Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 127: Angry (Part 1)

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Oh no… Laexdream’s predictions didn’t come through… πŸ˜…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times.

Chapter 127

Angry (Part 1)

Tong Fu’s hand took Your majesty’s precious calligraphy writing, so he made the young palace eunuch to tidy up the picture scrolls on the table. It was very rare that the young palace eunuch to be in close range with Your majesty like this, so he was inevitably somewhat nervous. When he was tidying them up properly and was just about to withdraw immediately, but he did not hold the pictures properly, so the top picture was sliding from his hand, the picture scroll fell on the ground, and unfolded in half.

The ‘pa’ sound seemed to be ear-piercing inside the quiet Imperial study, so Tong Fu kicked the young palace eunuch’s foot, and said in a whisper: “Still not tidying up quickly.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The young palace eunuch was rolling and crawling on the ground, but Your Majesty’s low roar scared him that he was not able to move a single step and was shivering.

“Stop!” Xuan Tian Cheng’s voice chided, not only it really frightened the young palace eunuch, but also Tong Fu and Wei Hai also were shocked from his sudden voice. Tong Fu was somewhat panic-stricken and quietly looking one glance at Your Majesty, and only saw that Your Majesty’s gaze landed on the half unfolded picture scroll. The expression on his face was fully startled, following Your Majesty’s line of sight, Tong Fu only saw the half unfolded painting and could vaguely see a woman’s portrait.

Xuan Tian Cheng slowly walked down step by step to the side of the table, his eyes actually did not leave the picture scroll at all, the woman on the picture seemed to resemble her so much. That person who made him yearn for her days and nights, how could she appear here now?! Picking up the picture scroll from the ground, he softly unfolded it….

On the picture…. one woman was wearing a light green plain dress, her fine black hair that was reaching to the ground, was bound up with a wooden hairpin. Her left and right hands were holding the writing brushes, closing her eyes and raising the corners of her mouth softly to smile with confidence and calmly. Her simple green dress, black long hair, and that languid smile, all made her ordinary appearance emitted her elegance and unrestrained graceful bearing.Β 

That was her! Xuan Tian Cheng was looking at the picture scroll for a long time, both of his hands were slightly shivering to show that his heart was stirred up with emotions, so he mumbled continuously: “She, how can it be her?”

Suddenly, Xuan Tian Cheng lifted his head up, his eyes were heated up and shining, staring at Tong Fu, he asked: “She, who is she?”

Having not seen Your Majesty like this, Tong Fu’s heart was feeling nervous. So he promptly looked one glance at the picture scroll, and answered with trembling and fear: “Answering Your Majesty, she is Murong Shu Qing.” This was Murong Shu Qing’s portrait that the Ministry of Rites sent out several days ago. At that time, Your Majesty did not want to look at it, so when he tidied it up, he looked at it once. The legend said that this Murong Shu Qing was extremely low-profile, so nobody had made a portrait of her, this was a picture that the assistant minister from the Ministry of Rites drew during Prime Minister’s birthday at that time. This was just a common portrait, so why Your Majesty was acting so abnormal like this?!

“What?….” Tong Fu’s answer caused Xuan Tian Cheng’s unbelievable anger.

Wei Hai did not understand why Your Majesty lost his self control with Murong Shu Qing’s portrait, so he could not help but to look one glance at the portrait. This one glance made him understand the reason for Your Majesty’s anger, the portrait of the woman was exactly the beautiful woman whom Your Majesty was looking for the whole three months. And this Murong Shu Qing…. was exactly the General’s Madam whom Your Majesty just announced to the whole world a moment ago!!Β 

Xuan Tian Cheng was blanked out for a split second, next, the earth-shattering anger rushed forth in his head, Murong Shu Qing, Murong Shu Qing, Shu Qing…. Qin Shu! Good, very good. She unexpectedly played a trick on him. Clenching the picture scroll in his hand, and because of his anger, one could hear a squeaking sound from his clenching hand. His eyes were filled with violent anger, when he looked at the calligraphy writing of the ‘happily married couple as if made by heaven’ words that was held by Tong Fu in his hand, his eyes evolved into a storm even more.

Xuan Tian Cheng took the writing paper, tore it up into little pieces, and threw it on the ground of the main hall. All of the palace maids and palace eunuchs were scared by Xuan Tian Cheng’s anger that they were crawling on the ground one after another, and their mouths repeatedly said: “Your Majesty, please calm down….”Β 

Only Wei Hai knew what kind of anger that Your Majesty had in his heart, this kind of anger could not be calmed down. Your Majesty’s affection towards Murong Shu Qing from three months ago, he had already seen it. But who would have thought that she was unexpectedly General Xuanyuan’s sweetheart, and after their marriage was just announced to the whole world, that Your Majesty just found out about her. This was undoubtedly his own beloved person whom he surrendered, so how could Your Majesty not be angry, how could he not be angry.

Xuan Tian Cheng’s anger made him to throw down the portrait in his hand, his foot kicked it to the door of the main hall, and he walked outside to be under the sky that was filled with the wind and snow. The cold wind and snow could not extinguish Xuan Tian Cheng’s blaze in his heart, his expressionless face looked so cold and his eyes were on fire. They made everyone in the main hall feel like they seemed to be in an ice and snow place. Tong Fu casted his gaze towards that portrait that was on the round one more time, even though he did not know what happened. But Your Majesty’s up-normal reaction was surely because of this woman!!

Asking for an Imperial decree to get married!! How good was this Murong Shu Qing!! This was not early nor late, when you knew that Zhen wanted to marry you, you really wanted to escape Zhen like this, and used this kind of method to make Zhen unable to advance or retreat. Murong Shu Qing, did you think that you could escape from Zhen like this?! Don’t even think about it, don’t even think about it!!

Legend said it that Your Majesty was unknowingly so furious today, he stood in the wind and snow until in the afternoon. Nobody dared to approach Your Majesty, even the Empress was stopped outside the Imperial study.


Shang Jun was playing chess with Qin Xiu Zhi, her injury was already better by a lot, today was Dong Yu and Cang Yu’s decisive battles. But she had the mood to play chess, she actually had made comparison about You Xiao and Xuanyuan Yi’s talents at an earlier time. If there was no mishap, Xuanyuan Yi should be able to win this battle.Β 

The two people were just about to go to a tense game, suddenly, they heard a hoarse voice that came from outside the tent, and Lu Yi was staggering along to come in, and her mouth continuously shouted: “Master, Master Shang…..”Β 

Shang Xiao was supporting Lu Yi who looked like she was in a difficult situation, and asked: “Lu Yi jiejie, what is going on?”

Shang Jun looked that her hair was messy, and there was an obvious traces of blood on her neck, her heart suddenly had this inauspicious premonition, and she asked: “Did Shu Qing meet with a mishap?”Β 

After grasping for a breath, Lu Yi urgently said: “Miss, Miss is missing.” When she woke up, there was no traces of Miss. Within this army, Xuanyuan Gongzi and Pei Gongzi were not here, so she had no alternative but to ask Master Shang for help.

“What?” She really did not anticipate this, but recalling what Shu Qing was saying yesterday, could it be that they really made a move so quickly like this!Β 

Lu Yi’s words made several people who were in the tent feel startled, Shang Xiao did not believe it and asked: “How is it possible, is Shu Qing jiejie always inside the tent?” How could a big person was missing like this?!Β 

Yes ah! Inside the army camp that was guarded so tightly like this, how could one take someone away without being seen by anybody, they were sure out of the ordinary people. Shang Jun stood up, and called out: “Someone comes!”

“I am here.” A middle age man who was wearing a servant clothing, appeared inside the tent.Β 

Shang Jun orderly commanded: “Arrange people to immediately chase after in all four directions to the east, south, west and north, do not let any carriage slip by, or three and more caravans. Moreover, seal off Lin Feng Guan juncture.” She absolutely could not let them to send Shu Qing out of Dong Yu, otherwise she would be in a more dangerous situation. Even though one would need an official’s document to seal off Lin Feng Guan juncture, but based on her ability, it would not be too difficult to seal it off for several days. For Shu Qing, she would not care too many things.

“Yes.” The man accepted the order and went out.

Shang Jun lightly stroke her chest area, her chest was somewhat in pain for a moment because of anxiousness. Shang Xiao was just about to comfort Lu Yi who was in a panicked mind, when Shang Jun calmly said: “I want to go to Shu Qing’s tent.” Perhaps, she could find some clues over there.Β 

With Shang Jun’s cold look, Xiu Zhi knew that he looked calm and cool-headed, but his heart must be very anxious for Shu Qing. When he was keeping his hand on his chest from time to time, it also made him know that Shang Jun’s wound hurt again. Sighing, Qin Xiu Zhi said: “I go and accompany you together.” He also looked at Shu Qing as his own close relative, if she had this unexpected mishap, he was also anxious.

A group of people urgently and hurriedly went to the tent, the desk and chairs looked so messy, it looked like there was a fight. Shang Jun carefully looked at everything inside the room, while she asked: “Lu Yi, you do not need to panic now, tell me what happened.”Β 

Shang Xiao who was always holding Lu Yi’s hand, so that it could make her heart feel somewhat calm. She had to calm down, otherwise she would not be able to help Miss, so Lu Yi took a deep breath, carefully she recalled (what happened), and said: “This afternoon, Xiao Rong came to bring chicken soup, then Miss asked me to go to your place to take the chess book, afterwards, I fainted. When I woke up, Miss was already gone!”Β 

Finished speaking, Lu Yi could not help but to let the tears fell on her face again, Shang Xiao used a handkerchief to wrap Lu Yi’s bleeding neck, while she was comforting her: “Lu Yi jiejie, you do not need to be too anxious, Shu Qing jiejie is very intelligent, so she will be unlikely to have an accident, you can be at ease!” Even though she said it like that, but looking at the traces of fights inside the tent and the corpses of the two secret bodyguards by the side of the low table, Shu Qing jiejie’s safety still made people to feel anxious. But she said those things in order to comfort Lu Yi, and also to comfort herself!

This afternoon? In that case, it had already been four hours. She wished that they had not left Lin Feng Guan border. It did not appear there was any clue from Lu Yi, as she already fainted before she could understand anything. Since Shu Qing asked her to go and take the chess book, so she should already see the other person, but who was this person who kidnapped her? Looking at the corpses of the secret bodyguards, there were some fatal wounds on them: “Dead leaf sword?!”Β 

The edge of the sword was thin as a willow leaf, it could cut through the bone deeply. The people who used these dead leave swords, were Jiang Hu’s top sixth rank killers. They were a four people team, could worked together mutually, and made very little accidents, but what kind of person wanted to use these killers to kidnap Qing?!!

Shang Jun was still thinking deeply, when the sounds of the horses’ hooves and cheering came through from outside the tent. It seemed that she guessed correctly, Xuanyuan Yi must have a victory this time. But, looking one glance at the messy tent, Shang Jun tightly clenched both of her hands into fists.

Qin Xiu Zhi patted Shang Jun’s shoulder, and said somewhat anxiously: “It looks like Xuanyuan Yi has returned.”

“En.” He returned, but Shu Qing was kidnapped, she was afraid that Xuanyuan Yi’s anger could burn the tent!!Β 

Sian’s notes:

Remember that “Zhen” is a self appellation that the Emperor uses when he speaks.

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