Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 47: There Was Only One Truth

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That high status person with complete majestic presence carried on the overbearing and overtaxing atmosphere was coming towards Zhuo Qing straightforwardly. Zhuo Qing welcomed his dark and gloomy eyes, also could no longer evade, he rushed to come for Qing Feng, right? If he liked the Qing family’s three sisters, why did he not keep and use all of them, still wanted to give them away. Now that he gave the sisters away, it seemed like the other people would owe him.

She unexpectedly dared to stare at him?! Very good, her courage increased after not seeing her for three years!

Walking in front of Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian suddenly said: “You are the one who has suggested to do the dissection, we will just follow you, Official Dan will only provide an assistance to you. (YHT actually used these characters to call DYL, 单亲家, 单-Dan 亲-qin (relative) 家-jia (family). I’ll keep the Official Dan for consistency). He still wanted to see what additional progress did she have for these last three years!

Dan Yu Lan was worry and looked at Zhuo Qing for one glance, only saw her indifferent appearance, Dan Yu Lan answered: “Yes.”

Yan Hong Tian and Zhuo Qing were having contest with their expressions, Lou Xi Yan’s gentle voice echoed timely: “The Emperor, Chen is worry that she will be nervous, not sure if it is possible or not to allow Chen to enter along?”

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed through a trace of displeasure, but before he could answer, there was a distinct mutter echoing: “Chen has not seen this type of dissection autopsy either, also wishes to increase my knowledge, does not know if it is possible or not?” Once these words came out, everybody was smiling again, what was up with today? The always grim and silent’s General Su was also following to join in the fun ah?

Covered by Su Ling’s pair of cold eagle eyes that were looking at him, Xu Xun Si felt even more pressure, the general who was always victorious in the battlefield, his imposing manner was really out of the ordinary. Thinking on how he should turn it down, Hu Xi Ang who was on the back took the initiative to talk, removed his awkwardness: “General Su’s words were heavy, although the Princess had just passed away, she was still a female after all, afraid that it would be extremely inconvenient, ok.”

Zhuo Qing turned over to roll her eyes, autopsy was not a show anyway, what did they want to look at!! Pointing at the two men who looked eager and interested, coldly leaving a sentence: “The two of you are not allowed to go in, if you want to see, just see from the outside of covering veil.”

“Hurry up to start.” Bringing up the subject, Zhuo Qing took the lead to open the muslin curtain first and went inside.

Dan Yu Lan softly lifted the muslin curtain, Yan Hong Tian lifted his steps to enter, Xu Xun Si was soon after, Hu Xi Ang also wanted to follow in, but Dan Yu Lan blocked his path, curled his mouth. Hu Xi Ang was standing close to the curtain and could still faintly see the corpse on the ground.

Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at Su Ling who was next to him, he was under the impression that he would return to his seat, who would have thought, he unexpectedly was just like himself that he had decided to stand outside of the curtain covering veil to watch the situation inside with great interest.

Looking at the three people who had already decided to stand, Zhuo Qing put on the gloves and inspected the equipments, while asking: “We can start, ok?”

The corpse on the ground was laying down stiffly, the skin was completely greenish black, the eyes sticked out, she was not beautiful at all, it could be said. No one would look at this kind of corpse and would still have other ideas, one could just feel frightful and ferocious, she could still manage to act this naturally, quietly as usual, Yan Hong Tian’s heart somewhat admired her.

Slowly nodded, Yan Hong Tian answered: “Begin, ok.”

Zhuo Qing placed the knife under the deceased’s throat first, slowly went down to the thoracic cavity, the measurement was not very big, the bleeding volume was not a lot but the smell reeking of blood still filled the entire main hall instantly. Looking at the person’s thoracic cavity that was cut open in front of him, Xu Xun Si felt a sense of nausea came up, the person who was laying on the ground was not another person, but his sister. He looked away for several times, he could not continue to look anymore.

From the start to finish, Zhuo Qing was entirely focused on doing the matter that should be done, while dissecting, she was also explaining clearly, in order to be recorded. Just the same as the countless autopsies that she had done in the past.

“The inside of the deceased’s thoracic cavity accumulated a little bit of fluid, the color was dark red, the surface of both the pleural cavities (part of thorax that contains lung) and the chest wall were sticked together, thymus (lymphoid organ). Each thoracic organs was normal. The heart clearly dilated, the color of myocardium (the middle and thickest layer of the heart wall) was dark black, the presence of phenomenon stem, aorta wall was smooth, coronary artery was extremely hard, the inner membrane of heart was bleeding a little, myocardium was stiffed, left and right ventricle (heart) muscles were swelling, kidney was greenish black, enveloped membrane skin exfoliation. Pair of lungs were shrinking, the surface appeared to be brown with red blood spots, the section color was dark black.”

A clear and cold’s female voice echoed inside the main hall, and the reeking smell of blood, was somewhat frightening, not unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing heard several sounds of vomiting, very normal, not everybody could bear it.

If she could do one spinal cord and cell in the laboratory test to look at the follicle and bone marrow to see the extend of the changes, that would be better, Zhuo Qing sighed one more time, did not have any equipment was extremely inconvenient. Zhuo Qing’s heart was silently cursing, just in time to prepare to examine the respiratory tract, a pair of pure white gloves were handed over to the side of her body: “Exchange the gloves, be careful with the poison within the blood.”

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look, it was Dan Yu Lan who handed over the gloves to her, his eyes immediately were watching at the corpse on the ground attentively. Zhuo Qing was familiar with his eyes that were heating up, the time when she just started working, she was also like this excited with regards to every learning experience. It seemed that the opportunity to do dissection was not too many for him.

Dan Yu Lan’s heart beat rapidly, he had done many dissection autopsies on his own, but the examination this time was so meticulous, it was also his first time, moreover, her technique and level understanding towards the corpse were absolutely above him, he must ask her where she learned and who was her teacher in the end!!

Zhuo Qing exchanged the gloves over, continued doing the matter, but her movement was slower this time, every step was strived to let Dan Yu Lan to see it clearly. “The deceased’s esophagus mucous membrane did not have corrosion and bleeding appearance, stomach content was rare, mucous membrane sticked together a little, stomach wall was not bleeding, necrosis, perforation and other changes, did not have abnormal odor.”

Switching to another knife, Zhuo Qing placed the knife on the cranial cavity side once again, continued to say: “Multiple hematoma within the cranial cavity, because of the pinhole that was at the center, muddy color (blood color), smelled fishy.”

Examination was practically completed, Zhuo Qing finally raised her head, looked towards the three different looking men and said: “The deceased’s heart, lung, kidney were corroded by poison clearly, I could determine that the deceased was poisoned to death. Esophagus, stomach and other organs did not appear to have any trace of venom corrosion, the wine that she drank was not poisonous. The lead cause of her death was the wound at the back of her head, the venom passed through the pincushion and directly entered into blood circulation, causing a myocardium paralysis within a short time, kidney’s failure and died. Is there any objection?”

“No.” Dan Yu Lan responded first, Yan Hong Tian only nodded coldly, he was really shocked with her performance a moment ago, she had really changed in the three years time. Xu Xun Si hurriedly nodded afterwards, could not stand it anymore and dashed to go out.

No objection, then she could stop working! Once again neglecting them, Zhuo Qing began to suture the cut conscientiously, Yan Hong Tian’s expression looked at her one glance complicatedly, not saying anything, he came out of the curtain covering veil. Dan Yu Lan also followed closely from behind to go out of the curtain covering veil.

Yan Hong Tian returned to the Dragon Throne, the Empress was frightened and biting her lips tightly, her breath was unstable. Yan Hong Tian’s brows slightly knitted and he lowly snorted: “You are afraid, then return to the palace.”

The Empress recovered with great difficulty, with trembling, she answered: “Chenqie…. Chenqie is ok.” (Chenqie is the same as I when the empress or concubine addresses themselves when speaking with the emperor).

With disgusting and vicious heart, Yan Hong Tian turned his line of sight, and looked down at the pale complexion of Xu Xun Si, with a cold voice, asked: “Third Prince, since the Princess did not drink the poison wine from my Qiong Yue, rather it was someone who used a pincushion to hit the back of her head, what did you want to say?”

After seeing the scene inside that curtain a moment ago, Xu Xun Si’s inner heart had not yet calmed down, Yan Hong Tian asked this question, made him also unable to ask a question with a cold voice: “The Qiong Emperor’s meaning was that this small Prince killed my own younger sister!?”

“Whether or not it was the Third Prince, of course, it would still necessary to continue the investigation, but the Third Prince was the most likely person to commit the murder at the present time…..”

Yan Hong Tian had not yet finished his words, inside the curtain covering veil, Zhuo Qing was looking at the thing that she just found out on her own just a moment ago, with somewhat surprise and somewhat sighing voice, she faintly said: “He should be the least likely person to commit the murder.”

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