Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 71: Forced Marriage (Part 2)

Finally!!! ZQ’s confession… Not to LXY but it works for me. She finally realizes her feeling… 😍😍 i just love that she’s not afraid of LXY’s dad & stands up for herself. Over 2,400 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.Β So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


“What?” It was not Lou Xi Yan’s lowly called out, but it was rather Zhuo Qing who was sitting on the side. She remembered that Princess whom she had met for a glimpse, it would not make people to forget this beautiful girl, dignified, gentle and quiet, why did she want to kill herself?

Looking at Lou Xi Yan who was by her side, his face did not show any surprising look, he asked in a low voice: “Were Princess alright?”

“The palace maid discovered her early so she should be alright. The Imperial physician is still diagnosing her.”

Fortunately, she was alright, Zhuo Qing could feel that Lou Xi Yan took one relax tone, he knew the reason why the Princess tried to kill herself? Watching attentively at him with her eyes, Zhuo Qing asked: “Why did she try to kill herself?”

Lou Xi Yan lightly frowned but did not know how to answer. He did not need to guess to know why Xuan-er would try to kill herself. It was because of him, but he did not want Ling-er to misunderstand.

Thinking of that day at the Imperial palace’s main hall, that girl looked at her with her watery eyes, additionally, his expression at this moment, Zhuo Qing guessed and said: “Because you want to get married and the bride is not her?”

Lou Xi Yan still did not answer, only faintly said towards Jing Sa: “Prepare the chariot.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa bowed and went out.

Lou Xi Yan forced his body to stand up, merely this kind of simple movement, he was already out of breath. Zhuo Qing brought a clean clothing and handed it over to him, anxiously said: “You still want to go like this?” He even had a problem walking, how could he enter the Imperial palace like this, or that Princess was really important?

With Zhuo Qing’s assistance, Lou Xi Yan changed into a fresh greenish blue scholar garment. Seeing her uncomfortable heart, Lou Xi Yan was caressing her cheek, smilingly said: “An Imperial decree can not be disobeyed. I am alright, you do not need to worry.”

Forget about it, there was no need to bother with this desperate young girl! Looking at him gasping at the beginning when she was putting on his clothing, Zhuo Qing said: “How about if I accompany you, ok, I will wait inside the chariot to wait for you.”

Lou Xi Yan shook his head and answered: “You are already tired for the whole day today, rest properly at home and wait until I return. Ok?” He still could not be certain what the Empress Dowager want to do this time. He was afraid that it would harm her in this risky condition if he brought her along with him.

Lou Xi Yan’s gentle tone, his opinion was already conveyed very clearly, Zhuo Qing did not insist on it either: “Fine, you take care on your own.”

“Wait for me.” A light kiss landed on her eyebrow, Lou Xi Yan lightly scuffed on her nose, Zhuo Qing lightly startled for a moment, Lou Xi Yan already walked out of the inside of the room slowly when she recovered.

Zhuo Qing hurriedly followed him to walk out, Lou Xi Yan wore a neat clothing, pale complexion, it was difficult to cover up his exhaustion and went out of Lan Yue building. Lou Mu Hai was looking coldly one glance at Zhuo Qing who was on his back, he asked towards him: “Where do you want to go?”

Zhuo Qing’s face was gloomy, what was he staring at her for, it was not her who made Xi Yan to go out either! Not reasonable!

Lou Xi Yan did not answer Lou Mu Hai promptly, he rather turned around to Zhuo Qing’s side and said: “It is already late, you go to sleep first, ok.”

Lou Mu Hai’s gaze was colder and colder when he was glaring at her, Zhuo Qing nodded towards Lou Xi Yan peacefully and contentedly, she was not afraid of having eyes contests with anybody!

Walking to Lou Mu Hai’s side, Lou Xi Yan faintly answered with a sentence: “The Imperial decree from the Empress Dowager, I want to enter the Imperial palace.”

Xue Xian Xin did not understand and lowly called out: “Entering the Imperial palace now? This late, what has happened? What is going on calling somebody to enter the Imperial palace in the middle of the night? How is this not making people curious?”

Lou Xi Yan did not explain, only lightly nodded towards Lou Mu Hai and walked out of the courtyard gate afterwards.

Lou Xi Yan already left, Zhuo Qing also turned around to face the nine zigzag bridge to prepare to return to Zhai Xing pavilion and wait the news from Lou Xi Yan, her feet still had not moved one step, Lou Mu Hai’s like heavy and deep thunder voice echoed from behind her: “You, come and follow me to the study room.”

Whom did he call out?

Zhuo Qing turned around blankly, Lou Mu Hai was already walking over to the direction of the study room. Xue Xian Xin’s face tilted to take a joy in calamity and delight in disaster and looked at her. Lou Xi Wu walked to her side, lightly patted her shoulder, her face was full of sympathy and she whispered to her ear: “Do not be afraid, his voice is a little loud, nothing more. You have my elder brother’s support, you will be alright.”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, she was not afraid at all but instead she had an interesting face, very good. Lou Xi Yan had not returned, she estimated that she would not need to sleep either, then would just go with him, ok.

Zhuo Qing unhurriedly went to the study room, Lou Mu Hai already waited for a moment, his face undoubtedly displayed his impatience.

Once she stepped into the study room, Lou Mu Hai did not give any round about either, directly asked: “Did you know the reason I asked you to come here?”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder and answered: “I do not know.” She was not a round worm in his abdomen. (It’s a saying that she’s not him so how can she knows what he thinks.

With regard to taking a concubine in this family matter, originally, a woman should be talking about this issue with her. Xi Yan’s mother was already passed away, Xian Xin also had that kind of temperament, although it was somewhat awkward, Lou Mu Hai said with a cold voice: “Since the Emperor has already bestowed you to Xi Yan, you are already Xi Yan’s woman, you will certainly have a position in this home. But the one most important thing is that you need to know your own position clearly. Do you understand?”

A good position ~~ Zhuo Qing answered: “Your meaning is that I should not prevent Xi Yan to take a concubine?”

“Xi Yan’s official wife should have been well matched in terms of social status as him, a woman who can help and benefit him towards his official career.”

As it turned out, she overestimated her own capabilities, the meaning of this person’s words was not that she would allow or not allow to take a concubine, it was actually that she did not have any qualification to be his official wife! Zhuo Qing coldly snorted: “So?”

He already spoke clearly like this, as far as Zhuo Qing was concerned, he did not have any high regard, Lou Mu Hai was more and more annoyed.

He did not say it? Well then, let her say it, Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, coldly said: “So I should advice Xi Yan to take a wife who can give him the benefits in his official career to show my generosity and ladylike?”

Not knowing whether or not that he was accustomed to this type of arrogance or simply not paying attention to how Zhuo Qing was thinking, after he heard her words, Lou Mu Hai unexpectedly said: “It is good that you understand, Xi Yan likes you and you are clear about this, even if he takes an official wife, you do not need to worry that you will lose his favor either. With regards to Xi Yan and the Lou family’s concern, the Prime Minister’s manor needs a prominent social status for his official wife.”

She still believed that this father was simply thinking that she was not fit to be his son’s wife, as it turned out, she was not fit to be the Lou family’s Madam. Contrary to being angry, she was laughing, Zhuo Qing disdainfully answered: “If a man wants to rely on a political marriage to achieve his own’s higher goal, I do not want him even if you give me this kind of man. I do not know what you think of Lou Xi Yan in your heart, maybe the both of you merely fill your eyes with the benefits to expand your power like a piece of chess. However, he is the one person, the one man whom I love in my heart.”

As it turned out, speaking about love did not seem to be that difficult, Zhuo Qing did not expect that she would blurt it out herself, her mood was extremely good. Voluntarily ignoring Lou Mu Hai whose face was already like lightening flashes with thunder rolls (extremely angry), Zhuo Qing with a clear voice smiled and said: “I think you are probably misunderstood, the character that I lack the most is to be a virtuous and warm person. My man can only have me as his wife. Do not even say about taking a concubine, even an occasional cheating is entirely not allowed!”

“Impudent! A jealous woman does not fit to be a wife, if you obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, I can only drive you away from the Prime Minister’s manor ultimately.” This woman was really pampered by Xi Yan until she was undisciplined and out of control!

“You do not need to worry about this for me. If Lou Xi Yan has a second woman, you do not need to drive me out but I will go on my own.” If she was saying things again, this person would probably have a stroke, right. Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “I think we do not need to continue speaking, the time is already late, you should rest early!” She should still have an upbringing and manners towards him.

Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing turned around and left the study room. “You will do harm to him.”

There was appear to be a warning sigh that was muttered to himself irresolutely that made Zhuo Qing’s back was stiffed, but it was only for a very short time. Without turning her head around, Zhuo Qing took a step to leave steadily as before.

It was already zhishi (between 11 pm-1 am), the inside and outside of Xia palace was still brightly lighted up, the palace eunuchs and palace maids were kneeling on the ground, but the quietness made people to suffocate. The heavy atmosphere did not need to enter the inside, as it was already imprinted deeply.

Lou Xi Yan just entered the inside of the palace hall, just saw the West Empress Dowager, Yang Zhi Lan and the Emperor sat on the first seat at the palace hall. Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was malicious so it was difficult to recognize if he was happy or angry, the Empress had an anxious face and kept looking at the outside of the palace hall continuously. Catching the sight of Lou Xi Yan’s entering, Yang Zhi Lan was secretly relaxed.

Walking to the middle of the palace hall, Lou Xi Yan kneeled down on his one knee to pay respect: “Chen Lou Xi Yan pays respect to the Emperor, long live, long live, long, long live. May the Empress Dowager has good fortune and peaceful.”

“You may rise.” Seeing clearly that Lou Xi Yan did not have any color on his complexion (very pale), Yan Hong Tian frowned and said: “Bestow to be seated. How is it that you complexion looks so bad?”

Secretly recuperating from his breathing, Lou Xi Yan faintly answered: “Many thanks for the Emperor’s concern, Chen is alright. Not knowing what matter actually happens that Chen has to enter the Imperial palace very late at night?”

Yan Hong Tian had not spoken yet, the West Empress Dowager lowly sighed and said: “Xi Yan ah, calling you to come this late, Aijia is also forced to do it and without any choice.”

“Xuan-er, this child is just stubborn! She only likes you from childhood, you know about this too, you want to get married now, how can she accept it?”

“The Empress Dowager’s words were too serious.” She already invited the Emperor to come, he was afraid that she would not give up if she did not reach her purpose tonight.

Lou Xi Yan asked: “Is the Princess’s health good?” He could say that he watched Yan Ru Xuan to grow up, if she really had any mishap, he could not bear it either.

He could ask like this, in other words, he had known Xuan-er’s matter about trying to kill herself . The West Empress Dowager had a worry appearance on her face, originally she still took good care of her proper face, but now, her appearance was completely tired. No longer trying to avoid the topic, Yang Zhi Lan said: “She just woke up at last, Aijia is worry, that child is still taking things too hard to do foolish thing. Aijia has requested you to come today, just want to discuss this with you, Xuan-er’s feeling towards you is very deeply rooted, how do you see it?”

Xuan-er was her only daughter, she would definitely help her to get it as long as she wanted anything!

Lou Xi Yan kept silent, Yan Hong Tian did not speak harshly either, the inside of the main hall was quiet for a very long time, the West Empress Dowager finally spoke out her purpose tonight: “Aijia will just betroth her to you today, good or not?”

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  1. Wow. Wow. Sian~ you were completely right. That is completely annoying. Also Lou Mu Hai is totally a pussy of man. He has no business butting in. Especially, according to this he has never loved anybody at all. He loves only his career and thinks of his own son as a pawn.

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      • I don’t think so… Sorry to disappoint you… I mean, the guy is bad but I don’t think he’s that bad. He’s just the typical guy from the ancient time who cares more about political marriage in order to advance his or his son’s career. Sort of like most Asian parents in the past (maybe even now), they usually force their kids to pick what majors they can take while in college as they think certain majors (eg, accounting, engineering, computer, etc) are definitely better than others (music, culinary art, painting/arts, etc) in term of how easy or difficult to find a job after they graduate. So since they’re paying for the kids education, they think that they can have a say on what majors they should choose. American parents usually give their kids freedom but the majority of parents in US don’t pay their kids’ education. ☺️


  2. Well, despite how fast they fell in love, I was extremely happy that she was able to freely express it to his father.
    Thank you for the chapter! I can’t wait to see him refuse that spoiled princess and her mother though XD

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      • It took so long.. 71 chapters..! but in the real time line, from what I read of the chapter before.. it’s actually so short.. only 3 months before they confess their feelings and decide to get married! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„ hehehe

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      • Yes, from their real world’s time line, it was actually quite fast, about 3 mos when they actually got married. But from my pov as a translator, it still took 71 long chapters before we came to this 😜😜😜

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      • That’s right. I thank you very much for your effort in bringing this wonderful translation alive! Long live the translators! Long live the editors! Long live Zhuo Qing-Xi yan!😘😘 Hope the journey always going wellπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

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      • When the chapter has LXY in it, the journey is definitely short & feels better. But when the chapter only has all those evil conniving women from the palace plotting something bad, the journey becomes long and dreaded. Hahaha…

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      • I hope that Xi Yan will appear more frequently then so that we all can be happy and the journey can be pleasantπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„but I think the evil plot is necessary to make the story more interesting. because then we can see the moment the main character tried their best to overcome all their obstacles and be together forever after😍😜but off course if only when we already know that the story has a happy endingπŸ˜† if not, I guess I will curse the author for torturing us like that. hohohoπŸ˜›

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  3. Spoiled princess brat… Really annoying! Honestly I feel that she was more trying to coerce LXY into marrying her instead of acting out of despair. And you say that it is getting worse !!! 😠 Hopefully the foxy minister will be able to escape this trap. I want a happy ending in the end!!! πŸ˜‰
    At least we are getting closer to chapter 77, yay!!! Sian, thank you for your hard work!!!

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  4. Hmph. Right after ZQ lays out her terms, and LXY accepts, scum & co. pull this. Someone do the world a favor and burn down that palace already… 😠😠😾

    Sorry, just grouchy. Thanks for the chapter! πŸ˜…

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  5. Thank you for the chapters. They are really delicious, especially after such a long time of my absence in reading this.. wowww.. Zhuo Qing, you rock! Off course, she won’t care about Lou Mu Hai understanding towards her.. why should she care. I really like seeing she told the same words Xi Yan told his father before. Humph. Xi Yan does not need to use political marriage to advance his carrier.. after all he’s already so much awesome😍😍😍 but I am a little anxious.. how can Xi Yan escape from the evil plot of The Empress Dowager?

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    • First of all, how can ZQ escape from that evil ED? Then she’ll switch her evil plot to LXY… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But the good guys will always persevere in the end… πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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      • how? I think Xi Yan will try to convince her (I mean the Empress Dowager) using all of his charms that made even the evil woman melt! or he can just threaten to leave the prime minister position. bet no other guy that can replace him! And then Yan Hong Tian will be panic and suffer because I am sure that if Xi Yan really leave, he as the emperor will have no one to rely on..! hohoho😘😜
        meanwhile Zhuo Qing can just contact Qing Feng.. maybe Qing Feng can soften Yan Hong Tian’s heart will all her perseverance?πŸ˜„πŸ˜› don’t know at that time what Qing Feng’s position in emperor’s heart though..

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      • Hehehe… You’re so funny… But I like your suggestion that LXY can use his charms to melt that evil ED, but I don’t think it’s going to work. If the evil ED is either one of us, I can guarantee that it’ll work 100%. But unfortunately, the evil ED is not us. 😜😜 QF will have a high position in YHT’s heart when the time comes… And I do agree that YHT will definitely not allow LXY to resign because of his evil mother. We’ll see how this whole thing will be tight up together. ☺️

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      • Thank you for your compliment😘😜
        Yeah.. I just hope Yan Ru Xuan will realize that what she’s doing is hopeless because Lou Xi Yan’s heart already belong to Zhuo Qing, and it happened in just a few months. While Yan Ru Xuan had tried so very much during all the previous years but still can’t move Xi Yan’s heart.. so it’s just so obvious right.. that Yan Ru Xuan’s case is really hopeless..πŸ˜“ so she must wake up from her dreams and live in the present.. and give her consent of Xi Yan’s marriage with Zhuo Qing. it’s necessary for her to learn to accept that Xi Yan is not meant for her.. huff😐and off course the empress dowager is the one who actually should give her all that advices and not just giving in to her stubbornness.. ckckck😑

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      • oh and one thing I want to add.. Yan Ru Xuan is not even Xi Yan’s fiancee.. so Xi Yan’s movement should not be restricted because of her. after all, we can say they are only close acquaintances.. or possibly childhood friends.. she was never be his sweetheart right?

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      • No, but I believe everyone in the palace whether it’s the officials, maids, families, etc, really do think that they are a couple just because they know YRX has been liking LXY for more than 10 years. Even though LXY never shows any sign that he ever likes her back, however, they all probably think that LXY is a typical man in the ancient time that won’t mind to have a political marriage to benefit his political career. As a PM, his career is pretty much set in stone if he marries the sister of the emperor. It also goes a long way for the Lou’s family in general. Fortunately for us, LXY isn’t the typical ancient guy and he’ll go through hell if necessary to marry the woman whom he loves… 😍😍

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      • e.. I just realized though.. from what you have said.. it means that the evil empress dowager still try with all her might to eliminate Zhuo Qing? I don’t think if she will try to kill Zhuo Qing though.. but then that means that she will try to entrap Zhuo Qing so that Zhuo Qing will give up her position as Xi Yan’s wife? noooooo!!!😒😒Zhuo Qing, fighting! you must be fighting for your dream guy that you had painstakingly found after travelling hundreds of years to the past!

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  6. I was so glad to know that HYT sent her biological mother packing in the later stage from QF’s side of the story. I usually don’t hate ppl that much but this shameless Empress Dowager has no right to force anyone let alone LXY to marry that spoiled brat of the princess. What would the princess do after marry LXY, will you think you still get his affection for you because he is your man? Dump girl…the princess the Empress Dowager do have poo for brain…

    Thanking you Sian for the latest translation. Sorry for my rant just now.

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    • I know right?? I suppose she doesn’t care that LXY doesn’t love her as long as she can be married to him in name. It doesn’t make any sense at all to us, but I guess women in the ancient time don’t care about love as much. That’s why the men can have as many women as they want to. They’re used to sharing their men πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  7. Uh… this is pretty shameless behaviour from people who are supposedly dignified and Noble. In the end, she’s just a stupid young girl in love, and the west empress a doting aunty. But see how they abuse their power? An unwilling marriage is already a pre cursor to a sort of rape, emotional and mental if not physical. I have no pity nor concern for a woman like the princess. Points to her though for her “Never give up” attitude. It’s just really cheap what she’s done. If she truly loved LXY then she’d see how dignified he really is and the kind of woman that he’d want as his partner. Behaving childishly is the complete opposite of what he wants. She’s known him her whole life and does this, how pea brained is she anyway? *shakes my head* tsk tsk.

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    • Very well thought. I totally agree. Speaking about shameless behaviour from some supposedly noble and dignified people, these people are going to stoop even lower in the future chapters… One thing that I want to point out though, the west empress dowager is actually Yan ru Xuan & Yan Hong Tian’s birth mother. The east empress dowager is Lou Xi Yan & Lou Xi Wu’s aunt. She’s also yang Hong Tian’s adopted mother. I do also want to point out that Yan ru Xuan is only 15 yo. Now I do know that 15 yo girl in ancient time is probably equals to maybe 25 yo modern time in term of the women in ancient time get married quite young. I’m not quite sure if they are more mature than a 15 yo in our current time. I have a 16 yo niece & trust me she’s nowhere near a matured woman who should be married off. Hehehe…

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      • Ah, so I got the relations mixed up. And yes I did guess she would be young. But I also believe that people brought up in royalty are taught to be nobler, more mature, wiser than the commoners. but haha she’s 16, not enough experience in life to be able to match our LXY. I don’t want to be too harsh on her but she is old enough to know that it’s wrong to force someone to marry her regardless of what her station is. So grrrr she can suck it up!

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