Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 58: Accident

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Zhuo Qing knitted her long eyebrows tightly, Dan Yu Lan was secretly observing her expression, muttering to himself for a short period of time, he asked: “Do you know him?”

Zhuo Qing looked towards Dan Yu Lan, lightly nodded, evasively answered: “I had met him twice, nothing more, I happened to see him playing with this kind of weapon at that time.” She did not lie, it was just that, Qian Jing happened to save her life in those two times. But she did not intend to let Dan Yu Lan know about these, after all, if she had too much relations with a suspect, it could make Dan Yu Lan questioned her professional judgement.

While observing the thin edge of blade in her hand, Zhuo Qing consciously pretended to ask: “I hear that he is a bounty hunter, is the deceased a court felon?” If it was a court felon, it was possible that he got killed when he was trying to escape and resist arrest. Acting as a bounty hunter, Qian Jing’s crime should not be too big.

Dan Yu Lan continuously was paying attention to Zhuo Qing’s expression, he faintly answered: “He was not, the deceased was a Lieutenant General who was responsible to protect the General’s manor.”

General’s manor? How come it was related to the General’s manor? This case might be complicated. If the General’s manor was unwilling to forgive this matter, even if Qian Jing really did not have any ulterior motive, it would also be difficult to escape from death.

Even more worried about Qian Jing’s circumstances after thinking about Dan Yu Lan’s words. It was impossible to guess, Zhuo Qing straightforwardly asked: “Can you tell me the details of the case?”

“I am sorry.”

As if she already expected it, Zhuo Qing evidently laughed and said: “It is ok, I understand. I want to take a look at the corpse.”

Dan Yu Lan actually did not oppose to her suggestion, only somewhat awkwardly said: “Do you want to go now? I am afraid that the corpse can not be preserved too much longer.” He had heard earlier that one of the Qing family’s sisters went into the Imperial prison, and one was forbidden to go out of the Prime Minister’s manor. He was very doubtful that she could go out of the manor.

Of course she could not go now, Zhuo Qing was somewhat gloomy, pondering for a moment, she asked: “How long did the matter happen, where was the corpse stored at now?”

“It happened yesterday night, the corpse was stored inside the icehouse. But the Imperial icehouse is not big so after the corpse’s examination is finished, it has to go into a coffin and uses lime to seal it up, it is stored at the cemetery.”

Storing it at the icehouse was not bad, she wanted to rush before the corpse was being moved out of the icehouse, but she had to go out first. Otherwise she could wait until it arrived at the cemetery to examine it, but many crucial evidences would already be vague. But how could she go out, asking Lou Xi Yan’s help now would make things difficult for him, right!

Zhuo Qing was in a dilemma when Jing Sa lofty’s voice appeared inside the pavilion again. Zhuo Qing raised her head, puzzlingly asked: “Is there another matter also?” If there was not any, he would absolutely not appear in front of her.

Without having any expression on his face, Jing Sa’s cold voice answered: “The people from the General’s manor came.”

“What?” The General’s manor? They were also looking for her? Zhuo Qing kind of had a mixed feeling suddenly, today was really lively ah….. Hearing the General’s manor, Dan Yu Lan’s eyes flashed but did not say anything, only silently stood on the side.

Cold eyes swept across Dan Yu Lan’s serene face, Jing Sa did not refrain from anything, immediately answered: “Miss Qing Mo fainted at the General’s manor. The Imperial physician has looked at her but she has not woken up for two days. She has said before that her illness is a perennial problem from her childhood. You are the only one who can cure her so the people from the General’s manor have brought her to the Prime Minister’s manor. They are waiting inside Hua Ting pavilion.”

Qing Mo? The rumor of the coward and timid’s third sister might be Gu Yun! Zhuo Qing’s heart was nervous without any reason.

Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and answered: “Madam is busy, you can hurry first, ok, this small official (xia guan) takes his leave.”

Dan Yu Lan was just about to go, Zhuo Qing suddenly said in a low voice: “You hold the corpse inside the icehouse first, I will think of a way to look at it once in the next few days.” She did not believe that Qian Jing would kill a person, he would not kill anybody without no reason at the minimum!

“This…..” Dan Yu Lan hesitated for a moment, finally still answered: “Fine.” Finished speaking, Dan Yu Lan cupped his hands one more time and left Qian Ting pavilion.

Zhuo Qing also impatiently said to Jing Sa: “Go to Hua Ting pavilion.”

If Qing Mo was really Gu Yun, then it was really heaven’s blessing, but what to do if it was not? She did not know what special drug could treat Qing Mo’s illness? Zhuo Qing walked energetically all the way, her chest was nevertheless in a mess, very quickly she finally arrived at the front of Hua Ting pavilion.

“Are you Qing Feng?”

Zhuo Qing’s feet just stepped on the inside of the pavilion, an arrogant and uneducated’s voice echoed coldly.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to see a young male, not quite in 20 year old’s look. His complexion was clear and bright, arrogant eyebrows, eyes flashed through a strong brilliant rays, he had somewhat an imposing manner, unfortunately, Zhuo Qing was disgusted by the absence of his manner.

Directly glancing at him, Zhuo Qing swept her eyes once through Hua Ting pavilion, there was a stretcher that was similar as a shelf in the middle of Hua Ting pavilion. Supporting the top was a small sail and the outside was separated by a layer of muslin curtain, the light muslin was swaying gently, she could faintly see one female’s silhouette. Besides the young male, there were still four people who wore stalwart dressing inside Hua Ting pavilion, respectful faces, even though they did not wear body armors and helmets, it would not make any person to mistakenly recognize them as soldiers.

Not seeing Su Ling’s silhouette, Zhuo Qing lightly frowned, it seemed that Qing Mo had not received Su Ling’s favor at the General’s manor. She already lost consciousness for two days, he unexpectedly did not even appear?!

Looking at the pair of gentle and soft eyes, Zhuo Qing was somewhat smiled unnaturally and said: “Xi Yan, you are still here?”

“I heard that your younger sister fell ill, I came over to take a look.” Very good, she discovered his existence finally, it was clear that his great effort was still not enough~

Facing Lou Xi Yan’s overly gentle expression, Zhuo Qing was very embarrassed, heaven~! Looking at an extremely handsome male was really a disaster, both handsome and gentle’s male was exactly a disaster within a disaster!! Did he think that all the people who were in this big pavilion dead?!!

Zhuo Qing was clearly somewhat anxious and superfluous, the several soldiers were simply gazing fixedly, and the young male was gazing at Zhuo Qing with a thoughtful face, he simply did not pay attention to the two people who were ‘flirting with each other’.

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows as if his ‘Ling-er’ was still not used to his ‘gentleness’, it did not matter, he would make her used to it. Withdrawing his line of sight, Lou Xi Yan looked towards the young male, he introduced and said: “This is General Su Ling’s third younger brother, General Su Yu.”

Facing the male’s inquiring eyes, Zhuo Qing coldly nodded her head, immediately walked towards the stretcher and lightly lifted the muslin covering veil. Seeing clearly the female on the stretcher, Zhuo Qing flashed out an expression for a split second…… Qing Feng and Qing Ling looked extremely alike so Zhuo Qing believed that Qing Mo should also look similar. But seeing the female before her eyes, Zhuo Qing finally understood why she did not miscalculate. Qing Mo had a delicate small face, plump forehead, long eyelashes, small and exquisite lips, this person seemed unimaginably young, did she even reach 15 years old?! This was simply one ‘cute girl’!

This person….. was likely to be Gu Yun!! Zhuo Qing thought about this, there was a collapse of the heart…… Even though her heart turned around a thousand time, besides her original amazement, her face still had that cold expression. Reaching for Qing Mo’s wrist with her hand, Zhuo Qing observed her face.

With regards to Zhuo Qing’s rudeness, Su Yu did not take it seriously either because…… he was used to it!

The first time that he looked at this woman, he was still somewhat unconvinced that she was Qing Mo’s elder sister. But after seeing her manner afterwards, he was convinced…… They were surely siblings, the same condescending attitudes, the different was that one was icily arrogant, the other one was….. Zhuo Qing withdrew her hand, put down the muslin covering veil, Lou Xi Yan was concerned about it and asked: “How is it? Do you or do you not want to look for several Imperial Physicians to come over and look?” Looking at her eyes that flashed through a trace of loss a moment ago, Lou Xi Yan was worry that she forgot how to treat her.

Zhuo Qing shook her head and answered: “It is nothing, bring her into my room first, allow me to prepare the silver needle, if I am not really able to do anything, then I can ask the Imperial Physician later on.” She wanted to seize this opportunity to be alone with Qing Mo together this time. If she could not manage to wake her up, then she would invite the Imperial Physician, ok!

When Su Yu nodded afterwards, the four high ranking military officers took the stretcher up, the delegation of men walked to Zhai Xing pavilion. Qing Mo was laid on Zhuo Qing’s bed, Zhuo Qing turned her head and said to Lou Xi Yan: “Xi Yan, you can go and take care of your business, let Jing Sa stay with me to help, it will be fine.”

“Very well.” Without saying anything, Lou Xi Yan turned around to go out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Helping Qing Mo to cover up with a quilt, Zhuo Qing’s back was toward Su Yu who was standing on the outside of the screen, she said: “General Su, the acupuncture will not be done in a short time, it will be better that you return to the manor first to wait until she wakes up, then I will have someone to send her back to the General’s manor.”

“No need to be inconvenient, you begin with the treatment, I will be waiting outside.” Su Yu’s firm voice was very loud.

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes and answered: “It is up to you.”

Very quickly, the door was closed with a bang (loud) sound.

Looking at the shining silver needle on the table and taking a look at the delicate woman again who seemed too easy to be broken with a touch in front of her eyes, Zhuo Qing was anxious, what should she do next?!

Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance

Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun


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  1. LOL
    I remember this moment from the other novel.
    It seems we have finally reached that point. Thank you for the full chapter! I’ll just have to get used to releases on two days now instead of three XP

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  2. Thank you for all the hard work. Though I haven’t really started reading this since I learned that this is related to agh Yun’s story. I just scanned through. And it seems so interestingπŸ˜† Btw can I ask you when will be the next update for Gu Yun’s

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    • I don’t translate Gu Yun’s story. Nutty who owns this blog is the translator of that story. She has been busy with school so that’s why she hasn’t posted the update for Gu Yun’s story. I’m strictly translating Zhuo Qing’s story (book 1 of the mistaken marriage series) and a guest blogger on Nutty’s blog. πŸ˜ƒ


      • Another novel, as Gu Yun’s story? That will be a definite NO, as I don’t like both Su Ling & GY. These two people are driving me crazy as they both are sooooooo stubborn. But they’re obviously matched together. Hehehe… If I’m going to take on another novel, the novel has to be something that I really like and the characters should be really likable, smart, no angst… Hahaha… I’ve been looking into another hiatus novel that I kind of like also. The woman is also smart and funny, the man is indifferent yet warm. But it’s a wuxia novel so I don’t know if I am able to translate it. A good thing is that this novel only has 80 some chapters so it’s not as long as this novel. We’ll see… πŸ˜ƒ

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      • I’ll be looking forward to whatever you translate if you ever decide to ^^ Chinese novels are like the best. I’m sure there are hundreds of amazing ones out there. I’m reading a translation about a princess who has an imperial harem. Modern girl gets transferred into body of that harem princess, it’s a different premise. Check it ok! Tale of two pheonixes.

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      • I think I heard about this novel but the translation hasn’t been completed yet, correct? I very rare read any translation on live as I can’t stand waiting for each chapter to be released. It’s torture for me. πŸ˜‚ With that said, I’m not a big fan of harem. Although a princess who has a harem is definitely not usual at all. πŸ˜ƒ


      • I’m not a fan of harem either but checked it out and it was actually interesting like there’s politics and hidden agendas in the men of the harem. She’ll probably end up with one guy only because modern woman doesn’t want the harem. But right then she’s in the middle of harem mysteries. And yeah it’s not complete πŸ˜₯

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      • About your comments before.. If you do not mind, I want to ask you.. is the wuxia novel you mentioned that has a smart female character and indifferent but warm male character already be translated somewhere? Do you know where? I am curious and really want to read the novel.. because I also have the same preference for the characters of the hero and heroine in the novels.. Also, what is the title of the novel? Thank you and please excuse me for the so many questions of mine..😢

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      • One person translated this novel & dropped it. Then another person picked it up but then this person moved to another country where she/he didn’t have access to WordPress so it’s been on hiatus. The title is Dragon flies and Phoenix dances, I think. It’s part of another 3 series also about the Long family’s sons. But again, I’m not sure if I’m able to do the translating as wuxia is kind of hard to translate. πŸ€”

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      • Thank you for the reply. Oh.. so it’s Dragon Flies, Phoenix Dances.. I’ve read it too.. but like you said, the translation stopped after.. about 20 chapters if I am not wrong.. I haven’t read the other books though. Is Three Marriages good? I see the translators just release a few chapters of it.. That’s fine I think.. after all Record of Washed Grievances has taken much of your times.. and it’s really thanks to you that we readers can enjoy such a great novel.. so we can only hope😜 but I still prefer Zhuo Qing’s story though.. because of the many substances in it.. and also the suspenses.. so delicious..😊

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      • I have only read the synopsis about the three marriages and I really like the story about the third brother, Long San. I actually like the story about the second brother too but from the synopsis, Long San’s story has a descent total chapters, about 80 some while the other books are longer, over 100 chapters. 😳 I may try to translate one chapter after I finish translating ROWG to see if it’s easy or difficult to do. I will only continue on from ch 24. I think the other translator stopped at ch 23.

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  3. GY stop faking and get up, geez LOL . I’m not gonna lie, but I like both(GY & ZQ) story’s. I still haven’t read the other one YET. BUT! So far by reading both story’s, I think GYs story is going by really fast! I guess ZQ has a lot going on, because it has so many interesting things going on πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the Chapter!!

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    • No… As much as I like Qian lu, the author, I feel that she repeats her plots too much in order to make her novels unnecessarily soooooo long. So it gets really boring & annoying for me. The novels for their offsprings are even longer, like over 200 chapters. That’s just crazy!


  4. For some reason, from book 2’s translation, I never realized how “cute” Qing Mo’s appearance was, until I’m reading this! Hahahaha, that’s so hilarious because it contrasts so much with Gu Yun’s personality. XD

    I read above you would only consider translating novels with smart, likeable heroines. If I can suggest something, the translation for Tang Dinaty’s Female Forensic Investigator seems to be on hiatus as it hasn’t been updated in ages. I can’t read Chinese, so I don’t know how the story progresses, if there is angst at some point in it. I’m mentioning it because the theme is similar to this book’s, and the heroine’s personality is also rational, kinda like Zhuo Qing minus the pervertedness, hahaha.

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    • I do agree that the real Qing Mo’s appearance is in contrast with Gu Yun’s personality. As far as the Tang Dynasty’s female novel, I haven’t read the synopsis or any chapter. I will also need to consider the length of the novel. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind if or when I’m looking for the next novel to translate.


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