Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 63: A Reputation’s Crisis

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Astonishingly, a male and a female appeared, the male was dressed in black ink dress, a pale complexion matched with a silver hair, somewhat looked like a scary person. The female was dressed in red blood dress, there was a golden mask on her face, only a pair of cold eyes were exposed. Both of them appeared to be wordless and uncommunicative, abnormal monsters, just liked coming out of the underground, in addition to their odd clothing, Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked somewhat foolish.

Straightforwardly staring at their looks, actually when they came in, they had already arrived. Originally they planned to wait until they left afterwards to appear but did not think that the tiny woman discovered their whereabouts unexpectedly.

All four of them were looking at each other, Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun felt that these two people produced some vision attacks that they used as a measurement to show their strengths.

If they continued to look at each other like this, the sky would already be bright!! Qian Jing who was being excluded by them finally was unable to endure it, then started the introduction and said: “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, Qiong Yue’s number one and number two’s bounty hunters.”

Bounty hunters, Zhuo Qing had increased her knowledge, speaking that they were number one and number two, she absolutely believed that both of their auras were extremely strong.

Lightly nodded towards them, Zhuo Qing generously introduced and said: “Qing Ling.”

“You were that woman who cut open the corpse at the palace?” The voice of the man in black dress was very ordinary, not particularly deep, also not very magnetic, but definitely special enough, every word would let you listen to it clearly but absolutely did not have any emotional feeling.

“Yes.” Zhuo Qing nodded dazzlingly, he knew about this?? She thought that the information was hard to get in this ancient time, it seemed that she was wrong now……. The male looked towards Gu Yun, Gu Yun did not avoid either, smilingly said: “Qing Mo.”

His eyebrows knitted lightly for only a short one quarter second, it was already enough for Gu Yun to understand his suspicious mind, smiled candidly, Gu Yun said: “You do not need to think so hard, I do not have any glorious achievement that is sufficient for the both of you to take notice to.” She was always inside the General’s manor to battle and fight with the brave men, he would not know her.

Amazingly, his face stopped for half a second this time, it was serene soon after. Gu Yun was very interested towards him, after all, he could control his own face muscle without revealing his emotion, it was very rare that he was already this powerful.

Gu Yun studied carefully, Zhuo Qing was actually in cold sweat repeatedly, no one would wish to be interpreted by a stranger especially this kind of ‘very able person’!! Did she not see that the woman in the red dress was emitting a cold ray that was enough to freeze her to death?!! Sometimes she really did not know if Yun was the exquisite kind of woman or thick skinned!! Lightly coughing to attract their attentions, Zhuo Qing started to introduced to the main subject: “Well, I think it is necessary to clarify this first since everyone’s goal is to expose the truth about this case. There are two ways now, the first one is to investigate on our own and the other one is to join forces to do the investigation. We are really sincere to cooperate with you all, what do you all think about this idea?”

Both of them did not speak for a very long time, just when Zhuo Qing prepared to interpret that they would do the investigation on their own separately, the male said once again: “How do you all want to investigate?”

Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun, this was her specialty, luckily Gu Yun already had a plan, spoke frankly with assurance: “First, we have to find the murder weapon. The deceased had 13 wounds but they only found twelve throwing knives, in other words, the murder weapon had already been taken away. Even if the murderer was some expert and could shoot the deceased to die from a long distance, that person would need to retrieve the murder weapon. There were four people who might be able to do this, the deceased’s friend, Li Zhi, the deceased’s madam, Yang Shi (see 1 below), also the people who rushed over afterwards, Huang Yi and Wang Wei. One of these four people, even if some were not the murderer, they would surely help the murderer. The top priority job is to find these four people.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, assuredly said: “As long as we can find the murder weapon, we can do another comparison to the corpse again and Qian Jing’s criminal charge will be purged by half.”

“Secondly, the matter of that gold. Yang Liu’s death was extremely unexpected, clearly that the murderer wanted to set Qian Jing up behind this matter. It should be related to that case of the stolen gold, one million taels of gold was absolutely impossible to disappear without a trace. They carelessly concluded the case during that time and we still did not know any trace of the gold up until now. Yang Liu was surely the inside information or perhaps just because he knew too much so they would kill him. If we can find the related benefactor of this case during that time, we may be able to find the murderer.”

Gu Yun looked towards both of them and said: “I have finished talking, you all want to say anything.”

Both of them looked one glance at each other, it seemed that they had a consensus: “You all go to investigate those several people, give us the case of the gold, three days later around zishi (between 11 pm – 1 am), we will exchange the information here.”

Was three days enough time to investigate this?? Gu Yun was still thinking, but both of them already left the prison cell, with strange skills quickly and suddenly jumped up, several ups and downs, leapt from the roof top and disappeared without a trace, while she was still speaking in her own mind…… Looking towards the calm and collected face of Qian Jing who was sitting on the side, Gu Yun asked: “Were they in a hurry?”

Grabbing a dry grass and holding it in his mouth once again, Qian Jing, with unhappy face answered: “Content with your situation, ok, the words that you and him said, could already be regarded as a lot, you did not see that he did not even pay attention to me……##, was there anybody who would ask his opinion?!!”

“Then it was indeed an honor.” It seemed to be correct, Gu Yun felt relief and said towards Zhuo Qing: “Let us go, it is already late.”

Walking to pass through the inside of the prison, Zhuo Qing speculatively said: “We will look for Li Zhi tomorrow?”

Gu Yun nodded her head: “En, summing it up to see, he has the biggest suspicion. But I still want to examine that several people’s confession transcripts first.”

“Now?” Zhuo Qing lowly shouted: “Miss, it is already in the wee hours.”

Gu Yun only smiled and answered: “You go back with Lou Xi Yan first, I will wait in front of the Prime Minister’s manor at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.” Only three days, she must find the person who hid the murder weapon after all!

“Fine.” Zhuo Qing was helpless, Gu Yun was absolutely a workaholic, trying to persuade her was simply a waste of time.
The moment that Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun came out, Lou Xi Yan already asked two chariots to come, Gu Yun was sticking to the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear, lowly said: “Qing, you really have a dog poop’s luck, you have met this very good man, hold on to him firmly.” After she finished speaking, she still blinked towards her, Zhuo Qing remained silent, what kind of nonsense was this analogy, the meaning of what she said was that Lou Xi Yan was a dog poop?! (See 2 below)

Not feeling like bothering with her, Zhuo Qing got into the chariot immediately, she only heard that Gu Yun and Lou Xi Yan were talking outside the chariot but had no idea what they were saying. A moment later, Lou Xi Yan’s smiling expression entered the chariot, and the chariot ran out slowly.

Somewhat curious, Zhuo Qing still asked: “What did she say to you just now?”

“She said……” Pausing for a while to tempt Zhuo Qing’s appetite, Lou Xi Yan with a smile on his face looked towards her, answered softly: “She said to make me love you dearly and nicely.”

Love you dearly and….. nicely……

@,*,$, What kind of words were these!! Zhuo Qing cursed at Gu Yun in her heart at once!

The chariot arrived at the Prime Minister’s manor very quickly, both of them walked in together, the night was very deep, besides the several lanterns for the lighting, everything was already fast asleep. Zhuo Qing looked one glance at the man who was accompanying her for the whole night, sincerely said: “Xi Yan, thank you for today.” If it was not because of him, it was possible that she could not see Qian Jing so smoothly.

Walking the trail alongside with her quietly, Lou Xi Yan’s footsteps were slow, faintly answered: “The matter of the Ministry of Justice is originally under my supervision, you do not need to thank me for this matter.”

Zhuo Qing did not say anything again, she seemed somewhat get used to it that he would not let people to have a burden to feel his warm like this. Both of them bypassed the front courtyard, just saw Jing Sa’s black face was waiting in that place.

“Master.” Jing Sa met up at the side of Lou Xi Yan’s ear, did not know what he said, but Lou Xi Yan nodded tranquilly. Even though from Jing Sa’s always cold face and Lou Xi Yan’s eternal tranquil eyes, she could not see anything exceptional but it was already this late. She felt faintly that some matter was certainly happened, Zhuo Qing asked anxiously: “Did anything happen?”

Lou Xi Yan shook his head lightly and answered: “It is nothing, it is late, you should go rest early.”

Fine, he was not willing to say it, that meant that he could solve the problem, Zhuo Qing did not ask anymore question, crossed over them, she walked over to Zhai Xing pavilion. Only walking away for several steps, she heard the sound of a peculiar woman’s call: “Yo~ you are finally willing to come back.”

Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes, it was Xue Xian Xin. She was so tired, she did not have the mood to accompany her to play. Zhuo Qing ignored and wanted to bypass her, but she did not let her go passing her unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing was annoyed.

She had not started talking yet, Lou Xi Yan already walked to come over. Seeing Lou Xi Yan, Xue Xian Xin changed her countenance immediately, grudgingly said: “Xi Yan, you are surely exhausted, right, your dad has been waiting for you for the whole evening at Qian Ting pavilion.”

Dad? Was Lou Xi Yan’s father not the General who guarded the west border, how did he come back?! With regard to this, Zhuo Qing felt very strange all along, Lou Xi Yan was under one person but above ten of thousands of people’s Prime Minister, how did his father still want to guard the border area?! It was said that his father requested it on his own, really a strange person!

Lou Xi Yan coldly answered: “I know.”

Zhuo Qing, herself did not know what the matter was, just barely wanted to leave, Xue Xian Xin stopped her way with an optimistic expression on her face, she said: “Hold on, you can not go, Laoye (it’s very common that a wife calls her husband ‘Laoye’-姥爷 in the ancient time, it can be translated as old master) wants to meet with you.”

See me……##, Zhuo Qing already guessed, it would probably not any good deed to wait for her!

Zhuo Qing resigned to look at Lou Xi Yan for one glance, helplessly sighed and said: “Let us go, ok.”

The two people were following the exceptionally excited Xue Xian Xin to Qian Ting pavilion, the dark and quiet official manor, the inside of Qian Ting pavilion was lighted splendidly, the candle light flickered gently.

A 50 years old male sat above the master’s seat, he wore a wide ash blue paozi (Chinese style gown), square face with tiger eyes, forehead was plump, complexion was slightly cold, tall and sturdy figure, suntanned skin, robust body, emitting imposing manner all over that made people terrified.

Entering Qian Ting pavilion later on, Xue Xian Xin could be said to be very happy and excited to walk to the side of the man to wait for a spectacular show.

Lou Xi Yan also walked slowly to arrive in front of him, his face was wearing his usual smile and he asked: “Dad, how did you not say to me that you would be coming back!”

This person was Lou Xi Yan’s father?! Zhuo Qing sighed secretly, he did not even resemble Lou Xi Yan who was like a tender, quiet and cold man. And this man appeared like a cold, firm and stubborn person.

Sure enough, like Zhuo Qing’s expectation, he started to talk without any feeling and with a businesslike tone: “I know that you are busy, I return because of an official matter also, I will leave in a few days.”

Lou Xi Yan accustomed to the manner and answered: “I know. It is already late, you have an early rest, ok.”

“You also know that it is really late now!!” This sentence at least had a little moodiness inside, even though it was from anger.

Zhuo Qing kept silent to show respect, Lou Mu Hai’s tiger eyes turned suddenly, and were staring at her, he asked with a cold voice: “Are you Qing Ling?”

Looking at the other person’s eyes to reply his question was considered courteous, Zhuo Qing did not avoid his threatening’s line of sight, sincerely answered: “I am.”

Lou Mu Hai could finally see this woman whom Xian Xin said this afternoon, even though she was disfigured, her countenance was not bad. She dared to face him squarely so she figured to have a little courage and insight. Feeling a little acceptance in his heart towards her, Lou Mu Hai coldly said: “No matter how you conduct your own affairs in the past, since you have already entered the Lou’s family now, just like any person in the Lou’s family, you have to abide by the Lou family’s rules. You should be more cautious in your speech and to abide by the woman’s morality scrupulously.”

Cautious in speech and to abide by the woman’s morality scrupulously? Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows lightly and answered: “You can speak clearly a little bit for one more time.”

Lou Mu Hai knitted his eyebrows, this kind of matter originally should not be his responsibility to say as an older man, but in the capacity of the Lou great family’s elder, he should be considered to remind her here, how did she still want to be clear about?! Sure enough, she was not a sensible woman! His first favorable impression disappeared right away.

Looking at Lou Mu Hai’s expression, Xue Xian Xin guessed roughly what was in his mind and she seized the chance to incite and say: “Just do not make you to go out to attract the opposite sex, to show off flirtatious behavior, to lose Xi Yan’s face!”

Sure enough that she was out to pick a quarrel!! Exhaustion made Zhuo Qing even more impatient, looked at Xue Xian Xin coldly, Zhuo Qing answered with a cold sound: “Even if you want to incite a quarrel, to distort the truth deliberately is your whole meaning of living, but you still must have an evidence before you speak, for which reason do you say that I attract the opposite sex and show off flirtatious behavior?”

Zhuo Qing’s attacking line of sight made Xue Xian Xin trembled a little, but Lou Mu Hai was behind her so she was aware that she had a supporter so Xue Xian Xin held her head high, continued to shout loudly: “You still do not dare to admit on your own affair ah! That Official Dan came to find you today, furthermore, you and the Emperor rode a horse together parading yourselves around town ostentatiously. Who can not see if they have eyes!! Do not think that all of the people are idiots, who are not discussing about this spiritedly in the imperial court and the ordinary people now. However, Xi Yan has said that you are his woman in front of everybody, you are so fast and loose now, where are you going to put his face!!”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion sank, her brows knitted lightly, with a thoughtful manner. Looking at her continuous silent and with no angry flame like before, Xue Xian Xin intentionally said: “Were you so aggressive a moment ago? You can not say anything now, right!”

It was not that Zhuo Qing could not say anything, but to handle Xue Xian Xin, this scratching sinister nasty person, she could make her dumbstruck and was unable to reply at any time, but the words that she was just saying now reminded her that Dan Yu Lan came to find her today was probably a coincidence. But Yan Hong Tian came to the Prime Minister’s manor was surely premeditated long ago. There was a chariot but he did not take it, it must be that he wanted to ride a horse together with her and parade around town ostentatiously. Could it be that it was merely for her to look at the scenery and dally with her?! No! He wanted to tarnish her reputation and integrity, wanted to let Xi Yan to lose his face, this man was extremely repulsive! This good opportunity, Xue Xian Xin would naturally not let Zhuo Qing get away with this, she still wanted to continue to say something? Lou Xi Yan who was silent suddenly interrupted her words: “She is very tired today, the night is also not early now, you all return to rest early, ok.”

“Xi Yan, how come you still help her to speak now, this kind of woman is not worth mentioning.”

“Second mother, I have my own propriety.” Lou Xi Yan’s voice was slightly cold, the high spirits and wish to continue’s Xue Xian Xin did not pay attention, the always cold eyes of Lou Mu Hai could actually see it clearly, it seemed that Xi Yan cared about this girl very much. Let it be, since he was protecting her, he would just give him this reputation, ok.

Lightly waving his hand and preventing Xue Xian Xin who still wanted to talk, Lou Mu Hai clearly said: “Ok, this matter will be counted as finished, from today forward, Qing Ling must not go out, stay at home to study a female’s Buddhist monastic discipline, cultivate her moral and mental characters.”

In other words, the meaning of this was that she was forbidden to go out lo, she was detained for how many days, it was with great difficulty that she had to endure until her free time, if she would agree to be confined again, she would have something wrong!! Putting off this discussion that she could not go out until later was all right, right? This inconvenient matter would naturally come to seek her.

Zhuo Qing looked at Lou Mu Hai one more time, without a single perfunctory sentence, she answered: “Old General Lou, I am very sorry to bring Xi Yan any inconvenient with this kind of rumor, but it is definitely not what I wish for, I will pay more attention in the future to avert this kind of matter from happening as much as possible, as far as forbidding me to go out, I can not do it.”

Lou Mu Hai’s tiger eyes were wide opened, she dared to contradict him unexpectedly, what a good answer of ‘she could not do it’! He gave her a way out of an embarrassing situation, but she not only did not want to withdraw but also challenge him!

A bang (loud) sound, Lou Mu Hai slapped the side low table heavily and it broke into two suddenly, the teacup and candlestick holder broke into pieces on the ground.

Zhuo Qing did not anticipate that Lou Mu Hai would show his big temper like this, this person was Xi Yan’s father after all, and she was also in the wrong in this matter.

Xue Xian Xin finally recovered from being frightened, pointed at Zhuo Qing, lowly shouted: “Laoye, you see, you see! Relying on Xi Yan’s doting on her, she is simply undisciplined and out of control!!” It was not easy for Laoye to come back, if she did not give that woman a hard time, she would not be called Xue (as her family name)!

“Laoye, she absolutely does not pay attention to you, she……”

“That is enough.” Xue Xian Xin said proudly and happily, Lou Xi Yan’s berated coldly and made her to shut up immediately.

“I will handle this matter on my own, dad, second mother, you all rest early.” Pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan dropped his words faintly and he went out without looking back.

They……. They just left like that….###, Laoye…….. “Xian Xin, let it be.” Staring at the rear view of the two people who were leaving, Lou Mu Hai’s eyes flashed through a trace of rapidness that made people nearly clutched from pain too late.

Lou Xi Yan’s hand was still cool slightly just like in the past, but the strength that he was using to hold her palm was somewhat heavy, but it did not make anybody to feel any pain. Zhuo Qing looked one glance at both of them who were holding hands, ultimately still not pulling out of her hand, she remained silent all the way. The two people were wandering at the quiet trail of the Prime Minister’s manor like this, Lou Xi Yan took her to Zhai Xing pavilion, Zhuo Qing thought to herself on what she would say: “I am sorry.”

Originally, he was just about to release his hand but the hand was tightened once again, Lou Xi Yan asked with a soft voice: “Why are you apologizing?”

“You help me but yet I cause trouble so your reputation suffers a damage.” If it was not for Lou Xi Yan who took her out of the Imperial palace, she might not have the opportunity to see Yun and he also dealt with that moody man. She perhaps could not look this casual like this now, she should thank him for all of these. However, Yan Hong Tian came to trick them unexpectedly, as a man, this cuckold (husband of an adulterous wife) should probably the most serious insult and shock, right, Yan Hong Tian’s trick was very fierce!

Lou Xi Yan faintly laughed and answered: “I am a man, these matters do not affect me at all, as for you, you must not think too much, I will handle this properly.”

She admitted that his faint smile, tranquil’s eyes, soft and low voice, would make people unable to resist him, unquestionable strength, would make you unaware to depend on him, believe him. But Zhuo Qing had never paid attention to anybody who had either praising or disparaging insight, raised her head to laugh willfully, Zhuo Qing indifferently answered: “You do not need to worry because of me, I definitely do not care about these ridiculous rumors and slanders, even more so, I do not care how other people look at me.”

Raising her eyes slightly that were even more dazzling than the bright stars, then raising the corner of her mouth to show her disdain and contempt, Lou Xi Yan could sense that she was not trying to be brave, she just thought like this with her own self confidence and self arrogance.

Tightening his hand once more, Lou Xi Yan nodded and with a serious face, he said: “In fact, this is also good.”

Both of their palms were sticking to each other, Zhuo Qing was somewhat absentminded and she asked: “What is good?”

“Nobody knows how good you are so nobody will fight with me.” (Awwww…). The almost gentle drift of the wind’s whisper made Zhuo Qing to believe she misheard it.

“You……..” ##, ##, ##, #.

The moist and plump lips was pursing up lightly, carrying a faint of smiling expression, the night wind blew both of their sleeves as if they were in a tangle together. The faint midstream of the ambiguous smell made Zhuo Qing unable to say any sentence for a long time.

“Go to sleep, ok, you have me for everything.” The gentle low chant echoed once again, Zhuo Qing could only see that beautiful face approached slowly, very very slowly, it was slow enough for her to react but she was unable to move and also did not want to move……… She thought that he would kiss her lips but he did not, he kissed the corner of her lip softly, gentle liked a feather that passed through, the warm of the breath was spraying on her face and her cheek. Zhuo Qing heard her own heartbeats that were thumping and palpitating, she knew it for the first time that this kind of soft kiss could already enough to make people’s heart like a rippling lake. 😍😍😍

Her mind was blank for a split second, she only felt that he let go of her hand softly, he still turned around to leave unhurriedly, Zhuo Qing recovered when she saw that silhouette disappeared in front of her eyes.

At the same time, she could not cry piteously… What were she doing after all.. It was not because of this one kiss, a kiss that was not even on her lips, she was blushing and her heart jumped like this ah………. Finally saying, this was all Lou Xi Yan’s mistake, she was caught off guard with this kiss, he abandoned saying anything and just left, boo hoo, boo hoo (crying).

Chapter 62: Qian Jing’s Past

Chapter 64: Who Was Lying

Sian’s notes:

1. This Shi 氏 is a calling for a married woman (sort of like a respectful calling), the translation said it’s a maiden name or clan name but I don’t think it’s totally correct as a maiden name means that Shi is her maiden name before she’s married but it’s not the case here. Any married woman can be called Shi after their husband’s last name. So in this case, her husband’s name is Yang, that’s why she’s called Yang Shi. When ZQ is married to LXY, she can be called Lou Shi.

2. That dog poop luck’s raw characters were 走狗屎运了-zou gou shi yun le). I’m not sure whether I’ll call this an idiom or slang. But the meaning of that words are that somebody that’s lucky enough to get someone or is able to work at a big corporation. For example in this case, since GY have LXY a 99 mark which is almost a perfect point, ZQ is so lucky to find this man for her. Another example is when, say that you just graduate from a small college but yet you can get a job in a big & prestige company so you have a really good luck. As for why it’s associated with dog poop, I have no idea. That’s the best explanation I can give you…

Ok, the words father that Qian Lu (the author) was using varies from 爹-die, 老爸-laoba, 父亲-fuqin. I think fuqin is the most formal appellation, while laoba is the least formal one.

Wow, I didn’t expect our foxy PM would steal a soft kiss… Squealing… I got goose bumps translating this. Awwww, LXY, I have to put him in the highest pedestal as the best of my favorite male character in C-novels. 😍😍😍 Sigh, where can I find a guy who acts like this charming fox???!!!



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    • I know right!!! That gentle peck just did it for me. My heart was palpitating while I was translating it & kept saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh… I didn’t see it coming… My 6 yo looked at me like I was crazy 😜

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  12. Why do i feel LXY’s father is involved in missing golg case. Or is it too far fetched? It’s just that the timing of his sudden return is a bit too coincidental.

    It was also mentioned he intentionally eanted to guard the western borders, maybe to smuggle the gold.

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