Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 70: Forced Marriage (Part 1)

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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.Β So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Zhuo Qing was walking alongside with Gu Yun on the quiet street, the fresh and cool night wind was blowing the people comfortably, the bright moonlight was enveloping them, the somewhat beautiful misty, after remaining silent for a very long time, Zhuo Qing suddenly said in a low voice: “Yun.”

“En?” Gu Yun lightly hummed, waiting for her words to come.

Once again, there was silent for a moment, Zhuo Qing finally smiled and said softly: “I…. am about to get married with Lou Xi Yan.”

“Really?” Gu Yun’s pace was lagging, soon after she smilingly said: “Still less than three months, the speed of this flash married of yours is indeed quick enough.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, she did not think either that it would be quick like this, perhaps it was because that person was Lou Xi Yan, right.

Zhuo Qing’s eyes could not conceal the happiness and it made Gu Yun understood clearly that she was really falling in love. Lou Xi Yan was really good and really match with Qing, but there was one real problem. She did not want to splash cold water on Zhuo Qing, but Gu Yun had no choice but to ask: “Have you or have you not think that there is one problem? If I find the bagua board, we have the opportunity to go back, do you want to stay behind? During that time if you can still choose, then it will not be the worst, I am just afraid that it will resemble like last time. It is an unfathomable mystery to return back to your original life, do you think it clearly?”

Perhaps, Qing’s work habit was the original cause that gave someone a somewhat cold feeling, actually, she was a person who attached importance to emotion and a soft hearted person. If she and Lou Xi Yan loved each other and got married, and then suddenly separated all of a sudden, it might be very likely……

Zhuo Qing leaned her head slightly to look towards Gu Yun’s worry face, firmly answered: “Yun, there are so many uncertainties when it comes to future matters, because of these uncertainties, I do not want to lose the happiness that I can certainly have now.”

Was it? Ok, then, her emotional quotient (EQ) was lower comparatively, any topic about emotion, Qing was braver and more mature than her by a lot. Since Qing already thought clearly, then the only thing that she could do was to give her blessings.

Lightly draping Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, Gu Yun with a soft voice, smiled and said: “Have a happy wedding.”

“Thank you.” She was happy to be able to receive Yun’s blessings. Yun was her best friend, she hoped that she could share this happiness with her.

Both of them were chatting and laughing while walking towards the direction of the Prime Minister’s manor, but they saw a tall silhouette who was walking on the quiet and cold street. Gu Yun took precautions and watched attentively ahead, Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes to see, that person was…… “Mo Bai?” Why was he here?

Mo Bai walked up to her, he was still with that cold face, but his voice seemed somewhat urgent: “Master’s illness recurs again.”

Remembering when Lou Xi Yan’s illness with hurried and briefs breathings and pale face, Zhuo Qing’s heart was panicky, said towards Gu Yun urgently: “I am going now.”

“Very well.”

Looking at Zhuo Qing’s back that was scurrying, Gu Yun secretly sighed, she was afraid that Qing fell into a trap this time……

Fortunately, the Prime Minister’s manor was not too far, jogging all the way and a moment later, Zhuo Qing arrived at Lou Xi Yan’s Lan Yue building. A group of people were already standing in front of the small courtyard, this time was probably because Lou Mu Hai was also there, Lou Xi Wu and Xue Xian Xin were not quarreling again.

Rushing straightforwardly to Lan Yue’s building, Zhuo Qing was the focus of everyone’s gaze, Xue Xian Xin’s wish to see Lou Mu Hai’s eyes that flashed through a deep loathing, her hearts was secretly happy. Just about to go pass through her to enter the inside of the house at this time, Xue Xian Xin stretched out her hands to stop her way and said: “The Imperial physician is treating him inside, you will cause less trouble.”

Thinking that Lou Xi Yan who was inside, Zhuo Qing did not pay attention to this woman who was stirring up trouble, she said with a cold voice: “Let go, I do not have time to listen to your nonsense now.”

Her mouth was deflated, Xue Xian Xin’s face showed a grievance and looked towards Lou Mu Hai and said: “Laoye, you look at her, she simply does not have any upbringing.” She would absolutely not let this rude woman to be sitting in a wife position, otherwise where could she get any good day in the future!

Now was not the time to discuss about upbringing, Zhuo Qing brushed her hands and walked towards the inside room immediately. Xue Xian Xin still wanted to hoot, but Mo Bai’s tall silhouette stood in front of her.

“Second Madam, she can treat Master’s illness.” An indifferent voice with blue eyes made Xue Xian Xin unawarely afraid, and she withdrew to the side of Lou Mu Hai.

Lou Mu Hai was watching attentively at that slim back, what was so special about this woman after all, she could unexpectedly make Mo Bai to be extremely respectful towards her?!

Zhuo Qing lightly pushed the door to come in, after she entered the bedroom, she was afraid that she would disturb the Imperial physician who was giving the treatment so she only stood at the side of the screen to observe Lou Xi Yan’s circumstances. He was half leaning on the bedside, his pair of eyes slightly narrowed, he only had a thin unlined garment as his clothing, his chest and back were already covered by sweats, his chest was moving up and downs indefinitely, his breathing was disorderly like before.

The Imperial physician was just about to tidy up the needles equipment, he should just finished treating his illness so Zhuo Qing walked slowly to advance, lightly sat on the bedside but she did not dare to make any noise to disturb him.

Lou Xi Yan slowly opened his eyes up at this moment to see a heavy complexion on a woman who was on the bedside. Lou Xi Yan extended his hand to hold her hand together.

His palm was sweating, but the temperature of his fingertips were actually ice cold, both hands were tightly gripping the slender fingers on her palm, Zhuo Qing looked at the man’s eyes that were tormented with serious illness, pale and haggard, deep in her heart, she felt a burst of unfamiliar pain.

“This small official (xia guan) will go to boil the medicine now, Prime Minister Lou, please speak less and rest as much as possible.” The Imperial physician looked one glance at the two people who were holding hands tightly, and tactfully retreated out.

Zhuo Qing’s worry and heartache could only be shown by holding his hand and put both of their hands on Lou Xi Yan’s heart, lightly rubbing her hand, Lou Xi Yan breathed deeply and said with some difficulty: “I…… am fine.”

The candlelight, his eyes were gentle and soft and resembled the water, but his face was still very pale, restraining her flustered eyes, she did not need Lou Xi Yan to comfort her at this time.

Still holding his hand firmly, Zhuo Qing’s complexion already recovered as before, she softly called out: “Mo Bai.”

After the light sound of a door, Mo Bai’s tall silhouette came to the bedroom now.

“You need to cut down that several cotton trees that are in the courtyard.” She should settle those cotton trees earlier but she was occupied to deal with the gold case recently. It was her carelessness, one flowering season of the cotton trees had passed so there was cotton wadding everywhere. This thin fiber was the easiest to trigger the asthma, she was careless.

Mo Bai did not move at all, he rather looked towards Lou Xi Yan who was half lying on the bed, Lou Xi Yan muttered to himself resolutely for a moment, and said with a low voice: “Those were bestowed by the West Empress Dowager.”

So what if they were bestowed by the West Empress Dowager? Zhuo Qing got angry and said in a fury: “Those cotton trees will kill your life.”

Because of anger, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was somewhat flushed, her beautiful eyes were glaring at him angrily. Her anger was spread out through out the eyes and made it difficult to cover up her flustered heart, from their palms, it came through a steady flow of warmth, she was anxious because of him.

Lou Xi Yan suddenly smiled, with a touch of his faint pampering tone of voice, he answered softly: “The mistress has already said it, then just cut them down, ok.” It had been so many years, what should come, then let it come, ok. His health could not bear to have more and more outbreaks repeatedly like this, he did not have the heart either that his Ling-er had to feel apprehensive because of him, he had done more than enough concessions.

Lou Xi Yan already said like this, Mo Bai turned around to go out and prepare to cut down the trees, he just walked for several steps, Zhuo Qing called out again: “Hold on!”

Mo Bai did not understand and looked towards her, Lou Xi Yan was also gazing at her tenderly, Zhuo Qing was thinking and saying once again: “Do not cut them down, you go and try to find some people to remove the cotton from above the cotton trees. Then later on, just remove the cotton when they start to bloom every year, ok.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai hesitated for a moment, but he still accepted the order at last and left.

This so called bestowment, what was the significant with regards to her who came from the modern time, it was not important at all. But with regards to the Lou’s family, it might be very important. The Imperial courts had numerous and complicated relationships, mutual internal strife with crafty plots and machinations, even though she did not understand it to much but also knew that any wrong step just might consign them to eternal damnation.

After withdrawing her anger, using the sleeve of her garment softly to wipe clean his forehead that had thin sweat, Zhuo Qing sighed and said in a low voice: “You must have your own intention to keep those flowers, but I can not watch them to threaten your life.”

The heavens treated him good to send her to his side all along, took her busy hand and grasped it in the hallow of his palm again, Lou Xi Yan said with a serious face: “The pray for blessings celebration will begin soon, I will be a little busy this time, wait until the busy time has passed, we will get married right away. I will give you a grand wedding ceremony.”

Zhuo Qing lowly smiled and shook her head, she answered: “I do not care about a grand wedding, it is good if you remember your own promise that you have already said to me.”

Their ten fingers were still intertwining stickily, Lou Xi Yan said in low voice: “I am willing to spend all of my life as a couple with you.”

The clear and raw voice as if it was a low song from a zither, the promise that she heard was the most beautiful pledge, the phoenix’s eyes with excessive deep emotion could take any woman to drown. Her heart was hysterically throbbing once again, his slightly moist lips and right in front of her eyes, repeated breathing, it attracted Zhuo Qing to approach.

“Even though….. I ##, but I ###, ###….. romantic.” The beauty presented a kiss, Lou Xi Yan reaped the benefits happily, but she merely approached, the fresh and clean’s fragrance on her body made him to breathe disorderly right away, more and more turbid, especially, since her warm and soft body was relying on his embrace. His mind continuously flashed through the hot spring pond event, it made someone’s blood vessel to spurt to see the graceful body shape…… This would make him choke again now……

“You…..” Looking at him ###, ###, ###.

Her face was flushing, she could not help to curse in her heart, the male beauty was indeed a disaster! Hearing clearly Lou Xi Yan’s intermittent words, Zhuo Qing suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry…… He would not think that this so called romantic meaning was just kissing, right!! Heaven ah….. How would she explain this beautiful misunderstanding…… Boo hoo, boo hoo (she was crying in her heart)…… Just when Zhuo Qing was embarrassed incessantly, Jing Sa’s distinctive gloomy voice echoed outside of the door: “Master.”

Lou Xi Yan did not wish to release his grasp of Zhuo Qing’s hand, this was the first time that he loathed Jing Sa’s insensitivity, with waning enthusiasm, he answered: “Come in, ok.”

Without entering the bedroom and stoping his footsteps at the outside of the screen, Jing Sa answered: “The Wes Empress Dowager’s Imperial decree, please make a trip to enter the Imperial palace.”

“What happened at the Imperial palace?” Lou Xi Yan’s double edged eyebrows lightly twisted, it was already haishi now (9-11 pm), why did the Empress Dowager still wanted to summon him with an Imperial decree. Moreover, he just got an outbreak a moment ago, if it was not an important matter, Jing Sa would not come in to bother him.

Separating by the screen, Jing Sa looked one glance at Zhuo Qing who was sitting on the bedside with their palms intertwining, after a moment, he answered with some doubts: “Princess Chao Yun tried to hang and kill herself last night……”


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Chapter 71: Forced Marriage (Part 2)

Sian’s notes:
Arggh… That Princess Chao Yun was finally making a move, eh?!!! Trying to guilt trip LXY. 😑😑😑

After a few chapters without LXY, he finally came back in this chapter. Unfortunately, another asthma attack for him (πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ me rolling my eyes on Qian Lu, the author). But there were more sweet moments between our OTP. 😍😍😍


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  1. Thank you for this chapter! Yay LXY is back, and more sweet moments !
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      • Isn’t it the opposite? ZQ thinks that LXY only knows that being romantic means kissing, while ZQ thinks being romantic is a lot more than kissing. Like telling her that he is willing to spend the rest of his life with only her is definitely romantic. Remember, ZQ is a modern girl while LXY is from an ancient time & a PM also. Usually PM or any other high officials aren’t usually the romantic type. They don’t even get to choose their own brides for most of the time. LXY is definitely one stand out guy in the whole Qiong Yue (plus the other 5 countries prob).


    • I didn’t know why the # marks were. They were from the author. I think LXY was trying to tease ZQ by repeating what she said in the earlier chapter that he wasn’t romantic. But he didn’t really want to say it directly that he wasn’t romantic so he was just teasing her. The whole paragraph just meant that he was just enjoying ZQ’s intention to ‘kiss’ him but because he was teasing her, he didn’t get that kiss. But she was still embarrassed by his teasing.


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    • I think Lan Yue building is probably the best courtyard or the main part of the PM manor. That’s why it’s right next to Zhai Xing pavilion which is reserved for LXY’s future wife. So he can’t move to another courtyard so the tree has to be moved or in this case ZQ decided that the cotton should be removed every year since the tree was bestowed by the ED after all.


  3. What’s with the ##? Is he saying something endlessly pervy??? LXY our thinking is copacetic ~ I kinda really loved this chapter, thanks Sian! I think this showcases that they truly have a great relationship. One with infinite respect, care, and above all think themselves lucky to have each other. Also that princess is deeply pathetic. Can she really not let go of her feelings? I think it’s what’s going to lead to her down fall. I mean look at Mei Gong Qing. Rong’er could not begin to have a peaceful life with out first letting go of her feelings for General Ran.

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    • You all have to intrepret the # marks on your own. The author put them there. I think in LXY the sign was like he was teasing her & trying to be awkward because ZQ said that he wasn’t romantic in the previous chapter. In ZQ, the marks were because she was embarrassed by his teasing.

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    • Unfortunately, the scenes for the princess will still be long & get more annoying. 😁😁😁 I didn’t really have any issue with YRX before but I just can’t like her in the next few chapters. I suppose she’s a princess after all so her life is always sheltered so she’s very annoying…

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      • I know right… Well, she’s not really annoying like those villains in the drama but she’s quite annoying in term her mom & her maid are causing problems because of her weakness. So she’s like a passive aggressive person. In a way, it’s probably better if she’s like those villain so we can hate her. But she’s so delusional so you can’t help not to like her even though you don’t really hate her. But then you will hate her because her mom & maid are causing problems for trying to help her. 😁😁

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  4. He will not be led by her childish outbreak. If she understood his personality, she would know this.
    Well makes for good plot I guess XD
    On the other hand, I absolutely loved the moment they shared though he was going through an attack XD
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  5. I’ve been following your translation for some time, but just drop a comment now πŸ˜…

    Anyway, I really love LXY and ZQ chemistry. And out if the 3 Wing sisters, perhaps their story was the only one who could be called romance πŸ˜‚

    Thank you for the translation ~

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    • I think there are different types of romance. ZQ & LXY’s relationship is definitely the sweetest compare to the other two. However, QF & YHT’s relationship is also sweet in a different way (after YHT changed from being a jerk). They don’t use words to show their affections (compare to ZQ & LXY) towards each other but the readers can actually feel that there’s definitely affection between those two. Then, GY & SL are definitely not the type of romance that most women want. Hahaha… Only a certain kind of women like GY will be able to accept the type like that hopeless general. I’m glad you like the story…


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  6. Oi oi ZQ, are you sure you should be sticking close and exciting his fragile body during an asthma attack??
    Princess tried to hang herself and failed? Sad. What doesn’t kill her makes me sadder. Not that I wish death on her but people who use emotional blackmail and suicide threats are the absolute worst kind of thrash.

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