Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 42: Palace Banquet (Part 6)

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Two tall and strong Imperial bodyguards crudely pushed Qing Ling to the ground, her slender arms nearly snapped off, Qing Ling tightly clenched her teeth, her thin and weak body shrank into a small circle, but refused to beg for forgiveness, with a trace of hoarse and cold voice, shouted: “I did not put the poison.”

She could not and also would not admit, even if her arms were twisted or broken, she would also not admit!!

The pain made her already white face even paler, the water chestnut looking lips that were tightly bitten, were already bloody.

Looking at the stubbornly humiliated and forbearing persistent woman who was on the ground, Zhuo Qing’s eyes had traces of distressed, but her foot only moved one step. By her side, Mo Bai who appeared to completely ignore her, beat her quicker to move and block in front of her body.

Zhuo Qing’s footsteps were blocked, moved towards the left side a little, as if Mo Bai’s back had eyes, quickly moved his silhouette to stop her way once again. Several times afterwards, Zhuo Qing was also angry, just about to use her hands to push Mo Bai away, but Lou Xi Yan who was always sitting on his seat as steady as the Tai mountain (this is an idiom meaning that he was sitting without moving) suddenly turned his head.

Facing his serene and peaceful eyes over Mo Bai’s shoulder, Lou Xi Yan’s eyes deeply looking at her, he shook his head unobtrusively and lightly. Looking inside that pair of slender eyes, Zhuo Qing saw the kind of calm and reassuring strength. Zhuo Qing finally stopped her footsteps because of this kind of strength, slowly leaned against the back of the pillar again. Her heart was somewhat at a loss and suspicious at this moment, she was because of these expression, unexpectedly was convinced that he would handle this matter properly for her.

Yan Ru Xuan was always tightly pulling the corner of her own skirt, she had never thought that she would see this kind of scene. Just a moment ago, a still living person suddenly just died in front of her, she was really panicky, really wanted to shriek, but because there was him beside her, even though she still could not control her body not to tremble, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart did not have too much fear.

But what did Yan Gege look at? And he also only looked one glance, his head turned back once again, Yan Ru Xuan raised her eyes to look, only saw Yan Gege’s personal Imperial bodyguard, nothing more. Hurriedly lowering her head again, she did not dare to look at the pair of eyes from the corpse’s opened eyes inside the main hall, it was too scary!!

Here, the expression was flowing together, dark storm was rushing forth, over there, it was already an overflowing raging sky. Obviously it was only a lowly servant, still with an aloof and unyielding manner, the Empress lowly snorted, shouted: “I want to see until when you can be reluctant to admit a mistake! Someone comes!”

Three palace eunuchs who appeared to look like men immediately stepped forward to obey the order, Zhuo Qing’s heart was trembling with fear once again, fortunately Lou Xi Yan did not make her disappointed, his meager silhouette slowly stood up, a low kind of voice that was not in a hurry nor slow, echoed: “The Queen Empress, please calm down, do not get angry because of one palace maid. It would be better to hold the person and give her to Official Dan, let him investigate the case, also as to avoid of getting you injure by getting angry.”

One could almost give a lesson to this arrogant woman properly, the Empress’ expression was clearly dark, in the civil and military in the Imperial palace, she could not offend two people, one was Lou Xi Yan, and the other was Su Ling! Lou Xi Yan already spoke, she had no choice but to honor his reputation, secretly clenched her teeth, the Empress gracefully nodded her head and answered: “Still Prime Minister Lou who is thinking considerately, then this person will be handed over to Dan Yu Lan, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan peacefully sat down, with an unimportant’s manner, Dan Yu Lan could only step forward one step, cupped his hands and answered: “This small official will surely investigate this case fully.”

Prime Minister Lou was worthy to be called Prime Minister Lou, logically handed this terrible mess to give him at the end! “Someone comes, detain them to the side first.”

Qing Ling was pulled up by several palace eunuchs together, pushed to the side of the main hall. Qing Ling finally had the opportunity to look clearly at Lou Xi Yan’s appearance, sure enough, great handsome and bright man, impressive appearance. Qing Ling finally gratifyingly smiled, she was following him, so she would not suffer any hardship, right!

Dan Yu Lan did not bring the suspect for an interrogation, but straightforwardly went to the direction where the body of the Seventh Princess who was still laying down on Xu Xun Si’s bosom, slightly bowed to give a courtesy, softly said: “Seventh Princess, I apologize for offending you.”

Pushing Dan Yu Lan’s stretching hand, Xu Xun Si expelled his breath and said: “What do you want to do?”

Withdrawing his hand, Dan Yu Lan explained: “Seventh Princess was poisoned to death, I should examine the corpse as early as possible, so that I could preserve the evidence early.”

Knitting his eyebrows again, Xu Xun Si who was always polite appeared to be angry: “It was you who said that Seventh sister was poisoned to death, the wine also confirmed to be poisonous, how did you still want to examine.”

“Third Prince, rest assured, Dan mou will only do a common corpse examination to see the condition of the corpse, whether or not the corpse still has other wounds, etc, so it can be recorded, in order to prepare for the inquiry of the case, will not injure Princess’ corpse. If Third Prince does not feel at ease, you can be the spectator.”

Qing Ling temporarily was not in danger, Zhuo Qing changed her line of sight to the other direction, Dan Yu Lan spoke the truth, this poisoning case, the earlier the inspection of the corpse, the smallest chance that it would change, moreover, no matter what the case was, doing an autopsy of the corpse was very important.

Zhuo Qing had higher praise towards Dan Yu Lan, unfortunately, someone’s complexion was dark that could frighten people: “Did you say that you want to take off her clothes for the examination?”

Dan Yu Lan, with righteousness, and without pretentious, replied: “Yes, that is right.”

“Out of the question!” Xu Xun Si lowly roared! Lightly laying down Seventh Princess’ corpse, Xu Xun Si removed his own robe, put the clothing to cover up the thin corpse. Getting up to walk to the middle of the main hall, crossed over Dan Yu Lan, towards Yan Hong Tian and narrated: “Even though my Bei Qi is a small country, but strictly speaking, Seventh sister is also our country’s most respected princess, I absolutely can not allow a male to see her corpse, if she is aware of this after death, she will also feel humiliated!”

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was always dark and gloomy, clearly undecided, also not saying where he stood, Dan Yu Lan stepped forward one more time, cordially explained: “Third Prince, Princess’ corpse must be examined, in order to be able to find the murderer who has poisoned the Princess as soon as possible, please forgive me, Third Prince.”

“Who dares to touch Princess?!” One person was flying forward, Hu Xi Ang blocked in front of Seventh Princess’ corpse, he was originally a military leader, under extreme anger, might not care so much, immediately roared: “Princess was obviously and deliberately poisoned by someone in this main hall, the wine also had poison, you did not investigate the murderer, on the contrary, you wanted to humiliate Princess’ corpse, you, Qiong Yue, must not bully intolerably!!”

“Third Prince, how do you want to handle this?”

Xu Xun Si finally turned his body around, directly facing him, unflinchingly answered: “Official Dan can inspect with the clothes on, can examine it like this, after completing the examination, I want to bring Seventh Princess home. Anyway, you as an older male, certainly can not examine Seventh sister naked!”

The atmosphere in the main hall was heavy, if Hu Xi Ang had a weapon on his body, he would already show it.

In any case, he could not do the autopsy by force, right? But without the autopsy, how could he judge the case?! Dan Yu Lan was deeply in thought, suddenly his eyes flashed a touch of extraordinary splendor, raised his head one more time, Dan Yu Lan with clear and bright eyes, asked: “A male, can not do it, a female can touch, right?”

“A female?”

This word came out, the whole audience were all frightened, which female had done an autopsy before?!

Zhuo Qing’s heart immediately raised a bad premonition.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes also flashed through a trace of peculiar.

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Chapter 43: Who Exactly Was I?



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  2. LOL
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  3. Finally Zhou qing gets to do the post mortem.
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    • Hahaha… 😂 Black bellied is a term (mostly a guy) that likes to “bully” his girl friend. Type A personality that thinks he’s always “right”. The male lead is also usually the female lead’s boss. Did you read Gu Man’s famous Shan Shan Lai Le’s novel or the drama “Boss & me”, which was the adaption of that drama? Feng Teng’s character is a black bellied. Suteki likes this type of novel so check out her blog.

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