Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 51: The Man’s Thought (Part 1)

Sangti, did you bring the ropes? How about battery acid, lighter fluid and a zippo from indomnianoodle? And two assassins from flowerzblood? This is a good time to strangle YHT so he doesn’t cause any problem to anybody anymore. 😁😁

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.Β So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Breathing deeply and calming her mind, Zhuo Qing insisted and said: “You have recognized the wrong person, I am Qing Feng and not Qing Ling.” Everything was all his one sided statement, just in case he was just probing her?!

It seemed that if he did not provide the evidence, she was planning not to admit it to the end! Fine, then she must not blame him.

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes were glittering but also sneering shadily, Zhuo Qing’s heart was cool, darn it, she seemed to stir up trouble with him.

Sure enough, Yan Hong Tian’s one hand pinched her lower jaw, the other hand suddenly pulled up her front jacket and ripped it open, her chest was cool. Grabbing her chin, Zhuo Qing would not bow but the clothing’s shattering voice accompanied by a pain on her right shoulder, therefore she could also guess that she was already almost half naked.

Although she still had the inner clothing that wrapped her body, just like a modern’s halter top clothing, she was not exposed too much but Zhuo Qing, however, unprecedentedly felt humiliated. Coldly looking at the man who was proud of himself just now, Zhuo Qing coldly said: “What do you still want to do!” If he believed that he would possess her, and she would just became his woman obediently, then she would let him know how stupid he was.

“You consider this embarrassing?” His gaze was wondering on Zhuo Qing’s graceful figure, Yan Hong Tian seemed to enjoy completely Zhuo Qing’s resentful eyes and humiliation. His hands were loosen up a little, slowly slipped towards her nape to pull her to come over, one hand was still holding her waist, the other hand was passing through her nape to caress her earlobe, a muffled, hoarse and low groan sound echoed faintly: “You are destined to be Zhen’s person, there is no need to be embarrassed!”

Both powerful and big hands encircled her in his chest tightly, Zhuo Qing’s hands were put in between them horizontally, trying to push him with all her strength. Unfortunately, she had meager power to resist him, their bodies were still sticked together tightly.

His body was very warm, the hand was pressed against his chest, strong heartbeats followed by the waves of the palm, Zhuo Qing could feel his restless atmosphere.

“You…..” Zhuo Qing was still thinking to try to communicate with him, it was a fact that a man who had sexual desire did not want to communicate! With his hot lips, Yan Hong Tian kissed her lips, with his overbearingly hot lips, Zhuo Qing just felt muddle headed and was dizzy for a split second, but the scorching chest made Zhuo Qing to sober up immediately.

Not knowing when Yan Hong Tian’s hand started to caress her right chest, Zhuo Qing exerted her strength to struggle, after several times, she finally knew that it was impossible for her to throw him off on her own. Unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing bit his lips and tongue ferociously without restrained, she bit them ruthlessly. Yan Hong Tian groaned depressingly, she finally tasted a taste of blood very quickly.

Just as Zhuo Qing was planning to bite for one more time, Yan Hong Tian let go of her. Zhuo Qing retreated hurriedly, she stopped her footsteps once again after parting from him for several meters afterwards. Taking precautions by staring at him, she could finally breathe properly, Zhuo Qing took a deep breath, so he was playing crazy like this, she was so hot!

Using his thumb to wipe the traces of blood from the corner of his mouth, Yan Hong Tian unexpectedly laughed: “You are still very fierce.” The first time that he saw her was very different, but it was also good. He still preferred a little fierce woman because conquering her was more interesting.

His gaze was sweeping passed Zhuo Qing’s right chest, Yan Hong Tian’s expression was dark again, coldly said: “Do you still dare to say that you are not Qing Ling now?” These past several years, he had investigated about her matter clearly, naturally he knew about the symbol on her shoulder, he wanted to see how she could still refuse to admit this time!

What was the meaning of that? He kissed her violently, just to prove that she was Qing Ling?!

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes were staring at her right shoulder rigidly, Zhuo Qing bowed her head to look at her right shoulder bewilderingly. There was one small red character appeared faintly on the right shoulder near the chest that scared her to jump up. Not because of that one ‘Ling’ character that scared her, it was rather because of not understanding how her right chest could have a character. Using her hand to touch it, the skin was flat and smooth, a moment afterwards, the letter was more and more diluted, and finally disappeared.

This…… was the theory of this in the end?! Zhuo Qing was still shocked, Yan Hong Tian also saw something fishy, she saw that there was a seal on her body since she was a child, why did she express a surprise like this?!

Yan Hong Tian approached one more time, it made Zhuo Qing recovered eventually, it was not the time to research about the character now!!

Withdrawing one step, Zhuo Qing lowly shouted: “Wait a minute! I want to speak my mind!”

Yan Hong Tian, on the contrary, did not really want to step forward, both hands were on his chest and he was looking at her coldly.

Zhuo Qing’s brain’s was spinning rapidly, this body was Qing Ling’s, but she actually appeared at Prime Minister’s manor? How could she explain, how could she explain?!!

Miraculously, Zhuo Qing raised her head calmly, puzzlingly and bewilderingly answered: “During the trip to come here, the officials who sent us over were afraid that we, three sisters, were not well behaved. We had to drink medicine every day for half a month and remained unconscious and delirious. I had forgotten a lot of matters after waking up later on, everybody said that I was Qing Feng. I, myself did not know either that I had a character on my shoulder, I really did not have any impression on everything that you said a moment ago.”

“Amnesia!?” Yan Hong Tian laughed heartily: “Qing Ling ah, Qing Ling, you really think that Zhen can be played around by you with a complete control!”

Who was playing with who now ah?! She was the one who was being played by his tricks, all right!!

Although disguising herself to ‘amnesia’ was really stupid, but except for this way, what could she still do?!

“If you do not believe me, I do not have any means to make you to believe me either, I speak the truth, you can go to inquire from the officials in Hao Yue.” She could not have lied about drinking the medicine. Slightly lowering her head, Zhuo Qing gracefully said: “This must be where the error happened, but since I already entered the gate of the Prime Minister’s manor, I should stay at Lou Xi Yan’s side.”

She unexpectedly did not want to stay by his side?! Everything was all her good plan, right, amnesia? She thought that he could not investigate and go to Hao Yue?! There was no matter that could be concealed from him in this whole world!

Coldly looking at her who was pretending to behave, he could be certain now, graceful and subdued style did not suit her one bit. Approaching Zhuo Qing step by step, Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned: “It seems that you forget your own identity, you absolutely do not have the qualification to choose! You think after Xi Yan knows your identity, your scam, he still wants you?!”

This man could not be moved by persuasion!! Fine, then she did not need to play a pitiful person either. Raising her head, Zhuo Qing proudly turned around and sneeringly said: “If I am not mistaken, Lou Xi Yan has said that I am his ____ madam at the main hall!”

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion suddenly dark: “Zhen has said that you can only be Zhen’s woman.”

Impossible!! Zhuo Qing’s heart knew that she, herself, could not contend against his strength at this time, Lou Xi Yan, forgive me. Deliberately frowning softly, Zhuo Qing answered in a low voice: “But I am already Lou Xi Yan’s woman at an earlier time.”


Yan Hong Tian was practically vomiting from between his teeth with a voice that would make people’s hearts trembling. But in any case, she certainly could not stay in the Imperial palace! Her heart already decided, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, laughingly said: “I have entered the Prime Minister’s manor for almost half a month, eating and living together with him, you will not think that we are only covered in quilt to have a simple chat, right.”

“Darn it!” Following the snarl, Zhuo Qing’s neck was in pain, the hand’s strength was without the slightest pity, she was simply unable to breathe. The blood immediately rushed forth to the top of her head, Zhuo Qing was profoundly aware that____ he really wanted to choke her to death!!

“Save…. Save me….” The practically scattered and smashed cry for help’s sound, even she could not hear it clearly, who could still be able to save her?!

Just when Zhuo Qing, herself, believed that she would die soon, then a clear and moist voice came through from a distance: “The Emperor, Chen, Lou Xi Yan has an important matter to report.”

Chapter 50: How Could It Be Like This?!

Chapter 52: The Man’s Thought (Part 2)

Sian’s notes:
Arrrrrgggg, YHT is a pig!!! 😑😑😑 I don’t like him in books 3 and definitely don’t like him in this chapter. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I know, I know that he was just trying to prove a point that she was Qing Ling. But I have to say that Zhuo Qing is the Zhuo Qing that we all know. Hahaha… She even could lie to YHT. I was wondering when LXY would show up. Finally!!!


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  1. YHT is a good argument for the legitimacy of assassination…I stop reading the third book mostly because I hated reading something that featured him that heavily. 😠

    But thanks for the chapter. πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Yeah I don’t even know how poor QF puts up with YHT in the third book, she basically decides to behave for the sake of survival which is sad for her and pathetic of YHT.

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  3. At beginning I don’t like YHT either but as the story progress he is not as bad. You have to understand at that era, YHT is not just an emperor but he is a lot of thing too…I feel sorry for YHT though,he can’t trust no one not even his own birth mother.

    But thanks for the chapter Sian. πŸ˜€

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    • I agree with you… As I mentioned it before, once we know why he’s like that, you do kind of understand. It doesn’t mean that I have to like him but at least I can see why he’s the way he is. And you’re right, he is the emperor of the world so he definitely needs to be ruthless in order to make sure the people know who is in charge… That said, I still don’t want him too much in this book… Keep him in book 3 πŸ˜‰

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  4. Oh gosh I wanted to strangle him so much this chapter… I really couldn’t a book with him as the male lead… Even understanding his circumstances might not help all that much >< First impressions are hard to shake off :s That's what happened with the male lead of 3 lives 3 worlds…

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    • I have to admit that YHT is by far the worst male lead from all of the books I have read, which is quite a lot by the way… You meant Ye Hua from 10 miles peach blossom? I happened to like the guy. Hehehe…


      • Yes Ye Hua! I know a lot of people like him πŸ™‚ And really compared to the emperor, ofc I like Ye Hua better xD
        I didn’t read a full translation (some chapters were skipped) so it might be why… dunno.

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  5. Wow I really like this chapter, in particular how ZQ holds her ground in front of such an abusive male as YHT!
    I am so glad that LXY arrives at the end of the chapter, he is becoming the perfect male protagonist!
    Can’t wait to see who will get the upper hand in the clash between the two guys!

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      • Thank you for the translations. I wonder whether or not Lou Xi Yan has heard the lies Zhuo Qing told to Yan Hong Tian and what’s his reaction hearing that Zhuo Qing said that she’s his woman already. He heard that, didn’t he? Love the couple:) By the way I would like to point out that in this paragraph: Both powerful and big bands encircled her in his chest tightly, Zhuo Qing’s hands were put in between them horizontally, trying to push him with all her strength. Unfortunately, she had meager power to resist him, their bodies were still sticked together tightly.. I think it should be “hands” instead of “bands”. I want to bold the word but unfortunately can’t.. so I just use the quotation marks:D

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      • Yes, it should be hands. 😜 It’s amazing that no matter how many times I read to correct spellings or grammars, there’s always more errors. Thanks!
        Actually I don’t think he can hear from the outside but regardless, his response on the next chapter will be so good 😍😍 Stay tune for tomorrow!

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      • You’re welcome:) It’s my pleasure to point it out, after all, it thanks to your hard word that I can read such a fun and enjoyful novel, with admirable character too.. I will certainly waiting for the next chapter to see Lou Xi Yan’s response:)

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  6. Thanks for the chapter Sian. Loved the way ZQ asks YHT if he thinks she only shares a blanket with LXY. About time foxy LXY appears to rescue ZQ. Can’t wait for more LXY and ZQ scenes.

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    • I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that… Next chapter will be even funnier when it is LXY’s turn to answer πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ


  7. WHO NEEDS ROPES?? I brought enough for everyone! Here Sian, take this indom, one for dark jackel, tinker can take the small rope, asu, kirindas, let’s all strangle him. Thanks for the chapter, I’m really annoyed at th emperors behaviour. On the other hand, I’m giggling just imagining a jealous LXY to the rescue. My heart can’t take it.

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  8. “She unexpectedly did not want to stay by his side?!” “As if anyone actually wanted to be with you!” was my immediate response when I fist read that, LOL. I’ve been watching to much stand-up comedy shows lately.

    Ooooohhhhhh. When Xi Yan finds out she told the Emperor they already had sex, he’s gonna have a field trip with it later! ROFL. I can already imagine how he’ll tease her later.

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    • Ikr??? Who wants to stay by his side??? I don’t even care that he owns the “world”. He’s not worth it… 😁😁


  9. Definitely…I want to strangle that emperor! Also felt like sharpening some kitchen knife to chop him to pieces! GRR..

    I read the 3rd book translation and this conclude my suspicion on the part of him and ZQ in the palace! I don’t like him being this ruthless (even though at 3rd book..he got some character development but stilllllllll…hate him at this part!)

    Love ZQ with her silver tongue and wittiness! I LOL when read her statement about doing “more” with LXY /ahem! Gotta wait for foxy PM with his scheme..kekekeke!

    Btw, Thank you for hard work! Can’t wait for friday!

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  10. Wait wait wait wait wait! In the last chapter, you said that YHT will stay in this book, does that mean that after he ruined QF and in that months of QF’s peaceful palace days, he’s forcefully pursuing QL.

    As I read the 3rd book further I’m already looking at him a little better but after reading this, damn. I think I want to help you with the rope.

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    • Unfortunately, yes, he’s still pursuing QL. I think in ch 60 or 61, he was still trying to get on her good side while also decided to make QF his concubine. πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€


      • That’s it! This guy needs to be tied up asap! I’ll bring out my teaspoon. I’m going to make sure it’ll be a slow and painful torture for him!

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  13. I’ve read the book 2 first becuase I thought it was the book 1. Then when YHT was introduced I thought he was a good emperor because of his relationship with Su Ling but I was wrong after I read this. Though I’m still expecting a lot from him in upcoming chapters in Book 3, Hope he is “not just a jerk”

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    • YHT is a very complicated character but I can say that he’s a good Emperor, so much better than any other Emperors, in my opinion. With that said, however, he’s definitely not as good as LXY or even SL in term of his relationship with the second sister. If you’re going to read book 3, keep telling yourselves that you read it for Qing Feng.


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