Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 102: The Miserable Su Mu Feng

Over 2,800 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Zhuo Qing stepped forward for one step, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi.”

Su Mu Feng answered with the same calmness and smile, he spoke bluntly:: “If you want to ask anything, just ask, ok.”

Zhuo Qing did not exchange any more greetings either, and asked: “Did you know what happened last night?”

Slowly shaking his head, Su Mu Feng calmly answered: “They said that I attacked you last night, I am that crazy person who has been stealing people’s hearts.” He said it very serenely, this kind of serene emotion made people really amazed. If you said that you did not know what happened, but you suddenly said that you turned into a murderer, even if you were a calm and indifferent person, you should also want to protest, right!

Zhuo Qing remained calm and collected, and continued to ask: “What do you think?”

“Maybe I am. I did not have any impression on the matter from yesterday, but when I was awaken, I was at the Ministry of Justice’s prison and this was an undeniable fact.” These past few years, he did not remember anything that he had done frequently. When he was awaken, not only that he would be at some strange places, but also some indescribable scars would appear on his body. He thought to himself that he had some problems, but he did not know that he was unexpectedly that crazy murderer devil.

Suddenly thinking of something, Su Mu Feng looked towards Gu Yun with a somewhat anxious look, and the serene look on his face was finally removed: “Since you all believe that I am the murderer, can you release Aunt Xin?”

“Out of the question.” Gu Yun firmly answered.

“Why?” Since the murderer was actually him, Aunt Xin was just an innocent person!

Gu Yun lowly sighed, realistically said: “She already knew from the beginning who was the murderer, but she insisted on taking the blame for you, she already violated and covered up the crime.”

“Covering up the crime?” Su Mu Feng muttered to himself for a moment, and leaned against the stone wall, softly and lowly mumbled to say: “Good, ok, at the very least, she does not need to die.”

His face showed an extreme relax expression that made Zhuo Qing felt a trace of restlessness, urgently said: “Did you not want to say anything?” It was not his own fault having this double personalities, did he really not plan to fight for himself?
“No, however you want to convict, I will comply with you all, ok.” Finished speaking, Su Mu Feng slowly closed his eyes, he was not willing to speak with them again.

His answer really made Zhuo Qing disappointed.

The two people were looking one glance at each other, then they withdrew to the outside of prison. Zhuo Qing already had premonition last night that this thing would develop like this situation now, but she did not think before that Su Mu Feng was unexpectedly willing to undertook all the guilts even though he did not know anything himself. She really did not know whether to admire him or scold him. Being silent at the prison gate for a long time, Gu Yun put her hand on Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, she sighed and said: “We will look for Gu Yue Xin first, once we know the reason of this matter clearly, we will discuss it again.”

“En.” It could only be like this, from Su Mu Feng’s side, she was afraid that he would not give any answer to them.

Sweeping one glance at the bandage on Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun anxiously ask: “Your hand is really alright?”

Last night was a thrilling situation, not only Lou Xi Yan was really frightened, she was also scared until her whole body was sweating!

Shaking her fingers freely and flexibly, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “Is there something wrong with me? I am still here?”

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders: “That is right.” Lou Xi Yan was still more nervous than her! After all, their wedding ceremony would be here in a few days. Speaking of which, Lou Xi Yan could be regarded to indulge at Qing. Their big day was coming quickly, but he still allowed her to run around outside all day long.

Both of them were chatting all the way, until they arrived at Gu Yue Xin’s prison. Looking towards them, Gu Yue Xin did not give any look to them either, only half sitting on the stone bed, she coldly asked: “What are you all coming here for?”

Gu Yun took the lead to stride into the prison, slowly said: “We come to inform you one good news, we have finally captured the real murderer last night, you may not need to……”

Sure enough, Gu Yun’s speaking voice had not left, Gu Yue Xin hurriedly stood up from the stone bed, she was staring at Gu Yun, calling out impatiently: “Whom did you capture?”

“Su Mu Feng.” Gu Yun meticulously said it slowly and clearly.

“No.” Gu Yue Xin rushed towards Gu Yun, Gu Yun flexibly dodged her hands, Gu Yue Xin was clearly already panicky, she urgently said: “You captured the wrong person, Mu Feng, he was not the murderer!! He was innocent!” Mu Feng, this child, why did he not go!! Why did he not go ah.

Zhuo Qing coldly said: “If he was not the murderer, then who was the murderer?”

Gu Yue Xin was shaking all over, her long mouth was already closed again, it was closing and opening up again. Several times afterwards, and as if her strength had been drawn out empty, Gu Yue Xin collapsed and sat on the ground. She was still not able to say any word, how could she start to explain? Even if she could speak out, how many people would be able to believe her anyway?!!!

She really knew!! Zhuo Qing was certain for a bit, entering the prison, and squatting down next to Gu Yue Xin, Zhuo Qing was leading her hand, and she quietly asked: “That person who was using Su Mu Feng’s body, the man who wanted to kill after he was being touched by a woman, who was he? How could I was able to see him?”

“You?” Zhuo Qing’s speaking tone just left, Gu Yue Xin immediately looked like she was being shocked by electricity and she withdrew her hands. Her bloodshot eyes were filled with amazement and they were staring at Zhuo Qing, how could she know…… how was it possible?!

Her reaction boosted Zhuo Qing’s morale, softly smiling, Zhuo Qing continued to say: “You do not need to feel strange, I know that there are two different souls inside Su Mu Feng’s body. The person who is not Su Mu Feng is the one who has been murdering people, who is he? What is his name, you have met him, is that right?”

Her eyes were flickering and lowering her head, Gu Yue Xin’s heart was still struggling, whether or not she could believe the woman who was in front of her? How did she know Mu Feng’s matter, how was Mu Feng in the end?!

Seeing that her thought was hesitating, Gu Yun said this one harsh sentence one more time: “If you are not willing to say, we are not able to help Su Mu Feng. He will be dead undoubtedly!”

Gu Yue Xin frighteningly lifted up her head again, her eyes were examining the two odd women closely for a good moment, finally, as if she had determined, she faintly sighed and said: “This incident, it was already a mistake from the beginning! Twenty years ago, my second elder sister and Mu Feng’s father, Su Zhan Yi, met and fell in love, but at that time, Su Zhan Yi already had a legal wife and two concubines. Dealing with the two people’s profound emotions, in spite of the strong opposition from the Gu’s family, second elder sister determined to enter the Su’s family, and become Su Zhan Yi’s concubine. Their emotions were really good, Su Zhan Yi extremely cherished second elder sister, not long after, she gave birth to Mu Feng. When Su Zhan Yi was at home, the legal wife and other concubines naturally did not dare to do anything to second elder sister, but when Su Zhan Yi went out, they were deliberately making things difficult for her. Second elder sister’s tragedy was also Mu Feng’s tragedy that happened when he was ten years old.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked towards each other, guessed that she must want to tell them the actual situation, the two people was sitting cross legged casually next to Gu Yue Xin’s side, and quietly listening to her words.

“Su Zhan Yi went to the capital that year, and when he was not at home, several children from the legal wife’s family were playing around at the Su’s manor, Mu Feng was always extremely attractive and intelligent as a child until he grew up. That several children took the initiative to seek him to play with them, who would have thought that he was shy and had an indifferent temperament since he was young. His indifferent character offended the legal wife’s young niece, as she wanted Mu Feng to accompany her to play. Dragging the two people who were rolling together, their clothes were also in disorder, hearing the noise, the servant girls saw the two people who were laying on the ground, and they called out the legal wife to come in a rush.”

Speaking to here, Gu Yue Xin who originally had a sighing face, suddenly changed her tone of voice and she looked rather resentful: “Looking that the adults were coming, the small girl would not admit even if she died that she was the one who pulled Mu Feng down and not letting him go. She was weeping and saying that it was Mu Feng who groped her with an errant intention, the other kids did not dare to speak the truth about it either, they denounced Mu Feng one by one. Mu Feng did not dispute either, the legal wife finally got a reason with great difficulty, she would naturally not going to let Mu Feng get away with it, so he demanded to use the family’s law, and punish him with a 50 rod hits! A ten year old child, who would be able to endure a 50 rod hits!! Second elder sister pleaded for leniency for a while, the legal wife was still not letting go to dishonor the family tradition inflexibly. After being hit for ten times, Mu Feng was almost lost consciousness, second elder sister could only lie next to Mu Feng to substitute his other 40 hits punishment. Even though second elder sister’s medical expertise was superior, her body was extremely weak, she was gone after three days, when I came in a hurry, Mu Feng was still unconscious, in a fury, I took Mu Feng back to the Gu’s family.”

Unexpectedly, the person was still alive after they were trying to beat him to death?! Gu Yun’s hand changed into a fist unexpectedly. On the other hand, Zhuo Qing was still undisturbed, she asked in a low voice: “Su Mu Feng had these double personalities from that time??”

Looking at her own mother who died helplessly because of him, this provocation could bring about the other split personality, and it was not impossible either. Especially, this was his experience when he was young, when his temperament was still taking a decisive function!

Suspiciously looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, Gu Yue Xin shook her head, and continued to say: “We did not know anything about this so called double personalities, we felt that this child was very strange at the beginning. He seemed to be normal and looked like his ordinary self and it was no different in the morning, even he did not remember how my second elder sister died. In order not to make him feel sad, we could only lie to him and say that second elder sister died due to illness. He would change into his other self during the night, he was violent, very shady, covered with vicious temperaments, his thought was filled with resentment. He tried to find all of the Gu Yue’s family martial art books, and went all out to practice them, he almost caught fire to become a member of the devil for several times (this is a saying that because he learned all these martial arts incorrectly so he became like a devil or bad guy). There was no one who could do anything about it, the family elders were afraid that he would take his young life out (kill himself due to learning the martial arts incorrectly) so they began to teach him the martial arts, he was entirely different during the day time and the evening. In order to differentiate them, we called him Mu Feng during the day, and Xi Feng during the night. It was like this for the next five years, this next five years, Xi Feng’s martial arts were more and more powerful, Mu Feng’s zither skill was also higher and higher. Later on, Xi Feng would appear less, we thought that this kid’s strange illness got better, so thus, when Su Zhan Yi was begging for him to come back six years ago, the Gu Yue’s family finally agreed to let Mu Feng go back.”

As it turned out, he was Xi Feng!! Double personalities were actually quite common where people had split personalities, both individuals could exist independently. In Su Mu Feng’s case, he did not seem to know Xi Feng’s existence, and Xi Feng was posing as Mu Feng’s protection?!

“Afterwards, so long as there was a woman who touched Mu Feng, Xi Feng would appear and kill that person at night?!”

“En, in Xi Feng’s heart, those girls from the wealthy families who were pulling Mu Feng aggressively, were all artificial and lowly women, and should be dead entirely!” Gu Yue Xin slightly closed her eyes, her heart was in pain naturally and evidently. Knowing perfectly well that he had this kind of illness, but she could not prevent him or help him, then it ended up with this kind of conclusion!

Thinking of that pair of eyes that she could almost unable to resist last night, Zhuo Qing asked: “I want to know, his hyp (from hypnosis but she stops her sentence)…… who was teaching the hypnosis method to him?” His teacher was sure to be a hypnosis master, why did he not discover and help Su Mu Feng with any treatment earlier?!

Mentioning this, Gu Yue Xin’s face looked more worry: “Mu Feng actually did not learn hypnosis, the one who could hypnosis was Xi Feng. In Gu Yue’s family clan member, every generation has one person who has silver grayish eyes naturally, their ability to hypnosis is a gift. This generation, unexpectedly appears on Xi Feng’s body, I do not know if it is a predestined affinity or disaster!”

Naturally?! Heaven ah! Unexpectedly, there was still this kind of thing!

Gu Yue Xin suddenly grabbed Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing’s hands, this woman was very proud and arrogant in the past, but her eyes were already blurry with tears at this moment: “I know, no matter whether it is Mu Feng or Xi Feng, you all think that they are still the same person. He is the murderer but they are very pitiful, especially Mu Feng, he absolutely does not know what has happened. Can you or can you not help him, ok!!”

Listening to the sound of choking and weeping made the two of them move emotionally, especially after they saw the person who was bound by a chain firmly a moment ago, nevertheless, Su Mu Feng was still able to smile tranquilly and calmly, how could they not want to help him? But here was not modern times, where they could give him a psychiatry diagnosis and he could be classified as having double personalities. Then, they could maybe spare him from a death penalty, but during this ancient times, would anybody believe them? Even if they would believe, he killed the daughters of the high ranking officials and noblemen after all, nobody would let him off!

Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing sank into contemplation at the same time.

Sian’s notes:
Ok, I really feel sorry for Su Mu Feng. Yes, his devil part “killed” those women, but the other part of him was actually innocent. That’s not fair to convict 1/2 part of the innocent part of this person to pay for something that the other 1/2 did… 😭😭😭 Send Mu Feng to the modern times or give him to me, I’ll cure him. Poor Mu Feng!!!

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 101: The Real Murderer Was Captured

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The thin blade that was bright and clean was wandering on the skin, the cold sharp knife was playing across the chest, the pretty red color was following along the incision, playing across the waist, then falling into the silk cover…… As if he was used with this kind of knife, the man slowly stretched his hand to explore to the thoracic cavity. Soon, the man’s hand clasped a heart that was still thumping and pulsing and handing it over in front of Zhuo Qing. Waiting to see her frightened and painful expressions, this made him to get the most excited moment. When he was facing towards Zhuo Qing’s eyes, his mind was actually panicky, and when he was facing the calm looking eyes that were serene, there was no frightened and pain on her face even more.

The demonic charm’s smiling expression that was on the side of the man’s lips was rigid now! Staring blankly to look at her own heart that was scooped out, how could she have this calm expression?!! What was going on?

“What is going on?” This question was not only in the mind of the man who was incessantly and foolishly sitting on the bed, apart from Gu Yun, the other three men who were inside the room were amazed when they were looking at what happened near the curtain!

Afterwards, the man and Zhuo Qing who were laying on the bed a moment ago, looked face to face for a good moment, then he sat up and was in his own mind. Zhuo Qing immediately shifted towards the other direction, and then a strange thing happened. The man looked at the empty bed, removed someone’s clothing and reached into his clothing, then took out a sharp and thin knife from his waist. Very skillfully and agilely, he slashed the knife, his hand also stretched into the knife incision, his hand looked like he was clasping some stuff and taking it out. His face was carrying an excitement and zealotry from beginning to end, and he just looked like he was demonstrating how he removed the heart to all of them, it was weird regardless how one saw it…… Gu Yun slightly smiled, calmly answered: “Continue watching and you will understand.” It looked like Qing was successful in reversing the hypnosis.

“You……” The man was staring at Zhuo Qing’s serene eyes, afterwards, he only felt a burst of dizziness, he discovered with shock that the heart that was in his hand unexpectedly disappeared without a trace. A handful of blood was also obliterated completely, he became aware that the bed sheet was white, there was nothing, Zhuo Qing’s sharp eyes were watching attentively and coldly at him.

“This…… is impossible!” The man was staring at Zhuo Qing, the domineering demonic charm that was on his facial expression changed surprisingly and disturbingly.

Zhuo Qing straightened up immediately, her red lips lightly opened, with a cold voice, she said: “In this world, you are not the only one who can hypnosis!” She admitted that at the very first beginning, she almost lost in his eyes, if she did not have any preparation, he would probably succeeded hypnotizing her.

The man’s eyes flashed through a trace of ruthlessness, Zhuo Qing was startled, her body fell down rapidly, her hand obstructed her chest subconsciously. The knife that was on the man’s hand played across the back of her hand, the man’s body appeared to move. Lou Xi Yan’s anxious voice echoed at that time: “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, capture him!”

Mo Bai jumped down from the top of the beam and attacked towards the man’s arm, the man agilely turned to kick his foot. The hand that was holding a knife was still not giving up and trying to pierce Zhuo Qing who was already retreated to the most distant area of the bed. Just before several hits would blow Zhuo Qing’s chest, there was a big palm that was extended from the back of the bed curtain to intercept the man’s wrist, hence, the inner strength jolted the man’s attack. Zhuo Qing only felt that her shoulder was tight, an enormous power threw her out of the bed, the power was big, she almost knocked against the screen. Fortunately, Lou Xi Yan and Gu Yun caught her body promptly, so she did not injure herself.

Mo Bai and Ao Tian, both of the great masters, surrounded to attack, the man’s movement was somewhat frenetic, but after ten attacks, he unexpectedly did not appear to be defeated either. Gu Yun looked one glance at the window, her eyes slightly flashed out, then she shouted: “Mo Bai, Ao Tian, do not let him escape out of this room!”

Her speaking voice was barely left out, the man immediately retreated towards the window, with one dodge, he already went out of the room. Mo Bai, Ao Tian, also bent over to go out powerfully.

Gu Yun was relaxed secretly, there were Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing in this room, who did not know martial arts, if they continued to fight inside and one of them was caught by the man and became a hostage, that would be bad. Since he went outside, it was impossible for him to escape.

As expected, when the man went outside the courtyard, he was met with Ye Mei’s raging and long whip. Around the small courtyard, the hidden archers were also showing themselves completely, their bows were targeted at that person with a gray clothing.

Gu Yun turned around to look one glance at Zhuo Qing who was in Lou Xi Yan’s embrace, there was him to take care of Qing, so it should be alright, Gu Yun also went to the outside courtyard.

Sizing up Zhuo Qing’s whole body up and down, Lou Xi Yan urgently said: “Where did you hurt?” When he looked at the dagger that was waved towards her, he totally forgot to breathe, and was afraid to wink, if he would lose her!

Just liked when she lost consciousness by the side of the lotus pond last time, she only heard Lou Xi Wu’s realistic saying, she finally saw Lou Xi Yan’s face that turned pale today, but her heart was very hurt. She liked his faint smile, and his manner when he was planning his strategies!!

Zhuo Qing shook her head strongly, with a trembling voice, she said: “I am alright.”

“Let me take a look.” Grabbing Zhuo Qing’s hand, there was about three inches length of slash on the back of her left hand, the blood was hashing. Fortunately, the wound was not deep, it was merely sept out a bead of blood, it was not a lot of blood.

Lou Xi Yan was finally at ease, tearing the cuff of his cloth, and lightly wrapping her wound, Zhuo Qing did not dare to move either, she could only say: “Xi Yan, I am really alright, only a little cut, really.”

Looking at her one glance grudgingly and helplessly, Lou Xi Yan sighed secretly, he discovered that after he fell in love with her, his heart did not have the original unyielding heart like before!

Taking her closely to his embrace, her warm body, the soft and long breath, all were showing that she was really alright, Lou Xi Yan’s heart finally returned to the original position after a while!

Zhuo Qing saw that his complexion was a little better, then whisperingly said: “Let us go out to take a look, is that ok?”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head helplessly, pulling her hand that had no injury, they walked to the side of the door, and did not allow her to be any closer.

Mo Bai, Ye Mei, Ao Tian, the three people were attacking, the man did not have any opportunity to escape again. Mo Bai and Ao Tian’s were attacking from the left and right, Ye Mei was able to use the long whip to trap the man and bind him up. The other government officials were also seizing the opportunity to use a rope that was already prepared in advance properly. Using this whole plan to trap the man would definitely bear fruit.

Cheng Hang saw the man’s face clearly, immediately scolded disdainfully and said: “Su Mu Feng, you are unexpectedly the real murderer! You still make your own maternal aunt to take a blame for you! You are simply worst than a beast!” He was pretending that he did not know anything this morning, this dignified man was simply a wretched!!

The man was still struggling to get free, his ruthless eyes were staring at Cheng Hang straightforwardly, then he roared to say: “What happened to Aunt Xin!”

These pair of eyes were cloudy and very pungent, it did not resemble the original Su Mu Feng’s one bit, Cheng Hang’s heart could not help but get agitated. Swallowing his saliva, he scolded: “You are still playing dumb! Someone comes, escort him to return!”

The bailiffs were gathering around to pull the man away, Zhuo Qing lowly shouted: “Hold on, I want to ask him some questions.”

Cheng Hang turned his head around, looked at her hand that was wrapped by a cloth, he thought that her injury was very serious, he advised to say: “Madam, you should go to wrap up your wound, ok, what questions do you want to ask, you can ask as you please once he arrives at the government office.”

Turning around to face the bailiffs, he shouted: “Escort and return.” This was finally the real murderer this time, right, Dan Yu Lan did not need to be sent to prison in the end!!

Looking at the delegation of men who were walking out hurriedly, Zhuo Qing lowered her head, she sighed and said: “I am afraid that it will not be sufficient to ask him later on.”

She was whispering her words, Lou Xi Yan did not hear it clearly, and he asked: “What did you say?”

Lightly shaking her head, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Nothing.” She was hoping that her anticipation would not come true!
Unfortunately, the heaven did not comply with one’s hope, the matter that Zhuo Qing was anxious about, was still happened…… The sky was bright, Zhuo Qing was accompanied by Lou Xi Yan to arrive at the Ministry of Justice. Barely entering the study room, she already heard Cheng Hang’s loud voice that was shouting: “I am furious, once Su Mu Feng returned back to the government office, he was playing a fool, he did not know what happened entirely, we already captured him now, but he was still refusing to admit what he had done! Ridiculous!”

Zhuo Qing lowly sighed, the thing that she was anxious about, it still happened!

Both of them entered the inner room, Dan Yu Lan saw them first, slightly nodded and said: “Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Even though she already guessed what had happened, Zhuo Qing still asked: “What happened?”

Cheng Hang was angry and he lowly groaned and said: “Su Mu Feng was unexpectedly pretending to be naive, he said that she did not know what happened last night!!”

Gu Yun already arrived at an earlier time, half leaning against the side of the door, she said with a low voice: “He and the one from last night are not the same.”

The entire person was completely different, apart from that clothing, they were simply two different people!! It was possible that Qing knew where the problem came from!

Looking face to face one glance at Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing helplessly said: “I want to meet with him.”

Due to Zhuo Qing’s persistence, only she and Gu Yun went to the prison cell, once they entered the inside prison, she finally knew why Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan agreed to let them see the criminal alone even though it would be very dangerous. The inside of the prison cell was spacious, there was only a very small window, fortunately, the sunshine was glittering from the outside, so the inside of the prison cell was still bright. In the deepest prison cell, there was a gray’s clothing man who was sitting with his cross legged. His hands were locked up with two strip of chains, the chains’ thickness were almost like a woman’s wrists. One side of the chain was tied on his hands, and the other side was deeply inserted inside the wall, his feet were also like this.

If it was an ordinary person whose hands and feet were tied up with heavy chains like this, he would not be able to move, just trying to move one’s hand or foot, it would definitely be difficult, right.

The length of the iron chain was limited, even if he could really stand up to attack people, he could only reach to half of the prison cell, being bound like this, nobody could really do anything, ok!

Zhuo Qing was watching closely and attentively at the man who was not too far away, the way he was sitting cross legged like this, it looked like…… when she saw him for the first time at Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, yes, even though the environment was completely different. There was no lovable flower and grassy area, no graceful zither sound, but his body was still flowing that sort of graceful and indifferent appearance. This man was exactly that Su Mu Feng whom they were very familiar with.

Su Mu Feng appeared to discover their arrivals, slowly opened his eyes to look, he was smiling slightly towards them. Lightly nodding his head, it seemed like he was not a prisoner, but he was still receiving them as visitors at his home. This side of his personality, where one could maintain his own steadiness, how many people could accomplish this?

Gu Yun lowly sighed, looked one glance towards Zhuo Qing, this kind of Su Mu Feng, how could people able to connect together with that violent one from last night?!

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 100: Risking One’s Life

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Over 4,600 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


“Mu Feng?” Looking at Su Mu Feng’s deep eyes, Gu Yue Xin only felt like she was in an ice hole, she could not help but shivering slightly, and lowering her head, Gu Yue Xin did not dare to look at him.

Squatting down by the side of Gu Yue Xin, Su Mu Feng was gazing at the side of Gu Yue Xin’s beautiful face, he asked with a low voice: “Aunt Xin, all the things that you said, was it really true?”

Even though his voice was very low, Gu Yun could still see from his surprise and uncertain face that he was not willing to believe it. This was a person’s expression that should not know anything at all, but the first time that Gu Yue Xin saw Su Mu Feng’s expression, she was alarmed and concerned, what was she worry about him?!

Gu Yun’s pair of cold eyes were watching closely at Su Mu Feng and Gu Yue Xin, as she did not want to miss any of their expressions. Nevertheless, after Zhuo Qing heard this so called hypnosis method, she was looking pensively, sinking into her own deep thought.

“I……” Gu Yue Xin hesitated for a moment, after that she nodded her head strongly, and answered coldly and firmly: “It was really true.”

Su Mu Feng whose face was always indifferent, finally changed, a person who had never taken an initiative to touch other people, grabbed Gu Yue Xin’s shoulder, lowly roared: “Why did you want to do this?”

The tears on her eyes started to spill, Gu Yue Xin was breathing deeply, and simply did not let the tears to fall. Lightly pushing aside Su Mu Feng’s hand, Gu Yue Xin lowly sighed and said: “Mu Feng…… I am only protecting you! You return to the Gu’s family house, ok, do not stay in the capital.”

Speaking with regard of losing his mother when he was a child, Aunt Xin was just liked his mother, he could not accept that Gu Yue Xin would kill people in order to protect him. Even though he also felt that those young ladies’ methods in handling things made people to be hateful and…… fearful, but he had never thought that they should die ah.

“I do not believe that you will do something like this!” Gu Yue Xin was staring in a daze at his glance that was still not willing to believe her, Su Mu Feng did not know what he should speak either?! He did not want this kind of protection!! He was not willing to believe it even more, the Aunt whom he respected, would unexpectedly kill people, and she also used this kind of cruel method!! This was impossible!!

Avoiding to look at Su Mu Feng whom she loved dearly, Gu Yue Xin shouted in a loud voice: “I did it, you go, ok, go immediately!” Looking towards Dan Yu Lan, Gu Yue Xin suddenly got up, and raised her head to call out: “I have already admitted the guilt, take me to the prison, ok, I do not want to see him!!”

Su Mu Feng felt like he was met by an electric shock, and stared blankly at Gu Yue Xin who was in front of him, his body was suddenly ice cold. Gu Yun discovered it sharply, his eyes suddenly flashed through a trace of superior, gloomy and cold, but they were quickly restored to the original clear and bright expressions.

What one should say and see, everything was already said, Dan Yu Lan waved his hand, he said with a clear voice: “The criminal has already admitted guilt, somebody comes, take and escort her to the prison, wait after I report to the court, then I can convict her crime.”

“Yes.” Two bailiffs walked to the side of Gu Yue Xin, she cooperated with the two bailiffs and left the court hall, but before she stepped out of the door, she could not help to turn around to look at Su Mu Feng who was still standing expressionlessly at the side. The tears in her eyes could not be controlled anymore and they were flowing: “Mu Feng, if you still recognize me as your aunt, return immediately to the Gu’s family house, do you hear me?!” Only in that place, that he could get the best protection, how she regretted it now, she should not let him return to the Su’s family six years ago!!

Being shoved to make her move forward, Gu Yue Xin turned around again and again, and shouted to Su Mu Feng: “Go ah, go!!”

Finally, Gu Yue Xin’s voice disappeared from the Ministry of Justice’s lobby, Su Mu Feng’s eyes were at a loss, his expression was still indifference as before. Ignoring everybody who was in the law court, he was the same like when he came, and left silently, but his footsteps were not free and at ease like usual.

Dan Yu Lan did not make him stay, and let Su Mu Feng leave the law court, waiting until he already walked in a distance, Dan Yu Lan looked one glance at everyone, he sighed and said: “How do you all look at this case?”

This case admittedly had some doubtful points, but Gu Yue Xin was already arrested as the murderer, moreover, she also had the murder weapon on her and it was a match to the deceased’s wounds on the previous cases. They could also say the reason clearly, and she also admitted the guilt voluntarily, as long as she was executed, then this case was completed. The Emperor gave them one month deadline and there was only nine days left. If the murderer was not Gu Yue Xin, they were afraid that the so called real murderer would not be found, then Dan Daren would already commit a crime and be sent to jail!!

The Ministry of Justice’s people did not utter any voice yet, Zhuo Qing did not know what to think anymore, and she was silent as before. Lou Xi Yan was also only listening from the beginning to the end, he did not say any acknowledgment or opposition either, his mysterious appearance did not let people to see what he was thinking!

The probability of the civil case to be pronounced a sentence was high, and this was a criminal case, they absolutely had to pay particular attention to the evidences. All of the evidences must be completed and could not have any careless omission. This removing heart case, if one said that Gu Yue Xin was the murderer, there were too many doubtful points in it!
The inside lobby of the Ministry of Justice was somewhat too quiet, Gu Yun advanced one step, with a clear voice, she said: “I think there are still some doubtful points!”

Dan Yu Lan straightforwardly smiled, and said: “Miss Qing, there is no harm in saying what you think.” He already guessed earlier, she was not the type of person who worked half heartedly, as a matter of fact, he, himself, appreciated this young miss’ reason?!

Gu Yun lightly knitted her eyebrows, turned around to look one glance at Dan Yu Lan, there was only nine days left. His sentence that let her say what she wanted to say, it was extremely possible that they would not be able to catch the murderer, then the person who would be sent to prison would be him! This kind of bearing made her to admire him unavailingly, she would definitely catch this murderer!

Walking to the middle of the hall, Gu Yun brought up her own doubtful points one by one and explained: “First, in order to protect Su Mu Feng not to harass and kill people, this reason was a little far fetched, moreover, even though Gu Yue Xin’s martial art was not weak, but it was not very high either. If it was not due to the deliberate evacuation of half of the night patrol soldiers, she would probably be captured before she could find my room. The Prince manor’s protection was so tight, and the murderer could come in freely, it was definitely not something that Gu Yue Xin could manage. Second, even the method to kill those three people was so proficient, but she could not even say clearly the details about the murders on her own, this absolutely could not be passed by. Third, her manner to admit the guilt anxiously, perhaps, she was indeed protecting a certain person, that person could possibly…… the murderer!”

Cheng Hang took the lead to oppose: “You believe that Su Gongzi was the murderer?! I can not see it!” Su Gongzi’s blood phobia was known by the people in the Su’s family, with regard to this, the Su’s family was still looking for a lot of doctors, this was impossible to feign!!

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, and answered: “I did not say that he was the murderer.”

Cheng Hang did not understand even more: “You obviously said that the person whom she wanted to protect was the murderer, then was it not Su Gongzi!?” Strange, this person who was always astute, why she would say something that contradicted herself today!!

Zhuo Qing who was silent all along, finally lifted her head up, her face was anxious and she said: “If the Gu family’s hypnosis method is really so good, Su Mu Feng can probably under this hypnosis method himself, and maybe he, himself does not know the circumstances on why he has killed those people. And if the urge to kill people is because he is touched by a woman, as long as a woman deliberately touches him, he will not be able to control the urge to kill someone!”

This was a so called hypnosis suggestion, if it was really like this, so the real murderer should be that person who gave him the hypnosis!

Unable to control the urge to kill someone? This matter was very fearful, Lu Jin looked towards Zhuo Qing, and urgently said: “This is saying that he has not undertaken his task last time as Gu Yue Xin has interrupted him, if he can not control the urge to kill someone, in that case, there will still a possibility that he will attack the General’s manor again tonight?! Thus, Gu Yue Xin was so panic like that and made him to leave the capital immediately?!”
Once his words came out, everyone’s complexion who was in the law court, changed immediately, Gu Yun seemed to be very relaxed, and she smiled, then with a clear voice, she said: “Very possible! But this is merely our guesses, we have to prepare properly tonight, whether the murderer will come or not, we can only submit to the will of heaven!”

“Let me be the bait this time, ok.” Zhuo Qing suddenly asked, the next second, Lou Xi Yan who was always as steady as the mountain from beginning to end, finally lowly sighed and said: “It will not do!”

Breathing deeply and secretly, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was restored as before, and calmly answered: “I do not agree, this is too dangerous.” It was merely Gu Yue Xin yesterday, if Ao Tian did not appear in time, Qing Mo might already sustain injuries. Qing-er did not have any martial art, this matter would be too dangerous!

Zhuo Qing anticipated that Lou Xi Yan might not agree, but she did not think that he would be actually determined like this. Zhuo Qing leaned her head to the side of his ear, and said in a low but persistent voice: “Xi Yan, there will be a lot of people who will protect me in secret, I will be alright, I guarantee!”

Lou Xi Yan’s protection towards Zhuo Qing was already very clear, if she really had any accident, he was afraid that nobody could justify it. Dan Yu Lan lightly smiled and advised: “Actually, as long as the murderer enters the General’s manor, he is impossible to escape, it is absolutely not necessary to put both of you in danger!”

Zhuo Qing turned her head around, insistingly said: “No, this time, I must untie this so called riddle of the hypnosis method!”

Lou Xi Yan knitted his eyebrows: “Can other people not able to do it?”

Zhuo Qing lightly shook her head, then Gu Yun straightforwardly said: “If there is really this so called hypnosis method, the person who can untie the riddle will be her only!”

Not only Qing was the most superior forensic investigator for the past few years, she was also a better expert in psychological education in the police department. If Su Mu Feng could really do hypnosis on people, Qing should be able to help him!
The simple black chariot looked like it was advancing to the direction of the Prime Minister’s manor in a hurry, the atmosphere inside the chariot was somewhat rigid. Zhuo Qing was sitting in one corner of the chariot, Lou Xi Yan was sitting on the other corner. Xi Yan turned his head to look towards the outside of the window, and did not pay attention to her. Zhuo Qing was breathing deeply, then she got up relaxingly, and moved to the side of Lou Xi Yan, she lightly pulled the sleeve of his garment, and said lowly: “Xi Yan…… you are angry?”

Slowly turning his head around, Lou Xi Yan faintly answered: “What do you think?!”

He was angry, moreover, he was extremely angry! Zhuo Qing withdrew her hand, did not pull the sleeve of his garment anymore. Letting her acting like a spoiled child to make him promise of her own request, she was impossible, Xi Yan also did not absorb this behavior, ok. After a very long time, she raised her hand to look towards Xi Yan who was always gazing at her, Zhuo Qing explained in a low voice: “I am very sorry to make you worry. But that murderer must be captured, his skill to kill people must be broken, otherwise, those people who have died, can not get any justice. There will be more people whose live will be threatened, I wish to find the real murderer, but I am not only blindly going to do this thing, I have the ability to deal with him! I will deploy everything properly tonight, to achieve an absolute safe plan as much as possible!”

The deep phoenix’s eyes and persistent eyes were just looking face to face like this, Zhuo Qing did not know what Lou Xi Yan was thinking, she could only hope that he was able to feel her persistence that she would accomplish this matter with confidence!!

Looking face to face for a very long time, when Zhuo Qing thought that she could not find any way to speak with him, Lou Xi Yan suddenly lowered his head slightly, a low personal smile came up, Zhuo Qing frowned: “What are you laughing at?”

Lightly holding Zhuo Qing’s sweating hand due to nervousness, Lou Xi Yan smiled and said: “Hand over the deployment for tonight to me, there is still ten more days before our big wedding, I do not want not having a bride.”

Zhuo Qing suddenly opened her eyes big, she did not dare to believe and asked: “You agree!?”

Lou Xi Yan helplessly groaned and said coldly: “Will it be useful if I do not agree?”

“It will be!” Looking at him who already agreed, Zhuo Qing finally had a feeling to joke deliberately, smiled embarrassedly and said: “But I will feel very sad, very broken hearted, my own’s worth will degenerate completely, there is no goal in life……”

“Stop, you say it like this, can I still say no?” After letting her speak, he was done completely and quickly!

Softly pulling her shoulder, and taking her into his bosom, that time when she fell into the water, he already vowed secretly at that time, he would absolutely not make her to face any danger, or receive any tiny bit of injury. But this time, because of her perseverance, he unexpectedly made a compromise, because in her eyes, he already saw the real meaning of that sentence ‘I want to be together with you’! She had her own thought, her own willpower, what he could do for her, he must protect her carefully and should not restrict her, right!

Suddenly thinking something, Zhuo Qing lifted her head, and asked: “You have said that there is only ten more days before our big wedding day?!!” Were there only ten days? How the time went by really quick, it already passed one month In a wink!

Softly raising his eyebrows, Lou Xi Yan tenderly smiled and said: “Why? You do not like it too quick?”

Oh oh~~ The foxy smile that she had not seen for a long time, had returned, Zhuo Qing hurriedly shook her head, and seriously answered: “No, I just feel…… it is too slow!!”
Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, this girl was able to discern what his thought from his body language more and more!!

Leaning on his bosom, listening to the relaxed and steady heartbeats, Zhuo Qing raised the corner of her mouth in relief, if she did not capture this kind of man sooner, it was really too stupid!

She was very much looking forward to the next ten days for their wedding ceremony!
Yinshi Night (between 3-5 am) at the General’s manor

The day was almost bright, there was no sound of any activity inside the room, the entire General’s manor was a lot more peaceful than in the past. The moonlight was exceptionally bright in this night, the moonlight was shown through the open window, it shined inside the room. Zhuo Qing who was laying on the bed closed her eyes slightly, but she was still able to see the circumstances in the bedroom clearly.

Feeling extremely anxious (the actual words, fear of distant water than can’t save the fire), Lou Xi Yan arranged Mo Bai who was wearing all black clothing to lie down at the top of the beam. Ao Tian was hiding inside the bed curtain, near the back of the wardrobe. Ye Mei, Qian Jing and the people from the Ministry of Justice were waiting to ambush outside the room. Gu Yun insisted to join in the bedroom, Lou Xi Yan was also anxious for Zhuo Qing’s safety, both of them were hiding inside the room together, in the furthest corner of the bedroom. He could see clearly things that could happen from here through the screen, but if they whispered to speak, it was reckoned that one would not be able to hear!

The day was almost bright, could it be that they guessed it wrongly?! Or the murderer was really not Su Mu Feng!

When Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were guessing in their hearts, there was a black shadow swept past the side of the window, a person with a gray clothing, his face was wearing a silver mask, his meager figure was covered by the moonlight, he appeared without making any sound, his skill was very quick. Mo Bai and Ao Tian held their breaths, hurriedly exercised restraint on their breaths, this person was absolutely an expert, if he discovered them, tonight’s operation to capture him would be ruined.

The gray’s clothing man was standing in front of the window, looking one glance at the woman who should not appear on the bed, his expression was dark. Hesitating for a moment, he turned around wanting to leave.

This would not do, they could not let him run! Otherwise, even if they captured him, she could not solve his hypnosis!

Zhuo Qing suddenly straightened up her body, urgently calling out with a warmth voice: “Mu Feng, is it you?”

The back of the gray’s clothing man was rigid, he did not answer, but he did not leave either.

It was surely him! Zhuo Qing got up, and walked slowly to reach his back, but she did not stand very close, she said with as much gentle voice as possible: “Actually, when I first saw you for the first time, I liked you right away, I had to put a lot of effort tonight to be able to send Qing Mo away, I am actually waiting for you.”

The gray’s clothing man slowly turned his body around, his back was facing the moonlight, he was wearing a silver mask. Zhuo Qing could not see his face, and could not see his expression, she could only hear a deep but clear sexy voice of a man who smiled gently and answered: “You know that I will come?”

This voice…… the tone of voice sounded like Su Mu Feng, but the tone and intonation were completely different!

Zhuo Qing’s mind was tranquil, lightly shaking her head, she advanced one step, and was grabbing his wrist. While she was shaking it lightly, she was pretending to be shy and then she said: “I do not know, but I hope that you will come, the heavens hears my request in the end, you have finally come.”

Gu Yun suddenly turned around to roll her eyes, this woman did not need to be into this show like this, ok, this man who was by her side and was as gentle as the jade according to the legend, his fist was already relaxing and then tightening it again, he had been doing this for several times!!

Zhuo Qing thought that the gray’s clothing man would push her away, this would be Su Mu Feng’s normal reaction. Who would have thought, he not only did not push her away, but also put his hand around her waist, and confined her tightly in his embrace. His face was warmer, darker and he kept it close to her cheek and caressed it repeatedly. His charming voice had a trace of hoarse and scorching breath, a faint sound echoed next to her ear: “You say that you like me?”

The cold mask on his face was caressing, just felt like a snake scales on your cheek, this eerie and frightening feeling were so annoying. Zhuo Qing secretly breathed deeply for several times, then she nodded gently and answered in a low voice: “En.”

Not waiting until she recovered, the man already held her waist and carried her up, then he walked to the front of the spacious bed. Lightly putting her on the bed, soon after, his body was pushing her down immediately. Trapping Zhuo Qing in between his arms, his fingers were circling and enticing her earlobe incessantly, this man could definitely flirt! Was he really Su Mu Feng?!

Stretching her hand out with difficulty, caressing the man’s mask that was on his face, Zhuo Qing with a tender and soft voice said in a mumble repetition: “Mu Feng, I want to look at you!”

Gu Yun carefully looked towards Lou Xi Yan who could be considered very calm, she could only see that his pair of phoenix eyes were cold slightly. Even though it was at night time, Gu Yun could feel the killing intention from the ray within his eyes. She really admired this man’s rational and his profound understanding, this man really loved Qing!

The gray’s clothing man was suddenly grabbing Zhuo Qing’s hand, Mo Bai who was hiding at the top of the beam raised his guard immediately. Zhuo Qing’s heart was also frightened, and she thought that he might be angry. Who should have thought, that the man unexpectedly grabbed the mask on his own, then lifted it open confidently and at ease, then lightly threw it on the bedside at last.

Zhuo Qing could finally see the man’s eyes clearly.

The face before her eyes had a clear angle, unusually handsome, it was really Su Mu Feng’s face, but Zhuo Qing did not dare to be certain, was this person really Su Mu Feng?! During the day, it seemed that his eyes were faintly silver grayish black color, but during the night, they were unexpectedly silver grayish, his eyes were squinting and they looked like a faint smiling, his thin and rosy lips captured the oppressive trick. The cold, graceful and distinct’s manners that he had during the day, it changed into his bearing that was completely indolent like a demonic charm at this moment. This kind of him was really dazzling and it made people’s heartbeats to speed up. Zhuo Qing’s heart grew suspicious at this moment, and begun to question her own previous judgement, if under the hypnosis, it was impossible to transform his own self with this much extent. Then, was he or was he not Su Mu Feng after all, or…… Zhuo Qing pondered into her own train of thought, but the man did not allow her to dodge her thought, his hand gently pinched her chin, and the man quietly asked: “Are you willing to do whatever thing for me?”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, and nodded her head and smilingly said: “En.”

Gently blowing the tip of Zhuo Qing’s nose, the man was caressing her cheek, while asking in a low voice: “Well behaved girl, are you or are you not willing to give your heart to me?”

The muffled voice was gentle and enticing people’s feeling with fascination, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, and asked: “You want my heart?”

Zhuo Qing’s answer made his expression slightly flashed, but it was very quick, he regained that demonic charm with his smile again: “Are you not willing?”

Their eyes were gazing at each other without blinking now, Zhuo Qing could see his serene and depth eyes that were wandering in the silvery light, they looked like a deep abyss. Holding one’s breath little by little, after experiencing this kind of a very peculiar thing on her own, Zhuo Qing felt that she was absent minded and dizzy for a split second. After a moment, Zhuo Qing nodded her head and said: “Fine.”

The man’s face raised a trace of excitement with a demonic unrestrained smiling expression, he straightened up to sit down, satisfyingly looking at the woman who was motionless. His hand was stretching to her belt familiarly, then her clothing was falling off very quickly. He was watching at the body of the woman who was looking at him, gently and softly smiled: “Do not be afraid, you will be free very quickly.”

The thin blade that was bright and clean was wandering on the skin, the cold sharp knife was playing across the chest, the pretty red color was following along the incision, playing across the waist, then falling into the silk cover.


Sian’s notes:
Ok, I have to say that I don’t like how Zhuo Qing was acting in this chapter at all. Yes, I know that she was trying to catch the murderer but I seriously think that this method of trying to catch a murderer by seducing the guy seemed kind of low in my book. 😭😭

All the scenes between Su Mu Feng and Zhuo Qing above were very confusing, even when I was doing the translation. I was like whatttt??? They were just looking around waiting when SMF already removed ZQ’s clothing??? But it makes sense after reading the next chapter.

So technically, it was not a murder since he asked whether or not he could take the woman’s heart. He did ask for their permissions and apparently, the women were “gave” their permission to remove their hearts. 😅😅😅

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 99: Gu Yun’s Night Attacked

Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The moon was not bright tonight.

The inside guest room of the two story small building, the window was half opened, several silhouettes were sitting or standing. There was someone who was not patient, there was someone who was indifferent and speechless, there was someone who was staying tranquilly and calmly, there was someone whose heart was flowing with anger and impatient, nevertheless, their eyes were all staring tightly at the house on the side.

“It is already choushi (1-3 am), there is not any movement either, are you guessing it accurately ah?! Qian Jing was reclining at the window frame, and yawning.

Zhuo Qing was glaring at him, lowly groaned and said: “Shut up!” After waiting for the whole night and it was not effective, she already had enough depression, he was still talking nonsense like this!

Looking at her angry’s appearance, Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand softly to sit on the bench nearby, he quietly asked: “Are you tired?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, lightly sighed and said: “I am not tired, on the contrary, you still have to go to the Imperial court tomorrow morning, there is no need to come here to keep watching, it is alright when there is Mo Bai who is accompanying me.” Even though she was not Gu Yun, she would not have any problem enduring for one or two nights. But she did not anticipate that Xi Yan would insist on accompanying her here to keep watch, although he had not been ill for these past days, but his health was always not so good. Her mood was pretty messy, it was actually only because she was worried for him.

Lou Xi Yan answered smilingly: “The Emperor has given an order that I have to provide assistance to Dan Daren, so arresting the murderer is also naturally my responsibility.” Softly embracing her shoulder to let her use his shoulder as her pillow, Lou Xi Yan lowly said: “Close your eyes to take a nap for a little bit, i will wake you up if there is something.”

Leaning on his meager shoulder, it was actually not too comfortable, but his faint warm and clear consideration already made Zhuo Qing’s heart to became warmth.

Ye Mei’s raging flames red dress was still brilliant during the pitch black night time, her cold eyes swept through the two people who were nestling against each other. Not moving her line of sight, the desire in her cold eyes could not help to somewhat disappear. She did not know it that her every movement was only looking at this one expression, then they stopped at the pair of blue eyes that were staying at the corner.

“There is someone!” Qian Jing suddenly called out lowly, all of the people were startled, they immediately went to look outside the window.
They were looking at the house that had been watched by them all night long, one shadow transcended and came out from the inside of the courtyard wall, because of the extremely quick speed, it went to the other side of the street and went away.

Luckily, they were standing at a high elevation, otherwise even if they would guard a few doors, they would not be able to find the person with a black dress.

Qian Jing urgently said: “Chase after or not?!” If they did not chase after, the person would run!

Lou Xi Yan calmly said: “Qian Jing, you go and chase after the person, do not inadvertently alert the enemy, also do not let him break away from your range of sight.” He had not committed a crime, it would be useless if they captured the person now!

“Good.” His speaking voice was just left, Qian Jing’s silhouette tightly followed the person with the black dress.

Afterwards, Lou Xi Yan’s calm and dark eyes were looking at the always tranquil Su’s residence, he said: “Mo Bai, Ye Mei, the two of you continue to stay here, even if there is any movement, one of you will have to stay behind, do not get caught in the ‘lure the enemy away from his territory’ plan.”

Mo Bai with a cold voice answered: “Yes.”

One could not see clearly Ye Mei’s facial expression behind the mask, and could only see that she was very softly nodding her head.

He set it up appropriately, Zhuo Qing did not need to be in trouble, and asked: “We should hurry to go to the General’s manor?” She was anxious for Gu Yun, even though the General’s manor had Su Ling and Ao Tian, but the murderer’s murder technique was peculiar, it always made her think that this matter did not feel too good!

“En!” Knowing that she was anxious, Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand to escort her in the dark, and to rush hurriedly to the General’s manor.
The General’s Manor

The spacious inside room was arranged very simple with a big bed in the middle, there was a low tea table by the side of the bed, and it did not have any superfluous decoration. Even though the moonlight was not too bright tonight, but there was no layer of light muslin curtain, the circumstances inside the room could barely be seen clearly.

There was a woman who was lying on the bed, her eyes were gently closed, it looked like she was already asleep.

The weather was very hot, both of the wooden windows were opened, the night wind was blowing inside lightly, and coming into the door lightly also, showing a meager shadow.
After the shadow entered the inside quickly, but he did not immediately walk to the front of the woman’s bed, he was rather standing in front of the window for a moment. After a long time, he finally walked to the front of the bed, and stared at the woman who was sleeping peacefully on the bed, and he was standing there again foolishly.

Suddenly, he walked to the side of the low tea table, picked up a cup, and smashed it on the ground, the sound of a broken porcelain cup was very ear piercing during the quiet night.

Gu Yun’s brows were knitted tightly, her eyes that were closed tightly, opened up swiftly, the shadow already wanted to jump out of the window.

“You have just come but already want to leave?!” A clear and cold voice did not sound dazed from just waking up, the shadow sped up his speed. Gu Yun got up and stood on the bed and pounced to the direction of the shadow. She tightly strapped the neck of the black dress’ person from behind, the black dress’ person was in pain, his body was weak. He did not anticipate that this woman was unexpectedly had so much sharp skills, the black dress’ person stood sideways to hit Gu Yun’s abdomen. Gu Yun seized the opportunity to move sideways, and to use her knee to smack the back of the black dress’ person.

The expression of the black dress’ person was dark, his hand caressed his waist, Gu Yun could only see a silvery light that appeared suddenly, she wanted to retreat to evade, but the other hand of the black dress’ person was holding and not letting go of her hand. Not having any opportunity to retreat, Gu Yun secretly clenched her teeth, decided to face forward, and stick close to the black dress’ person, she was a lot shorter, and could maybe dodge the sword.

But she still did not have time to move, and could feel that her waist was tightened suddenly, recovering, she was already encircled on somebody’s bosom. That silvery light was also intercepted by a pair of big hands, the smell of the reeking blood was overflowing, the blood was dropping one by one from the person’s fingers. Gu Yun opened her eyes big to look at the man who was by her side, Ao Tian with a dark clothing and silver hair, his complexion was pale, gloomy and chilly, but he did not appear in pain at all, as if that dripping blood was not his blood. During the dark night time, this emitted a mysterious charm of the man, not only it made Gu Yun somewhat suffered a lapse in concentration, but the black dress’ person was also distracted.

Ao Tian transported power on the hallow of his palm, turned his hand around, the black dress’ person felt the powerful attacking energy immediately. The soft energy was unexpectedly unloaded and came out, the black dress’ person was panic in his mind, and turned around to jump out of the window.

Inside the courtyard was already surrounded by a group of soldiers for a long time ago, the black dress’ person narrowed his eyes slightly, what a good plan to catch a target. It seemed that if they did not lure him into a trap, even if he wanted to enter the General’s manor, it would not be easy, right!

Gu Yun grabbed the silk quilt from the bed, tore it into strips, and wrapped Ao Tian’s hand that was still bleeding incessantly, urgently said: “Are you alright!?”

The red blood quickly contaminated the white silk wrap, Ao Tian withdrew his hand, and answered coldly: “I am alright.”

Finished speaking and without turning his head back, he left the room, Gu Yun felt bewildered, this man’s character was really strange, ok!

Both of them came out of the outside courtyard, nobody paid any attention either, at the corner, a pair of black and serene eyes flashed through a trace of complicated radiance. Clenching his hand on the long sword that was already unsheathed, but his hand was still a step too slow.

Su Ling’s face was expressionless and he withdrew from Gu Yun’s courtyard, just liked he had never appeared there.

Inside the courtyard, there were already countless of torches, they illuminated the small courtyard. The black dress’ person was surrounded by the officers and soldiers, he also understood his own circumstances. No longer resisting, only coldly looking at Gu Yun who was walking toward him

“I underestimated you, small girl.” The black dress’ person started to talk, it was unexpectedly a clear, bright and mellow sound of a woman.

The hand was lightly raised, the black dress’ person confidently tore down the black head covering on her face, a delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade lotus’ face appeared astonishingly.

“It is you?!”
At the Lobby of the Ministry of Justice

The first daybreak tore down the dark cloud, a new day was already manifested, and turned over a night. The people who were in the lobby did not seem to be tired, for the last two months, the murderer who was using a cruel method to remove the heart to kill, was finally apprehended, since these days, all of the hard works were worth it.

The woman who was kneeling on the ground was tranquil, she was not frightened by the arrest or saying anything, there was a feeling as if she was relieved from a burden. Gu Yun was watching attentively at her beauty and indifferent look for a moment, and then asked: “Why did you want to kill me?”

The woman raised her head, and looked one glance at her, then lowered her head again, with a hateful tone, she said: “Dying was not sufficient for you, a low woman who was trying to seduce Mu Feng!”

Gu Yun’s eyes slightly flashed, her eyes straightforwardly watching at her that did not have any expression on her face, she continued to ask: “Did you also kill the several women in the past?

She did not raise her head this time, only coldly answered: “They deserved to die! Who let all of them to have bad intentions on Mu Feng!”

Dan Yu Lan said with a clear voice: “Gu Yue Xin, are you admitting your guilt now?”

Gu Yue Xin slowly raised her head, looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan who was sitting up high, she did not plan to defend herself and answered: “Since I was captured by you all, I could not really say anything anymore.”

Not right! She had never answered the question about whether or not she killed those people! She did not show any deep loathing towards those women whom she killed. She only had a little loathing, could this make her to use that cruel method to kill those people?!

Walking to the front of Gu Yue Xin and squatting down, Gu Yun stared at her eyes, and said this sentence: “I ask you now, you only need to answer yes or no. Did you do that three heart removal cases in the past? Did you kill those people?”

Gu Yue Xin was not patient: “I already said it a moment ago……”

“Did you or did you not?” Gu Yun interrupted her words, and determined to question closely.

The woman who was in front of her was only about 15-16 years old, but those pair of eyes seemed to like a deep cold water that could not be seen, and made people to lack confidence unconsciously. Secretly clenching her teeth, Gu Yue Xin answered with a firm and loud voice: “Yes!”

Gu Yun slowly got up, and looked towards Zhuo Qing who was watching attentively at her, she lightly shook her head, this woman was lying!!

She determined to admit guilty now, how should they prove that she was lying?

Zhuo Qing coldly and lightly knitted her eyebrows, and asked: “What did you use for the murder weapon?”

“A thin edge of a dagger.” Gu Yue Xin replied quickly this time, and the bailiff delivered the dagger that was searched from her body, and handed it over to Dan Yu Lan.

Zhuo Qing only swept it one glance, she already determined that the length and the thickness of the blade, were identical with the wound.

Dan Yu Lan looked at the murder weapon while he asked: “How did you accomplish murdering them in the private room?” This was something that they could not figure out all along, and the two Qing family’s sisters questioned Gu Yue Xin intensely. It could be shown that they had doubt that she was the murderer, he actually did not believe it either. But the murder weapon was already here, if she was not the murderer, then who was?!

Who would have thought that Gu Yue Xin bursted into loud laughter, then casted a sidelong glance at Dan Yu Lan, sneeringly smiled: “How can this be difficult? Our Gu Yue’s family, besides medical expertise, the most famous skill is hypnosis method. As long as the servant girl who was accompanying was given the hypnosis method, they would be able to help me leave afterwards, then helping me to close the door, but they, themselves would not know anything at all!”

Cheng Hang’s eyes were opened big, untrustingly called out: “Did you use the hypnosis method for those young ladies, so they would look helplessly when their own hearts were cut opened and they could not even budge? This is impossible, ok, is the hypnosis method really this great?!”

That kind of complacent and arrogant that was evolving in one’s heart, it was not a scam, but was it really that great ah?

Zhuo Qing suddenly asked: “You show me how to do it now.”

Her so called hypnosis method, was it or was it not actually just a medical hypnosis?!

Gu Yue Xin did not raise her head, coldly groaned: “I will not do it, this is our family’s Gu Yue supreme feat.”

Was it supreme feat?! Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, sneeringly asked: “When you removed the heart, was the knife went from the left to the right or was the knife went from the right to the left? Did you cut off the blood vessel first and then removed the heart, or did you remove the heart first and then the blood vessel was cut off?”

“I……” Gu Yue Xin was startled, her eyes flashed through a trace of frenetic.

“You did not know it?”

Raising up her head immediately, her face that always maintained a tranquil expression appeared to be unchanged, then she was staring at Zhuo Qing, just liked she wanted to be anxious or certain, Gu Yue Xin urgently said: “Of course, I know!! The knife was from the right to left, then I removed the heart first and then the blood vessel was cut off!”

“Are you sure?”

She was surely making things unnecessarily complicated!! It sure was! Breathing deeply, Gu Yue Xin insisted on saying: “I am sure!”

Once she finished speaking, Lu Jin and Dan Yu Lan’s eyes flashed through a trace radiant immediately, smilingly nodded their heads, Zhuo Qing answered: “It seemed that you did not kill those people. The people who had examined the corpses knew that you were telling a lie!!”

The vein of the deceased was obviously separated before the heart was removed, this was the reason she thought that the murderer’s cutting method was extremely accurate at that time.

Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was slightly changed, Gu Yue Xin hurriedly called out: “I killed those people, but it was a long time ago, I forgot these details, nothing more.”

Forgot? Dan Yu Lan lightly nodded, a solemn, cool and muffled sound echoed: “Very well, since you said this to protect Su Mu Feng who killed those people, then, we would just listen to what Su Gongzi would say, ok!”

Turning around suddenly, there was that white silhouette who was already standing behind her, deeply gazing at her.

“Mu Feng?!” Even though the warm morning light was already entered the law court, and illuminating Gu Yue Xin’s slender body, but the warm sun did not make her feel any trace of warmth, she only felt like she placed her own self in an ice hole.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 98: The Weird Su Mu Feng

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The Su’s Manor

The Su’s family residence in the country of Qiong Yue, not only it was located at the most bustling place in the capital city, but also because this Su’s family house was one of the courtyards that they built in the capital city. The Su family was worthy to be the music’s influential family, even though this was only one of the courtyards, it was also decorated elegantly and outstandingly, there was the kind of elegant and peaceful styles everywhere.

Zhuo Qing’s delegations were welcomed in the hall, a faint scent of the pear flowers penetrated into their hearts deeply, several roll ink paintings were hanging on the wall. But these paintings were not scenery paintings, they were not human objects either, they were rather the most famous reputation of musical instruments in the whole world. The inside of the hall was absolutely empty, did not have any other complicated, beautiful and superfluous items either, the whole hall gave people some feelings of noble, virtuous, proud and aloof.

Gu Yun was the same as before, encircling to look at the surroundings customarily, she was walking around in the middle of the hall. She thought that this so called great family would make them wait for a long time, she did not anticipate that they were just arrived for a moment, a clear as deep spring and low chant echoed unhurriedly: “Miss Qing.”

Gu Yun turned around to look, her eyes could not help to narrow slightly, a person who was wearing a white clothing came in, walking gracefully, similar to a trace of cool breeze that was blowing directly, a handsome appearance with a calm manner. Additionally, that pair of deep and calm eyes could make him capture people’s line of sights easily, Gu Yun finally understood what Zhuo Qing meant with ‘indifferent and distinctly cold’.

Describing him, he looked like clouds and mists, and he gave people a type of distinct and erratic cold, coming together and separating without depending on indifferent and estranged feelings.

Zhuo Qing generously nodded her head, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi, is your body a little better?”

Su Mu Feng smilingly answered: “Many thanks to Miss, I am alright.”

Nobody could ignore Gu Yun’s sharp expression, Su Mu Feng looked towards the person who was standing in the middle of the living room, the woman who was watching at him attentively, he nodded his head to her very elegantly and properly, but the corner of his mouth raised an almost invisible smile.

This person was very interesting, you would not think that he did not have any manners, but you absolutely could not feel his enthusiasm, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “She is my younger sister, Qing Mo, these two people are the Criminal Prison Division’s officials.”

Su Mu Feng looked towards the two people who were on the side, his face did not show any surprise or impatient, only tranquilly asked: “What matter brought you all to come and visit?”

Lu Jin got up, cupped his hands to give courtesy, then he said politely: “Su Gongzi, I disturb you boldly, please forgive me, several deceased from our cases were all your former students, so we have some questions that we want to inquire.” Su Mu Feng was not a member of the Imperial family, nevertheless, his reputation was excellent, confronting this kind of elegant and refined person, one could not help to have a respect, ok!

Su Mu Feng lightly nodded his head, answered: “You do not need to stand on ceremony, please ask, ok.”

“When Gongzi gave these several young ladies their last lessons, did they go to any strange place?”

“No.” Su Mu Feng answered calmly and concisely.

“How long did Gongzi give them the zither lesson?”

“Miss Si and Miss Li were taught for three lessons, Princess was only taught for two lesson.” The deep and heavy complexion was calm and collected, Su Mu Feng cooperated even more and said: “Do you need the list of people who have been thought by Su mou in the past, if you need it, I will have the servant to send it out to the Criminal Prison Division office tomorrow.”

“This……” Su Mu Feng was cooperated like this, Lu Jin was somewhat embarrassed.

“This is perfect!” Gu Yun’s clear voice seemed to be somewhat threatening, step by step approaching Su Mu Feng, with a cold voice, Gu Yun asked: “As their teacher, what is your feeling towards their deaths?”

Facing and looking at Gu Yun, it did not because she was not the official from the government office that Su Mu Feng could avoid or be angry, his face was still indifferent, and did not have too much cold expression, he answered: “Very shock, I wish that you can find the murderer as soon as possible.”

Gu Yun’s eyes slightly flashed out, this person’s expression was too tranquil, until she could not see what he was thinking about, perhaps, she ran into an opponent. Already walking in front of Su Mu Feng, Gu Yun continued to ask: “What is your opinion about the killing method of the murderer?”

“I do not know how the murderer has killed them, I do not have any opinion.” Su Mu Feng’s tone was gentle, his expression was natural, his answer to every question appeared to be flawless. Gu Yun continued to approach, Zhuo Qing got up, and wanted to pull Gu Yun, she appeared to be somewhat excessive today.

However, she did not expect that Zhuo Qing stood up, and just happened to step on Gu Yun’s skirt, Gu Yun was only concentrating to go to Su Mu Feng and did not pay attention momentarily. Then, she stumbled ahead and almost fell over, luckily, she reacted quickly, and grabbed Su Mu Feng’s hand immediately to steady and stop her body from falling down.
Standing her body up, Gu Yun apologetically said: “I am sorry.”

Barely thinking to withdraw her hand, nevertheless, she discovered that his arm was slightly shivering, lifting her eyes to look towards Su Mu Feng, the always indifferent and tranquil face showed a deliberate concealment of nervousness and frenetic. Gu Yun was slightly startled, she only supported herself by holding on his hand for a while, nothing more!?

Zhuo Qing was barely thinking to step forward to ask what was going on, but she only saw that Gu Yun’s body was weak, and relying on Su Mu Feng’s body, lowly she called out: “My foot seems to sprain.”

Getting a sprain foot like this?! Impossible! Even if she really sprained her foot, it was impossible for Gu Yun to depend on a man’s embrace and did not get up. Zhuo Qing retreated one step back, and calmly looked at this transformation.

Gu Yun could feel when she was weak and depending on his embrace, Su Mu Feng was clearly stiff, and desired to push her towards the wooden chair on the side. His strength was rather big, his voice also seemed to be stiffly cold: “Miss, please sit down.”

Gu Yun’s eyes flashed through a trace of strong ray, she had not completely removed her body from his embrace, and her hands were still encircling his waist presumptuously, she pretended to call out and protest coquettishly: “Very painful, I can not move, you help me up, ok.”

Su Mu Feng was completely helpless, his slender fingers pulled Gu Yun’s hands up, his complexion that was indifferent at the beginning became chilly, at this time, a low and strong roared came through from outside the door: “What are you two doing being too familiar with each other?”

Looking at the direction of the low sound that just came through, a 30 years old woman was walking in large strides towards them, the woman was wearing a dark blue cheongsam, her hair was knotted high like a cloud bristle. There were several unique simple and long silver hairpins on the top, with a dainty appearance, meager and tall figure, an absolutely a beautiful woman. But her eyebrows appeared to be angry, a pair of rigid phoenix eyes were glaring at Gu Yun with a rage appearance!

Seeing clearly the person who came, Su Mu Feng respectfully called out: “Aunt Xin.” (Maternal aunt).

But the woman did not look even one glance at him, but immediately walked towards Gu Yun. “You sprained your leg, right, I will help you.” Her tone had not yet off, the woman grabbed Gu Yun’s arm, and pulled her from Su Mu Feng’s hand. Her strength was great, and it made Gu Yun’s brows to wrinkle slightly.

Almost being thrown down on the furthest wooden chair from Su Mu Feng, Gu Yun with a motionless look was observing this person, ‘Aunt Xin’ who was suddenly coming out recklessly.

Her phoenix eyes coldly swept one glance at Cheng Hang and Lu Jin, the woman impatiently groaned and said: “Do you all still have any more question to ask, I trouble you to ask it in a hurry, Mu Feng still has a lot of other things to attend to.”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked one glance at each other, then looked at Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing shook her head lightly to them. At this time, Gu Yun suddenly stood up, clearly smiled and answered: “There is nothing more that we want to ask, we have disturbed the two of you, we take our leave.”

Finished speaking, Gu Yun walked out of the outside door confidently and with ease, there was not a bit sprain on her leg…… A delegation of people came out of the Su’s manor, the sky outside was already in the evening, it was captivatingly red as if it was in a dream fantasy, very beautiful and it made people could not move away their line of sights. But the sunset was beautiful in vain once more, since the dark evening would drown its brilliance soon after.

Stretching his waist, Cheng Hang felt defeated, he lowly sighed and said: “What a waste afternoon!”

“Not necessarily.” Zhuo Qing suddenly threw out a sentence out, Cheng Hang suddenly turned his head around to look towards Zhuo Qing, only to see that she and Gu Yun were looking one glance at each other. Both of them were indifferently laughing but not speaking, Cheng Hang just barely wanted to open his mouth to ask, Lu Jin was already throwing his hand on his shoulder, and he said: “We will return and discuss this again.”
Returning to the Criminal Prison Division office, Gu Yun had not yet sit down, Cheng Hang was not able to wait to ask her: “Does Su Mu Feng have any problem ah?” He thought that Qing Mo had this kind of peculiar ability, she was able to watch from somebody’s face and she could already distinguish if there was anything wrong with that person. This was very cool, if she was willing to teach him, he would not mind to call Master to this woman who was so much smaller than himself!!

Sitting down on a wooden chair unhurriedly, Gu Yun picked up a cup of water that was on the long table, picked up the porcelain pot unhurriedly again, then poured a cup of water, and handed it to the front of Zhuo Qing. Then, she picked up a second cup of water, Cheng Hang could not wait, he was carrying the porcelain pot immediately, and pouring it on her cup, he urgently said: “Does he have any problem after all?”

“He does.” Looking that he was was solicitous and diligent, Gu Yun did not suspend his appetite.

“Is he the murderer?” Cheng hang’s eyes were suddenly shining, Lu Jin was startled in his mind, and staring at Gu Yun. What just happened today? How could they not see any problem?

Gu Yun generously shook her head: “I do not know.” She only said that Su Mu Feng had a problem, but did not say that he was a murderer ah!

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked one glance at each other, they were looking in dismay, did she not say that Su Mu Feng had a problem?!

They were somewhat worshipping Yun blindly, right, Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, she asked: “What kind of problem does he have?”

Draining the cup of water that was on her hand, and taking the empty cup to hand it over to Cheng Hang who was still holding on the porcelain pot in front of him, Gu Yun excitedly shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “His manner towards a woman is very strange, that maternal aunt of his is also very weird!”

That was it?! While he was pouring her water, Cheng Hang bluntly laugh and said: “The person is from a modest noble family, towards a woman who is suddenly ‘throwing herself in his arm’, he naturally wants to keep a distance.” She was too much a moment ago, ok?! Even though Su Mu Feng was indeed elegant and out of the ordinary, his personality was serene, she did not need to be anxious like that ah! Moreover, in any case, she was also the General’s person! Comparing both of them, General Su’s icily arrogant and unruly masculine manner was comparable to Su Mu Feng’s attractiveness to people, right, he really did not know what this woman was thinking?!

Staring at Cheng Hang with her cold eyes, Gu Yun asked with a heavy voice: “I could understand if he showed politeness, alienation, ill at ease, even disgust, but why was he panicky?! Is this not weird?”

Panicky, was it so serious?! He could not really see, Cheng Hang tried hard to recall Su Mu Feng’s expression at that time, Lu Jin immediately asked: “What explanation can you have with his panicky’s expression?”

Gu Yun with a noncommittal smile: “I do not know.” Panicky could only explain a type of moodiness, and could not really explain anything.

Looking towards Zhuo Qing, she only saw that she was clenching a cup next to her lips, but she did not drink it, her eyebrows were lightly knitted. Not knowing what she was thinking, Gu Yun lowly asked: “Did you think of something?”

Slowly laying down the cup, Zhuo Qing answered: “I remembered, the day that Xi Wu was attacked, she also touched Su Mu Feng’s body like this, then the mishap happened in the evening.”

Originally, she did not pay any attention to this, but when Gu Yun mentioned about a matter being in a body contact, she also thought that Su Mu Feng’s reaction to being touched by other people was somewhat extreme, especially a woman!

Zhuo Qing’s voice was just off, Cheng Hang immediately stoop up, and left behind a sentence: “I will go to investigate!” The person’s shadow already went out of the door in a flash.

The corner of Gu Yun’s mouth lightly raised, even if this person was rather impetuous, his action and curiosity were very worthy to be affirmed!

Both hands were on her chest, Zhuo Qing’s face was cold like a frost, coldly groaned and said: “If the murderer was him, that blood phobia that he showed in front of me was only a performance!”

Lightly patting on Zhuo Qing because of her annoyance and tight shoulder, Gu Yun consolingly said: “It was not possible either, when I mentioned about the three deceased, his face did not show any slight of guiltiness, flustered or complacent, nothing at all, it was not a situation when a murderer should show. This could only prove, either his acting was very superb, or we guessed incorrectly!”

If they did not guess incorrectly, in that case, Su Mu Feng would be their first big challenge!
One shichen (2 hrs) after the day was completely dark, there were several oil lamps inside the study room, the three people were occupying one area and looking over the files.

A thin silhouette rushed inside the room like a whirlwind, he was carrying a porcelain pot water and a cup, abruptly drinking several cups of water, Cheng Hang’s strength was slowly returned, his legs were almost broken from running so fast!!

Lu Jin urgently said: “How was it?”

Carelessly wiping his perspiration, while Cheng Hang was gasping, he was also happily nodding and he answered: “According to the servant girls of the three Misses, the day before they were murdered, they were indeed met with Su Mu Feng, and there were more or less some physical contacts.”

So it was as expected!!

Zhuo Qing made a sound with her fingers, and said: “From all of Su Mu Feng’s students, only these few Misses who met with dangers, maybe that was exactly because of this reason!”

Cheng Hang suddenly thought of something, lowly called out: “If this is really the case…… his goal tonight will be……”

The three people were straightforwardly looking at Gu Yun who lowered her head to look over the files, only to see that she slowly raised her head, her bright eyes were slightly raised, her face showed an excitement and smilingly said: “Me!”

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Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 97: The One Empty Happiness

Over 2,350 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!

Gu Yun’s complexion was even colder, she said in a low voice: “Search!”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked one glance at each other, did not understand why Gu Yun firmly determined that Jiang Xin was the murderer. Since Jiang Xin already agreed to be searched, they would just search, ok.

Two people, one was in the living room, and the other was separated by the hanging curtain to search inside of the bedroom. Jiang Xin’s facial expression seemed to be calm and collected during this time, Gu Yun’s cold eyes were never moved away from his face all along.

Cheng Hang rummage through and shook the clothing inside the wardrobe, a bluish white object came down from the clothing. Cheng Hang was startled, hurriedly reached out his hand to catch it. That object was not very big, it hit his hand once, and it still fell on the ground in the end, it made a crips jingling sound to actually attract people’s attentions.

Cheng Hang picked it up while embarrassingly smiled and said: “I am very sorry, I manage to drop your stuff.” However, when he looked clearly at the stuff on his hand, his complexion was changed, Jiang Xin who was calm and collected a moment ago, his complexion was already green now.

Jiang Xin’s eyes suddenly opened big, firmly staring at the jade ornament that was on Cheng Hang’s hand, his complexion changed from green to white. His expression was clearly hysterical and in disbelief, lowly called out: “This…… is impossible, I obviously……”

Reclining on the round table, Gu Yun’s mouth raised a trace look of small smiling expression, her tone was actually colder and colder: “You had obviously destroyed it, why was there still a piece, was I right?!”

Staring in a daze at this cold woman, Jiang Xin only felt chilly all over! How could she know, as if everything was within her expectation, this…… was impossible!!

Jiang Xin was nervous and panicky, there was no need to have any insight, everyone could see it very clearly. Lu Jin walked to Cheng Hang’s side to take that bluish white jade ornament, there was a clear and lovely carving of the charming mandarin ducks. The side of the mandarin ducks was a lotus leaf, also engraved with a realistic bellflower, and the design on the paper was exactly the same!

Thinking that Gu Yun was pressing step by step towards Jiang Xin a moment ago, she seemed to determine that the murderer was Jiang Xin from the beginning, why was it? Lu Jin puzzlingly asked: “What is going on after all, how are you certain that the murderer is him?”

Gu Yun did not make things complicated either, bluntly said: “First, after he heard that Wu Xu was pregnant, his face appeared to be alarmed, an average person would be hard to believe it, at the most, and would not be likely to be frightened. So, he was suspicious. Second, his left middle finger and ring finger had thin calluses from holding the writing brush frequently, he was left handed. And from looking at Wu Xu’s incision on her chest, the murderer was extremely possible to be a left handed person.”

Cheng Hang was staring at Gu Yun amazingly, she only looked at Jiang Xin for a few glances on that day, and could unexpectedly see that he was left handed?! Could it be that when things pass through her eyes, she could have a highly retentive memory to analyze them? Too scary! Unfathomable!

“These could not prove that he was the murderer.” A hoarse male voice groaned coldly and noncommittally, as if thinking what Gu Yun’s words were not the important points.

Turning around towards Ao Tian who was standing near the door with relatively cold eyes, Gu Yun raised her eyebrows, was this considered as provocation? Approaching him step by step until the both of them were almost closed together, with a cold voice, Gu Yun smilingly said: “But I could prove that he was suspicious! Moreover, his house had the same stuff, it made me guess one step further that he was the murderer.”

Gu Yun was almost at his chest, but her approach unexpectedly made him feel oppressed, unconsciously he retreated one step. Originally, he was not interested towards her lovable and graceful face, but unexpectedly, he felt that her dainty face was so dazzling…… Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, Ao Tina’s face flashed through a trace of stunning, was it because of Yun?

“What is this stuff?” Cheng Hang did not notice the undercurrent that was surging up violently on that side, he only wanted to know the answer anxiously.

Although Ao Tian already retreated one step, but both of their distances were still somewhat close, what was she doing?!

Ao Tian was still guessing Gu Yun’s intention, Gu Yun already half squatted her body, she smiled to Cheng Hang and Lu Jin and said: “Do you all not think that the wooden bolt on this door is very familiar?”

Cheng Hang hurriedly ran over and squatted down to see for a moment, his eyes were bright: “The wooden bolt on this door and the one in Miss Wu’s room are the same.”

“Look at it carefully.” Gu Yun satisfyingly nodded her head, this child could be taught!!

After looking at it carefully, Cheng Hang urgently said: “There is a shallow notch?” Yes, it was very shallow, if one did not look at it carefully, one could not see it.

“In order for him to be able to appear that the crime scene was the same as in the private room, he had to tie up and release the door, so he had been practicing in his own home for countless of times. So that he could absolutely accomplish it, he certainly thought that the door would be knocked open, so he selected a notch to fix the rope in its position, it just happened that the wooden bolt broke apart.” While saying, Gu Yun already took the jade ornament from Lu Jin’s hand, hanging the sling, the jade ornament was flowing down. Gazing at Jiang Xin’s disorganized eyes, Gu Yun with a cold voice, said: “Jiang Xin, what do you still want to say?”

The jade ornament that was at the crime scene appeared in his house, what could he still have to say? Deeply breathing, Jiang Xin finally regained a little bit of his consciousness from his frenetic appearance, puzzlingly said: “After it appeared inside the room, I definitely already broke the jade ornament into pieces, how could there was another piece?” After he smashed the jade ornament into pieces, he burned it along with the bloody garment, he did not really understand, why was there still a good piece that appeared here now!?

“Because that piece that you took away, it was not the original piece that Miss Wu gave to you, it was rather her own piece. She bought a couple love tokens with the mandarin ducks on the jade ornaments, even though she took one piece to give it to her lover, there was still another piece. But we searched everywhere in her room, but we could not find it, this could prove that the jade ornament was taken away by the murderer, why did the murderer want to take away Miss Wu’s stuff that was on her body? Because the murderer thought that piece of jade ornament was his! Therefore, he could easily pick it up and walked away. Also the only person who could make Miss Wu to drink wine with medicine in it unwittingly was that woman’s lover. Did I say anything that was wrong? Jiang Xin!”

Finished listening her words, Jiang Xin mocked and laughed at himself, as it turned out, the jade ornament was a pair, he thought the one that he took away from the crime scene was his own, but unknowingly, the one that he took away was unexpectedly the evidence for the murder that he committed?! Stupid destiny! His hand was covering his face, Jiang Xin crouched on the ground.

He admitted his guilt!! Lu Jin asked in a low voice: “Did you also kill the other three Misses? Why did you want to kill them?”

Crouching on the ground for a very long time without saying anything, he raised his head again for a moment, there was already tears streaming on his young face: “I did not kill them, I actually did not want to kill Xu-er, the two of us really loved each other! Originally, I and her came to an agreement, that we would wait until I had a little bit achievement, then I would request Wu Daren to betroth Xu-er to me. Who would have thought that Wu’s family suddenly required her to be married soon, she insisted that I asked Wu Daren to marry her right away, otherwise she would speak out that we were already in a physical relationship…… If the Wu family knew about this matter, they would never let me off, additionally, at that time, I really did not know that she was pregnant!! Otherwise, I would not……”

“Even if you knew that she was pregnant before, you would still kill her, because the person you loved the most was your own self, she hindered your future, so she must die!” Jiang Xin’s voice was choking with emotion and could not make a sound, but Zhuo Qing remained unmoved. He killed a person with his own hands, what qualification did he still have to weep, or recount their love? He absolutely did not fit with Wu Xu, this fresh, pure, steady bellflower!

“No!” Lowly expelling his breath, his redden eyes looked like a kind of wild animal that was wounded, staring at Zhuo Qing, he yelled out: “We were in love.”

Zhuo Qing ruthlessly sneered and said: “If you really loved her, how could you do this with your own hand? In order to cover up the fact that you murdered her, you even picked the cruelest way to kill her!! This was your so called love?!”

This kind of love was rather dirt cheap!
Criminal Prison Division Office

A delegation of people sat on the side of the long table in the study room, there was no one who was speaking for a very long time, did not have any easy case to solve, everyone’s eyebrows looked up deeply.

Half leaning his body on the long table, Cheng Hang sighed piteously and said: “We had some clues with great difficulty, I thought we finally solved the case, the conclusion was unexpectedly an empty happiness!”

Gu Yun coldly stared one glance at him, smilingly scolded and said: “At the very least, this Wu’s case was solved, it could also be regarded as giving justice to Wu Xu. The matter should always be settled one at a time, a high stuck up would not achieve anything! Did you find the files that I asked you to find?”

Bringing this subject, Cheng Hang’s vitality came back, urgently said: I found them, If I did not really look for them, I might not have noticed the cases, as it turned out, within the past six years, this kind of heart removal cases happened within Qiong Yue. It occurred more than two times, but it was not this kind of serial killer cases, the cases were somewhat solved. The murderers were already executed, and then there was no other case to solve after that. They were already old court cases ah, counting them now, unexpectedly, there were as many as 13 cases!” He had used more than a dozen bailiffs and wasted the entire night to find access to those files!!

Zhuo Qing who was originally lazy, supporting her cheeks, listening to his words, her vitality was also encouraged, and she asked: “All the deceased were women? They were all murdered in their private rooms, and died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts? And did their faces have frightened expressions?” Even though there were all these removal heart cases, but it did not necessarily be done by one person ah!

“En, they were all women. Only two of them were murdered in their private rooms, but they all died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts, the files did not have any record on what the deceased’s expressions were!”

The files came from many reports from all parts of the regions, the coroner’s records and the autopsy reports were also different, it would be very hard to compare them.

Gu Yun’s forefinger was lightly tapping the table, frowningly asked: “Was there any other common situation?”

“There was.” Even though he said there was, but Cheng Hang’s face did not have any excitement at all: “Three of the women were also learning the zither with Su Mu Feng at that time, maybe it was a coincidental, right.”

Zhuo Qing and Lu Jin showed looks of disappointments, Gu Yun asked: “Who is Su Mu Feng?” She had not heard him from them?

Zhuo Qing embarrassingly explained: “Qiong Yue’s most famous stringed instrument player, he is an indifferent and cold man, he has taught a lot of offsprings from the famous families, the first three deceased were all his students. But I have seen it with my own eyes last time, that he has blood phobia, moreover, it does not look like he is pretending about it.”

She believed Qing’s judgement, but there could not be these many coincidental in this world, whatever matter needed to be investigated!! Gu Yun confidently got up, smilingly said: “Since he has a suspicious point, no matter whether or not he really has blood phobia, we should still investigate him, is it not?”

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 96: The Murderer Was In Force

Over 2,350 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Yue Lai Tea Shop

“3,000 liang!! Are you sure?!” Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes were shining sparkly, his eyes swept away the regular careless and hooligan manners, and they were staring intently at Zhuo Qing now.

It was surely Qian Jing, his vitality would come when he heard about money, Zhuo Qing lazily nodded, Qian Jing immediately called out: “I will go.” 3,000 liang ye, really generous, even if three people would arrest the murderer at the same time, one person could be allocated 1,000 liang!! This business transaction would surely be done!

Looking towards the ones who maintained their calm themselves on the side, the two people who were calm, collected and did not speak from beginning to end, Zhuo Qing asked: “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, how about you two?” Both of them were her main targets today.

“I do not have any free time.” A hoarse male sound that was always cold, with some silver threads hair that were slightly down, and uninterested manner.

Fine, ok, she did not need to win him over, he already declined it clearly and it was shown on his face!

The golden mask concealed the woman’s facial expression, and only left behind a pair of cold and sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing could not see what she was thinking, and could only ask: “Ye Mei, how about you?” She was very suspicious, whether or not Ye Mei could not speak, she had met her 5-6 times, and had not spoken one word yet.

She did not decline immediately, her eyes were slightly restrained, indifferent and she was speechless, Qian Jing curled his lips, and said: “Senior sister, the criminal whom you were pursuing was already captured, you do not have any matter anyway, it will be better if you accept this case, right. The murderer has already killed four innocent women, this person should be captured ah!”

This senior sister, from the first time that he was acquainted with her, she was always indifferent, but she had righteousness in her heart. The person whom she captured, were all wicked beyond redemption, money would surely not able to move her, but the crime might be possible to move her.

Sure enough, the cold eyes slightly flashed, Ye Mei could not help to nod her head several times.

Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed, today could be regarded as a success.

“Dong dong (thumping sound).”

The sound of the soft knocks on the door echoed lowly, the people who were inside the room were looking at each other, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Come in.” The boss had been specifically explained not to let anybody to disturb them, then who was outside?

And the sound of the soft knocks on the door was different, Zhuo Qing’s words barely left off, the door was already pushed open nimbly, a delicate shadow was leaning on the side of the door, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Why are you coming here?” She just wanted to let her have more sleep, that was why she did not go to find her, she actually came here on her own.

After waking up from her sleep, Gu Yun’s vitality was clearly better, her complexion was no longer cold and firm anymore, softly smiled and answered: “I went to Prime Minister’s manor to find you, Lou Xi Yan said that you came here.”

“Do you have something?”

“En.” Nodding her head, but Gu Yun did not come urgently, waving her hand back and forward, she withdrew to go out while she said: “You all can speak first, ok.”

Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “I have finished talking, you come in and speak, ok.”

Entering the inner room, and closing the door, Gu Yun did not actually sit down, immediately asked: “Your autopsy report said that Wu Xu’s incision on her chest and the length of the incision were not the same as the other three deceased, this kind of distinct difference, whether or not it could be explained, that the murderer could be a different person?”

Yun’s temper was still anxious like this, Zhuo Qing shook her head, calmly analyzed and said: “I can only say, that the direction of the knife that was used on the deceased happened to change, but I did not explain that the murderer might be done by one person. The former three deceased, looking from the direction of the incisions, the murderer used his right hand. Wu Xu’s cut was caused by a left hand.”

Gu Yun lightly frowned her eyebrows: “Left hand?”


Left hand? If she was not mistaken that day, he should be left handed! Leaning against the door, Gu Yun feigned a mysterious smile and said: “I suddenly think that there is one person who is very suspicious, we must go to find and chat with him.”

There was a clue? Zhuo Qing refreshingly nodded, and got up to talk to Qian Jing and Ye Mei: “When I need help from you guys, I will inform you again, I will go first.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun barely pulled open the door, a low hoarse of a man’s voice started speaking coldly again.

Zhuo Qing turned around, Ao Tian’s face that was always cold and expressionless, only threw out these four words strongly: “I will also participate.”

Qian Jing had an amazed look on his face, Ye Mei’s cold eyes also flashed through a trace of peculiar, Senior brother always meant what he said, what could make him change his decision?!

Both of them thoughtfully looked towards the person who was leaning against the side of the door, the woman who looked as if she was lazy but constantly emitting an elite temperament, was it because of her?
The front courtyard of a small house was ordinary, a delegation of people were standing, not to mention whether or not there were handsome men and beautiful women. A delegation of people were cramming like this in front of the small front door, however one saw it, one would feel somewhat strange.

The gate was opened slowly, looking at the delegation of people who were at the front door, the man was startled at first, then he was puzzlingly asked: “Lu Daren, is there any matter?”

Lu Jin embarrassingly smiled, then he spoke a good excuse that he was already thinking earlier: “You were the first person who touched the corpse, I have some things that I want to ask for your confirmation.”

He did not know what was going on either, at noon time, Miss Qing Mo suddenly asked someone to pass on a message, to make him and Cheng Hang to come to the coroner, Jiang Xin’s house. Both of them came without knowing anything, and discovered that Qing Ling was also here, the three famous bounty hunters were also here.

Jiang Xin’s head was filled with fog now, but he was forced to open the door, he was also helpless…… was there a need to come to his house to ask? The official could also ask at the government office, right?! The people already stopped at the gate, Jiang Xin could only open the door, smilingly said: “Very well, please come in.”

Jiang Xin’s house was not big at all, Ye Mei was standing outside the door coldly, Qian Jing was also leaning against the side of the gate, and did not enter. The bounty hunters’ job was to capture people, investigating the case was not their business.

Ao Tian who was never fond of meddling in other people’s business, was completely changed today and entered the inside of the house. Ye Mei and Qian Jing were looking one glance at each other again, Senior brother was very strange today!

Jiang Xin and Lu Jin were sitting by the side of a small round table in the living room, one person asked and the other person answered. Lu Jin actually did not know what to ask, so he could only ask some questions that had some relations to this case: “When did you arrive? Who was inside the room at that time?”

Jiang Xin calmly answered one by one: “I arrived early morning around chenshi (7-9 am). Wu Daren and several servants were inside the lobby at that time, nobody entered the bedroom, but I did not know whether or not there was already someone who entered the bedroom before I went there.”

Gu Yun entered the inner room, her eyes were used to inspect her surrounding areas, even though she did not speak all along, but Cheng Hang already saw that she was surely looking for some clues. Her eyes were suddenly opened big, there was nothing peculiar after observing their surrounding carefully, but looking at it again, there was an obvious stuff inside the small room.

“When you inspected it, was there or was there not anything that was abnormal?”

“It was not even one burning incense (about 15 min) when I entered the bedroom, Lu Jin Daren, you already arrived, I did not find anything that was abnormal.”

Lu Jin was still asking some unimportant question to Jiang Xin, after he asked questions for approximately one burning incense time, he actually did not know what to ask anymore. Looking once glance at Gu Yun, Jiang Xin also turned around to look, she was just about to squat at the side of the door, did not know what she was doing.

Jiang Xin’s complexion was slightly changed, lowly expelling his breath and said: “What are you doing?”

Embarrassingly got up, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “Nothing, just looking casually.”

Jiang Xin was already impatient: “Does Lu Jin Daren still have anything more to ask?”

“Eh…… nothing.” He really did not know what more good questions to ask…… Zhuo Qing who was always behind him, suddenly picked up the written inquiry record that he was pretending to ask in passing a moment ago, she handed it over to Jiang Xin and said: “This is the record of your inquiry, if there is no problem after you look at it, just sign this paper, ok.”

“Why?” Jiang Xin was looking at Zhuo Qing suspiciously, when did the Ministry of Justice asked to sign an inquiry?

The record of inquiry did not need to be signed during this ancient era?! If that official recorded it incorrectly, or wrote it negligently, was it not unfair towards the person who was being interrogated?! Zhuo Qing slightly frowned her eyebrows, her complexion was still calm, faintly explained and said: “Nothing, it will prove that this is really your words, and it is not forged by us.”

So, it was like that, even though he had never heard of it before, but what she was saying made sense, Jiang Xin picked up the writing brush, then he signed his name on the paper.

Looking at his hand that was holding the writing brush, Zhuo Qing was watching from a distance, he was left handed!!

However, could this prove that he was the murderer?! Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun, only to see that she took out a piece of white paper, handed it over to Jiang Xin, she asked: “There is one more thing, have you seen this before?”

Looking one glance at the design on the paper, Jiang Xin shook his head and said: “I have not seen it before.”

His face concealed it really good, but his shoulder trembled a moment ago, what was he panicky for? Watching attentively at his face, and not letting go any of his slight moodiness that fluctuated, with a cold voice, Gu Yun asked one more time: “Are you sure?”

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Jiang Xin nodded one more time: “I am sure.”

Gu Yun was propping up the wooden table, even more pressing him forward, coldly looking at a slight trace of his eyes, Gu Yun said this sentence: “You– are– lying.”

Suddenly magnifying in front of his face, Jiang Xin was startled and his body moved backward unconsciously, his eyes did not actually evade Gu Yun, he persistently said: “I really have not seen it.”

He should not really look face to face with her! Only a person with a guilty conscience, would only anxiously pass through his eyes and look face to face to make other people to believe his words! Gu Yun lightly raised the corner of her mouth, straightened up her body to stand, smilingly said: “Fei-er said that Miss Wu gave it as a present for you.”

Jiang Xin was not in a rage at all, only coldly answered: “This is a frame, it is simply talking rubbish!”

His moodiness and calmness were meticulously maintained, but it was clearly unstable. He surely had seen this jade ornament, but, where was the jade ornament?

Gu Yun continued to strive to look face to face with him, her clear and cold voice was not in a hurry or slow, as she said: “You have seen the jade ornament, moreover, the jade ornament is inside this room!”

Her words, not only made Jiang Xin’s complexion to have a huge change, but also made the other people to stare blankly, how could she suddenly speak like this?! Did she or did she not have any proof?!

Jiang Xin finally went out of control and lowly roared and said: “There is no jade ornament!! None!!”

“You are Wu Xu’s lover!” Gu Yun dropped a large bomb again.

The full house was in an uproar instantaneously, Jiang Xin simply stood up, and laughed heartily: “Absurd! This is simply too absurd!”

Gu Yun’s produced a lot of deceits from her mouth, Zhuo Qing understood what she wanted to do, she wanted to see Jiang Xin’s expression!
Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!