A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-4

Hi, Everyone! It is Monday morning in Melbourne. I hope you do not experience the Monday Blues. I spent so much money awarding myself two pretty dresses over the weekend and I am feeling really guilty right now :P. I decided to post daily to get myself to actually translate. I hope you have a good morning and good week ~~~


Gu Yun secretly sighs, as the lash around her left arm tightens, the pressure penetrates deep into her muscle. Gu Yun quietly snorts, Bing Lian on her hand can feel her pain, slightly tremors. A cold light radiates from the sword’s edge, Gu Yun can feel Bing Lian on her hand is emitting enormous power, she almost cannot control it.

Can no longer holding the pain, Gu Yun’s left-hand grabs the whip, forcefully pull it, while her right-hand thrusts Bing Lian into the man’s chest.

The sword attacks that bring coldness to the bone bewilder the man. He can only retreat the lash that wrapped around Gu Yun’s left hand. Just as the lash meets the edge of the sword, the gold coloured whip that is made of mysterious iron fractures. Fortunately, the whip blocked the attack, reducing the speed of the cold sword and giving the man opportunity to escape this fighting ground.

He was startled, it cannot be imagined this small woman who appeared so weak can be this formidable. The sword on her hand is not just your usual weapon, it is extremely sharp and able to freeze people.

Although he is able to escape, he knows it himself that he is not Gu Yun’s opponent, or should it be said he is not the sword’s opponent. He quickly takes his whip back and flights to the deeper area of the forest.

“You want to escape?! It is not that easy!” Gu Yun rapidly chases from behind. It is a pity, the man’s qing gong (轻功 is the practice of martial arts, whereby the practitioners can move swiftly in a superhuman speed. In the movie, usually, it appears as the defying gravity skill, source: Wikipedia) is superb. Although Gu Yun’s strength is very good and her movement is also fast, she does not do qing gong. As a result, the distance between those two is gradually wider. The man sets his foot on the mountain slope and jumps down. Gu Yun also chases him down, really does not want to think about the slope that looks like it is slightly inclined is actually quite high, as she almost sprains her ankle. It is also because of this matter, the man’s figure is already disappeared. From far away, he arrogantly says, “If you really want to save Han Shu, let Su Ren enter the forest by himself. If he is afraid, please go to Crow’s Valley to collect the corpse three days from now.”

She still wants to pursue him, when a constrained pain voice from the south was heard… that is Ge Jing Yun’s voice.

“Damn!” Yu Gun quietly curses. The purpose of these bandits is to use Han Shu as a bait to lure Su Ren. His life should not be endangered. Gu Yun turns around and runs towards the direction of the sound.


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