Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 72: Forced Marriage (Part 3)

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Aijia would just betroth her to you today, good or not?

Although she used this ‘asking’ sentence, unfortunately, the West Empress Dowager did not actually inquire his opinion, bestowing a marriage was the primary purpose of summoning him to enter the Imperial palace tonight, right.

Already expecting this earlier, Lou Xi Yan was not surprise at all, only got up from his seat and walked to the middle of the palace hall, cupped his one fist on the other hand and slightly bowed his body, he answered faintly: “Thank you for the Empress’ good intention, Chen already has a wife, does not dare to cause the Princess to feel wronged.”

The Empress Dowager had already foreseen this early that he would speak like this, she raised her head and with a devoted face, she smiled and soothingly said: “You can be at ease, Aijia is not an unreasonable person. Qing Ling, that child, Aijia also likes her very much, the pray for blessings celebration event is almost here, after the event celebration, you and Xuan-er’s wedding first. As soon as you have completed the wedding, you can bring Qing Ling into the manor, although it feels somewhat wronged to her, but you also know Xuan-er’s personal character, she will certainly not make things difficult for her.” According to Lou Xi Yan’s temper, he should not take another concubine, one wife and one concubine, Xuan-er would also unlikely to feel very wronged.

“Answering the Empress Dowager, Chen’s marriage affair with Qing Ling has already been reported long time ago in the public, family and older generations. Chen has also informed a group of officials at the Imperial palace banquet, she is already Chen’s wife, how can Chen take other wife?” He would surely persevere in regard to this matter to the end.

The West Empress Dowager just stared blankly, answered ridiculously: “You have not married officially, it cannot be counted as being a husband and wife, how is it taking another wife again? You are the Prime Minister of one country, how can you decide a matter of taking a wife carelessly like this?! It is not that Qing Ling is bad, but she is a woman from a foreign country, how can she deserve to be your official wife?”

Standing for a long time, Lou Xi Yan’s breathing was already somewhat unstable, serene for a long time, Lou Xi Yan with a clear voice said again: “These words that the Empress has said are wrong, the Emperor has bestowed her to this small official, she is no longer Hao Yue’s woman, she is rather Chen’s woman. Chen and her are definitely a husband and wife, besides Chen has promised to marry her as an official wife. Breaking a promise of marriage now, it is really going against the righteousness, if Chen is really this kind of a person who changes at once on seeing something differently, the one who reaps as the consequences of one’s words, the Empress will not feel relieved handing over the Princess to Chen, right.”

In the eyes of everybody, Lou Xi Yan and Xuan-er were already a couple, this matter was known to everyone early, the Emperor bestowed that woman to him, it was not to be censured too strictly, this kind of thing was in their position as men after all. Who did not have three wives and four concubines, she did not feel like controlling this matter, but she had not anticipated this that Lou Xi Yan who was always gentle would unexpectedly look for an excuse to refute this marriage! It was not surprising that Xuan-er could not stand it and committed suicide!

It looked as if Lou Xi Yan was crazy about Qing Ling and lost his soul, not letting him to take her as a wife was impossible. She did not want to have an acrimonious falling out with him either at the moment, the West Empress Dowager’s complexion changed slightly and pushed down the anger in her heart, she said with a cold voice: “Very well, so Prime Minister Lou persists in trust and justice, Aijia also admires your behavior completely and will not make things difficult for you. Xuan-er and she can enter the door together, her status will be the same as a wife, there is no difference, this way should not cast her aside and also does not go against Prime Minister Lou’s promise, right?”

One woman’s status from a small country could not be distinguished with the Princess, she was already considered taking the most setback, if Lou Xi Yan still failed to appreciate her kindness, then just could not blame her!

From ‘Xi Yan’ to ‘you’, then to ‘Prime Minister Lou’, the West Empress Dowager’s patience was nearly exhausted, and Lou Xi Yan’s chest was also stuffy and it became more and more obvious. After breathing secretly for a long time, Lou Xi Yan was still speechless.

“Prime Minister Lou does not say anything, Aijia will just take it as you have agreed?” Knowing perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan wanted to refute, the West Empress Dowager was still obstinately clinging to her curse. She already lost one son, she could not lose another daughter, absolutely could not!

Slightly gasping for breath, Lou Xi Yan could feel the pain on his chest, then without any mood to withdraw from this problem, Lou Xi Yan said bluntly: “Between Chen and the Princess are only a ruler and her minister and it lacks the male and female’s affections. It is very likely that Chen can not take care of the Princess properly and interfere with the Princess’ lifelong happiness, Chen really does not dare to support the Empress Dowager’s good intention.”

“You~~.” He unexpectedly declined this marriage openly, the West Empress Dowager’s teeth were nibbling, just about to get angry, the always grim but not speaking’s Yan Hong Tian suddenly started talking: “Xuan-er’s health has not yet recovered, we will discuss the matter of the wedding later on again, it is late, you should return to rest first, ok.”

Xi Yan was not in a very good condition, he should usually respond with skill and ease (not being so blunt) with this kind of matter, but he seemed somewhat impetuous now. There was thin sweat on his forehead, excessive muffled voice that revealed that he was enduring pain, his illness would not just recurred again, right!

The Emperor was sure enough still standing by Lou Xi Yan’s side, but Xuan-er was his younger sister! Seeing with her eyes that Lou Xi Yan turned around to walk out, the West Empress Dowager’s expression was dark, she suddenly struggled to talk: “The Emperor, there are many people who talk various things inside the Imperial palace, Aijia does not know what is being said about the matter this time, Xuan-er, this child is also too sensitive. The inside Imperial palace is actually a harmful place for Xuan-er to recuperate, according to what Aijia can see, the Prime Minister’s manor is a quiet and secluded place, it is very fit to recuperate, it will be better to let Xuan-er to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor, right.”

Stopped listening, Lou Xi Yan’s feet were motionless momentarily, he said urgently: “Chen thinks that it is inappropriate.”

The West Empress Dowager who always had a good natured face, her face became cold immediately, lightly humphed and said: “Why, Xuan-er is a country’s Princess, she can not recuperate or fit in your manor, right!”

“Chen does not dare. But it will be harmful to the Princess’ reputation like this, the Lou’s family has another courtyard to stay, it is very fit to recuperate there, the Princess can proceed forwards.” If he let the Princess to recuperate at the manor, he would not be able to explain to Ling-er. He was afraid that the West Empress Dowager would contradict at a future time that the Princess was staying at the Prime Minister’s manor for a long time, it would damage his reputation and compel him to take responsibility, then he would not know how to evade at that time!!

The more he did not let Xuan-er to go, the more she wanted to let her to go, it was best when the rice was cooked (what’s done is done)!! The West Empress Dowager sneered in her heart, but on the contrary, her face showed a cold appearance just now, lowly smiled and said: “Xi Yan does not need to worry about this, the Prime Minister’s manor does not have only one person who lives there. Xi Wu and Xuan-er are the same ages, letting Xuan-er to have a partner is also good, and then, you say that you do not have any male and female’s affections with the Princess, then you can take advantage in nurturing it during these days nicely. If it still can not make your heart to cherish each other, Aijia will not force you anymore.”

Finished speaking, the West Empress Dowager, intentionally looked at the side towards Yan Hong Tian, she asked: “What does the Emperor think?”

Yan Hong Tian pondered for a moment, he was finally disregarded Lou Xi Yan’s chilly cold rays from his eyes, he said with a heavy voice: “Granted.”

Xi Yan was his best friend, his best official, and also his best opponent. He could not have forgotten, when Xi Yan’s mother passed away during childhood, Xi Yan had already said to him that he promised his mother, he would love and get married with only one woman, he would only have one wife in all of his life. He always thought that Xi Yan said it casually, but today, it seemed that he was not. He still wanted to see how long he could persist in this matter now!

Xuan-er was his dear younger sister after all, he also felt distressed when he was looking at her pale face and lying on the bed a moment ago. He still hoped that Xi Yan could like Xuan-er and became his younger sister’s husband, but according to his understanding towards Xi Yan, he was afraid that it would be very difficult.

The West Empress Dowager’s mind was happy, she said: “At down tomorrow, Aijia will personally send the Princess to enter the Prime Minister’s manor, it is already late now, Prime Minister Lou can go back to rest, ok.” She just could not believe that her daughter could not compare to that woman whose face was damaged, even if she could not really compare with her, she would also let her to have her wish fulfilled.

“Chen asks to be excused.” Everything was already a foregone conclusion, Lou Xi Yan, himself knew that he could not oppose this. Leaving behind his cold words, Lou Xi Yan’s meager back disappeared rapidly before their eyes.

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed thorough a trace of light, Xi Yan was angry……. Interesting.
The moonlight tonight did not seem too bright, the lake appeared to form a dense mass, did not have the azure and pure daytime yet, this kind of vast on the contrary, made people to look somewhat afraid. The water in front of Lan Yue building already carried a dense of lotus leaves, the lotus was only a very small flower bud. One could not see their dainty appearances during the night, just listening to the wind that passed through the lotus leaves with a rustling sound.

The night wind was stroking lightly, the lotus leaves were charming and gentle, Zhuo Qing leaned forward on the shine table. There was slightly sweet smelling grass, her mind was still very clear headed, but her eyes did not want to open up.

That Lou Mu Hai’s sentence was echoing in her ear continuously– ‘you will cause trouble to him.’

Perhaps, she would really cause trouble to him, right. But if he wanted to ask her whether or not she would let go of his hand, she would not hesitate to answer clearly– NO!

She despised every conduct about not putting up great effort and just gave up!

“Did I not let you to sleep early?”

Immersing in her own train of thought, a somewhat helpless and pampering, low and gentle sound lightly echoed, Zhuo Qing swiftly opened her eyes and saw Lou Xi Yan was standing on the side. His hand naturally brushed over the hair on her back, his fingers were fiddling with it, he was especially fond with this habit now, as long as they were together on their own, he would surely stroke her hair.

Standing up and turning her own hair around, Zhuo Qing held his hand and answered: “I am not sleepy, your complexion is not good, go to the inside of the room to talk, ok.” His appearance now, was exhausted that made people to feel sorry for him.

Lou Xi Yan allowed her to lead along, both of them returned to the inside room.

Holding and pulling him to the bedside, she pressed her shoulder to let him sit down, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “You have returned so I feel relieved la, rest early, good night.”

After she finished talking, she turned around to leave, suddenly her waist was tightened, she was confined into Lou Xi Yan’s embrace again, she stood still while Lou Xi Yan was sitting. Looking at him from this angle, the shape of his face was even more perfect, also more and more handsome and bright, his slender hand was supporting her waist softly. Zhuo Qing heard a thumping sound of her own heartbeats once again.

“You do not want to know what the Empress Dowager has said to declare me to enter the Imperial palace?” Slightly raising his eyes to watch attentively at her bright eyes. He wanted to know what she was thinking.

Zhuo Qing nodded candidly and answered: “I want to know. But your health is more important in my heart.” Did he not know that his own face was white and almost like transparent? Perhaps, she should try to find time to research a traditional Chinese medical science, and maybe she could combine the western medicine to treat his illness…….

He really liked her candidness and honesty so he did not want to deceive her either, Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment, then said concisely: “The main reason that Princess Chao Yun tried to kill herself was because of me, the Empress Dowager asked me to marry her as a wife.”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, she basically already anticipated this.

Zhuo Qing did not say anything, Lou Xi Yan hurriedly continued to say: “I declined.”

Zhuo Qing merely nodded her head to show that she got it, Lou Xi Yan did not clear whether she was happy or angry but he still wanted to continue saying: “The Empress Dowager issued an Imperial decree to let the Princess to recuperate her health at the Prime Minister’s manor. The Emperor already granted it so I could not decline this.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head one more time and asked: “Are you finished talking?”

“En.” Lou Xi Yan slowly nodded his head, although he had concealed his eyes really good, Zhuo Qing could still see that he was nervous.

Lightly patting his handsome face, Zhuo Qing was still smiling as before and she said: “Rest early.”

Her speaking voice was still waning off, the hand that was encircling her waist tightened again, Lou Xi Yan was very rarely glaring at her.

Zhuo Qing was laughing, as it turned out, he could not have any control either, it was confusing time ah. Using her hand to embrace Lou Xi Yan’s neck, the bright eyes looked towards his vast as the open sea and deep eyes, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “I am not angry, I know that you already strive your hardest for our own future, if she wants to come just let her to come, it is fine. I am not a silk flower, I do not need to adhere to a tall tree to survive, I do not need to hide behind you either. Let you to cover up the wind and escape from the rain for me (shield her from the trouble), I want you to stand together with me, do you understand the meaning of my words?”

“Ling-er……” He chose to tell her so he was prepared to accept whatever reaction she would give him, it was also normal if she was angry. He was already very exhausted tonight but he was also prepared to try to appease her attentively. But he did not anticipate that she would reply him like this.

I wanted to stand together with you……

Using his head to lightly lean against the side of her body, breathing the faint fragrance on her body, Lou Xi Yan was not clear what kind of mood he had at this moment, but his hands were more and more tightened up and just brought her closer to his embrace. This woman was going to accompany and walk with him for the whole entire life, he would not let go of her hands eternally.

His head position was right on her bosom, Zhuo Qing was feeling a little awkward, turning to move twice, his hands were even tighter, his face was snuggling on her bosom and the palms of his hands were caressing lightly, Zhuo Qing had a hundred year rarely seen red face on her face.

The name that he called out from his mouth was not her name, this made her somewhat uncomfortable, she did not desire that every time they were intimate, his mouth called this other woman’s name forever! Thinking about it, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Call me…… Qing, ok, my childhood name.”

Lou Xi Yan slightly raised his head and asked: “Did you regain your memory?”

Darn it, how could she forget about amnesia because she enjoyed this, she was not really good at telling a lie. Shaking her head, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “No, it was Qing Mo who told me that. I am familiar with this Qing’s name and also like it.”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head and answered: “Very well, ok, Qing-er.”

Not arguing with him intelligently, Zhuo Qing tried to move her body again, awkwardly said: “It is really late, your health is just a little better, sleep, ok, I will leave first.”

Her face was slightly red and she was anxious to run away, this made Lou Xi Yan’s mood was extremely good, his eyes flashed through a trace of craftiness, he lifted his head once again to show a pitiful face, Lou Xi Yan lowly mumbled: “Are you not afraid that I will suddenly develop an illness in the evening?”

Boo hoo (crying), how he could use this miserable expression to look at her, this would not do, she could not be softhearted, he was a fox. Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing did not open her eyes and she answered: “You have Mo Bai by your side.”

“He requested a leave of absence tonight.” Lou Xi Yan said it with a sincere face, Zhuo Qing was in difficulty, Mo Bai and him were always inseparable, this time when he fell ill at the moment, how could he request a leave of absence! This excuse was extremely rotten!

Standing outside the door, Mo Bai’s head filled with sinister lines, he thought that he, himself was very superfluous, the meaning of the Master’s words, was it or was it not to make him disappear tonight…….

Looking at his pale complexion, his hands were still settling on her waist, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Then, what do you want?”

“Stay and keep me company.” Lou Xi Yan was practically blurting it out, after he finished speaking, he also felt that he was somewhat impudent, putting forward this request was really somewhat excessive.

The meaning of his sentence was not the meaning that she was thinking, right…… (Remember ZQ always has ‘yellow’ thought according to GY 😜). One could not blame her, as a modern woman, the meaning behind this sentence was self evident.

Zhuo Qing was in daze watching attentively at him, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed and said: “You can be at ease, I simply want you to keep me company by my side, nothing more, before the wedding night, I will not do anything on this matter.”

“Are you certain?” Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows.

Lou Xi Yan firmly answered: “I guarantee.” In order to express his own sincerity, he also released his hands at the same time.

Zhuo Qing cried piteously, she was afraid that she could not guarantee……

Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing removed her shoes and strode over to go on the bed immediately, lying down on the inside of the bed. Looking at Lou Xi Yan who was still sitting on the bed, Zhuo Qing said: “Sleep, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan finally recovered and lied down in a daze, Zhuo Qing turned her body around, faintly said this sentence: “Good night.” Then, calmly closing her eyes.

Her sleeping posture while she was lying down was pretty, a wonderful and graceful figure that showed more alluring, as if a seaweed with that gentle and beautiful long hair that was draping over her shoulder and scattering by her side. The faint fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose, Lou Xi Yan only heard his own hoarse voice to answer: “Good…… night…..”

This…… was his own regret…… Could he still obtain any sleep tonight?
Ministry of Justice’s Prison

Inside the dark prison, there were only several ‘pow pow’ sounds from the torch (like crackling sound from a burning torch) on the pavement, under the slightly red light ray, there were two women, one was sitting and the other one was standing, coldly looking opposite each other.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Gu Yun looked inside the prison, at a calm’s woman face. The both of them were fighting in the past, she lowly said this sentence by her ear: “I have some words that I want to speak to you alone.” So, she came.

Qu Xin’s back was on the stone wall, lightly humphed to say: “You can be at ease, I will not make you to plead for leniency for me. Whatever I have done, I am very clear, I have killed someone so I have to pay for my own life, I do not have anything to complaint. But I am not willing as my elder brother has been treated unjustly, I want to request to you all to help me search the real murderer behind the scene.”

“You can feel relieved, there are a lot of people who have already died because of this matter, I will certainly not let the master behind the scene to get away with the crimes.” Even though the murderer for this case had been found, but she would not stop at this point either.

Watching attentively at Gu Yun’s firm and persistent eyes for a moment, from the inside of Qu Xin’s strong black clothing, she pulled out a piece of an extraordinary neat slip of paper, and handed it over to Gu Yun. Gu Yun took it and asked: “What is this?”

Both hands on her chest, Qu Xin explained: “I could kill Yang Liu at any time but nevertheless, I chose to endure with him, it was because I wanted to find the real master behind his back. But these past years, except for Li Zhi, he did not have any other suspicious person whom he was in touch with, and his most treasured object was exactly this piece of paper.”

Gu Yun opened it to look, there were numerous characters that were written on it closely together, but the whole thing was ‘left left right right, front front back back’ several characters, were being repeated again and again, could not see completely what the meaning was. Could it be that was similar to the morse code or the same as the signal code word, or it still needed to combine for example the five phases of Chinese philosophy bagua (wood, fire, earth, metal & water), mysterious method to unlock?!

“I already discovered this piece of paper a year ago, but after thinking for the whole year, I still did not understand what the meaning was, perhaps, you were capable to grasp it fully.” She studied it for a very long time, but it was not useful, she could only hope to entrust it to this intelligent and sharp woman who was in front of her.

Gu Yun looked to be confused, she also did not understand what the meaning was, perhaps, she could ask Qing, her mother was a Chinese’s national culture professor, she might be able to understand it.

“You go, ok.”

Gu Yun lifted her head, just saw that Qu Xin already turned on her back to lie down on the stone bed, she was not willing to chat with her anymore.

Gu Yun did not have anything to say either, also could not say anything, nobody could comfort her, what she could only do was to break this case as quickly as possible.

Chapter 71: Forced Marriage (Part 2)

Chapter 73: The Princess Arrived

Sian’s notes:

LXY is a fox, but ZQ is definitely a small fox. Hahahaha…. Very smooth indeed when she asked him to call her childhood name “Qing”. They are really made for each other.


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 10: Committed Suicide?

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

Index & Previous Chapters

The following day.
Ying Tian Town Hall.

The spacious, bright lobby with a ‘just and honorable plaque’ that was hanging in the middle, with a carved jade embedded in a mahogany wood frame against the background of a few shining golden characters. It was extremely dazzling. Two rows of brilliant and strong bailiffs who were dressing in crimson red were standing at the left and right of the lobby. They were holding a long stick and looked somewhat dignified.

The villagers who were allowed to visit could only stand in the lobby, and almost had to stand and go to the outside of the building. Since this was already advantageous, in this way, the villagers were still feeling nervous and stood unified together while hanging their heads down. The atmosphere was continuously every depressing for everybody, except for one person.

Lou Xi Yan’s gaze swept past the hand’s ring chest. His back was against the door frame. At the top of the doorstep was that lone picture of a cruel noble with the attitude that was incompatible with the atmosphere of the dazzling lobby.

Lou Xi Yan had an official hat to cover up more than half of his face. Even if it was insufficient to see his facial expression, Lou Xi Yan could guess that at this moment he would face the angry intention of the villagers. Anticipating it here, Lou Xi Yan thought his mood was rather delighted without any reason. Someone’s angry intention would grow without restraint.

Noon, 12 o’clock? That’s right!

These idiots did not sleep one whole night last night. They kept tossing from one side to the other side not knowing what to do. At dawn today, the genius, she had to handle and support them to deal with the issue at the Ying Tian Hall’s front door. Welcoming the sunshine to wait foolishly until now!!

Her clothes were once again thick and rough. Her back was already covered with sweat and wet. The cover hat made her breathless on her forehead. Her face was already dripping with sweat. Staring at the official’s front table to see Lou Xi Yan’s whole body that was fresh and relaxed, Zhuo Qing was extremely irritated.

Today’s Lou Xi Yan was very different than last night’s. He was wearing a white jade Zijin crown hat (an official hat), dressed in a dark golden robe, embroidered with a semi-reclining volts gold unicorn on his breast. His eyes were sparkling and ready to go. On the black brocade silk belt, it hanged a bluish green jade girdle ornament. His face had the same bright smile, but no one would dare to act rashly in front of him.

“This Official calls to pay respects to Prime Minister Lou Xi Yan.” Ministry of Justice, Assistant Minister, Wu Zhi Gang, was half kneeling. His heart was nervous and anxious.  Although Ministry of Justice was overseen by Prime Minister Lou, but on weekdays, the criminal cases were reviewed by the Division of Adult Prison Management and Staff. It was absolutely impossible to see the Prime Minister in the town hall. He was only a 4th rank minor official, how could he not be terrified! To set foot in this building and sit beside this chair.

Slightly raising his hand, Lou Xi Yan laughed and turned around: “No need for courtesy.” Wu Zhi Gang straightened up slowly, but how could he dare to sit down? Prime Minster Lou was here, so how could he dare to sit next to him!

Wu Zhi Gang respectfully asked: “The reason for Prime Minister Lou to come today is …..”

Lou Xi Yan smiled lightly: “Several hundreds of villagers joined to write a letter for Lin Bo Kang’s behalf to cry out a grievance in regard to the stolen money from the army provisions, how do you see it?” Lou Xi Yan asked voluntarily.

Wu Zhi Gang’s complexion was white, respecting with both of his hands, he quickly replied: “Prime Minister Lou, this incident was entirely based on human testimony and material evidence. Lin Bo Kang himself had already pleaded guilty, absolutely no miscarriage of justice.”

“Absolutely no miscarriage of justice? ” Lou Xi Yan watched towards the lobby to see the married woman and asked: “Lin Shi, you may have something to say.”

Zhuo Qing slightly looked up, only to see a married woman about 50 years of age who had already knelt down, her voice was somewhat trembling, but nevertheless she answered very loud and clear: “Prime Minister, this woman citizen, on the 18th day of this month went to the government office to visit my convicted husband. Husband said that he hadn’t stolen the money from the army provisions, he was accused wrongly!”

The married woman’s speaking voice hadn’t stopped, but Wu Zhi Gang already unable to resist to restrain her and urgently said: “Ridiculous! It was written in black and white and he had personally signed the confession, how could he speak injustice already?! The army division old gentleman, quickly bring a file to give Prime Minister Lou to look over!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” A straight and timid male that was standing aside immediately charged into the back hall. Soon he was clasping one file in his hand and came out running. Wu Zhi Gang hurriedly took the file, with respectful hands, he handed it over: “Prime Minister Lou, this is the case file, the entire human testimony and material evidence. He must not renege to admit his guilty confession!”

Zhuo Qing was partly near the porch, with a pair of bright eyes casted sidelong to glance at Lou Xi Yan, waiting to watch him to react. He was trying to find Lin Bo Kang’s wife to come over. She surely had already seen the file before, only one evening, what could he still do?! This man had reached the highest official position at a young age, and not without a reason.

Sure enough, Lou Xi Yan had not taken the file, rather he was having a headache so he sighed: “You all arbitrarily asserted absolutely no miscarriage of justice while the others kept on saying and crying out a grievance. Since this is the case, just take a hold of the prisoner to come up. I want to personally inquire.”

Wu Zhi Gang just stared blankly, but he did not dare to speak anything either. Facing the side of the two bright bailiff, he said in a low voice: “Both of you quickly go to get the prisoner, Lin Bo Kang, to come.”

“Yes.” The bailiffs accepted the order and went.

Unexpectedly, this was already half an hour. Zhuo Qing faintly felt that this whole thing was somewhat not encouraging. Lou Xi Yan’s complexion actually did not look upset, he was only tapping a chair with his hand. However, Wu Zhi Gang painstakingly stood by Prime Minister Lou’s side, his forehead seeped out a thin layer of sweat and he also did not dare to move easily while waiting for the two bailiffs to come back.

Wu Zhi Gang barely scolded: “Why did it take this long?”

Looking at their soulless bodies, he anxiously said: “Where’s the person?”

The two people gasped incessantly. One person confusedly turned around: “Reporting to Superior, Lin Bo Kang… he committed suicide to escape punishment early in the morning today.”

Committing suicide to escape punishment? Zhuo Qing was paying attention to Wu Zhi Gang’s expression secretly. He heard the news and afterwards he almost couldn’t stand steadily. His complexion was white and then changed to greenish black. It seemed that he was also frightened and stressed out that he could be blamed.

Lou Xi Yan did not say anything. His brows were wrinkled softly. Perhaps he also didn’t anticipate that a person would die unexpectedly! Could it be, it was a real suicide?! Zhuo Qing subconsciously rejected her thought because it was highly coincidental. The timing was just too good.

“Benefactor died?!” The villagers all around opened their eyes wide and big. All didn’t dare to believe. They felt like rushing forth to go in but Prime Minister Lou was on the scene so they could not dare to rush in. They could only worry helplessly.

“Husband…” Madam Lin immediately collapsed to the ground. She hung down her head and sobbed endlessly.

A thought came to her mind, Madam Lin suddenly got up to stand up and was pointing at Wu Zhi Gang and she wailed: “My husband was accused wrongly. He would not kill himself. It was all of you who surely killed my husband.” Madam Lin crazily threw herself at Wu Zhi Gang, only to meet the two sides of the bailiffs who used a long staff to stop her. But his mouth was still shouting and cursing her.

Wu Zhi Gang recovered and shouted angrily: “Shut up, ignorant woman, stop acting like a child in the court of law! Take her away!” Wu Zhi Gang looked toward Lou Xi Yan carefully, was afraid that he would get angry. Luckily Prime Minister Lou’s facial expression and appearance seemed to be indifferent to that shrew’s arguments.

“Let go of me!” Madam Lin struggled desperately. After all, she was still pressed against two big men. Both bailiffs were at her left and right sides and dragging her to go out.

“Hold on!” Just before Madam Lin was being thrown outside, a cold voice echoed: “There is no need to overtake a person urgently. Suicide or homicide, you can see a dead body and will know it naturally.”

Chapter 9: First Confrontation (Part 2)

Chapter 11: Autopsy (Part 1)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 9: First Confrontation (Part 2)

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free time. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Lou Xi Yan kept silent. Everyone didn’t know how to react, hundreds of people occupied the entrance of the village silently. The Chief thought it was somewhat strange & the atmosphere seemed to become stuffy. Zhuo Qing casted a quick glance at Lou Xi Yan, he smiled and his narrow eyes were slightly up, very “lovingly,” gazing at her. It was a pity, Zhuo Qing did not see a gentle and lukewarm feeling. Instead, there was a somewhat overwhelming feeling!

He was a prime minister, a “legend”, said to be as gentle and kind as a jade, so he should not be so narrow-minded?! Holding on the brim of her hat, Zhuo Qing quietly retreated, a gentleman would not stand under the wall of danger… (I think this is an idiom saying that somebody will not wait for any danger to come to him/her so it’s better to retreat).

Surprisingly, her feet had just moved, all of a sudden flash of lightning with thunder came down. Originally it was still spring but in a flash the wind began to blow abruptly, blowing and swirling the vegetation. Zhuo Qing was startled and looked up at the sky, only to see a black dark horizon. Zhuo Qing was dumbfounded: “Really?!.” She did not say anything outrageous, however, the natural science of heaven couldn’t tolerate it! To go as far as giving so much lighting flashes & thunder rolls!

After several more thunder, it was down-pouring. “It rains – ” the sudden rainstorm let everyone’s mistake to be forgotten in confusion. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took advantage of the confusion to retreat. Suddenly, she felt a sudden pain in her wrist that was grabbed by a clean and slender big hand tightly. Zhuo Qing looked up, in a flash, she saw Lou Xi Yan! Under heavy rain, everyone was in an awkward position, except he still had a pair of leisurely look, separated by a thick fog. He looked like he almost couldn’t see, but Zhuo Qing could still feel and suffer from that slender eyes that were watching her intently.

More and more rain. Da Wu Si shouted loudly: “Prime minister, this way please, go to the ancestral hall to hide and take shelter from the rain!” Lou Xi Yan smiled and nodded. He pulled Zhuo Qing and walked over to the village entrance next to the ancestral hall.

Zhuo Qing struggled hard to let go off Lou Xi Yan’s grab. After, she gave up to guard her weak appearance and see his gentle emaciated look. His hand’s strength was unexpectedly strong. How could she go against that big hand, only if she did not want her hand or else did not even think about running away!

Lou Xi Yan looked back and watched, a glimpse of her struggle for a moment, then silently followed behind the youngster’s body. The corner of his mouth unconsciously and lightly perked up.

The so-called ancestral hall, was just one large mud room, a small table to provide a sacrificial offering, also, some burned and used up joss stick and candle, four extremely broken windows, rain dripping from time to time from the broken roof, it was not that big of a place. Then, there was an overflow of people who came in, it was extremely crowded. Fortunately, Lou Xi Yan’s two imperial bodyguards stood guarding there so the villagers also did not dare to press in and come over to the table in the corner to rest.

Her hand was still being grabbed by Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing was not used to it and it was unbearable to shake the arm. Zhuo Qing could not tolerate it and said: “Prime minister Daren, you can let go of my hand.”

Originally Lou Xi Yan was ready to let go but after hearing her statement, he ignored it. Instead, he used more strength to grab her hand and hold on to her wrist tightly. His voice was gentle as usual: “You asked someone else’s name, but did not even say your own name. It did not seem like a good courtesy in this matter.”

~ It hurts!! This man is too sinister! Her hand would break! Zhuo Qing stubbornly gritted her teeth. She did not say a word nor reply. Feeling her palm and wrist that were trembling, Lou Xi Yan loosened the strength of his hand. This youngster’s hand is too thin and he was really afraid that he would accidentally break his hand. Letting go of his hand, Lou Xi Yan faintly asked: “What’s your name?”

The cold voice sounded muffled like a low sinking of the bow string of an instrument, Zhuo Qing softly looked up to look at Lou Xi Yan, a closer look at his features were more handsome. This time he did not laugh, only a little smile against the background of the narrow eyes, a tiny raise and thin lips, a faint trace of an evil and unrestrained charm. Zhuo Qing looked up and lost in thought, she suddenly saw Lou Xi Yan’s eyes with a faint surprise.

Her face! Zhuo Qing hurriedly bowed her head, but Lou Xi Yan captured her chin. Her face slowly turned and the timely lightning flashed down with white light to show two deep shocking scars that covered the pale cheeks. He almost could not see the complexion. Lou Xi Yan’s expression was shaken a little, who was so ruthless that would leave such hideous marks on this youngster’s face.

Zhuo Qing could not lower her head, so she only pressed down the broken head cap and held it to cover up the other side of the face tightly. She lifted her leg toward Lou Xi Yan’s foot and stepped on him severely. “Humph!” Lou Xi Yan groaned softly with a somewhat high pitch voice and an expression. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took the opportunity to slap his hand and retreat several steps back.

Away from him and feeling a little bit oppressive, Zhuo Qing clutched the face cover of her hat. She pretended to be surprised and said: “Sorry to step on Prime Minister Daren’s feet. It was too dark so I could not see”. At this point, she really missed her three-inch heels.

Could not see it?! He could also be a little fake! Thinking of his hurt feeling, Lou Xi Yan outstretched hand was paused and finally down at once. Lou Xi Yan did not advance forward.

Zhou Qing finally relaxed a little when she heard Qi Tian Yu interrogated Wu Si at that time: “You all want to see the Prime Minister, and now he has already come so you should release the little beauty whom you have kidnapped!”

Wu Si scratched his head, not knowing what to do. Miss Zhuo said that they could not say anything so what to do now?!

“Where is the person?” Observing that Wu Si was well-behaved, Qi Tian Yu interrogated and said: “You do not kill her, right?”

Repeatedly shaking his head, Wu Si urgently spoke: “No no no …… absolutely not!!”

“Did you sell her?”

Wu Si exclaimed: “How was it possible!”

“Where is that person?”

The villagers once again went to the inside of the ancestral hall to look for that silhouette.

Shoot! Zhuo Qing lowered her head and cursed, here we go again!


Only to hear a loud noise, Zhuo Qing fiercely smacked at the sacrificial offering table. The already tattered altar could not stand a few shaking from left to right . . . . . Afterward, it unexpectedly collapsed with a bang. . . . .

The villagers were all frightened and stared at Zhuo Qing. Lou Xi Yan gently raised his eyebrows, what kind of trick he was playing now? Well, everyone looked at her now. Lou Xi Yan should not find out about her.

A moment ago, these idiot villagers demanded to look for her! The objective had been achieved, however. . . . This was painfully killing her — @$,$&@! (ZQ was cursing because her hand hurts so much for smacking the table).

Slowly, she recovered her senses and lightly turned her back, Zhuo Qing took a deep breath and with a clear voice said: “She is alive and well so Prime Minister can feel relieved. We will act on behalf of you to look after her with great care. After the legal case is being heard in public, Prime minister naturally can see her!”

“If the case is not being reviewed in public, we can not see the little beauty?!” Sweeping a glimpse on the floor to see the scattered and smashed pieces of wood, Qi Tian Yu gave a spectacular look and laughed: “Prime Minister Daren, this person is threatening you.”

Who was this guy to wish for the whole word to be in chaos?! Zhuo Qing secretly clenched her teeth. A cold voice replied: “This son of an official (Gong zi) blamed me wrongly. Threatening like this will not result in the matter being heard realistically. I will never do it.”

With a big tone of voice, ah! Qi Tian Yu blew a long whistle. This youngster is really interesting. Shaking his head and pretending to be frightened, Qi Tian Yu exaggeratedly exclaimed: “You are threatening, that is exactly called a threatening. Threatening a court official is a very serious crime?!”

“You!” Zhuo Qing was so angry!

Lou Xi Yan suddenly laughed heartily and stood up. He narrated: “Tomorrow, at noon, I will request the Ying Tian Hall to review the case file and inquire the details of the case. I will authorize a special standard of the Niu Jia family village to send ten people to go visit the source of the case. We will make a determination on whether or not the case will need to be re-investigated and to meet the prisoner afterward and then make a decision again!”

“Many thanks to Prime Minister Da ren!” the villagers listened to this good news and immediately knelt down to thank him. Only Zhuo Qing seemed to somewhat think and watch attentively at Lou Xi Yan. The way this man’s work apparently always made somebody unable to make sense of the matter.

Looking outside, the rain was gradually lighter, Lou Xi Yan was no longer talking and ready to leave. Qi Tian Yu chased after Lou Xi Yan and frowningly asked: “You really do not want to see the little beauty?”

Having swept Zhuo Qing’s gaze, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smiled: “Just let him look after her for me.” Zhuo Qing could not help but to feel stiffed all over. His smile always gave people the feeling of horror!

He walked to the gate of the ancestral hall. Lou Xi Yan suddenly stopped his footsteps and looked back at Zhuo Qing. He said: “You must appear tomorrow.”

“Why?” It wasn’t any of her concern?

“If you do not appear, then they also do not need to come.”

After throwing out that sentence, Lou Xi Yan’s party rapidly disappeared in the rain within the neighborhood.

“Hey–” Zhuo Qing was dumbfounded. This was…. Who was intimidating who… Ahhh…!!

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