Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 56: Paying A Visit

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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….



Boring to death!

Zhuo Qing really felt like a worthless criminal.

During the time of work previously, waiting for a three days vacation, it was extremely difficult. There were forever cases that could not be finished, she really wished to sleep at home for three days and three nights instead of taking care of her cases that had so many problems! It was good now, if she wanted to sleep, she could sleep until she was dead. But she was uncomfortable all over, just liked if she had countless small insects in her body. She began to cherish the day when she slept less than six hours in her life…… Seven days, from the day she returned from the palace until now, seven days had passed.

Nothing had happened either, maybe strictly speaking, if anything had happened, she did not know either.

Yan Hong Tian did not come to trouble her, Lou Xi Yan left early and returned late every day. She could do whatever thing inside the Prime Minister’s manor, except going out….. But what could she do? Books with regard to autopsy were practically not in existence here, she adjusted to poetry and song, history was not her interest either so her method of idling away at this era every day was______ staring her eyes at the vast lake that was in front of her, lost in thought……… “Hey, you were usually at home just standing and being lost in thought to pass a day?” A clear and cast body of water could really make people’s mood feel good, but please excuse her profanity, looking at the beautiful scenery for a long time again could also be fatigue, ok.

Propping her cheeks sluggishly for a very long time, Lou Xi Wu finally recovered, lowly shouted: “You are still lost in thought!”

Ok, I was not lost in thought, that was only thinking about ‘spring’. (See below). Zhuo Qing lowly laughed, it was very difficult to have somebody who would accompany her to speak, she could not make her run away. Zhuo Qing modestly asked for guidance and said: “What do you normally do?” She was really curious, staying at home everyday, what were they doing?

Lou Xi Wu continued propping her chin, lazily answered: “Practicing writing characters, practicing zither (musical instrument), playing chess, painting, plenty of things to do.”


Zhuo Qing could not help to patronize and say: “I can not see it that you are a very talented girl!” Sure enough, the rich young lady’s life was not that easy ah!

Her good intention was to praise, but the outcome was still getting a lowly roar and protest from Lou Xi Wu: “Do not be too much, I know that I do not have your outstanding talents, the four arts (Zither, Go, Calligraphy, Painting) are fine but you do not need to speak sarcastically at other people like this!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, incessantly forced a smile, she was not really trying to speak sarcastically! Because she could not do any of the four arts at all!

Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing innocently answered: “I have amnesia and do not remember anything. You have said about those talents, but I totally forget about them. I am far worst than you, how can I be entitled to speak sarcastically about you?!”

“I….” Looking at how calmed she was when referring to her failings, Lou Xi Wu felt somewhat embarrassed: “I did not say it on purpose.” She understood how difficult to practice that talents and needed to invest how much hardships and great efforts. Now that she had forgotten about them, it was already pitiful, but still had to expose the sore spots to people on her own, she did not need to say anything!

Speaking the truth, she liked Lou Xi Wu who made threatening gesture more. Zhuo Qing hurriedly changed the subject: “It is nothing, we chat about other things, ok.”

Looking towards her, Lou Xi Wu asked: “Chatting about what?”

“I hear that you are familiar with the Emperor?” In any case, she was bored, seizing the opportunity to ask about this was also good.

Lou Xi Wu felt embarrassed and laughed, she answered: “I am not really familiar either. When I was small, I and my elder brother entered the palace to accompany our paternal aunt to relieve boredom, so we could see Huangdi (the emperor) gege, nothing more.”

“When I entered the palace last time, I felt that he was vicious.” Zhuo Qing sounded out a complaint.

Repeatedly nodding, Lou Xi Wu with a sorrowful heart answered: “I also feel that his temperament was very inferior, once he gets angry, he will frighten dead people, but he actually does not get angry with my elder brother too often.”

“Why is that? Because your elder brother and him are cousins?” She also felt that Yan Hong Tian appeared to be particularly patient with Lou Xi Yan.

Spouting, Lou Xi Wu proudly answered: “It is not that, he is extremely vicious with his other brother, certainly, it is because my elder brother is intelligent and capable.”

Feeling speechless!

She still believed that she could find out about some inside story. It seemed that asking this girl, she would just sing her praises about Lou Xi Yan. Thinking about it, Zhuo Qing continued to gossip about another person: “Are you familiar with General Su Ling?”

“He?” Lou Xi Wu frowned her brows, with disgusting look on her face: “I do not know, only hear that he is a cold and proud person, self righteous person.”

“Why did you say it like that?” The cold and proud person, she already saw it that day, but it was not necessarily self righteous, ok!

Lou Xi Wu had a trace of mysterious appearance, lowly said: “In his eyes, women represent inconvenient and superfluous, even more abnormal, he does not have any woman in his home.”

“What? Impossible, right!” That big General’s manor did not have any woman? Zhuo Qing unbelievingly asked: “Inevitably, there will be servant girls, right. Can it be that he does not have a mother, younger sister, wife, young concubine, and so on?!”

Lou Xi Wu firmly answered: “He does not have any!”

Sure enough, chatting and gossiping were the easiest way that could let people to interact intimately, regardless of whatever era was the same! Lou Xi Wu was still shouting noisily towards Zhuo Qing a moment ago, she had already gotten along now, lowly said: “His father died in a war in his early years, his mother also fell ill and died afterwards. Only the three brothers, they do not have any wife completely. The home does not have any servant girl, does not have any elderly lady, only men. He is almost 30 years old this year, therefore, Huangdi gege would bestow your younger sister to him ah!”

“No way…….” Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, there was still this type of man?! Really somewhat abnormal……. Then what to do with Qing Mo who would be living among all of those males??

Zhuo Qing asked about two men in succession, Lou Xi Wu finally reacted, with clear understanding and self righteous smile, she said: “What, you finally feel that you are very fortunate, your family’s three sisters, only you have the best luck following my elder brother.”

Here we go again…….. Blindly worshiping was not a good thing but she would not deny her point of view this time. Comparing to both men, Lou Xi Yan was the most normal man!!

While the two people were chatting, one tall silhouette appeared by the lake, walking towards them steadily.

Lou Xi Wu’s mouth pouted, annoyingly turned backwards, he finally came to look for her! Humph!

Zhuo Qing lightly sighed, smily said: “I am thirsty, I am going to drink some water.” She did not have any desire to be the unwanted third guest.

Zhuo Qing got up, Jing Sa actually walked straightly towards her, with cold voice said: “Miss Qing, there is a guest who pays a visit in the Qian Ting pavilion.”

“Looking for me? Who is it?” Zhuo Qing lightly stared blankly, looked towards the person’s uglier complexion who was beside her, a pair of angry eyes from a woman, Zhuo Qing broke into laughter.

“Criminal Prison Division, Dan Yu Lan.”

Him? What did he look her for? For the purpose of the autopsy’s matter? Anyway, she was just boringly staying idle, meeting him was also good. Zhuo Qing raised her feet to walk towards the outside of the courtyard, Jing Sa was following her.

After walking for two steps, Zhuo Qing stopped her footstep, smily said: “I am ok going on my own, Xi Wu has a stomachache, you take a look at her, ok.”

Jing Sa’s expression was flashing, Lou Xi Wu was already unable to turn around, she loudly roared and said: “How can I have a stomachache?’l

“You drink how much vinegar all day long, it will be strange if it does not hurt!” Zhuo Qing leisurely walked towards the outside. Her mocking laughter could be heard all the way, the only person remained, Lou Xi Wu’s embarrassing face while she was stirring the corner of the lower hem of her jacket.

Chapter 55: Anxious

Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance

Sian’s notes:
That ‘spring’ was not like the spring season. ZQ was implying that she was thinking some dirty thought. Hehehe… Spring usually associates with being in love. The actual words were 思春-si chun which was similar to 怀春-huai chun (to yearn for love – for girls). 😉

Also that last paragraph, remember that eating vinegar implies to somebody is getting jealous so ZQ is teasing LXW about drinking too much vinegar because of jealousy so she has stomachache.

Wow, what’s up with all these male characters who are almost 30 or approaching 30 in these series and still singles??? LXY is 31 & SL is almost 30. Hehehe… Most of ancient novels that I have read, most of the males are pretty young too.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    They are all too much in love with their job haha But still I’m also surprised none of them is married yet at their age… I thought girls had to marry quite a early…

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    • I know right? In the ancient time, girls as early as 15 yo are already married. The real Qing mo was technically only about 15, Qing Feng 16-17 & the real Qing Ling 18-19. So they were so young but had to be with these older guys if the real QM & QL survived the suicide attempts. Hahahaha… ZQ is actually about 27 & not sure how old is GY, prob in mid 20s.


  2. Thank you for the chapter! It’s quite nice to see a relaxing chapter. Though that shouldn’t last long since the ending shows another problem has already arrived posthaste.

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      • im actualy more interrested how a meeting between QF and QM/YG would be. Just want to know how QF will blame herself that her cute and shy little sister became a like a wild beast^^

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      • I’m not sure there will be a lot of interactions between QM & QF, to tell you the truth! Maybe more in book 3 when something happens to poor QF & my guess is that QL & QM will lead the investigation… Don’t ask me for the spoiler as I’m not telling you anything…😜


      • dont worry i wont it was only one of my speculations and i realy hate it tobe spoilered. if i wanted to spoiler myself i would read MTL of the novel for i not know chinese or mandarin. im currently learning japanese thuaght and someone recommended me to learn mandarin for im realy bad at pronomes and she said it would be easier in chinese^^

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  3. oh Sian! My ISP is terrible, I don’t have net so I was panicking. Now I do and I got to read, phew. Anyway, I didn’t realise these guys were already 30. Aren’t illustrious families forcing marriage proposals down their throats?? I’m happy that ZQ is getting along with the sister in law, their interactions are so cute. 🙂 thanks for the chapter!!

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    • Yes, all the guys are almost or over 30 😜😜 Very rare indeed,… Gu Yun’s actual age is about 26-27, I think, almost the same as ZQ who is 27. Qing mo is 15. 😆

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      • Very old for the ancient time as most of the women were married at 14-15 & the men were married at 16-17. I believe the marriageable age for women was 13 😳😳 Su Ling & Lou Xi Yan should have at least a teenager son/daughter by the ancient time’s standard. Yan Hong Tian is the only one who has a son, age between 8-10 yo. At the same time, that’s why they are the rare commodities. 😉😉


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