Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 96: The Murderer Was In Force

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Yue Lai Tea Shop

“3,000 liang!! Are you sure?!” Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes were shining sparkly, his eyes swept away the regular careless and hooligan manners, and they were staring intently at Zhuo Qing now.

It was surely Qian Jing, his vitality would come when he heard about money, Zhuo Qing lazily nodded, Qian Jing immediately called out: “I will go.” 3,000 liang ye, really generous, even if three people would arrest the murderer at the same time, one person could be allocated 1,000 liang!! This business transaction would surely be done!

Looking towards the ones who maintained their calm themselves on the side, the two people who were calm, collected and did not speak from beginning to end, Zhuo Qing asked: “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, how about you two?” Both of them were her main targets today.

“I do not have any free time.” A hoarse male sound that was always cold, with some silver threads hair that were slightly down, and uninterested manner.

Fine, ok, she did not need to win him over, he already declined it clearly and it was shown on his face!

The golden mask concealed the woman’s facial expression, and only left behind a pair of cold and sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing could not see what she was thinking, and could only ask: “Ye Mei, how about you?” She was very suspicious, whether or not Ye Mei could not speak, she had met her 5-6 times, and had not spoken one word yet.

She did not decline immediately, her eyes were slightly restrained, indifferent and she was speechless, Qian Jing curled his lips, and said: “Senior sister, the criminal whom you were pursuing was already captured, you do not have any matter anyway, it will be better if you accept this case, right. The murderer has already killed four innocent women, this person should be captured ah!”

This senior sister, from the first time that he was acquainted with her, she was always indifferent, but she had righteousness in her heart. The person whom she captured, were all wicked beyond redemption, money would surely not able to move her, but the crime might be possible to move her.

Sure enough, the cold eyes slightly flashed, Ye Mei could not help to nod her head several times.

Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed, today could be regarded as a success.

“Dong dong (thumping sound).”

The sound of the soft knocks on the door echoed lowly, the people who were inside the room were looking at each other, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Come in.” The boss had been specifically explained not to let anybody to disturb them, then who was outside?

And the sound of the soft knocks on the door was different, Zhuo Qing’s words barely left off, the door was already pushed open nimbly, a delicate shadow was leaning on the side of the door, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Why are you coming here?” She just wanted to let her have more sleep, that was why she did not go to find her, she actually came here on her own.

After waking up from her sleep, Gu Yun’s vitality was clearly better, her complexion was no longer cold and firm anymore, softly smiled and answered: “I went to Prime Minister’s manor to find you, Lou Xi Yan said that you came here.”

“Do you have something?”

“En.” Nodding her head, but Gu Yun did not come urgently, waving her hand back and forward, she withdrew to go out while she said: “You all can speak first, ok.”

Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “I have finished talking, you come in and speak, ok.”

Entering the inner room, and closing the door, Gu Yun did not actually sit down, immediately asked: “Your autopsy report said that Wu Xu’s incision on her chest and the length of the incision were not the same as the other three deceased, this kind of distinct difference, whether or not it could be explained, that the murderer could be a different person?”

Yun’s temper was still anxious like this, Zhuo Qing shook her head, calmly analyzed and said: “I can only say, that the direction of the knife that was used on the deceased happened to change, but I did not explain that the murderer might be done by one person. The former three deceased, looking from the direction of the incisions, the murderer used his right hand. Wu Xu’s cut was caused by a left hand.”

Gu Yun lightly frowned her eyebrows: “Left hand?”


Left hand? If she was not mistaken that day, he should be left handed! Leaning against the door, Gu Yun feigned a mysterious smile and said: “I suddenly think that there is one person who is very suspicious, we must go to find and chat with him.”

There was a clue? Zhuo Qing refreshingly nodded, and got up to talk to Qian Jing and Ye Mei: “When I need help from you guys, I will inform you again, I will go first.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun barely pulled open the door, a low hoarse of a man’s voice started speaking coldly again.

Zhuo Qing turned around, Ao Tian’s face that was always cold and expressionless, only threw out these four words strongly: “I will also participate.”

Qian Jing had an amazed look on his face, Ye Mei’s cold eyes also flashed through a trace of peculiar, Senior brother always meant what he said, what could make him change his decision?!

Both of them thoughtfully looked towards the person who was leaning against the side of the door, the woman who looked as if she was lazy but constantly emitting an elite temperament, was it because of her?
The front courtyard of a small house was ordinary, a delegation of people were standing, not to mention whether or not there were handsome men and beautiful women. A delegation of people were cramming like this in front of the small front door, however one saw it, one would feel somewhat strange.

The gate was opened slowly, looking at the delegation of people who were at the front door, the man was startled at first, then he was puzzlingly asked: “Lu Daren, is there any matter?”

Lu Jin embarrassingly smiled, then he spoke a good excuse that he was already thinking earlier: “You were the first person who touched the corpse, I have some things that I want to ask for your confirmation.”

He did not know what was going on either, at noon time, Miss Qing Mo suddenly asked someone to pass on a message, to make him and Cheng Hang to come to the coroner, Jiang Xin’s house. Both of them came without knowing anything, and discovered that Qing Ling was also here, the three famous bounty hunters were also here.

Jiang Xin’s head was filled with fog now, but he was forced to open the door, he was also helpless…… was there a need to come to his house to ask? The official could also ask at the government office, right?! The people already stopped at the gate, Jiang Xin could only open the door, smilingly said: “Very well, please come in.”

Jiang Xin’s house was not big at all, Ye Mei was standing outside the door coldly, Qian Jing was also leaning against the side of the gate, and did not enter. The bounty hunters’ job was to capture people, investigating the case was not their business.

Ao Tian who was never fond of meddling in other people’s business, was completely changed today and entered the inside of the house. Ye Mei and Qian Jing were looking one glance at each other again, Senior brother was very strange today!

Jiang Xin and Lu Jin were sitting by the side of a small round table in the living room, one person asked and the other person answered. Lu Jin actually did not know what to ask, so he could only ask some questions that had some relations to this case: “When did you arrive? Who was inside the room at that time?”

Jiang Xin calmly answered one by one: “I arrived early morning around chenshi (7-9 am). Wu Daren and several servants were inside the lobby at that time, nobody entered the bedroom, but I did not know whether or not there was already someone who entered the bedroom before I went there.”

Gu Yun entered the inner room, her eyes were used to inspect her surrounding areas, even though she did not speak all along, but Cheng Hang already saw that she was surely looking for some clues. Her eyes were suddenly opened big, there was nothing peculiar after observing their surrounding carefully, but looking at it again, there was an obvious stuff inside the small room.

“When you inspected it, was there or was there not anything that was abnormal?”

“It was not even one burning incense (about 15 min) when I entered the bedroom, Lu Jin Daren, you already arrived, I did not find anything that was abnormal.”

Lu Jin was still asking some unimportant question to Jiang Xin, after he asked questions for approximately one burning incense time, he actually did not know what to ask anymore. Looking once glance at Gu Yun, Jiang Xin also turned around to look, she was just about to squat at the side of the door, did not know what she was doing.

Jiang Xin’s complexion was slightly changed, lowly expelling his breath and said: “What are you doing?”

Embarrassingly got up, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “Nothing, just looking casually.”

Jiang Xin was already impatient: “Does Lu Jin Daren still have anything more to ask?”

“Eh…… nothing.” He really did not know what more good questions to ask…… Zhuo Qing who was always behind him, suddenly picked up the written inquiry record that he was pretending to ask in passing a moment ago, she handed it over to Jiang Xin and said: “This is the record of your inquiry, if there is no problem after you look at it, just sign this paper, ok.”

“Why?” Jiang Xin was looking at Zhuo Qing suspiciously, when did the Ministry of Justice asked to sign an inquiry?

The record of inquiry did not need to be signed during this ancient era?! If that official recorded it incorrectly, or wrote it negligently, was it not unfair towards the person who was being interrogated?! Zhuo Qing slightly frowned her eyebrows, her complexion was still calm, faintly explained and said: “Nothing, it will prove that this is really your words, and it is not forged by us.”

So, it was like that, even though he had never heard of it before, but what she was saying made sense, Jiang Xin picked up the writing brush, then he signed his name on the paper.

Looking at his hand that was holding the writing brush, Zhuo Qing was watching from a distance, he was left handed!!

However, could this prove that he was the murderer?! Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun, only to see that she took out a piece of white paper, handed it over to Jiang Xin, she asked: “There is one more thing, have you seen this before?”

Looking one glance at the design on the paper, Jiang Xin shook his head and said: “I have not seen it before.”

His face concealed it really good, but his shoulder trembled a moment ago, what was he panicky for? Watching attentively at his face, and not letting go any of his slight moodiness that fluctuated, with a cold voice, Gu Yun asked one more time: “Are you sure?”

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Jiang Xin nodded one more time: “I am sure.”

Gu Yun was propping up the wooden table, even more pressing him forward, coldly looking at a slight trace of his eyes, Gu Yun said this sentence: “You– are– lying.”

Suddenly magnifying in front of his face, Jiang Xin was startled and his body moved backward unconsciously, his eyes did not actually evade Gu Yun, he persistently said: “I really have not seen it.”

He should not really look face to face with her! Only a person with a guilty conscience, would only anxiously pass through his eyes and look face to face to make other people to believe his words! Gu Yun lightly raised the corner of her mouth, straightened up her body to stand, smilingly said: “Fei-er said that Miss Wu gave it as a present for you.”

Jiang Xin was not in a rage at all, only coldly answered: “This is a frame, it is simply talking rubbish!”

His moodiness and calmness were meticulously maintained, but it was clearly unstable. He surely had seen this jade ornament, but, where was the jade ornament?

Gu Yun continued to strive to look face to face with him, her clear and cold voice was not in a hurry or slow, as she said: “You have seen the jade ornament, moreover, the jade ornament is inside this room!”

Her words, not only made Jiang Xin’s complexion to have a huge change, but also made the other people to stare blankly, how could she suddenly speak like this?! Did she or did she not have any proof?!

Jiang Xin finally went out of control and lowly roared and said: “There is no jade ornament!! None!!”

“You are Wu Xu’s lover!” Gu Yun dropped a large bomb again.

The full house was in an uproar instantaneously, Jiang Xin simply stood up, and laughed heartily: “Absurd! This is simply too absurd!”

Gu Yun’s produced a lot of deceits from her mouth, Zhuo Qing understood what she wanted to do, she wanted to see Jiang Xin’s expression!
Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!

Chapter 95: The Arrival of A Noble Guest

Chapter 97: The One Empty Happiness



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