Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 12: Charmed Night

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 12

Charmed Night

The rustling wind was blowing the bamboo forest, the almost full moon was very bright, reflecting the water lake with clear and gleaming reflection. Several strand of bamboo leaves quietly floated down, and was tossing in between the ripples. The night was even quieter. For a long time, there was no sounds whatsoever, Murong Shu Qing was not anxious either, slowly pouring down the tea. The corner of her mouth still had that faint smile, it appeared that she did not say anything a moment ago, and was merely tasting the tea on her own under the moon, her face was comfortable.

When her hand was about to pour the second cup of tea, a white silhouette came out of the room that was not too far away from the bamboo forest, and flew over with an extremely quick speed. One could only see that the lake was slightly sweeping away to draw a ripple, and the person’s reflection already arrived in front of Murong Shu Qing.

Good skill, Murong Shu Qing was sighing in her heart. But her face was actually still smiling, and she used her hand to send off the green tea. The man was not courteous either, he reached his hand to take it, sat down, sniffed the tea, and tasted it smoothly. It seemed that they had practiced this for countless of times.

Afterwards, the man was leaning back to sit down, facing the moonlight, Murong Shu Qing was finally able to see the man’s appearance. Long and narrow eyes, with half-narrowed faint smile, very straight and stylish nose, and a thin and rosy lips that captured his ridiculing’s style. Under the cool moonlight, with a white dress, not only it did not make him looked cold and elegant, but also it showed a languid bearing from all over him. Murong Shu Qing felt that a red color would suit this beautiful man with his evil charmed. Maybe, with his daring and able skills, he was used to wear a white dress for a night walk!?

“Good tea! Long dan tea has this unique, sweet and rich tea fragrant, and also the elegant jasmine after taste.” The man’s hand was grasping the green tea, carelessly assessing (the tea), it seemed like he was the master of Sui Yuan.

“An Gongzi is visiting very late at night, I have to naturally treat you to a tea.” Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled, picked up the tea, lightly sniffed it, ah, good smell, Lu Yi’s technique in making the tea was better and better.

“You recognize me? Haha, interesting!” An Qin Xuan said with a smile and bright voice: “I say that how the Murong’s family can have any chance to bring down its own fortunes, as it turns out that Miss Murong is not revealing her own self ah!”

“An Gongzi is cracking a joke, you flatter me.”

“I flatter you?! These many years, I have made a mistake looking at you!” For the past many years, he had been watching the Murong family’s tendency, there was only an eldest son from the Murong’s family, he was already 16 years old when he had to return to his mother’s family who was from the Qi’s family, Qi Rui. It made him not paying any attentions in the past, who would have thought, that the pampered, reckless and hot-headed’s Murong Shu Qing was the real master of the Murong’s family. Hiding her strengths to this extend, and not revealing herself was fully deserving.

An Qin Xuan’s long, narrow and charmed eyes were roaming around, his big and tall figure was moving, and almost sticking on Murong Shu Qing’s face, the corner of his mouth showed an attractive and mischievous smile. This was also the first time that Murong Shu Qing was in a close range to appreciate this confused person’s face who took an unfair advantage on her, along with An Qin Xuan’s constant charmed temperament. She sighed in her heart, she felt that she had a dizzy feeling, this charmed at the moment, could really make people to be delirious ah!

Under the enveloping night scene, the cool breeze was liked romping and brushing, two people with white muslin dresses seemed to be intertwining together, the different was that the man had an evil and wanton charmed, the woman was refined and impressive. For a good while, Murong Shu Qing smiled lightly, with an unhurried voice as if a gentle cool breeze, she said: “There is nothing in this world that is fixed, what is more when it comes to a person!” If one could anticipate affairs of life, how could she be here! Every time when she recalled her paternal grandfather, parents, and older brothers who were so far away, her heart was still in pain, as if some ants were biting and gnawing on her, it was hard to feel peaceful.

Looking at the other person who had already left, turned her back on his, and he looked towards Murong Shu Qing who was smiling lightly at the moon, An Qin Xuan slightly narrowed his eyes, he flashed through a trace of suspicions, and appreciations. She was the first person who could look face to face at him for a long time, without getting blushed, the woman who did not retreat either. In a split second, she revealed her pain, as if a turnip was twisting on his body, in his heart.

Taking back his gaze, picking up the already cold tea, he toasted towards Murong Shu Qing: “It seems that I have gained a lot by returning this time.” The muffled and slightly hoarse’s male voice seemed to have a sex appeal under the moon.

Murong Shu Qing who was under the moon, did not turn around at all, the moonlight’s tonight was very fascinating, reaching out her hand to take the wind-borne and drifting bamboo leaves, she was fiddling with them: “An Gongzi, the purpose of your return today, is really not because of Shu Qing, right.”

Smart, it was really not because of her. Listening long ago, that the situation of the Murong’s family was fierce for the past few years, but the influence toward the An’s family was not too big. He returned this time because he heard some news that Yan Rui’s country had a large quantities of Jianghu’s people who were entering Dong Yu’s country frequently, attacking the Dong Yu’s merchants faintly, the An’s family and Murong’s family were taking the brunts. He came today, he also wanted to take a look at Murong Shu Qing who according to rumors, was not simple, he did not imagine that he would find more interesting things than he thought.

“There is no eternal friends, there is no eternal enemies either, there is only eternal benefits! This theory is spoken properly, is Miss Murong interested to cooperate with me?”

Cooperate? Letting the bamboo leaves that were on her hand, floating down, Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “if An Gongzi wishes to cooperate, there is no need to come and see me.”

An Qin Xuan raised his eyebrows: “How can you be so sure? Is it not enough that I have showed my sincerity?”

Walking to the front of the table, and picking up the already cold tea, she pursed her lips lightly, after the long dan tea cooled off, it was slightly tart, and after the jasmine cooled down, it was purely sweet. When it was intertwined in her mouth, it could not be said that it was sweet, it was bitter, tart and pure! But there was also one special flavor, so she also poured a cup of tea for An Qin Xuan, then she faintly said: “There is no benefits for us to cooperate, then what are we cooperating for?”

Putting the cold tea that was on his hand, and hearing Murong Shu Qing’s words, An Qin Xuan was startled, then he suddenly laughed heartily: “Haha, interesting, interesting.”

“Perhaps, you can turn into my enemy, do not make me disappointed!” Using his hand to drink a mouthful of tea, the same as when he came, he disappeared among the ripples of those sea of green bamboos.

Stroking the edge of the cup lightly, for a very long time, Murong Shu Qing finally said softly: “I will also look forward to it.”

“Yan Yu, Cang Su.”

The speaking’s voice just barely left, two shadows arrived in front of Murong Shu Qing, the two people were standing in the secret place, they looked indifferent, but their bodies showed some harshnesses and angers that one could not be mistaken.

“Transfer back the ten secret soldiers who are looking for some news in the various regions now, to reinforce and take precautions, today’s happening can not occur again.” Since she had not fully clarified why those people came here from Yan Rui’s country, so she could only reinforce and take precautions first.

“Yes. Master.”



Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 11: Murong Wan Ru

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 11

Murong Wan Ru

Looking at Shen Xiao Yun’s leaving back, Murong Shu Qing smiled and continued to lie down on the grass, the sun already disappeared completely, so the afterglow was held back. That dazzling remnant of the red color gradually shredded also, the beautiful thing was always easy to disappear the most, but because one was unable to seize it either, it was hard to preserve it and it made people to be reluctant to leave even more.

Zi Yuan was holding a piece of white cotton brocade, she slowly walked over to Murong Shu Qing, he did but find Miss at Sui Yuan, so it was most likely that she could find her by this lotus pond. Her naked feet that were exposed outside actually went against the etiquettes (actual words used Confucian code of ethics), but unfortunately, Miss really liked to take off her shoes and socks, soaking her feet in this pond, and would not listen to anybody’s advise either. If they were not by her side, once she finished soaking her feet, she would just walked and returned barefoot, and would not even wear shoes, it was tiring for them to be forced to follow her with several cotton brocades.

Arriving by her side, Zi Yuan stooped in a whisper and said: “Miss, Miss Wan Ru has returned.”

“How is the situation?” Closing her eyes, she faintly asked.

“Not too good, I already invite Physician Tao to come over.”

Hearing that Zi Yuan was hesitating, Murong Shu Qing opened her eyes, and looked at Zi Yuan who knitted her eyebrows, then she sighed and said: “En, let us take a look.” Barely wanting to stand up, Zi Yuan rushed a step, used the cotton brocade to cover Murong Shu Qing’s wet feet, and rapidly wiped them dry. She took the shoes and socks that were by her side, smoothly gave them to Murong Shu Qing to wear properly, then she supported her to get up. Looking at her own dry and clean feet, Murong Shu Qing laughed and shook her head, she extended her hand to Zi Yuan and stood up, then she walked over to go to Chu Yun pavilion.

After the two people left, the two attractive people who were always standing at a distance place near a rock garden, slowly strolled to come out.

“How do you see it?!” Pei Che’s muffled and sweet-sounding voice carried a faint graveness, “Murong’s family is not the same simple family as the one that we originally imagine, being here for several days, you should be able to see it on your own. The inside of Murong’s manor is heavily-guarded, the bodyguards who are both in the open and in the dark, are not less than 40-50 people, their martial arts are not weak. Even more, those two secret bodyguards who are following Murong Shu Qing closely by her side, are very reserved and calm, their whereabouts are hidden.”

“It is really not simple. Is this not interesting even more!” A pair of eyes were watching attentively at the lotus pond that Murong Shu Qing treasured so much, Xuanyuan Yi recalled the words that Murong Shu Qing said that evening. The smiling expression on his eyes appeared gradually, a very good Murong Shu Qing, no matter if you were concealing yourselves up, or your soul was borrowed, it had provoked his interest, you were destined not be able to escape.

Looking at Xuanyuan Yi who looked like a tilting huge rock on the side, with his deep eyes, and the corner of his mouth raised up gently, Pei Che cried out in fear: “You do not really take a fancy to her, right!”

“So what if I do?!” He could not deny it that this kind of her attracted him, it made him want to investigate her. It seemed like when he was a child and he found out a new cave, novelty, excitement, there was a little bit of danger. It made people to be fascinated.

“If it is yes, then ~~~ very good!” Pei Che smiled his answer.

Both of the people had their own strengths, and could be regarded as evenly matched up, one was an accomplished youngster, the famous General who protected the whole country. The other one was a fresh, clean and elegant, mysterious and smart business merchant. The most important thing was the next course of events would definitely be quite wonderful and interesting.

Xuanyuan Yi threw one glance at the crafty and wicked smile of Pei Che, one leap and he was already on his back, Pei Che was really a fox (cunning person).




Murong Shu Qing entered Chu Yun pavilion, Yun Pei Hua, the physician and also two servant girls were standing inside the side room, she could not see the person who was on the bed. When she went to stand, Yun Pei Hua saw Murong Shu Qing, so she promptly went to welcome her and smilingly said: “Shu Qing, you came.”

Murong Shu Qing had a smile on her face and nodded, when she heard that Yun Pei Hua mentioned her name, the person who was on the bed, clearly startled, and shrank towards the inside of the bed all of a sudden. Thus, she did not move forwards any longer, and waited until the physician finished his examination properly, then she quietly asked: “Physician Tao, how is she?”

The old physician cupped his hands to bow, he stood up, and slowly said: “Miss does not need to worry too much, besides suffering external rib fractures, Miss Wan Ru’s other wounds are superficial (only bruises), if she rests for several months properly to recuperate, and she can completely recover. But her emotional issue in her heart, if she does not open her mind, I am afraid that it will fail to cure her illness completely.”

“I understood, many thanks to Physician Tao!” Waiting for the physician to walk to the side to write the prescription, the servant girl went to steep the tea at that time. Murong Shu Qing was next to the candle, and could see clearly the person who was on the bed. The woman was about 20 years old, her shoulder was draped by some loose long hair and her face was even more delicate, her forehead was already wrapped with a bandage. Although the outer corner of her eyes were somewhat bruises, but one could see that her big eyes were sparkling and translucent as if they were precious stones, but those beautiful eyes nevertheless, revealed suffering and panic. Her lush and soft but dry-looking lips, looked like they were always bitten, her hands that were holding firmly at Yun Pei Hua’s hand showed some new and old bruises. Even though she looked conspicuously pathetic, but it did not lose her lucid and elegant looks, and she looked really similar to Yun Pei Hua. Her thin and weak body was leaning on the bed railing, she had not raised her head to look at her all along. This kind of delicate woman, but she had to face this kind of cruelty and violence. Murong Shu Qing’s heart was angry, she felt a pity on her, and helpless, finally, she could only changed into a light sigh. She was appearing here now like this, towards Wan Ru, it could be said that she (MRSQ) gave her (WR) some kind of pressures, right. (The old MRSQ always bullied Wan Ru).

Murong Shu Qing gently said to the person who was on the bed and trembling all along: “Since you are already home, just do not think too much, you can be at ease staying here, Pei Yiniang misses you for a long time, you can chat properly, ok!”

Explaining to Zi Yuan to look for two servant girls to come over to take care of her, she turned around and went out of the Chu Yun pavilion.

Barely entering Sui Yuan, Lu Yi and Hong Xiu welcomed her. Lu Yi brought tea for Murong Shu Qing, and Zi Yuan was smiling at Murong Shu Qing, then she said: “Miss, the gifts for the Fu family’s birthday feast and tomorrow’s Yi family wedding reception have already been prepared.”

“En!” Murong Shu Qing carelessly looked at one large and one small brocade boxes that were on the table, she nodded her head, and lightly pursed up her lips to smell the fragrant tea. The fragrant of the tea was strong, and the tea’s temperature was delightful. These three girls (ya tou) were more and more capable, Zi Yuan was steady and calm, Lu Yi was gentle and attentive, and Hong Xiu was lively and adorable. All three had grace, and were loyal in taking care of her and each other. Recalling three years ago, they were the ones who accompanied her for many times ah!

Looking at Zi Yuan who was holding a teacup, and wanting to say something but hesitating, Murong Shu Qing gently asked: “Zi Yuan, what is wrong?”

“Miss, the Fu’s family is making some frequent moves recently, they have decided to get the locust tree seeds!” Really hateful, the locust tree seeds were the most important type of dye that were used to dye the Imperial’s bright yellow materials. The locust trees were hard to survive, and they also required to be on a very high soil, except for the Emperor who could wear this bright yellow apparel, the other people could not wear the color, thus the average households would seldom plant the locust trees. Therefore, most of the locust trees were subsidized by Miss for those households that planted the locust trees. Waiting every year to be used for the Imperial brocade’s competition, then they would sell the locust tree seeds to the victorious workshop, this was an unwritten rule. The Fu’s family had not started the competition yet but they already bought the locust tree seeds now, it clearly showed that they would not let the other people to dye the bright yellow material!

“Oh?!” They finally made some movements after all!

“En, it started from yesterday, the Fu’s family purchased the locust tree seeds from various places, the price was more than double the normal price.” If it was not because of those household that planted the locust trees were afraid that Miss would not subsidize them next year, came over to inform them, then the Fu family’s plot would have succeeded.

“Alright, inform those households that plant the locust trees, except for the small area behind the Yun mountain, they can not sell, the other can sell to the Fu’s family for the double market price.” Since he already took the first shot, she wanted to show her support!

“But, there is no locust tree seeds yet, there is simply no way to dye the bright yellow material, can it be that we want to abandon the Imperial brocade competition?” Did Miss not plan to participate in this year’s Imperial brocade competition!? The locust tree seeds could not be preserved, they could only be used in the same year, they did not have any stocks at all ah! How could we abandon the locus tree seeds!

“Be at ease, I will not abandon (the completion), just go and do what I have said.” Patting Zi Yuan’s shoulder, Murong Shu Qing faintly smiled, but it could give people calmness and strength.

“Yes!” Zi Yuan slowly nodded, yeah ah, she should believe Miss.

Hong Xiu who was on the side, looked at Zi Yuan’s grave expression, and she smilingly said: “Zi Yuan jiejie (older sister), you do not need to be anxious, what Miss has said, will definitely be right.”

“I do not mean it like that, I am only afraid with the method that the Fu’s family will use, their treacherous styles, and will be disadvantageous towards Miss.”

“Humph! What is to be afraid of, if he will make a tricky move, we will too ah! We will make a trickier move than him!” Hong Xiu’s furious and loud voice came out.

Listening to the words that she said, the three people were laughing heartily, Hong Xiu pouted her mouth, mysteriously looking at the three people who were laughing while rocking their bodies back and forth, were the words that she spoke really that funny?!

“You ah ~~” Zi Yuan was smiling and lightly pushing Hong Xiu’s head, this was all because of Miss’ indulgence these past few years, she always pampered this young girl without discipline, so she had an exaggerated opinion.

Murong Shu Qing breathed, and said to Lu Yi who was still laughing and panting on the side: “Lu Yi, help me to bring a pot of tea!” Lu Yi was still smiling, she nodded her head and went out.

Looking at Zi Yuan who was still anxious, Murong Shu Qing was smiling, and she faintly said: “Zi Yuan, you do not need to be anxious, it is only the Fu’s family, it will be enough to handle him only. I am afraid, if the An’s family and Fu’s family join hands, then we will have to be cautious!”

“The An’s family and Fu’s family are not always getting along, they do not have any contacts with each other, is it possible to join hands together?”

“Foolish girl, this business world is the same as in politics, there is no eternal enemy, there is also no eternal friend, but there is always eternally taking advantage of (other people).” The merchants chased for profits, this was a very normal thing. Annihilating a common enemy, receiving the benefits, again, considering the hostile problems before it was too late. But looking at Zi Yuan who tightly wrinkled her eyebrows more and more, Murong Shu Qing decided not to say anything anymore. Taking the hot tea from Lu Yi, she waved her hand to let them go to rest.

When the three people departed, Sui Yuan seemed to be very quiet, one could only hear a rustling wind sound that was blowing the bamboo forest. Murong Shu Qing took out two teacups, lightly shook the teapot, and let the hot water to be fully mixed with the tea. Sniffing at the faintly overflowing tea fragrant, she lightly laughed and softly chanted: “You have come for a long time, do you have any interest in accompanying me to drink a cup of tea?!”


Sian’s note:

It took me 11 chapters to realize that Murong Shu Qing maids’ are all using colors as their last name. Zi (purple) Yuan, Lu (green) Yi and Hong (red) Xiu. Hehehehe…

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 10: Lovely Guests

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 10

Lovely Guests

A delegation of people just stepped into the reception pavilion a moment ago, a pink silhouette straightforwardly threw herself at Murong Shu Qing. Xuanyuan Yi stepped forward one step, wanted to block in front of Murong Shu Qing, but Murong Shu Qing gently separated. At this moment, the head of the pink dress person was already in her bosom, due to the extreme force (of impact), Murong Shu Qing retreated one step. Xuanyuan Yi who was beside her, stopped Murong Shu Qing’s momentum, and helped her to be able to stand firm.

Murong Shu Qing gave a thankful smile to Xuanyuan Yi, fortunately, he took a hold of her, otherwise both of them would roll on the ground together, it would not be good.

The woman with a pink dress raised her head, her bright and beautiful big eyes were flowing with vibrant colors, they appeared to be in grievance, her rosy chestnut lips were slightly pouting. Her sweet voice that mixed with happiness and peeved, echoed: “Qing Qing, you finally come back, I want to live here permanently with you, I will never go back.”

“If it is possible for you not to call me Qing Qing, I do not mind it if you are staying here continuously.” Murong Shu Qing was helpless, this sound of Qing Qing really sounded very strange.

“But Qing Qing is very pleasant to hear ah, you do not like it, then, how about I call you Shu Shu?” The woman was puzzled, Qing Qing was more pleasant to hear than her name, Xiao Xiao, why did Qing Qing seem not liking it?

Uncle? (This is a joke using a different word that means uncle since the words 叔叔 means father’s younger brother, while the Shu Shu that the woman is using actually uses a different character 舒, which is Shu Qing’s name). A light laughter echoed inside the reception pavilion, Murong Shu Qing was dumbfounded and she asked the heaven.

“It will be better if you call me Qing Qing, ok!” Holding Tang Xiao Xiao to sit on a chair, and taking the jasmine tea that Lu Yi had already prepared, she drank a big mouthful of it, and said to Lu Yi: “Lu Yi, instruct the servant girls, to tidy up Cang (hide away) Xue (snow) pavilion, and arrange the room properly.”

“No need, I can stay with you at Sui Yuan.” The green ocean around Sui Yuan was rippling, it was extremely beautiful, she wanted to stay there.

“Believe me, you will be able to use it very quickly, speak, ok, what is going on?!” Someone would come over and seize this person very quickly, this was not the first time either. They were really a pair of enemies.

When Feng Qi Xuan came in early and saw Tang Xiao Xiao, he already knew what was going on, keeping his calm, he took Murong Xing Hun along to go to the stable and bathe the horse, leaving behind Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che, with a forced smile. Those two women were chatting on their own, completely did not regard them at all, and made them unable to leave nor stay. He was forced to look for a stool to sit and drink some tea.

“Humph, this time, I will absolutely not go back, that pig is unexpectedly taking a woman’s hand very familiarly, I will not forgive him.” Causing troubles for her these past few days that caused her not able to eat food properly, she grabbed a mung bean lily cake that was on the table and bit it madly to vent her anger.

Murong Shu Qing also picked up a piece of mung bean lily cake, tasted it quietly. She looked at Tang Xiao Xiao’s childish anger at the cake, and shook her head funnily, it was a pity for her top-notch cake: “Since someone flips over the vinegar jar (jealous person), does the pig that is by your side, not only have young servant boys (by his side)? Which woman.”

Saying this was also laughable, one domineering and chilly man was actually pampering his wife as if it was his life, just because he was afraid that Xiao Xiao would be jealous, he replaced all of the servant girls with young servant boys, and he would remain at a respectful distance towards women. It was indeed an evil person turned around to possess another evil person.

“No way, I go to the mountain (called Rong) to visit master for half a year, he already fools around and brings a woman home.” Thinking that she was running hurriedly to return home to look for him, unexpectedly, she saw him talking and laughing with a beautiful and elegant beauty who looked like she was made by the heaven. The beautiful woman was stroking his face from time to time, patting his shoulder, Tang Xiao Xiao felt grievance and his mouth was deflated, her bright and big eyes were filled with teardrops, the cake that was on her hand, lost its flavor very quickly.

“Who is that woman?” Looking at Xiao Xiao’s reflections, it should really have this kind of affair, but according to her observation, Shen Xiao Yun did not look like this type of man.

“Eh ~~.” Tang Xiao Xiao stumped for words, at that time, she was preoccupied with her broken-hearted, how could she still go to find out who she was ah! Now that Murong Shu Qing asked her this question, she could not reply immediately, embarrassed, she did not dare to look at her.

“I will speak on your behalf, ok, you returned home to see him and a woman spoke together, and there was also accidental body contacts, so you did not even allow any explanations, did not pay any attentions to the reason and just run to come here. Is that true?” Murong Shu Qing looked at her appearance, and already knew what was going on, this girl’s hot-tempered was unable to be changed. She sighed in her heart.

“I saw it with my own eyes, what was the need to ask (him). I do not care, this time, I will never ever pay any attention to him again.”

Looking at her determination, and the way this foolish girl was standing and panting with rage in front of her, Murong Shu Qing gently shook her head, sometimes what one saw, was not necessarily the truth. There were many times that we would actually be deceived by our own eyes. But even if she tried to be excited now, it was useless to say anything, moreover, someone already came in just a moment ago, so there was no need to waste her saliva: “Fine, pay no attention to him, then, you just stay here with me for a lifetime, ok.”

“Ok ah!”

“Do not even think about it!” A violent rage roar’s sound echoed at the same time, a man with a navy blue reflection quickly entered the reception pavilion. Waiting to see clearly the person who just came, Tang Xiao Xiao was already embraced into his bosom.

After seeing the person clearly, Tang Xiao Xiao seemed to start to go crazy and she punched and kicked him: “What are you coming here for? You go away ah! I do not want to see you. Qing Qing, this is your home, drive him away.”

The man did not hide nor dodge, and allowed her to vent on him, just because he saw that she was in grievances a moment ago, with a pitiful appearance. His heart was throbbing with pain, he could only helplessly hug her tightly, and said in a whisper: “How can you not listen to my explanation and just run away to come here.”

Thinking about these two days’s grievances, Tang Xiao Xiao was unwilling to forgive: “I am not listening, why do I want to listen to what you say. You go away! You, lustful pig!”

Looking at these two people who were staging a complete performance in the reception pavilion, but there was no one who said something either, Murong Shu Qing’s family servants were already accustomed to this thing so they did not feel strange. They could only pursed up the corner of their mouths, and were afraid that their laughs would come out. Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che would only look attentively to the powerful men who had very quick speed skills (meaning that they did not pay any attentions to the ladies at all).

Murong Shu Qing had a green tea on her left hand and a cake in her right hand, looking at that jolly situation, Shen Xiao Yun whose whole body was muscly should be practicing out, right? Thinking of this, Murong Shu Qing was gently laughing even more.

“You~~~! Borrow Cang Xue pavilion for us to use.” Shen Xiao Yun was in anger, especially seeing Murong Shu Qing’s face that showed a mischievous smile, it made him even angrier. He carried away his young wife who was still moving without stopping, and walked over to the back courtyard.

“Please make yourselves at home.” Her words had not finished yet, but the person’s shadow had already disappeared from inside of the reception pavilion.

“Qing Qing, save me ah ~!”

“Shut up!”

“Shen Xiao Yun, you are a barbarous pig ~~~~”

The woman’s shriek and the man’s bursting hiss were intersecting, how very lively ah.

Shen Xiao Yun?! When Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che heard this name, they were startled, Xuanyuan Yi was watching towards the direction of the two people’s leaving, his serene eyes narrowed, but one could not see his mood. Pei Che whose hand was holding a tea, he lowered his head to quietly taste it, and he looked pensive. Feng (wind) Yu (rain) Lou (house/building), controlled and gathered the news in the whole world, and sold the news to make a living, there was no news that could not be dug out by them. Even more in Jiang Hu (the pugilist world, the literal translation is actually rivers and lakes, but it is known as a place where all the martial arts people gather), the Imperial court wanted to entice them as a partner, but the Feng Yu Lou was always independent in their actions, they only recognized money but not people. The master, Shen Xiao Yun, was known as a Jiang Hu’s legend who was grim and unreasonable, his martial arts were deep and unmeasurable, it seemed that it was really true today.

In the evening was the most beautiful moment of the day, the sunshine was no longer too hot, the fragments of the golden ray could still give warm to people, but it would not burn you. The red color of the horizon appeared to be in the desperate blooming of its own ultimate beauty, its own ultimate warmth. This red color was infected and filled by the incessant summer lotus on the pond, furthermore, the lake surface showed a trace of a white beautiful image.

Murong Shu Qing lied down on the grass by the lakeside, her shoes were already been taken off a long time ago, she liked the feeling of the slightly cold lake water that infringed on her legs. It seemed that this cool and refreshing feeling from her legs, could spread widely to her whole body, closing her eyes, she was enjoying the cool breeze that caressed and stroke gently, the lotus fragrant was fun.

Shen Xiao Yun walked to Murong Shu Qing’s behind, quietly watching her. He had known her for almost two years. He could not completely understand her all along, if he said that she was fond of powers, and mostly looking for fame and profit, then why did she want to put this much efforts to nurture Murong Xing Hun to take over the Murong family’s business. She was rarely showing her face in public, even when a lot of people did not know that she was the master of the Murong’s family. If he said that she did not care about fame and fortune, then, why did she want to repair Murong’s family again, wanted to control the whole nation’s economy, and controlled the news in the whole world?!

“You have coaxed her this fast?” A faint voice that seemed to almost fall asleep, interrupted Shen Xiao Yun’s train of thought.

“She is sleeping!”

Murong Shu Qing smiled, and opened her eyes, she lazily sat up, she kept her legs in the water. This robust and resolute man, appeared to have softer and gentler voice when he spoke about that woman. Sometimes love could change someone to be very soft.

“Oh ~~” She ambiguously sized Shen Xiao Yun up and down, “How can she sleep so quickly ah!”

Shen Xiao Yun’s robust face showed a trace of awkward red color. What was this wretched woman’s brain thinking after all ah!

“Who was that woman?” She was curious.

“My younger aunt.”

“Hehe (chuckling), no wonder, it is so quick that she is not angry anymore.”

Shen Xiao Yun forced a smile and shook his head: “Alas, her temper is always this impetuous, I really do not know what to do with her.”

“Are you not enduring the hardship gladly, if there is a day when she transforms her own self, to become gentle and noble, the first person who is unable to endure it, will be you. Besides, although her temper is very anxious, but she is not completely unreasonable either. She will always run towards me here, and wait until you come to chase after her. If she really does not want to listen to your explanations, according to her ‘thousand Guanyin’s faces’ (Tang Xiao Xiao is supposed to be a student from this teacher who is able to ‘change’ her face so nobody can recognize her/him), the only follower’s identity and ability, even if the martial arts are not equal to you, but she will rely on this outstanding world of Yi Rong Shu (which is a martial art about changing one’s appearance so nobody can recognize you), it will be absolutely not difficult to avoid you.”

“I also do not know why she always runs to you here every time.” Xiao Xiao always loved to stick on this Murong Shu Qing, it made him have an endless headache.

“Yes ah, how pitiful that I have to provide an extra food for her to eat and a place to stay.” Finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing showed a pitiful expression at the same time.

Unfortunately, no one was buying it: “Do not say it with such a pitiful way, Feng Yu Lou helps you to investigate many news, when do you ever give me any money.” Bringing up this subject, Shen Xiao Yun was gloomy, every year, they earned less money. This woman was an extremely shrewd, she always seized a fatal point, she would make you do her work like a cow and horse.

“I have helped you to find that flowery and beautiful wife, you think it is not worth it, then, I will let Xiao Xiao stay here permanently.”

“You dare!” This woman would wish for the whole world to be in chaos eternally. Unfortunately, she had this ability anyway.

Murong Shu Qing raised her eyebrows, her feet were lightly moving in the lake, the cloud was still clear as before and the wind was softly smiling. The lotus leaves were swaying gently by her side, the sunset was breezing, even though it would not be regarded as beautiful, but it was still aesthetically lucid and elegant, just liked a picture.

But Shen Xiao Yun showed goose bumps all over his body: “Alas, forget it, this time I come here to let you know, recently, there is someone who wants to buy some informations about many merchants from Feng Yu Lou, furthermore, this person wants to investigate your Murong’s family’s and An’s family. They handle it very secretive, to date, I only find out that they are from Yan Rui’s country, it appears that they come from a big family with many interests. You have to be a little careful.” Finished speaking, he did not wait until Murong Shu Qing was talking, he just flew back to Cang Xue pavilion, his young wife should wake up, as far as this woman’s concerns, he did not need to be anxious about her completely.



Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 9: Riding A Horse (Part 2)

Since the chapter is not too long, only around 2,000 to 2,600 words, I’ll post the updates 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. If the chapter starts to have longer than 2,600 words, I’ll go back to twice a week posting. 😃

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 9

Riding A Horse (Part 2)

The warm sunshine was reflected on the lazy body, it made people think of taking a nap. Murong Shu Qing was leaning on the big tree comfortably, looking at the sky that had not been polluted. Feeling the fresh and cool breeze, Bing Po ran around in a circle happily, and was also quietly eating the grass behind Murong Shu Qing, a person and a horse, they were both very satisfied. If there was no heated gaze that was always staring at her ___ and the horse, everything was extremely perfect.

“Xuanyuan Gongzi, do you want to battle with Bing Po?” Closing her eyes, Murong Shu Qing lazily asked.

“I do have this intention!” Looking at Bing Po that was running in speed a moment ago, he wanted to tame it even more.

“Ok, Bing Po, do you want to meet the enemy heads-on?” Slowly standing up, and patting Bing Po’s head, she nevertheless, sought the horse’s opinion!

Sensing the two people’s gazes, Bing Po did not know whether it understood or not, but seeing that it walked to the front of Xuanyuan Yi, it was puffing its annoyance and stepping on the front of its feet, it showed insufferably arrogant appearance.

“Hehe (chucking), it clearly accepted (the battle), you two, please do as you wish.” Finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing walked back to the big tree, leaned on the tree trunk, and she was waiting to enjoy a good show.

Xuanyuan Yi also showed his good mood, and stood in front of Bing Po, he narrowed his eyes to stare at it, and slowly approached towards it. Bing Po was always making an adjustment on his own direction, standing right in front of Xuanyuan Yi, and not letting him to be near its body. Xuanyuan Yi’s movement was very slow, every step that he made towards Bing Po was very steady. His big and strong stature appeared to contain endless strengths, that imposing manner from the battlefield experiences showed up, impressive display of manpower that had not changed color yet, a domineering strength that could sweep 30 thousand catties (a unit measurement, 1 catty = about 1 1/3 lbs). It made the untamed and arrogant, Bing Po to be agitated, it made a long neigh and appeared to be restless, but at the same time, it was also vaguely excited.

Murong Xing Hun who was learning from Feng Qi Xuan not too far away, could feel the strong atmosphere from that side, and walked over to watch the battle. Pei Che already retreated to the tree earlier at the same time with Murong Shu Qing. Xuanyuan Yi had not showed his imposing manners like this for a very long time, it seemed that Bing Po evoked his desire to conquer it.
Suddenly, Xuanyuan Yi made a leap towards Bing Po and leaped away, when he was just about to leap on Bing Po’s back, Bing Po retreated fast and avoided Xuanyuan Yi’s first attack. At this moment, Xuanyuan Yi already approached the side of Bing Po, even though he had not succeeded to get on the horse’s back, but he stuck close to its body. Bing Po began to run and Xuanyuan Yi hugged its neck tightly, he would not let go at all, and quickly used his strength to leap on Bing Po’s back. Bing Po jumped violently, while it was rushing forward in lightning speed. Xuanyuan Yi was rocking up and down violently like this, but he had not been thrown down yet, however, looking at it, he was also making a supreme effort to step up his legs, and trying to maintain his balance. He nearly fell off the horse several times.

A person and a horse started the battle, Bing Po that was impetuous, was also not willing that it did not appear to be able to throw Xuanyuan Yi down either, the movement of its feet seemed untiring. This time, Xuanyuan Yi had already persevered for half a shichen (1 hour), but he was not willing to take it lying down either, and he seemed to stare at Bing Po. Slowly, Bing Po’s speed was slow, and gasping heavily, Xuanyuan Yi who was on the horse, did not look good either, his clothing was already completely wet with sweat, his face also showed exhaustion. But his starry eyes were still serene and persistent. When Xuanyuan Yi wanted to reach out his hand to gently stroke Bing Po’s mane, Bing Po suddenly stood up, its front feet were lifted high, and its body was almost vertical with the ground. Xuanyuan Yi did not expect this, and his body was already exhausted so it could not bear it. Thus, he was thrown down from the horse. Just before he fell down, he turned around, and pulled the front of Bing Po. Even though he was not thrown down embarrassingly, but it was a fact that he fell down from a horse.

A person and a horse were standing face to face, both were sweating profusely, but Xuanyuan Yi was laughing heartily, and walking to the side of Bing Po. Bing Po did not evade him either, it was looking at his eyes that did not have any disdain. Xuanyuan Yi patted Bing Po’s buttock with strength, to provoke Bing Po to lift up the back of its feet to kick him. Looking at them who appeared to be getting along rather harmoniously, Murong Shu Qing lightly smiled, this could exactly be the courtesy between a hero against a hero!

After he was having fun with Bing Po, Xuanyuan Yi walked to Murong Shu Qing, looking at her who was leaning on the tree lazily, faintly smiling at him, and he was unexpectedly dazzled (by her) for a split second! He did not understand, the black clothing that was on her made her even thinner, her facial features could not be regarded as remarkable because of her constant soft smiling expression, but it was not gorgeous. In theory, coming out to ride a horse, but she had been leaning on the tree lazily, leisurely basking on the sun. It appeared that she had this eternal lazy appearance. This kind of woman, how could he be dazzled? And even thinking that she was the kind who had an insolent bearing?!!

Looking at Xuanyuan Yi who was walking in front of her, but did not say anything except just looking at her, Murong Shu Qing had some headache. Even though those type of ocean like serene eyes that were gazing at her, could satisfy women’s vanity, but he was blocking her sunshine. Helplessly, she slowly took a seat: “Bing Po does not have a saddle and reins, otherwise you should not be thrown down today.” This could be regarded as comforting him, right!

“Good horse will never use a first rate saddle and reins to wait for people to tame it. And this kind of fierce horse will make people to boil over even more. It unexpectedly knows the art of war, to attack one who is not prepared. Very interesting, it will be mine.” Xuanyuan Yi sat besides Murong Shu Qing on the ground. How long had he not be this carefree dripping wet. That speed of the wind, strong endurance, bursted out with force, all made his body to hoot blood, he wanted to obtain it.

“He is mine now.” She finally understood, this man’s eyes did not have any desire, it was not because there was no desire to look for, but it was rather it seemed that he did not have anything that he could not obtain. So naturally, he did not have any desire to fight for something, but once he fancied something, he had ambition to have it.

“You have tamed it!” It was difficult to convince people about this.

“Please believe what you have seen.”

“Using ginseng?!”

“Haha, you can considered (it that way), two years ago, at the Lin Feng Guan’s snowy mountain, I discovered it, at that time, it was even haughtier, wilder in nature, and more reckless. At the snowy mountain, its speed looked like a black lightening, I stayed for half a year at the snowy mountain for it.” Recalling that time, Murong Shu Qing smiled, she did not dare to believe on her own that she unexpectedly stayed at that extremely cold place for half a year. Only for that haughty and unruly figure, that free and flying soul.

“Half a year!” When he heard her saying it inside the stable a moment ago, he thought that she was only joking. He had passed through that snowy mountain at the Lin Feng Guan one time, the foot of the mountain was already extraordinarily frigid, it would be even more frigid on the snowy mountain for the entire year. She unexpectedly could stay for half a year for one horse!

“Yes ah, half a year, I would stay at the foot of the mountain every night, went up the hill to wait for it during the day, and used the ginseng to coerce it to show up at my place. Afterwards, I spoke with it, so one could say that I used ginseng to lure it, and nagged by its side to follow me down.” At that time, Bing Po was impatient to hear her nagging, so once it finished eating, it would leave immediately, after a while, it would start hearing her nagging for 3-4 hours. At the beginning, she had to wait for more than half a day for it to show up everyday, after that, Bing Po would wait for her at the same place everyday. That half a year was the most tranquil days in her life. If it was not that her body was unable to endure it, and she was unconscious at the snowy mountain, and made Bing Po to carry her on its back to go down the mountain, it would not be bad to stay at the snowy mountain.

“Even though it was very fierce, but you could capture it.” According to her crafty and unruly tempers, she would look for 40-50 people to surround it, Bing Po would definitely not be able to run, there was no need to stay at the snowy mountain for half a year.

“If a horse is losing its spiritual nature and freedom, it will not have soul. I do not want that kind of Bing Po.” At that time, what attracted her was exactly that free and unruly soul. How could she be willing to suppress it.

“I have never restricted it, it has freedom, every year I still bring it back to the snowy mountain, if it likes to be somewhere, it can stay at that place, I take it as a friend. If it is willing to follow you, you can take it with you at any time.”

“If it really has a spiritual nature like this, it seems that it will be difficult to take it away with me. But, it will definitely be mine.” She unexpectedly raised a horse like this, no wonder that Bing Po had already departed the snowy mountain for two years, but it could still keep its own freedom, flying away untamed.

Still paying attention to Bing Po, Murong Shu Qing broke into laughter, if it was easy to give up like this, it was not Xuanyuan Yi. This type of man would not just talk carelessly: “Do you have any interest in accompanying me to compete for one race?”

Xuanyuan Yi raised his eyebrows: “Certainly!”

Just finished speaking, Murong Shu Qing lightly whistled once, Bing Po run over to her, turning over to get on it, Murong Shu Qing urged it to go. Xuanyuan Yi pulled up the white fine horse by his side, and chased after (her).

Behind ‘Xuanyuan Yi ~~ that was indeed my horse!’ Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.

Behind Murong family’s large horse stable was a public road, Murong Shu Qing and Xuanyuan Yi competed there. When the horses were running on the borderline, nobody stopped either, they continued to gallop on the public road.

After they were running for not too long, the trees on the public road unexpectedly obstructed their way, 2-3 servants were moving the trees on the pavement, they were wearing dark blue clothing. At the time when Murong Shu Qing and Xuanyuan Yi just appeared, they raised their heads to look one glance, very quickly, they continued to finish their work, one could see that their skills had been trained properly. As the proverb said, meeting the servant meant to know the master. Murong Shu Qing was unable to look at the spacious chariot at the roadside. A 30 years old man who was wearing a black clothing, was sitting in the chariot, he did not appear to be a southern elegant man, but he looked resolutely stylish. His facial features were similar to a cut polished jade, completely stylish. When he was looking at Bing Po, even though he covered it up really well, but Murong Shu Qing could still see his heated eyes. Next to him was a woman who was wearing a light green dress, the woman was lovable and pleasant. Her eyes were like a kitten, that were staring to look at Murong Shu Qing. Besides the chariot was two black fine horses, the hair on their bodies were shiny, their four legs were strong and muscular. One look, and people could tell that they were good horses! Among them was an older man who was sitting on top of one of the horses, his facial features were somewhat similar to the black clothing man. The man’s temperament that was on the other horse seemed to be gentle, and did not stand out at all, but it made people to feel comfortable. Murong Shu Qing sensed it that since they began to appear, this man was always looking at her in silence.

Raising her head to show a trace of a shallow smile, and restraining her radiant eyes, she asked softly: “Do you need any helps?”

“Many thanks, it is almost done.” The man also returned a smile, did not lose any courtesy when he spoke.

Murong Shu Qing indifferently smiled, nodded her head a little, and raised her horsewhip towards Xuanyuan Yi who was beside her, Bing Po lightly jumped, and went forwards wildly. Xuanyuan Yi was looking one glance at them, and also urged his horse to catch up.

Murong Shu Qing had gone for a long time, Huo Zhi Qing had just recovered, and shouted in a loud voice: “Heaven ah! How cool oh!”

Huo Zi Xi knocked on her head once, laughed heartily and said: “You are foolish, one look, people will know that it is a woman, moreover, that appearance is too ordinary, what cool.”

“You are foolish! I certainly know that it is a woman, but her every gesture is very straightforward, completely at will, even though her appearance is ordinary, but it does not effect her charm even one bit ah, what do you understand.” Staring at Huo Zi Xi, while acting like a spoiled child by pulling on Huo Zi Qi’s hand to curry a favor, she said: “Eldest brother, say it, am I right?”

“You ~~~.” Huo Zi Xi dared to be angry but did not dare to talk, this girl relied on her eldest brother’s pampering on her, and did not even care about him, her younger elder brother.

“Yes, she is indeed a special woman.” Answering Huo Zhi Qing’s question, but his eyes were looking at Yan Hao Yu, they exchanged a meaningful glance with their eyes.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Glossary

Up to Chapter 14.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance

By Qian Lu



Gong Zi – An appellation for sons who are from the wealthy families or higher government officials during the ancient period.

Long (dragon) Dan (birth/brag/boast/increase) ( Xin (new) – A type of very high quality tea that only the rich and powerful families are able to get this tea.

Kuang Dang – A sound when something is being thrown out.

Ting (listen) Feng (wind) Ge (pavilion) – A courtyard where Xuanyuan Yi & Pei Che are staying while at the Murong gamily’s manor. The literal translation for the words ting feng is actually to listen to the wind so this courtyard is surrounded by pine trees and one can hear the sound of the wind coming from the pine forest.

Luo (to watch sunset) Yun (cloud) Yuan (park/garden) – A courtyard within the manor where they can have dinner. One can watch the sun set during dinner, along with the beautiful and dazzling scenery.

Xing (star) He (and) Yuan (garden/park) – A courtyard where Murong Xing Hun lives and studies.

Da Ge – An appellation for older brother. This is can be used for both blood relative or a respect for someone who is younger than the older person. Most of the time when there is a name along with this appellation, I’ll leave the pinyin words. For example Xuanyuan dage, because it’ll be awkward to translate elder brother Xuanyuan, in this case. But if it’s only either dage or jiejie (elder sister) without any name, then I’ll translate it as is.

Jie Jie – An appellation for elder sister. Similar to the explanation for dage above.

Xxxxx-er. This “er” word, when it comes after one’s name means the person who calls the other person with this “er” word, they’re rather close, whether they’re family or close friends or lovers, etc. So it’s a term of endearment.

Yi Niang – An appellation for the father’s concubine or second wife. The “niang” word itself means mother or woman. It can also mean step mother or adopted mother.

Qi Lian Festival – aka Lotus Festival. I think this is a made up festival, however this festival is very close to Qi Xi Festival, which is known as a Chinese Valentine’s Day. So that novel updates actually calls this festival, Qi Xi Festival instead of Qi Lian Festival as per the raw in the text.

Sui (to follow) Yuan (park) – A courtyard where Murong Shu Qing lives. The building is located in the middle of a lake that is surrounded by a bamboo forest.

Zi (purple) Yun (cloud) Feng (mountain peak) – A place with mountain-like peak. One of the places to visit in Huadu district.

Feng (Phoenix) Xi (light) Yuan (park) – The old courtyard where the old Murong Shu Qing used to live. The is changed into Cang (to conceal) Xue (snow) Pavilion. This courtyard is dedicated to the females in the family.

Dong Yu – It’s a country where they all live.

Huadu District – It’s the district where Murong’s family lives.

Zi City – The city where the flooding occurred and mentioned in chapter 6.

Guan (to watch) Yu (rain) Lou (building) – One of the many room in Murong family’s manor where the family receives their guests.

Cang Yue – It’s a neighboring country. It’s located on the west border of Dong Yu.

Hong (red) Men (gate/door) Feast – This is usually referred to as a banquet where the host plans on scheming or even try to murder the guest. This was famous during the three kingdoms era where Xiang Yu tried to kill his former friend and future Han’s Emperor, Liu Bang. However when the author uses this term, it doesn’t necessarily that the host is plotting a murder to one of the guests during his/her banquet. It’s just referred to that the host is scheming something by using his/her party as a platform.

Su (plain/silk) Ni Chang (rainbow colors cloth that is worn by 8 immortals) – The name of Murong family’s clothing business. It’s taken from the names on how they are able to change a plain silk into colorful dresses.

Cai (variegated colors) Yun (cloud) Fang (workshop) – The name of the Fu family’s clothing business.

Chu (to go out/come out/produce) Yun (cloud) Ge (pavilion) – A courtyard where Yun Pei Hua, Murong Shu Qing’s step mother or Murong Wan Ru’s mother lives.

Gu Ye – An appellation for a son in law that is used by the wife’s family (usually a servant from the wife’s side of the family).

Shao Ye – An appellation for a young master of the family. Murong Xing Hun will be a Shaoye in this novel.

Lao Ye – An appellation for the older generation. In this novel, Laoye will be Murong Xiang (Murong Shu Qing’s father). Sometime the author uses Lao Ye Zi which is pretty much the same meaning, but it’s slightly more formal.

Shi Fu – An appellation for a master who is usually skilled in something, whether it’s in martial arts, good in teaching how to ride a horse, etc. In this novel, when Murong Xing Hun calls Feng Qi Xuan, Master Feng, as he is an expert in riding or breeding a horse.

Gu Niang – An appellation for a young lady or unmarried lady. Sometimes if there is a name that comes along with these Guniang words, I just translate it as Miss so & so. But if guniang is the only words, I’ll translate it as young lady.

Xiao Jie – It’s being translated as Miss. Murong Shu Qing is a Da (big) Xiao Jie, so it’s being translated as Eldest Miss.

Zhu Zi – Another appellation for Master. It’s usually used by a person who works for somebody, but not necessarily a servant/maid. So Murong Shu Qing’s secret bodyguards or the managers at her stores will call her Zhuzi. While her maids will call her Xiaojie.

Ling (to overlook) Feng (wind) Guan (mountain pass) – This is a “no man’s land” in between the two countries of Dong Yu and Cang Yue. In the ancient times, there were usually a big parcel of land that separated one country to the other country. This is where Murong Shu Qing found Bing Po (her horse).

Cang (to conceal/hide away) Xue (snow) Ge (pavilion) – one of the guest courtyard in the Murong’s manor. This pavilion is located at the furthest back in the manor.

Jiang Hu – This is a pugilist world or the place where the martial arts people usually gather during the ancient time, it’s like its own little world and has its own rules. The literal translation for the words Jiang Hu is actually rivers and lakes.

Yi Rong Shu – A skill that somebody can change his/her appearances. One of the side character, Tang Xiao Xiao knows this skill as she’s the only disciple of this “Thousand Guanyin’s faces.”

Ya tou – This terms can mean a servant (slave) girl or an endearment if it’s being used by a mother towards her daughter, a grandparents towards their granddaughter, etc. MSQ also uses this ya tou term a lot when she addresses Zi Yuan, Lu Yi and Hong Xiu. See, even though these three girls are MSQ’s maids, however she doesn’t really look at them as her slave, so I believe when MSQ uses this term, it means more on the endearment term instead of thinking them as her servant girls.

Yan Rui – Another neighboring country that has a political unrest due to the Emperor is currently sick and the country has three different powers that governs it and they’re obviously fighting to be the next Emperor.

Xiong – This word comes from xiong (elder brother) di (younger brother). It’s usually used for family relations, however it can be used for good friends also. In this case (Ch 13) XY, PC and Yi Yun Shu call each other “xiong” – Xuanyuan Xiong, Pei Xiong, Yi Xiong. Even though they’re not related but they have a close relationship so in respect they call each other using this term “xiong” instead of calling each other by their names. It’s more proper and formal. The term “xiong” can only be used by man towards man. If a woman is addressing this elder brother term, she has to use “dage” instead of “xiong”.

Jiang Nan – A city within the Jiang Hu’s areas.

Zhu (bamboo) Ye (leaf) Qing (pure) – A type of excellent wine.

Gu Qin – A long zither with 5-7 strings instrument.

Hai Yu – The fourth (probably the last) country that is mentioned in this book. It’s located around the sea area and it’s not easy to find this place as it’s rather dangerous to go there.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Characters List

The character list for up to Chapter 14.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance

By Qian Lu

Characters List


Murong Shu Qing – The current Murong’s family Master and our female lead, aka Bai Yi Fan from the modern time. Bai Yi Fan is 29 years old while Murong Shu Qing is only 19 years old. Murong Shu Qing is technically the second daughter, but since the old MSQ is a bully and the fact that Murong Wan Ru is a daughter of the second wife, MSQ is called the eldest daughter of the Murong’s family even though MWR is older.

Xuanyuan Yi – One of the 3 male leads. Dong Yu’s Famous General. Murong Shu Qing’s former fiancé and he was the one who came to break the wedding agreement.

Pei Che’s – Xuanyuan Yi’s good friend. At this time, not sure whether he is one of the General also. Or what he does.

Tang Xiao Xiao – MSQ’a friend and Shen Xiao Yun’s wife who is childish, hot-tempered and easy to be jealous. She’s a Jiang Hu’s person. She has a skill to change her or anybody’s appearances. She’s the only disciple of this teacher called “Thousand Guanyn’s faces.” The skill to change one’s appearance is called Yi Rong Shu.

Shen Xiao Yun – He is the owner of Feng (wind) Yu (rain) Lou (building). A very famous Jiang Hu’s person who works to collect and sold the news from around the world. He actually works for MSQ & is Tang Xiao Xiao’s husband.

Qin Xiu Zhi – A mysterious person whom MSQ met at Yi Yun Shu’s wedding. He happens to be one of the male leads in book 2 of the series. The books title is Destined Marriage of Shang Jun.


Bai’s family:

Bai Xi Fan – Bai Yi Fan’s second older brother. He owns an advertising company.

Bai Pu Fan – Bai Yi Fan’s oldest brother. He owns a marketing company.

Qin Zheng – Bai Pu Fan’s girl friend.

Fang Fei Qing – Bai Yi Fan’s mother.

Bai Chu Yan – Bai Yi Fan’s father.

Bai Jing Yang – Bai Yi Fan’s paternal grandfather.


Murong’s family: (rules 1/3 in the east and south areas of Dong Yu).

Zi Yuan – Murong Shu Qing’s maidservant #1.

Lu Yi – Murong Shu Qing’s maidservant #2.

Hong Xiu – Murong Shu Qing’s maidservant #3.

Murong Xiang – Murong Shu Qing’s father.

Murong Xing Hun – Murong Shu Qing’s younger brother. He is 12 years old.

Murong Xing Yue – Murong Shu Qing’s youngest sister. She is 3 years old.

Zhao Ling Long – Murong Xiang’s concubine. She used to work at a brothel before becoming a concubine.

Master Feng aka Feng Qi Xuan – He works at the stable at Murong’s manor and is teaching Murong Xing Hun how to ride a horse.

Feng Yi (his title is Guan Shi, equals to a manager) – He works for Murong Shu Qing. He is responsible for all of the Murong family’s stores. He is about 40 years old.

Mrs. Luo Yun – Her two disciples work for MRSQ’s clothing store called Su Ni Chang. These two apprentices are the best in stitching/embroidering and dying clothes.

Murong Wan Ru – Murong Shu Qing’s elder sister. Murong Xiang’s first daughter. She is married off to the Li family’s son. Li Dong Ming is her father in law. Li Zhong Wen is her husband (in Ch 15).

Yun Pei Hua – Murong Xiang’s second wife. Mother of Murong Wan Ru. She is actually the eldest daughter of the Murong’s family but since her mother is only a second wife, her status is actually much lower than Murong Shu Qing who is a daughter from the first wife.

Xiao Chan – Murong Wan Ru’s maidservant.

Bing Po – aka Ice Soul. Murong Shu Qing’s horse.

Physician Tao – Murong family’s doctor.

Ch 12 – It was mentioned that Murong Xiang has another son, 16 years old so he’s the oldest son, however he doesn’t live in the Murong family’s manor. He lives with his mother, Qi Rui. No mentioned on his name.

Yan Yu – MSQ’s bodyguard #1.

Cang Su – MSQ’s bodyguard #2.


Government Officials;

Li Jing Jia aka Li Daren – The government official’s head merchant who is in charge in Zi City where the flooding happens.

Rong De Ren aka Rong Daren – The government official who is in charge in the Imperial court’s brocade competition.

Magistrate Wang – the government official who is in charge in doing inspection of a district.


Fu’s family: (rules 1/3 in the east and south sides of Dong Yu).

Fu Bo Wen – the Master and owner of clothing business called Cai Yun Fang.


An’s family: (rules 1/3 in the east and south sides of Dong Yu).

An Qin Xuan – eldest son. He’s described to have an evil charmed.


Huo’s family: (rules in the north side of Dong Yu).

Huo Zi Qi – eldest son.

Huo Zi Xi – second son.

Huo Zhi Qing – youngest daughter. She loves hanging out with MSQ. She probably thinks that her elder brother should pursue Murong jiejie.

Yan Hao Yu – Not sure who he is as his surname is different from the Huo’s family. Maybe an uncle from a maternal side. He seems to be an elderly man.


Yi’s family: (they own an armed escort company and live in the south capital. MSQ has some business dealings with them)

Yi Yun Shu – I’m guessing he’s the eldest son of the Yi’s family. He’s good friends with XY & Pei Che. He’s married to Yu Qian. She’s from the Yu’s family in Jiang Nan.

Yi Yun Xin – Yi Yun Shu’s younger sister. She seems to like XY. She’s about 15-16 years old.

Yu Qian – Yu Yun Shu’s new bride. She’s from an area called Jiang Nan and her family is supposed to be famous for making top quality swords and has 2 other sisters. These three sisters are supposed to be outstanding beauties.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 8: Riding A Horse (Part 1)

As you all know by now, there are tons of names in this novel so I make a character list & glossary for this novel. Trust me, there are even more names in the future chapters so this character list will become handy. 😃

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 8

Riding A Horse (Part 1)

Several individuals were standing inside the spacious stable, one of them was Murong Xing Hun who had an excited face and was going around a red brownish fine horse, he stroke the horse’s head for a moment, and also patting the horse’s buttocks for a while, he felt extremely satisfied.

“The horses here are not bad ah!” Pei Che was looking around at this spacious and bright stable, every horse was very well-built, tall and straight. He looked and came to a conclusion that all of them were very rare colts. The horses looked so healthy that there was no doubt that they could go at least 800 kilometers, if not 1,000 kilometers, and they unexpectedly had more than fifty horses.

Xuanyuan Yi was also looking around the stable, he did not expect that the backyard of Murong’s manor had this huge stable. Murong Xing Hun was holding this rarely seen red brownish horse, that was running smoothly and quickly, this was a very rare colt, and his ‘fighting spirit’ was equally matched. (The word Hun in MXH’s name means spirit which is the same hun in the fighting spirit and it’s possible that XY’s own horse is called zhan hun aka fighting spirit).

“Xing Hun, are you satisfied?” The person who spoke was a man, who was leading along a dark horse and walking slowly, he was wearing a plain cotton clothing and looking ordinary. His long and narrow eyes were slightly smiling, but one could tell that he was a skilled person with a lot of confidents.

“Master Feng, I am very satisfied, when do we start learning ah?!” Murong Xing Hun saw Feng Qi Xuan came, and was eager to give it a try, and wishing that he could start learning right away.(The master in Master Feng is actually from shifu words or more like teacher so it’s different than the word Master that the maids call Xing Hun, which is from shaoye words).

This person was the person whom Xing Hun was always fawning over, Master Feng? Xuanyuan Yi was slightly sizing up the man in front of him, he could not tell that this person came from a training family, as his image looked like a scholar. But the person who was right in front of him, was not simple, his imposing manner was unconstrained, but he did not expose any edges. (In ancient times, the people were usually either scholars, military/training, common people/pheasants. So FQX looks like a scholar but he’s actually more like a martial art person).

“You can learn it now.” Feng Qi Xuan walked to Murong Xing Hun, seamlessly looking one glance at Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che, and smilingly spoke to them: “These two Gongzi are the noble guests at the manor, right! How about you ride the horses to the back of the mountain together?”

“Very good ah! I have not ridden a horse for a while, my skill is somewhat not good, moreover, the horses here are very precious, I can nicely ride it today.” Pei Che was speaking, and he arrived at the side of a white horse, he had been fancying this horse earlier. The color of the fur was even, its whole body was white, there was no trace of any colors, its four hoofs were firm, a very good horse!

Xuanyuan Yi walked toward the deepest end of the stable, Feng Qi Xuan was looking at the direction where Xuanyuan Yi walked to, the corner of his mouth raised up, and showed an interesting smile.

There was one big horse stable in the deepest end of the stable, Xuanyuan Yi only relied on his intuition to walk over to this area. But when he looked at the horses inside, his entire body was frozen, his eyes were flashing with bright rays, and his breathing was slightly quicker. Pei Che had not seen this kind of Xuanyuan Yi for a long time, so he walked over to follow him.

One shining black fine horse was right in front of him now, this horse was extremely tall. Xuanyuan Yi’s tall figure was standing in front of it, but it did not even reach its shoulder, the four limbs were slender, the shinning black’s fur was gentle and there was a faint red color among its fur. The most special was its eyes, that was probably the reason to see Xuanyuan Yi’s reaction, with its domineering sight, and it looked directly at him face to face. The inside of its eyes were bright if one looked closely, even so much that there was a faint of ridicule?? This was an extremely intelligence horse! It was enough to make a hero from the whole realm felt impassioned.

“I want it!” Xuanyuan Yi closely stared at it, his eyes had an absolute desire to conquer (the horse).

“Xuanyuan Yi dage ~~~~ you should pick another one, ok, Bing Po’s (ice soul) temper is fierce, it will not let people to ride it.” Murong Xing Hun anxiously looked at it, that horse already refused to acknowledge them, and was busily drinking water on its own.

“Bing Po? Haha, good name. I want to ride it today.” In Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes, whatever stuffs that he wanted, he would get it, and only the stuffs that he did not want, he would not get it.

Stepping on his steady pace confidently, Xuanyuan Yi arrived at the side of Bing Po, Bing Po that was bowing his head to drink water indifferently, sensed a person who was approaching at him closely, its figure turned around immediately. Towards Xuanyuan Yi who was walking forward in front of it, its nose was puffing with anger, and it sent out a muffled sound. The pair of its eyes were staring straightforwardly at Xuanyuan Yi, its eyes were filled with unruliness.

The horse’s sharp and indignant made Xuanyuan Yi even more excited, he had not had this kind of feeling for a long time, he was feeling fired up immediately. A person and a horse were confronting each other, even though the horse stable was very huge, but using it to tame a horse was a bit too small. And Bing Po also had a complete wild nature, so Xuanyuan Yi did not have any way to approach it for a while. Perhaps detecting Xuanyuan Yi’s aggressiveness, Bing Po could not relax at all, both of them did not want to yield. The atmosphere appeared to be very heavy.

“Did everyone eat breakfast yet?” A female voice that was not in a hurry or slow, echoed. Everybody turned around, the two people (MXH & FQX) appeared to accustom to (what they saw), contrary to the other two people (XY & PC) who were astonished for a period of time. Murong Shu Qing was wearing a black clothing, her face was relaxed, and she was leaning against the pillar that was behind them.

“Shu Qing’s dress, hehe (chuckling), is very unusual ah!” It was indeed unusual, it was resembled a man’s clothing, but it was even simpler, her upper body had nothing other than a man’s clothing, her lower body only had a pair of trousers. Then, she had a pair of boots, her hair was rolled up in a bun just liked a man’s hair, it did not have any hairpin that bound it up to resemble a woman right now, it was only combed together and using a headband to tie it up. The most important thing was her whole body was in black. Pei Che, except saying that it was unusual, he did not know what to say anything more either?

“It is convenient, and durable of the dirt!” Murong Shu Qing raised up her eyebrows, and walked over to Bing Po.

Murong Shu Qing’s intervention, immediately broke the intense atmosphere inside the horse stable, the corner of Xuanyuan Yi’s mouth carried a smile when he was looking at her, it was really very convenient, durable of the dirt. Saying that she was dressed as a man, he was afraid that it would treat her unjustly, her upper garment was not high to begin with, her bright neck attracted people’s line of sights. One look, one would know that there was no adam’s apple, her long hair was bound highly at the back of her head. He had no choice but to admit, this odd black color dress to ride a horse really suited her fair skin, and made people unable to shift their eyes.

Bing Po looked at Murong Shu Qing who just came over, and it was leaning on her intimately. Its head went down, and straightforwardly rubbed lightly at her bosom, there was no untamed appearance from a moment ago.

“Acting like a spoiled child is also useless, you can only eat two roots, otherwise you will bleed from the nose.” Murong Shu Qing smiled and patted on Bing Po’s head. Her hand pulled a couple of ginseng roots.

Bing Po was also blunt, his body was neighing happily, and gnawing the ginseng that was on Murong Shu Qing’s hand.

Pei Che was staring with his big eyes, he felt suspicious towards Bing Po and Shu Qing’s intimacy to each other, was it possible that this crabby horse that was in confrontation with Xuanyuan Yi, was actually her horse? Then again, what was she feeding the horse with? If his eyes did not have any problems, that was indeed a couple of ginseng roots, each root had about two to three fingers in thickness. Was there someone who used ginseng to feed a horse? It was possible that he was mistaken. Nope, he was certainly mistaken, it could be white radishes.

“It likes to eat ginseng!” Xuanyuan Yi was clearly calmer than Pei Che by a lot, looking at Murong Shu Qing who used ginseng to feed a horse, he barely raised his eyebrows. Could it be that this good horse was fed ginseng?

“En, I only give it to eat a couple of ginseng roots every 8-10 days now, if it eats too many, it will suffer from excessive internal heat.” Murong Shu Qing was caressing and stroking Bing Po’s head gently, while she answered.

“Yes ah, yes ah, nobody could take care of it at the beginning, it wanted to eat 7-8 roots every day, afterwards, it was bleeding from the nose continuously, and really scared us to death!” Xing Hun also loved Bing Po’s strict love, but when elder sister was not around, he did not dare to approach it, its temperament was considerably not good.

7-8 roots every day??? How much money did the Murong’s family have?!! Pei Che’s gaze was casted towards Murong Shu Qing again.

Sensing Pei Che’s probing gaze, Murong Shu Qing raised her head, and gave him a faint smile, then she moved her gaze to Bing Po, her eyes were filled with indulging love.

“Where did you get this horse from?” Xuanyuan Yi’s mind was still at this horse, this kind of good horse, it was impossible to buy it at the market, any man would want to get it.

“At the common borders of Cang Yue and Dong Yu, Lin Feng Guan, where there was snowfall on the mountain through out the year, Bing Po was found at the foot of the mountain.” At that time, Bing Po was running crazily during the snowfall, and it made her stunned. For Bing Po, she stayed for almost half a year at that extremely cold place.

“Then, what method did you use to tame it, from that extremely cold place to this warm southern part, how did it adapt (to the change)?” Pei Che was inevitably curious. It was confined inside the horse stable for so long, even if it still was not tamed completely, it was obvious that Bing Po who was used to live in the snowy mountain, would be completely coarse and wild.

“At the beginning, I was also worry that it would not adapt, at the snowy mountain, it was alright for Bing Po to eat 10 ginseng roots every day, but it could not (eat that many) anymore now. But it is almost two years, it seems that Bing Po has adapted to the weather in the southern part. As to how to tame it ——~ just use mouth!! Hehe (chuckling).”

Used mouth??! This was just to skimp him ah?

“Do you not say that you want to go and ride a horse? Go, ok!” Bing Po had already eaten its fill, Murong Shu Qing patted its bottom, it did not have any reins to keep a hold on, just liked a bow string of a double-edged sword, it crossed over everyone, and sped up.