Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 112: Wedding Night (Big Ending – Part 1)

Over 3,750 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The big feast for the guests were still at the Prime Minister’s main hall like last time, the difference was that the room was lacking the red color of happiness’ character and the guests who were making a lot of noises. There were three men who had these talented characteristics, and were sitting on the round table.

Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands to greet and smilingly said: “Congratulations, I did not have the chance to say it last time.” He actually kind of disturbed the other people’s wedding reception the first time around, even though it was the Emperor’s order, he still felt sorry for Lou Xi Yan.

Su Ling slightly cupped his hands to greet also, and expressed his apology.

Lou Xi Yan smiled calmly and said: “Many thanks. It is not too late to drink this wedding wine now either.”

The servants stepped forward to pour the wine for them, the gingerly looking liquid slowly came out, a sweet alcohol fragrant was wafting in the room. Still not drinking, Su Ling already praised in a low voice: “Chenlu (morning dew) hua (flower) diao (the name of the wine)! Good wine!”

Lou Xi Yan smiled: “I have heard it earlier that General Su has quite an insight towards wine, as expected, it is a fully justified reputation.”

Picking up the wine cup, Su Ling answered unconcernedly: “I am only good with wine.”

Comparing to Su Ling’s forthrightness, Dan Yu Lan and Lou Xi Yan seemed to be more refined, the wine entered their throats tasting it delicately, it was extremely elegant.

Looking one glance at the empty seat next to Lou Xi Yan’s master seat, Dan Yu Lan asked curiously: “Is there another noble guest who is coming?” Able to make Lou Xi Yan to consider this visitor as a high person, could it be…..?

“Can Zhen be regarded as a noble guest or not?” Dan Yu Lan was still guessing, a clear, bright and powerful man’s voice came through from the outside room. The person came with a light and convenient clothing on his body and following by his side was a trace of elegant and beautiful image of a woman. The two people stepped to enter the inside room, so the three people got up immediately to welcome them, and salute with a half kneeling body: “Pay respect to the Emperor, Imperial concubine Qing.”

With a delighted smile on his face, it looked like Yan Hong Tian’s mood was very good, waving his hand, Yan Hong Tian smilingly said: “You may rise, since it is Prime Minister’s wedding feast today, this unnecessary and complicated greetings can be excused, ok.”


Qing Feng’s gaze swept through the spacious main hall, and did not find Zhuo Qing’s shadow, looking towards Lou Xi Yan, Qing Feng naturally asked: “Brother in law (again the actual word is using jiefu), where is my elder sister?” (I love it when QF calls LXY jiefu instead of PM Lou because it’s a lot more intimate and the appellation actually puts LXY higher than YHT because he’s married to QF’s elder sister. Hahaha…).

Brother in law?! Yan Hong Tian lightly knitted his eyebrows, this brother in law’s calling was truly close and dear, she seemed to forget her own status, she called Xi Yan brother in law, so what must he address Xi Yan? (Of course, jiefu also. Hehehehe).

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly also, but he answered immediately: “She is in the inside room with Qing Mo.”

Mo-er was also here?! Qing Feng’s face could hardly conceal her impatient feeling, Lou Xi Yan said to the servant who was by his side: “Someone comes, send Imperial concubine Qing to Lan Yue building.”


Qing Feng showed a grateful smile to Lou Xi Yan, and followed the servant immediately to the rear courtyard.

After Qing Feng had left, there were only several men in the main hall, the atmosphere became more relaxed and unrestrained.

The wine fragrant was wafting through the air in the inside room, after Yan Hong Tian smelled it lightly, he pursed his eyebrows dissatisfiedly and immediately waved his hand lightly. Several men who were dressing as Imperial bodyguards and were outside the room, came in with 7-8 jugs of wine on their hands, Yan Hong Tian laughed heartily and said: Today is a big joyful day, Zhen especially brings the chennian (old) xi (creek) feng (wind) (again a type of wine), one can not go home until he is drunk tonight.”

Chennian xi feng? Su Ling’s eyes were bright, and he was eager to give it a try, Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan’s complexions were actually stiff, and could only look one glance at each other and force a smile. Chennian xi feng was really a rare and excellent wine, but it was because of this reputation was scattered far away, it was more because of its strength. If some people did not have any capacity for the wine, they could sleep for the entire night with only one cup, what was more with that many jugs of wine, it was impossible not to get drunk tonight!

The inner door of the Lan Yue building was closed tightly, Gu Yun was half leaning on the back of Zhuo Qing’s chair, her delicate small body seemed to look thinner and weaker at this moment. Lifting the sleeve of her garment highly, and exposing her white and slender arm, she was somewhat shock looking that there was a big black bluish bruise on her arm. Zhuo Qing was rubbing the medicine oil carefully, while she was scolding with a cold voice: “This Su Ling is really an impertinent husband, his beating hand is too heavy, ok!” However, Yun was still a woman, he was unexpectedly beat her down like this. She estimated that this bruise would not go away for half a month, luckily, there was no injury to the bone!

Gu Yun closed her eyes slightly, and answered lazily: “He is not too much better than me either!”

Actually, that day they were so angry, and the chariot was also pitch dark, they could not see anything clearly. This being the case, how could they not have any injury with these kind of movements? Su Ling was also kicked by her several times, the bruise on his body could not be less than hers either!

These two people could not interact nicely? Zhuo Qing helplessly sighed and said: “How about you move to live with me here for a time period, then we can talk again, ok.”

Gu Yun shook her head immediately: “You are newlyweds, who wants to be a light bulb (unwanted third guest) ah! Moreover, I already have some news about the golden bagua.” She hoped to be able to find a way to return as soon as possible, since she had been in this different era for more than half a year, she was still not used to it.

Zhuo Qing asked but she did not have any strong feeling about it: “What news?”

Gu Yun sat up her body, put down the sleeve of her garment slowly, and then explained: “I have looked at the family history of the Su’s family, the golden bagua plate has been passed on to the Su family clan’s badge for many years. The Su’s family believes that it can bless, protect and guard the Su clan’s descendants. Under a normal circumstances, the clan badge is left in the Su family’s tomb, when they offer sacrifices to the ancestors every year, the clan elder and the Su clan’s eldest son will ask to produce the clan’s badge together, and to worship and offer the sacrificial offering from the descendants. But I still do not know where the Su family’s tomb is located at the moment, where is the clan’s badge is left in the tomb after all? If I want to know these things, I still have to get them from Su Ling!” In order to be able to return, it would still be necessary that she stayed at the General’s manor, even though Su Ling really made people to loathe him!

Yun’s certainty in this matter, it would be difficult for her to do anything, Zhuo Qing did not try to persuade her, she only said briefly: “Good, but you must be careful, that bagua plate is very strange, if you have any news, you have to inform me, do not act by yourselves.”

“I know……” Gu Yun stopped speaking all of a sudden, and looked towards the outside door cautiously.

Soon after, there was a male sound came through from the outside door: “Madam, Imperial concubine Qing is here.”

Imperial concubine Qing? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked one glance at each other, then said in a low voice: “It is Qing Feng.”

Gu Yun nodded her head lightly and understandably, Zhuo Qing went to open the door, Gu Yun turned around to take the medicine oil that was on the table and put it into her sleeve, then she walked to the front of the window and pushed open the closed window.

Opening the door to the room, Qing Feng was standing outside the door, looking at Zhuo Qing, she immediately smiled and called out; “Elder sister.”

Zhuo Qing waved her hand towards the servant who was standing by the side, pulled Qing Feng’s hand and said: “Quickly come in, ok.”

“Mo-er!” Looking clearly at Gu Yun who was inside the room, Qing Feng advanced forward to meet with her excitingly, and she was holding her hand tightly and unexpectedly choking with emotion and speechless for a moment. Gu Yun was somewhat awkward, but she did not remove her hand either, and could only stay there rigidly.

Qing Feng lightly caressed Gu Yun’s face that was more and more thin, and she asked regretfully: “Mo-er, you lose weight! Is Su Ling bullying you or not?!”

Her cheek that was being stroked like this made Gu Yun felt very awkward, slightly withdrawing for a step, Gu Yun answered: “Nobody is bullying me.” It would be good if she did not bully the other people.

Qing Feng’s hand was stiff, was her little sister already not familiar with her like this? Was she not used with her touch? Slowly releasing her hand, her heart was somewhat in pain, but Qing Feng still continued to ask attentively: “How was your life for this past half a year?”

Gu Yun could see clearly that Qing Feng’s eyes were in pain, but for her, this woman who was in front of her was a stranger whom she just met for the first time so she could not show any deep emotion. Lightly coughing, Gu Yun answered concisely: “I am very good.”

“Mo-er, what is wrong with you?” Qing Feng was somewhat confused, the woman who was in front of her showed courtesy but estranged. Her eyes expressed a firm, proud and aloof radiance, this was not her usual warm and intimate expressions, her timid but lovable little sister?! Getting panic in her mind, Qing Feng urgently said: “Did you also lose your memory because of that darn crazy concoction?”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, and watched laughingly to see what Gu Yun’s answer, if she said that she also lost her memory, that would be too fake.

“I……” Gu Yun stared blankly, this was an irresponsible excuse, only Qing, this lazy woman would think about this. Glaring firmly at Zhuo Qing who was rejoicing in her misfortune, Gu Yun returned to look at Qing Feng’s worry eyes, then she said smilingly: “I am alright, it is just that it has been a long time that we have seen each other, so I am somewhat excited, and do not know what to say.”

Excited? Zhuo Qing wanted to spurt out a laughing voice, but she obstructed it from Qing Feng, and could only swallowed it down forcibly. Feeling Gu Yun’s sharp fierce eyes, Zhuo Qing stepped forward one step, and helped Qing Feng to sit on the chair. Then she looked for another topic to say: “You should sit down first, ok, you have to be careful for the first three months.”

Qing Feng’s heart felt a burst of sting, Mo-er and elder sister’s interactions showed that they were very familiar with each other, it looked like her little sister was only estranged with her. Forget it, little sister was relatively closed with elder sister since young, elder sister was the one who took care of her, she should feel relieved.

Caressing her bulging abdomen slightly, Qing Feng answered smilingly and softly: “It is already more than four months.”

More than four months? Very quick, this could be regarded that she had a relationship with Yan Hong Tian right after she was delivered to enter the Imperial palace.

Having been in touch with Qing Feng for several times, she was her cherish close relative in Zhuo Qing’s heart, this woman who had a strong and stubborn characters, also with her misfortune fate.

Remembering that she was staying in the Imperial palace, Zhuo Qing asked anxiously: “When I asked you to steal the seal from the Empress Dowager last time, did Yan Hong Tian ever find out?”

Qing Feng’s expression was cold, she said indifferently and sneeringly: I did not know, maybe. Actually in his mind, he did not want to exploit your anxious heart to rescue Lou Xi Yan, and to accomplish his own goal. But everything was what he needed and wanted. There was no different whether he found out or not!”

Her grudging and hatred words made Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun unable to refrain from feeling sorry for her, the two of them were looking at each other for one glance, and could only choose to be silent in the end. Because they did not know what kind of words that they could use to comfort Qing Feng, they were not Qing Ling and Qing Mo. They did not understand the suffering of the Qing’s family, they had not lived in that big Imperial palace either, so they did not understand the hardship and miserable life that she had.

The three people had different worries in their minds, the inner room sank into quietness, Qing Feng suddenly recovered, and said smilingly: “Today is your big happy day, do not speak this matter that can dampen one’s spirit, I will help you to roll your hair up just like the style that you like the most before, ok.”

Pushing her shoulder, Zhuo Qing shook her head and said smilingly: “No need to trouble you.” There was not many guests at the feast, there was no need to be grand like that, she did not like it either.

Lightly holding Zhuo Qing’s hand, Qing Feng said insistently: “No trouble at all.”

Pulling Zhuo Qing to sit down in front of the dressing table, Qing Feng took care her fine black hair gently, just liked when they were still at home, they combed each other’s hair frequently, they might not be able to go back to that period of time anymore. She was gathering with them now, and it was not easy either ah: “Elder sister, Mo-er. The fact will not change that we are going to stay in Qiong Yue, so you must be happy, do you understand? Your happiness is exactly my biggest happiness.” Qing Feng bound the hair together attentively and concentratedly, her every movement was gentle. Zhuo Qing could only receive her affection and love, even though she was not her own elder sister, and she did not have that beautiful memories about them together, but she felt tenderness towards Qing Feng.
Her speech about happiness and despair, made Zhuo Qing’s heart ached, turning her head around, holding Qing Feng’s hand, and softly putting her hand on her own abdomen, she advised softly: “Feng, you must also let yourselves to be happy, maybe Yan Hong Tian will make you disappointed, but you already have a baby. For him, you must also be happy, ok?”

“En.” Qing Feng’s hand was striking softly on her own abdomen that was protruding slightly, her face finally showed a gentle and beautiful smile. Yes ah, she still had them and a baby who was inside her abdomen.


After drinking several cups of the strong alcoholic drinks, Yan Hong Tian suddenly looked towards Lou Xi Yan and asked: “Xi Yan, is your health a little better? Or do you want to request several Imperial physicians to look at you again?”

Only thinking about his health now?! Lou Xi Yan forced a smile secretly, if he (YHT) was really concerned about him, he (YHT) would not make him (LXY) to drink this strong wine like this. Fully aware that Yan Hong Tian was mocking him deliberately, Lou Xi Yan put down the wine cup, he answered calmly and unhurriedly: “Many thanks to the Emperor’s concern, it is already much better.”

His thoracic cavity felt like it was set on fire and he felt unwell, if he drank the wine like this again, he would collapse for sure! Dan Yu Lan also put down his wine cup hurriedly, and looked for a topic to say casually: “This time, thanks to Madam Lou’s cleverness, we did not give Bai Yi any opportunity to take advantage of the situation.”

Lou Xi Yan watched at Dan Yu Lan’s words that were somewhat breathing heavily, he (LXY) only knew that he (DYL) was also choking from this wine. Pouring a cup of tea for Dan Yu Lan, Lou Xi Yan continued to answer his (DYL) topic: “When she left the prison on that day, she gave me a piece of paper that said Bai Yi was trying to incite disharmony and wish to frame Su Ling. When she planned to beat him at his own game, I was still worry that she would act blindly without thinking. Luckily, Mo Bai went to the prison secretly during the night and told me the details of her plan. I think with the support from General Su, they should be able to succeed.”

Lou Xi Yan and Dan Yu Lan were already drinking their tea desperately, Yan Hong Tian did not force them to drink more wine any longer, tonight was still long after all, if he got them drunk so fast like this, it would not be fun. Looking towards Su Ling who still continued on drinking the cup of wine but his face was not red nor panting, Yan Hong Tian smilingly said: “Su Ling, after this time, do you finally think that women are really not that stupid?”

Su Ling’s hand that was holding the cup of wine, was rigid. After hesitating for a moment, he coldly groaned: “Even if they are not stupid, they are still some vixens!” Qing Mo, that barbarous woman, it had been several days since they were fighting inside the chariot, his waist and back were still extremely painful up until now.

Lou Xi Yan who saw the fight that happened in the chariot between Su Ling and Qing Mo, he naturally knew the meaning of Su Ling ‘vixen’ word. Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled and said: “The conclusion of this case, even though it is different than the Emperor’s original scheme, but after going through this affair this time, the Yang family’s power has also been curbed by a lot.”

Yan Hong Tian slowly nodded his head, his cold eyes looked slightly stern, then he said with a deep voice: “Bai Yi is still young but he already knows how to seize the situation and to scheme profoundly like this. When he succeeds the throne in the future, we can not resign ourselves to disregard Liao Yue.”

Su Ling answered it clearly: “Chen will arrange someone to monitor Liao Yue’s movement at all times.” Even though Bai Yi tried to scheme Qiong Yue deliberately, it was not succeeded in a short period of time.

“Master, Young Master Qi is here.” Jing Sa’s words were still not finished, Qi Tian Yu’s shouting voice already echoed from the outside door: “Let me say this, Xi Yan, I am only away from home for several months, and you are already married! You also do not send someone to inform me, you are not so generous!”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter and shook his head, it had been so many years, but Tian Yu was still the same as before that his voice could already be heard before he actually entered the inside room. Qi Tian Yu just discovered that there were still other people inside the room, scanning the room, he only recognized two people. Slightly cupping his hands, Qi Tian Yu smilingly said: “General Su and Dan Daren are also here.”

The man who was sitting at the master’s seat, was simply sitting quietly like that and with his cold eyes were looking, the unyielding and aggressiveness from his whole body already made people not dare to look straight at him. This imposing manner like this and was still able to sit on Xi Yan family master’s seat, Qi Tian Yu could already guess the identity of this person.

“This subject kowtows in salute ……” Qi Tian Yu was just about to salute, Yan Hong Tian lifted his hand and said smilingly: “It is ok, today is a wedding feast, no need to be too polite, but one has to drink the wine.”

Qi Tian Yu was always an outspoken and straightforward person, once he heard what Yan Hong Tian said, he immediately laughed heartily and answered: “Tian Yu will keep the Emperor company!”

Tian Yu was also fond of and a believer in wine, Lou Xi Yan was afraid that they would start to fight for the wine, so he said to the servant who was behind him in a hurry: “Go and ask Madam and Xi Wu to come over, prepare to start the banquet, ok.”



Sian’s notes:
I have to split this chapter as it’s very long. Almost 14 pages in total. I’ll post the last part tomorrow so I don’t have to torture you all for the rest of the week. Anyhow, I’m rather disappointed with GY’s reaction when she met with QF. I do understand that they’re pretty much stranger but GY is in Qing MO’s body and I sure hope that she can “pretend” to be a little more close and intimate when the two of them are meeting for the first time. Sigh…

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 111: The Ultimate Winner

Over 5,500 words. 😅

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


During the lighting of the lamps period, the young personal palace eunuch of the Emperor came over to ask her to go to the Imperial study room. She did not know why her eyelids were jumping tremendously and ineffably, Yang Zhi Lan walked all the way and looked the same graceful and calm as before, but her heart was anxious and restless.

Looking from a distant, there were already lights in the inside and outside of the Imperial study, the door to the palace hall was open, it could be seen faintly that there were not many people who were standing inside.

Secretly breathing deeply, Yang Zhi Lan slightly lifted her head, her face as always had a soft and light smile, entering the inside of the palace hall, she smiled and asked to the person who was sitting on the dragon throne: “Why has the Emperor asked Aijia to come urgently, what is the matter ah?”

“Imperial mother, please have a seat.” Yan Hong Tian slightly lifted his hand, the palace eunuch who was inside immediately came with a big chair, and put it next to the right side of the dragon throne.

Yang Zhi Lan just barely sat down, Yan Hong Tian was somewhat pondering and somewhat looking closely at her, he then said with a smile but yet not a smile on his face: “Zhen asks Imperial mother to come today is because of an interesting matter related to Prime Minister Lou’s case. Madam Lou has said that there is an important stuff that she wants to present to Zhen to look over, it is said that this stuff has something to do with the Imperial mother?”

“Oh?!” Yang Zhi Lan’s mind was alarmed, but her face showed an amazing displayed of expression, facing to look at the middle of the main hall, she only saw Su Ling, Dan Yu Lan, Lou Xi Yan, Lou Mu Hai were unexpectedly all present. And standing at the furthest front was that person whom she almost drowned, Qing Ling! Smiling towards Qing Ling, Yang Zhi Lan’s face was curious and she said smilingly: “Please say it, Aijia is somewhat curious also. What object is Madam Lou having on her hand, please present it for Aijia to see.”

Qing Ling advanced one step, taking out the stuff that was hidden inside her sleeve slowly, not too urgent or slow, she answered neither servile nor overbearing: “Liao Yue’s Seventh Prince, Bai Yi is staying at the Prime Minister’s manor because of the Emperor’s special order, as everyone knows about this. I unexpectedly found some letters inside Bai Yi’s room today, the letter actually mentioned about some matters related to Qiong Yue’s Imperial court frequently. Qing Ling as a woman, does not understand about the politics of these Imperial court’s relationships, so I especially ask the Emperor and Empress Dowager to look over and make a decision.”

Su Ling’s black eyes flashed through slightly, Dan Yu Lan was unable to help laughing and shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled but did not speak, and Lou Mu Hai was slightly confused.

Some people were cursing inside their hearts, if she said that she did not understand the situation of the Imperial court’s relationships, so this was to provoke and beat somebody at one’s own game, and who came up with the idea to create a diversion?!

Yan Hong Tian secretly swept one glance at Yang Zhi Lan, even though her face did not appear to have a different color, but her hand was already slightly trembling involuntarily. Yan Hong Tian’s expression was dark, and he said with a cold voice: “Present it up.”

The palace eunuch took several letters and presented them to Yan Hong Tian’s hand, Yan Hong Tian only lifted his eyes, his complexion immediately became dark. Using his hand to throw away the letters that were on his hand to the side, and he faced Yang Zhi Lan who still did not understand why. Yan Hong Tian lowly roared and said: “Gao Jin, go to the Prime Minister’s manor to announce Liao Yue’s Seventh Prince to enter the Imperial palace.”

“Yes.” Gao Jin did not dare to hesitate, and immediately ran out of the Imperial study room.

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion suddenly changed, Yang Zhi Lan was confused, afterwards, she picked up the rough letters to read them. Yang Zhi Lan swiftly opened her eyes big, and glared at Zhuo Qing’s tranquil face who was in the middle of the palace hall. She kept mumbling repeatedly with a trembling voice: “This…… this…… is impossible?!”
Putting on a big bamboo hat, the strong man lowered his head to concentrate on driving the chariot, two skinny and shriveled dark horses were mounting and running. The low key grayish blue chariot was traveling within the capital city, nobody was looking one glance too much towards it.

Inside the chariot, Bai Yi was half leaning against the window frame, between the thin bamboo curtain, he slightly narrowed his eyes to gaze at the recently parted curtain of the night that revealed the beauty of the full moon. Thinking of Zhuo Qing who was taking those letters to the Imperial palace and had to meet with Yan Hong Tian, his mood was not relax and feeling well. Who could have thought that coming to Qiong Yue this time, he would have this unexpected gain, it was really a satisfaction for everyone!

His hand was striking the window frame joyfully, detecting the stuff that was hidden away inside his sleeve, Bai Yi took it out to see. It was a woman’s calligraphic style that he wrote in the afternoon when Zhuo Qing asked him to. Even though there were only several words, but he could not make it stay at the Prime Minister’s manor.

Just when Bai Yi wanted to shred the paper, the reflection of the full moon came in and the moonlight was illuminating the folded white paper, Bai Yi suddenly felt fishy. Opening up this paper to look at it, Bai Yi’s original face that was still smiling, became cold instantaneously. His eyes bursted forth and produced that fierce and ruthless shady cold ray.

“Fu Yu.” His cold tone and anger’s low roar made the big person stared blankly, and he promptly answered: “I am here.”

“Immediately return to Liao Yue!” That several words bursted forth and came out of the gap between his teeth, showing that person who was inside the chariot was in a rage. Master’s mood was still very good a moment ago, how was it that it was not even half a shichen (1 hr), he would be angry like this?!

Even though the big person was very curious, he didn’t dare to ask anything, and could only answer with a low voice: “Yes.”

Keeping his anger completely with his black eyes that were staring rigidly at the empty paper that did not have any word, his hand was slowly tightened, the veins on his wrist was suddenly raised up, until the hand that was holding the white paper was merging together. Bai Yi ferociously tossed it to the other corner of the chariot.

Very good, Qing Ling!!

Unexpectedly, she dared to scheme him!!

Nobody could make a fool out of him like this!

Next time, if they still had any opportunity to meet, he must make her life worst than dying!

Because of his extreme anger and the red trace of his eyes, he looked fierce and ruthless on his young face, fully unwilling to accumulate his anger, nobody would have any doubt, what he was saying, if there was a next time.
Inside the Imperial study room, the Emperor’s complexion was cloudy and unsettled, the Empress Dowager’s eyes were amazed, the atmosphere was somewhat oppressive and strange.

Using her hand to firmly throw away the stuffs that were on her hand, on the table, Yang Zhi Lan was glaring at Zhuo Qing, she answered with a stern voice: “Aijia has absolutely not seen these stuffs before, and I have no relationship with Liao Yue either. Moreover, the handwriting on the letters are not coming from Aijia’s hand, these stuffs are absolutely forged to frame Aijia!”

Reciprocating Yang Zhi Lan’s emotional movement, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as before, and she asked: “The Empress Dowager’s meaning is that the handwriting is not yours, and can only prove that these stuffs are forged?”

Yang Zhi Lan could not help but to roar lowly: “Certainly!” She also did not know why this kind of thing could appear, the seal impression that was on the letter was exactly her personal seal, but her seal impression was always kept at the Xi Xia palace hall. How could she get a hold of it, furthermore, Seventh Prince’s seal impression, how did she get a hold of it also?!

Zhuo Qing slowly nodded her head, she was actually looking towards Yan Hong Tian this time, and asked with a cold voice: “Then, why is it that this reason can not be used for Xi Yan’s case?! The letters that the traitors have put forward are really not the Lou’s father and son’s handwritings. According to the meaning of the Empress Dowager, those stuffs must be forged, some fake evidences, why are those sufficient to send a Prime Minister of a country to jail? Moreover, is the member of the Imperial family different than the average official within the court?”

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion became more and more cold because of Zhuo Qing’s aggressiveness, Yang Zhi Lan’s mind got panicky, she reprimanded with a stern voice: “Presumptuous, Lou Xi Yan’s crime is to plot a rebellion to seize the throne, one naturally can not overlook it!”

She could be certain now that this woman absolutely forged these so called letters to communicate with the enemy, she unexpectedly had this ability? Was Lou Xi Yan helping in the dark, or Su Ling. Dan Yu Lan was also standing by their side, with a slightly lowered head and not looking up, with an ‘innocent’ face on the woman’s face after close examination. Yang Zhi Lan regretted it now, why did she not drown at that time!

Zhuo Qing slowly nodded her head, pretended to be ignorance, she asked with a clear voice: “So it is actually like that, the Empress Dowager’s meaning is that ‘plotting for a rebellion is a serious crime, but communicating with the enemy’s country is not’?”

“You!” Pointing her finger at Zhuo Qing and trembling in anger, Yang Zhi Lan was unexpectedly at a loss for words for a period of time, and she did not know how to respond.

Zhuo Qing changed the discussion, and looked towards Yan Hong Tian again, she asked: “Emperor, Qing Ling only wants to know now, these evidences are valid or not valid in the end?”

With his cold eagle eyes that were looking at her, Yan Hong Tian with a firmly cold and dangerous tone, answered: “So what if they are valid or not valid?”

This man’s expression looked like a needle, just looking face to face with him like this, one needed and required to use all of one’s strength. Especially his only words could decide one person’s life or death, that kind of fear that made people only dared to crawl under his feet.

Zhuo Qing was secretly apprehensive, every time she was looking face to face with him, she would recall that night when he almost choke her to death. That nearly dying feeling, when she often thought of it, it would make her throat burning hot. Difficulty breathing and secretly harmonizing her breathing for quite a while, only then could Zhuo Qing answer with a loud voice: “It can be proven if they are valid, the Empress Dowager may have a secret tie with the enemy country, the Son of Heaven (Emperor) breaks the law, there must be a lot of people who are guilty. The Empress Dowager should go to jail even more, and accept the punishment during the investigation. If they are not valid, it seems that the Emperor is negligible if you are showing these evidences like this, lacking truthfulness, Xi Yan can go to jail with these kind of evidences. Even though they can not release the innocent of the crime, but he should be able to return home to recover and cooperate with the investigation. And it is not because of those groundless evidences to imprison him in the prison!”

She would absolutely not cower because she, herself understood for what reason that she fought the battle.

Yan Hong Tian secretly raised his eyebrows, the Qing family’s women were all the same types? She was unexpectedly not afraid of him? Just liked that one woman inside the harem who dared to roar at him. Covering up the interest within his eyes, when he raised his head again, those pair of cold eyes changed direction to look towards Yang Zhi Lan who was anxious and frightened at the side.

Yan Hong Tian asked with a cold voice: “How does the Imperial mother see it?”

Yang Zhi Lan wanted to defend herself, but after thinking deeply for a while, she still closed her mouth, finally, she only answered in a low voice: “The Emperor will make a decision for everything!”

Looking towards the man who kept silent all along and whose lips were unexpectedly holding a shallow smile, Yan Hong Tian asked with a very bad mood: “What wise opinion does Prime Minister Lou have?”

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan was calmed and collected just liked before: “The Emperor will make a decision for everything.” He was still a criminal, was he not?

Secretly staring one glance at Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian turned to look towards Dan Yu Lan and asked: “Official Dan, you have also investigated the gold case for a good few days, what have you discovered?”

Dan Yu Lan secretly grumbled, was this matter not Su Ling who was the leader to investigate this, he only provided assistance?! Why did the Emperor not ask General Su?! Slightly leaning his head, Dan Yu Lan looked towards the side of Su Ling, who would have thought that Su Ling unexpectedly leaned his body ruthlessly and arrogantly, and pretended not to see his line of sight. Dan Yu Lan could not find any methods, could only resigned to his fate and stepped forward one step, and he answered: “Reporting back to the Emperor, besides several letters that the leader of the traitors provided, there was no other evidences that were given for the Prime Minister’s father and son. And within the seven sealed letters, one sealed letter was dated two years ago, and it was the official seal of the old Lou’s general that he is using now, but the official seals of the various generals were changed once about one year ago. The letter from two years ago was unexpectedly using the seal that was changed one year ago, this doubtful point was very big. Secondly, one of the leader of the traitors, Yu Xiang, was from the town of Wu Xian (county), from 24 years old to 30 years old, was already an Imperial bodyguard for the residence of the high official with the Ministry of Appointment, Li Hong Min. After he departed, he unknowingly left some tracks, during the interrogation, Yu Xiang did not admit that he was a general from the Li Daren’s family in the past, and his words were flickering and really suspicious.”

Dan Yu Lan’s speaking voice just left, Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion already changed again, at this time, Gao Jin who left to go to the Prime Minister ‘s manor, came back. Standing in the middle of the palace hall, Gao Jin answered realistically: “Reporting back to the Emperor, Seventh Prince departed the Prime Minister’s manor immediately after Madam Lou entered the Imperial palace, there is no trace of him now.”

“What a coincidence?” Yan Hong Tian was speaking while looking towards Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing put an innocent face towards him. Yan Hong Tian looked towards Yang Zhi Lan again, Yang Zhi Lan lightly coughed and answered: “Emperor, this is surely Liao Yue’s plan to drive a wedge between us, Bai Yi has certainly anticipated this earlier, he will observe and escape when the opportunity is there. Those so called letters should not be trusted!!”

Having a secret tie with the enemy country, she could not take this criminal charge upon herself, moreover, the Yang’s family could not take it upon themselves!!

Slowly nodding his head, Yan Hong Tian said with a clear voice: “Since the Empress Dowager also believes that these letters should not be trusted, then the so called Lou clan father and son’s rebellion plot, can not be brought up either. This very day, Zhen will grant that the Lou clan’s father and son be released from prison and return to the family, and restore their official posts.”

“Thank you, the Emperor.” Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed her breathing, and walked to the side of Lou Xi Yan. Tightly holding his hand, Lou Xi Yan would return to hold her hand, he smiled gently and softly. Lou Mu Hai who was always the spectator in the main hall, appeared to somewhat understand, but he also appeared not to underhand it clearly, but this was good, as they could finally go out.

Yan Hong Tian suddenly had another deep thought and looked one glance at Yang Zhi Lan, he pretended to ask distressingly: “Oh right, in light of the Imperial mother’s consideration, the other Daren should not have any objection, right?!”

Yang Zhi Lan was shaking all over, secretly clenching her teeth, she could finally smiled and answered: “The cabinet ministers will admire the Emperor’s brilliant.”

Did she not know that her own smile was so fake? Raising his head ineffably in his mind, Yan Hong Tian suddenly was slapping the table, he lowly roared with a deep voice towards Dan Yu Lan: “The case has not been concluded yet, Official Dan still needs to continue to investigate thoroughly. This stealing of the state treasury, setting up the loyal and good officials by the rebels and traitors, Zhen will punish them severely!”

Yan Hong Tian’s sudden anger was somewhat subtle and ineffable, but the officials were already used to this a long time ago, Dan Yu Lan cupped his hands as always: “Yes.”

“Withdraw, ok.” Waving the sleeve of his garment, Yan Hong Tian did not look towards them any more.

With their fingers sticking closely, the two people were stepping on the night scene, walking to the bluestone trails to reach the Imperial palace gate quietly. The night wind was brushing their hairs and tangling them. Holding firmly, that pair of always cool and slender hand, Zhuo Qing nevertheless thought that her heart was full and warm at this moment.

“Xi Yan!” So actually, calling out someone’s name softly, he could response to you immediately, this was unexpectedly a type of happiness.

Lightly caressing the back of her hand that was warm, soft and exquisite with his forefinger, Lou Xi Yan slightly smiled, he answered with a soft voice: “Qing-er, we return home, ok.”

“En.” Returning home!

The moonlight used their figures to drag the long and hazy gaps, the shadows appeared to fold together, it was not clear whether it was one person or two people. Looking from a distant, they appeared to lead along each other’s hand like this, walking all along, until…… the end of their lives.

Lou Mu Hai looked at the two people who were interlocking their hands at a distant place, his heart could not help to be trembling slightly, was this just what Xi Yan was saying to be in love with one person for all this life?! Maybe…… he was right, ok. That girl was barely enough to be qualified, ok.

Looking at that couple who seemed to only have eyes for each other’s sweetheart, his mind was trembling, not only Lou Mu Hai. Su Ling’s heart also raised an indescribable jittery, because his mind flashed through a beautiful shadow now who liked to exchange blows with him.

At the outside Imperial place gate, there were four parked chariots, looking that they were coming out, a trace of a petite but strong and healthy figure was coming out of the side of the chariot. Walking to the front of Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing, and looking that they were holding hands with happy and smiling expressions, Gu Yun relaxed her breath, and she smilingly said: “You finally came out, the performance that I put with a lot of energy was not in vain either.”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head slightly towards her, smilingly said: “Many thanks to Miss Qing, wrong, I should call…… younger sister in law.”

This word younger sister in law made Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing to roll their eyes, they were not sisters, ok?! In addition, if they would regard their ages, Gu Yun was still a few months older than Zhuo Qing…… Gu Yun waved her hand, mockingly said: “No need to express thanks, this was the first time that I put on a play, I also hoped to be the last time.” Being able to see when other people were lying and being able to lie on her own were two different things?! She thought that her own acting was simply clumsy!!

Casted a side long glance at her, Zhuo Qing lowly scolded and said: “I also hope that it was the last time that my shoulder was pinched and broken into pieces by you!” The energy of this woman’s hand was stronger than a man!! She was in tears at that time!

Shrugging her shoulders, Gu Yun answered: “It was called a good performance!” She was actually nervous as she was rarely telling a lie, if it was not for Qing, she would not put on this labor calmly!

Recalling Bai Yi’s pair of hidden and shady eyes that were sincere behind them, Gu Yun asked somewhat anxiously: “Are you sure that boy will return to Liao Yue?” Leaving and hiding at some places in the capital city, what matter could come out.

Zhuo Qing’s clear eyes raised slightly, she lightly smiled and said: “If he is not stupid, he should already know that he was being fooled.” Bai Yi was a cautious and timid person like that, he was sure to find out that paper that he wrote with some words, were already taken away. She only wanted him to know how he felt being fooled on his own, if he was not in Liao Yue, with regards to them, they would not feel relieved either.

“That is good.” Qing was speaking like this, she was sure to anticipate it somewhat.

Zhuo Qing looked one glance at Su Ling who was behind Gu Yun, she asked in a low voice: “Are you returning to the Prime Minister’s manor with me or……” After all, Yun and Su Ling seemed to quarrel seriously before, if Yun did not want to return to the General’s manor, she could actually stay with her. She was afraid……

“She is the General manor’s person!” Sure enough, Zhuo Qing’s words had not finished yet, Su Ling’s cruel and untamed eyes were glaring at her angrily, even though the moon was out during the night, Zhuo Qing could feel and suffer a deep chilliness, and his cold, firm and stubborn’s voice also declared Gu Yun’s position.

After Gu Yun looked distracted, she turned around to hop into the Prime Minister manor’s chariot that was behind Zhuo Qing, then she said this sentence out: “Crazy person.” (See below).

Even though he did not know the meaning of the sentence, but he could absolutely know that was not a good sentence! Su Ling’s complexion was dark, and unexpectedly he also jumped to follow her into the chariot. Soon afterwards, there were punching and kicking sounds from the inside of the chariot, there were some kicking sounds in the chariot that was not big…… Zhuo Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva, she said to Lou Xi Yan who was behind her: “How about…… if we walk home, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan raised his eyebrows lightly, looking at that chariot’s canopy that was kicked out, somewhat anxious, he asked: “Is Miss Qing really alright?” But General Su did not usually understand to have any tender or protective feelings towards women…..

“This……” Hesitating for a moment, Zhuo Qing forced a smile and said: “She should be alright, right……”

Imperial Study

A group of people went out of the Imperial study, Yan Hong Tian waved his hand, and all of the palace maids and palace eunuchs withdrew out, the big palace hall looked even emptier, quieter and colder.

Yan Hong Tian with a gloomy face sat at that place indifferently and did speak anything either. Yang Zhi Lan was somewhat at a loss, her heart was hanging in the air, not knowing what he wanted to speak to her or just wanted to simply sit for a moment. This one son, she was always unable to figure out what he was thinking?

About a quarter of hour later, Yan Hong Tian still had not spoken yet, nevertheless, his face were more and more gloomy, yang Zhi Lan was somewhat unable to endure and slowly getting up, she sighed slowly and said: “Having this matter out today, the Emperor is sure to look wounded and angry, it is better to rest a bit earlier, ok, Aijia is also somewhat tired.”

Yang Zhi Lan walked to the middle of the palace hall, Yan Hong Tian’s cold voice suddenly came through from behind her: “What the Imperial mother wants to talk to Zhen is only this sentence?! The Imperial mother has not explained anything about today’s matter?”

Feeling sluggish in her feet, Yang Zhi Lan turned her body around, and she answered perfunctorily: “This is the evil scheme from Liao Yue to set the Prime Minister up first, then frame Aijia. It is very repulsive, what more does Aijia need to say?!”

“Is it? Zhen can not believe it like that!” Yan Hong Tian suddenly got up to approach her step by step, his muffled voice, apart from his regular icily arrogant manner, it was somewhat puzzling even more: “Does the Imperial mother want to take revenge on Prime Minister Lou or take revenge on me with this kind of matter?!”

With her hands that were trembling, Yang Zhi Lan hurriedly put her hands on her back, secretly harmonizing her breathing for a while, she could only looked her son’s eyes to answer: “Aijia does not understand the Emperor’s meaning.”

Did not understand?! Yan Hong Tian sneered, she already did the deed, but was still afraid to admit it?!

Yan Hong Tian was looking at this woman who could only deceive him, sneeringly said: “Strictly speaking, towards the Imperial court and towards Zhen, the Lou’s family is like having necessary arms. When you did these matters, did you ever think for the state of the country, did you ever think of Zhen? You are Zhen’s birth mother, for the past many years, Zhen let you do whatever you wanted, and turned a blind eye, but it seemed that it was Zhen’s mistake. If it was not for you who connived at and ganged up with Wu di (younger brother) during that time, how could he decide to plot a rebellion and seize the throne later on?!”

Yan Hong Tian did not mention Wu-er which was good, once he mentioned him, Yang Zhi Lan looked like an insane person, that was her eternal pain in her heart, it had been tormenting her incessantly for the past many years! No longer taking into consideration the so called status, and pointing her finger at Yan Hong Tian, Yang Zhi Lan shouted: “Are you criticizing me that I can not educate my children? It is true that I really can not teach my sons, otherwise I will not produce another henchman who is a cruel, vicious, and blood thirsty’s bastard from birth!!”

“Vicious and blood thirsty’s bastard?!” His head just liked it was being punched by a person, the buzz was echoing, his heart was tightened just liked a ruthless hand that was tormenting it, apart from the pain, he did not have any other feeling. Yan Hong Tian suddenly laughed heartily before the woman whose finger was pointed at him and cursed him as a bastard, that was exactly his birth mother!! This one conniving younger brother tried to seize the throne and fond of this woman who was unexpectedly his birth mother!!

Good! Good!! Yan Hong Tian walked staggeringly to the side of the table, supported himself on the cold table, the next words that he spoke out was as hard and ruthless as the bluestone table: “Since Zhen’s birth mother is assessing Zhen like this, Zhen will really do something that I can do! Those officials who have added fuel to the fire and taken the side of the evil doers, and because they have framed the loyal and good officials, so they will be put to death!”

She seriously believed that he did not know that she fostered a secret alliance in the Imperial court, Yang’s clan occupied one quarter of the seats in the Imperial court. In order to make up for her pain and mourning of losing a son, he already tolerated her so much, but this still came about in the end, precisely because of her bastard sentence?!

Yan Hong Tian’s red eyes, and frantic shouting finally made Yang Zhi Lan return to rational, she already did not have Wu-er, if she did not have the Yang’s family, what did she still have?!

“You can not do this……” Her words just came out, but Yang Zhi Lan discovered that her own words were quite funny, what could he not do, as he could kill his own younger brother, what could he still not do!

Falling to kneel on the ground exhaustingly, Yang Zhi Lan tiredly said: “This whole thing was Aijia’s own plan, it did not have any relation to the other people. If you let the Yang clan’s people go, you can do whatever you want to do, ok!” Even if he wanted her to die, she would not care, she simply did not want all of the Yang’s family to be sinners.

Yan Hong Tian looked coldly at the woman who was kneeling on the ground, several strains of white hair were already on her temples, her beautiful face was eroded by the years in the end, leaving behind a trace of aging. Her empty eyes seemed to be soulless, how could he still fight with this kind of her?!

Turning his back around so he did not look at that sad face that made him angry unknowingly, Yan Hong Tian sighed lowly and said: “The Imperial mother always likes Buddhism, it will be better to stay (the actual words are to keep watch beside the coffins) at the Imperial cemetery in Mount Qingcheng, to seek peace of mind and longevity, ok.”

Yang Zhi Lan was somewhat stupefied so she lifted her head, watching attentively at that tall, straight and indifferent’s back. For a very long time, she finally got up slowly, and in a mocking speech, she said this sentence: Thank you for the Emperor’s favor!!”

Yang Zhi Lan left the Imperial study step by step, the bright and splendid radiance left her gradually, just liked her life.

Qiong Yue’s Year 134, and on the 9th month, two major events happened, first, the traitors from Xi Bei colluded with Liao Yue to set Lou Xi Yan up, the Criminal Prison Division, Dan Yu Lan saw it through in the end. The traitors’ evil schemes could not prevail, hereby, the gold case was settled. Second, the West Empress Dowager would permanently stay at the Imperial cemetery, to keep watch and pray the blessings for the Yan’s clan ancestries.
Sian’s notes:

The actual words that GY was using is 神经病 shenjingping, which meant literally a person who has a mental disorder. This words are pretty much used in the modern time so people in the ancient time would not understand what she was saying. And thus, the next paragraph explained that SL didn’t quite understand what she was saying, so he could only guess that whatever words that she said.

This was the second longest chapter in this book (over 6,500 Chinese characters) as the longest chapter will be the final chapter (over 8,600 Chinese characters). There were a lot of “reasons”, I suppose on why YHT became the person like he was. For those of you who really hate YHT’s character in this book, I hope this chapter will soften your hearts a little bit and can understand why he needs to be “ruthless” to be an Emperor. And to be fair, he is definitely a good Emperor. He knows which officials are loyal to him and will use those loyal officials to make his country better. He’s definitely one of the good Emperor as he really cares about his country.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 110: Quarreling With Gu Yun

I posted Chapter 109 on Friday as a bonus chapter so please make sure that you read that chapter first. Over 3,180 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Xi Xia’s Palace Hall

The small garden in front of the palace hall, the flourishing flowers started to wither, there were only several lovable and colorful yellow chrysanthemums that were still blooming unexpectedly. There was a woman who was wearing a dark purple dress and holding a scissor on her hand, she was pruning the branches and leaves carefully, her soft and smiling expression appeared to be gentle and loving.

The old momo’s footsteps came in softly and quickly, she saluted behind her (the purple dress woman) and said; “Mistress.”

Her intonation was clearly happy, Yang Zhi Lan did not turn her head, while she was concentrating on sprigging the plants with the scissor, she smiled and said: “Is there any good news?”

The old momo’s face was filled with smiling expression, and she answered; “Lou Xi Yan’s old illness relapsed yesterday, the Imperial physicians had already gone to diagnose and treat him, they only said repeatedly that the Imperial physicians were helpless and unable to do anything about it. So it seems that he will die in prison before this case is investigated completely.”

Mistress surely had foresight, for the past many years, for the purpose of searching for Lou Xi Yan’s medicine, she actually gave him a fine medicine, even though the prescription suppressed his illness but it also contained an addicted drug, it made him unable to abstain from the drug for the past many years, it could be put to good use today!

Everything was within her anticipation, Yang Zhi Lan did not look happy, on the contrary, her eyebrows were slightly knitted, and she asked: “What did the Emperor say?” Since young until growing up, Tian-er and Lou Xi Yan’s affections were deep and she knew this clearly, she was afraid that with this one illness, he would be softhearted!

Looking at Yang Zhi Lan’s worry, the old momo hurriedly answered: “Mistress, no need to worry, Yang and Li Daren are leading the other officials to pressure, and the Emperor has not let Lou Xi Yan to get out of the prison to treat his illness. The Emperor only put out an Imperial decree to exchange his prison cell in the prison.”

“Good.” In all of the Imperial past dynasties, the Imperial household could not tolerate any crime related to rebelling scheme, Tian-er was not even lenient to his own younger brother, even more to one subject!! She could still think over many things! Yang Zhi Lan’s expression was dark, but her eyes had a trace of unknowing happiness or sadness, was it injury or sorrow!?

“Assign someone to always watch attentively at those two leaders of the traitors, do not let them talk randomly. If they change sides as they are not able to endure the heavy punishments, just kill them, we can not be careless on this matter at all.” Yang Zhi Lan caressed the lovable flower with her hand, gently, softly and with affection, but the words that came out of her mouth was nevertheless, cold and bone-chilling, with no emotion……

“Yes.” The old momo’s heart was slightly shivering, and she did not dare to have a trace of hesitation.
“I have finished writing it, you look at it first, this writing is good or not good?” Bai Yi lightly put out a writing brush and paper, taking out and spreading up the letter on the table.

Zhuo Qing examined it meticulously, and she could see the two different handwritings clearly, even though they were using the chinese calligraphic styles. One style was nevertheless, wild and bold, but it did not lose its steadiness, the other style was elegant, bold, unrestrained and completely graceful. All of the letters were written very well, however, one could not see that both letters were written by the same person.

While looking at the content of the letters, Zhuo Qing asked with a sort of inadvertent accusation: “How many styles of handwriting can you write?”

Bai Yi nodded his head, then modestly smiled and said: “I am rather fond of calligraphy, so I can write some.”

Slightly raising her head, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “Can you write a woman’s handwriting also?”

Shaking his head, Bai Yi smilingly said: “Not too good, I can write it but it is not good.”

“Let me have the knowledge and experience.”

Looking that she had an interested appearance, Bai Yi did not evade any longer, picking up a piece of paper that was on the side, he wrote a few sentences subsequently.

The calligraphic style was dense and delicate as a whole, elegant and graceful, one look and one would know that it was a woman’s handwriting. Zhuo Qing earnestly looked at it for a while, then she lowly smiled, sighed and said: “Your handwriting is better than mine.”

Zhuo Qing examined the content of the letter carefully, Bai Yi was standing unhurriedly at the side, to allow her to see. He did not write many ideas of the rebellion plots at all, for an average person, this letter seemed to explain that Su Ling and him were very familiar at the most. Moreover, it often discussed about the matter related to Xi Yan’s Imperial court, nothing more. But in the eyes of the sovereign king, those Imperial courts and important ministers, Bai Yi clearly understood what this meant.

Looking at it for a while, Zhuo Qing did not express any objection at all, picking up the rough calligraphic style of those letters that had Su Ling’s name on them, Zhuo Qing asked with her fingers that were staying on the blank space of the papers: “When I find Su Ling’s personal seal, can I just put it on here?”

Bai Yi nodded his head and smilingly said: “En, I will put a few more of my seals, wait until you manage to get Su Ling’s seal, I will give all of them to you.”

Taking the letters and put them inside her sleeve, Zhuo Qing deeply breathed and said: “Good, the matter should not be delayed, I am going to the General’s manor.”

Zhuo Qing turned around to go, her wrist was suddenly tight, turning around again, Bai Yi’s worry face was looking at her, and he lowly said: “Ling-er jiejie, you must be careful.”

Smiling, Zhuo Qing nodded her head and answered: “I will, you can be at ease.”

Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing’s meager figure ran out of the courtyard.

The dark eyes that were watching attentively with anxiety, saw the figure that was gradually getting further apart, Bai Yi sat down on the spacious mahogany chair, his hand was softly tapping the wooden chair handle. Looking one glance around at the spacious but empty study room, his thin lips were raised unconsciously and gently, a woman was always acting like an impetuous creature.

The strong and fall figure appeared without making any noise one more time from the outside study room, after he was certain that nobody was around, the big person reminded and said in a low voice: “Master, can she really able to obtain Su Ling’s personal seal? She is going to the General’s manor this time, just in case this plot falls through and is exposed……”

A muffled laughter that was somewhat complacent and arrogant, Bai Yi lightly raised his eyebrows, sneeringly said: “She is not a fool, if she has not had any certainty, she will not act blindly without thinking. Moreover, the stuffs that she is taking with her, they are only several letters, nothing more, on top of that, the handwritings are not the one that I usually use normally, it is not my seal either. Even if the matter falls through and is exposed, there is no relation to me?!”

Looking at Bai Yi’s complacent appearance, the big person hesitated for a while, but still answered: “Master is brilliant.”

There were a pair of white jade carving qilins on the table (Chinese unicorns or other mythical Chinese animal), the white jades were sparkling and bright, the carvings were extremely refine when one was caressing it, one could only feel a burst of cool thought that penetrated deeply into one’s heart. The objects that were on the table, were within reached, they must be Lou Xi Yan’s beloved things, right. Taking one of the jade qilins and playing with it with his hand, Bai Yi seemed to have a laughter and said: “We just wait to watch a good show, ok.”
Early autumn season, when the sun set in the west, it should be the most beautiful time, right, the sunshine was not too hot any more. The sunset would finally be able to bring people some warmth, this warmth would absolutely not burn you. But unfortunately, even though the sunset is good, but it did not stay too long.

It was already two shichen time (4 hrs), Bai Yi’s complexion that was always pleased, slowly changed profoundly, when he was about to ask someone to go and look over, that trace of fine and beautiful shadow appeared to run towards the direction to the study room urgently.

Bai Yi immediately met her up, looking at her complexion that was somewhat pale, he urgently said: “Ling-er jiejie, are you alright?”

Zhuo Qing was shaking her head, while she pulled his hand and walked to the inside of the study room.

Entering the inside room, Zhuo Qing impatiently took out that folded letter from inside her sleeve, and handed it over to Bai Yi, urgently said: “You look at it quickly, is it alright like this?”

Bai Yi unfolded the letter to look at it, there was an impressive red color seal on the bottom of the blank space, scarlet square, that was exactly Su Ling’s seal! The corner of his mouth flashed through a trace of smiling expression, Bai Yi smilingly said: “En! It is exactly this one!”

After the happy event, Bai Yi’s heart raised a trace of suspicion, how did she take a hold of Su Ling’s personal seal after all? Covering up his radiant eyes, Bai Yi pretended to be curious and asked: “Ling-er jiejie, how did you take a hold of it?”

Slightly gasping for air, Zhuo Qing shook her head, and answered: “I……”

Just barely opening her mouth, two figures who were nagging and quarreling, came over towards the study room, Bai Yi narrowed his eyes to look. It was the Lou family’s servant who was in the middle of stoping one petite but rude and unreasonable woman. The woman’s movement was quick, she had an impatient face, the person who came was __ Qing Mo?

Bai Yi lightly frowned, but he remained calm and collected, and he slightly retreated a step, and when Zhuo Qing saw who the person was, she hastily put the letter back into her sleeve.

“Miss Qing, you can not go in a rush like this!”

“Go away.”

The two people were nagging all the way, they reached the front of the study room quickly, the family servant awkwardly looked at Zhuo Qing one glance, and answered: “Madam, she simply wanted to come in a rush…..”

Zhuo Qing naturally knew that they would not hinder her (GY) because of her (GY) identity as her (ZQ) sister and would not dare to use violence on her (GY), even if they tried to stop her (GY) from coming in, she would still come in a rush.

Waving her hand, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “You withdraw, ok.”

Gu Yun entered the door, swept one glance at Bai Yi who was behind Zhuo Qing, Bai Yi was looking at her innocently, both of them were looking face to face for a moment. Gu Yun turned to look at Zhuo Qing, with a cold voice, she said: “You follow me out, I have some words that I want to speak to you.”

Finished speaking, Gu Yun turned around to go out, who would have thought that Zhuo Qing actually answered coldly: “I am not feeling well, if there is something, we will discuss it another day, ok.”

Gu Yun’s feet were rigid, recovering, her serene and hidden black eyes were watching attentively and tightly at her (ZQ) eyes, approaching step by step, Zhuo Qing moved her line of sight and did not look at her (GY). Grabbing Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, Gu Yun said this sentence: “You are lying!”

Zhuo Qing was still not looking at her (GY), absolutely did not want to look face to face with her (GY), since she (ZQ) was still not denying it, Gu Yun’s complexion was uglier, she chased to ask: “You came to see me at the General’s manor today, it was a trap from the beginning, you made me to take you to the study room to find that so called evidence. Then you said that you had a stomach ache and made me go to find a physician. After I went away, you completely had an ulterior motive! Was it right?”

“You rummaged through all over the study room, what did you want to find? What do you want to do?” Gu Yun’s tone was overbearing, Zhuo Qing closed her eyes painfully, but she did not speak all along. Gu Yun angrily roared and said: “Say it!”

For a very long time, Zhuo Qing finally opened her eyes, with a cold tone, she answered: “I do not have anything to say, you leave, ok.”

She (ZQ) unexpectedly asked her (GY) to leave?! Gu Yun did not dare to believe and opened her eyes big, firmly grabbed her (ZQ) shoulder, she (GY) scolded: “Whatever matter that we had in the past, did we not resolve it together? I will surely help you out, you should sober up a little, all right? Do you even know what you want to do on your own?”

Zhuo Qing did not pay any attention to her painful shoulder, but Gu Yun’s cold expression nevertheless, made her hurt even more, finally, Zhuo Qing met with her (GY) puzzling eyes, tranquilly but with persistence, she said: “I have never felt so clear before in my life, what I want to do on my own, I will wait the time when you understand what loving someone is, you will just understand it. Everything that I wanted to do today, it might be wrong, but it was all worth it!”

Loosening up the tight hand that was grasping her shoulder, the two of them were gazing at each other so neither of them was giving away to the other, Gu Yun secretly clenched her teeth, lowly asked: “Even if you wanted to deceive me, and even making use of me?! Will you actually not hesitate?”

Trembling, not only because of Yun’s voice, but also Zhuo Qing’s heart, her hand that was clenching into a fist, Zhuo Qing carelessly closed her eyes again.

“Fine! Very good!!” Gu Yun did not know whether it was anger or disappointment, she was unexpectedly laughing heartily.

Bai Yi’s dark eyes slightly narrowed, she was always watching silently at the two people, it seemed that Qing Ling had not spoken about their plan to her younger sister at all, but she (QL) rather deceived her (GY)!

Gu Yun suddenly looked towards Bai Yi at this moment, Bai Yi was startled, his worry and slight alarmed expressions returned to look at her. Gu Yun clearly did not believe his behavior, pointing her finger at his innocent face, Gu Yun said with a cold voice: “You should be a little careful!”

Finished speaking, Gu Yun looked one glance at Zhuo Qing, then turned around to rush out of the study room.

Looking at Gu Yun’s leaving back, Zhuo Qing was staggering, she was somewhat standing unstably, Bai Yi hurriedly advanced one step to support her. With great difficulty, her energy came back slowly, she grabbed Bai Yi’s hand and urgently said: “Hurry! Seize the moment, she will surely go back to tell Su Ling, once he finds out that his seal has been used by someone else, it will be bad.”

Bai Yi lightly patted her shoulder, comfortingly said: “You do not need to be anxious, I will help you with the seal.”


Finished speaking, Bai Yi immediately took out the seal from his waist, he put his own seal on the other part of the letter.

Taking the letter that was given by Bai Yi, Zhuo Qing carefully examined whether or not there was a clear seal impression on the back, then she said lowly: “Thank you.”

Bai Yi shook his head and smilingly said: “Ling-er jiejie, you do not need to be so courteous, I am very happy that I can help Prime Minister Lou to come out earlier. But the Ministry of Justice and General’s manor are hearing this case, if this is handed over to the Ministry of Justice, I am afraid that there will be a disturbance once again! It will be better if you directly enter the Imperial palace!” If this thing was handed over directly to Yan Hong Tian then it would be more interesting, was it not so?!

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, and answered: “It is also good! Then, you leave quickly, ok, I will go.”

Bai Yi cleverly smiled and said: “En, you do not need to worry about me. On the contrary, you should be careful on the road.”

“I will.” Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing took the two letters and folded them properly, put them inside her sleeve, then she advanced to the door and went out.

Half leaning against the door frame, and still waving his hand, Bai Yi called out reluctantly: “Ling-er jiejie, we will surely meet again some day.” If they still had an opportunity to meet again!

Walking to the door of the courtyard, Zhuo Qing stopped her footsteps, and turned around to give him a bright and soft smiling expression, then she answered: “I am sure that we will meet again some day.”

Bai Yi looked distracted, because of that trace of excessive bright and soft smiling expression, he was not sure what feeling that he had, he unexpectedly had this kind of uneasy misperception…… The big person appeared quietly from behind him, and lowly asked: “Master?” Qing Ling entered the Imperial palace now, they must leave immediately now!

Bai Yi covered up to ignore the restless feeling that raised in his heart, he waved his hand, and said: “Just leave now, ok.”

“Are we returning to Liao Yue?”

Bai Yi lightly shook his forefinger, his excited face was smiling and he said: “We can actually find and stay at a secluded place in the capital city, I still have not seen the good show, how am I willing to leave?”

“Yes.” This moment actually should not be too dangerous, but the big person could only wrinkle his eyebrows in the end, and did not dare to say anything.

Seventh Prince appeared to be a good Master, but one would know by looking at what trick that he was using, by all meant, one could not disobey him……

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 109: Taking Advice

Surprise!!! A bonus chapter so I can wish everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year, Gongxifacai!!! 恭喜发财!! Over 3,700 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Qing Feng’s Palace Hall

Under the red bricks and green roof tiles was a small courtyard area where white chrysanthemum plants were everywhere, it was an early autumn time, the white chrysanthemums were barely spitting out new stamens and pistils (reproductive parts of plants, a stamen is the male part while a pistil is the female part – I found this new knowledge very interesting 😃), the clear bluish green shrubs in the middle were particularly provoking to the eyes. The courtyard could not be regarded as big, but it appeared to have Qing Feng’s faint elegance.

One big tree was in the middle of the courtyard, the tree shade almost covered half of the courtyard, a simple swing was hanging on a thick and solid tree trunk, it was swaying along with the autumn wind from time to time. Under the tree shade, there was a woman who was wearing a palace’s dress and lying on the extremely soft couch. The pair of her eyes were closed slightly, her complexion was deeply calm, her abdomen was bulging slightly to show that the woman was pregnant. Two palace maids were standing behind her quietly, their heads were lowered slightly, even their breathings were cautious and solemn, and did not dare to disturb their mistress’ quiet dream.

The person who was wearing a purple palace dress, whose identity was clearly higher than the other palace maids entered the inside of the courtyard hurriedly. Walking to the front of the woman, she hesitated for a moment, but she still opened her mouth to say: “Mistress, Prime Minister Lou’s Madam took the Imperial tablet and already entered the Imperial palace from the north gate.”

When the Prime Minister’s Madam took the Imperial tablet to appear at the palace gate, the Imperial bodyguard came to announce it. Prime Minister Lou just went to prison recently, and the Madam entered the Imperial palace to request a meeting, she was afraid that this matter could not be disregarded.

The original indolent face of Qing Feng suddenly opened her eyes, supporting her body to sit on the soft couch, she urgently said: “You go and welcome her quickly, bring her to Qing Feng’s palace hall, be careful not to let other people see her.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling bowed to salute slightly, and turned around to leave hurriedly.

Qing Feng got up, the palace maids who were behind her stepped forward to lend their arms to support her. Waving her hand to make them withdraw, Qing Feng watched the gate to the courtyard attentively, her hands were clenching together unconsciously.

Soon, Fu Ling was leading Zhuo Qing to enter Qing Feng’s palace hall, Qing Feng immediately welcomed her up: “Elder sister!”
One Zhuo Qing entered the courtyard gate, she could see Qing Feng, she was still the same thin as before, thus her bulging abdomen seemed to be quite protruding.

“Follow me.” Pulling her hand, Qing Feng entered the inside of the room.

The two people entered the bedroom, Qing Feng sent a meaningful glance at Fu Ling earlier, Fu Ling understood smartly, closed the door lightly, and retreated to go out quietly.

“Elder sister, are you alright?” Elder sister’s eyes were swollen, her complexion was also too pale, she was tender, graceful and fragile in the past, with this kind of misfortune, how could she bear it? Holding Zhuo Qing’s hand tightly, Qing Feng appeared to be somewhat stirred up in emotions.

Lightly patting Qing Feng’s hand, Zhuo Qing faintly smiled: “I am alright.”

Qing Feng determined that Zhuo Qing hid her sorrow deliberately, and she consoled and said gently: “Actually, this Brother in law’s case, you do not need to worry, even though Yan Hong Tian is a tyrant, but he is not an incapable ruler, Brother in law is the country’s Prime Minister, and also his left and right arms. The case this time is really strange, you do not need to interfere and just observe it quietly to transform later on.” Watching Yan Hong Tian’s manner from yesterday evening, he did not look like he was distressed in anger with this matter, she always felt that there was surely some ulterior motives from this side.

Zhuo Qing shook her head firmly, with a cold voice, she answered: “I can wait, but Xi Yan’s health can not wait, if he continues to stay in that prison, I am afraid even if they find out the case clearly, he will lose his life quickly, I can not sit and wait for his death this time.” She was convinced that the truth of this matter would surely come out in the end, but she was not willing to wait, especially after she had seen Xi Yan today!

Qing Feng slightly stared blankly, she had never seen elder sister’s eyes that looked very dedicated and firm with this kind of radiance. She always believed in predestination in the past, was it Lou Xi Yan who had changed her?!

Deciding that she was serious, Qing Feng did not try to persuade her either, she immediately asked: “What are you planning to do now? What do you wish me to do?” Since Elder sister came to look for her, she was sure to have a plan, right.

Zhuo Qing’s eyes swept past Qing Feng’s protruding abdomen slightly, the words that were already in her mouth were swallowed down again, after hesitating for a moment, she finally said: “I understand that your life inside the Imperial palace is not easy, what I am asking you to do, you only need to strive your best effort to do it and it will be good. If it does not work, then you have to stop, the most important thing is to protect your own self properly.”

Qing Feng’s heart was warm, she had not let go off Zhuo Qing’s hand all along, she answered with a candid smile: “You can be at ease, I will be careful, you can say whatever thing that you want me to do, ok.” She had already vowed before that she would return the kindness that people gave to her, and she would revenge those people who hated her! This half a year, Lou Xi Yan had helped her so many times, she had not forgotten. No matter what elder sister requested anything for her to do today, she would accomplish it!
Zhuo Qing lightly leaned over, and lowly mumbled next to Qing Feng’s ear for a moment.

Qing Feng looked towards Zhuo Qing with astonishment, she originally thought that her elder sister would ask her to go to Yan Hong Tian and plea for leniency. She did not anticipate that she was thinking…… Qing Feng’s surprise eyes looked towards Zhuo Qing’s clear and sharp eyes, she unexpectedly had this scheme, she (QF) actually did not have any impression that she (ZQ) was the simple, gentle and soft’s elder sister.

Zhuo Qing asked softly: “Can you do it?”

Recovering, Qing Feng nodded her head and answered: “I will surely accomplish it.”

“Thank you.” Zhuo Qing got up. “Then, I will leave first, you have to take care of your own health.” She was very thankful to Qing Feng, but this sensitive moment, the longer that she was staying within the Imperial palace, it would affected Qing Feng even more.

Qing Feng also got up immediately, encircled Zhuo Qing’s shoulder and embraced her tightly, but it was only for a short brief moment, Qing Feng let go off her hand rationally: “You take care of yourself also.”

The two people looked at each other mutually and laughed, without any more word.

Opening the door, she only saw Fu Ling who was running all the way from the outside courtyard. Standing in front of them, Fu Ling lowly gasped and urgently said: “Mistress, the Emperor is coming to Qing Feng’s palace hall.”

He rarely came to Qing Feng’s palace hall lately, could it be because of elder sister who came today?!

Zhuo Qing and Qing Feng looked one glance at each other, both of them had the same guesses in each other’s eyes, Qing Feng’s narrowed her eyes slightly and said to Fu Ling: “Fu Ling, send her to leave from the side door, hurry!”


Zhuo Qing did not exchange any conventional greeting anymore, and only waved her hand to Qing Feng, and followed Fu Ling to run and leave all the way from the side door.

“The Emperor has arrived!”

The resounding sound of the palace eunuch echoed from the courtyard’s door, not only Qing Feng did not welcome him, she also returned to the inside room immediately, and closed the door.

If Yan Hong Tian came because of elder sister, letting him think that elder sister was still in Qing Feng’s palace hall, it could give her enough time to get out of the Imperial palace.

Soon, the entrance was pushed open rudely by Yan Hong Tian, Qing Feng got up from the bed slowly at this time, pushed away the curtain and came out, slightly bowed to salute, she said with a normal tone: “Chenqie (I, when a concubine or Empress addresses herself to the emperor) suddenly did not feel comfortable a moment ago, so rested for a moment, thus did not know that the Emperor had arrived and could not welcome. Chenqie asks to be punished by the Emperor!”

Yan Hong Tian’s eagle eyes swept past the bedroom that was not big, apart from Qing Feng’s tranquil face, there was no shadow of another person.

The thousand of dense vegetation was entirely silent during the night, the moonlight casted down the shadow of the mottled of lotuses that were swaying gently. Looking through the slightly yellow paper window outside, the inside room had several twilight yellow candle lights that were not bright at all. One could not see clearly what kind of person was inside after all, and could only see a few shadows. The inner room did not have any bustling and rustling noises either, as if there appeared to have whispering sounds that discussed some conversations.
Prime Minister’s Study Room

“The traitors provided seven sealed letters, there were five with Lao ye’s seals and two with Master’s seals on them. The contents were mostly a scheme to use the traitors to recruit soldiers and buy horses (to raise a large army).”

Even though the sunshine at noon was warm, the atmosphere inside of the study room seemed to be gloomy and cold, the female with cold eyes, was sitting on the master’s seat. Mo Bai had not spoken too many words, the woman’s complexion changed somewhat gloomier and colder.

“Besides the seals, were the notes inspected or not?”

Mo Bai answered with a heavy tone: “They had already inspected them, they were not Lao Ye and Master’s handwritings, but the Ministry of Appointment’s government official, Li Hong Min and the Imperial historian and senior official, Yang Ze Xi who acted as the ceremony official, insisted due to plotting a rebellion to harm the country, a crime of harming the Imperial court, they could not have any trace of indulgent and negligent, so they advocated to take Master to be imprisoned immediately.”

Zhuo Qing deeply breathed, and picked up the green tea that was on the table, lightly pursed her lips, and covered up her angry mind, Zhuo Qing looked towards Jing Sa, and continued to ask: “Does the Ministry of Justice have any information?”

“Dan Daren had already interrogated the criminals firmly, but the two people stuck to their statements, the emissary master was Master.”

“Kuang dang!” (Sound of something being thrown down). The teacup was thrown down severely from above, Zhuo Qing who was grasping the teacup on her hand was annoyed and slightly trembling. As a result, the matter appeared to oppose against her, Zhuo Qing waved her hand agitatedly, and said: “You all withdraw first, ok, I want to calm down a bit on my own.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai and Jing Sa silently retreated out.

Inside the quite study room, the tea was dripping from the low table to the ground, Zhuo Qing lightly kneaded her temple, her exhausted face was extremely haggard.

Bai Yi walked past the front of the study room, he had not gone inside for a very long time, he was still considering whether or not this time was Zhuo Qing’s most helpless and weakest time. Nevertheless, Zhuo Qing’s tired and low voice echoed from the inside of the study room: “Bai Yi, accompany to sit with me, ok.”

Bai Yi “oh” and entered the study room, and sat down on the chair next to Zhuo Qing, but he did not say any urgent word.

A few moments later, Zhuo Qing who was silent from the beginning to end, slightly closed her eyes, it seemed like she was thinking to herself, seemed like she had another sort of idea and then said: “The human nature is greedy and shameless, I have thought it countless of times and flaunted myself as a noble, virtuous and righteous, but during this moment, I am somewhat perplexed whether the principle is important or my heart is actually more important? If I choose to execute a trick action for my own selfish reason, what is the difference between me and them?”

What was the meaning of her words? Did it show that she was swaying?! Bai Yi felt somewhat fishy, but he could not say anything either. Hesitating for a while, he only followed along her words and said: “Ling-er jiejie (jiejie is elder sister), the Imperial court is always a dangerous place, sometimes, you do not want to harm other people, but it does not mean that other people will not wish to harm you. More often, no one will care about other people’s lives or death, in order to benefit themselves, this is just the Imperial court, Prime Minister Lou’s livelihood.” It was also his livelihood, but he could not say this last sentence to her.

Zhuo Qing suddenly opened her eyes, watching attentively at Bai Yi, and with a cold voice, she said: “Do you really believe it like this?”

Facing the quick witted pair of eyes like this that seemed able to see through people’s feelings, Bai Yi’s heart unexpectedly jumped eagerly and anxiously. Restraining his mind secretly, Bai Yi answered as always: “En, you seem to want to help him sincerely, you will have to sacrifice someone’s life, ok.”

Looking at him calmly, for a very long time, Zhuo Qing withdrew her line of sight, after several sniffing and sighings, she said: “Maybe, you are correct!”

Once she left her line of sight, Bai Yi could only relax secretly, what was wrong with him, it was only one female’s line of sight, but a moment ago, he was unexpectedly flustered……

“I went to see Xi Yan today, it was very dusty inside of the prison cell, and made him unable to breathe, thus, his old illness already relapsed, they still made him sleep on the rice straws! I can not make Xi Yan to continue staying in that kind of place!” Zhuo Qing stroke in between her forehead lightly, she sighed and said with a tired and perplexed voice: “The Ministry of Justice’s investigation is at a standstill at the moment, many of the officials in the Imperial court are also not willing to forgive, I do not know what I should do that is good for everybody either.”

I wanted you not knowing what to do, and to have anxious heart as if it was burnt! Zhuo Qing’s kind of reaction, made Bai Yi somewhat absent-minded and his mind was shaken momentarily. Hiding a smile in his heart, but his face did not show anything, he even loosened his reigns (in order to grabbed the moment later) and said comfortingly: “I hear that Dan Yu Lan is an expert in solving a case in Qiong Yue, this case needs some time, the truth will come to light in the end.”

Pausing for a moment, Bai Yi looked one glance deliberately at Zhuo Qing, he sighed concernedly and said: “But…… Prime Minister Lou’s health is not well, I am afraid that he can not wait very long.”

Sure enough, his speaking words had just left, Zhuo Qing’s heart that was already anxious incessantly became more tense, she urgently said: “This is exactly the cause of my worry! Bai Yi, tell me what I should do?!”

The fish took the bait! Bai Yi pretended to ponder over for a moment, then answered: “You want to use the quickest way to save Prime Minister Lou, you must shift the attentions of those cabinet ministers. Take hold of the fire to implicate Su Ling, Prime Minister Lou is only a victim and should be able to come out quickly.”

Zhuo Qing clearly did not approve it too much: “Su Ling and Xi Yan are the officials responsible for the military and civil governments, even though their usual contacts are not too often, but they are both acting as the Imperial government officials. Each plans for his own political scheme, he is unlikely to frame Xi Yan either, this reason is somewhat far-fetched, this will also not sufficient to shift the attentions of those cabinet ministers.”

Bai Yi raised his eyebrows secretly, this woman really had some brains, otherwise he would not think it was worth continue playing with her! Raising a trace of simple smile on his face, Bai Yi smiled and said: “Ling-er jiejie, you know that as a General, what is the easiest thing that could make him unable to dispute an accusation?”

“What is it?” Zhuo Qing asked.

“Having a secret tie with the enemy country. With this accusation, he is able to frame Prime Minister Lou!” Bai Yi used as much quiet and natural voice as possible when he spoke, he was making Zhuo Qing to loose her alertness for his most advantageous weapon.

“This…… is out of the question.” Zhuo Qing actually shook her head firmly. “The accusation of having a secret tie with the enemy country, that can indeed cause the death of Su Ling, moreover, I can not forge any evidence that he is having a secret tie with the enemy country either!”

As if he was already anticipating that she would say like this earlier, Bai Yi explained and said: “Ling-er jiejie can be at ease, we do not want to get General Su Ling to fall into death at all, everything is only a stop-gap measurement, the so-called having a secret ties with the enemy country only requires to forge several secret relationship letters between Su Ling and the other country, that can be done. As far as an evidence, I can find a method!”

Zhuo Qing chased after and asked: “What do you want to do?”

“I can make several forged letters, you think of a way to take a hold of General Su’s seal and stamp it on the letters. I will stamp the other seal on the other part of the letters, even though it is not as convincing as to the Imperial father’s seal, but we do not want to put General Su to death anyway, my seal should already be enough.”

The important thing was on how to get Su Ling’s seal, he was talking so much to coerce Qing Ling to do this thing, that was because she could use her younger sister to take the seal, nothing more!

Zhuo Qing lowered her eyebrows to think deeply, but still shook her head in the end: “I think this way is not proper, on one hand, you are still in Qiong Yue, once I use and hand over those so-called evidences, you will be in danger. You help me wholeheartedly, I can not harm you! Secondly, it is absolutely impossible to take this important stuff like the General manor’s seal!”

“The secret letters do not need the General’s seal, it can do with only Su Ling’s ordinary and private seal.” Bai Yi shrugged his shoulders excitingly, with his simple-minded appearance, he smiled gently and said: “This past few days that I am in Qiong Yue, thanks to you and Prime Minister Lou who are taking care of me, being able to help you two, I am also very happy. As far as my concern, you do not need to worry, after everything is ready, I will just return to Liao Yue, they will not have any way to apprehend me. Moreover, it is exactly because I am staying at the Prime Minister’s manor, you can explain it even better, that you find these letters from my traveling bags. Anyway, I will already leave at that time so the dead can not testify.”

“This…… I…… let me think about this, think about this again!” Zhuo Qing rubbed her fingers incessantly to show her contradictory and impatient heart. Looking that she was going back and forth inside the study room, Bai Yi’s dark eyes flashed through a trace of faint complacent and happiness.

She was already flustered, he only needed to add a little more fire once again, he was still afraid that she would not give in obediently?! “Ling-er jiejie, you do not need to be anxious, if you feel that this method is not good, we can think again slowly, maybe we can think of another way to help Prime Minister Lou. Prime Minister Lou is worthy to be helped by the heaven, he can surely stay put!”

Bai Yi captured the thing that Zhuo Qing care most in her heart, he really mentioned Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing who was originally anxious and undecided, rapidly clenched her teeth and said: “Just do according to what you have said! Then write the letters now!”
Sian’s notes:
The words used for brother in law is Jiefu (姐夫) in pinyin. The actual meaning for the words is actually older sister’s husband but I’ll use brother in law instead. I love it that Qing Feng calls Lou Xi Yan “Jiefu” instead of Lou Xiang (楼相 – PM Lou) as the appellation is a lot more intimate.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 108: Xi Yan’s Serious Illness

Over 3,770 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Lan Yue’s Building

The beginning of the autumn wind raised up, several thread of golden white clouds reflected out faintly, as if the white clouds were plated with a layer of golden boundary. The light wind was blowing across from the lake side, and appeared to burst in a ripple. The lotus flower already withered, leaving behind a lot of lotus seed heads, the black color of the lotus leafs were swaying gently.

A trace of beautiful white clothing’s shadow was sitting on the stone bench by the side of the lotus pond, her hand was holding a booklet, and looking at it concentratedly, Mo Bai’s tall figure was behind her.

For a very long time, Zhuo Qing finally lifted her head and asked: “Has Qing Mo come to look for me?”

“She has not.”

It was reasonable to say that no matter if she found anything or not, Yun should come to look for her this early morning, but it was almost noon now, and she still had not seen her shadow! Was it because she already made a progress for the case, or did she happen to have something?! Her brows were pursing unconsciously, so she continued to ask: “Has Jing Sa returned yet?”

Mo Bai’s cold face was somewhat irritable now, and with a heavy voice, he answered: “Also has not.” Jing Sa went to the Ministry of justice’s prison early this morning to scout out about Master’s circumstances. It was already two shichen (4 hrs), but he still had not seen him returning yet, if scouting out was insufficient, he would be the one who could scout the Ministry of Justice’s prison tonight!

Zhuo Qing was holding a booklet on her hand and staring blankly, was she too anxious?! She had always felt this ill sense.

Bowing her head again to look towards Mo Bai who was managing to stand up for one whole night, she had no choice but to say that she could only look about the relationship between the Lou’s family and the whole Qiong Yue dynasty’s complication. Feeling somewhat dizzy, it was really a tough job for Xi Yan, he still had to weigh the pros and cons when he was mixing with the others!!

“Beautiful elder sister.”

A clear and bright sound of a man came through from the courtyard’s gate, Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes to see, a meager figure was holding a tray on his hand, and he walked to her with a sunshine like face.

It was Bai Yi.

Taking the booklet that was on her hand and put it in between her sleeve slowly, Zhuo Qing said to Mo Bai who was behind her: “You withdraw first, ok.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai nodded and departed, and when he brushed past Bai Yi leisurely, he swept one glance at the foods that were on the tray. His blue eyes flashed through a slight ray serenely, putting on display with this lack of solicitous attitude, what was this young fellow thinking of doing?!

Sitting next to Zhuo Qing, taking the tray on his hand and pushing it in front of Zhuo Qing, Bai Yi smiled leisurely and said: “I am afraid that you have not eaten any breakfast, so I come and we can eat together.”

Zhuo Qing bowed her head to look one glance at the pile of foods, then she answered faintly: “You eat by yourselves, ok, I am not hungry.”

“Even if you are not hungry, you still have to eat a little. If your own health is ruined, how can you still save Prime Minister Lou ah!”

While he was speaking, Bai Yi held up one rice bowl leisurely and mixed some vegetables, and placed it on Zhuo Qing’s hand: “Eat quickly, eat quickly!”

Zhuo Qing was holding the bowl, and shaking her head helplessly, but she did not evade any longer, then she bowed her head to eat the food. Bai Yi satisfyingly smiled and said:”This food is ok, right!”

The two people were eating for several mouthfuls, a family servant was standing outside the courtyard’s door, and he said with a clear voice: “Madam, Miss Qing is here.”

Gu Yun! Zhuo Qing put down the bowl that was on her hand, and said promptly: “Hurry invite her to come in.”

The family servant bowed and departed, soon, an energetic figure entered hurriedly to Lan Yue building.

Bai Yi could sense that Zhuo Qing anticipated this person who just came in, it seemed that this person could give her strength and hope. As if he was still holding the rice bowl and eating it, but his eyes had swept secretly at the figure who was proceeding gradually.

It was her younger sister, Qing Mo, he had seen her several times, this woman’s eyes were very sharp, he must be very careful!

Gu Yun walked to the side of Zhuo Qing’s stone bench, and sat down, Zhuo Qing originally planned to ask her about the matter. But when she saw that there were soil and dried leafs on her clothing, and her long hair was in a terrible mess, she asked hesitatingly: “You, this is……”

Not waiting until Zhuo Qing finished talking, Gu Yun already got so mad and scolded: “I was looking at the information at the General’s manor last night, but was discovered by Su Ling, he unexpectedly wanted to house arrest me!!”

Zhuo Qing swallowed her saliva, did she just escape from the General’s manor? No wonder….. Bai Yi’s complexion slightly changed, Su Ling wanted to house arrest her, she unexpectedly could still escape from the General’s manor!! Covering his mouth that was laughing heartily and with insincerity, Bai Yi mockingly said: “Did you dig a tunnel to come out?”

Gu Yun looked one glance at him, looked towards Zhuo Qing with her knitted eyebrows, and asked: “How come he is still here?” Was this kid not Liao Yue’s Prince? During this time, he should avoid to arouse any suspicion?!

Zhuo Qing had not talked yet, Bai Yi was already staring at Gu Yun, and he lowly roared: “Why can I not be here?!”

Zhuo Qing lightly patted Bai Yi’s shoulder and said: “Bai Yi, you go to Hua Ting pavilion to eat breakfast on your own, ok, I have to discuss something with Qing Mo.”

“Fine, ok, I have almost eaten enough anyway.” The childish person was still glaring one glance at Gu Yun, then Bai Yi got up to leave. Looking at his back view, he looked like a child who was peeved, but those pair of bright eyes flashed through a shady color now that were enough to make people to tremble with fear.

Gu Yun’s sorry figure made Zhuo Qing felt very uncomfortable, pulling the sleeve of her garment, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Follow me, I will give you a clothing to change.”

“En.” She did not want to walk on the street like this either.

The two people were crossing over the zig zagging bridge and entering Zhai Xing pavilion. Zhuo Qing looked for one skirt in the wardrobe that was relatively short and gave it to Gu Yun.

Withdrawing to the bedroom, standing behind the screen, and closing her tired eyes slowly, Zhuo Qing lowly asked: “Have you found any clue?”

The sound of the removal of clothing came through from the inside room, Gu Yun’s clear words also came through subsequently: “I have not currently, I am afraid that you are anxious, so I come to find you first. Wait until I go and trample at the Ministry of Justice, I want to find a way to see those two traitor’s leaders, I should be able to ask and produce something.”

“En.” With her current status now, she was afraid that she would not be able to see the two traitor’s leaders, If Gu Yun could see them, she would surely discover something.

While Gu Yun was tying her hair in a ponytail, she left the bedroom, and looked at Zhuo Qing who was leaning against the screen, her eyes were closed slightly, and she looked very tired. The shadow by the screen was casted down, thick dark circles under her eyes, the pale color of her lips, these made her to appear haggard.

Lightly embracing her thin shoulder, Gu Yun anxiously said: “Qing, your complexion is very ugly.”

Zhuo Qing was leaning lightly against Gu Yun’s shoulder that was also thin but they were very warm, faintly smiled and said: “I…… am fine.”

It would be a wonder if she was fine! Patting her shoulder strongly, Gu Yun pretended to smile lightly and say: “Very well, do not be too anxious, be careful when Lou Xi Yan return and see you like this, he will break his promise of marriage!”

Zhuo Qing was smiling, Yun’s trick to console people was still clumsy! But her hesitating heart for the whole night appeared to be somewhat better. Suddenly thinking of something, Zhuo Qing suddenly asked: “Oh right, there is one more thing.”

“What is it?”

Thinking, Zhuo Qing slightly leaned over and said something at the side of Gu Yun’s ear with a low voice, Gu Yun’s complexion also changed from tranquil to more and more imposing.

“Madam!” From outside the door, Jing Sa’s clear and anxious voice came out, and made the two women who were discussing with a low voice to stare blankly.

The two of them looked one glance at each other, their minds had this bad premonition, Zhuo Qing deeply breathed, and asked: “What has happened?”

“Master’s old illness suddenly relapsed at the Ministry of Justice’s prison this morning, the Imperial doctor had looked after him, but the current circumstances are unknown at the moment!” Jing Sa’s muffled voice urgently echoed, Zhuo Qing’s complexion had a huge change, arriving at the side of the door rushingly, she opened the door and immediately shouted: “Hurry, prepare the chariot to go to the Ministry of Justice’s prison!”

Jing Sa immediately answered: “It was already prepared.”

“Good! Leave now.” Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were following Jing Sa’s back, they scurried to go to the outside of the Prime Minister’s manor.

At the front door of the Prime Minister’s manor, there was already a simple black chariot that was tied up with a pair of fine horses. Zhuo Qing already got into the chariot, Gu Yun hesitated for a moment, nevertheless, she walked towards the horse, and straddled to sit on the horse.

Riding the horse to the front of the chariot window, Gu Yun said in a low voice: “You go and look after Lou Xi Yan, I go and look for Dan Yu Lan.”

“Fine.” Zhuo Qing nodded her head, Gu Yun was about to ride her horse to leave, Zhuo Qing suddenly pulled the sleeve of her garment again, and said quietly: “The matter that I had just spoken to you……”

Gu Yun used her expression to prevent her from speaking the words, and she only hastily said: “I already understand, we will get in touch again!”

“En!” Zhuo Qing finally let go of the sleeve of her garment, put down the curtain, and said to Jing Sa who was outside: “Let us go, ok.”


The chariot went straight to the Ministry of Justice’s prison, and stopped on the road in front of the door of the prison.

Zhuo Qing got down from the chariot, and walked with Jing Sa to the bailiffs who were guarding it, Zhuo Qing nodded towards Jing Sa.

Jing Sa stepped forward, taking a couple of gold ingots and lightly put them on the hands of the two bailiffs, he lowly said: “My family’s Madam only wants to go in and take a look at Prime Minister Lou, I ask that the officials to be flexible.”

The heavy gold ingots that were on their hands, they were a lot more than their yearly official’s salaries ah! The two people were looking one glance at each other, and taking a look at the plain clothing woman who was standing at the side. They did not dare to accept the golds in the end, and returned the gold ingots that were on their hands at the same time, embarrassingly said: “Prime Minister Lou is a criminal now, without the plate from the Ministry of Justice or order from the General’s manor, this lowly person does not dare to let anybody to go in, I hope Madam will forgive us!”

Zhuo Qing’s heart was anxious, as expected, was it really difficult to meet with him like this now?!

“Daren, there is an order to let her to go in.” A clear and bright voice came through from behind them, Zhuo Qing turned her head around to see Lu Jin who was standing behind her, one block of Ministry of Justice’s plate was on his hand.

“Lu Jin Daren.” The bailiffs could see clearly the person who came and the plate that was on his hand, and they respectfully withdrew to the side at once.

Lu Jin slightly stooped down, and said with a low voice at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “Go in, ok, but come out quickly.”

Zhuo Qing’s back was stiff, could it be that Dan Yu Lan did not give this plate?! Lifting her head to look, the always steady and strict’s Lu Jin, unexpectedly winked towards her.

Understanding it immediately, Zhuo Qing slightly nodded, and expressed her gratitude: “Thank you, Lu Jin.”

Zhuo Qing finally went into the Ministry of Justice’s prison, but this was different than when she went into the prison for that last two times. The bailiffs would lead her to arrive at the prison cell, the guards were clearly more strict here. There was a guard post within three steps, the personnels who were responsible for vigilance were more intensive, their guards and preparedness were higher. But the prison cell was somewhat spacious and bright, the environment was also only a little bit better, the bed was still a half slab of stone, just like before.

Walking to the most inner room, the bailiffs finally stopped his footsteps, and said: “Madam, Prime Minister Lou is inside.”

Her anxious feeling for the whole night made Zhuo Qing’s heartbeat suddenly became somewhat rapid, deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing stepped across to enter the prison’s door.

The prison cell was a bit bigger than the one she visited before, but there was only a small window with a little ventilation, thus the lightning was also not good, the inside of the prison cell was somewhat stuffy.

There was a few thick of rice straws on the stone bed, a trace of meager figure was in front of her, he was lying down, and there was a thin quilt that covered his body.

Was it Xi Yan? Did they not say that his old illness had relapsed? Why did they still make him sleep on the rice straw, why did they not give him a room that had a somewhat better ventilation? Where was the Imperial doctor?! Where was the Imperial doctor?!

Zhuo Qing wanted to walk by his side quickly, her feet unexpectedly could not help to tremble, with great difficulty, she walked to the side of the bed and sat down. Zhuo Qing did not dare to touch him, and could only urgently say: “Xi Yan…… Xi Yan, how are you doing?”

Calling for several times, the person who was on the bed did not have any reaction, Zhuo Qing’s mind was anxious, and she stretched out her hand immediately to grab his wrist and check for his pulse.

Breathing a long breath leisurely, fortunately, even though she did not learn traditional Chinese medicine, but she could feel that the condition of his pulse could be regarded as steady and strong.

Turning Lou Xi Yan’s body that was laying down, Zhuo Qing was holding his hand tightly, and she lowly said: “Xi Yan, you can hear my words, is that right?”

Lou Xi Yan was still wearing the same wedding ceremonial robe from yesterday, the absolute splendid red color set off his pale appearance even more, his hand was even colder than usual.

That festive, joyous and captivating red color was stinging Zhuo Qing’s eyes deeply, her tears were unexpectedly and involuntarily flowing down on her cheeks, every tear drop was falling on his cold fingers.

Lou Xi Yan’s hand suddenly moved, his eyelids were also trembling and they opened slowly, Zhuo Qing excitingly grabbed his hand tightly, and lowly called out: “Xi Yan! You…… You woke up!”

“Qing-er……” For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan appeared to see the person who was in front of him clearly. His hand slowly stretched towards Zhuo Qing’s cheeks, his slightly cold thumb was wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes softly. His gloomy and hoarse voice that was as gentle and soft as before, echoed: “Who is bullying you?”

His hoarse and low voice made people unable to hear what he was saying clearly, Zhuo Qing’s tears were flowing again, his first sentence after he woke up, made her want to cry?! Wiping the tears off her face strongly, Zhuo Qing was choking with emotion but she answered stubbornly: “I…… I am fine!”

Holding her hand that was used to wipe the tears on her face carelessly, Lou Xi Yan was smiling and shaking his head lightly, and with a soft voice, he sighed and said: “Your eye sockets are completely black like this, and you still say that you are fine, when I am not by your side, you are not able to take care of yourself?” It was only one night, how did she turn herself upside down like this!

“I……” Zhuo Qing opened her mouth but could not say anything, she understood clearly what kind of appearance she had at the moment, so she could not refute it.

Their hands were knotted together tightly, she knew that Xi Yan was anxious for her, she was anxious for him, Zhuo Qing urgently said: “Where are you feeling uncomfortable, is it the recurrence of the asthma attack again?”

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan lowly answered: “I am alright, they were the ones who made a fuss about nothing.”

His speaking voice had not left yet, Lou Xi Yan suddenly coughed, a moment afterwards, his complexion that was pale became flush, his breathing was clearly being obstructed.

“Xi Yan!” Zhuo Qing was supporting him to sit down hurriedly, while helping him breathe, she made him to follow along her own even breathing. Xi Yan’s hand was grabbing her arm tightly, his fingers snared the inside of her flesh, along with the heavy and coarse panting sounds. Zhuo Qing’s hand was hurting, but it could not compare to her distressed.

After regulating his breathing for a long time, Lou Xi Yan’s strength came back slowly, the sunshine shined through from the small window, with a light beam, the thick dust was spreading. The wind could not pass through the prison cell, it felt oppressed since she came in, what was more, Xi Yan was sick like this, and they still made him sleep on the rice straw!!

Xi Yan hurried and brief’s breathing was still echoing continuously, the dust that filled the room was crazily fluttering now, Zhuo Qing’s heart that felt tight suddenly collapsed and snapped! Clenching Lou Xi Yan’s cold hand, Zhuo Qing suddenly said excitingly: “Xi Yan, I will not let you stay in this kind of place anymore!! I will definitely assist you out of this place! Definitely will!”

“Qing-er?” Lou Xi Yan’s slightly stared blankly, what was up with Qing?! She was always calm, why would she be so unusual today, his mind was somewhat not daring to guess, Lou Xi Yan quietly consoled and said: “What do you want to do? Do not…… do any foolish thing!”

“As long as I can assist you out of the prison, it is worth doing anything!”

This moment, her firm eyes were radiating the most dedication and perseverance feelings, that would make him admire her the most at normal times, but at this moment, her perseverance made him to have a flustered feeling. Holding her thin and weak shoulder, Lou Xi Yan was somewhat anxious: “Qing-er, what is wrong with you? This matter has many implications, there is no final conclusion before, by all means, you should not act blindly without thinking, otherwise, you will only implicate more innocent people.”

Allowing him to grab her shoulder, and looking from the strength of his hand, she could feel his anxiousness, but, she was very clear on what she wanted to do on her own!!

“Xi Yan, I am your wife, I will not look on you suffering a hardship helplessly!! In this world, there is no one who can save all of the people’s situations. I am also only one woman, so can only be concerned and care about you, it is already so fortunate! I do not have any ability to take a pity on those innocent people long time ago!”

“Qing-er?” Zhuo Qing’s clear and cold eyes were not hysterical and perplexed, she was very clear headed at the moment, but Lou Xi Yan was suspicious, what was going on with his Qing-er after all, why did she suddenly speak with this determined and ruthless words?

Zhuo Qing did not explain, but she was only holding his big hand tightly once again, and she slightly smiled, tranquilly said: “You rest properly, I am leaving first.”

Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing slowly got up and left the prison.

Lou Xi Yan did not call to stop her at all, he was only following her back when she left, Lou Xi Yan slowly laid down and closed his eyes to sleep, just like before Zhuo Qing came.

His thin hand that hid a small piece of paper inside slowly opened up, Zhuo Qing left that when she was holding his hand firmly before she left…… Zhuo Qing got out of the prison,

Jing Sa immediately went up to her, there were tear stains on her face, but the expression in her eyes was very calm.

“What time is it now?”

Jing Sa looked at the sky, and answered: “Just passed shenshi (3-5 pm).”

Zhuo Qing stepped across the chariot with large strides, soon, her clear and cold voice echoed solemnly: “Go to the northern gate of the Imperial palace, I want to enter the palace.”


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Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 107: Taking Advantage On Her Opportunity

Over 4,070 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


At Night

The moon was bright but the star was sparse, the plants on the mountain rock could be seen clearly from the inside courtyard, tomorrow was approaching but they still did not have time to remove the red silk lanterns that could be seen clearly everywhere. It was a pity that the quiet and desolate courtyard, and the glaring and captivating of the red reflection, they appeared to have a trace of indescribable sadness. The low crying sounds of some animals echoed just like in the past, the gentle night’s wind was brushing away the face slowly. The scenery was never able to change and the change would be the one who saw the scenery and appreciated it in one’s heart.

Inside the main hall, the family servants did not dare to disturb this new Madam and only lit up two lanterns on the porch. The soft lightning shone into the middle of the hall, Zhuo Qing was still sitting on the same seat since noon. She understood that she had been sitting for a long time, but she did not want to move at all.

The sound of a gentle footsteps sounded, a meager shadow of a person flashed through, a low sound of a male voice came through in her ear slightly: “Go eat stuff first, ok.”

His one speaking’s voice just left, a warm bowl of meat congee was already handed over slowly into her hand, Zhuo Qing raised her head and the reflection that entered into her eyes was that innocent and pure face that was like an angel. What was different was this face was laughing and playing in the past days, his bright eyes were looking at her worryingly.

Seeing clearly the person who came, Zhuo Qing reacted afterwards, then she asked quietly: “Why are you not leaving?” He should leave a long time ago and that would be right.

“Leave?” Bai Yi’s brows wrinkled tightly and leisurely: “Where am I going?”

Using her hand to put the congee by the side of the tea table, Zhuo Qing answered with a somewhat tired voice: “The nobleman can not stand under any danger wall, you as a country’s apparent heir to the throne should know this principle. The current Prime Minister’s manor is not suitable for you to continue to stay now.”

“I definitely do not care about this being under any danger wall?!” Bai Yi was somewhat excited when he called out lowly, and did not care about this male and female’s separation etiquette, he was pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, and said with a clear voice: “How can Prime Minister Lou plot a rebellion, there is surely someone who sets him up! I will not leave you and the Prime Minister’s manor just because of the crisis!! You can be at ease, in any case, I am also a country’s apparent heir to the throne. Prime Minister Lou is not here, I will protect you!”

Bai Yi’s hand and his own person were the same, very thin, but they were warms, his young face was filled with anger. Zhuo Qing was smiling, this was the first time that she was smiling since noon, right. Slowly pulling out of her hand, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Fine, I receive your kind intention, leave quickly, ok.” He was a foreign Prince, it was somewhat funny when he was talking about wanting to protect her, but he was only a ten years old child after all, and due to his good intention, Zhuo Qing was still thankful to him.

“I am not leaving!” Speaking that he was a child, he unexpectedly and really displayed his temper, he moved his footsteps and sat down next to Zhuo Qing. Bai Yi groaned and said persistently: “Not only will I not leave, I will also think of a way to help Prime Minister Lou to wash away his guilt!”

“You?!” His childish behavior made Zhuo Qing showed a look of distraction, in any case, he was also a Prince, how could he put on this kind of naughty and hoodlum’s attitudes. She would really receive his kind intention, but she did not need this one person who would cause her trouble!

Zhuo Qing was glaring at him, he was also staring at Zhuo Qing, these two people, her big eyes were staring at his small eyes like this for a good while. Bai Yi finally softened up a little, and moving closer a little bit, and he said with a pretentious mystery: “Do not look down on me, I have already assigned some people to go and investigate, can you guess what I have found out?”

Zhuo Qing answered unhappily: “What did you find out?” She did not believe what he could find out anything within half a day (the actual words are one afternoon and 1/2 the evening)!

Bai Yi proudly handed over a piece of paper that he took out from his bosom and gave it to Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing opened it suspiciously. There was unexpectedly a transcript of inquiry stuff on it, it should be a record of the interrogation from the traitors. Looking at the date, this inquiry must have been conducted just before they returned to the capital.

Zhuo Qing looked at it while she was lost in thought, Bai Yi’s hands were on his bosom, and he analyzed and said voluminously: “When the Su’s family army caught the traitors, they had already interrogated it once. They were saying at that time that they were colluding with the Ministry of Treasury and Revenue during that year, and they already signed the confession. For the whole journey during the escorting of the traitors, there should not be any other person who could approach the criminals except for the General manor’s people, right. Who would have thought that when they returned to the Ministry of Justice, they would assert arbitrarily that Prime Minister Lou, father and son were the masters behind the plot, was this not strange? Why would they want to set Prime Minister Lou up, there would surely be some people who had incited them to do this!”

Staring fixedly at Bai Yi’s young and elegant face with her sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing asked: “Where did you find this stuff from?”

This kind of stuff, if it was not at the Ministry of Justice, it would be kept at the General’s manor. He was a foreign Prince, how he could take a hold of this in such a short period of time, or she really looked down on him, or everything was simply related to him?!

Facing Zhuo Qing’s inquiry, someone with discerning eyes could see that she was on guard with the meaning of her question. Bai Yi’s eyes were actually flickering and shining, and he had an appearance like someone who just took credit for his own achievement, he smiled complacently and said: “I naturally have my own way lo! You know that I am very good, right!! I have just said that I can protect you, you still do not believe me!”

Zhuo Qing’s hand was still holding that thing that an average person would hard to find, this reminded her not to look down on the boy who was in front of her, he did not look as simple as what he was showing! But looking at that bright and pure pair of eyes, and with a simple face that was taking credit on his own achievement. Zhuo Qing felt that she, herself, was somewhat unable to tell good from bad and too nervous, perhaps, he really thought of helping her. And being able to get a hold of this information, it could be proven that Liao Yue already hid someone in the Imperial court.

Thinking at this point, Zhuo Qing appeared to have more trust in this boy who was next to her, he did not hesitate to expose his own country’s Intelligence gathering. He also wanted to show the inquiry record for her to look at, he should be sincere in treating her, right!

Thinking about the words that Bai Yi just said a moment ago, Zhuo Qing frowned again: “Your meaning was that Su Ling set Xi Yan up on purpose? Impossible!” Su Ling was not this type of person!!

Bai Yi curled his lips, and answered: “I did not say that it was surely General Su! But I can also say that he has the biggest suspicions!”

She did not have any evidence at the moment, so Zhuo Qing could not refute his words, Su Ling should really be suspected.

Zhuo Qing did not refute it any longer, so Bai Yi was simply sitting with his cross-legged, he analyzed privately and said: “I think the most important thing now is what kind of evidences that those traitors have spoken off, to frame a loyal and good person! As long as we can prove that Prime Minister Lou is the person who is accused wrongly, we can take him out of the Imperial prison first. As far as who is the black hand behind the scenes, Prime Minister Lou, himself, can investigate and it will be more appropriate. He is very wise, farsighted and multi-talented, and he will think a better strategy exquisitely than ours!!”

Zhuo Qing was shaking her head wearily: “It is easier said than done!” She naturally and clearly understood Bai Yi’s arguments, but Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge to be sent to prison was plotting a rebellion at the moment, this was a serious crime in every Imperial dynasty! How was it possible that the person who had set him up, would leave behind a loophole that could be used by them easily!

Lightly waving to Zhuo Qing to hint her to come over, Bai Yi craftily smiled: “Actually, it is not difficult either.”

Not difficult?! Zhuo Qing was looking suspiciously at the weird boy who was in front of her, with a doubtful mind, her body could not help to bend down.

Looking at his left and right, and after making sure that there was no other person in the surroundings, Bai Yi only whispered by the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “We only need to forge some evidences to prove that those traitors were forced by General Su to set Prime Minister Lou up, that can prove that Prime Minister Lou is accused wrongly! Wait until Prime Minister Lou comes out, then he can investigate it quietly. Then we can find out naturally who is the black hand behind the scenes, at that time, if it is not General Su, he can still have his innocent!”

“Out of the question!” Zhuo Qing lowly shouted, and was glaring at Bai Yi, and she lowly scolded: “This is setting another person up!!

Bai Yi already shrank his nose, refusing to comply and he lowly mumbled and said: “Is Prime Minister Lou not the person who is being set up, they can forge the evidences, why can we not forge it ah?! Moreover, this is only to expedite to get him out of the Imperial prison and it is quite proper!!”

Zhuo Qing was furious quickly, if she was doing it like this, what was the difference between her and those people who set Xi Yan up?! Moreover, he seriously thought that Su Ling was this easy to be lied to ah, wanting to set him up!! She slapped Bai Yi’s head angrily, Zhuo Qing groaned and said: “You are still a child, and want to do this kind of child’s play thing?”

Stroking his head, Bai Yi rubbed it while he insisted and said: “I do not think that this is a child’s play, this is exactly what is called to create a diversion, to steal the sorghum and exchange it with the pillar. We only hide the facts, it will not have any big influence to General Su, we can only make those so called evidences to set Prime Minister Lou up, so they appear to have loophole. Is it not good like this?”

Facing the stubborn child who was in front of her, Zhuo Qing did not really know what to say, her head began to hurt again, she was distraught with anxiety at the moment. Lightly rubbing her temple, Zhuo Qing was waving her hand towards Bai Yi, with somewhat impatient, she muttered and said: “Forget about it, you go out first, ok, I want to calm down a bit.”

“Oh.” Looking at her painful appearance, Bai Yi did not insist on his suggestion, he stood up from the floor, patting his dress down, he walked to the outside door while he did not forget to make clear and say: “You remember to eat some stuffs lo.”

Closing her eyes, Zhuo Qing perfunctorily answered: “En.”

Finally, the sound of Bai Yi’s footsteps got further apart gradually, Zhuo Qing slowly opened her eyes, looking at the inquiry record that was on her hand, her original complexion that was not too good, became more and more haggard.

Bai Yi’s footsteps were light and graceful when he was walking to the furthest area of the Prime Minister’s manor that was spacious and empty. One black and strong figure appeared behind him, and followed him all the way, he actually wanted to say something but hesitating. Bai Yi’s mood appeared to be good, his thin lips raised lightly, smilingly said: “What is the matter?”

The big person hesitated for a while, but he still bowed his body slightly, he asked puzzlingly: “Master, forgive this subject to be so bold, why do you want to help Lou Xi Yan, so much that you do not hesitate and make your own self and Liao Yue to have this type of disagreement?!” Taking that thing to give it to Qing Ling, that definitely and undoubtedly exposed Liao Yue’s strength that was hidden within Qiong Yue. He could still understand Master’s conducts, deeds and plans in the past, this time actually made him to be puzzled. Moreover, this was regarded to the whole Liao Yue, so he dared to be so bold as to ask the question!

Bai Yi already guessed that he would have this question at an earlier time, so he was not surprised at all, instead, he turned his body around to look towards the nervous and strong man who was behind him, smilingly said: “Who do you think is the biggest enemy for Liao Yue, Lou Xi Yan or Su Ling?”

The big person was startled, after he pondered over seriously for a while, he answered realistically: “Lou Xi Yan is resourceful, Su Ling is heroic and good in battle, but Su Ling will be harder to beat in regard to Liao Yue’s domination!” The Su’s armies were harsh and unreasonable towards the six countries, they were invincible, these were the reason why Qiong Yue was leading the six countries.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, and approached the big person, under the moonlight, his meager figure was almost completely sheltered by the strong body. Bai Yi slowly raised his head, his eyes flashed through some sophisticated chilliness, the corner of his mouth made a strange curve unexpectedly, the big person could not help to tremble in his heart: “If Su Ling can be made a friend with Liao Yue, how will the conclusion be? If both countries are going to war in the future, will Yan Hong Tian still dare to send the Su’s armies in the expedition to Liao Yue? Will he not afraid that Su Ling will change sides during the war? If we set him up today, even though the evidence will not be sufficient at all, but it will be enough to put a doubting seed in Yan Hong Tian’s heart, which sovereign king is not suspicious?! Even if Yan Hong Tian is finally able to balance the relationship between the Imperial courts, and stabilizes the political situation in Qiong Yue, nobody will be punished for a crime, but after this passed through, the Prime Minister’s manor and General’s manor are bound to be enemies, because of this, can both the civil and military officials live together in harmony again? How can my Liao Yue be mentioned in equal terms with this kind of Qiong Yue!?”

The clear and bright voice was still entirely quieted the night, the low sound was still echoing in his ear, the big person secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and immediately answered: “This subject is slow-witted! Master still thinks far-reaching. But…… is Madam Lou willing to cooperate to set Su Ling up? Based in this subject’s observation, she does not look like a foolish person!”

She was indeed not a foolish person, but she was absolutely an infatuated person!! Lightly patting the big person’s shoulder, Bai Yi quietly and smilingly said unhurriedly: “If during a normal time, she absolutely can not be fooled, but it is not necessarily like that now. Lou Xi Yan is already sent to prison, she is impatient as if she is burning earlier. I have heard that Prime Minister Lou’s body is always not good, he has an old illness, if at this moment, he is not careful and falls ill, he can die inside the prison. According to you, this Madam Lou who is loving and impatient, can she still be rational in that case?!”

“This subject will deal with it immediately!” The heavy force in his shoulder made the big person grasped it immediately, he leaned over to salute hurriedly afterwards, and advanced to the outside door to leave urgently.

Bai Yi nodded his head satisfyingly, his footsteps were light and graceful as before, but under the moonlight, the original eyes that should be glittering like sunshine, were wondering profoundly with extraordinary splendor.
It was already passed zishi (11 pm-1 am) inside the study room at the General’s manor, the candles were flickering inside the study room as before.

Under the tall bookcase, one lovable and small figure was busying and rummaging through to find something. During the early autumn night, her forehead unexpectedly had a thin layer of sweat.

Gu Yun was half kneeling beside the bookcase, and rummaging through to find some information, but it had already been 5-6 hours and she had not found anything.

During the afternoon, she already went to rummage through the Ministry of Justice, Dan Yu Lan was not present. Cheng Hang informed her that the main confession record of Lou Xi Yan’s case was kept at the General’s manor, they unexpectedly did not understand any specific circumstances.

This acknowledgement made Gu Yun felt very worried!

Her mood was increasingly jittery, Gu Yun’s action in rummaging through to look for the confession became more and more rough, darn Su Ling! Where would he put that information in the end?!

“What are you looking for?!” A cold voice of a man echoed strongly from behind her.

Su Ling!! Gu Yun was slightly startled, taking a deep breath deeply, she turned around calmly soon after. Looking one glance at him, she answered while she was still rummaging through like before: “I want to know what kind of evidences that the traitors have shown, that make Yan Hong Tian put Lou Xi Yan to prison at his big wedding day?!”

Su Ling’s black eyes slightly narrowed, this woman was really bold in her mind, the whole study room at the General’s manor was completely lighted on, the door was half opened, so the Imperial guards who were night patrolling believed that the person who was inside the study room was him. Looking at her standing position, if she had been trying to find it all the way, she was inside the study room for no less than two to three shichen (between 4-6 hours)!! Apart from having to keep the file outside, the rest was put in order intactly. If he did not come over tonight, he would simply not see that someone had been rummaging through his stuffs.

Moreover, she unexpectedly still dared to rummage thought to find the evidence in front of him now?! Looking that she was already discovered, but her petite figure was still rummaging through to find the evidence, the corner of Su Ling’s mouth unexpectedly and involuntarily raised up slightly. He found himself laughing, but he restrained the corner of his mouth immediately, lightly coughing, he groaned and said coldly: “You should not care about this matter!”

Su Ling was not nervous unexpectedly, it was very clear that the stuffs that she was looking for were not here inside the study room!! Releasing her hand off some stuffs, Gu Yun slowly got up, and she was confronting Su Ling who had always a black cloud looking panda on his face all the time. Gu Yun answered with not a slight uncompromising attitude: “That person who is being sent to prison is my brother in law now! I should care about it!” Qing’s feeling towards Lou Xi Yan, she could clearly see it even if she was a slow person, it was impossible that she watched with folding arms (not doing anything) about this matter!

The similar like eagle’s sharp, acute and firm eyes slightly raised his pupils to relatively fight, they should absolutely not need to continue with this dispute. Both of the people already understood it clearly that they could not persuade any of them!

“Someone comes.”

A cold, strong and imposing sound echoed, Gu Yun secretly shouted “Crap!”

Sure enough, his speaking voice was just left out, a group of the shoulders from the night patrols unexpectedly appeared from outside the study room.

“Lock her up in her room, without my order, she is not allowed to step out of the room.” His unquestionable voice was just like no one could disobey his every order, the soldiers looked one glance at each other secretly. Their feet did not dare to be stagnant, and went to the side of Gu Yun hastily and in a hurry, but they also did not step forward to detain her.

Clenching her teeth secretly, Gu Yun wished to fight with this opinionated man angrily, but she endured it because she still had not lost any rational!

“Su Ling, you want to house arrest me?!” Between these two people, their forever competing eyes would never cease, Gu Yun’s eyes was firmly cutting down on Su Ling’s body like a knife and Su Ling could hear the sound of her grinding her teeth. This made Su Ling felt a little relieved because of her untamed and jittery heart. Casted a sidelong glance at her fist that kept relaxing and tightening again, Su Ling said with a cruel and untamed smile: “I know that your martial art is not weak, your endurance is astonishing, and very smart. But if you really have enough sufficient knowledge, you should know that nobody will disobey my opinion at this General’s manor, do not ever think to leave the General’s manor!”

“Is it really?” This insufferably arrogant man!! He infuriated her! He infuriated her!!

Gu Yun smiled instead of getting angry, approached Su Ling slowly, her small and lovable figure was only reached to his chest. After stoping by his side, Gu Yun left this sentence with not light nor heavy voice: “General Su, we will wait and see (who is right).” He seriously believed that she was used to devote herself to embroider the butterfly during this half a year time?! Su Ling, if I, Gu Yun wanted to leave the General’s manor, it would be as easy as if I entered the food market!!

Rather than saying that she was detained in custody, it was better to say that a swaggering woman was escorted by a group of soldiers to leave!!

Darn it, how did she have this much confidence?

How did she have this much confidence inside the General’s manor, who was the master of the General’s manor in the end!!

“Peng–” (The sound of SL who was breaking the tables)

The majority of the people heard the loud sound inside the study room in the depth of the night. The young General who was tidying up the study room the next day, could only see that several tables were cut down in half and they were crumbling on the ground…… This…… who provoked the General to get angry again last night?!!

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 106: Delayed Wedding Reception (Part 2)

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“Hold on!” The white hand raised lightly, the captivating red head covering fell on the ground, along with a clear and cold voice of a woman that echoed unhurriedly. A new bride who took off her own head covering was nevertheless still in a minority, and the makeup on her face was unexpectedly very plain. The scars that were on her face were not even covered, this individual, even though she did not appear like an ordinary new bride who was lovable, amorous, gentle and beautiful, but her beautiful facial features could overturn the city. Her quiet, cold, proud and aloof personalities still made everyone who was present to inhale a mouthful of cold air.

Dan Yu Lan was quite familiar with Zhuo Qing, and also admired this woman’s intelligent, so he asked: “What matter does Madam still have?”

Stepping forward slowly and steadily, she walked to Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan, Zhuo Qing raised her voice respectfully and asked: “General Su, Dan Daren, we only have the last respect (of the wedding ceremony), after that this marriage will be completed! Qing Ling asks these two officials boldly to extend the time for another half hour, I am not sure if this is possible?”

Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan looked face to face for one glance, they did not expect that this woman would unexpectedly have this kind of request. Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for being sent to prison was to plot a rebellion, this would request that all his families would be executed with no pardon of his crime! If they had not gotten married, she might still have the opportunity to escape. If the ceremony was completed today, then she would not have a chance to escape from the punishment! This was simply following a path of her own destruction ah, but facing Zhuo Qing’s firm and cold eyes, they could not really say anything. They came to capture someone now, it was simply not their wishes, thus if they did not agree to this request, this would be too much!

Both of them did not nod their heads excessively, they only nodded lightly at the same time.

They had accepted tacitly, Zhuo Qing walked towards Lou Xi Yan who was gazing at her with wrinkled eyebrows, slowly stretching her hands out, and grasping his fingers. It was always him who was stretching his hands to her in the past, she wanted to hold hands with him to finish the most important journey today!

“Qing-er……” The slim fingers were holding his hands tightly, her palms streamed through some steady warmth, Lou Xi Yan did not feel any moodiness just because he was going to prison but he just felt this great waves that sprang up from all around at this time.

Not waiting until he finished his words, Zhuo Qing lightly raised the corner of her mouth, her eyes persisted with firm rays of lights that were somewhat glaring. Her clear and bright voice was loud that everyone who was present could hear it clearly: “I only want to become your wife today, no matter if you are an important Prime Minister or a lowly prisoner!!”

Everyone was in a daze and gazing at the woman whose whole body was in a red clothing, perhaps, many people thought that her way of handling thing was really stupid. But there were more people who regarded this woman with full of admiration in their hearts and were touched by her. It was easy to share riches and honor after all, but sharing trials and tribulations were difficult!! Lou Mu Hai who had never given Zhuo Qing his good appearance, finally showed a trace of smile on his face. This woman was courageous, insightful, firm and loyal to the end, and could be regarded to match with his son!

“Ceremony Official!” Zhuo Qing’s bright voice called out.

The Ceremony Official finally recovered, he shouted in a loud voice: “The married couple is to pay respect to each other!”

The pair of the newly-wed, their red blood clothing, the sleeves of the robe and dress were swirling in the air, looking face to face, there was no longer any other person who existed, no guest, no Imperial edict, no red silk head covering, no ribbon to pull. Only two people who were looking at each other like this with their fingers that were sticking closely!

Deeply lowering down their own bodies, along with the loud shouting from the Ceremony Official: “The ceremony is completed!” This marriage was completed at last!

The inside of the main hall that was originally in absolute silence because of the Imperial edict that was heard by everyone, was saluted with sounds of joys afterwards!

Walking to the front of the ceremony desk, Zhuo Qing took out two empty cups, then poured them with wine, she handed one cup over to Lou Xi Yan, and held the other cup on her hand. Stretching her hand out to hook Lou Xi Yan’s arm, Zhuo Qing leaned her body forward slightly, she said quietly next to his ear: “Drink these traditional wine ceremony, (actual words are formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony), we will be partners who will share both the honor and disgrace on this life and age, we will never leave each other!”

Partners who would share both the honor and disgrace, and to never leave each other! The clear and light voice did not have that meticulous proclamation like a moment ago, but every word was deep and seeping into the bottom of Lou Xi Yan’s heart. He knew that the person whom he picked on his own would not make him disappointed, but he did not know that she could accomplish this kind of situation for him!

Both of their eyes were facing each other, their wrists were crossing over, the excellent wine entered their throats, this emphasized one’s life promise.

Slowly tightening up their hands, taking her hands and holding them on the palms of his hands, Lou Xi Yan said with a gentle voice: “Wait until I return home.”

“En!” Nodding strongly, this was the promise that he gave her, he would return home.

The two people released their holding hands at the same time, Lou Xi Yan walked to Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling, he said with a light smile: “General Su, Dan Daren, please, ok.” Just like a normal day, the three people had their casual manners, as if they were meeting during the Imperial court accidentally. This man appeared to be the same whether he was in a difficult situation or not.

All of the Officials left the crowded place and nevertheless, the main hall was exceptionally quiet, Xue Xian Xin chased them out all the way: “Lao Ye…… Lao Ye!!”

“Elder brother!” Lou Xi Wu was also following until the side of the door, leaving only Zhuo Qing who insisted on marrying Lou Xi Yan a moment ago, and who had already become the mistress of the Lou’s family. She was standing in the main hall and facing all of the guests who were not sure what to do, or maybe waiting to watch a bustling scene. But she gave a slight courtesy and said with unrestrained and unquestionable manners: “The Lou’s family just happens to have an unforeseen event today, the wedding reception will end here, ok. If there is any opportunity in the future, the Lou’s family is sure to have a feast for our friends again! Everybody, please return, ok! Jing Sa, see the visitors out!”

As the family’s housekeeper, Jing Sa immediately stepped forward one step, he said with a heavy voice: “Yes, Madam.”

“Everybody, please!”

The Prime Minister’s manor was worthy to be called Prime Minister’s manor, even though they met this large transformation, they were still steady and not in any disorder. The complexion of every servant was tranquil, they invited all of the crowds to go out neatly and tidily.

A tide of people were departing out in silence, Gu Yun, with a low voice said to Su Yu who was behind her: “You return to the General’s manor first.”

Looking that she was motionless like a mountain, Su Yu urgently said: “Then, how about you?”

“I have words that I want to say to her.” The completion of her marriage like this, even though Qing showed off tranquility from beginning to end, she was afraid that her heart could not take it easily, right!

Su Yu pulled the sleeve of her garment lightly, advised in a low voice: “The person who will investigate this case is Elder brother, the traitors are also brought back by Second brother. I am afraid that the Prime Minister’s manor will not welcome you, you will be better to leave first, ok!” She was indeed the person from the General’s manor now, if she waited until somebody was throwing her out, that would be unsightly!

Pulling back the sleeve of her garment, Gu Yun answered impatiently: “It will not, you return first.”

The tide of people who were near the door of the hall were almost dispersing, Su Yu did not feel good to stay behind either, and could only say in a low voice: “Fine, ok, you be careful on your own.” Qing Ling did not look like a person who could not understand logic, he would be better to return to the General’s manor first, right!

The people who were inside the room were less and less, Bai Yi was standing and watching attentively at Zhuo Qing’s still face, for a very long time, he heard a low voice from a big person who was behind him: “Master, at this present circumstances, it seems that it is not appropriate to continue staying at the Lou’s family!”

Covering up the extraordinary splendor from his eyes, Bai Yi nodded leisurely and lightly, soon after, he was following the tide of people who were leaving along from the main hall.

The main hall that was bustling with noise previously, there were only a few servants this time who were tidying up some objects that were overturned by the tide of people when they were leaving, the fully captivating red room seemed to mock and offend the eyes at this moment. Xue Xian Xin entered the main hall with a worry look, she could not help to weep in the end: “How can this thing happens like this!! Lao Ye and Xi Yan are in prison, how can this be good ah!”

Lou Xi Wu walked to Zhuo Qing’s back, urgently said: “Sister in law, what should we do next ah?!” Dad and Elder brother were not here, she and Second mother had panicky expressions. It seemed that only Sister in law who was still calm, she could only depend on and hope for her!

Zhuo Qing was standing in a daze in the main hall, her cold eyes were looking at the warm sunshine that was outside the courtyard, it was brilliant like red silk, she did not say anything. Xue Xian Xin who was flustered at first, looking at Zhuo Qing who was standing in a daze, then she scolded: “What is the use of asking her! What does she understand! No powerful backer or no connection, what plan can she have at this time!”

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes hurriedly, Xue Xian Xin was walking back and forth in the living room, murmuring to herself and she said: “I think it is best that we should enter the Imperial palace immediately, and ask for help to West Empress Dowager!!”

Lou Xi Wu raised her hand, and answered: “Elder brother is not home, you do not have an Imperial tablet to enter the Imperial palace, how can we seek to see paternal aunt?!” No Imperial tablet, they could only wait to be summoned!!

“Then……” With a frenetic look that was on her face and after moving around for several steps, Xue Xian Xin called out: “Then, get in touch quickly with Lao Ye’s former subordinates, furthermore, get in touch with Lou Xi Yan’s former students ah!” The Lou family was still somewhat powerful during this dynasty, right!!

“Jing Sa, Mo Bai!! Quickly, quickly, quickly! Go and ask those Daren to come to the manor!!” Xue Xian Xin called out to the two people to go and ask for help. The two people were looking one glance at each other, their gazes were all looking towards Zhuo Qing, they seemed to wait for her command.

The two people were all motionless, Xue Xian Xin’s sharp voice called out: “Go quickly ah! What are you still staring at!!” These slaves were normally spoiled by Xi Yan! What time was this that they were still unclear who the Master was!

Both of them were still standing motionless and in silence, Xue Xian Xin still wanted to flip out, Gu Yun was finally unable to bear it and she said: “Even if they go, it will be in vain, the guests who were inside a moment ago, were they not Lao Ye’s former subordinates, and Lou Xi Yan’s students? They seemed to come to the Prime Minister’s manor, why did they leave so quickly a moment ago? Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for going to prison is plotting a rebellion, even if they have any consideration to help during this time, they will absolutely not dare to gather at the Prime Minister’s manor openly and without fear!!”

Qing should already think of a countermeasure in dealing with this situation by now, this old mother hen was arguing noisily, Qing would flip out!

Gu Yun said the actual situation like this, Xue Xian Xin was not stupid either, she was just muddle headed a moment ago. Hearing her analysis, she also knew some of those, but being refuted by a young lady, her reputation seemed to be embarrassed. Pointing her finger at Gu Yun, Xue Xian Xin scolded with a loud voice: “You are the General manor’s person, what are you doing still staying here, are you looking at us as a joke?! Those traitors were captured and brought back by the General manor’s people. I think you all are the ones who collaborate with the traitors, and then set up Xi Yan and Lao Ye, you are still here being hypocritical and pretending to be upset now?! Get lost! Get out of my sight!!”

The sharp shout was challenging Zhuo Qing’s nerve, Zhuo Qing who was always silent, finally roared lowly: “That is enough!”

Xue Xian Xin was frightened slightly and closed her mouth with great difficulty.

Secretly breathing several breaths, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice and calmly: “You are already tired for the whole day, return and rest first, ok.”

“Rest?” Once her speaking voice was left, Xue Xian Xin shrieked one more time: “You still have the mood to rest now?!! I should see you earlier that you are not a good person!! You……”

“Jing Sa.” Lightly kneading her temple, Zhuo Qing did not allow her to hoot an abuse, she only said to Jing Sa with a cold voice: “Take this noisy woman and throw her out to a place where she can stay, do not make me listen to her voice again!”

“Yes!” Jing Sa slightly nodded, and walked to the side of Xue Xian Xin, his big hand was lifting her arm, and taking her out of the main hall gently.

“You…… you are rebelling!! Let go off my hand, let go off my hand…… Qing Ling…… do not think that you can hide the truth from the masses! Let go off my hand…..” Her yelling voice was more and more distant, Zhuo Qing’s complexion did not improve a bit, Lou Xi Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and she said carefully: “Sister in law, then…… I will return first.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing nodded her head lightly.

Lou Xi Wu ran out of the main hall, she did not dare to trouble her again.

Releasing her hand that was massaging in between her eyebrows, her complexion was already restored as always, Zhuo Qing lowly explained: “Mo Bai, you go and sort out the list for the Imperial officials’ relationship to me, the officials who are five grades and higher in their positions, separate their affiliations and factions, make a clear mark who have a good or bad relationship with the Lou’s family. Hand it over to me early tomorrow morning, furthermore…… return the deployment of the Prime Minister’s personnel transfer wholly.”

“Yes.” Looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, Mo Bai did not say anything, he withdrew to go out quietly.

Finally, Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were the only ones left in the big main hall.

Zhuo Qing walked to the side of a wooden chair, her movement was slow as if, if she was moving a bit faster, she would tumble down on the ground. Sitting down on the wooden chair with great difficulty, her expression looked somewhat stupefied. Even though her hands were already holding the handles of the wooden chair closely, Gu Yun could still see that they were shaking.

Squatting down next to her, Gu Yun asked quietly: “Qing, are you alright?” That scene during that wedding ceremony ritual a moment ago, she was somewhat in heartache looking at her. As it turned out, Qing’s love to Lou Xi Yan was already so deep! Originally, today should be a happy day for these couple’s lives, nevertheless, it was like this in the end!

Holding Zhuo Qing’s cold fingers, Gu Yun wanted to comfort her, but she did not know what to say either!

For a very long time, Gu Yun finally sighed in a low voice: “I…… will think of a way to investigate what kind of important evidences that the traitors from Xi Bei have against Lou Xi Yan. Do not be too worry, it will be alright!” After listening to the last sentence, it was actually somewhat useless, if she could help Lou Xi Yan to wash away his injustice, it was the only help for Qing, right!

Zhuo Qing was sitting on the wooden chair silently, the sunshine was glaring outside the room, the heatwave was rolling on, but her hands and feet felt very cold. They had arrived in this different era for half a year, she basically, was just doing things that she liked to do, according to her own character, handling and conducting the affairs in her own style, but it was just to switch her life in a different place.

She could live free like this, unconstrained, all of those were because Xi Yan showed his tolerance to her, and put her under his wing, she seemed to be accustomed to his silence investment and protection like this. At that time when he was taken away, she was afraid, she had never experienced that kind of fear in her more than 20 years old of age. She was afraid to lose him, so she wanted to marry him!!

She did not know whether or not this was regarded as love, she only knew that she was willing to live and die together with him, and never left each other.

She was not willing to face up this major feudalism authority and tyrant systems all along, even though she almost drowned and lost in this moment, she was still useless to face it, but in this moment, she understood incomparably and needed that power!

Xi Yan, I would accompany you to fight this battle together!
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