A Generation of Military Counsellors: Chapter 22: The silver haired assailant

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A Generation of Military Counsellor Chapter 21: She is mine

Hi everyone, I am not fully back yet. Anyway, this is the update. Btw, this chapter was edited by Remy 🙂 L3D had posted part of the chapter in here. I found she/he actually is doing a great job (in my opinion, the translation is much better than mine)! make sure to check his/her translation. 🙂

PS: I need to solve a statistical problem whereby X~binom(n,p)*gamma(shape,rate). I was given empirical x deciles (0.1,0.5, and 0.9) as well as the mean. Do you guys have any idea how to predict the rate of the gamma distribution? SOS oOo



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It’s Nutty. You will probably want to kill me right now (Kya….) I am really busy with my study at the moment because every week I have assignments to submit or presentation to present or poster to make (Complain… complain… Ah.. kill me right now >O<). Coupled with my lab work, it is an equation of hell. I haven’t been able to translate new chapter for a month! There are about 18 pages of word doc per chapter and I am hardly finishing one page now (sorry). Anyhow, that is my excuse for not releasing a chapter this month (and probably next month at least until 15th June). I am so sorry for disappointing you and also so grateful that at least Sian is still keeping up with the RWG translation. Please be patient. I will come back soon (if I am not dead by then 😛 ).

Just an update: L3D had posted  a chapter

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A Generation Military Counsellor Chapter 20

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Sorry for the late update and I have to warn you (once again) that the updates will be very irregular until Nov 2016 (my independence day from thesis ‘Monster’) :). So don’t hold your breath. I will not be able to read all of the comments or respond it regularly either. I decided to make the chapter longer because I couldn’t be bothered to partition it, so if you are reading this on your tablets, I am sorry you need to scroll down (take risk of automatically got scrolled up because of the stupid Ipad  when you touch the upper screen and curse at your stupidity (It happens to me all the time 🙂 ).

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A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-13

Su Ling nodded and replied, “When encountering the most dangerous situation, there is a need to use this force. I want a capable and trustworthy person to train them.”

A capable and trustworthy person? Was he talking about her? The more Gu Yun listened to him, the straighter she felt her hair stand up. Gu Yun didn’t speak a word. Su Ling continued, “I will give you 300 liangs monthly. Are you satisfied?”

Although Gu Yun wasn’t really clear on the value of 300 liangs, she knew it was definitely not a small amount of money. She had guessed the purpose of Su Ling’s trip tonight so she snorted and said, “What are Han Shu’s wages?”

Why did she ask this question? Su Ling hesitated for a moment. Under Gu Yun’s straight eyes, he finally replied, “200 liangs.” Did she actually see through his disguise? Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-12

Gu Yun naturally didn’t know that he had her discuss military matters because Su Ling only wanted to find some work for her, so she seriously gave him a suggestion, “Actually you have been leading the Su Army for quite a long time and have been fighting in many wars. Your main mode of fighting is to put two troops in the frontline. There are tens of thousands soldiers in the Su army. If you want to give each of them special training, you will need to spend a hell of a lot of money. You could choose 30,000 elites and specially train them so that they can fight calmly and deal with the enemy in any sort of circumstances. They can fight together with the army and also perform independent raids like sieging.”

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