it any longer, so Bai Yi was simply sitting with his cross-legged, he analyzed privately and said: “I think the most important thing now is what kind of evidences that those traitors have spoken off, to frame a loyal and good person! As long as we can prove that Prime Minister Lou is the person who is accused wrongly, we can take him out of the Imperial prison first. As far as who is the black hand behind the scenes, Prime Minister Lou, himself, can investigate and it will be more appropriate. He is very wise, farsighted and multi-talented, and he will think a better strategy exquisitely than ours!!”

Zhuo Qing was shaking her head wearily: “It is easier said than done!” She naturally and clearly understood Bai Yi’s arguments, but Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge to be sent to prison was plotting a rebellion at the moment, this was a serious crime in every Imperial dynasty! How was it possible that the person who had set him up, would leave behind a loophole that could be used by them easily!

Lightly waving to Zhuo Qing to hint her to come over, Bai Yi craftily smiled: “Actually, it is not difficult either.”

Not difficult?! Zhuo Qing was looking suspiciously at the weird boy who was in front of her, with a doubtful mind, her body could not help to bend down.

Looking at his left and right, and after making sure that there was no other person in the surroundings, Bai Yi only whispered by the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “We only need to forge some evidences to prove that those traitors were forced by General Su to set Prime Minister Lou up, that can prove that Prime Minister Lou is accused wrongly! Wait until Prime Minister Lou comes out, then he can investigate it quietly. Then we can find out naturally who is the black hand behind the scenes, at that time, if it is not General Su, he can still have his innocent!”

“Out of the question!” Zhuo Qing lowly shouted, and was glaring at Bai Yi, and she lowly scolded: “This is setting another person up!!

Bai Yi already shrank his nose, refusing to comply and he lowly mumbled and said: “Is Prime Minister Lou not the person who is being set up, they can forge the evidences, why can we not forge it ah?! Moreover, this is only to expedite to get him out of the Imperial prison and it is quite proper!!”

Zhuo Qing was furious quickly, if she was doing it like this, what was the difference between her and those people who set Xi Yan up?! Moreover, he seriously thought that Su Ling was this easy to be lied to ah, wanting to set him up!! She slapped Bai Yi’s head angrily, Zhuo Qing groaned and said: “You are still a child, and want to do this kind of child’s play thing?”

Stroking his head, Bai Yi rubbed it while he insisted and said: “I do not think that this is a child’s play, this is exactly what is called to create a diversion, to steal the sorghum and exchange it with the pillar. We only hide the facts, it will not have any big influence to General Su, we can only make those so called evidences to set Prime Minister Lou up, so they appear to have loophole. Is it not good like this?”

Facing the stubborn child who was in front of her, Zhuo Qing did not really know what to say, her head began to hurt again, she was distraught with anxiety at the moment. Lightly rubbing her temple, Zhuo Qing was waving her hand towards Bai Yi, with somewhat impatient, she muttered and said: “Forget about it, you go out first, ok, I want to calm down a bit.”

“Oh.” Looking at her painful appearance, Bai Yi did not insist on his suggestion, he stood up from the floor, patting his dress down, he walked to the outside door while he did not forget to make clear and say: “You remember to eat some stuffs lo.”

Closing her eyes, Zhuo Qing perfunctorily answered: “En.”

Finally, the sound of Bai Yi’s footsteps got further apart gradually, Zhuo Qing slowly opened her eyes, looking at the inquiry record that was on her hand, her original complexion that was not too good, became more and more haggard.

Bai Yi’s footsteps were light and graceful when he was walking to the furthest area of the Prime Minister’s manor that was spacious and empty. One black and strong figure appeared behind him, and followed him all the way, he actually wanted to say something but hesitating. Bai Yi’s mood appeared to be good, his thin lips raised lightly, smilingly said: “What is the matter?”

The big person hesitated for a while, but he still bowed his body slightly, he asked puzzlingly: “Master, forgive this subject to be so bold, why do you want to help Lou Xi Yan, so much that you do not hesitate and make your own self and Liao Yue to have this type of disagreement?!” Taking that thing to give it to Qing Ling, that definitely and undoubtedly exposed Liao Yue’s strength that was hidden within Qiong Yue. He could still understand Master’s conducts, deeds and plans in the past, this time actually made him to be puzzled. Moreover, this was regarded to the whole Liao Yue, so he dared to be so bold as to ask the question!

Bai Yi already guessed that he would have this question at an earlier time, so he was not surprised at all, instead, he turned his body around to look towards the nervous and strong man who was behind him, smilingly said: “Who do you think is the biggest enemy for Liao Yue, Lou Xi Yan or Su Ling?”

The big person was startled, after he pondered over seriously for a while, he answered realistically: “Lou Xi Yan is resourceful, Su Ling is heroic and good in battle, but Su Ling will be harder to beat in regard to Liao Yue’s domination!” The Su’s armies were harsh and unreasonable towards the six countries, they were invincible, these were the reason why Qiong Yue was leading the six countries.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, and approached the big person, under the moonlight, his meager figure was almost completely sheltered by the strong body. Bai Yi slowly raised his head, his eyes flashed through some sophisticated chilliness, the corner of his mouth made a strange curve unexpectedly, the big person could not help to tremble in his heart: “If Su Ling can be made a friend with Liao Yue, how will the conclusion be? If both countries are going to war in the future, will Yan Hong Tian still dare to send the Su’s armies in the expedition to Liao Yue? Will he not afraid that Su Ling will change sides during the war? If we set him up today, even though the evidence will not be sufficient at all, but it will be enough to put a doubting seed in Yan Hong Tian’s heart, which sovereign king is not suspicious?! Even if Yan Hong Tian is finally able to balance the relationship between the Imperial courts, and stabilizes the political situation in Qiong Yue, nobody will be punished for a crime, but after this passed through, the Prime Minister’s manor and General’s manor are bound to be enemies, because of this, can both the civil and military officials live together in harmony again? How can my Liao Yue be mentioned in equal terms with this kind of Qiong Yue!?”

The clear and bright voice was still entirely quieted the night, the low sound was still echoing in his ear, the big person secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and immediately answered: “This subject is slow-witted! Master still thinks far-reaching. But…… is Madam Lou willing to cooperate to set Su Ling up? Based in this subject’s observation, she does not look like a foolish person!”

She was indeed not a foolish person, but she was absolutely an infatuated person!! Lightly patting the big person’s shoulder, Bai Yi quietly and smilingly said unhurriedly: “If during a normal time, she absolutely can not be fooled, but it is not necessarily like that now. Lou Xi Yan is already sent to prison, she is impatient as if she is burning earlier. I have heard that Prime Minister Lou’s body is always not good, he has an old illness, if at this moment, he is not careful and falls ill, he can die inside the prison. According to you, this Madam Lou who is loving and impatient, can she still be rational in that case?!”

“This subject will deal with it immediately!” The heavy force in his shoulder made the big person grasped it immediately, he leaned over to salute hurriedly afterwards, and advanced to the outside door to leave urgently.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, his footsteps were light and graceful as before, but under the moonlight, the original eyes that should be glittering like sunshine, were wondering profoundly with extraordinary splendor.
It was already passed zishi (11 pm-1 am) inside the study room at the General’s manor, the candles were flickering inside the study room as before.

Under the tall bookcase, one lovable and small figure was busying and rummaging through to find something. During the early autumn night, her forehead unexpectedly had a thin layer of sweat.

Gu Yun was half kneeling beside the bookcase, and rummaging through to find some information, but it had already been 5-6 hours and she had not found anything.

During the afternoon, she already went to rummage through the Ministry of Justice, Dan Yu Lan was not present. Cheng Hang informed her that the main confession record of Lou Xi Yan’s case was kept at the General’s manor, they unexpectedly did not understand any specific circumstances.

This acknowledgement made Gu Yun felt very worried!

Her mood was increasingly jittery, Gu Yun’s action in rummaging through to look for the confession became more and more rough, darn Su Ling! Where would he put that information in the end?!

“What are you looking for?!” A cold voice of a man echoed strongly from behind her.

Su Ling!! Gu Yun was slightly startled, taking a deep breath deeply, she turned around calmly soon after. Looking one glance at him, she answered while she was still rummaging through like before: “I want to know what kind of evidences that the traitors have shown, that make Yan Hong Tian put Lou Xi Yan to prison at his big wedding day?!”

Su Ling’s black eyes slightly narrowed, this woman was really bold in her mind, the whole study room at the General’s manor was completely lighted on, the door was half opened, so the Imperial guards who were night patrolling believed that the person who was inside the study room was him. Looking at her standing position, if she had been trying to find it all the way, she was inside the study room for no less than two to three shichen (between 4-6 hours)!! Apart from having to keep the file outside, the rest was put in order intactly. If he did not come over tonight, he would simply not see that someone had been rummaging through his stuffs.

Moreover, she unexpectedly still dared to rummage thought to find the evidence in front of him now?! Looking that she was already discovered, but her petite figure was still rummaging through to find the evidence, the corner of Su Ling’s mouth unexpectedly and involuntarily raised up slightly. He found himself laughing, but he restrained the corner of his mouth immediately, lightly coughing, he groaned and said coldly: “You should not care about this matter!”

Su Ling was not nervous unexpectedly, it was very clear that the stuffs that she was looking for were not here inside the study room!! Releasing her hand off some stuffs, Gu Yun slowly got up, and she was confronting Su Ling who had always a black cloud looking panda on his face all the time. Gu Yun answered with not a slight uncompromising attitude: “That person who is being sent to prison is my brother in law now! I should care about it!” Qing’s feeling towards Lou Xi Yan, she could clearly see it even if she was a slow person, it was impossible that she watched with folding arms (not doing anything) about this matter!

The similar like eagle’s sharp, acute and firm eyes slightly raised his pupils to relatively fight, they should absolutely not need to continue with this dispute. Both of the people already understood it clearly that they could not persuade any of them!

“Someone comes.”

A cold, strong and imposing sound echoed, Gu Yun secretly shouted “Crap!”

Sure enough, his speaking voice was just left out, a group of the shoulders from the night patrols unexpectedly appeared from outside the study room.

“Lock her up in her room, without my order, she is not allowed to step out of the room.” His unquestionable voice was just like no one could disobey his every order, the soldiers looked one glance at each other secretly. Their feet did not dare to be stagnant, and went to the side of Gu Yun hastily and in a hurry, but they also did not step forward to detain her.

Clenching her teeth secretly, Gu Yun wished to fight with this opinionated man angrily, but she endured it because she still had not lost any rational!

“Su Ling, you want to house arrest me?!” Between these two people, their forever competing eyes would never cease, Gu Yun’s eyes was firmly cutting down on Su Ling’s body like a knife and Su Ling could hear the sound of her grinding her teeth. This made Su Ling felt a little relieved because of her untamed and jittery heart. Casted a sidelong glance at her fist that kept relaxing and tightening again, Su Ling said with a cruel and untamed smile: “I know that your martial art is not weak, your endurance is astonishing, and very smart. But if you really have enough sufficient knowledge, you should know that nobody will disobey my opinion at this General’s manor, do not ever think to leave the General’s manor!”

“Is it really?” This insufferably arrogant man!! He infuriated her! He infuriated her!!

Gu Yun smiled instead of getting angry, approached Su Ling slowly, her small and lovable figure was only reached to his chest. After stoping by his side, Gu Yun left this sentence with not light nor heavy voice: “General Su, we will wait and see (who is right).” He seriously believed that she was used to devote herself to embroider the butterfly during this half a year time?! Su Ling, if I, Gu Yun wanted to leave the General’s manor, it would be as easy as if I entered the food market!!

Rather than saying that she was detained in custody, it was better to say that a swaggering woman was escorted by a group of soldiers to leave!!

Darn it, how did she have this much confidence?

How did she have this much confidence inside the General’s manor, who was the master of the General’s manor in the end!!

“Peng–” (The sound of SL who was breaking the tables)

The majority of the people heard the loud sound inside the study room in the depth of the night. The young General who was tidying up the study room the next day, could only see that several tables were cut down in half and they were crumbling on the ground…… This…… who provoked the General to get angry again last night?!!

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 106: Delayed Wedding Reception (Part 2)

Ok, the last few chapters are so annoyingly long (10 plus pages 😳). Plus Din2 is rather busy so she hasn’t had more time to edit the translated chapters. With that said, I will only update one chapter per week on Mondays until the completion of this book. We’ll finish this soon enough. 😃 Over 3,370 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


“Hold on!” The white hand raised lightly, the captivating red head covering fell on the ground, along with a clear and cold voice of a woman that echoed unhurriedly. A new bride who took off her own head covering was nevertheless still in a minority, and the makeup on her face was unexpectedly very plain. The scars that were on her face were not even covered, this individual, even though she did not appear like an ordinary new bride who was lovable, amorous, gentle and beautiful, but her beautiful facial features could overturn the city. Her quiet, cold, proud and aloof personalities still made everyone who was present to inhale a mouthful of cold air.

Dan Yu Lan was quite familiar with Zhuo Qing, and also admired this woman’s intelligent, so he asked: “What matter does Madam still have?”

Stepping forward slowly and steadily, she walked to Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan, Zhuo Qing raised her voice respectfully and asked: “General Su, Dan Daren, we only have the last respect (of the wedding ceremony), after that this marriage will be completed! Qing Ling asks these two officials boldly to extend the time for another half hour, I am not sure if this is possible?”

Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan looked face to face for one glance, they did not expect that this woman would unexpectedly have this kind of request. Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for being sent to prison was to plot a rebellion, this would request that all his families would be executed with no pardon of his crime! If they had not gotten married, she might still have the opportunity to escape. If the ceremony was completed today, then she would not have a chance to escape from the punishment! This was simply following a path of her own destruction ah, but facing Zhuo Qing’s firm and cold eyes, they could not really say anything. They came to capture someone now, it was simply not their wishes, thus if they did not agree to this request, this would be too much!

Both of them did not nod their heads excessively, they only nodded lightly at the same time.

They had accepted tacitly, Zhuo Qing walked towards Lou Xi Yan who was gazing at her with wrinkled eyebrows, slowly stretching her hands out, and grasping his fingers. It was always him who was stretching his hands to her in the past, she wanted to hold hands with him to finish the most important journey today!

“Qing-er……” The slim fingers were holding his hands tightly, her palms streamed through some steady warmth, Lou Xi Yan did not feel any moodiness just because he was going to prison but he just felt this great waves that sprang up from all around at this time.

Not waiting until he finished his words, Zhuo Qing lightly raised the corner of her mouth, her eyes persisted with firm rays of lights that were somewhat glaring. Her clear and bright voice was loud that everyone who was present could hear it clearly: “I only want to become your wife today, no matter if you are an important Prime Minister or a lowly prisoner!!”

Everyone was in a daze and gazing at the woman whose whole body was in a red clothing, perhaps, many people thought that her way of handling thing was really stupid. But there were more people who regarded this woman with full of admiration in their hearts and were touched by her. It was easy to share riches and honor after all, but sharing trials and tribulations were difficult!! Lou Mu Hai who had never given Zhuo Qing his good appearance, finally showed a trace of smile on his face. This woman was courageous, insightful, firm and loyal to the end, and could be regarded to match with his son!

“Ceremony Official!” Zhuo Qing’s bright voice called out.

The Ceremony Official finally recovered, he shouted in a loud voice: “The married couple is to pay respect to each other!”

The pair of the newly-wed, their red blood clothing, the sleeves of the robe and dress were swirling in the air, looking face to face, there was no longer any other person who existed, no guest, no Imperial edict, no red silk head covering, no ribbon to pull. Only two people who were looking at each other like this with their fingers that were sticking closely!

Deeply lowering down their own bodies, along with the loud shouting from the Ceremony Official: “The ceremony is completed!” This marriage was completed at last!

The inside of the main hall that was originally in absolute silence because of the Imperial edict that was heard by everyone, was saluted with sounds of joys afterwards!

Walking to the front of the ceremony desk, Zhuo Qing took out two empty cups, then poured them with wine, she handed one cup over to Lou Xi Yan, and held the other cup on her hand. Stretching her hand out to hook Lou Xi Yan’s arm, Zhuo Qing leaned her body forward slightly, she said quietly next to his ear: “Drink these traditional wine ceremony, (actual words are formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony), we will be partners who will share both the honor and disgrace on this life and age, we will never leave each other!”

Partners who would share both the honor and disgrace, and to never leave each other! The clear and light voice did not have that meticulous proclamation like a moment ago, but every word was deep and seeping into the bottom of Lou Xi Yan’s heart. He knew that the person whom he picked on his own would not make him disappointed, but he did not know that she could accomplish this kind of situation for him!

Both of their eyes were facing each other, their wrists were crossing over, the excellent wine entered their throats, this emphasized one’s life promise.

Slowly tightening up their hands, taking her hands and holding them on the palms of his hands, Lou Xi Yan said with a gentle voice: “Wait until I return home.”

“En!” Nodding strongly, this was the promise that he gave her, he would return home.

The two people released their holding hands at the same time, Lou Xi Yan walked to Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling, he said with a light smile: “General Su, Dan Daren, please, ok.” Just like a normal day, the three people had their casual manners, as if they were meeting during the Imperial court accidentally. This man appeared to be the same whether he was in a difficult situation or not.

All of the Officials left the crowded place and nevertheless, the main hall was exceptionally quiet, Xue Xian Xin chased them out all the way: “Lao Ye…… Lao Ye!!”

“Elder brother!” Lou Xi Wu was also following until the side of the door, leaving only Zhuo Qing who insisted on marrying Lou Xi Yan a moment ago, and who had already become the mistress of the Lou’s family. She was standing in the main hall and facing all of the guests who were not sure what to do, or maybe waiting to watch a bustling scene. But she gave a slight courtesy and said with unrestrained and unquestionable manners: “The Lou’s family just happens to have an unforeseen event today, the wedding reception will end here, ok. If there is any opportunity in the future, the Lou’s family is sure to have a feast for our friends again! Everybody, please return, ok! Jing Sa, see the visitors out!”

As the family’s housekeeper, Jing Sa immediately stepped forward one step, he said with a heavy voice: “Yes, Madam.”

“Everybody, please!”

The Prime Minister’s manor was worthy to be called Prime Minister’s manor, even though they met this large transformation, they were still steady and not in any disorder. The complexion of every servant was tranquil, they invited all of the crowds to go out neatly and tidily.

A tide of people were departing out in silence, Gu Yun, with a low voice said to Su Yu who was behind her: “You return to the General’s manor first.”

Looking that she was motionless like a mountain, Su Yu urgently said: “Then, how about you?”

“I have words that I want to say to her.” The completion of her marriage like this, even though Qing showed off tranquility from beginning to end, she was afraid that her heart could not take it easily, right!

Su Yu pulled the sleeve of her garment lightly, advised in a low voice: “The person who will investigate this case is Elder brother, the traitors are also brought back by Second brother. I am afraid that the Prime Minister’s manor will not welcome you, you will be better to leave first, ok!” She was indeed the person from the General’s manor now, if she waited until somebody was throwing her out, that would be unsightly!

Pulling back the sleeve of her garment, Gu Yun answered impatiently: “It will not, you return first.”

The tide of people who were near the door of the hall were almost dispersing, Su Yu did not feel good to stay behind either, and could only say in a low voice: “Fine, ok, you be careful on your own.” Qing Ling did not look like a person who could not understand logic, he would be better to return to the General’s manor first, right!

The people who were inside the room were less and less, Bai Yi was standing and watching attentively at Zhuo Qing’s still face, for a very long time, he heard a low voice from a big person who was behind him: “Master, at this present circumstances, it seems that it is not appropriate to continue staying at the Lou’s family!”

Covering up the extraordinary splendor from his eyes, Bai Yi nodded leisurely and lightly, soon after, he was following the tide of people who were leaving along from the main hall.

The main hall that was bustling with noise previously, there were only a few servants this time who were tidying up some objects that were overturned by the tide of people when they were leaving, the fully captivating red room seemed to mock and offend the eyes at this moment. Xue Xian Xin entered the main hall with a worry look, she could not help to weep in the end: “How can this thing happens like this!! Lao Ye and Xi Yan are in prison, how can this be good ah!”

Lou Xi Wu walked to Zhuo Qing’s back, urgently said: “Sister in law, what should we do next ah?!” Dad and Elder brother were not here, she and Second mother had panicky expressions. It seemed that only Sister in law who was still calm, she could only depend on and hope for her!

Zhuo Qing was standing in a daze in the main hall, her cold eyes were looking at the warm sunshine that was outside the courtyard, it was brilliant like red silk, she did not say anything. Xue Xian Xin who was flustered at first, looking at Zhuo Qing who was standing in a daze, then she scolded: “What is the use of asking her! What does she understand! No powerful backer or no connection, what plan can she have at this time!”

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes hurriedly, Xue Xian Xin was walking back and forth in the living room, murmuring to herself and she said: “I think it is best that we should enter the Imperial palace immediately, and ask for help to West Empress Dowager!!”

Lou Xi Wu raised her hand, and answered: “Elder brother is not home, you do not have an Imperial tablet to enter the Imperial palace, how can we seek to see paternal aunt?!” No Imperial tablet, they could only wait to be summoned!!

“Then……” With a frenetic look that was on her face and after moving around for several steps, Xue Xian Xin called out: “Then, get in touch quickly with Lao Ye’s former subordinates, furthermore, get in touch with Lou Xi Yan’s former students ah!” The Lou family was still somewhat powerful during this dynasty, right!!

“Jing Sa, Mo Bai!! Quickly, quickly, quickly! Go and ask those Daren to come to the manor!!” Xue Xian Xin called out to the two people to go and ask for help. The two people were looking one glance at each other, their gazes were all looking towards Zhuo Qing, they seemed to wait for her command.

The two people were all motionless, Xue Xian Xin’s sharp voice called out: “Go quickly ah! What are you still staring at!!” These slaves were normally spoiled by Xi Yan! What time was this that they were still unclear who the Master was!

Both of them were still standing motionless and in silence, Xue Xian Xin still wanted to flip out, Gu Yun was finally unable to bear it and she said: “Even if they go, it will be in vain, the guests who were inside a moment ago, were they not Lao Ye’s former subordinates, and Lou Xi Yan’s students? They seemed to come to the Prime Minister’s manor, why did they leave so quickly a moment ago? Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for going to prison is plotting a rebellion, even if they have any consideration to help during this time, they will absolutely not dare to gather at the Prime Minister’s manor openly and without fear!!”

Qing should already think of a countermeasure in dealing with this situation by now, this old mother hen was arguing noisily, Qing would flip out!

Gu Yun said the actual situation like this, Xue Xian Xin was not stupid either, she was just muddle headed a moment ago. Hearing her analysis, she also knew some of those, but being refuted by a young lady, her reputation seemed to be embarrassed. Pointing her finger at Gu Yun, Xue Xian Xin scolded with a loud voice: “You are the General manor’s person, what are you doing still staying here, are you looking at us as a joke?! Those traitors were captured and brought back by the General manor’s people. I think you all are the ones who collaborate with the traitors, and then set up Xi Yan and Lao Ye, you are still here being hypocritical and pretending to be upset now?! Get lost! Get out of my sight!!”

The sharp shout was challenging Zhuo Qing’s nerve, Zhuo Qing who was always silent, finally roared lowly: “That is enough!”

Xue Xian Xin was frightened slightly and closed her mouth with great difficulty.

Secretly breathing several breaths, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice and calmly: “You are already tired for the whole day, return and rest first, ok.”

“Rest?” Once her speaking voice was left, Xue Xian Xin shrieked one more time: “You still have the mood to rest now?!! I should see you earlier that you are not a good person!! You……”

“Jing Sa.” Lightly kneading her temple, Zhuo Qing did not allow her to hoot an abuse, she only said to Jing Sa with a cold voice: “Take this noisy woman and throw her out to a place where she can stay, do not make me listen to her voice again!”

“Yes!” Jing Sa slightly nodded, and walked to the side of Xue Xian Xin, his big hand was lifting her arm, and taking her out of the main hall gently.

“You…… you are rebelling!! Let go off my hand, let go off my hand…… Qing Ling…… do not think that you can hide the truth from the masses! Let go off my hand…..” Her yelling voice was more and more distant, Zhuo Qing’s complexion did not improve a bit, Lou Xi Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and she said carefully: “Sister in law, then…… I will return first.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing nodded her head lightly.

Lou Xi Wu ran out of the main hall, she did not dare to trouble her again.

Releasing her hand that was massaging in between her eyebrows, her complexion was already restored as always, Zhuo Qing lowly explained: “Mo Bai, you go and sort out the list for the Imperial officials’ relationship to me, the officials who are five grades and higher in their positions, separate their affiliations and factions, make a clear mark who have a good or bad relationship with the Lou’s family. Hand it over to me early tomorrow morning, furthermore…… return the deployment of the Prime Minister’s personnel transfer wholly.”

“Yes.” Looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, Mo Bai did not say anything, he withdrew to go out quietly.

Finally, Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were the only ones left in the big main hall.

Zhuo Qing walked to the side of a wooden chair, her movement was slow as if, if she was moving a bit faster, she would tumble down on the ground. Sitting down on the wooden chair with great difficulty, her expression looked somewhat stupefied. Even though her hands were already holding the handles of the wooden chair closely, Gu Yun could still see that they were shaking.

Squatting down next to her, Gu Yun asked quietly: “Qing, are you alright?” That scene during that wedding ceremony ritual a moment ago, she was somewhat in heartache looking at her. As it turned out, Qing’s love to Lou Xi Yan was already so deep! Originally, today should be a happy day for these couple’s lives, nevertheless, it was like this in the end!

Holding Zhuo Qing’s cold fingers, Gu Yun wanted to comfort her, but she did not know what to say either!

For a very long time, Gu Yun finally sighed in a low voice: “I…… will think of a way to investigate what kind of important evidences that the traitors from Xi Bei have against Lou Xi Yan. Do not be too worry, it will be alright!” After listening to the last sentence, it was actually somewhat useless, if she could help Lou Xi Yan to wash away his injustice, it was the only help for Qing, right!

Zhuo Qing was sitting on the wooden chair silently, the sunshine was glaring outside the room, the heatwave was rolling on, but her hands and feet felt very cold. They had arrived in this different era for half a year, she basically, was just doing things that she liked to do, according to her own character, handling and conducting the affairs in her own style, but it was just to switch her life in a different place.

She could live free like this, unconstrained, all of those were because Xi Yan showed his tolerance to her, and put her under his wing, she seemed to be accustomed to his silence investment and protection like this. At that time when he was taken away, she was afraid, she had never experienced that kind of fear in her more than 20 years old of age. She was afraid to lose him, so she wanted to marry him!!

She did not know whether or not this was regarded as love, she only knew that she was willing to live and die together with him, and never left each other.

She was not willing to face up this major feudalism authority and tyrant systems all along, even though she almost drowned and lost in this moment, she was still useless to face it, but in this moment, she understood incomparably and needed that power!

Xi Yan, I would accompany you to fight this battle together!
Sian’s notes:
Ahhhh…. I think this is the most favorite chapter for me. I felt Zhuo Qing’s warmth and love towards Lou Xi Yan through out this chapter and tears kept falling down on my cheeks reading this chapter. I just love Zhuo Qing!!! Despite the fact that her new husband was going to prison, she still wanted to share the worst time of his life together… But then it gets boring and draggy again on the last page of this chapter.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 105: Delayed Wedding Reception (Part 1)

Over 3,190 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The marriage sedan was swaying for a minimum of two hours, it finally stopped, fortunately, the sedan chair was spacious, so Zhuo Qing did not feel stuffy inside, even if the sound of the firecrackers and drum were irritating her ears all the way, she could only hear a yell from the outside of the sedan chair: “The new bride can enter the door!!”

The hanging curtain of the sedan chair was lifted open softly, Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to see Lou Xi Yan whose face had the same relaxed smile and he stretched his hand to her, he did not have any slightness of weariness on his face, so Zhuo Qing suddenly had some admiration towards him!

Zhuo Qing stretched her hand, and followed him to get down from the sedan chair, the front door of the Prime Minister’s manor was crowded with people. The original big and stylish lintel (of the door) was filled with crimson lanterns, one could see clearly the red silks everywhere. The red remnant of the firecrackers that were left behind on the ground of the Prime Minister’s manor with jubilation.

The most dazzling was going to be regarded as the huge rectangle brazier that was in front of the door, the blazing charcoal that was still making pow pow sounds. Zhuo Qing sighed secretly, she should not have to drag her cheongsam to step across that thing, right?!

“The groom and bride will step across the brazier, may you live a long and happy life together like the prosperous red flame!”

Sure enough! The matchmaker was yelling to declare their destiny, fine, ok, they just had to step it across, ok, fortunately, her wedding dress could not be regarded as complicated! She should be able to jump over.

Zhuo Qing raised up the corner of her skirt, intended to jump over, a clear, bright and mocking loud sound said noisily: “Is the groom not supposed to carry the bride to step over the brazier? The flame is very intense, it may burn and injure the bride oh!”

Zhuo Qing leaned her head to look at a strange white clothing person who was winking his eyes.

“Yes ah, yes ah.”

“Prime Minister Lou has to carry Madam to go in, ok!!”

Someone was heckling so naturally someone would cater to the heckling, for a moment, the outside door was bustling with noises and excitements, no matter if it was the ordinary people or the high officials and noble people, they all were following to create confusions.

Releasing her hand from the skirt, Zhuo Qing mockingly looked towards Lou Xi Yan, however, those people were shouting oh!

Lou Xi Yan laughed heartily and cupped his hands in obeisance, when Zhuo Qing had not yet reacted, she already felt that her legs were light and Lou Xi Yan had already carried her waist up. The family servants were stepping forward hurriedly to lift up the lower corner of his jacket, lightly jumping, Lou Xi Yan was carrying her to cross the brazier.

There was an unavoidable cheer from outside the door. Zhuo Qing was leaning on his chest lightly, and she was still able to feel his thoracic cavity was shaking when he was laughing. He appeared to be very happy today, he accepted without questions with regards to everyone’s heckling. His normal faint and light smile was changed into an intoxicated big laughter today, she was not used to this type of him, this brimming excitement and feeling made her heart feel warmth.

Lou Xi Yan was carrying her to the main hall beside the private room, the crowds still wanted to follow them over to heckle. Xue Xian Xin hurriedly stopped them, laughingly said: “Ok, ok, if you want to disturb the privacy of the bridal room (a custom that guests will banter and play pranks on the newlyweds), you still have to wait until in the evening! Thank you for everyone’s trouble, everybody can go to the front hall, ok, where we have already prepared food and drink.”

Lou Xi Yan prepared this private room for her to rest, before they pay respect to each other, there was every type of cakes and drinks inside the room. Lou Xi Yan finally put her down, Zhuo Qing lifted open the head covering immediately and urgently, and fanned her face up, this covering thing was making her suffer for a few hours!!

The servant girl who was standing behind Zhuo Qing was lowly smiling when she saw Zhuo Qing lifted open the head covering like that. Lou Xi Yan did not actually say anything, taking the head covering that was on her hand and put it aside, and then leading her to walk to the front of the short bench, he gently said: “You rest for a while, and eat some stuff, the servant girl will come to ask you in a moment when it is time to do the wedding ritual (again, the actual words are the ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by the bride and groom). If you are very tired, you can just take a nap for a moment.”

“En, ok.” Nodding, she was feeling sleepy now, she were already busy from dawn up until now.

Xue Xian Xin urgently rushing over, looking at the two people who were still chatting, she hurriedly said: “Xi Yan, you go out quickly, there are many guests who are waiting for your greetings.” Who could have thought that these officials came this early, really, she was busy and could not even rest her body!!

Slowly getting up, Lou Xi Yan was patting her cheek lightly, smilingly said: “I will go out first.”

Looking at his appearance who was especially excited today, Zhuo Qing was pulling his hand, and she said: “You have to take care of your health also, do not drink too much wine!” Those people who were outside love to heckle, if he did not control a little bit, she estimated that they did not need to wait for the wedding ritual, he would already be collapsed!

Lou Xi Yan answered with a serious face: “Yes, Wife. Husband will surely bear it in mind!!”

Zhuo Qing stared coldly for one glance at him, Lou Xi Yan was laughing when he came out of the private room.

Not interested with the cakes that were on the table, Zhuo Qing laid down on the soft couch that was nearby and closed her eyes to rest, her heart felt strange, where did Gu Yun go?!
When the marriage sedan arrived in front of the Prime Minister’s manor, looking at a lot of those people who were noisy, Gu Yun decided to leave, she could come over in the evening to drink and eat the wedding feast and it would be fine, she had never liked this kind of bustling with noise and excitement situation anyway!

Gu Yun walked back to the General’s manor, she just happened to collide with Su Yu at the front door. Gu Yun did not intend to bother him, but Su Yu’s face was surprised when he saw her: “You…… why do you come back?”

Gu Yun stopped her footsteps, lowly said: “Can I not come back?” Qing’s marriage was not her marriage either, she could not see this small mission ah and look at her bad complexion, Su Yu wrinkled his brows, lowly asked: “Is there or is there not any matter happening at the Prime Minister’s manor?”

Gu Yun narrowed her eyes slightly, Su Yu was really strange today?! Remaining calm and collected to look towards him, Gu Yun asked: “What matter will happen at the Prime Minister’s manor?”

Gu Yun only asked this one sentence, it made Su Yu unable to know if she knew or did not know about this, he could only smiled embarrassingly and said: “Nothing, nothing ah! I am only asking conveniently!” If she did not know, then he should not be so talkative!!

Gu Yun was staring at him coldly, Su Yu felt uncomfortable all over, and lifted his legs to go out of the door, a delicate hand stopped his steps, Gu Yun questioned intensely: “What are you lying about?” What matter could happen at the Prime Minister’s manor, Su Yu clearly knew it, then it would be related to the General’s manor!!

“Lying….. how am I lying!! You are playing a joke!” When he lied the last time and she saw it through with one quick look, Su Yu swallowed his saliva.

Sure enough, he was pretending to be calmed but it still let Gu Yu saw it exceptionally clear, her heart was anxious what matter would happen to Zhuo Qing, Gu Yun urgently said: “What has happened?!”

“I…… I do not know!!” Persistently shaking his head, Su Yu turned his back, and walked to the inside of the General’s manor again. He was really a lowly criminal, nothing to do but to pick a quarrel with this difficult woman!!

Grabbing Su Yu’s shoulder, how could Gu Yun agree to let him off, with a stern voice, she called out: “Speak the truth!”

Su Yu turned his body around in defeat, pityingly sighed and said: “I really do not know, Big brother was announced to enter the Imperial palace early this morning, Second brother also urgently entered the Imperial palace a moment ago. I heard that Second brother caught that two ring leaders of the traitors who wanted to rebel. After entering the capital, they asserted arbitrarily……”

Speaking until now, Su Yu paused for a moment, facing to look Gu Yun’s interrogation eyes, slapping his head, Su Yu still said in a low voice: “The people who were collaborating with them during that time, and plotting for the gold case, were exactly the Prime Minister’s father and son!”

“What?!” Gu Yun’s hand that was on Su Yu’s hand shaking frighteningly, this…… this was impossible, ok! Not only saying that she believed that Lou Xi Yan and his father’s personal characters, it was also because she was present on the scene when they surrounded the traitors. There was really a clear indication at that time that the traitors were collaborating with the Imperial Central Minister, but it should not be Lou Xi Yan and his father!! Lou Mu Hai helped in surrounding and destroying the traitors in this matter, it could be regarded as ones contribution that could not go unnoticed!

Thinking deeply for a moment, Gu Yun asked: “What kind evidences did they provide?”

Su Yu helplessly shook his head: “Big brother and Second brother are still in the Imperial palace, I do not know what kind of evidences that Second brother has brought back!” He only knew about this matter when he eavesdropped the issued decree from the Ministry of justice’s official earlier and then Second brother said that the criminals whom he escorted back asserting arbitrarily that they were colluding with Prime Minister Lou and his father, making Second brother to enter the Imperial palace immediately!

Actually, any oral confession about the traitors’ rebellious plan would not be the most important, Lou Xi Yan was the country’s Prime Minister, it was impossible to knock him down due to some oral confessions from several small traitors. The most important thing was what kind of evidences that they could provide, and if this was a deliberate set up from the same member of the Imperial Central Minister, or they were acting together! Lou Xi Yan was going to face an even bigger pressure!!

Gu Yun let Su Yu go, turned around and came out of the General’s manor, Su Yu urgently followed her up: “Where are you going? You cannot inform them ah!” They were not clear what the circumstances were related to this matter, everything was from his eavesdropping that he got a little clues. If everything was a misunderstanding, and she was talking some rubbish, would people not want to ridicule her? If the matter was really related to the Prime Minister’s manor, and she wanted to disclose the information, then if they found out, the criminal charge would not be as small as Gu Yun’s narrowed eyes, she answered with a cold voice: “I have my own propriety (in making the decision)!”

His heart could not feel relieved either, so Su Yu was following her to arrive at the Prime Minister’s manor.
The ordinary people who were gathering outside the Prime Minister’s manor were not many anymore, all of the people with powerful connections were attending the wedding ritual inside of the Prime Minister’s manor, all levels of officials. Even though there were not as many people as in the early morning, but the Prime Minister’s manor was so crowded and impenetrable.

Gu Yun urgently looked for Zhuo Qing who was resting in the room, looking in a distance at the hall that was crowded with people who were standing in a circle to watch, she narrowed her eyes to only see Lou Xi Yan who was leading Zhuo Qing along to walk to the main hall.

Gu Yun pushed away everyone, and entered the main hall with great difficulty, she could only hear the wedding ceremony official who called out in a loud voice: “The newly-weds’ wedding ritual!”

Lou Xi Yan’s expression was clear and bright, his complexion was somewhat redden, one could reckoned that he drank quite a few of wine. Standing at the main hall and trying to decide, Gu Yun intended to wait until they finished the wedding ritual, and then looked for Qing to speak about this matter!

“One, kowtow to the heaven and earth!”

The ceremony official’s voice was echoing and reverberating.

The newly-weds were bowing to heavens deeply and firmly.

“Two, pay respect to the parents!”

Turning their bodies around, and facing their parents, one side was Lou Mu Hai, and the other side was Qing Ling’s paternal uncle. Lou Mu Hai’s face still looked like before as there was not many joyous feeling, but in any case, it was his only son’s big wedding day. Even though he did not like his daughter in law, but he should not make things difficult on them deliberately.

Both of them were bowing their bodies deeply at both parties.

“Husband and wife……”

One’s speaking voice raised strongly, an even more dignified’s male sound interrupted the final respect.

“The Imperial edict has arrived!”

Everybody turned around to see only Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan who came together, his hand was clasping a bright Imperial edict. All of the people thought that the Emperor could not come personally so he would congratulate the Prime Minister’s big wedding with an Imperial decree. Everyone opened up the path one after another to let these two people to enter the middle room smoothly.

Gu Yun looked one glance at Su Yu who was behind her, Su Yu felt like shaking his head, and in a low voice, he said near her ear: “Be quiet and do not be excited, we will take a look first and then discuss it again!!”

Lou Xi Yan’s phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, they appeared to have some emotions, but his complexion was still tranquil as before, he slightly cupped his hands towards Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan.

Lou Mu Hai laughed heartily and heroically, and said: “General Su, Dan Daren, I still think that the two of you can not keep up with these wedding wine!” He always admired the Su family’s army, they surrounded and destroyed the traitors this time, and was able to fight alongside the Su family’s army, he felt completely satisfied all along! Facing towards Su Ling’s impression, he felt even better!

Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan’s complexions were somewhat rigid, lowly smiled and said: “The Old General is too courteous!” He was afraid that they could drink these wedding wine!!

Lightly coughing, Dan Yu Lan’s clear voice said: “Prime Minister Lou, please accept the Imperial decree.”

The entire people who were in the main hall knelt down, the sound of the drum also stopped, the main hall that was crowded by the people became exceptionally quiet in a quick second.

Dan Yu Lan was holding the Imperial decree, for a long time, then with a clear voice, he read it out loud and said: “Receive and accept the Mandate from Heaven, the Emperor’s Imperial order says, the entire Xi Bei’s traitors had been destroyed, the traitors had confessed that they were colluding with the Lou family’s father and son to steal the public treasury, and intend to plot a rebellion. The Criminal Prison Division’s Dan Yu Lan, and the country’s General Su Ling will hear this case collaboratively today. The Lou family’s father and son will be sent to the Imperial prison right away, bestowed by the Emperor!”

They would be sent to prison!!

This…… how was it possible?!

The big main hall was in deathly stillness one more time, nobody knew how they should react, who would have thought that the extremely flourishing’s Lou Xi Yan would be sent to prison? Nevertheless, it was during his big wedding day!! What was the Emperor thinking after all?!

Gu Yun’s heartbeats were extremely quick, what was the evidence that the other party could provide after all?! That it could make Yan Hong Tian wrote down an Imperial decree to send Lou Xi Yan to prison!!

This scene was really dramatic, the Emperor of Qiong Yue would unexpectedly imprison Lou Xi Yan! This was extremely interesting. Bai Yi’s dark eyes narrowed slightly, and looking up and down unobtrusively at Lou Xi Yan. Comparing to everyone’s imposing look, he showed an exceptional tranquil expression, it seemed that the request to imprison was not the same as his! The legend said that Lou Xi Yan was always calm and in control of himself, the Tai’s mountain could collapse but his face would look the same as before with no change in color, it seemed that the words were actually not empty words! Furthermore, there was Su Ling, today was the first time that he could be in the close range with this person whose knowledge was well-known in the whole world as a God of war!

Lou Xi Yan and Su Ling, these two men were absolutely the big hindrances for Liao Yue to take a leading role in the whole world!

Lou Mu Hai recovered, immediately in a fury and he said: “Absurd! This is absolutely a set up!! I will go with you immediately, then I will confront that group of traitors face to face!” The Lou’s family sacrificed for the country, how could people defame and ruin them!!

Lou Xi Yan did not speak all along, Dan Yu Lan could only step forward one step, he asked with an invitation posture: “Prime Minister Lou, sorry to bother you, and offend you!”

“Hold on!” The white hand raised lightly, the captivating red head covering fell on the ground, along with a clear and cold voice of a woman that echoed unhurriedly.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 104: Picking Up The Bride

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Qiong Yue And Hao Yue Guest House

The sunshine was very calm, the cool breeze was blowing in to people, the simplicity of the wooden room was not too big, but it was already covered with a red silk candle and decorated with jubilation. There were five to six married women inside, three to four young women, Zhuo Qing was having a hard time breathing. What made her gloomier was that they were still incessantly putting on makeup on her face, adding pearls, and their mouths were still chattering and saying things that were not important!!

According to the marriage tradition, Lou Xi Yan already sent her to the guest house yesterday evening, but in reality, according to her way of thinking, it was absolutely not needed to be that troublesome. They could hold the wedding ceremony (the actual words were the ritual kneeling to heaven & earth by the bride & groom) tomorrow, and it would be done. Who would have imagined that Lou Xi Yan who usually listened to her suggestion, insisted about sending her to the guest house this time!

So she was here! Being turned upside down by this group of older women!! These people were the Qing family’s close relatives who were being invited based on Qing Feng’s list, they were very familiar towards her, but she did not even recognize any of them!

Closing her eyes, Zhuo Qing decided to be ignorant! (An idiom saying what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over).

“Ling-er, all the three sisters’ fates are good like this, you are so fortunate to be married to Prime Minister Lou today, and nevertheless, to be an official wife, our Qing’s family ancestors have really accumulated a lot of merits!!” The married woman who was combing her hair, they said that she was her second paternal aunt, her tone of speaking was full of congratulation.

“Yes ah, Ling-er is getting married to Prime Minister Lou, Feng-er has become an Imperial concubine Qing, I have not really anticipated that there is a day that our Qing family can bring honor to the family like this!!” Zhuo Qing could not remember clearly who this person was, in short, in other words, in their hearts, it was not only because she or Qing Feng were married to good families and happy, but the Qing’s sisters were married good, so that it could make them well regarded in Hao Yue.

Zhuo Qing felt that she was being pulled by someone, so she opened her eyes, only to see one tall and beautiful girl who was standing by her side, her eyes were looking up and down to her simple wedding dress, sneeringly said: “This wedding dress is very ugly, ok, will Lou Xi Yan regret it?!” She thought that it would be so grand, but this wedding dress might as well come from the ordinary and small household family!

She always thought that her three older female cousins looked pretty at most and could only be regarded as delicate and pretty, the common people were exaggerating these ‘Hao Yue’s three pretty women’ reputations. Their faces were all destroyed now, what could be said about fascination anymore?! That so called Prime Minister Lou must be a country bumpkin, and had never seen a beauty, so he wanted to take her as his wife!

The second paternal aunt hurriedly and lowly scolded: “Li Shu, what are you talking rubbish for!” This brat, she could eat anything discriminately, how could she make irresponsible remarks, could she just call out Lou Xi Yan’s name without thinking it through?! Not to mention that even though this wedding dress was simple like this, people who had eyesight could see that the materials, embroideries, were absolutely from quality goods!!

She had known earlier that Li Shu had always been compared to the Qing’s family three sisters since she was a child, but she should watch what kind of situation this was!!

Carefully looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, the second paternal aunt smiled and said: “Ling-er, you do not need to take offense, she is still young, and is not thoughtful!”

Zhuo Qing would naturally not bother with this young girl either, but her ears really could not stand the noise anymore. Lightly raising her hand to keep her off from putting a pearl on her neck, Zhuo Qing said with a cold voice: “All of you leave, ok, I want to speak with Qing Mo.”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was cold and firm, everyone thought that she was angry because of the matter from a moment ago, and did not dare to say many things. Second paternal aunt could only oblige and take the opportunity to laugh and say: “Fine, fine, fine, you and your sister can chat! But you can not chat for a long time, the people from the Prime Minister’s manor who are coming to pick up the bride, should come here quickly.”

A group of people finally retreated out, the world was also quiet finally!

Zhuo Qing turned around to look and see Gu Yun who was sitting at the furthest distance on the small window frame, her feet were swaying boringly, her face also had an impatient face! She was wearing a simple and light purple color of cheongsam, her long hair that was always put on a pony tail, was let down on a bun today, a dangling jadeite ornament was inserted in the hair. This was already the most gorgeous adornment that she had ever seen on Gu Yun, if she was not sitting on the window frame, she could be regarded as a girl from a wealthy family!

Zhuo Qing stood up, only then she discovered that there were five to six jade pearls on her neck, pearl, her wrist had three to four bracelets, she could not lift her head up even more with the golden hairpin!

A bursting of laughter could be heard near the window, Zhuo Qing looked one glance at Gu Yun grievingly, forcing a bitter laugh, she said: “Very amusing, is it or is it not?”

With a great difficulty to stop her laughing, Gu Yun lightly coughed, she answered with a fake seriousness: “No, quite good looking. But originally, I believe that I will see you wearing a white cotton dress, drawing a prince to enter a church. There are rose flowers by your side, champagne bottles are all around, who can think that you will have this kind of wedding ceremony. Anyway, I have never seen this so it is also good.”
This so called applauding, if Yun did not smile, the wrinkles on her skin would come out, she could still pretend to be naive to believe this! Pulling out the layers of pearls, Zhuo Qing answered unhappily: “Wait until you are getting married to Su Ling, and you can experience it for yourself nicely!!” She could guarantee that it would be unforgettable in all of her life time!

Gu Yun whose face appeared to be smiling, suddenly was rigid, coldly groaned: “It is impossible for me and him!”

Ck ck, it sounded like a complete gunpowder! Zhuo Qing continued to smile and say: “You must not say any big word! Be careful to beat your tongue!”

Agilely hoping from the window frame, Gu Yun’s face did not dare to have the same appearance: “The only reason that I am staying at the General’s manor is completely because of the golden bagua plate, otherwise I have already gone!”

The golden bagua plate……

Recalling the weird time when they came here, Zhuo Qing was also extremely interested with it, she asked: “Did you find any clue?”

Walking to Zhuo Qing’s side, Gu Yun grabbed a copper mirror that was on the side and threw it to Zhuo Qing, firmly answered: “Do not mention it, I do not know whether or not I can get along with him naturally. I am unable to talk several sentences to him, if he is not turning around and leaving abruptly in anger, then I will be angry until I vomit blood!”

Zhuo Qing took the copper mirror, lowered her head to look, frighteningly and lowly shouted!

Was this relative causing trouble to her? Putting her make up like this, could she even want to see other people! They were wishing to wait until the time when Lou Xi Yan uncovered the veil and divorce her immediately, right!!

Fortunately, Gu Yun was not totally heartless, and actually letting her know, grabbing a silk fabric and immersing it in the water, with great difficulty, she could remove the powder and rouge that was applied in her face cleanly, then Zhuo Qing took a long and relax breath.

Considering that Yun was actually helping her timely, Zhuo Qing did not continue joking with her, she asked: “Su Ling must also come today, right?!”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “I do not know, when I left the house, I heard that Yan Hong Tian summoned him to enter the Imperial palace urgently, I estimated that he would be late, right!”

The two people were chatting leisurely, second paternal aunt’s voice echoed strongly once again: “Qing-er, Xiao Feng…… no, the Imperial concubine Qing’s people come to deliver the congratulatory gift!”

Qing Feng? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked one glance at each other, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Come in, ok.”

The door was opened slowly, one over 20 years old woman came in, her graceful, subdued, gentle and refined manners made people able to see her brightness. Standing behind her were two palace eunuchs, their hands were holding two trays that were covered by the red clothing.

“Pay respect to Madam.” The woman slightly leaned over, her every movement appeared to be simple and elegant in style.

Zhuo Qing’s impression towards her was not bad, smilingly said: “You are?”

The woman answered with a soft voice: “This servant is Fu Ling, I am the Imperial concubine Qing’s personal servant. These, jade artifacts are specifically selected by Imperial concubine for Madam’s big wedding, to wish Madam and Prime Minister Lou a long and happy life together, and good health.”

Finished speaking, she lightly uncovered the red clothing that was on the tray, two pieces of jades, the carving was completely in a power and good fortune styles and they were filled with impressive green jadeites. That faint lusters were glossily brilliance, the greenish blue color penetrated from the jade quality, all of them showed their values.

Zhuo Qing did not know what to say either, and could only answered: “Please thank her on behalf of me.”

The men put the jade artifacts on the short table and then retreated out, that woman who was called Fu Ling, looked one glance at Gu Yun who was by Zhuo Qing’s side. Then she stepped forward for one step, she took out a block of thing that was wrapped with a handkerchief from her waist and handed it over to Zhuo Qing’s hand, lowly said: “There is this one, please, Madam must accept this properly.”

“This is?” Zhuo Qing touched the surface of that block thing that was wrapped with a handkerchief with her hand, the touch felt like a block of token.

“This is Qing Feng Imperial palace hall’s token, if you want to deliver a letter to the Imperial concubine or want to enter the Imperial palace to meet with the Imperial concubine, you can take this Imperial token with you, everyday between shenshi (3.5 pm) to youshi (5-7 pm), you can enter the Imperial palace from the North gate.” Finished speaking, the woman did not stay any longer, slightly leaned over and retreated out.

Zhuo Qing opened the handkerchief, there was really a block of greenish blue Imperial token, there was one character on its front, a blooming chrysanthemum flower was in its back, there was some command characters on its front.

Wrapping the Imperial token properly, and looking towards Gu Yun for a period of time, she could only see that she was staring at the thing that was on her hand and seemed to be lost in thought. Zhuo Qing asked: “What are you thinking?”

Slowly raising her head, Gu Yun shook her head, and smilingly said: “I am thinking, how is this woman can use half a year of time to accomplish this kind of circumstances today, when she is being isolated and without any help?!”
She had not met with Qing Feng, only heard a few words from Qing occasionally, so she did not care about it either, but it seemed that she actually could not help to be curious today!

Zhuo Qing was smiling: “I will take you to enter the Imperial palace to see her when I have a chance, ok.”

Gu Yun was thinking for a moment, she finally nodded and answered: “En. However……”

Suddenly, a bursting loud of firecracker’s sound echoed, nobody could hear clearly whatever words that one was saying, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, and closed her mouth, it was not anything important anyway.

“Ling-er, Ling-er!!” A group of people who just left not long ago, already came in again rushingly: “Hurry, hurry, hurry, the person who is picking up the bride has come!”

“Unexpectedly, Prime Minister Lou has come personally to escort his bride! Heaven ah! Ling-er, you really have a good blessing!!” Second paternal aunt’s face was anxious to see Zhuo Qing’s clean expression, the cosmetics were already removed from her face, urgently said: “Ling-er, why do you look so natural in appearance?!” She was helping her to look like a goddess a moment ago, how was it possible that her effort turned to be like this?!

Looking at her who wanted to put the cosmetics back on her face, Zhuo Qing hastily said: “Is it not too late?”

The firecrackers sound were echoing outside the door, the sound of the gong drumming echoed simultaneously. Second paternal aunt was unable to do anything either, she could only noisily called out: “Right, right!! Head covering!!” Anyway, it would already be in the evening when Lou Xi Yan uncovered the head covering, pitch dark, he probably could not see clearly, right!!

Zhuo Qing selected this transparent head covering at first, even though it was covered and hazy, she could still be able to see the road, so she was not like a blind person who could not see anything!

With the head covering, a group of people were escorting her to walk out, Zhuo Qing was puzzled: “Where are we going?!”

Second paternal aunt was holding her to move forwards while she was saying: “Prime Minister Lou does not say it, according to the the most traditional popular’s wedding custom, you have to enter a door, I am certainly sending you out of the door now la!” Speaking of which, this girl’s life was really good.

Was it like that?! Zhuo Qing could only follow a tide of people to walk out, she did not understand it anyway!

The more they reached the gate of the guest house, the firecrackers’ sound were also louder, there was also the sound of the drum. With great difficulty, Zhuo Qing was outside the door, and was stunned, the fragments of the red string of firecrackers filled the ground. The bridal sedan was big and exceptional, unexpectedly, there were eight people who were raising the big sedan chair! Wearing the red garment of the Prime Minister’s manor, the young family servants could also be said to have numerous people, several of them were surrounded the small guest house. The most frightening thing was actually not this, it was rather the broad viewing of the whole people!!

How could this possible, she remembered that the guest house was located at the suburbs of the capital city, how could there were so many people!!

Just when Zhuo Qing was stunned , there was a familiar man’s laughing voice and he said: “Wife, I give courtesy.”

Zhuo Qing recovered, looked towards the man whose deep eyes were looking at her, and could not help to be distracted.

Lou Xi Yan was wearing a red official robe today, a violet jade hat, his entire person seemed to be in high spirit, more prominent and elegant, the gentle smile on his face did not change, his happy appearance showed his excellent mood!

Was he Lou Xi Yan?! He really had an impressive appearance, gentle as jade!! Li Shu who was beside Zhuo Qing, felt that her heart was beating very quickly, just liked there was a small rabbit that would jump out of her heart!! Qing Ling was really lucky, and ran into this kind of good deed, unexpectedly! Humph!

Pleasing to the eyes and within the people!! Zhuo Qing was unable to endure and stepping forward one step, then grabbing Lou Xi Yan’s arm, next to his ear, she called out in a loud voice: “Fine, fine, the token of appreciation is alright, why are there so many people ah! Go quickly, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan bursted into loud laughter, deliberately mocking, he said: “Wife is more impatient than husband!” He actually did not anticipate that these ordinary people were enjoying and watching the bustling scene. Unexpectedly, the whole journey from the Prime Minister’s manor to the guest house, there were more and more people!!

Separating by the head covering, even though Lou Xi Yan could see her expression clearly, Zhuo Qing was still firmly glaring at him, lowly scolded: “Lou Xi Yan, less long winded talk, go quickly.”

Ok, the wife had already commanded, he did not dare to not listening ah! Dispensing the complicated etiquette to escort the bride, Lou Xi Yan was leading Zhuo Qing’s hand, taking her to the front of the marriage sedan. Zhuo Qing was just about to go in, but second paternal aunt suddenly grabbed her hand, and handed over a small bowl of food in front of her, urgently said: “Hold on, eat a bite of this ‘bride parents’ home food’, and do not forget to give gratitude to your parents.”

Finished speaking, she lightly raised a little bit of the head covering, and took a bite of the food to Zhuo Qing’s mouth.

What kind of tradition was this ah! In order to be able to hide inside of the sedan chair sooner, Zhuo Qing was not able to take so many of this, she swallowed a bite of cooked rice, thinking that everything was finally completed, right!!

Who would have thought that third paternal aunt and the other older women were suddenly embracing to hold her and crying, not right, it was bawling!

Looking at Lou Xi Yan who was already on the horse, he returned to give her a helpless expression, the mother’s family was sending off their daughter to be married, crying was a kind of etiquette, he definitely could not forbid them to cry, right!

Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, it was enough, ok!! Just when she almost exploded, a clear and cold voice of a woman echoed: “Alright, do not miss the time, go, ok.” At the same time, she felt that third paternal aunt and the other older women were thrown out for several meters away by Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing seized the opportunity to get into the marriage sedan immediately!

“Raise the sedan chair!”

The person shouted, and turned around, Zhuo Qing could finally started the journey to step into the Prime Minister’s manor.

Zhuo Qing sighed pitifully, this really put her into a test!

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 103: Prelude To The Wedding

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Zhai Xing Pavilion

Almost entering the autumn, the weather was still warm that could scare people, the bright sunshine with a hot and stuffy atmosphere, it made people to have hot tempered ineffably. Zhuo Qing was leaning on the window lattice customarily, her eyes were looking at the lake that was in a distant away, her expression was completely empty. Even when Lou xi Yan was already entered the inner room and standing next to her, she was still indifferent.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, his young wife seemed to get caught up in her own train of thought, no one could get her tiny bit of attention. Lightly encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist from behind, and bringing her into his bosom, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said with a soft voice: “What are you thinking that you are so entranced like this?”

The gentle and soft muttering, and the familiar embrace, Zhuo Qing recovered and was not alarmed, rather she was cuddling deeper on the man who was behind her, sighed and said in a low voice: “Does Su Mu Feng must really die undoubtedly?”

Once she and Gu Yun found out that Su Mu Feng had double personalities, they had already talked to Dan Yu Lan and Xi Yan, they did not believe it at first, but finally understood afterwards. They also put the greatest effort on this issue, but soon afterwards, the outcome was still followed in accordance to Qiong Yue’s law, Su Mu Feng would still be beheaded!

As a person who had studied psychology in humanity and a doctor, she understood Su Mu Feng’s psychological and circumstances. Consequently, watching that he was going to get an execution, it was hard for her to accept it yet!

Lou Xi Yan was silent for a moment, he finally answered: “No matter who was the murderer, whether it was Su Mu Feng or that so called Xi Feng, he killed three innocent women, that was a fact that could not be quibbled. If he was not punished severely, how could we justify ourselves to those people who died. Su Mu Feng might be an innocent, but could it be that those women who were in calamity, should die?!”

Lou Xi Yan actually did not wish to argue with Qing-er opinionatedly because of this matter, perhaps, he could understand some of her point of views, but did the legal principle pay attention to impartiality?

Turning her body around, and meeting at Lou Xi Yan’s always gentle but utterly persisted eyes, Zhuo Qing explained: “I did not mean it like that, but Su Mu Feng who was the main personality, was actually in an unconscious state of mind at that time. He was actually a sick person, when he killed those people, he was on an outbreak period. We can not punish a person who is already sick. This matter really does not have anything to redeem the situation?!”

Lou Xi Yan firmly shook his head, he sighed and said with a low voice: “One will pay with one’s life if one kills a person, it is the heaven’s law and earth’s principle, the ordinary people understand this since ancient times and carry on the principle. If because of this illness, one can kill those innocent people as one’s wish, where is the logic? Su Mu Feng killed people, and those deceased were not from the average people, they were loving daughters of those families who suffered because of the losses, and how they could just let him off. Qing-er, it is not that you are the only one who can not help him with this incident, Dan Yu Lan, I, even the Emperor, are all powerless!”

She had already thought about this answer, but hearing what Xi Yan was saying with her own ears, she still felt even more helpless. Carrying on her modern era’s concept was extremely conflicted with the ideal of this world, however thinking it again, the modern society could have this kind of concept of the legal system, was it not evolving due to the many years of history experiences? How could she insist on her concept for Qiong Yue to accept at this moment?

Regarding Su Mu Feng, besides feeling sorry for him, what could she still do for him?

Even though Zhuo Qing did not say anything again, nevertheless, her mood was not so good, lightly patting her cheek, Lou Xi Yan softly coaxed and said: “Ok la, you already strive your hardest, do not think about this again.”

Zhuo Qing slowly nodded her head, but she was still absent minded like that. Lou Xi Yan swept one glance at the red color wedding dress that was on the round table. It seemed that it was already came for some time, but the person had not touched it yet. Leading along Zhuo Qing’s hand to the front of the round table, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “The wedding ceremonial robe has been delivered, have you tried it yet?”

Knowing perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan was trying to change the subject, and to make her heart was a little better, Zhuo Qing was also cooperated and her vitality was raised, shaking her head, she smilingly said: “I am not able to put it on.” They delivered the wedding ceremonial robe first thing in the morning today, but she did not have any mood to try it at that time. So she let them leave first, even though it looked like it was simple now, but it was still a big wedding dress that she had to put on, she really was not able to put it on!

Lou Xi Yan was smiling, did she not say that she wanted to make a decision on her own wedding dress? Unexpectedly, she was not able to put it on?! Conveniently picking up the wedding dress to look one glance, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “I will help you.”

“Will you?” Zhuo Qing was staring and unable to speak anymore.

Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled but did not speak, that long of material had to be put on her body, Zhuo Qing could not help but murmuring: “Are you sure that you know how to put it on?!” She remembered that it did not seem to be very complicated, right?!

Lou Xi Yan did not raise his head, seriously gesturing to help the woman to get dressed, strictly speaking, this was also very strange to him, but it should not be difficult, right?!

Smiling to see Lou Xi Yan who was seriously concentrating to look at the wedding dress by her side, a feeling of faint happiness made Zhuo Qing closed her mouth obediently. Spreading out her hand, she let him dress her, in any case, she could not put it on, so she did not have any right to talk naturally.

After a while, Lou Xi Yan finally breathed a long breath, Zhuo Qing lowered her head to see, it looked like there would not be a problem. When they tried to fit this dress the first time, the result was not bad, it should be well fitted more after they altered it, nothing more.

“Is it good looking?” Zhuo Qing lifted her head, she just saw that Lou Xi Yan was standing in there in a daze, gazing at her. Zhuo Qing felt that it was not bad originally, but she was somewhat uncomfortable being stared by him like this. Thinking that she wanted to alter the skirt that did not have many layers, Zhuo Qing knitted her eyebrows: “Are you or are you not thinking that the style of the bride’s dress is too ordinary and it has to be more elegant?” She thought it was somewhat excessive, but even if Lou Xi Yan wanted to alter it back now, there was not enough time to do it, she absolutely did not want to decorate herself like a Christmas tree!

For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan lightly shook his head, smilingly said: “You are beautiful like this.” The wedding dress that was altered, could not be regarded as a wedding dress, it was only a little bit gorgeous than a red cheongsam at most. He had heard in the past that all of the brides wished to put on a luxurious wedding dress, the skirt was falling down on the ground for 8 meters, it could not be better, and his Qing-er was indeed unconventional.

But he did actually not lie, she was really beautiful wearing this dress, the light red skirt set off her elegant appearance, there was no superfluous clothing and ornaments. It completely revealed her smart and beautiful figure, the red belt was bound on her waist tightly, he was not disappointed at all, his hand was still encircling that slender waistline that made him to be infatuated.

Lowering his head to press on Zhuo Qing’s forehead, Lou Xi Yan was in pain and gratified, he lowly sighed and said: “Three days, there is still three days, then you will be mine.” He had never thought that the days would be very long like this!

The strength on her waist was somewhat hurting her, their breathings were mixing together, she could feel that Lou Xi Yan’s mood was rushing forth. Zhuo Qing had a crafty smile, her delicate hands encircled on Lou Xi Yan’s neck, her thin lips were at the side of his ear and she softly whispered: “Do you or do you not want to practice on how to take off the wedding ceremonial robe ah?”

Lou Xi Yan was shaking all over, he lowly roared: “Qing-er–!” She did it on purpose!! The colorful sun was elevating and illuminating, the door to the front courtyard was open wide, she unexpectedly provoked him!! She absolutely did it on purpose!

Zhuo Qing still wanted to continue teasing him, at this moment, a clear and bright sound of a boy came through from the outside gate that was open wide: “Beautiful elder sister, are you here?”

Both of them were stiff, Lou Xi Yan released his hand embarrassingly, his emotion appeared to be in full of trouble and misfortune. Every time he and Qing-er were being intimate, there would always be someone who was interrupting them mysteriously!?

Zhuo Qing got up helplessly, and walked to the side of the door, she only saw an adorable and handsome face that was smiling at her, with a smile that was more brilliant than the sunshine from outside the room. Zhuo Qing did not start talking yet, the boy who was at the gate already had a big shout out exaggeratedly: “Wow, how beautiful oh!”

Zhuo Qing turned around to give a supercilious look, it was not just because of the ordinary red skirt, she accepted generously when Xi Yan was saying beautiful, but why was this little demon exploiting it noisily?!

Bai Yi rotated around Zhuo Qing’s direction, and nodded continuously, he smilingly said: “I also want to marry a beautiful princess consort (wang fei) who looks like you in the future!”

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly flashed, but he did not say anything, and just sat on the wooden chair to see if he would be saying more things.

“Oily-mouthed and smooth talking.” Zhuo Qing did not eat his behavior: “What are you doing to come here?!” In the past few days, he would run around to come to her every few days, she remembered that they were not too familiar, right?!

Bai Yi took out a cylindrical gadget from the inside of his sleeve and squeezed it into her hand, Zhuo Qing looked at it and asked: “What is this anyway?” He would deliver a few things all day long, all of the things that a small child liked, she really did not know when was her relationship with him was good like this?!

Pointing at the cylinder model excitingly, Bai Yi smilingly said: “This is very interesting, you look at it first.”

Looking at it helplessly and turning it around on her hand, the cylinder type gadget had transformed into a variety of different colors subsequently. But since there was no mirror, it only used the reflection from the polish and glossy copper, it was not nice looking at all.

Zhuo Qing could not endure it and smilingly said: “What is so strange about a kaleidoscope?”

Bai Yi opened his eyes big, scratched his head, and smilingly said: “Is this called kaleidoscope? That boss said to me that it was called a thousand spirit mirror, I thought that it was very interesting so I bought it.”

Looking at the the un-useful thing on her hand, Zhuo Qing did not want to attack a child’s enthusiasm, she could only give a hallow laugh and said: “Thank you ah.”

Bai Yi’s vigor came back immediately, he said with a chattering manner: You are welcome, I will look for something that is better to buy for you next time! Oh right, I have been going to many areas in the capital in the past few days, I still buy many things to bring back and give them to Imperial father and mother! Qiong Yue is really a vast territory with abundant resources.”

Zhuo Qing awkwardly laughed while nodding, it had been a long time since she was touched by a ten years old, it was a little unbearable feeling!! Requesting for help, she turned her head around to look at Lou Xi Yan, Lou Xi Yan slowly got up, smilingly said: “Seventh Prince, you are having a lot of fun times.”

“Prime Minister Lou?!” Bai Yi surprisingly looked towards Lou Xi Yan, lowly called out: “You are also here ah, I do not pay any attention!”

It was a deliberate neglect, right! Lou Xi Yan slightly smiled, but he did not point it out bluntly, his eyes flashed through some crafty expressions, he could still see it very clearly.

Entering the inner room, Bai Yi leisurely sat down next to Lou Xi Yan, he said smilingly with a curious face: “I see that the Prime Minister’s manor already put many lanterns these days, when is the day of the wedding ah?”

“In three days.”

Clapping his hands lightly, Bai Yi happily smiled and said: “I come this time around, not only that I can have knowledge and experience in the big celebration, but I can also have the wedding feast with Prime Minister Lou and beautiful elder sister!” In between his every moment, he was just a child who did not have any scheme.

Lou Xi Yan as always, exchanged a conventional greeting and said: “When Seventh Prince first came to Qiong Yue, Lou mou could not receive you properly, I ask to please forgive me.”

Bai Yi leisurely waved his hands repeatedly, and smilingly said: “Prime Minister Lou does not need to be polite, it was me who was disturbing you……”

“Stop!” Zhuo Qing coldly interrupted the conversations of the two of them that did not have any substance, then she said with a cold voice: “I have to trouble the two of you to chat slowly outside, I want to change my cloth!” This was a hot day, but she was wearing two sets of clothing ah.

Bai Yi hurriedly got up obediently, he smilingly said towards Lou Xi Yan: “Please, Prime Minister Lou.”

Lou Xi Yan also answered: “Please, Seventh Prince!”

One big and one small people showed consideration for the other afterwards, and finally got out of Zhai Xing pavilion, Zhuo Qing was somewhat in between laughters and tears.

Closing the door, she took off the wedding dress with great difficulty, then a sound of knocking of the door echoed one more time.

“Who is it?” Zhuo Qing was puzzled, who would also come?

“Sister in law, it is me.” Lou Xi Wu’s voice sounded dispiritedly from outside the door. Zhuo Qing opened the door to see a dispirited and downcast face.

Pulling her to enter the inner room, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is wrong?”

Leaning forward on the round table defeatedly, Lou Xi Wu scolded and said: “I am furious with Jing Sa!”

Lightly knitting her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing mockingly said: “Are you two not…… having a good development?” They already ate each other’s saliva, it should be on the right track next, right!

Zhuo Qing’s face clearly showed a smiling expression, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, battling her cry, she answered: “It is a little better than in the past, but…… but he has not sought marriage to elder brother ah!” Jing Sa’s attitude towards her was indeed different than in the past, sometimes he would still bicker with her, and call out her name angrily. He would absolutely not do this in the past, but…… marrying was just marrying, why had he not sought the marriage?! It really made her very anxious ah!

The young girl’s mind was written on her face without exception, Zhuo Qing laughed heartily and said: “Why are you so eager to marry ah?”

“Sister in law!!” She was ashamed and angry, Lou Xi Wu was glaring at Zhuo Qing, her eyeballs looked like they would come out quickly!

“Fine, fine, fine, I will not laugh.” Lightly coughing, and covering her smiling expression with great difficultly, Zhuo Qing comfortingly said: Jing Sa is not a person who does not have any plan and sense of responsibility, he has already accepted you gradually, you have to give him some time.”

“En.” Grievingly sighed, what sister in law said, it could only be like this. Looking one glance
at the red wedding dress that was on the bed, Lou Xi Wu suddenly approached Zhuo Qing’s side, lowly said: “Oh right, sister in law, Dad has already returned to the Prime Minister’s manor last night, but he still seems to be angry, but you do not need to worry, elder brother is determined to marry you. Even if Dad is angry but he really can not do anything to you, after the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, he will surely return to Xi Bei (northwest) immediately, so you can be at ease to be a bride, ok!”

Zhuo Qing actually did not have any worry, but she wanted to marry Xi Yan after all, Lou Mu Hai did not like her and could not get his parents’s wedding blessings, there would be a slight flaw inevitably. Thinking this, she was also thinking about her own parents, they unexpectedly could not make them see her wedding ceremony, her heart felt sorry inevitably.

Pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Wu seemed to be more excited than her: “Only three more days oh, are you or are you not excited?”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, faintly answered: “A little, ok.”

Pouting her mouth slightly, Lou Xi Wu called out: “What is this ‘a little’? Can it be that you are not looking forward to marrying my elder brother?”

Casting a sidelong glance at Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing returned the compliment and said: “Wait when you are marrying Jing Sa, you will know the term ‘looking forward’ or ‘not looking forward’!”

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly: “Why do you always change the subject into different topic with me ah. I am leaving, I do not want to speak with you!” Angrily speaking, she also ran out.

Zhuo Qing took a long relaxed breath, it was finally quiet, Lou Xi Wu was noisy like this, regarding the wedding in three days, she was really somewhat…… excited, looking forward too…… and nervous……
The season had changed in the Qing Xuan Palace Hall, however things had remained the same even though the people had changed.

Was it the time for the pear tree to be fruitful again, even though it was still young but the fruits were already sweet. When it was in the previous years, it was the most happiness time for the Princess, now…… Xiao Lian was in pain looking at the thin and haggard figure who was by the side of the window, her heart was scolding at Lou Xi Yan and Qing Ling again. These kind of people could prepare for their wedding happily, but the Princess had to accept the torment, this world was really not fair!!

Yang Zhi Lan was standing behind Yan Ru Xuan for a very long time, then she was caressing her hair lightly, and asking tenderly: “Xuan-er, it is almost autumn, do you want to go to the hunting field to have fun ah?”

Her eyes were always staring at the pear tree that was outside the window, Yan Ru Xuan shook her head stupefyingly.

Her hand was caressing Yan Ru Xuan’s thin cheek lightly to turn her face around so she could look face to face with her with great difficulty, Yang Zhi Lan said hurriedly: “If you do not go, then those Emperor’s relatives would hunt carelessly, we will not know how many animals will suffer any calamity.”

Xiao Lian also stepped forwards immediately, half kneeling at Yan Ru Xuan’s feet, she urged softly: “Princess, go, ok, did you still remember that you saved the deer near the river bank last year? Did you not say that you wanted to visit it every year!”

There was still three more days before Lou Xi Yan’s wedding, the inside Imperial palace was a-buzzing, even though nobody dared to tell the Princess, it was difficult to guarantee that one person would let her hear it accidentally, nobody knew how the Princess would take the news when the time came!!

Yan Ru Xuan had not frowned her eyebrows for a long time, what they were saying, she seemed to hear it a little. Striking while the iron was still hot, Yang Zhi Lan continued to say: “Go, ok, Imperial mother will arrange it for you, you will set off early tomorrow, ok?”

For a very long time, Yan Ru Xuan finally nodded her head, Yang Zhi Lan could finally set a side a big stone in her heart (stop worrying), she felt relieved and said smilingly: “It is already noon, you are also tired, take a rest, ok.”
Obedient daughter, when you came back, Imperial mother would let you see Lou Xi Yan’s down and out appearance!!

Inside the Imperial garden, Yang Zhi Lan was walking slowly within the cluster of flowers, there was only one momo who was following by her side.

“How is the arrangement of the matter?” Her hand was stroking the delicate flower, Yang Zhi Lan lowly asked.

The momo was half lowering her body and walking behind Yang Zhi Lan, her face was full of confident smile.

“There will absolutely no careless mistake this time, even if we can not pull Lou Xi Yan down, we will make him eat the responsibility completely.”

Yang Zhi Lan coldly groaned and said: “He is indeed a one hundred percent fox, you must execute this carefully this time.” He discovered a lot of clues last time and provoked many inconvenient, there should absolutely no mishap this time!

“Empress Dowager, please do not worry, there will absolutely no mishap this time!”

“Good!” Yang Zhi Lan plucked one chrysanthemum flower that had not blossomed yet, and threw it away on the ground.

Lou Xi Yan, Aijia wanted to see, whether or not your wedding could still be held!

Chapter 26: Gu Yun takes the risk

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