Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 106: Delayed Wedding Reception (Part 2)

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“Hold on!” The white hand raised lightly, the captivating red head covering fell on the ground, along with a clear and cold voice of a woman that echoed unhurriedly. A new bride who took off her own head covering was nevertheless still in a minority, and the makeup on her face was unexpectedly very plain. The scars that were on her face were not even covered, this individual, even though she did not appear like an ordinary new bride who was lovable, amorous, gentle and beautiful, but her beautiful facial features could overturn the city. Her quiet, cold, proud and aloof personalities still made everyone who was present to inhale a mouthful of cold air.

Dan Yu Lan was quite familiar with Zhuo Qing, and also admired this woman’s intelligent, so he asked: “What matter does Madam still have?”

Stepping forward slowly and steadily, she walked to Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan, Zhuo Qing raised her voice respectfully and asked: “General Su, Dan Daren, we only have the last respect (of the wedding ceremony), after that this marriage will be completed! Qing Ling asks these two officials boldly to extend the time for another half hour, I am not sure if this is possible?”

Su Ling and Dan Yu Lan looked face to face for one glance, they did not expect that this woman would unexpectedly have this kind of request. Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for being sent to prison was to plot a rebellion, this would request that all his families would be executed with no pardon of his crime! If they had not gotten married, she might still have the opportunity to escape. If the ceremony was completed today, then she would not have a chance to escape from the punishment! This was simply following a path of her own destruction ah, but facing Zhuo Qing’s firm and cold eyes, they could not really say anything. They came to capture someone now, it was simply not their wishes, thus if they did not agree to this request, this would be too much!

Both of them did not nod their heads excessively, they only nodded lightly at the same time.

They had accepted tacitly, Zhuo Qing walked towards Lou Xi Yan who was gazing at her with wrinkled eyebrows, slowly stretching her hands out, and grasping his fingers. It was always him who was stretching his hands to her in the past, she wanted to hold hands with him to finish the most important journey today!

“Qing-er……” The slim fingers were holding his hands tightly, her palms streamed through some steady warmth, Lou Xi Yan did not feel any moodiness just because he was going to prison but he just felt this great waves that sprang up from all around at this time.

Not waiting until he finished his words, Zhuo Qing lightly raised the corner of her mouth, her eyes persisted with firm rays of lights that were somewhat glaring. Her clear and bright voice was loud that everyone who was present could hear it clearly: “I only want to become your wife today, no matter if you are an important Prime Minister or a lowly prisoner!!”

Everyone was in a daze and gazing at the woman whose whole body was in a red clothing, perhaps, many people thought that her way of handling thing was really stupid. But there were more people who regarded this woman with full of admiration in their hearts and were touched by her. It was easy to share riches and honor after all, but sharing trials and tribulations were difficult!! Lou Mu Hai who had never given Zhuo Qing his good appearance, finally showed a trace of smile on his face. This woman was courageous, insightful, firm and loyal to the end, and could be regarded to match with his son!

“Ceremony Official!” Zhuo Qing’s bright voice called out.

The Ceremony Official finally recovered, he shouted in a loud voice: “The married couple is to pay respect to each other!”

The pair of the newly-wed, their red blood clothing, the sleeves of the robe and dress were swirling in the air, looking face to face, there was no longer any other person who existed, no guest, no Imperial edict, no red silk head covering, no ribbon to pull. Only two people who were looking at each other like this with their fingers that were sticking closely!

Deeply lowering down their own bodies, along with the loud shouting from the Ceremony Official: “The ceremony is completed!” This marriage was completed at last!

The inside of the main hall that was originally in absolute silence because of the Imperial edict that was heard by everyone, was saluted with sounds of joys afterwards!

Walking to the front of the ceremony desk, Zhuo Qing took out two empty cups, then poured them with wine, she handed one cup over to Lou Xi Yan, and held the other cup on her hand. Stretching her hand out to hook Lou Xi Yan’s arm, Zhuo Qing leaned her body forward slightly, she said quietly next to his ear: “Drink these traditional wine ceremony, (actual words are formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony), we will be partners who will share both the honor and disgrace on this life and age, we will never leave each other!”

Partners who would share both the honor and disgrace, and to never leave each other! The clear and light voice did not have that meticulous proclamation like a moment ago, but every word was deep and seeping into the bottom of Lou Xi Yan’s heart. He knew that the person whom he picked on his own would not make him disappointed, but he did not know that she could accomplish this kind of situation for him!

Both of their eyes were facing each other, their wrists were crossing over, the excellent wine entered their throats, this emphasized one’s life promise.

Slowly tightening up their hands, taking her hands and holding them on the palms of his hands, Lou Xi Yan said with a gentle voice: “Wait until I return home.”

“En!” Nodding strongly, this was the promise that he gave her, he would return home.

The two people released their holding hands at the same time, Lou Xi Yan walked to Dan Yu Lan and Su Ling, he said with a light smile: “General Su, Dan Daren, please, ok.” Just like a normal day, the three people had their casual manners, as if they were meeting during the Imperial court accidentally. This man appeared to be the same whether he was in a difficult situation or not.

All of the Officials left the crowded place and nevertheless, the main hall was exceptionally quiet, Xue Xian Xin chased them out all the way: “Lao Ye…… Lao Ye!!”

“Elder brother!” Lou Xi Wu was also following until the side of the door, leaving only Zhuo Qing who insisted on marrying Lou Xi Yan a moment ago, and who had already become the mistress of the Lou’s family. She was standing in the main hall and facing all of the guests who were not sure what to do, or maybe waiting to watch a bustling scene. But she gave a slight courtesy and said with unrestrained and unquestionable manners: “The Lou’s family just happens to have an unforeseen event today, the wedding reception will end here, ok. If there is any opportunity in the future, the Lou’s family is sure to have a feast for our friends again! Everybody, please return, ok! Jing Sa, see the visitors out!”

As the family’s housekeeper, Jing Sa immediately stepped forward one step, he said with a heavy voice: “Yes, Madam.”

“Everybody, please!”

The Prime Minister’s manor was worthy to be called Prime Minister’s manor, even though they met this large transformation, they were still steady and not in any disorder. The complexion of every servant was tranquil, they invited all of the crowds to go out neatly and tidily.

A tide of people were departing out in silence, Gu Yun, with a low voice said to Su Yu who was behind her: “You return to the General’s manor first.”

Looking that she was motionless like a mountain, Su Yu urgently said: “Then, how about you?”

“I have words that I want to say to her.” The completion of her marriage like this, even though Qing showed off tranquility from beginning to end, she was afraid that her heart could not take it easily, right!

Su Yu pulled the sleeve of her garment lightly, advised in a low voice: “The person who will investigate this case is Elder brother, the traitors are also brought back by Second brother. I am afraid that the Prime Minister’s manor will not welcome you, you will be better to leave first, ok!” She was indeed the person from the General’s manor now, if she waited until somebody was throwing her out, that would be unsightly!

Pulling back the sleeve of her garment, Gu Yun answered impatiently: “It will not, you return first.”

The tide of people who were near the door of the hall were almost dispersing, Su Yu did not feel good to stay behind either, and could only say in a low voice: “Fine, ok, you be careful on your own.” Qing Ling did not look like a person who could not understand logic, he would be better to return to the General’s manor first, right!

The people who were inside the room were less and less, Bai Yi was standing and watching attentively at Zhuo Qing’s still face, for a very long time, he heard a low voice from a big person who was behind him: “Master, at this present circumstances, it seems that it is not appropriate to continue staying at the Lou’s family!”

Covering up the extraordinary splendor from his eyes, Bai Yi nodded leisurely and lightly, soon after, he was following the tide of people who were leaving along from the main hall.

The main hall that was bustling with noise previously, there were only a few servants this time who were tidying up some objects that were overturned by the tide of people when they were leaving, the fully captivating red room seemed to mock and offend the eyes at this moment. Xue Xian Xin entered the main hall with a worry look, she could not help to weep in the end: “How can this thing happens like this!! Lao Ye and Xi Yan are in prison, how can this be good ah!”

Lou Xi Wu walked to Zhuo Qing’s back, urgently said: “Sister in law, what should we do next ah?!” Dad and Elder brother were not here, she and Second mother had panicky expressions. It seemed that only Sister in law who was still calm, she could only depend on and hope for her!

Zhuo Qing was standing in a daze in the main hall, her cold eyes were looking at the warm sunshine that was outside the courtyard, it was brilliant like red silk, she did not say anything. Xue Xian Xin who was flustered at first, looking at Zhuo Qing who was standing in a daze, then she scolded: “What is the use of asking her! What does she understand! No powerful backer or no connection, what plan can she have at this time!”

Wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes hurriedly, Xue Xian Xin was walking back and forth in the living room, murmuring to herself and she said: “I think it is best that we should enter the Imperial palace immediately, and ask for help to West Empress Dowager!!”

Lou Xi Wu raised her hand, and answered: “Elder brother is not home, you do not have an Imperial tablet to enter the Imperial palace, how can we seek to see paternal aunt?!” No Imperial tablet, they could only wait to be summoned!!

“Then……” With a frenetic look that was on her face and after moving around for several steps, Xue Xian Xin called out: “Then, get in touch quickly with Lao Ye’s former subordinates, furthermore, get in touch with Lou Xi Yan’s former students ah!” The Lou family was still somewhat powerful during this dynasty, right!!

“Jing Sa, Mo Bai!! Quickly, quickly, quickly! Go and ask those Daren to come to the manor!!” Xue Xian Xin called out to the two people to go and ask for help. The two people were looking one glance at each other, their gazes were all looking towards Zhuo Qing, they seemed to wait for her command.

The two people were all motionless, Xue Xian Xin’s sharp voice called out: “Go quickly ah! What are you still staring at!!” These slaves were normally spoiled by Xi Yan! What time was this that they were still unclear who the Master was!

Both of them were still standing motionless and in silence, Xue Xian Xin still wanted to flip out, Gu Yun was finally unable to bear it and she said: “Even if they go, it will be in vain, the guests who were inside a moment ago, were they not Lao Ye’s former subordinates, and Lou Xi Yan’s students? They seemed to come to the Prime Minister’s manor, why did they leave so quickly a moment ago? Lou Xi Yan’s criminal charge for going to prison is plotting a rebellion, even if they have any consideration to help during this time, they will absolutely not dare to gather at the Prime Minister’s manor openly and without fear!!”

Qing should already think of a countermeasure in dealing with this situation by now, this old mother hen was arguing noisily, Qing would flip out!

Gu Yun said the actual situation like this, Xue Xian Xin was not stupid either, she was just muddle headed a moment ago. Hearing her analysis, she also knew some of those, but being refuted by a young lady, her reputation seemed to be embarrassed. Pointing her finger at Gu Yun, Xue Xian Xin scolded with a loud voice: “You are the General manor’s person, what are you doing still staying here, are you looking at us as a joke?! Those traitors were captured and brought back by the General manor’s people. I think you all are the ones who collaborate with the traitors, and then set up Xi Yan and Lao Ye, you are still here being hypocritical and pretending to be upset now?! Get lost! Get out of my sight!!”

The sharp shout was challenging Zhuo Qing’s nerve, Zhuo Qing who was always silent, finally roared lowly: “That is enough!”

Xue Xian Xin was frightened slightly and closed her mouth with great difficulty.

Secretly breathing several breaths, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice and calmly: “You are already tired for the whole day, return and rest first, ok.”

“Rest?” Once her speaking voice was left, Xue Xian Xin shrieked one more time: “You still have the mood to rest now?!! I should see you earlier that you are not a good person!! You……”

“Jing Sa.” Lightly kneading her temple, Zhuo Qing did not allow her to hoot an abuse, she only said to Jing Sa with a cold voice: “Take this noisy woman and throw her out to a place where she can stay, do not make me listen to her voice again!”

“Yes!” Jing Sa slightly nodded, and walked to the side of Xue Xian Xin, his big hand was lifting her arm, and taking her out of the main hall gently.

“You…… you are rebelling!! Let go off my hand, let go off my hand…… Qing Ling…… do not think that you can hide the truth from the masses! Let go off my hand…..” Her yelling voice was more and more distant, Zhuo Qing’s complexion did not improve a bit, Lou Xi Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and she said carefully: “Sister in law, then…… I will return first.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing nodded her head lightly.

Lou Xi Wu ran out of the main hall, she did not dare to trouble her again.

Releasing her hand that was massaging in between her eyebrows, her complexion was already restored as always, Zhuo Qing lowly explained: “Mo Bai, you go and sort out the list for the Imperial officials’ relationship to me, the officials who are five grades and higher in their positions, separate their affiliations and factions, make a clear mark who have a good or bad relationship with the Lou’s family. Hand it over to me early tomorrow morning, furthermore…… return the deployment of the Prime Minister’s personnel transfer wholly.”

“Yes.” Looking one glance at Zhuo Qing, Mo Bai did not say anything, he withdrew to go out quietly.

Finally, Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were the only ones left in the big main hall.

Zhuo Qing walked to the side of a wooden chair, her movement was slow as if, if she was moving a bit faster, she would tumble down on the ground. Sitting down on the wooden chair with great difficulty, her expression looked somewhat stupefied. Even though her hands were already holding the handles of the wooden chair closely, Gu Yun could still see that they were shaking.

Squatting down next to her, Gu Yun asked quietly: “Qing, are you alright?” That scene during that wedding ceremony ritual a moment ago, she was somewhat in heartache looking at her. As it turned out, Qing’s love to Lou Xi Yan was already so deep! Originally, today should be a happy day for these couple’s lives, nevertheless, it was like this in the end!

Holding Zhuo Qing’s cold fingers, Gu Yun wanted to comfort her, but she did not know what to say either!

For a very long time, Gu Yun finally sighed in a low voice: “I…… will think of a way to investigate what kind of important evidences that the traitors from Xi Bei have against Lou Xi Yan. Do not be too worry, it will be alright!” After listening to the last sentence, it was actually somewhat useless, if she could help Lou Xi Yan to wash away his injustice, it was the only help for Qing, right!

Zhuo Qing was sitting on the wooden chair silently, the sunshine was glaring outside the room, the heatwave was rolling on, but her hands and feet felt very cold. They had arrived in this different era for half a year, she basically, was just doing things that she liked to do, according to her own character, handling and conducting the affairs in her own style, but it was just to switch her life in a different place.

She could live free like this, unconstrained, all of those were because Xi Yan showed his tolerance to her, and put her under his wing, she seemed to be accustomed to his silence investment and protection like this. At that time when he was taken away, she was afraid, she had never experienced that kind of fear in her more than 20 years old of age. She was afraid to lose him, so she wanted to marry him!!

She did not know whether or not this was regarded as love, she only knew that she was willing to live and die together with him, and never left each other.

She was not willing to face up this major feudalism authority and tyrant systems all along, even though she almost drowned and lost in this moment, she was still useless to face it, but in this moment, she understood incomparably and needed that power!

Xi Yan, I would accompany you to fight this battle together!

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