Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 77: A Minor Incident That Sparked A War

I’m posting this chapter a little earlier… This was kind of an embarrassing chapter to translate… ☺️☺️☺️ Darn it, I was still blushing when I did the proofreading… Don’t yell at me for the interruption though…  This was actually a short chapter, only over 2,500 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Thinking of Yan Ru Xuan’s provocation in the afternoon, and saying that she did not worry about it completely was definitely a lie, Lou Xi Yan was more of a nobleman, it made her want to have something to happen with him even more. Anyway, they loved each other, and getting marriage was the prerequisite of the relationship, if this relationship was to occur, it should be normal, right.

Building her mental state properly for a moment, she decided that she wanted to seduce Lou Xi Yan!

But saying was easy, how did she want to do it? She did not have any experience, while Zhuo Qing was trying to remember and compare the classical television soap opera, she walked to the front of Lou Xi Yan’s small bed. Her hair was a little bit messy, bowing her head to look at her own clothing, she clenched her teeth, Zhuo Qing removed the most outer light muslin garment of hers and threw it on the ground, there was only a thin clothing on her body now. If she took it off again, then the only thing left was her undergarment that covered her chest and abdomen…… Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing with a soft voice, called out: “Xi Yan……”

“En?” Lightly humphing, Lou Xi Yan did not turn around to see Zhuo Qing who was behind him.

Zhuo Qing persisted and charmingly called out: “Xi Yan~~”

Finally, Lou Xi Yan helplessly turned around, he just heard a rustling noise of a person behind him just a moment ago, he suspected that this girl surely was setting up some crafty plot, who knew that once he turned around, he only saw Zhuo Qing who was barely wearing a thin clothing. The moonlight shined upon her, under the enchanting candle flame, her curvy figure was exposed completely, a water fall like hair was slightly messy behind her, following a lightly night wind that was floating, fine black hair and twining moonlight. Lou Xi Yan breathed and trembled in fear, she was still opening her pair of bright eyes, looking at him with fixed eyes, sparkling and attracting the rays of light.

Lou Xi Yan unconsciously swallowed his saliva, sorrowfully sighed and said: “Qing-er….. do not look at me like this.” She really should not imagine that his self control was so good!!

The result seemed to be good, Zhuo Qing smirked, continued to murmur and say: “Yan~~”

Darn it, she called out and his bone got soften quickly, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, his low voice sounded like it was somewhat hoarse: “Qing-er, you are playing with fire.”

What she wanted was exactly this result, it seemed that seducing someone was not really that difficult, using her body to press closer fearlessly to Lou Xi Yan, her hand was going up to his neck.

“Xi……” Zhuo Qing’s words had not finished yet, she only felt like the sky span and the earth turned around, she was already taken advantage by Lou Xi Yan. Both of them went backward on the couch, Lou Xi Yan’s hand was already on her waist, the palm that was always slightly cool was unexpectedly and astonishingly scalding, through the thin clothing material, the heat passed over without reservation.

Lou Xi Yan’s long and narrow eyes softly squinted, with blurry charm, their bodies were tightly sticking, Zhuo Qing could feel that his heart was palpitating really quick. The scorching body temperature made Zhuo Qing’s face gradually blushed.

She had not thought yet, what she wanted to do next, her lips felt numb, Lou Xi Yan’s strong kiss was in her lips, the scorching temperature along with his breath attacked. Zhuo Qing was slightly shivering, Lou Xi Yan was holding her tighter, his kiss was gentle and soft in the past, but it was clearly infected with lush and exceptionally passionate now.

Lightly kissing all the way across her neck, he then arrived at the back of the ear, nibbling Zhuo Qing’s ear, his low voice as if it was a mellow spirit, intoxicating and puzzling sound echoed: “I want you.”

The warm breath, the numb and low mumble in repetitions, made Zhuo Qing unable to help herself and shudder once again, she did not speak, her bright wrist moved up to Lou Xi Yan’s neck, made herself to join deeper in his bosom.

Lou Xi Yan was encouraged, the fiery burning tongue went deeper and deeper, his hand dug into her clothing……

“Prime Minister Lou! Prime Minister Lou!!”

Along with an ill sound of the knocking on the door echoed astonishingly, the two of them were startled, Lou Xi Yan was reluctant to part with the soft and slender waistline that he was holding with his hand. Pulling the side of the silk quilt to cover Zhuo Qing’s body, striving to suppress his hysterical and restless breathing, Lou Xi Yan coldly groaned and said: “Who is it?”

The sound of a woman who was sobbing outside the door came through: “This servant, Xiao Lian, the Princess, she……”

Lou Xi Yan’s mind was startled, urgently said: “How is the Princess?” She would not do something foolish, right!

“The Princess has a nightmare, she has waken up being scared, does not speak all along and is only shedding tears. The Princess’s health is weak, and unable to withstand this sleepless night like this, if by any chance there is an unexpected misfortune, even if this slave dies ten thousand times, she can not afford it either ah, Prime Minister Lou, please come over to take a look, ok.”

She urgently and pressingly came over and wailed accusingly because her family Princess had a nightmare?? Zhuo Qing suddenly gave a supercilious look, even though Lou Xi Yan did not say anything, his complexion was somewhat dark.

“Mo Bai.” Lou Xi Yan lowly called out, but he did not hear any response, so he called out again: “Mo Bai.”

“Yes.” Finally, Mo Bai’s cold voice came through from the outside of the door.

He was outside the door listening to some noises a moment ago, so he walked to the gate of the courtyard to guard, and forgot that Zhai Xing pavilion was connected with Lan Yue building!

Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Announce the Imperial physician.”


Mo Bai left, the woman was still pestering outside the door, Lou Xi Yan impatiently said: “You return first to look after the Princess, ok.”

Xiao Lian did not have any opportunity to see Lou Xi Yan’s angry face, so she was still not afraid to continue to be long winded: “Prime Minister Lou, will you not go? The Princess is calling out your name all along, if she takes things too hard again……”

“Get lost! Benxiang (again a third party saying for I, usually for an official to a servant) has already made the arrangement, when is it your turn to question my decision?!”

Xiao Lian who was outside the door was terribly frightened, nervously answered: “This servant asks to be excused.” She ran away to leave Lan Yue building all the way.

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, this was the first time he heard Xi Yan speaking like this, the handsome face because of lust was still somewhat flushed. The always evoking corner of his mouth seemed to freeze now, coldly and lightly pursed up lips, that gentle and soft eyes did not have the previous calm anymore, they were full of restlessness. Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, was this the so called the look of dissatisfied desire?!

Zhuo Qing did not know whether or not Yan Ru Xuan was deliberate, if she was, it was indeed timely…… Sitting straightforwardly from behind to hold Lou Xi Yan’s waist, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “Wait until the Imperial Physician comes, then you go to take a look, ok, just in case she tries to kill herself again, you will be in trouble.”

It was not because she was generous, it was actually because the other person’s noble identity, she did not want Lou Xi Yan to get into trouble because of this.

Lou Xi Yan turned around, his face was still dark but his mood was very soft, helping her to lie down and putting the quilt to cover her, he said: “You sleep first, ok, I will come back really quickly.”

Zhuo Qing helplessly nodded her head.

“Hold on!” Lou Xi Yan just got up, Zhuo Qing suddenly sat up and pulled his hand to bring him down. Lou Xi Yan did not understand, but still conveniently sat down.

Zhuo Qing’s hands embraced his neck, bended forward and threw herself in his bosom.

Her lips was kissing his neck…… Biting him.

Lou Xi Yan melancholy groaned, the fragrant, soft and lovable’s body was still in his bosom, a moment afterwards, Zhuo Qing sat up. She was satisfied to see Lou Xi Yan’s neck that was covered by several conspicuous small marks from her kisses, her mood was rather good when she released her hands, then she waved towards Lou Xi Yan and said: “Very well, you can go.”

From the beginning, he did not have any reaction, but when he looked at her crafty face, Lou Xi Yan already guessed what she was doing, lovingly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan left Lan Yue building.

This girl, he still needed to attend the Imperial court tomorrow morning……

Zhuo Qing was paralyzed on the bed, watching attentively at the light muslin curtain, Zhuo Qing was depressed, her first time trying to seduce unexpectedly failed! Although the main cause was not because of her, but she still blame her ‘business was not cooked’ (unfamiliar business as a saying that she’s not familiar with this art of seduction)…… Next time, she would do a good preparation, it would surely make him wild and spurt nose bleeding, and he would not care even if the sky collapsed! Otherwise, she would let down of Qing Ling’s 34D size!!


Lou Xi Yan had not gone to Zhai Xing pavilion yet, he rather went there with the Imperial physician. Outside the door, once he arrived, he paid respect and said: “Chen pays respect to the Princess.”

Once hearing Lou Xi Yan’s voice, Yan Ru Xuan who was originally lying on the bed and shedding her tears, immediately sat up, urgently said; “Yan Gege…… Come in quickly.” He really came, this was a proof that he was still concerned about her!!

Inside the room, there were several candles on the table, the light ray was somewhat dusky, Lou Xi Yan and the Imperial physician entered the inside of the room. Lou Xi Yan only stood at the outside of the screen, and said towards the Imperial physician: “Take the Princess’ pulse.”

The Imperial physician bowed towards Lou Xi Yan to perform a courtesy, then went inside.

After the light muslin drapery was opened, there was a disappointed face, Yan Gege did not come in.

“Princess, Chen will offend.”

Yan Ru Xuan expressionlessly extended her hand, the Imperial physician examined it for a good moment, then slowly got up.

Lou Xi Yan who was outside the screen, asked: “How is it?”

The Imperial physician withdrew all the way to the outside screen, then answered: “The Princess’ blood and vital breath were insufficient, she was too anxious and worried, emotional issue, that was the reason she would have nightmare. Prime Minister Lou does not need to worry, Lao Chen will treat the Princess with some medicine, and meditation to nurse her health, then her health will recuperate slowly.”

“You go and boil the medicine, ok.” Lou Xi Yan finally felt relieved, when he saw her thin and week’s appearance this morning, he was worried for her.

“Yes.” The Imperial physician went out, there was only Xiao Lian inside the room, only him and Yan Ru Xuan, Lou Xi Yan slightly bowed from outside the screen, and said: “The time is not early anymore, Princess should rest early, Chen asks to be excused.”

His speaking tone was just left, then he heard a low call out: “Yan Gege….. do not go!”

The white silk silhouette hurriedly lifted open the curtain covering veil, not wearing any shoe, she stumbled to run to him all the way.

Her health was originally weak, plus her heart was worried, she almost ran to Lou Xi Yan’s front, Yan Ru Xuan’s feet were soft, and she almost fell down. Lou Xi Yan did not have any choice but to support her arms, and steady her body: “Be careful, Princess.”

Waiting until she stood firmly, Lou Xi Yan was just about to withdraw his hands, but Yan Ru Xuan grabbed his hands tightly.

Originally, she had a small face, she became thin now, and her face was not as big as a palm, her crying eyes were completely red bloodshot. Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was filled with affection and watching him, but unexpectedly she discovered some distinct red marks on his neck……

Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was in pain, she knew these red marks, she had seen these marks on her Imperial sister in law (the Empress) and the other Imperial concubines. Her Imperial sister in law told her at that time, after the Imperial sister in law finished speaking, she also felt very embarrassed. But the Imperial sister in law said that these marks were left on a woman by a man, why did Yan Gege’s neck also have these marks? Thinking about that woman who was living together with Yan Gege, also her hateful manner in the afternoon, Yan Ru Xuan unconsciously and lightly bit her lips, that bad woman was not good enough for Yan Gege!!

Taking a deep breath, Yan Ru Xuan summoned her courage and said: “Xuan-er is really afraid, Yan Gege stays to accompany me, all right?”

Chapter 76: Between Laughters and Tears

Chapter 78: Shattered Love

Sian’s notes:
Boy oh boy…. I didn’t expect ZQ would do this. Hahahaha… I suppose that I shouldn’t be too surprised either. After all, the author implied that ZQ always has ‘yellow thought’ all the time. It was pretty embarrassing doing this translation. Thank goodness, the detail wasn’t too bad because the ‘action’ was interrupted. ☺️☺️☺️ I hope that I don’t have to do anymore translation on this ‘yellow’ action in the future. 😉😉😉 Plus ZQ was intentionally leaving the marks on LXY’s necks for YRX to see!!! Priceless!!! 😍😍😍

LXY, if you say yes, I’m going to smack you. But I’m guessing that you will say a definite “NO.” This naive or stupid girl needs to learn that just because someone is caring about her, it doesn’t mean that person actually likes her. 😡😡😡 YRX is getting on my nerves at this point!!!

Too bad, YRX!!! Even if you think that ZQ isn’t good enough for your Yan Gege, but your Yan Gege definitely thinks that she’s perfect for him. Your opinion doesn’t count!!!


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