Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 86: Accepting A Mistake And Adapting To It

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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


When Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing left Lan Yue building, the Imperial bodyguards inside the Prime Minister’s manor came from several directions to surround Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard. The hearts of those two people did not have any good premonition, with mutual understanding, they ran towards Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard.

When they entered the center of the courtyard, they just happened to see Jing Sa was chasing after a tall and thin man who was wearing a gray clothing and jumped out of the back of the courtyard, several of the Imperial bodyguards also chased after and went out. Lou Xi Yan’s most worry was still Lou Xi Wu’s safety, her door was open, so it could be seen clearly that the murderer already entered into the room, not knowing if Xi Wu…… Their hearts were already up on their throats, entering inside the room, and hastily crossing over the screen to rush into the bedroom. They could only see that Lou Xi Wu was lying down and motionless gracefully on the bed, her upper garment was completely taken off, the only thing left was her pink undergarment covering the chest and abdomen. The knots on her undergarment was already untied, it was slanting and hanging on her chest, the lower half of her clothing was a white trouser. There was no bloodstain on her body, the inside of the room did not the smell like the reeking blood either, only a faintly smell of sandalwood.

Lou Xi Wu’s body did not have any wound either, both of their hearts were somewhat relieved a little.

Xi Wu’s clothing was in disarrayed, even though he was her elder brother, it was not appropriate for him to step forward, Lou Xi Yan stood at the bedside, tilted his head to the side. Zhuo Qing hurriedly pulled a silk quilt on the bed to cover Lou Xi Wu’s body that was exposed properly, but she did not make any movement at all. Zhuo Qing’s heart was anxious again.

“Xi Wu!” Lightly patting her cheek, Zhuo Qing thought that she lost consciousness. But looking carefully, Xi Wu’s eyes were slightly opened, staring to look at one direction in a daze, with a dull and numb appearance. Even though she was shaking her shoulder, she did not react whatsoever.

“Xi Wu! Wake up, wake up!” How could it be like this?! Zhuo Qing leaned over her body, gently looked over at her eyelids, using her hand and swaying it in front of her eyes, her pupils responded normally, could it be that she was frightened excessively that caused her own self isolation? Slapping her cheek a little harder one more time, Zhuo Qing said loudly at the side of her ear: “Xi Wu, it is alright, you wake up.”

Hearing Zhuo Qing’s voice that was louder all of a sudden, Lou Xi Yan anxiously said: “How is she?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, lowered her voice to say: “Her body does not have any scar, but the situation is not that good.”

Zhuo Qing’s tone was heavy, Lou Xi Yan did not care about any etiquette, hurriedly turned around to look towards Lou Xi Wu, even though her eyes were opened, nevertheless, her expression was empty and lacking any soul.

“Xi Wu.” Lowly calling her for several times, Lou Xi Wu did not response either.

Xi Wu’s situation appeared to be bad! Zhuo Qing slightly frowned her brows, she said softly at Lou Xi Yan’s ear: “She may receive an extreme frightening situation, so she seals off her own self, you try to speak with her, and make her feel safe, maybe it can wake her up.”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head, holding Lou Xi Wu’s shoulder, to help her sit down, her eyes just happened to look at him, lightly caressing Xi Wu’s cheek, Lou Xi Yan lightly coaxed and said to her over and over again: “Xi Wu, be good, do not be afraid, elder brother is by your side, can you talk anything to elder brother?”

Several times afterwards, Lou Xi Wu still did not response, Lou Xi Yan’s voice was louder and louder, and he was also more irritable. Zhuo Qing lightly patted Lou Xi Yan’s shoulder from behind, quietly comforted and said: “It is alright, just continue to talk to her, she will surely wake up.”

He only had this one younger sister, facing his own relative to become like this, she believed that nobody could be cool headed.

Lou Xi Yan’s back was in front of her, Zhuo Qing could see his expression clearly, he merely nodded his head slightly, speaking one more time, his voice was already calm by a lot.

Holding Lou Xi Wu lightly to his bosom, his slender hand was patting her back lightly, Lou Xi Yan used his muffled voice that made people to feel at ease, he called out gently: “Xi Wu, it is unlikely that someone can harm you, if you are afraid, just cry, elder brother will protect you.”

After the ‘Xi Wu, Xi Wu……’ calling over and over again for a while, Lou Xi Wu finally moved, her eyes softly blinked for several times afterwards, gradually regaining a little radiance. Looking that she finally had reaction, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing could take a few long breaths, but Lou Xi Wu’s facial expression was still at a loss: “Elder brother…… What are you doing in my room?”

Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing looked one glance at each other, but they remained calm and collected, Zhuo Qing tried out and said: “Do you not know what has happened?”

Lou Xi Wu with a mysterious face answered: “What has happened?”

Their expressions were really strange, Lou Xi Wu unconsciously held her arms tightly, but she unexpectedly discovered, that she did not wear any clothing on her body!!

“Ah!” Shrieking, Lou Xi Wu pulled the thin quilt closely, with a look of panic, she went to the direction of the inner side of the bed, her head was also buried in the quilt.

Lou Xi Yan was somewhat awkward and he got up, Zhuo Qing slightly laughed at him, and said: “You go out first, I am here.”

“Very well.” Looking one glance at Lou Xi Wu who appeared to regain her normal appearance, Lou Xi Yan quietly retreated and went out.

Lightly pulling the quilt, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Ok, Xi Wu, your elder brother has already gone out, it is only me.”

For a very long time, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, and she lifted her head: “I, how can I…..” not have any clothing! She actually could not ask it, why did she wake up and become like this?! Lou Xi Wu was somewhat irritable when she asked: “What is going on after all?”

Zhuo Qing did not intend to conceal it from her, and bluntly said: “I think, I went into your room in the afternoon, then we talked about that person who took the women’s hearts. He picked you as his next target, but fortunately, we discovered it early, he did not have his way. You really did not remember anything what had happened tonight?” She was until now, the only person who was still alive after being attacked, she hoped that she would provide some useful clues.

“I……” Finished hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was white in a split second, her hands could not help to tremble. She did not know if it was because of fear, or because she really could not remember it. Lou Xi Wu covered her head, slightly trembled and with a hurried voice, she answered: “I did not remember it, I only remembered that I went to bed to rest, after that, I heard a very disturbing noise, just to see you were in front of me, I really did not know the rest of it.” Her brain was still in disarray, her memory appeared to start from when she lied down on the bed, then everything else was missing.

Why did that murderer pick her? Did that person just kill Noble Woman An Ning? How many more innocent women did he want to harm!! She unconsciously held her hand into a fist, since Lou Xi Wu lifted her head, her eyes faintly showed a layer of mist, because of fear, her voice was somewhat trembling. But she already made an effort to maintain her calm, watching attentively at Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Wu asked: “What about that murderer? Did we catch him?”

“Not yet. It appears that the murderer’s target is you, I do not know whether or not he will appear one more time, so you are in danger now. He has already committed many crimes in a row, moreover, he does not have any desire to stop, I think the government office surely wishes to solve this case as quickly as possible. You are the only survivor until now, the people form the government office should intervene very quickly.” Zhuo Qing was somewhat disappointed, she originally thought that she could get some clues about the murderer, but Xi Wu did not know anything clearly. On one hand, her lifeless appearance a moment ago, it was impossible because she received a terrifying situation so she protected herself, so did the murderer use some type of a sedated fragrance to control Xi Wu’s consciousness? It was a possibility.

Taking a deep breath, making her own mood to gradually tranquil a little, Lou Xi Wu spontaneously asked: “Then, what can I do?” She also hoped that the government office could solve this case as soon as possible, and capture the murderer, so there would not have any other innocent woman who would die tragically.

Looking that she had experienced and encountered a near death calamity, this young girl who was still shivering because of fear, but she pretended to be calmed and wished that she could give a contribution, Zhuo Qing felt somewhat sorry for her. Lightly stretching her hand to embrace her shoulder, she comforted with a soft voice: “I know that you can not remember anything now, you relax first, do not compel yourselves too much, if you strive your hardest slowly, you may recall it, and hope that you can give the government office’s people some clues. Do not be afraid, we will not make you to meet any mishap.”

Lou Xi Wu slowly leaned her head against Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, the gentle and soft patting made her to feel very warm, her mother passed away a long time ago, she did not have any sisters. Even though elder brother loved her dearly, but he could not embrace her, comfort her, she always wished to have a family who could keep her company like this, she liked this sister in law.

Lightly nodding, Lou Xi Wu sincerely said: “Thank you for saving me.”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, when this young girl opened her eyes to see her and Lou Xi Yan, she misunderstood it, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “It was not us who saved you, I heard a disturbance and hurriedly came over, I saw Jing Sa was fighting with the murderer when I came to the courtyard a moment ago, he should be the one who saved you.”

“What?” Lou Xi Wu suddenly sat up, with a panic voice, she called out: “Then, I look like this, it was not only the murderer who saw me like this, but he also saw this?!” How could she see other people in the future, what kind of face still she had to see Jing Sa!!

The more she thought, the more she felt sad, her hands on her knees, and she curled up her own body like a ball, the humiliation feeling made her unable to stop her sobbing.

Zhuo Qing softly sighed, smilingly said: “Do not cry, this is actually good.”

“Good?” Lou Xi Wu lifted her head, removing her tears and looking at Zhuo Qing, her body was unexpectedly seen by another man, Jing Sa also saw it, how could she endure this, what was good about this?!

“Do you extremely like Jing Sa, and insist on marrying him?” She wanted to clarify this first, if this young girl was simply infatuated with him temporarily, she did not need to meddle in her situation.

“Yes.” Firmly nodding her head, soon after, Lou Xi Wu discouragingly and mumbly said: “But I am like this now, I do not have any face to marry him anymore!!”

“Fool, there is nothing wrong with you at the moment, the murderer has only taken off the outside garment, nothing more, you are still innocent!” Zhuo Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry, was it not just seeing the upper body, moreover, there was still an undergarment that covered the chest and abdomen! How could she be ashamed to get married like this!!

“But……” Even though she said it like this, if a girl let some people to see on her body after all, how was it good!! Lou Xi Wu with a defeated manner, lowered her head.

Looking as if her heart was so discouraged, Zhuo Qing approached and leaned on her side, she said in her ear with a low voice: “This time is actually considered as a very huge opportunity, and it can test Jing Sa whether or not he is worthy to be relied on and if he is a good man, if he is, then you just happen to fulfill your wish!”

“Really? Then…..” Zhuo Qing’s words really made her to be tempted, but she did not dare to believe either. Swallowing her saliva, Lou Xi Wu nervously asked with a low voice: “What do I have to do?”

Zhuo Qing craftily smiled: “Come over.”

Lou Xi Wu nibbled her cherry lips, she was somewhat nervous and somewhat excited, and leaned to come over. Zhuo Qing lowly said in her ear several sentences, she just saw that Lou Xi Wu’s face was bursting in red and white, frowning for one moment and then staring for another moment. With great difficulty, Zhuo Qing finished speaking, Lou Xi Wu embarrassingly asked: “Can I really do this ah?!”

Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, confidently smiled and said: “Then, we will just have to watch you.”

Clenching her teeth, Lou Xi Wu answered with a loud voice: “Fine!”

Staking it all, for Jing Sa’s love, she would be willing to do anything!

Chapter 85: Who Would Be The Next Victim

Chapter 87: Requesting Help From Gu Yun

Sian’s notes:
Oh oh… Zhuo Qing who always has a yellow thought, what was her crafty suggestion that she whispered to LXW??? 🤔🤔🤔

A couple of things,  I changed the term furen from Madam to wife in the previous chapter. So whenever LXY calls ZQ furen, it’ll be translated as wife from now on. I also changed the term jun zhu from noble woman to princess. Remember that the third victim was An Ning jun zhu. I used noble woman, as the real word for princess is actually gong zhu (e.g. Chao Yun gong zhu aka Yan Ru Xuan). However, I’m watching nirvana in fire again (for the 4th time, btw) and finds out that Ni Huang (the female lead) has the same title jun zhu and her title is being translated as princess. So I will also use princess for the third victim’s title. One thing though the title gong zhu is always associated & has a direct blood relation to the emperor, however, the title jun zhu doesn’t necessarily have any blood relation to the emperor and I believe this title can be conferred by the Emperor’s edict. Let me know if I’m wrong about this…

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  1. Thank you for the chapter. I think we are basically content with however you choose to interpret the titles. Although, that’s a pretty cool nugget of info about the various forms of roughly princess. Kind of the opposite of the English – only two ways to be a princess, but the title is basically the same, and so so many ways to be a Lady with just the one title to go around for them all. And somehow it’s a bit like how the Russians had absurd numbers of princes, most of whom were not necessarily related to each other much less to the monarch… titles, heh.
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    • Thanks for the explanation. And my research also showed that a jun zhu title can be conferred by the Emperor. I was reading somewhere from one of the other translation that different dynasties were using that title in different way. 😜😜😜


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