The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 5 Part 1

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By Ye Shuang

Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Enduring by himself for not hearing any news about her for two days, and speaking according to reason, she should be very anxious wanting to know the conclusion of the investigation, but why was she disappeared without any trace like this?

This foolish maiden would not not anything that could happen to her, right?

His brain just flashed through that kind of thought, one ferocious fist blow suddenly attacked Chai Zhe Xia’s handsome and leisure face.

Ju Su Sheng believed that according to Chai Zhe Xia’s martial arts, he would surely dodge easily, who would have thought that he unexpectedly did not dodge or escape, and suffered one fist blow strongly.

“Eh……” A thumping sound echoed, regardless whether it was Chai Zhe Xia or Ju Su Sheng, both of them were shocked.

Their eyes were looking at each other, Ju Su Sheng actually recovered and stoped his fist blow, he somewhat did not really believe and asked: “What is wrong with you?”

“I am alright!” Confronting his close friend’s inquiry, Chai Zhe Xia shook his head promptly, that denial was very quick and in a hurry, and it made people easily see that he was not telling the truth.

Ju Su Sheng knew that he was not like their other close friend, Zhangsun Cheng Yin, who was always calm and composed. He was not that sophisticated like him either, so as long as he had something on his mind, it would be seen by others.

Taking a handkerchief that was handed over by the maid, Ju Su Sheng gracefully wiped the sweats that were on the edge of his forehead.

“If you are alright, then the fist blow would not hit you just now, is there a need to deceive others and yourselves like this?”

Chai Zhe Xia’s martial arts was the best among the three of them, even if he was not in a state of perfection, it was impossible to hit him like this easily.

The Chai Zhe Xia who was always infatuated with learning martial arts, was unexpectedly in a trance during practice, it might be assumed that the reason would worth pondering.

“I am really alright!”

Avoiding the look and expression from his close friend, Chai Zhe Xia was naturally unable to say anything for a while and he was dodging for the whole time because he was thinking at that foolish maiden, Cui Miao He.

There was absolutely no news for two days, looking at his real restless heart, especially when he knew the actual reason why Madam Cui wanted to marry out Cui Miao He urgently, was because she coveted the betrothal money to make her parents and the Cui’s family passed through the crisis by marrying her, he was even more anxious.

“I have heard that the Cui’s family appears to set up a wedding within two days.” Ju Su Sheng unexpectedly said like this.

The housekeeper from the Cui’s manor, not only came to his family store this past two days, but also bought a lot of things that would be used for the wedding.

In reality, he was probing deliberately by saying like that, the matter at the Ying Liu’s pavilion on that day, it was already spreading everywhere in the city. According to his understanding towards Chai Zhe Xia, he was really not a person who would see injustice, and would definitely help another person. And his answer would unexpectedly showed a shed of mix tears in his eyes, it was clearly that he absolutely did not know anything.

“What are you saying?” Having heard what he said, Chai Zhe Xia’s heart was anxious, a pair of his hands grabbed Ju Su Sheng’s collars when he asked impatiently.

Not happy with his close friend’s cold glance, he still said that he was alright, if he was really alright, could he react with this kind of big reaction when he heard his sentences?

Ju Su Sheng shook his head, and confronted Chai Zhe Xia, who was stirring up emotionally like this, he could have choked him to death, so he hurriedly opened his mouth to say. “I said that the Cui’s family seemed to purchase some things to be used to marry the maiden for the past few days.”

“Which Cui’s family member is getting married?” Chai Zhe Xia was unable to look dignified entirely, he questioned closely and anxiously, his mind was also overflowing with a trace of bad premonitions.

“In order of the seniority, the one who is getting married should naturally be the eldest daughter of the Cui’s family ah!”

Knowing that Cui Miao He wanted to get married with another person, he became emotional like this, if he knew whom she would be getting married to, he (JSS) was afraid that he (CZX) would think of killing someone in anger, ok!

Throwing off Ju Su Sheng’s chest consciously and promptly and shifting quietly, even if he loved to watch the show, he did not love to see that person who looked so lost in this situation.

“Getting married to whom?” Chai Zhe Xia wrinkled his eyebrows and asked once again.

Recently, there were rumors everywhere in the city, discussing about the night Cui Miao He was at the brothel, he did not believe that honorable family would suggest marriage in spite of those public opinions.

“The West capital’s Wu Landlord.” Ju Su Sheng eyes were observing all over first, his ears listened to all directions alertly, after that, he just heard an answer.

“Damn it!” Chai Zhe Xia’s complexion was increasingly darker, and he still cursed a sentence lowly and gracefully.

Old man’s Wu, that old person had been known to age earlier, furthermore, he already had a main wife and countless favored concubines, he unexpectedly still dared to get his fingers into the young Cui Miao He!

“Does the Cui’s family not care about their face?”

Taking their eldest granddaughter to marry this kind of person to become his concubine, it would be extremely embarrassing.

One might assume that Madam Cui really wanted money urgently, and would put out this kind of excessive matter like this.

He did not seem to know about this but he knew it now, would it be possible not to be concern about this matter, thinking about the kind of good heart that Miss Cui Miao He had, she should not be wasted this way by the other person.

Looking at Chai Zhe Xia’s expression that suddenly turned gloomy, Ju Su Sheng was very certain that he was moved emotionally (he started falling for her), his heart did not merely move because she was forced to marry. Otherwise, the portraits of those many beautiful women on the paintings (it’s common that the women who were marriageable aged sent out their own paintings to the families of those eligible men so the men could choose which women they liked based on those paintings) that were as high as a mountain, he would not need to be extremely worry because of this one Cui Miao He?

Figuring this out, there was a sudden trace of bullish smile on his face. He wanted to see it on his own, how Chai Zhe Cia would fight for this bride. This good show would not only be very good, but it would also be very rare to watch ah!

The tea fragrance was penetrating strongly inside the reception pavilion, Chai Mu Xiu was looking satisfyingly at the small desserts that his lovely wife was feeding him to eat, that sweet and fragrant tea mixture was inside his mouth, this perfect satisfaction was hard to describe.

“Lovely wife ah!” Chai Mu Xiu called out, a trace of sweet and soft smile was immediately on this lovable wife’s gaze.

“Laoye, what is the matter?” (A wife often called her husband Laoye in the ancient period so I’ll keep the pinyin words). After feeding him the sweat but not greasy lotus cake, then Ruan Gui Lin asked with her soft voice.

“I have said it in the past that you should take care of our son’s marriage urgently, how is the matter now?” Actually, because of his age, how could he not want to have a grandson urgently, but in the capacity as the majestic old general, then he could only keep the idea of playing with a grandson. If it was exposed, after all, it would hurt his dignity so because of that, his wife had a full authority to take care of it.

Anyway, Zhe Xia, this youngster was fearless of the heaven and earth, then there was also the need to have this fiery temperament wife who would be able to control him.

“Speaking of that youngster, he makes me angry!” Once she heard Laoye’s question, Ruan Gui Lin immediately had a heavy complexion, thinking about the subject. “I let him choose from so many young ladies, unfortunately, he did not choose anyone, and he instead chose the Cui family’s young lady surprisingly, and stirred up a few rumors and slanders.”

Originally, when Miss Cui paid a sudden visit on that day, she liked the tip of her brows and thought that they looked like brush strokes (of the calligraphy) from the birthdate characters. After all, that Cui’s family young lady was not only full of life, but she also looked very intelligent. If that young lady was matched to her foolish son, it was definitely a match made in heaven.

But, who would have imagined that young lady was being talked about as a leading role by the common people recently. Not only that she went into a brothel but she was also associated with the famous courtesan very closely, she even stayed at the brothel for a whole night.

Although she started to like her for her own son, but her favorable impression on Cui Miao He took a beating forcibly.

“Really unfortunate, this one family’s young lady who is full of life, she unexpectedly cannot observe the code of ethics.” Ruan Gui Lin sighed, she clearly and genuinely thought that it was unfortunate.

“Do you seriously and really think that she is the girl who does not abide by the rules?”

He had seen the eldest daughter of the Cui’s family once, but he did not see anything that could be considered abnormal. Because the first impression was good, so he absolutely did not believe those rumors from those people on the street.

This matter only made his wife to change her impression on her.

But she also could not be blamed on this, after all, she, herself became pregnant and gave birth on the tenth of the month. Even though she always shouted and quarreled with him, but who would be willing to accept grievances for her own son ah?

“I….. If there is no wind, will there any waves?” Covering Laoye’s question like this, Ruan Gui Lin stared blankly, after a good while, she finally came back afterwards.

“But I always think that this matter looks a little strange.”

In this world, what kind of a mother would beat drums and gongs to go to a brothel and look for her daughter like this?

“Whether it is strange or not, in any case, I do not want it that my daughter in law who has not entered the door yet, but she is already affected by the right and wrong matters like this.”
Because of a misunderstanding, Ruan Gui Lin who was originally had a favorable impression early towards Cui Miao He, changed her opinion completely. Fortunately, her son was not moved, so she could not help to want to rejoice.

Ruan Gui Lin’s heart was calm for a while, but suddenly the side of her ears heard a thump sound, the door was suddenly kicked opened by someone.

The wood planks of the door were flying everywhere, Chai Mu Xiu’s eyelids jumped unexpectedly. There was a frightening cloudiness on his son’s face, his heart was also following to look very heavy.

What was wrong with this fellow?

Although his usual anger was not small, but as his dad, he could feel his son’s indescribable anxiousness, anger and this time was definitely different.

But he still had not figured out what the matter was after all, and his fiery personality’s wife already jumped up first.

“This child, do you not know that the door is meant to be pushed?”

Even if their family had a mountain of golds and silvers, and there was no lack of money to replace the door, but there was no need to use this kind of earth-shattering way to show up, right!

“I want to get married!” Chai Zhe Xia coldly said it to his mother.

These world-shaking words, sure enough made his mother who was talkative to become like a cluster of block up successfully.

“You, what did you say?!” He appeared to look very intimidated, Ruan Gui Lin who was always eloquence and intelligent unexpectedly stammered.

“I said that I want to get married, immediately.”

That time, he believed that when he appeared personally on his own, Liang Yu Xia should not have have any courage and dare to scheme at Cui Miao He this soon, but he did not expect it that she still dared to do it again, and tried to harm her again.

Thinking about this, his eyes that were always serene, suddenly flashed through a trace of rage, if the Cui’s family was unable to protect Cui Miao He, then he would protect her.

“Immediately?!” Ruan Gui Lin got really angry, did this fellow think that marrying was like shopping, when he said he wanted to buy, then he would buy it?

“I do not care what provokes you to want to get married, but if you want to get married immediately, where do you want mother to go to find your bride? Do you not know that one needs to pick the day in order to get married, also those things that must be bought. Even if it is a few simple things, it still needs at least half a year of time to prepare it.”

“I already have the bride, as far as the others, our family has plenty of money.” Having money, one could even make a ghost to do anything, he did not believe that there was anything that was impossible.

He would use the quickest way to place Cui Miao He’s safety under his wings, he could absolutely not tolerate other people to frame and dip their fingers into her again.

Looking towards her son who had that vowing’s expression, she was startled, then she could say something after a good moment.

“Then, who do you want to get married to?”

“Cui Miao He!”

If she heard what her son was saying it in the past, Ruan Gui Lin would be happy and jumping up, but she could not even have a trace of smile at this moment, her complexion was heavy, and she snapped. “I will not allow it!”

“Why do you not allow it?” His mother was the one who found the portrait, he had already decided this now, but mother actually did not allow it, was it possible that she wanted him not to get married?

“That young lady’s reputation is not good, and she is also associated with that lady from the brothel, nevertheless, our family is a great family, you are a member of the emperor’s family, how can you have this kind of wife.”

Hearing his own mother’s spoken words, Chai Zhe Xia’s complexion was even heavier, as it turned out, this was the reason why the Cui’s family urgently wanted to marry Cui Miao He.

Because the great families inside the capital were afraid and unwilling to marry Cui Miao He as the main wife, so Liang Yu Xia would take the highest price to sell her.

“She was framed.” Staring at his own mother, Chai Zhe Xia coldly cried out for Cui Miao He’s grievances.

“How did you know that she was framed?” Ruan Gui Lin asked with a heavy face, she somewhat regretted that she brought Cui Miao He’s portrait for her son to choose. How could she know that her son would really choose Cui Miao He, it seemed that there was no way to discuss the look, she inevitably felt discouraged in her heart.

Moreover, even if it looked like her husband had actually talked, there was a hidden motive in this matter, and that also had to wait until she could handle this matter clearly, right. He was saying that he wanted to get married like this, how could she agree.

“So you do not want to help me handle this matter?” Seeing his own mother’s persistent in her eyes, Chai Zhe Xia was also impatient, and he just simply got right to the point to ask.

“Right!” She did not want that kind of daughter in law, and did not want the people to point their fingers when she was out, and became the object of gossip from everyone.

“Then….. fine, ok!” Chai Zhe Xia turned his head to leave his mother, and turned his body around to leave.

Since mother did not agree, he would not force her to do it, he was not a child anymore, there were a lot of things that he could accomplish on his own.

Anyway, he already sent out a letter early morning, and let someone to go and deliver it to Master Cui as fast as possible. He just did not believe that Master Cui would not do anything when his daughter was given to that old Wu’s pervert.

So whether or not his mother would stand on his behalf, was not important, as long as he had money, was he still afraid that he was not able to have an impressive marriage?

Ruan Gui Lin originally thought that her son would fly into a rage, or maybe he would argue strongly with her, but she did not expect that he who always had this fiery temper, would unexpectedly be so simple to accept it like this.

But….. did he really accept this?

Looking firmly and persistently towards her son’s straight figure, she really did not believe that her son would concede this easily. Her heart swept past a burst of inauspicious premonition for a split second, thus, she promptly yelled to ask him. “What does it mean that you sound so easy like this?”

“Since mother does not want to help me to handle this mater, this child will just handle it on my own.” Chai Zhe Xia’s footsteps paused, but his head did not turn back around.

“How do you want to handle it?”

“Kidnap the bride!” Cui Miao He’s situation was certainly pressing in his heart, so Chai Zhe Xia did not feel like using a roundabout route way. Kidnapping her would be a direct way, and it was also his most expertise. Cui Ming Yuan’s quickly return would be the best way, even if he did not return, then he would just kidnap her.

“You are insane!”

Having heard what he said, Ruan Gui Lin took a mouthful of cold air, she simply did not dare to imagine that if this matter really happened like this, how could she step out of the Chai’s manor with her face.

“It is mother who does not agree to help this child.” That tone that he used to speak was so very innocent, anyway, it was absolutely impossible for him to just do nothing to see that Cui Miao He was insulted by that kind of person.

“You…..” Ruan Gui Lin still wanted to say more, but Chai Mu Xiu grasped his wife’s hand firmly, and did not let her to continue speaking.

“Laoye, why are you pulling my hand? I want to properly scold and wake your muddle-headed’s son up.” She was unhappy so she nagged a few words at her husband, who would have imagine that once she turned around, apart from the wreckage of the door that was in front of her eyes, her son’s shadow was not even around anymore.

“Furen, do you think that our son is a fool?” (Since I decided to use Laoye as an appellation for husband, so I’ll keep Furen for wife). Chai Mu Xiu unexpectedly asked his wife who was in a rage.

She did not need to think to answer it. “How can our son be a fool, he was already a respected important general when he was still young, because of his many heroic contributions to the Imperial court. If he is stupid, how can there be many intelligent people who exist in this world.”

“Since this is the case, then should we not believe his foresight!”

“But…..” Although her husband already said his words, but she still did not want to believe this woman whose reputation and integrity were already ruined, would match up with her son. But comparing her attitude from before, she also had a little hesitation.

“Our son has a big temper and crabby, if you are firm and resolute like this, he will not be afraid of your venting, instead of like this, it will be better that we sit by the sidelines for a time, maybe the rumors that are floating around on the street are not trustworthy at all.”

“Is it alright like this?” Chai Mu Xiu always loved his wife dearly, he would never interfere with her decisions in the past, but this time, he had already said it like this, so she should at least a little appreciative. “But, he is going to kidnap the bride!”

If this matter really happened, she was afraid that it would cause a sensation in the Imperial court and themselves, ok!

Ruan Gui Lin only anticipated the consequences and already felt the headache, and because of this, that future wife who had not even entered the door yet, but she already did not like her.

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