Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun

Hands down!!! This is the longest chapter!!! I keep breaking the record of the longest chapter in this novel. Hehehe… Almost 3,900 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.Β So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Looking at the shining silver needle on the table and taking a look at the delicate woman who seemed too easy to be broken with a touch in front of her eyes again, Zhuo Qing was anxious, what should she do next?!

Holding the silver needle on her hand, Zhuo Qing said softly by the woman’s ear: “Yun, if you are still not waking up, I will certainly push down this needle!”

She already called Gu Yun’s original name, if she was Gu Yun, she should wake up. Watching attentively at the tiny woman who was still motionless on the bed, Zhuo Qing was somewhat disappointed, was she really not Gu Yun? The hand that was holding the silver needle hesitated for a moment, Zhuo Qing still advanced to prick Qing Mo’s arm.

Just before the long needle almost pricked the arm, Zhuo Qing’s wrist was grabbed by a slender hand, the woman who was on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, leaned half against the bed curtain and glared at Zhuo Qing, she lowly scolded: “You really want to prick ah!”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows and answered: “What do you think?!” She was finally willing to wake up!

Before her eyes was the woman’s extremely long hair that reached her waist, snow white skin color, and cute face. The two scars seemed especially unattractive, even Zhuo Qing saw the scars on this woman this much and felt a pity. Her round eyes looked like small rabbits’ eyes but the midstream of that expression was sharp and firm with radiance, they made Zhuo Qing’s heart to relax. That was indeed Gu Yun’s right expression but this face…… Heaven ah, it was really too adorable…..

“Yun, is it really you?” Zhuo Qing still could not help wanting to be certain.

The woman excitedly shrugged her shoulder, indifferently smiled and said: “I do not mind to take a big test!” She, herself, was surprised about this face when she had just woken up.

Propping her chin, the woman was sizing Zhuo Qing up and down, with craftiness on her face, she laughed and said: “Let me think, the most favorite drink that you like is Hawaiian kona, the most favorite cake is tiramisu, the most favorite thing to do is dissecting corpses, the most favorite game to play is the game of zombies, measurements are 34–24–36…….

“Stop! That is enough!” Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, she was 100% sure that the person who was in front of her was that darn woman! No matter how many sweet outer appearances she had, the temperament was the kind that was not adorable at all!!

“Do you believe it now?” Gu Yun looked like she had not yet finished talking.

“I believe it!” Zhuo Qing gnashed her teeth, why did she not prick several needles ferociously a moment ago!! Regretted it ah……….

“I am starving, do you have any food?” Gu Yun turned around and got up, her movement was flexible, she did not look like she had not eaten anything for two days and two nights. Zhuo Qing could not refrain from laughing: “You were really ‘sleeping’ for two days and two nights?”

“I estimated to sleep for three days, I had never thought that they would bring me here after only two days.” This youngster, Su Yu, had usually irreconcilable differences between the two of them. Who would have thought that during the crucial moment, he still brought her here.

Walking to the outside screen and taking a few cakes from the table. Zhuo Qing stuffed them into Gu Yun’s hand, shook her head and said: “You can really endure.”

Taking the cakes, Gu Yun was just eating them, indifferently answered: “Not bad, before the time that we ambushed the drug dealer, I did not die when I did not eat nor drink anything for three days and three nights, sleeping for two days was a piece of cake.” Fortunately, those physicians were not like Qing who did not have any humanity and wanted to use pincushion!

Both hands were still on her chest, half leaning against the screen, Zhuo Qing admiringly smiled and said: “According to your talent, is leaving the General’s manor difficult? Why do you still at the General’s manor up until now? Or you are actually enchanted by the icy arrogant’s General Su?” She could not help to say that Su Ling was indeed a very attractive man, Yun liked him was not strange either.

Clearly glancing at her, Gu Yun unbearably and lowly shouted: “after I arrived at the General’s manor, I only saw him twice altogether, ok?!”

Zhuo Qing was looking at this adorable face that was exploding at the moment, could not help to continue to tease her: “That is so called love at first sight, meeting only once is enough!”

She bit him the first time, both of them were trying to kill each other the second time, if this could be called as love at first sight, then it was indeed sparkle all around! Gu Yun drooped her head to focus on eating, Zhuo Qing suddenly stepped forward one step, lifted up her chin, with an evil smile on her face, she asked: “Honestly speaking, you have or have not……….” Not letting her to finish, the intention already finished, Gu Yun stared blankly to recall the first time she met with Su Ling, her complexion flashed a trace of blushing, firmly slapped Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun scolded and said: “I have not! You, this woman whose brain is filled with yellow (pornographic) thought.”

“I have yellow thought?” Zhuo Qing could not ignore her face that looked unnatural, faintly smiled and snorted: “I have not seemed to say anything yet, is this or is this not the legend about confessing without being pressed?”

“Zhuo Qing____”

Zhuo Qing could hear the sound of someone’s grinding her teeth, hurriedly exchanged the subject: “I am very curious, the General’s manor really does not have any woman.”

Gu Yun impatiently answered: “Indeed, there is none, even the mosquitos are all males!”

Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “I have not seen you for only two months, you have a lot of humors!”
Gu Yun casted one glance at her, sneeringly said: “I see that you like to gossip!” How come she had not discovered this characteristic before!

Zhuo Qing did not get angry either, excitedly raised her shoulder, smily said: “There is nothing to do, it is boring.”

Boring? What kind of crafty answer was this. Not bothering with her, Gu Yun got up to find water to drink, her bare feet were stepping on the long feather carpet, Gu Yun walked to the round table to get a cup of water for herself. Suddenly, there was a sound of a hard to constrain laughter from behind her, Gu Yun turned her head around, only saw Zhuo Qing who was bracing on the wall, with convulsed laughter, she said: “You said that my 163 cm height was a dwarf during that time. May I ask, if your 158 cm height is called a midget now?!

The heaven really had eyes ah~~!!”

Gu Yun’s face was black, coldly said: “One minute.”

Looking at her own petite woman’s shoulder, looked thin like a bean sprout, Zhuo Qing laughed more ridiculously, reversal of the wheel of fortune. Yun was always proud of her own 175 cm height and also suffered a beaten for a moment!

Gu Yun’s face was more and more black, getting close to one minute time, Zhuo Qing finally restrained from laughing, if Yun really got angry, it was not fun anymore.

Gu Yun coldly snorted: “Did you laugh enough?!”

Zhuo Qing could only nod, otherwise she was afraid that she could not help to laugh out loud again.

Staring at the corner of mouth of that woman who was twitching, Gu Yun was somewhat helpless and saying: “Our time together is limited, do you still want to continue on this trivial nonsense or discuss properly on what to do next?”

Zhuo Qing pressed down his smiling expression, finally seriously answered: “You speak now, I will hear it.”

“Actually the reason why I have not left the General’s manor immediately is because of two reasons. First, you have already seen it, this body is actually very weak, I need time to make her strong and flexible. Second, I have discovered this at the General’s manor.” Finished talking, Gu Yun took out a piece of white paper from her waist and opened it on the table.

Zhuo Qing moved closer to look, before her eyes was a bright paper: “This….. looked like our unfathomable mystery bagua plate that we saw before we came here?” The diagram of the bagua plate, every detailed line was extremely alike, they felt newer than the last time they saw that one.

“Correct, I guess that we can return to this place, it is most likely because of it. If we want to go back, we will still have to depend on its ability.”

Zhuo Qing muttered to herself and said: “It is a collection at the General’s manor?”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “I only saw the portrait of this diagram at the General’s manor. It is said that this is Su Ling family clan’s emblem, where is the collection at, only the Su family’s eldest son, Su Ling and the old clan’s elder know. I still remain at the General’s manor at the present time because of this.”

“Is there any clue?”

“No.” Even Su Yu, Su Ren were not clear, it was estimated that she could only start from Su Ling to find the place. Gu Yun sighed and said: “I heard that Qing Feng was at the Palace banquet doing autopsy, I guessed that it was surely you, therefore, I pretended to faint to see you. I had passed these days like this, how about you? How is the situation?”

Zhuo Qing’s appearance was very gloomy, faintly answered: “The situation is complicated……”

Gu Yun was somewhat startled, what matter could cause the always capable forensic investigator to be completely gloomy like this?!

“This body of mine is not Qing Feng at the moment, rather it is the Qing family’s elder sister, Qing Ling. Because Qing Feng and Qing Ling’s looks are very similar so the officials have delivered the wrong people. Qing Ling originally, should belong to Qiong Yue’s Emperor, Yan Hong Tian, moreover, it seemed that Yan Hong Tian and Qing Ling had friendly relations in the past. Yan Hong Tian is an extremely arrogant and blood thirsty man, he believes that Qing Ling is deliberately plan to impersonate Qing Feng. He almost choked me to death, so I had no choice but to pretend to have amnesia~”

“Amnesia?” Gu Yun broke into laughter: “Good idea.”

“Since we started it, we must carry it through whatever happened, I lied to him by saying that I was already Lou Xi Yan’s woman, who would have thought that Lou Xi Yan did not expose me.”

Gu Yun blinked, colorfully asked: “Did you really lie to him?”

Zhuo Qing’s sharp eyes flew over, Gu Yun mockingly said: “Fine, please continue.”

“Finally, Yan Hong Tian said that he wanted to investigate this matter thoroughly. Under Lou Xi Yan’s protection, I am able to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor but is forbidden to go out. Unfortunately, Qing Feng was sent to enter the Imperial prison.” With regards to Qing Feng, that stubborn person who made people feel sorry for that woman, Zhuo Qing was always unable to let go.

Having never met Qing Feng, Gu Yun actually did not pay attention, but she was worried about Zhuo Qing, nothing more: “In other words, Lou Xi Yan and Yan Hong Tian are vying for you now?”

Zhuo Qing sighed: “Precisely speaking, they are vying for Qing Ling.”

“Yan Hong Tian is vying for whom, I do not dare to be certain. Lou Xi Yan has not seen Qing Ling in the past, he is vying absolutely for you. This situation at the moment, it is best that you stay by Lou Xi Yan’s side, he is the only one who can protect you.” This time that she was staying at the General’s manor, she understood a little bit about this ancient era. Even though she unexpectedly admitted that within these six countries, if Yan Hong Tian wanted a thing, it would really be rare that he could not obtain it.”

“It can only be like this.” Zhuo Qing was clearly understood at this point.

Looking at her somewhat dejected manner, Gu Yun lowly smiled and said: “Did you not say it was boring, you could still do other things conveniently.”

Zhuo Qing could not even forced a smile: “What do you want to talk rubbish about.”

“I do not want to say any rubbish ah, I only think that Xi Yan is really not bad.” She heard inside the Hua Ting pavilion a moment ago but it was not very clear!

This woman would still hold a grudge!! Deciding not to be at odds with her big talk and thinking about Qian Jing’s matter, Zhuo Qing seriously said: “I want to ask for your help about one matter.”

Gu Yun refreshingly answered: “Say it.”

“The guard at the Lieutenant General at the General’s manor was killed by a man named Qian Jing. I am also not clear on the specific of the situation, I will look for an opportunity to do the autopsy. I hope that you can help me investigate this whether or not he is the real murderer in this matter.” Gu Yun’s investigation case, the logic was clear, the thoughts were meticulous, examination was fine and detailed, she had more confidence in her ability to handle the case.

“I pretended to pass out for two days so did not know what matter had happened.” With an astute eyes that were sweeping Zhuo Qing’s rather worried face, Gu Yun asked: “Why do you want to help him?” Qing’s manner did not look like it was just an ordinary case.

Yun still had the same sharp mind, Zhuo Qing did not plan on hiding it either, she answered: “He has already saved my life twice, I owe him a favor. Moreover, I can not say that I’m helping him now either, if he is guilty, I have nothing to say. But if he is not guilty, you do not wish for one innocent life to die in a tragic circumstance either, right?” She simply could not let any miscarriage of justice arose on her hand, this was not only her own standard, but also Yun’s standard. She believed that Yun would agree to her request.

Sure enough, Gu Yun nodded her head and answered: “I got it.”

Jing Sa’s muffled voice echoed from the outside of the door: “Miss Qing, the Imperial physician has arrived.”

Zhuo Qing frowned, a deep sound answered: “I am right in the middle of the needle treatment, do not come in to disturb me.”

Through the window paper, Zhuo Qing could faintly see that Su Yu was still outside the courtyard waiting. Two people looked one glance at each other, Zhuo Qing said: “I see that Su Yu will not let you remain here, wait until I go out to explain that you have already woken up but you must do acupuncture every week. Otherwise, the injury will be life threatening, this way we can exchange information every week. It is best that we do not act blindly without thinking comparatively at this present situation.”

“Good.” Gu Yun also thought that it was the best like this, even if they both escaped now, it would be useless, they would be caught again very quickly.

“Take care of yourselves.”

“I will, you also take care of yourselves.”

Both people’s mutual understanding was smiling at each other, only faintly and mutually saying to be careful, did not say anything again.

Gu Yun put the cup that she was using back to the original place properly, her hand moved the empty plate and placed it inside the partition underneath the round table, then she used the table cloth to cover it up properly.

Looking at Gu Yun was getting busy, afterwards, she returned to the bed rapidly to lie down. Zhuo Qing lowly laughed, Yun was indeed cautious comparatively.

Gu Yun gave her an ok gesture, Zhuo Qing walked and opened the door.

“How was it?” Zhuo Qing just walked out of the door now, Su Yu already strode forward to come over, his whole face was anxious. Zhuo Qing’s expression slightly flashed, this did not look like an attitude between a brother in law’s treatment towards an older sister in law!

Covering up her radiant eyes, Zhuo Qing answered: “She has already awaken but her body is still relatively weak. She must have an acupuncture every seven days, after the next ten treatments, it should not recur during the year.”

Su Yu urgently said: “What kind of illness does she have after all?” Seeking several good physicians could not make her wake up.

What kind of illness? Zhuo Qing said without thinking it through: “Congenital interstitial cell of cajal hyperplasia with neuronal intestinal dysphasia.” See 1 below.

What…. What…. What…? Su Yu did not even understand one word that he had listened, turned his head to look towards the Imperial physicians on the side and asked: “What is this?”

“Eh….. this…… this old subject……”

The sweat on his forehead came out quickly.

Gu Yun who was laying down pretending to be weak almost spurted laugh, suddenly turned over to roll her eyes, she could still break it off!

The Imperial physician was stammering and could not say the reason why for a long time, Su Yu impatiently looked towards Zhuo Qing and said: “Forget about it, I will send her back here after seven days.” As long as the treatment was good. Finished speaking, Su Yu crossed over Zhuo Qing to go to the inside of the room, soon, the four member of the soldiers carried Gu Yun once again.

Separating the light muslin, two people’s eyes met, passed on an expression to take care of each other, then moved away respectively.

Su Yu walked to Jing Sa’s side, cupped his hands and said: “Head housekeeper Jing, I take my leave.”

“Please, General Su.” Jing Sa followed Su Yu’s party to go out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Besides asking about Gu Yun’s condition, Su Yu only looked one glance at Zhuo Qing from start to finish. After that she was considered as a nobody, the corner of Zhuo Qing’s mouth lightly raised, it appeared that the General manor people’s disregard of women had already reached to a certain degree. How did Gu Yun live among these group of men, really curious…….


Zhuo Qing turned her head around to look, the old Imperial physician was still in a daze and standing behind her, with sincere face, he asked for guidance: “Can this old official ask for guidance, that….. what… is… the abnormal illness?”

Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, lightly coughed and answered: “This…. is very complicated, you go back first, ok, it is already late.”

Zhuo Qing was unwilling to speak about the matter too much, the old Imperial physician did not ask again. Bowing to salute afterwards, he went out.

Stretching her body, Zhuo Qing’s mood was rather good, she finally saw Yun, her worry’s heart could finally be put down a little. In this different world, she felt that one person would move forward together with you, made people feel relieved by a lot.

Narrowing her eyes, the sunset was gradually leaving behind the red clouds on the whole sky, one bright day had already passed. Zhuo Qing was just preparing to go to Qian Ting pavilion to have a meal, she still had not taken any step, and just saw Jing Sa’s dark face coming over towards her. Zhuo Qing’s mind was immediately alarmed and she asked: “It can not be that there is somebody who is coming again, right?”

“The Emperor has arrived.” Jing Sa’s cold voice answered Zhuo Qing’s guessing heart, Zhuo Qing thought that she, herself, went crazy.

What good day was today after all……. still had not completely finished….. Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing asked: “where is Lou Xi Yan?”

“Master has not returned yet.”

Recalling Yan Hong Tian’s violent and impetuous’ manner on that evening, Zhuo Qing waved her hand and said: “Then, you just tell him that I am sick, almost dead, I can not meet him.”

“Who is sick, almost dead?” A muffled man’s voice had a trace of displeasure echoed at the gate of the Zhai Xing pavilion.

This voice…….. No need to see to know who the person who came.

Zhuo Qing felt as though her head could explode, Lou Xi Yan was not here, Yan Hong Tian had already heard her lying, this time she could only suffer.

“Pay respect to the Emperor.” Jing Sa stood sideways to salute, crossing over his shoulder, Zhuo Qing really saw that violent figure walked over towards her straightforwardly.

Being pragmatic, ok! Zhuo Qing was just about to salute, Yan Hong Tian’s big hands already gripped her arms, lightly supported her to get up, extremely natural and lightly seized her shoulder, lowly smiled, lightly roared and said: “Xiao Ling-er, Zhen (see 2 below) has not come to see you since I have been relatively busy this time, you are not allowed to be angry.”

His intonation was really gentle but the substance was still the same overbearing, Zhuo Qing was rigid all over, Mister…… It seemed that we….. we were not actually very familiar, ok?!

Yan Hong Tian could appear at this time, surely after observing the opportunity. Zhuo Qing had already prepared mentally that this could not be good, but Yan Hong Tian’s face was concentrated with serene and his eyes concentrated with doting on her. Zhuo Qing firmly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, started not knowing what to say….. Yan Hong Tian, this was….. so terrible??

Chapter 58: Accident

Chapter 60: Zhuo Qing’s Suspicions

Sian’s notes:
Ok, I thought Gu Yun was supposed to have low EQ, that was why it took her a looooonng time to realize that Su Ling liked her. I know, she was so stubborn too just like Su Ling. But she knew right away that LXY liked ZQ since he had not seen Qing Ling in the past. πŸ€”πŸ€”

1. ε…ˆε€©ζ€§ζ°ι–“θ³ͺη΄°θƒžε’žη”Ÿεˆδ½΅θ…Έι“η₯žηΆ“ε…ƒη™Όθ‚²η•°εΈΈ. The raw for the sickness that ZQ said was that words. Google translated it as Inter’s congenital intestinal stromal cell hyperplasia and neuronal dysplasia. When I put the whole Chinese raw on Google, there was a disease called Congenital interstitial cell of cajal hyperplasia with neuronal intestinal dysplasia. Anybody has a medical degree (I think Natalie should be familiar with the term πŸ˜ƒ)? Because I’m not going to attempt to explain what that disease is. πŸ€” If you’re curious, you can read it from here,

2. The actual raw was using ‘Lian’ word (联) & we couldn’t figure out what the word meant but we thought it seemed to be a third party calling & was similar as Zhen, but we were not sure what the difference between the two. Then we compared the Lian word with Zhen word (ζœ•), it turned out to be very similar so we were wondering if it was actually a typo. Chapter 60 used a lot of this Lian word also and we had decided to translate it as Zhen because this was how YHT addressed himself through out the previous chapters. Does anybody know if this Lian word can be used as another appellation for YHT? Maybe it’s a more informal way?


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      • No, ashachan7 meant LXY. LXY & YHT are “cousins” as YHT was adopted by the east ED which is LXY’s paternal aunt. So ashachan7 was talking about YHT was trying to steal ZQ from LXY (which is his “cousin” by adoption.

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    What kind of threat awaits ZQ?

    Note: Ok, Sian, since you asked, I will try to explain that illness. Congenital interstitial cell of cajal hyperplasia with neuronal intestinal dysplasia…Well, it is a rare congenital disease (since birth) which basically causes chronic constipation with soft stool. The child will require the surgical resection of the dilated colon and an ileostomy (an opening in the belly that’s made during surgery and the lowest part of the small intestine is brought through this opening). Since there is no movement of the colon (the neuronal cells of the intestine don’t work), it dilates and causes a life-threatening condition which requires that kind of surgery.

    Note 2: why is it that all (each and everyone) of the Imperial physicians suffers from the same ailment (profuse sweating of the forehead)?
    I mean, they are not doing a surgery…

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    • Thanks for the explanation on the disease, Natalie! And related to note 2, Hahahaha…. I think I read from another novel somewhere about how hard to actually be an imperial physician as his head is pretty much waiting to be chopped if something major happens so that’s why all these imperial physicians are always sweating & afraid that their heads will be chopped off. Hehehe… 😜


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