Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 60: Zhuo Qing’s Suspicions

Ch 59 was still the longest, I think. This was only 7.5 pages vs 8 pages for ch 59. 😜 My bad, this chapter actually beat ch 59 with almost 4,080 words. Crazy…

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Not knowing what tricks that Yan Hong Tian wanted to play, Zhuo Qing told herself to be calmed and observe his change, to be calmed and observe his change!!

Her shoulder that was held by him looked as if it was gentle, in fact he was using a fixed forced that made people unable to move a single step, Zhuo Qing could only hold her head to the side.

Unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian was not a good person to deal with, pinching Zhuo Qing’s chin to make her head turn over. Yan Hong Tian lightly sticked his lips to her ear, a muffled man’s voice and burning hot breath echoed softly: “Why do I see that you are so nervous, are you afraid?”

What did he believe he was doing?! When he was happy, he wanted to be with you, but when he was not happy, he wanted your life! Zhuo Qing ignored the burning hot sensation on her ear, coldly answered: “My neck was weak.”

Still holding a grudge ah! Sensing Zhuo Qing’s anger, Yan Hong Tian laughed heartily instead and said: “Be at ease, I am still not willing to want your little head now.” Because you had a new function.

He was still not willing now? The idea that he was saying that his mood was not good on that day so he wanted the other person’s life!! It was good if he did not say it, this answer made Zhuo Qing who grew up under the rule of society law was even angrier, coldly snorted and said: “Then, I still have to really thank you lo! Excuse me, I must leave.”

Regardless of how tight his grabbing on her, Zhuo Qing determined to struggle free from his hand. Yan Hong Tian did not force her either, he allowed her to go, but he laughed towards her back and said: “Zhen came wanting to let you know about one good news.”

Zhuo Qing remained unmoved and continued to move forwards, Yan Hong Tian did not block her path either: “I had already investigated and found out that everything was because of Hao Yue’s officials’ negligence. They caused you to have amnesia and delivered you all to the wrong places. You and I can forget and not bear any recrimination, as far as Qing Feng………”

Yan Hong Tian deliberately halted his speech, Zhuo Qing’s footsteps stopped after she heard Qing Feng’s name. Turning around to look towards the face of a complacent man, Zhuo Qing groaned and said: “What do you want?”

Yan Hong Tian was fixing his eyes on her but not willing to say any word.

Darn man!! Zhuo Qing was cursing while walking to his side, looking at her giving in obediently, Yan Hong Tian’s mood was joyful, smily said: “Be at ease, I will give an order to release her, she will be bestowed a title as____ Imperial concubine Qing today. How is that?” (See below).

She did not know how high rank was the Imperial concubine ‘pin’ title in the harem, as long as Qing Feng did not have to worry about her life, she would be at ease, she consciously nodded her head. Yan Hong Tian suddenly took out one block of a slightly larger than half of the palm, a little golden token from his sleeve, handed it over to Zhuo Qing.

Zhuo Qing was somewhat hesitating but she still accepted it, one side of the token was engraved by the instruction words, the other side was engraved by a pair of dragons. The middle of the dragons had an impressive three dimensional Yan’s word, fiddling with it for a moment, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is this?”

“I bestow you this token, if you have this, you can enter the palace at any time.”

When Yan Hong Tian took out the token, Jing Sa’s eyes flashed through a touch of different color, Gao Jin breathed a mouthful of cold air, but Zhuo Qing concentratedly put the stuff on her hand and did not pay too much attention.

Listening to Yan Hong Tian’s explanation, Zhuo Qing merely made an “Oh” sound. She would basically not enter the palace after all, in theory, this Imperial token was basically useless for her.

How many people would seek but could not get the token that he bestowed to her, the supreme and glory of the Imperial token, she unexpectedly had this facial expression?! Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was dark: “You seems to be not happy!”

What did he want her to think? Feeling overwhelmed and weeping by his favor or falling down on the ground to wish him and shout thank you for the Imperial favor, or else giving him a shameless face?! Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing had never used to kneel and bow down to the western style underpants, so taking the Imperial token and hanging the rope conveniently on her wrist, she raised her head and put a trace of smiling expression, Zhuo Qing answered: “Thank you.” She asked one question that she was concerned about at the moment: “Do I have the freedom to enter and exit the Prime Minister’s manor?”

“Of course, you can.” Approaching Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian mutteringly said: “Where do you want to go, Zhen is willing to accompany you.”

I was not willing!

Even though Zhuo Qing wished that she could go out immediately but looking at Yan Hong Tian’s overflowing mood, she hurriedly answered: “I did not want to go anywhere, only casually asked.”

“But if Zhen wants to go to a place, you can accompany Zhen.” Simply not Zhuo Qing’s desire, Yan Hong Tian was holding her hand, then walked over towards the outside door.

The hand that was held tightly and dragged by Yan Hong Tian, Zhuo Qing could only shouted: “Hold on, hold on!”

Yan Hong Tian finally stopped his footsteps, his serene and calm eyes were gazing at her.

No matter where he wanted to take her, Zhuo Qing did not have any interest, but it would bring her own bad luck if she provoked him. Lightly lifting up both of their hands that were holding together, Zhuo Qing deliberately bowed her head to take a look at her own simple and tasteless green cheong sam (long skirt), mockingly said: “This.. I have to freshen up and make myself presentable, I have to trouble you to let go of my hand first.”

She might be able to drag this for a period of time, right! Zhuo Qing’s heart cried piteously_____ Lou Xi Yan! How could you still not return ah ah………. (😂😂😂) The eagle eyes slightly narrowed, glancing at Zhuo Qing up and down, Yan Hong Tian not only not letting go of his hand, but actually he was holding her palm tighter, laughed heartily and said: “Zhen is very happy that you care so much at Zhen’s foresight that you want to please with your own appearance, however, it is not needed because Zhen feels that you are very beautiful like this at the moment.” Green color really suited her and also her name compelled the ingenuousness of people.

The only feeling that she had at this moment was her desire to weep but she had no tears, she was almost dragged to walk all the way out of the manor. Zhuo Qing turned around to look one glance at the silent Jing Sa, he was trying to open his mouth but still closed it at the end. Jing Sa was unable to save her, should she shout for Lou Xi Yan Yan? Still wanting to make him in a confrontation with Yan Hong Tian because of her once again, Zhuo Qing hesitated.

While she was hesitating for a moment, she was already pulled by Yan Hong Tian to the outside of the Prime Minister’s manor.

Gao Jin had already prepared a chariot ahead of time, respectfully said: “The Emperor, the chariot is already prepared.”

Yan Hong Tian swept a glance at the back of the spacious and luxurious chariot, but he did not enter it and just passed by it, he rather walked to the front side of the caravan to fancy one pure black fine horse. Agilely turning over, Yan Hong Tian already got on the horse, extended towards Zhuo Qing’s hand and said: “Come up.” (Deng it, where’s LXY??? 😂😂😂).

Zhuo Qing was startled, she had never ridden a horse!! Moreover, she also did not want to cram on the horseback with Yan Hong Tian like that!

“I do not……. ###.”

One fierce strength lifted her up, the strength was big that it could snap her hand off, Zhuo Qing had no choice in order not to completely handicapped her hand. She could only follow this strength and spread her legs to sit on the horseback.

This man really did not know anything about having any tender feeling with a woman!! Zhuo Qing was kneading her arm while she was cursing, only heard a sound by the side of her ear: “Sit properly.” She was on the horse and it felt like an arrow was flying from a bow string!

The fine horse was running wildly for the whole journey, the speed was quick, Zhuo Qing almost could not open her eyes. Yan Hong Tian’s hand was encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist tightly, his scorching palm was sticking close to her abdomen. Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing basically did not have any mood to feel this kind of perception of ambiguous attitude to give her a shock heart, she used her entire energy to balance her body as to not making her fall down from the horseback.

The severe jolt made her want to vomit, it appeared that they had gone for a long time, Zhuo Qing felt pain in her waist. Yan Hong Tian grasped firmly on the rein, urgently braked, the horse stopped in a second. Zhuo Qing breathed deeply several times and opened her eyes slowly.

Seeing clearly the scene before her eyes, Zhuo Qing breathed a mouthful of cold air.

Extremely quick and wildly running made the sturdy fine horse gasped for breath of puff air, suddenly and urgently stopping made it agitated incessantly to trample on the four hoofs. And ahead of it was________ ##.

The side of the stones cliff as the horse’s hooves was urgently stepping on, tumbling down from time to time, one could hear a drop of pattering sound of stones that echoed with a weaken sound. However, one was not able to hear the sound that fell to the ground all along, it could be seen clearly how deep this overhanging cliff was. Zhuo Qing’s heart was eager and anxious, the speed was so quick a moment ago, if the horse was unable to stop slightly, in that case, she and him already died horribly, she experienced this man’s arrogance one more time or_____ fearless of dying!!

Zhuo Qing was still afraid, but a calm and composed man who was behind her, asked: “Do you like it?”

Zhuo Qing recovered, followed his line of sight to look towards the distant place, she started to admire the scene before her eyes again. The steep cliff was as far as the eyes could see, ahead was the verdant and lush peaks of the green jade mountain range, even though the sun was already set in the west, there was still lingering clouds and mist. The afterglow of the setting sun was still as powerful as the red clouds that invaded the clouds and mist, the green plants filled the eyes, the horizon appeared to be influenced by the same lingering from the clouds and mist and looked like a countless of fiery dragons that were playing with the green jade mountain like appearance. The scene before her eyes was aggressive, boundless and yet did not lose the charming and gentle scenery!

The cool breeze was blowing, the current beautiful scenery, it appeared to place oneself on the outside of the painting, also appeared to be trapped among them, it was really a beautiful experience for oneself, Zhuo Qing had never experienced this feeling. Nodding her head, Zhuo Qing’s sincerely praised and said: “En, it is very beautiful.”

Becoming aware that the person who was behind her lightly jumped, Yan Hong Tian settled to stand by the side of the cliff afterwards. He stretched his hand, Zhuo Qing could not have any argument this time, hurriedly grabbed his palm to conveniently come down from the horse.

Taking a deep breath, sure enough, he could still realistically give her even more sense of security.

Zhuo Qing wanted to retake her hand, but Yan Hong Tian did not agree to let go, his domineering’s eyes swept across the horizon, slightly raised his voice to her ear with a clear sound: “As long as you like it, the thing in this whole world, no matter if it is a treasure and distinguish beast, or many evening stars on the cloud, Zhen can make all of them belong to you.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, the man who was beside her approached people aggressively, the perfect shot from the side as if a carved stone with the distinct edge and corner. Not too far away, three rows of strong Imperial bodyguard squadrons guarded against them who were in the middle, the heaven and earth seemed to respond during his bold and visionary words. He was the King of Qiong Yue, the master of the whole world, standing at this highest level, his domineering way might be justified. Zhuo Qing had to admit that he was really attractive at this moment.

But……. ###.

Zhuo Qing was an absolute materialist, lightly shook her head, she could not help to smile and say: “Was your arrogance born within you?”

The woman who was beside him had a disapproving face, Yan Hong Tian’s eagle eyes slightly narrowed, coldly snorted and said: “Do you not believe me?”

Here we go again, he was liked a time bomb that could detonate whenever and at any time, Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder, perfunctorily answered: “I believe you.”

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes that were dark at first, suddenly caught a trace of smiling expression, she basically did not believe. Even though she was perfunctory, she would not be stingy to change and appear like this direct. She really was not afraid of him one bit, this discovery made Yan Hong Tian feel very interesting.

Whirling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Yan Hong Tian smily said: “The first time that Zhen saw you, it was also the time when the sun set in the west like this, a small rabbit sustained an injury on the roadside and it caught your attention. You were so timid but kindhearted at that time, made Zhen unable to imagine that you could still cut open a corpse at the main hall, at that time, you were so……… Yan Hong Tian had a smile on his face and was looking at her, did not continue to speak, Zhuo Qing unconcernedly continued to say: “Cold blooded?” He always emphasized that Qing Ling was so kindhearted, then, in other words, she was very cruel to do dissection.

It was not like there was nobody who had said that she was a woman and also a forensic investigator, it would make people think that she was cold blooded. Unfortunately, she always took exception to it because she always firmly knew what she was doing. Exerting herself to pull back her own hand, Zhuo Qing’s cold voice answered: “I am sorry, I forgot what kind of person I was before.” She was not Qing Ling.

His little beauty was angry, just before Zhuo Qing had enough time to resist, Yan Hong Tian already encircled her to his bosom. Both of the tip of their noses were sticking tightly, each other’s breaths seemed to blend together, Zhuo Qing wanted to retreat but the hand that was on her waist was even more tightening up: “It does not matter, Zhen will surely make you fall in love with Zhen again.”

The muffled voice was not loud and clear, the strength on her waist, nevertheless, reminded Zhuo Qing clearly about this man’s determination. Zhuo Qing held her breath, did not dare to move once because she was afraid that her breathing would exert a little bit of strength, then their lips would touch together!

Just when she did not know what to do, there was a rushing horse’s hoof sounds came from a distance to come nearer, Zhuo Qing hurriedly raised her eyes to see, she could finally see that meager silhouette. (Yay!! About time 😍😍).

Lou Xi Yan’s appearance made Zhuo Qing’s heart indescribably settle a little, her relaxing mood made her to ignore Yan Hong Tian’s corner of mouth that had a trace of profound smiling expression.

Yan Hong Tian was looking at that envious silhouette who came around and chuckled, he came very quickly!

Yan Hong Tian slightly raised his hand, the Calvary immediately let that one person to come into the gap of the entrance, Lou Xi Yan urged the horse to enter the open gap.

Stopping in front of Yan Hong Tian, Lou Xi Yan dismounted gracefully, his gaze had already swept through Yan Hong Tian’s hand that was still not letting go of Zhuo Qing’s waist. Lou Xi Yan’s face did not change, lowly narrated: “Chen, pays respect to The Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian’s good mood secretly mocked and said: “Xi Yan also came, really coincidental.”

Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled, calmly answered: “Chen was worry for the Emperor’s safety.”

“Really?” Worry for his safety?! Yan Hong Tian narrowed his eyes, besides Lou Xi Yan, he could only see Mo Bai who was not too distance. Obviously rushing over hurriedly after he received the news, but he still said shamelessly that he was worry for him.

Ck, ck, Xi Yan really set his heart on this small thing! Interesting, this game would be fun!

Pressing close to Zhuo Qing again, he whispered on her ear and said: “Take a good care of your Imperial token.”

Finished speaking, Yan Hong Tian let go of the hand that was encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist, put his hands on his back, a clear sound smiled and said: “It is already late, return to the palace.” Yan Hong Tian straddled on the horse and it ran quickly, did not look one glance at Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan again. Zhuo Qing, however, was watching at the back figure that was in a far distance, did not move away for a very long time.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of annoyance, but it was actually concealed excellently, faintly asked: “What are you thinking?”

“I have this kind of strange feeling.” Zhuo Qing had not regained her line of sight either.

“What kind of feeling?” How was it possible that she already had feeling so quickly for Yan Hong Tian?! Lou Xi Yan’s face looked the same as usual, but his own heart had this kind of strange feeling.

Zhuo Qing shook her head, smily said: “I do not know how to say it.”

Looking at Yan Hong Tian’s back, she suddenly had this type of strange feeling, if Yan Hong Tian really liked Qing Ling so much, why did he not take the person to enter the Imperial palace immediately, and still wanted to let her live together with this one subject? If he did not like her, why did he want to spend time to dally with her?! And he still gave this thing?! Recalling Yan Hong Tian’s words before he left, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her hand, the gold token was suddenly shown on her hand and asked: “Is this thing very useful?”

Seeing clearly the thing on her hand, Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, he unexpectedly gave the Imperial token to her!! What did Hong Tian want after all?!

Detecting Zhuo Qing’s probing expression, Lou Xi Yan faintly answered: “This is the Emperor’s special Imperial token, if you have this Imperial token, you can enter the palace at any time, you will not be subjected to the palace’s restriction. All levels of the officials who see the Imperial token will also have to show courtesy to some degree to you. As far as I know, Qiong Yue only has a total of six Imperial tokens like this currently.”

“So, it is actually like that.” How precious? No wonder that Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through an amazement just now.

Fine, I would take a good care of this first, maybe it would be usable later.

Taking the Imperial token into her waist pocket, Zhuo Qing suddenly thought of Qian Jing, raised her head and asked: “Can you let Mo Bai to send me to Criminal Prison Division’s office? The General manor’s person was killed and the suspect who committed the crime was Qian Jing. I want to see the corpse as quickly as possible.”

Qian Jing……….

Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment and recalled this person, he had saved her. Lou Xi Yan did not say anything and pulled the reins, he answered: “I will accompany you.”

“You are very tired today, it is ok if you just let Mo Bai to send me there.”

“It does not matter.” Lou Xi Yan already straddled on the horse, then stretched his hand towards her.

Riding a horse again~~ Thinking that her stomach had that churning feeling a moment ago, Zhuo Qing unconsciously frowned but she did not say anything. Grasping Lou Xi Yan’s hand to leverage strength to get on the horseback.

Her body was stiffed to maintain the balance, Zhuo Qing took a deep breath to prepare to meet a challenge well!

Lou Xi Yan was looking at the tensed body of the female who was in front of him, and could not help to break into laughter. Leaning his body forward, Lou Xi Yan lightly kicked the horse’s abdomen, the white horse was running slowly.

The horse’s speed was not quick at all, Lou Xi Yan’s two hands were holding on the reins, half encircling her on his bosom, Zhuo Qing’s tensed heart was slowly letting go in the end. Looking at her relaxing in the end, Lou Xi Yan’s speed was somewhat accelerated, the horse was somewhat bumpy. Behind Lou Xi Yan’s warm embrace, Zhuo Qing’s body was tensed one more time. Lou Xi Yan used his free hand helplessly to embrace her waist lightly, helped her to settle down on his bosom, and concentrated on riding the horse.

Leaning comfortably and lightly on Lou Xi Yan’s bosom, Zhuo Qing conceded that riding a horse did not seem to be a bad matter, but her clear’s heartbeat sounded from the sleeveless garment to come through. She felt her own heartbeat was chasing along with his speed, kept accelerating.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes stroke across a touch of extraordinary splendor, the corner of his mouth was unconsciously perked up.

Following them closely, Mo Bai discovered that the Master’s horse seemed to go slower and slower, he was afraid that they would not arrive at the Criminal Prison Division’s office until dusk, ok.

Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun

Chapter 61: The Throwing Knife’s Mystery

Sian’s notes:
I think there are different levels for these women that live in the back palace/harem (后宫-hougong). I can’t remember them all but the title that YHT is using is a 嫔-pin, which is translated as Imperial concubine. I think this title is kind of in the middle level. There’s a 妃-fei which is higher than a pin. Anyway… Just a little something about this level of concubines.

I’m also kind of confused when YHT gave the imperial token to ZQ. I thought YHT gave the imperial token to QF so QF could give it to ZQ. Hmmmm??? But why would he give the token directly to ZQ or QL in this chapter? Also the timing seemed to be off or way too early also. I thought the token was given to QF after a lot of things had already happened between these two people and not right away after YHT found out about the mixed up. Oh well…. 🤔🤔

Lastly, Mo Bai, be quiet. I’ll be willing to accompany you riding a horse. Hehehe…


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    Still, I really wish ZQ had pressed the point to YHT that he can’t make her fall in love with him “again” if there was never a first time. She doesn’t remember him nor does she remember the woman he loved… but if the original Qing Ling DID love him, why does her face have that scar on it? If she did love him, why did she try to escape his clutches through death? There is no way she loved him!
    I KNOW that he is quite easily the center of the universe on this continent. It also seems like women are falling at his feet and going to extreme lengths for his favor in the Palace, so the idea that he isn’t literally the most desirable partner in the world is probably a very foreign concept. Even ZQ admitted that him on the cliff at sunset with the full display of “I own EVERYTHING and can give it to you” was pretty attractive. Still, I hope that his experiences with both the past and current Qing Ling will make the emperor realize that not all women have hearts that can be bought with power. Honestly, I really hope that some kind of spark of that realization will cause him to really treasure the relationship eventually builds with QF.

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    • Yeah, it’s the thrill of competition that makes him so excited. Honestly, he might have liked the real QL 3 years ago but I wonder if it was even more like a game got him as being an emperor (as you have said), pretty much every woman wants to get his favor so he will never ‘gets’ it if one woman from a small country doesn’t actually care about it. I like your long analysis. And I think YHT will eventually treasure QF in the end. 😍


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    *mild spoiler/rant*
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